Hi brandon harnesson president of champion strategies with our ongoing series of public speaking we’re going to finish up where we left last on a video and we’re talking about how you need to deal with introducing people.

So the next thing i would say is include stories in your speaking.
If you’re interested in influencing people at a deeper level, then use stories stories find a way to bridge that gap.
If those who can remember, we had something called radio was no tv out, but you had to sit there and think, as you heard, the auditory come across the radio same thing here.

The operative phrase change our brain chemistry.

This is what you are empowered to do.
If you’re introducing the main speaker most women, that i work with, think that stories that they share may be off colored and nothing’s further than the truth, some people are going to like you, for who you are no matter what you say and some people won’t, but A simple story is powerful: it’s not more powerful than a compelling story, but it’s a way to get your information across also be unique.

Be you be something different that the people have never seen before on stage and you can do it you’ll find out different ways of positioning your body to make over emphasis on something, but women in public speaking is a topic that is close to my heart, because One of my daughters won a full scholarship to temple university in philadelphia on a debate scholarship.
She was on our high school debate team, so she did well, so my ability to communicate has helped tremendously getting females comfortable in the role of public speaking best way.
To start introduce someone, that’s where you’ll be at now.

I’ve always said: communication is really the only thing that connects each of us with our ideas and, if you think about it, that’s true so leave a comment.
If you feel that we are wrong what we say when we go through this once again, brad and artisan president champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a chance.

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