Good morning to you, it must be five o’clock in the am eastern standard time for september, the 14th of 2020, because it’s time for hardison’s tips, i’m your host, brandon hardison, glad to be with you we’re trying to give you some insights, whether you are a major Account key account up and down the street in home sales, retail or automotive sales, so you’re trying to get ready.

So, let’s get to it for today.

Today i want to drop on to your knowledge a little bit about the art of consulting selling.
Now we’re going to look at this in a couple of ways, so it’s going to be a couple of partners here, but the art of consultive selling.

In other words, how can you enhance yourself or, if you’re, a manager, your sales team’s performance, can guarantee ongoing success? Now the digitalization of sales is increasing the pressure on sales people to succeed.

Everything is being digitized everything, more informations buyers, habits along with their economics, their politics.
All of this is being analyzed together and it is presented to the average salesperson, but if they do not know what to do with this information, then it’s all for not.

It has been estimated that more than one million sales roles will be lost to automation in 2020.
I’ll say that again, it is estimated that one million job roles will be lost to automation by the end of this year.

So does this mean that the dawn of the digital revolution will signal the death to the sales profession? No, in truth, the digital revolution is good news for sales, but this unprecedented change does mean value.

Creation is now critical to a sales consultant success or that manager leading them sellers who have mastered client, centered skills conversation.
The art of consultive selling will find themselves in more demand than ever true best in class sales performance comes from a synthesis of sales and behaviors.
In other words, sellers who use both can find valid relationships with clients each and every time, and they do not miss a beat, and that’s because they’ve learned how to evaluate buyers.

The intent has enabled consumers buyers to be more educated than ever before.

They can go on to any smart device and find as much as they want about the product or services that you have in this case.
We’re talking about an automobile.

A commonly cited statistic is that 57 of the buying journey is completed before they even engaged with you and your organization.

So what makes a truly great successful salesperson in a combination of both the relationship process with the guests and our sales process, or our approach to get them to take our product? How sellers approach the sellers process in their minds? They apply competencies, along with the knowledge that is out there or the research that they see on the search engines.
It gives them their best chance of getting the best product for the best money value that they have now.

The customer’s experience of a sales person driven by personal gain will be extremely different than their experience with the salesperson driven by fostering mutual gain.

The professional is focused on mutual gain why he or she will reach a better long-term outcome by both fostering a position of trust, which will mean more follow-up, more referrals, more business, more people telling the story about you, the professional when they came to their car buying Experience so with that in mind, a sales professional’s core values, their intent fundamentals, their personal driven factors should include not only the culture of the store, but how sellers are rewarding and recognizing leading organizations, and that’s because of this consultive selling.

Now, let’s go back to the digital sales leaders, sales managers can have no negative effect on the organization.

If the digitalization is there driving salespeople to succeed is a results-based reward now.
Could it be short term? Could it be long term? That’s up to that individual sales consultant and that coach that middle manager – that’s leading you.

The old adage is what gets rewards gets done and if you look at it, what gets rewarded can get done, but do i have a plan? Do i have a goal because now, if i get rewarded every step of the way as a sales consultant doing my job with the consumer, here’s what’s going to happen.

I’m going to build more trust.

I can apply both the art of relationship building and the science of selling.

I can execute a flawless buying focus sales process for myself and for my guest and in the midst of all that find a mutually beneficial solution, because that’s what we’re in the solution? Business? For my guest, when you do these things, ladies and gentlemen, now the story is about you, their friends, their family are going to say, hey, i see you get a new car and the customer’s response is yeah.

But let me tell you about my salesperson: that’s where you need to be.
If you are truly a person that is a consultative selling, but it takes time it takes practice, it takes worth and it is beneficial for you, the salesperson to reach your goals and dreams.
Once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies with a little bit of artisans tips for today and as always in parting, you go out and make a champion.

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