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This is lou ramirez, the car guy, and this is frelin arts, the subprime hero.
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Folks, i’m super excited.

We got all kinds of new stuff going on and also all new stuff underwear and we got cool new stuff together.
Yeah we’re swagged out tonight we’re pumped up about yeah, the classic hat.
This is the og very first time we ever made.

We decided to re-release it one more time for season two, but man we are so pumped up.
We have somebody.
That’s inspired me, somebody that, when i was trying to figure out how i was going to do this podcast how i was going to do it, he was one of the very first people.

I’ve ever listened to do a podcast.

This guy’s been doing it for a long time he’s experienced he’s not just experiencing podcasting, but this is a smooth folks he’s experiencing a lot of things.
Car business, this guy’s all about it, man, his podcast dealer talk, is amazing.

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Awesome we’re excited about it.
Do us a quick favor and go ahead and put your hands together if you’re not driving, if you’re driving go ahead and just slap one leg or something, but we want to welcome to the cafe our friend the incredible host himself he’s probably about to host us.
I don’t i don’t know, i’m very humble, it’s kind of like a double host he’s hosting us, while we’re hosting him that’s right and we’re excited about it, so put your hands together or slap that leg.

Welcome to the car guy coffee podcast, our friend from dealer, talk mister vanderson.
I’ve always wanted to do the move.
Man like when you do your post.

Oh you know.
Oh my god, i got you.
We can go ahead and oh you’re getting together, because there is the forgive focus and fly movements that we can definitely do in rhythm.

Thank you man.
This is awesome.
Super pumped i’ve been excited about this all day, getting ready to chat with you folks.

So thanks for having me on man awesome, we appreciate that man we’re so happy to have you.
I know we’ve been trying to schedule this friday night and i know that you have a busy schedule yourself.
Man and i love it.

You are a hustler and i appreciate the hustle from one hustle to another respect, i’m so glad we found time tonight to make this happen that are brewing.
Solutions in the cafe go ahead and throw a mug in there for our friend yeah, our guest and and folks.
Do it go ahead and throw it mug out there for somebody that you, like you know somebody that you want to up shift and uplift time to get into the cafe right now, make it happen, folks, so hey.

I know that there’s people in all different platforms watching us from linkedin youtube and we also have, of course, facebook out there, facebook nation ever as everyone calls it.
I appreciate you all for joining us.
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I may not see it, but your comment will be followed up with man.
I promise you.
I know how to follow up.

That’s no doubt so.
Let’s make this happen.

Man, so welcome man.

How are you tonight? I’m awesome dude, like i said, i’m just you know, i’ve been excited about this deal all day, ready to just chat with you guys man.
So again, thanks for having me on here, man, man, we appreciate you glad that you are here.
You are here to do what it is that some of the best solutionaries in the business have had the chance to come and do and that’s drop a five liner and let people know just a few well five things about them.

That uh, maybe that hasn’t been asked of you before and uh, make sure that we get to the nitty gritty about what makes you the car guy that you are, because we definitely honor that.
That’s one thing that we do here in the cafe we might gas.
You up a whole lot, but we mean every bit of it.

You get every drop of that.
Okay, i appreciate it uh.
We appreciate the people that are in here, but you’re gon na have to get get this sizzle on inside of this five liner.

So it’s about to get real.
It is man welcome, but before we do live liner, we always have everyone pop up that three f’s man and these three f’s are so important in order for you to keep growing in life right.
In order for you to keep growing, you got to forgive you got to forgive all the stuff of the past.

Now i got it right here on chess.
You may not be able to see it right.
There focus and fly all right, so yeah.

This is.
Is it it’s a blend? It’s it’s beautiful right, so you got to make sure that you’re ready for it.

So i’m ready for it and i’m ready for lou to break this down.
For you, that’s right! So uh herb! You know! What’s going on when people deal with things inside of life, you often run into a wall which usually has blasted on it all of the things that could be the excuses or the reasons to hold you up and the thing that makes that wall come down is Not by throwing things at the wall, it’s by forgiving everything that gets onto that wall.
Yes, sir, everything that belongs to you and everything that belongs to somebody else, forgive it and then from that point you have the the the chains off of you to be able to focus, and then once you have the team off of you to focus, you can Then jump over that wall, you can fly right above it because you’re not weighed down by unforgiveness anymore and by forgiving, focusing and flying.

We get to keep growing and keep growing and keep growing right.

That’s right! So that’s! Basically, what what our movements are, we’ll teach it to kids inside of schools, we’ll teach you to the car business and let them learn that to forgive focus.
Why is how you keep growing so join us real, quick make sure you got enough room for them arms to swing.

We might even dance this out.
Do it man do this real, fast, all right, so car guys car guys wherever you are? If you can only do it with the one hand, put one hand on it: okay, but here we go on three everybody, one, two, three four focus and fly yeah man.
I love that.

