Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking, because you would like to enter this space.

Let’s get to it because you have a lot to do over this holiday season and we want to really focus in on the spirit of the season and also putting emphasis on the female public speakers.
You see.
Females are role models before you as a female can take the stage.

I would like you to look at a photo or a video of another female speaker who inspired you looking at an image of an inspiring female leader before you deliver.
Your speech is proven to improve the speaking abilities for women.
Now this is according to a study that was done.

For example, women who viewed an image of hillary clinton before they delivered a speech had a more positive perception of their own performance and also received higher ratings by the audience members.

What female speaker inspires? You find a photo or a video of that speaker and have it ready to view before your next presentation also don’t take less than you deserve when reviewing the terms of a public speaking gig.

Don’t shy away from negotiations, for example, if the first offer for financial compensation is less than you think you deserve fight for the rate, that’s appropriate for your expertise, and your experience also check the fine print of the agreement and ensure that all of the other terms Are a good fit for what you are bringing to the table, for example, if you think you deserve to have your travel expenses covered, be clear about what you think is fair, you will likely get what you ask for and if you don’t consider passing on the Opportunity, women are typically less than likely than men to negotiate terms of compensation.

For example, another study revealed that only seven percent of women negotiated their first salary as compared to 57 men.
Knowing your value is important for public speakers, if you’re not getting a fair rate for your time, your effort, you need to stand up for yourself and don’t back down in addition, you’re being overlooked for speaking opportunities, be bold.
Let people know that you’re, not a wildflower, but a leader worthy of the spotlight public speakers need to be fearless start, demonstrating your fearlessness by asserting yourself during the negotiations and also don’t forget to pat yourself on the back.

Your accomplishments.
Women are likely more than men to take credit for their successes.

Men typically don’t hesitate to pat themselves on the back.

However, women will often share the credit with their team or their partners.
By saying we did this instead of i did this even if, in reality the success can be directly attributed to you, the female living now remember being a female leader, you have to deliver a presentation, that’s honest about what you’ve done.
If you and your team collaborated on a successful project, then say no, however, if you alone paid the path for success, don’t hide behind your team, give yourself credit and be proud of your accomplishments.

If an audience.
Member knows that you deserve the credit and you decide to share the credit with your team.
They may think you’re a genus humble.

However, they may also think that you lack confidence and leadership skills.
Honesty is always the best routine and be proud of your intelligence.

Many women do not speak of the confidence that they have within, as men do small phases and phrases and words we juggle around without saying the word i i i did that women often use the word actually.

Similarly, we pat yourself on the back give yourself some credit as a female men and women are different in many ways.

Communication advice needs to be adjusted accordingly, but these few things that i shared with you are just the tip of the iceberg.

I want to share with female speakers to stand up.

Stay tuned, find out tips for women who are doing public speaking and follow it research it stay on top of it because, in my opinion, females are the best speakers in the world.
Maybe it’s because i have two daughters once again: brandon artisan president champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking and as always in parting, you go out and you make .

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