Hi brandon harrison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking today.

We would like to touch on setting your personal speaking goals.
You know at the end of each year i try to sit down and establish some new goals for the upcoming year.
Now, before i do this, i take some time to reflect on the previous year and as the accomplishments that i strive for i try to look at, went val or what went well, what didn’t and how can i improve overall for the next year? So it’s only after this process that i can decide what makes sense to eliminate or what makes sense to keep on doing.

I’m asking you do you set goals? Do you have some established end of the year routine that you do to determine what needs to change? If you don’t really, this is the year start, in other words, at the beginning.
We need to be focusing in on our processes by reflecting on our accomplishments from that previous year, and this way we can put those together to come up with some new goals.
For the next year, i often decided early part of each year what seminars, what workshops, what trainings i want to take myself to, and people often ask why i continue to attend seminars, even though i’m already a professional speaker – and i tell them that even professionals need To sharpen their skills or even attend courses to just validate what they do now, professional speakers learn a lot from each other.

Professional speakers realize the importance of honing in your skills on a regular basis and often often work with speaking coaches.
So, whether you’re, a professional speaker or someone just starting out as a speaker, it is important to consistently improve on what you do.

Maybe your goal is to develop a new or additional topic to speak on and that’s what i did.

I have prepared several sessions aimed at helping other people, especially speakers growing, their internet business.
My new 90-minute keynote is full and i’ve broken it down just in case there’s some breakout workshops that i can sell and it’s entitled how to grow your business using the internet.

These programs are designed to help people with this powerful technology.

We have a front for us today and that front door is the internet.
Maybe your goal is to become a professional speaker.

Maybe your goal is to speak more than you did last year.

Maybe your goal is to learn how to use the internet more effectively in any event, write down what you want to achieve for the year now.
Just remember that if you’re not planning to move forward each and every year on your goals, the ultimate that’s going to happen to you is that you’re going to become irrelevant in the speaking world once again, brad and hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series Of public speaking and as always in parting, you go out and you make it a champion day.

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