That’s that’s cool man! I, like it one two, three yeah man, that’s the message.
We appreciate it, though, but welcome welcome, welcome, welcome back yeah.
We are really ready for a 500 brother.

We appreciate you man, so thank you for being here, so this five line is a lot of fun and it’s i mean it and i tell you it brings it up and it lets people know what you’re about and what i i already know what you’re about So i have a feeling.
A lot of these answers are gon na hit me right here in the heart, and i love that so the very first question i’m gon na ask you is a question.
I love to ask everybody first, it’s your why? What is your purpose, what makes you wake up every day and say i’m doing this uh for me, man, it’s all about connecting with people and helping them in this industry to do better dude.

That’s it! That’s the one thing that that that drives me, i’m i’m determined, and you know my motivation is to help people do better.
I hate like what we were talking about earlier about the stigma.
I hate that so dude.

I love it.
I love that answer, because the fact of the matter is is that that is really the basis of everything you know just and just improve.

You know and i’ll and one thing that what that does is it does that for every thing that you can have a y for so your y could be a multitude of things, but when you break it down to something like that and it can spread out So whatever you need to motivate that can help you get to that next level.

I love that herb very good answer, very, very, very good answer and – and you can tell he’s done an interview with you, like i told you it’s just going to be smooth, it’s it’s weird being on this side, man, but you know, i know we’re going to We’re going to make it work, i mean it’s it’s just like.
Can you see we help so many people buy cars, but then, when we buy cars, so we are some anal retentive cannot, please.
You know what i mean.

I mean the most hardest in the business or the car guys, because we’re always measuring here here there there, man uh what if a guy does come.
You know we are the ones that over scrutinize the car deal and we’re the easiest ones to be the surgeons.
For somebody else, but for us we’re like man, this is weird buying the car.

You know what i mean: we’re actually spending our money on whoa whoa.
You know, and so it’s same thing when, with podcasting or just being a host or being a speaker, you know being able to uh be the one that just says.
You know what i don’t have the the pressure of putting on the show i get to.

I get to really just relax and that’s kind of the culture that we’re we’re, trying to make sure we develop here at the cafe right, a nice comfortable, casual area, we’re not we’re not on a serious date.
You know what i mean you don’t need to be dressed to the nines to eat with us.
You know what i mean: let’s have a cup of coffee in a conversation, it’s an easy way, uh for people to let loose be up, shifted and uplifted brother.

Why definitely upshifts and uplifts you every day and i’m sure so many car guys and car gals out there are the same way.


No doubt no doubt about it.
So you know when you, when you get into the y and people across the world, like, i think that if you are in a growth mode, sometimes you get into a dip where you’re like man, you lose motivation a little bit and it’s you know a lot Of times the y will lift you back up, it helps you pick your head back up, look at the light, you know and just be able to say.
Okay, i can see where i’m trying to get to where my destination is, and this is why i’m doing it and and when you can have that focus.

It helps you get to that next level, and sometimes a lot of people will lose.
That really quick and that’s why i love that question.
I love to have that answer from people, because i think people need to see that how important you know what really i’ve always had that in me, but i never really put it into words.

Even it’s as simple as what’s your.
Why but, like i remember the simon sinek, you know when he talked about that.
You know it all starts with the y, and i remember hearing that and i mean like it, freaking does and i since then really.

I think i have really increased my my life and to my my personal value to myself.
You know how i feel like i’m growing, and it really helps me focus and it every time i feel like.
I can’t do it.

I use that i’m like i can, and this is why it’s the story too man, because for me for example, i came from venezuela.
I was like you know.
I didn’t.

I was four months here in this country, my dad passed away.
I was like okay, what am i gon na? Do you know and this this industry took me in dude and it gave me opportunities that i wouldn’t have had otherwise and um.
You know when i think about it.

That way – and i put things into that context – it changes things because you know we don’t people don’t say we don’t aspire to be in the industry, which i hate.
Why? Why is that? Like? We don’t aspire to be to be car salesmen or to work at a dealership, and that’s that this is such a great industry.
There’s tons of potential people in here.

Not only can you make a great living as far as financially but there’s a lot of amazing people in this.
That’s why i started the podcast.
I never started the podcast.

I didn’t want to be a podcaster that wasn’t the goal.

I started the podcast because i was having these amazing conversations and interactions with these very intelligent people, and i was like dude.
How do i get others into these conversations? You know what i mean and so yeah dude, when i, when i put it into that context, it’s very easy to stay motivated and to keep doing it every single day.

You know what i mean.

I can’t hear you do that in the podcast was a way.
A way to be able to do ooh, my goodness, was i on mute, yeah.

