Hi bradley hardison president of champion strategies for our continual workshop on public speaking.

Why you? The educator, can’t love you so much out there.
You have the best job on the planet, especially those that are going back into the brick and mortar and inside the classroom.
We’ll be in front of the room, teaching our babies in elementary middle or high school you’re shaping their mind, so public speaking is very important to you.

One thing you should always remember whatever you say the first day, you’re with them as far as discipline.
Please stick to it by the last day when they see that you’re consistent and what you say you will do if they are not engaged, you will find out that it will get around the school building that you as a teacher in your time with the students.
Don’t mess with that teacher because he or she will follow through with whatever your engagement with parent guardian or administration will be if they do not listen so very important job.

So we wish you well also for your new supervisors, your new managers, you’re, going to have your team members you’re, going to have your meetings, whether you like it or not, you’re going to have to meet with them and they are going to be watching you to See if you’re playing favorites to see if you are fair across the board, to see if you’re going to assist them in achieving whatever goals that your department inside that organization is looking for, public speaking is important to you.
Also, we have people out there.
Who’ve been told that they are tremendous.

Why don’t you get into public speaking? You said sure i can speak in front of conventions.
I can speak in front of three reunions and then covet came and now everybody’s reduced to this box.

It is a tough place to be.

I will tell you a lot of folks are trying to work this box they’re, not that comfortable with it, but they will get there if this will be what we call the new normal and then there are some people out there who enjoy public speaking, but they Do not want to pay for it, so they just look around and see what’s out there, and this is what we’re doing at champion strategies giving you some free information on public speaking.

Some of it may be important to you probably will help you out and if it does we’re thankful, so let’s get right into it.
I want to give you a two-part so we’ll start with part one today on tips for making public speaking a little bit easier for you.

The first thing that i can tell you is be prepared.
Most important part of the successful presentation happens before you even start.
Talking once you do begin speaking, you will be thankful for your preparation and your practice so create your presentation, your content, with lots of time to spare and make notes for all the points you want to make for each slide if you’re using a deck of powerpoint.

This time will help you ensure that all the materials you need are there and you have time to practice if you’re going to use some type of handouts.
If you are in the classroom or if you are once again with your team members, make sure that these are ready in advance.

This is also useful when it comes to backup just in case technology has some difficulties.

That does happen every now and then and practice.
If you’ve ever listened to any one of my videos, we have to practice give your presentation to the mirror, to your partner, to your teammate, to your housemate, to your pet.
If you have a video camera, that’s even great get feedback and watch the recording establish where the difficulties may lie, and even some of the old habits that you might have to fix and get rid of during your presentation.

If there are any difficult pronunciation of words or technical jargon, then make sure you can say them the correct, punctuality and knowledge of industry language will give you credibility practice.

How about commanding the space be aware of your body language.

The right physical communication can give a profound impact on how your message is received and interpreted by the audience so one and way, maybe to improve your body language, is your facial presentation standing so far apart, making sure that you’re straight and erect? Maybe it’s your eye contact not too long to be crazy, but we want to make that connection.

Don’t remain rigid.
This is not a debate.
So if you just stay in one place or if you have a lecture, move around nothing wrong with pacing yourself, if you can own the space or stage depending on what you’re giving your presentation to boy, people will look at it as a lot more effective.

Avoid crossing your arms clasping your hands in front of your body, putting your hands in your pockets filling around with things, keep your hands free for expressive; gestures! How about channeling, your patrick stewart? And if you don’t know what i mean by that the tonality of your voice and how you talk will have a significant impact on the way you talk and how it’s received by the audience to speak.
Clearly and confidently, you must become like a classical trained actor shakespearean.
If you will that’s why i use the esteemed star trek captain patrick stewart use the five p’s to improve your clarity in speech and, if you haven’t heard projection pace your pitch, your cause, your pronunciality, and once you have that how about knowing your audience? People so often give presentations to a variety of folks from school children to the public undergraduates people at work, your language, your tone, your body, language.

We need to know the audience, especially if someone is paying you to come talk to their team members.
There’s a specific reason why they brought you in there make sure we stay on point this way, you can establish credibility if we can establish credibility in front of the group whether we’re there to give something to the audience as a paid person or if you’re, a Teacher or once again, leader of a team, you got to get the command.
They have to have the respect in what you’re presenting and when you do that.

That explosion point that takeaway point the thing that you’re trying to get them to understand.
What you’re saying in front of them will be received a lot better now that makes sense, we’ll pick it back up with the second part, brad and hardison.
Once again, president of champion strategies, as always in parting, you go out there and make it a champion day.

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