so .

What’s going on car guys and car gals good evening, this is lou ramirez the car guides, and this is from artists the subprime hero and we are brewing solutions on the car guy coffee podcast.

Thank you so much for joining us tonight.
Hopefully, you are pumped up and ready for a good first full week of the year.

It’s getting ready to happen happy new year, everybody happy new year.
Folks, it is going to be an exciting week.

First, full week, like lucha, said of us being able to get out there and help transport people into new situations in their life right.

What i mean by that is it’s not just about putting people in better nicer vehicles, it’s about putting them in a better situation, because a lot of times the vehicles they came in are not something that they need to be in they’re, unsafe, they’re falling apart.
They’re doing all these things that are not indicative of being happy right, like cars that are not having right now, if you’re in the winter time.
Of course, if your heater’s not working how bad is that we have clients that come in, you want to help them.

So bad, especially when you see the kids actually, i’m in with them, man, they’re riding in and they’re like they’re, the windows are all just fogged up and just you feel bad for them.

So you want to do everything you can so us, as cars sells pros.
We want to make sure that we’re out here helping these people the best that we can and right now, with the new stimulus with all kinds of stuff going on with people.

With these new beginnings, it’s the beginning of the year, they want fresh starts.

You need a fresh start too right, so you work hard make sure that you step into the game tomorrow, monday morning, ready to freaking knock out a freaking drive.
That’s just as long as you need to be.

Let’s go folks, i’m ready to go! I’m feeling this right here i just got done watching wonder woman with my son and i’m over here hearing the subprime hero just get ready to pull out every tool that he has inside of his barista belt in order to bring solutions to a generation man, i’m Pumped up like we’re getting ready to watch a comic book movie.
Yes, we are go ahead and do me a favor and help us out tag a car guy tag, a car gal and get somewhere in the car, and let’s get ready to brew some solutions on the car guy coffee.
Podcast we’ll see you in a minute car guys cargos welcome to the show time to have some fun.

Let’s do it solutions, , so , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , oh , yeah, oh boys, , [ Applause, ], ! Hey are you excited to be inside of the cafe like? We are right now and i can’t tell you uh how pumped up i am about this year.
We just keep rattling off different ideas and we had to go ahead and hit record at some point and go live with you all.
Thank you so much for joining us tonight, man yeah, i mean we’re in dream century.

We were we’re sitting here, just talking and you know, the one thing is it’s the beginning of the year, so a lot of us are sitting down, we’ve written down our goals, and hopefully you have.
If you haven’t, you still have time get it going.
Man just write it down, write down everything that you need to get your day and year going and just be ready for this week, and for this next day you know the thing is about life.

Is everyone’s always worried about three months from now, two years from now? Whatever it is? It’s just right now.
What do you have that you could focus on and you can grow on right? The first thing, i would say, is get your plan out.
Get your goal.

Get a goal folks, so goals we’re sitting down talking about goals, we’re getting excited we’re getting pumped up 20 21 wow, i’m ready to just have a lot of fun, and i mean what i mean by that is there’s.
If we’re going to put in a lot of work, because you know i’ve come to find that i really really like – i said in 2020, the beginning of it, i’m looking forward to being uncomfortable.
I’m looking forward to that feeling all year long lou and i i would say i feel pretty good, i feel about 90 of the time i was pretty damn uncomfortable.

I think the whole world was uncomfortable for a while right yeah, but i i stretched myself out and i did stuff that i’ve never done before man and i’m so i’m so thankful that i got to do this ride this last year with lou and we got To sit down and crush this car guy coffee game and have a lot of fun meet people like right now we have michael landis saying happy new year.
What’s up michael, i appreciate you like.
I see these prayer hands.

I don’t know how many times i probably use that as a post after your name.
Thank you, michael lando’s prayer hands right because it’s like so many times i got ta say thank you right, and i appreciate you every single time.
Yes and then dj.

I know dj just got the book that i bought a book from his book.
I got it shipped to his house, he’s going to sign it and he’s going to send it.
I’m looking forward to reading it.

It’s going to be very exciting.

I’m pumped up about it.
Folks, i’m talking about it, that’s that’s we’ll have them on the show seems like as soon as we get a chance to we.

You know we have a huge lineup and we’re going to talk about the the next few.
What it’s like based on ground in america yeah? I know a little something about that too.