Sorry, we had, we had a little disconnect there.
Oh, how long was i on you since you started talking? Oh yes, wow, wonderful! So what good news is great stuff and it was guys you guys just for me, you all missed it straight like shakespearean like knowledge, it’s great, you guys just missed it.
I drank it all and what’s crazy is i forgot what i said it was that good man it was so deep and profound that i completely lost it, but no on on the serious wow i didn’t realize i was on mute, but that’s okay.

I still it thanks, hey folks.
This is what we call keep growing.
When i talk about even when you mess up, you know, i even talked about the other night, how we did a show and completely lost it, had to re-record it all right and that was so horrible to have to call your guests and say: hey man.

I had such a great time with you, the other night.
I want to do it again, we’re recording right now.

Are we recording? Yes, we’re recording? We are we’re the same show.

Let’s do it all over again with the exact same questions and try to get the same kind of fun that we had and recreate it.
But what was crazy is we had to do it three times? I believe, all three times out of all three of those times it was even better the second time every single it was bananas and it was so fun and every guest was even had like they even were like yeah no problem at all.
Let’s do it again is everybody? Well, it happened twice.

One of it happened.
Man like i’ve been there, so you had some more stories bro for that, so i’m gon na pass.
This second question right there so make this happen, but keep in in flow with that and as as i kick it a little on his first answer, it’ll bring up a little bit of what you were talking about, but we we are trying to make sure that People like you and people like us and the other solutionaries that we’re rising with understand that there is a culture that has to uprise in order for it not to be so strange for somebody to want to be in the car business.

The reason why i personally believe that our families didn’t encourage us or show us the way, because if you ask people that aren’t really in the car business about the car business, there isn’t a lot of good to say you don’t want to be the thief.
Inside of the room at thanksgiving right, you don’t want to be the one that everybody is talking about, underneath their breath about you being the one that robbed your cousin and the car is a piece of junk.
You know what i mean you don’t want.

Any of that, and so the stigmas on the car business led into many families, so you would be of great honor if you were a mechanic, but not if you’re a salesman.
Why? Because the stigma that got put out there about sales people was always bad.
You know, and – and my father would would off also tell me that right – he was a mechanic by trade, but i said that i wanted to.

I wanted to sell dad.
This is what i’m gon na get out of the army to do, because i’m good at this – and i like it, i, like nice cars, we’ve always had garbage.
You vote you’re a great mechanic because it took a great mechanic.

It was.
It was a lifestyle that i wanted to be on the other side of and oh they give you a car too right and so that stigma that stayed in that keeps people from being in the car business even today, and that gets to be able to be Ridden by a market that is also trying to now sell to that customer that says hey.
You can jump completely over that person that sells cars and buy it from the cool little app on your phone, and you don’t have to deal with anything.

You know what i mean, i i i agree and i think it starts with us dude like people, ask me what i do for a living or what industry i’m.
I said that proudly man like i’m in the car business, you know what i mean like.
I say that proudly and i i hear people talking about their position and stuff and sometimes there’s like well.

I sell cars and it’s like it drives me insane.
Dude, like you know, have you ever been on that side of the of the desk, and you see somebody’s credit report come in and you’re making more money than them and they’re like a lawyer or a doctor, or something and it’s like dude like if we start It’s the mind shift right like if we start to change the mind ourselves as the professionals, then that stuff’s gon na project right and our behavior is gon na change.
But until we get to that level consistently within the industry – and we start from within right – we’re gon na have those things and that’s gon na that’s also going to um influence our behavior to a certain degree, which i hate to say.

But it’s the truth.
So um, you know like one of the best moments that i had in my life was, i remember, coming home and my son was playing with this with his garage thing and he was like look dad.
This is my dealership like, and why does he say that as a little kid, because i bring that stuff home and i talk about it with pride, you know what i mean dude amen and you 100.

You should.
I know our children understand how great this business is to the point where they all kind of want to be like.
Maybe i should sell cards.

Yes, if you want to yes, but you have opportunity to do whatever you want just be happy, because the best thing to do for anybody is find something that you’re happy at that you can do with full passion, because whatever it is eventually no matter what the Money will come, it does not matter.
You just have to work hard and love what you do and i and i and that’s all i want my children to do.
But if it’s the car business, it’s the car business and guess what they’re going to do really.

Well, it’s because you make it a career, not a job.
That is a huge difference and and as a leader, you have to show that now we lou and i when we got in, i was in, like i told you one before we did this interview lou and i we got in this business.

We met each other and i was kind of like a floor manager.

I was the floor manager at the time.
You’re, a team leader team leader and lou came in and i was new, but i was only a year in the business, so i was like a young buck trying to do my thing and i was you know i was doing my thing.
You know i’m a veteran of the air force.

Lou comes in and i told you man, i knew the moment i talked to him.
I was like oh man, this guy’s going to be good right, he’s going to be a hoss and yes, sir, but we had.
We had leaders above us matt damos, and all these people who showed us that this business is more than just a job.

