I brightened artisan president of champion strategies for our own public speaking workshop, another new week teachers.

So if you’re not in the classroom yet because you don’t start until after labor day.
Good luck to you get prepared.
If you’re already doing the in house – and you have students in front of you – we’re giving you some tips on things that you need to do to make sure that the students have a great school year, whether it’s virtual, whether you are in class in front of The room also for supervisors managers for the first time, you’re going to be meeting with your team members and we need to make sure that when we talk about business numbers, that is one thing that’s separate.

But when we talk about training or making them better, that’s where the public speaking needs to be a little bit more defined.
So we do thank you because your success is on their success.
Maybe you were told that you’re a great speaker, and you need to be doing this for money so with all the reunions and all the conventions and then covet hit, and so now everybody’s buying for this little box here, and it is tough it space is taking Up so my thing, if you want to look at communications or public speaking as a career change, there are great two and four-year institutions that can help you.

There are organizations that just focus on public speaking and then we have those people that just peruse through the internet looking for content or they find some video that they like and it can help them because they have the discipline to practice on their own.
So that’s why we do this here at champion strategy.
So, let’s get into it! It’s a two-parter and we’re going to talk about improving your public speaking skills.

Now number one before you even talk to your students, your team members, your audience as a, in other words, the first thing to do when preparing for a speech, is to get your content to define.
What’s your end goal, in other words, what do you want? The audience to do after they leave the room and hear your speech, what information that is exploded that you delivered to them, and now it’s a takeaway that they can continue on when they leave you to research, get better practice whatever it may be, so always set Up whatever program, whatever content you’re looking at what is the end goal that i want to achieve with my students, my team workers for the people that are, in the general audience, be a giver and not a taker and here’s what i mean by that once you Defined your end goal: let’s build a presentation that offers real value to your audience, regardless of whether they are going to use you for ongoing training, regardless of whether the students have a struggle to get to that place or the team members.

You need to do more.

One-On-One coaching with them, so once again, once we define the end, what do we need to do in our presentation to get the audience to understand, regardless, regardless of whether the product or service, we got to build real value? Now, if you do these things right at the beginning, now you’re in good shape, so now, looking at your content, do we need additional av audio visual? In other words, do i need a power point to help me get my point across? If you do make sure it’s neat clean, presentable, there’s not that many slides in the deck each one of the slides in the deck makes reference to what they need to do.

There’s no need of having a slide in there just to have it in there.

As far as font, size, color background, you’ll get the idea with that.

But please make sure if you’re going to be using some some additional audio aids, that they are succinct in what you’re doing.
If you’ve ever watched any one of my videos practice practice, but we’re practicing for a way that we can get confident delivering our speech make sure you are practicing your presentation in front of several groups of people.
If you can do this co-workers family members, friends, animals mirror, we have to practice practice is the key to gaining more confidence.

Practice allows you to see how your tonality is going with the flow, especially if you’re, using some type of visual aids how about eating? Well, yes, we can snack, and many of us have bad eating habits, and no one says that we’re here to make sure that we’re checking up on your protein intake, your energy.
But what are we doing to keep the stress down? Are we eating a lot of fast foods, processed things that are harder to digest, or are we eating and doing the things that we need to do to make sure that there’s no problem with my physical presence, because stress cholesterol and some of these other things decrease Your levels and many times make you look sad, tired, worn out, and you may not be because we know you’re already nervous and all these things are are hitting you once again.
Bryan hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking.

If some of this can help, you we’re happy we’ll be back on the next section with the next part of this and we’re just giving you some different tips on how you can prepare yourself to be the best public speaker that you can once again brighton.
Artisan president of champion strategies, as always in parting, you go out and make .

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