It’s uh an incredible experience that he’s putting down on paper and it’s it’s a fun ride, um to know the person uh that we’re talking to and uh, because i’ve been jumping in the book uh on the east side, so you can get it either way.

Uh dj do us a favor and let people know go ahead and drop in the comment box, how they can get themselves a copy of your book and your experience, because folks, it’s definitely something that will uh upshift and uplift.
You um.
I know you can get involved if they know how to get it.

You can type in his name um and you can type his name in an amazon search on it’s it’s available right now on amazon softback.
You could also download it on kindle listen to it.
Um i did download the kindle, but then this book came out so quick right afterwards.

I was like well i’ll just wait i’ll just wait till i can read it.
So i’m excited about that.
So it’s going to be really neat to be able to read it.

I think once i’m done reading that i’m going to review it, then i’m going to sit down and i’m going to talk with him we’re going to talk about some stuff.
I got to do that with el patron.
I got to do that with sean hayes, so i’m looking forward to doing that with you.

Actually i got to do with glenn lundy.
I just read this book way before his morning five.
This was an online book that was free.

Also, it was a lot of fun to sit down and read his morning five.
It was very eye-opening to see what kind of patterns that you can form in the morning that can actually help you excel and become so much more than you ever have folks, i’m going to pop this up, really quick bing bone there.
It is.

This is how you can get dj’s new book.
Folks, get you some it’s ready to go 2021! It’s going to be some amazing stuff.
We got dj dropping books, we got all kinds of stuff going on.

Everyone, be thankful for what you have going on.
Be thankful for what you have in front of you and understand that there’s nothing but having fun, and just with that growth is such a good feeling.
You know i’m looking forward to 20 21 blue and i went like once again: i’m gon na go back to our goals.

We were talking about some goals earlier right and the way we start our goals and before we do anything and before you can even get to a to the next level of life before you can keep growing.
There’s three things that you do is three f’s, and so we need to get to that before.
We can get any further in the show, because it’s really important that we as people who are always brewing solutions, we’re looking to keep growing.

So, let’s brew and let’s make sure that we forgive focus and fly before we go any further folks, let’s go ahead and break it down car guys, car gals and all you solutionaries out there make sure that you are not carrying the weight of 2020 with you Going into 2021, we are doing what it takes to go to the next level and it’s going to require your focus, but you can’t focus if you can’t forgive once you focus, then you fly and focus and focus and fly, and you keep growing, keep growing help Me out on three one: two: three forgive focus fly and keep growing, keep growing, keep growing all right.
I can’t wait till we get it like an entire story like steve wells and we’re gon na.
Do that one day, i’m trying to do some stuff.

I told my wife i want to have her birthday’s march much like my mind’s march 19th.
Hers is march 15th, so in march by march 15th, i want to be in good shape.
You know i told her about her birthday.

I was going to be in that sleep anyway, so i got ta have a y, that’s my y.
I guess my.
Why is to hit 40 and be like yo? I was never like this in my 30s and then i got g getting ready to really get on me like seriously, i’m helping him uh with wrestling, so it’s about to be a fun fun.

Three months um and i’m already feeling you know like.
Ah, oh man, it’s gon na be fun folks.
We are trying to transform we’re trying to upgrade um if you didn’t get to catch the episode that we had before we jumped into this new year.

We talked about the different changes that are happening with different vehicles.
The new models that are coming out, the new technology that’s being released and how the name is the same, but it’s just upgrading it’s just making adjustments to better present itself to the world and and in the experience for the customer that is giving, and so with That we, we are doing the same thing that we can do too.

So the more people that we get to blend our resources and our technologies and our um, our our skills and our talents with uh, the better things get and these people are helping, bring a message to each and every one of you and we’re so excited uh.

To be teamed up with such a great team of solutions that we are getting a great message out there and uh we’d like to say again welcome and welcome to the caffeinated culture, crew uh, excellent exo.
They are an incredible product that cannot just help you present product that brings value, but also make sure that you’re protecting uh, your customer and the person that you’re taking care of these guys right here right, but no, we are very excited to be partnered up with These folks, man seriously right here and these people right there right there right there all right so we’re excited.
We also have a great partnership right now with some really great folks that i am so happy to call friends now.