This business can change your life.
It can give you six-figure income without a college education without a high school diploma.

You could have it.

You do it gives you a lot of skills, it gives you a lot of skills and so many 100, and you know the thing that it does it it does.
It builds you up since i’ve been in this business.

My my skill set has really grown and i feel like i can almost do anything if that makes sense, i think a lot of us can feel that way when we’re in the business as long as we’ve been doing it at the level we’ve been doing it And it’s it’s a great feeling to have, but yet, though i could do anything, i want to stay in this business because i love this business and that’s why we do these podcasts to change the culture of this business, to change the image of this business.

How much better would it be if customers looked at us as we’re awesome? I want to go to a car dealership because they are awesome people they.
They have product knowledge, they help us.
They have the best interest for us.

They don’t tell us, lies they make the process easy and simple and enjoyable right.
They make it all those things.

I hate that i don’t remember this this person’s name, but i connected with her recently on linkedin.

She wrote this book called mommy.
Work works with cars, dude, that’s the kind of stuff it’s on amazon.

It’s like melanie bourdain of ours, too yep yeah he’s awesome dude, so that’s the kind of stuff that we need to start.

So we need to see that stuff like with you know.
Can you imagine reading that to to to a little kid in the impression that that would leave? You know what i mean, but it starts right there.
She is a pioneer yeah man.

I mean there’s so many people that are out there, but i think that’s.
What’s what’s happening now is that the culture is starting to shift uh because we’re and that’s what makes great car guys.
I mean.

Fundamentally that’s what makes a car guy be a person that could have a degree or could have never finished high school.

They can come into this business, receive some really high-end training to become assassins inside of sales and then apply that to every bit of life.
But what they get the chance to do is have a conversation with many different walks of life right see, and you see you see the you see that you see it’s fair.

You know why i love this industry, but because it’s fair and here’s why you can get somebody like myself.
That’s you know an immigrant that did that you know starting out and stuff and it can.

It can be a platform to to propel your career.

You can get somebody that went to college and has a degree and gets into this industry, and they don’t make it they.
They don’t make it.
You know what i mean, so the degree really doesn’t mean anything right.

No, it doesn’t it’s all.
It’s all about the individual you’re, the right person that has the right mentality and the right skills you’re going to make it and, if you’re not no degree, none of that stuff really matters.
So i love that that it’s it’s just pure this industry just makes it really fair, yep you’re right.

I love that that you say it.
I love it especially dropping the pure in there.
So i want to kick in kick out there, a quick correlation uh to scripture and to his history, okay, so king david uh, before he was king david, he was just a little shepherd boy trying to guard a bunch of sheep, okay and inside of that he Defended the sheep from lions from bears right, you know, tigers and the lions and tigers and bears there wasn’t there was advisor, but he defended them from that.

So when an entire army, with all of the tools in the world are standing but in front of a giant – and nobody has the guts to step up and say, i can take them right this one that battled the lion and the tiger or excuse me the Lion and the bear the lion and the bear is like.
I already know what it’s like: handling these who’s, this guy, that’s disrespecting, my god.
We got this.

What are you guys? Scared of you know what i mean.

I’ve already handled this when you start to have the experiences in this business with the lawyers with the doctors with the the mcdonald’s workers with the executives.
You know when you start to have those conversations, and you understand that there’s something that they may know really well, but you’re, an expert at this and you’re trying to teach them and you get that opportunity to bring them to light and conquer that goliath.

That seems like a bad scary customer.

You know at first, but eventually you end up like our friend rudy right and you anything that you look at you’re, no you’re going to conquer anything.
That’s in front of you.

You know you’re going to be able to make bow down because you know who you are base and then it helps with the experiences of tackling the giants.
You know what i mean so true, but also you’re, not scared of failing.
If you do whoopty do right onward and upward man, you learn something you move on.

You keep going much like when i was muted earlier.

You know, but you know it’s.

Life is full of those types of moments when you get muted and you know what raise your voice up and have fun anyway.

That’s melanie right here, yeah there she that that yeah she’s awesome, you know and she’s definitely very incredible.


We got to interview her about like may of last year somewhere around there.

She was awesome.
You know we got connected through the think ad group actually and they they they know her, because they do a little bit of work for her dealership and marketing side, and so she reached out they reached out to her and said you should come on our show And she was like yeah: let’s do it, so we actually were on her aha moment.

Yes, aha moment her show too so, which was really cool, so she’s she’s, an amazing solutionary.
It was very, very comfortable yeah.
So so, let’s get on to question number two.

I got the rock in my hand right all right, so i mean a simple one.
You may have answered this on your show.
You may have described it to many other people, but uh to the solutionaries that are brewing with us.

They definitely want to know the origin of the beans they’re brewing with.

