Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking merry christmas.

Happy new years is all coming down.
You might find yourself having to speak in public.
So how do you speak with confidence in public? The key word practice: if you’re very familiar with the content of your presentation, your audience will perceive you as confident.

So, let’s look at some practicing tips.
Just don’t read the presentation through practice.
Everything, including your transitions, using your visual aids, stand up and speak it aloud.

As though you were presenting it to an audience, ensure that you practice your body, language and your gestures, film, your presentation and watch it back freely use impromptu.

If you find that bridge, you cannot connect, we must make sure we seem confident your body language, you’ll notice, that professional speakers look relaxed, confident they talk slowly and make positive body movements so for you to appear confident, maintain eye contact with the audience move around the Stage reduce nervous habits and use your voice appropriately.
Your nervous energy is going to be there and many times it’s difficult to hide.

So another way of dealing with this is to emphasize your emotions.
This means conveying the emotions you’re explaining or what you feel at the time, whether it’s appointment or dis appointment, the audience will eat it up either way speak slowly when you’re nervous we like to rush through just so, we can get to the end.

Try speaking at a speed that feels uncomfortably slow, because it’s likely that’s the correct speed connect with the audience right from the start.

The first five minutes are vital when engaging with an audience they’re getting to listen to you and considering.

If you’re, credible or not, people will relate to you, we’ve all experienced mistakes and failures, but the more the audience relates to you, the more likely they will remain engaged, which will also increase your confidence.

Also, please identify and challenge your excuses.

Write down your thoughts, write down everything that you feel that’s keeping you from breaking through that wall, whether you’re worried whether you’re afraid, whether you feel that it’s not the right time.
All of these challenges must be addressed.
The more the challenges are addressed, the better the thoughts and the stronger the confidence once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series, public speaking, merry christmas to you and to yours, and you go out and make a champion day.

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