Yes, yes much dealership toolkit, oh yeah, you got liz, you got rich and then you got.
We met erica.
The marketing girl, they’re.

All amazing know how to make you smile every single one of them had to do.
No, they were there and they’re like all about the future they’re all about growth and they’re and they’re.
Getting and they’re just now allowed to do the growth that they’re that they need to have and because of that, it’s gon na be ten times what they used to be.

So i’m so excited to be part of that and to see the growth and and to be a person who can sit here and keep trying to get through these lines.
Okay, oh! I wish i could put both eyes in those circles, but i’m excited to team up with these people.
They have a great product that you dealerships, listen come on closer.

These dealerships need to listen to me, dealership toolkit.
It’s the future dude they’re going to really get head up closer to the camera, close it closer.
Then you can put the glasses on right there, a little closer, a little closer.

Oh, it’s going to be a stretch.
2021 is going to require you stretch people, you can do it fred, all right good enough.
So so, but no man – and you know i’m sorry.

I know you guys are probably tired of watching us go through there.
Maybe you’re loving it.
I don’t know.

I thought it was kind of cool, look, hold, don’t miss on okay enough with that.
So close, all right.
We’re done with that we’re getting back to seriousness.

We are so excited to have dealership toolkit in our solutions, solutionary belt and our purvis, develop whatever you want to call it we’re going to they’re going to be helping a lot of people this next year, they’re already growing, and because they have they had some restrictions And i don’t have those restrictions anymore, those restrictions, let them open up to be able to do everything, those restrictions, weren’t, bad things, just that you guys have to understand when you’re in this business.
Sometimes things happen things you and you grew a bad batch and then you move on, but but one thing that i’m excited about, just like everybody out there that gets a new set of tools you do stuff to play with it.
So we’re playing with our new stuff and it’s cool, to have our new friends in here yeah brewing solutions with us, so we’re so excited because, of course, on the marketing side, i just want to make sure that people understand real quick before we jump to the Next thing, um that they know dealership toolkit, can help you on your marketing side, absolutely reduce your roi while helping your bdc and helping your bdc that you don’t even have what, if you want more information about that, you can get information just by just messaging us And asking us what kind of solutions do they have for us? Because you definitely want to know, but we’re excited to have them inside of the barista belt combination of solutions that are coming to you, just like other incredible people like jason, garris and next sale.

When we’re talking about a tool that is uh, definitely helping people prospect with the power of social media, this is something that your sales people need to have inside of their hand.

If you truly truly want to help make sure they go uh and always helping you get to that next sale, you want more information about them and how they can save you.
A ton of money inside of your marketing plan, uh, give it give us a shout.

Definitely get you connected to the right view.
This is one solution right here.
If you want to know more about nexel, the elite fi partners are partnered up with nexsail and it’s exciting to see what it is that they’re doing out there.

So, just again we’re just talking to some incredible people.
They got cool videos like this .
If you don’t have us you’re, not doing it right.

Okay, that’s not an official slogan, but it would be really cool.
It’s not the lead fi.
If you ain’t got us, you ain’t got the right guy.

You ain’t got us! Why? Yes, elite f5 hahaha, you ain’t a car guy.
If you ain’t elite, nah, that’s right! If the ethnic department doesn’t have this company, then it’s not an elite, but they are some serious, serious solutions.
Obviously, folks i mean these: are these i’m going to tell you michael, a great person he’s constantly doing something to grow this year.

He just added on to his repertoire.
He started putting videos posting his videos, also on instagram.

So if you guys haven’t been following him on instagram make sure you reach out to him on instagram he’s starting to post all his his daily videos.

That he’s been doing very proud of you, michael you’re, growing tons, and i you know i it’s cool to see.
You know it’s we’re brotherhood here and it’s really cool to see our brotherhood become something bigger.
You know it’s our family and i i’m proud of you.

Man, so keep doing your thing and of course we also have one of our closest and dearest friends, the think team.
That makes you think how do i know.
I got one of the big ones.

What because, because they are ctc i’ll, do it there we go so think aggro.
You have some amazing amazing people, so they have some solutions for you all over the place.

Make sure you guys reach out really make you think www www.

com make sure you guys go check them out.

So folks, much love to everyone.

Think ad group man.
We need to talk.
I appreciate you guys.