So what brought you into the car business uh? You know it sucks to say, but it was just opportunity and necessity at the time man, like i said i i came from venezuela.
I thought my life was gon na, go in a different direction and four months after i got here, my dad died and you know i i needed to work um or i was going to go back home and i didn’t want to that.

Wasn’t an option for me, so the the first, the first opportunity that i got was a was a dealership out in michigan as a loop, tech, tire technician and a lot porter and you know i got.
I got started there, man starting from the bottom.
Now you hit, oh, that was the beginning, yeah man, those are such good, humble beginnings, but yet it shows that, like all you got to do, is put the work in man.

Folks example of you get what you put in right.
If you don’t put work in you’re not going to get anything back, you can’t just sit back and hope things happen.
You know you got ta really get uncomfortable without works is dead.

Yes, sir, it doesn’t matter how much faith you have.
If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do again, citing scripture, the word says that we’ve been given the power to gain wealth.
So if we’ve been given the power for it, i can’t hold anybody else accountable for it, not even god himself.

It’s up to me in my hand, you know what i mean it’s right here.

I got to do something with this.
Really you know what i mean and it goes.

It goes back to what we were talking about.
Dude, like what industry can you go that you that you, you know you walk in there, knowing nothing man and then every single, every single step that i took forward.
It was because somebody in that dealership, connected with me, saw something in me, took me under their wing and helped me along the way like they reach back and they pull.

You know what i mean, and i see that happening in this industry.
So many times i see people that are at the top, reaching back pulling people up all the time.
You know what i mean you, it’s not it’s not for everybody, because you got to prove yourself, but if you do man, people within this industry are going to they’re going to they’re going to help.

You make it and that’s it’s.
I know it sounds cheesy and corny and i don’t care, but it’s it’s it’s it’s beautiful man.
It really is, but they see it when they see it in you, they’ll put they’ll pour into you.

You know it’s.
Your cup has to be empty.
So when you go into a dealership and you’re a new person, so all you new people out there if you’re thinking about this business you’re like man, i see all these really cool people.

That said, prime hero – i’m just kidding, but but you do you look at this and you’re like i’m interested.

I want to get there folks.
First of all, it can be overnight.

It could take years.
It does not matter.
You just got to put work in, go find you a good store and you st you walk in, and you just do what you’re supposed to do and you got ta it’s so much more than just it’s an opportunity to to get a job.

It’s an opportunity to change.

We keep saying this, but it’s so true to change your life, the people that you walk into when they see like.
I know that when i, when lou came in, i wanted to pour into him as much as i could.

I showed him all the little tricks of my little way.
I do my pencils, it was amazing i was like wow.

I knew that he would take it and go ham with it right and i was like man.

This is so cool and it was my way to put my own little spin on something right.
It was one of my first opportunities to really so i you know i took a little price pumped up yeah after i would use a clothes that i learned from him directly from him or with the customer or lead in a certain way and then and he’ll He’ll be sitting on the other side of the cubicle or standing over there by the tower and just waiting and be like.
Did you say that yeah yeah dude, you know getting zero dollars, but seeing the success of a seed that he put out dude and that’s the most rewarding stuff? Ever when you start seeing success from the seeds, you sow, you sow more seeds, yeah, of course yeah yeah now you’re motivated, but the other side of the coin of that too, is that lou was also asking so like for all you guys out there that are New in dealerships – and you have these guys that you feel like oh man – i wish they would tell me you got to ask here’s the thing they a lot of times.

That’s all it takes.
You know if you just ask, because that shows that you want something.

I you know, i heard one time it was uh.

Michael jordan talked about sitting down having a meeting with emmitt smith and emmitt smith was like reached out to him said: hey, i really want to you know i see what you’re doing with your business.
I really want to sit down and try to learn, and this is about business.
I love to sit down about and talk about business and try to try to build a empire like you have so michael jordan takes the meeting.

They sit down they’re talking at the end.

Emmett smith goes man.
I just can’t believe you uh actually went ahead and sat down with me.

Well, first of all in my head, i’m thinking well you’re emma smith, bro, of course, he’s gon na sit down with you.
One of the greatest running backs, if not the greatest ever, to run playing the game right so, but at the same time he michael jordan tells him it’s because you asked and it right there lets me know that you what you’re willing to learn, like my words, Are not going to just be to death’s ear, you know it’s going to be used so boom.
You know, that’s the key when you reach out and you ask instead of assuming they’re going to come, tell you a lot of times.

They will give you everything and so ask for those things.

Sometimes you know sometimes that’s all it takes just a question.

Can you show me a couple of this? I saw that you talked to these customers.
How do you get so many appointments in how i mean? How do you, how do you overcome the 250 a month? How did you just close that yeah i mean that person’s wife was screaming at him and the baby was crying, and you know that you i knew that you guys were way over budget.
How did you close that be humble enough to sit there and ask and be like wow? What just happened? I need to catch up with johnny no find out what johnny did to close.

You know what i mean to make it work and and take some of those dribble skills, but you have to ask you know and sometimes uh, that rock has to get past.
Just like asking question number three.

There is no.

I don’t believe in in in shortcuts really quick here before we get into that guys.

Sorry um, i don’t believe in shortcuts, but the only shortcut if you’re, looking if you’re one of those people that’s like looking for the shortcut, the only shortcut that exists is is reaching out to people that have done what you want to do and get to get Them to teach you what they’ve done.
That’s the only shortcut that you have learning from other people’s experience, but it’s got to be the people that are doing what you want to do and learn from them and then apply those things and you’re going to get similar results.

So, if you’re really looking for a quick way, that’s the way.
In my opinion, i love that great answer and that’s that’s a hundred percent right.

There’s no doubt about that.

I love that you made that point to bring that up, because people have to understand that you know it’s 100 percent.

It’s funny that i like how you ended that with like.
If you get similar results – and i think is it elon musk – i said that like where, if you want to do something great, do exactly what that another person who did exactly what you want to do and you’ll have the similar results.

So do those yeah, i mean it’s not going to be identical because you got to take into consideration you the exterior factors that are beyond your control.

But if you just do the things that you can control and you replicate that from other people that have achieved it, you’re going to get similar it’ll be in there some you know, it’ll be real close.
I like that man, that’s that’s a great way of putting it so john maxwell, that’s more of the flow that was john, that was john maxwell, okay, right and and again the great leadership, but leadership is always showing somebody how to do something.

You know what i mean you’ve showed.
I came in as a as a a trainable student sure and had somebody that was able to do so, which is a key piece.
You got to have good teachers, you got to have good students, but you know they also have to drink the water.

You know it’s like they’ll bring in the horse and if they don’t want to drink it, they won’t, they have to drink it.
You know, and he drank it and he he’s keep he’s still drinking it.
You know and that’s there is.

There is like a secret sauce to it.
You know you do have to have that inside.
You, like he said earlier you just because you have a college education just because you are maybe a military veteran doesn’t mean that you’re going to do well in the business right.

I believe that everybody could, but they have to something, has to click in their brain, but not everybody’s meant for it i mean everybody has their thing in life to do some people like nine to five monday through friday.
You know, everybody’s purpose may not necessarily be tied together with the the thing they do for income.
I believe that that we should be more shifted into a life where what pays us is part of what we’re passionate about.

That’s just my philosophy, but not everybody does that, and people live some fulfilled lives not doing a dream job, if that makes sense they, but at the same time i think that it’s key that all of us find our niche and there are few that are in The car business, if we calculate the amount of physical human beings in the car business, it is a small minority of people per the earth.
You know what i mean related to the car business is live as a whole yeah, i mean you’re talking about it, people who make it sell it transport it.

You know finance it there’s so many different aspects: vendors that you can keep going, but as far as sales and service side, specifically the tech to the sales guy, far far small numbers of of total humans on earth, but those that are wanting to do it.

There’s there’s no reason why they can’t do it if they diligently seek the answers.
They’re there they’re available right.
You know there’s three car guys all around to pull from, but yeah, but we, you know the change the painting of us, though you know, and if we keep this painting and we keep making it better and we try to show that the future generation wants to Be in this business because it’s not a shady, you know i got you know short sleeve short tie.

You know i’m the car guy but uh, but you know we can show them that it’s.

This is a place where you can have fun.
You can smile and be honest and have integrity and be able to do things the right way and yet still make income and be able to provide greater things than you could ever.

Imagine the crazy thing is it’s like and help people man, let’s not forget – that what we’re doing here is we’re allowing people we’re providing trans we’re fulfilling the transportation needs for people that doesn’t just include buying a car.
That means we help people get to work.
We help people pick up their kids, we have people go on vacation, that’s a big deal.

It’s a big deal.
It’s a huge deal, one of the biggest purchases that people have is their automobile and it’s one of the most important ones that they have it’s, what they trust their life in every single day, and there is an honor in that and that’s why again the thing That shifts between us is the people that do this with honor and say: look yeah.
You may have a bad thought of the car business, but i know the car guy.

I know the subprime hero.
I know my main my man herb anderson.

There may be some bad car guys out there, not this one.

That’s my car guy.
You know what i mean that one’s my guy and that’s where you have to differentiate yourself from your business that, yes, there is a lot of stigmas, but it’s in everything everything everything has its ugly stigma and why people want to stay away from it.
And you choose who you do business with for everything else, based off of your relationship with the product and people and that’s where we’re growing uh to try to show the market hey.

You can do this, we’re getting.
I mean university growing, yeah man, so that that’s funny that you said that yeah i was thinking that the whole time you were talking, but the um.
You know car guy university.

You know hashtag, folks, hey we got ta start that deal man.

I like that.
That’s dope yeah, yes, sir.