We need to talk really soon.
We haven’t talked a little bit new year time to get on a convo, i’m looking forward to this thursday night folks, this thursday night, by the way, thank you tank we’re gon na have scott joseph folks.
If you guys don’t know who scott joseph is you guys, you know come watch this come join us.

It’s gon na be a lot of fun.
Scott joseph is one of those guys.
That’s a a business guru.

I mean he really.
He started things he he did things as a young man that most people didn’t have the goalie or the who so do it right, marvel’s marbles.
So he he had him he’s.

He went out and started his company jno marketing and he was like pretty much young young in the business you’re talking about you’re in the business.
We we got to interview him, so i got to hear the story and he just went out and did it said you know this is just not happening, so i could do this and why not? And he did it and he’s doing it big.
Now he owns multiple stores, honda stores he he’s partnered into all kinds of other types of businesses, he’s become friends and and mentorships with all kinds of other business heads he has he’s the host of the fourth box.

He’s also the host of the move, crush count he’s also the i mean this guy can keep listing things that he is doing right now, keep looking at this camera, even though i know it’s the middle camera, don’t know why, but i’m doing it so, but you Know he’s he’s an amazing guy folks, if you guys don’t know how to get onto that go to www.
com go up to their swag, just hit the swag tab.

When you get there inside there there’s a link to the there’s the think tank thursday night um.
You know thirsty thursday’s, think tank.
It’s an amazing show folks lou and i we happen to be co-founders, of the show, we’re we’re real pumped up that we got to become one of the original people who got the help start it get it going.

We get to be there.
Every week we get to have like front row center conversations with people like awesome people, we’ve had glenn lundy ella patron ruby, truman yo, you know jason garris they’ve had david super bowl champion david gamble, also what an amazing person he is anyway, there’s so many i’m Pretty much everybody’s come on.
You don’t got to do anything to get this time except grab yourself, something that helps quench your thirst and jump into the tank with a bunch of solutionaries that are trying to find a way to help everybody’s social media techniques and marketing.

In general, in a way that is more productive in a way that makes you think in a way that you haven’t thought before, that’s why it’s a great place to be think tank, get you some get in there, i’m guessing! So now that we’ve talked about our sponsors and our family and our what we plan on doing – and we have some other things that we want to talk about, which you want to talk about.
You see this right behind me.
You see that i do it’s.

21 season.

Those season two guy coffee is happening.
We’ve already recorded some stuff, but we’re going to be running, but we have so many people.

I have a list i mean i’m going to just name drop, something all right: the drop needs to drop the names, i’m going to name drop them.
Folks, herb anderson from dealer talk come on now an amazing car guy he’s much like us.

He has a full-time job working on a dealership, yet he has his own show.

We do appreciate him coming on the show.
I know he’s going to be he’s a busy guy.
Much like us.

Oh i’m excited to have him on there.
We also have car business done better sean welsh right, not him.
I’m gon na we haven’t put in a absolute date yet, but he’s already confirmed that he’s all about coming on the show.

I’m excited to have him on the show folks, folks you’re gon na get.
I got a big name, michael cyrillo, i don’t know if you guys know who that guy is but he’s doing some big stuff he’s got his own show he’s got a lot of things going.

He is an amazing person.

Also he’s had i’ve seen him featured on glenn, mundy and multiple times.
You’ve seen him on a lot of other shows he has like.
I said he does have his own we’re gon na not steal too many more beans.

I have some people that i could also bring out that i could talk about um man, i’m sure you guys have all seen of the hats.
The shirts, you guys have all seen these selling cars like candy bars.
Oh now, i hope i’m pronouncing his last name right because it is the coolest last name resurrection come on.

I love it.
It’s the coolest thing, so i say it.
It’s the coolest thing.

I say it’s it’s uplifting.
It makes you want to feel like get a second chance right.
You keep going, you keep growing and don’t stop, won’t, stop connections very big, all kinds, and i could tell this guy’s an amazing person.

He’s ah he’s right up my alley.
I can’t wait to have him on the show and that’s just a few of the people i got.

I mean i got a list right here, i’m not going to drop too many more, but i do have a list.

That’s not even everybody that i that’s already asked.
I also have our sponsors that are going to be coming on the show, obviously we’re going to have our sponsors and stuff i’m going to bring we’re going to bring back our our you know.
I think active sponsors we’re going to bring back the you know: elite five sponsor, but of course our new sponsors, terry torlein, is going to be coming on the show um, i’m looking forward to having him on the show.