We already kind of we already own the west side, but anyway, that being said you know play.
Can i tell you, i mean we’re looking for it all right, so we’re definitely ready to keep growing folks and here’s the thing i’m.
This has been a great conversation and i’m super excited.

I can’t help but want to just talk about a million things with him right and because i could see that his mind is going, and i can learn so much from him right now.
And the thing is: is that um to have a good professor inside the cafe is an amazing thing, and so we once again i want to thank you um.
My third question: i’m going to ask you kind of leads along with kind of what we’ve been talking about.

You know you were talking about.
The only shortcut is to ask somebody, and they can show you these things.

The only shortcut is it’s much like that.

You could read books, you could do all these things to learn how to do something the right way, instead of doing it, you know failing five times or figuring it out.
You know it’s like really nice to be able to do that and he’s so right.
That is the only shortcut and really it’s just a life hack.

It’s a great life hack.
It’s the only life hack.
You should take um, but what’s great about that, is that when you get those types of influences it can really fast-pace you and go into a quicker.

For example, like i could show lou how to do stuff when i was selling cars and he learned it pretty quick.
It was maybe something i learned now.
He picked it up quicker to me so now, instead of doing a year in the business like i was in, he could figure that out within 30 days right and that’s kind of what that he’s talking about here right.

So i felt like i was able to influence him.

So as we come up in this business and we do things, we have people that we run into that kind of give us that life hack, somebody who’s been really influential, like a mentor.
Who would you say has been your greatest mentor since you’ve been in this business? I think i’ve had a lot of mentors man, uh yeah.

You know like every single time.
Like i said earlier, every single time i i progressed like there was some some association.
You know what i mean there was somebody that i, that that reached back and pulled me with them.

You know what i mean, so i in that regard, i feel i feel pretty fortunate, but i mean if i were to single somebody out in particular and um.
It would be the the first manager that i had that i ever worked with um.
Well, i wasn’t the first, but it was.

It was the the the first manager i had as a writer as a service writer.
Now that’s a guy named frank ramune.
So if he’s watching this ma’am, you know like thank you, frank, yeah, man, um, so so yeah.

He he’s one of those guys that just took the time man and he he taught me the ropes and um.
You know in in my path as i as i started as a loop technician.
I wanted to be a mechanic.

You know my my path was to be was was was to be a mechanic, but he he he was like.
No man like.
I think you should be.

You should be a writer like try it for a month and see how it goes and and that kind of changed the whole direction that that my career went in so yeah, oh yeah dude.
That is, i could promise you it would.
It’s a whole different direction.

You know not for the good, because you odds are being the type of person we.
As you mentioned earlier, college educated or not inside you.
You had something already.

You just needed somebody to guide you, so if you would have got into the other realm, somebody would have like you said, reached back and showed you the way and you would have followed you wouldn’t have just heard it and not drank the water.
You would have been that horse that went with him and said: okay, i’m ready to drink this water.
I’m thirsty! That’s some good water right right! You were definitely that person and that’s what it takes for people to grow.

So you have to listen and actually take that advice and sometimes use it, because that that life hack is so important.
Sometimes because you you can you know, spend years thinking you’re not worth it, but to find out that you could have done it in less time.
It’s it’s kind of killer, but when you especially when you already were told how to do it, you didn’t take the advice.

The one thing i want to talk i want to.
I want to mention here really quick just for mental relationships, because i think this is really important.
I think a lot of times people are skeptical of mentorship relationships because they think that they have nothing to offer and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Like you have a lot to offer to to somebody that that says: hey yeah, i’m gon na mentor, you you know what i mean.

The the only thing that you have to um you got you got ta remember is that is that that it’s not you know just because they’re they’re ahead of you sort of a deal doesn’t mean that they can’t learn from you and so a lot of the Times i think that, especially in the industry, i think that we we we neglect right or we or we or we, where we have fear of reaching out to other people because we’re like well, you know, they’re the top sales person in the company or they’re, the Top mechanic or whatever – and i you know what what can i give, what what could i offer this person and and that’s not i mean that’s just not the case, it’s so important that you have a vessel to pour into man.
If i brew up a big pot of coffee, but i have no place to put it, you know what am i going to do? What am i going to do with that? There’s nothing to there’s no receptacle for that, there’s nothing to take it in try to go open up a dojo and not have any students, you need them.

Otherwise, you don’t have a business right.
You know what i mean.

If you don’t have somebody to teach right.

You know what i mean and so having and that’s that’s what’s key, i mean i know i’ve.
If you talk to my kids, you would never believe that i’m their dad.

You know because of how smart they are.

You know what i mean, but it’s it’s so much that i’ve learned by sitting there with them by learning from them by having them check me by me.
Learning what they’ve learned by me trying to be a man, because i have children to be responsible for you know what i mean and the the thing that’s so important for somebody and what you’re saying is so so valuable man.
I’m i’m so loving this that if there isn’t that relationship where you can get better because we’re together, then then we don’t have a mutual relationship.

You know what i mean that that, and that is what’s key inside of a relationship.
Now a teacher is always a good teacher because they know how to teach and the best way to ever learn something is to teach it.

You know, that’s what makes you even better.

You know you got sharper at your skills with other people, seeing it work the best guys on my floor train my new guys, um on you know on the d.
You know like the on the job training type stuff, how to do paperwork.
How to you know they actually had them shadow they do all that type of stuff and as they’re being shadowed, they they’re dude.

That’s almost like having me stand there because they want to show off a little bit right.
They want to do their job.
The right way, they purposely make sure their steps are done.

They purposely make sure that they’re taking care of them, they’re they’re, asking all the right questions and not forgetting and trying to go through it too fast.
So they can hurry up and get to the pencil that type of stuff well.
So what do you think? So let me pose this question because i love what you’re saying right now.

What do you think is more valuable as as a green pea, do you think that it’s more valuable to say to go into the dealership and just wait on the point for somebody to show up right and you’re gon na you’re gon na practice with the customer, Because that’s what you’re doing you’re just practicing with them and you’re practicing bad! Because i guarantee you that if, unless you’re like a master, closer or sales person or something prior to getting there, you you’re gon na fumble that a million times over and you’re just practicing bad habits.
So, what’s more valuable to stand there for 30 days or to go to the guy, that’s selling 40 50 cars a month and be like listen dude, i’m not going to sell a single single car! I’m just going to shadow you i’m going to do all your paperwork and i’m just going to sit here and just absorb anything how? What would how you know, how valuable would it be if i just do all your paperwork for a month, you know what i mean.

I mean.

Definitely the latter 100 and here’s what’s beautiful.
Is that that guy that veteran every time he has a split deal that needs to go down and needs help he’s going to grab him who’s? He going to pick yeah exactly 100 because he’s trained the way he wants on the train.

I know he knows how to do his paperwork.

He’ll make sure my paperwork’s good yeah simple as that man and it’s in it like you said it teaches you so much when you get to do that um and much better than standing on the corner.
We definitely might you know the culture that i try to make sure that we don’t have.
Is people just trying half the time and i hate to say it is that we miss people.

We have to tell the people there’s people on the lot, i’m like who’s up, because they’re so involved on phones, they’re, so involved on they’re.
Trying to you know, do their witch take they’re, trying to go online and do make sure they’re posting this or they’re.
Following up they’re doing the stuff that, though, that they should be seeing a lot which, in my day i kind i didn’t have i didn’t, have social media when i was on the floor, so i just had basically just my phone calls, my follow-up and then i’d Be on the lot or you get that that beautiful call right line, one sales call online yeah, you wouldn’t even get mad at the dude.

If he tripped you you’d fall down, but just start laughing like you got right exactly, but those were both hot hot.

Just tag a little bit with with your philosophy there and and that’s more of our system, is to take a guy, make sure that we do fully train him on the things that are the most seen, objections and issues that customers run into and the way to Service, the customer our way and then from there make sure that they build a relationship with the staff that isn’t where it’s contentious.
Where you don’t? You don’t want to take your 40 car guy that doesn’t have it in his heart to even help and distract him with somebody else.

He doesn’t want to get burdened with that guy.
That’s part of his culture of wanting to make sure that he sees the other people grow with them.
Because i mean i’ve been part of plenty floors where some of the guys, especially the the guys that have been on the lot for a while.

You can’t talk to them until you’ve been there 90 days.
They ain’t even high-fiving, you, you know what i mean.

If you made them a grand, you know they’re, not even they don’t know your name yet they’re still.

Who are you yeah right? You know what i mean and that’s the culture right.
That’s that’s how people that’s, how some of the uh the teeth were cut in this business, but building more of a a culture where it’s beneficial for somebody to have an apprenticeship with somebody.

My guys uh have so when you come in new to our store, the biggest thing that i tell them, especially when they’re shadowing our guys in their process and learning how to help people our way.

It’s shadows, don’t talk.
You sit there.
You pay attention.

You watch this whole system go down, so they learn from the making the phone calls.
They learn to processing the deal and even if they start setting appointments same way, you know hey.
This person is going to show you exactly how this goes down and when you start to sprinkle that, throughout the showroom where the veteran that’s been here for, however long uh starts getting a few, a few free deals where he didn’t have somebody coming in that day And the new guy has a deal come through and he gets to work that deal.

You get a split deal.
He learned how to how to do a car.
He set the appointment, but he just let you do it all.

That’s how we learned you know, that’s how i learned until i realized i’m splitting my deals with him right yeah.
Can i try this call myself boss, one time if i messed up, you could throw something on here.
Man, but but making sure that that is.

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