It’s going to be a whole lot of fun: yeah! Oh, don’t do abs the day before, and i know that ribs, you know you know and and then of course, rich from dealership toolkit.
He i he put out a video after we did our show.
It was a great video, dude’s, a natural i’m so excited.

I can’t wait to have him on the show.
You can tell that he is a for one.
He is a sales pro yes, professional and he’s very confident in what he does.

He also believes in what he does he’s he’s a hands-on type of guy right.
So though he is at the level where he’s at this company, he is still putting his hand in everything he wants to be part of it.
He wants to be part of the growth he loves it and he’s excited about growth and, right now, like i said they don’t have one arm tie behind their back anymore, they’re going full steam ahead, two punches.

So i’m excited about that and, of course, we’re going to have a whole bunch of repeat customers coming back.
You know what i mean: we’re going to have some follow-up going on we’re going to have a lot of that.

But i here’s folks i i don’t know if lou’s down with it, but i already kind of mentioned it to him, but i think he is.

I think that we’re going to change it up, i think we’re going to call certain nights like saturday or sunday nights and then tuesday mornings and thursday mornings we’re going to call them different shows for different types of things.
We’re gon na have our five liners.
Still you guys love the five liner.

I know i do.
The five liner is a lot of fun.
Then we’re going to have one of the days it’s going to be a follow-up show, so it’s going to basically be instead of like three episodes.

I mean assistant, one episode broken three.
It’s gon na be three episodes in one week, and so it’s gon na be some work.
So it’s gon na be a lot of a lot of brewing folks, but we also are excited to announce that we also have the cargill coffee.

I think we’ve talked about time.

We have the cargill coffee episodes going to be coming out soon.
We do need to get down with the ladies happy birthday recently.

Yes, yes, yeah yeah, let’s, let’s, let’s show, let’s see if they can pick out who those car gals are inside of this, i know where they see where they are.
Can you see which one’s there? My hand can’t know i see them they’re up right above the car guy.

You see where it says: car guy, coffee, podcast, there’s the sisters with the big smiles.

That’s them so yeah.
They are going to be the hosts of the cargo coffee.

We’re excited about that.
They are excited about it.
We’re going to have a lot of great guests, um that it’s gon na be a huge huge side, for i want to have not just female guests.

It’s gon na be male guests too, but we are gon na hear a lot of women’s side of the business.
It’s gon na be a lot of fun to hear the goods, the bad, the ugly you know and in real the real.
But these are two very um, successful um car gals that have come up in the business they they’ve been in are in and around the business for their whole lives um.

So they they definitely know what it’s about, but they they’re kind of more new and when it comes to being running a dealership like as like at the level they’re running it at but they’re doing it at such a classy and fast and an amazing level of Uh, professionalism and i love what they do.
They do it while they’re having fun so i i can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with the show, i’m excited folks, you know it’s.
It’s going to be a whole lot of the opposite of what we do.

A whole lot of that, though, that didn’t make any sense, because i didn’t know what to say, but i thought it was going to make sense when came out, but it wasn’t clever.
So folks can’t as much as i want to be.
I’m not, but i i try.

I try my best to deliver the most perfect product for you folks as possible, but i think part of the perfection is the imperfection.
That’s right! That’s right! Special rose right there.

Folks, brewing solutions, and all you got to do is get you some.

I remember just sitting here just talking about this stuff talking about folks man, you know we just want to bring a change to the car business.
We want to make it more fun and more optimistic, and for you to see that there you can have fun in the business you can.

You can be creative and do things that other people think are weird.

They don’t understand.
Why you’re doing it, you know we.
We do this whole podcast, for so many reasons, but, most importantly, we do it for the car business.

This is what we’re trying to leave some kind of stamp some kind of legacy in this business.
I want to leave this business where, when i retire or whenever i’m gone, people are like you remember that subprime hero and the car guy that car got copy podcast.
That was fun stuff.

That was a different time in the car business.
They were innovators.
They did some stuff, that was that was unique and that’s what i want to be remembered for in the car business is being that guy who had fun being that’s and promise you any of y’all.

If you ever deal with us lou – and i you get a chance and you’re lucky enough to hire us in your store and hire us to come in and consult whatever it is that we end up doing in the future.
I’m not saying today, but if you want it call her up, but you know you know what i’m saying like well, what i mean is it’s it’s just that when you, if you get that opportunity, you’re going to have one thing, that’s going to happen is a Lot of fun number and that’s number one number two, just like anything else like anybody else can promise you we’re going to make a lot of money together, but the most important thing we’re going to have a lot of fun, doing it you’re going to have a Smile on your face every day, you’re going to oh you’re, going to look forward to getting to work that day because guess what it’s fun the way we do our training.
The way we show people how to do what we do the way that we can implement things and bring leads into your store, the way that we can help your finance department get stronger.

The way we can show your people out in the front how to close deals, you know: what’s crazy, is today’s world? It’s not about the slide, a car to sell a car anymore, how to get it straight up, just tell them and have fun, but you got to be out there.
You have to be consistent, yes, consistent consistency.
I’ve been noticing a lot of people using that word.

It’s good use that word you use yeah so and use it, because it’s true make sure that you do that.
Folks, i’m excited i’m excited for so much growth.
Things are happening captain and when it does happen, it’s gon na be huge.

I mean you’re lobbing it up over here, because i mean i really want to make sure that i just here where’s my mic.
Let me drop that mug.
Happy 2021 folks season two is coming following our subprime hero up in the easy check right accent: the car got over mirrors and it’s not i mean, don’t call it a comeback right.

I’ve been here for years.
That’s why i’ve been the car guy for a long time and you’re just getting ready to see uh what it is that we can do when we get the chance to be amplified by some incredible solutionaries that are helping to announce to the entire industry that you Can increase your roi and have fun you can build relationships? I mean these are the points that i want to make sure that you know that we have great solution, areas that we’re connected to that want to help you out um, and you need to stay tuned to the things that it is that we’re talking about.
We want to help you with your roi.

We want to help make sure that you and everybody inside of your business knows how to get and process a lead.
We want to make sure that your morale is completely completely caffeinated to where you are considered the best place to work inside of your state inside of your city, inside of your area, plus you’re the best place to purchase block from not yourself but work.

I also want to make sure that you understand how to have that mindset, but everybody has the mindset.
They understand the flow of your store from the marketing side, to the sales side, to the clean up side to the mechanic side, everybody is on the same frequency.
Doing what it takes to make sure that your business, your dreams come true, because everybody’s rowing in the same direction, then we’re gon na make sure make sure i mean at the heart of all that you’re having fun.

While you then, because you’ve done everything that you’re supposed to do the right way, the honest way, a true solution every way, you then have an impact on your community you’re, impacting your community.

Then you worry about your revenue.
Your relationships are the things that are going to root you to doing what it is.

That’s going to make you flourish and you’re going to flourish in more ways than just your bottom line, but your bottom line will go up automatically if you start sipping the solutions that so many of these solutions are connected with us and have, but from there your Quality of life is going to get better we’re going to make sure that that’s implemented inside of your world.
If you have any questions about how it is that we can help you out a quick conversation, a quick phone call with either one of us we’ll help.
You know real quick where your solutions are at and how actually inexpensive it is uh to turn your dealership into a caffeinated culture place of business uh.

That makes sure that everybody is upshifting uplifting each other to forgive focus and flying they’re focused on where it is that the company wants to go and they can help you achieve that, plus we team up with these great solutionaries that have been doing things elite man.

We think about that.
We have so many.

We have so many partnerships right now and each one of them have such great value.
You know, i know we talked about our sponsors here a few moments ago and when we did, you know you guys, you guys saw from our hearts how much they mean to us as people, but their companies.
You know, and we express that also is how great their company’s companies are.

So you have to understand that what you get with car guy coffee when we come in and we can we ever get that opportunity to sit down with you you’re going to get going to change your life.
Oh my gosh, it’s you know how you ever had that i remember being at some dealerships in certain parts of the country and that coffee that coffee ban come rolling in they had all these different coffees, different shots, and you had like you want the jamaican.
You want this, you want that yo.

I guess yes and yes, right triple shot, quad shot.
Let me get all that and you just turn yellow up here, but i remember they had all these different brews in these different styles and they were just so whatever you needed.
They had and that’s what we were going to bring for you like you know, you need a double shot.

Well, man! Let me get you a double shot of this f this.
You know elite f5, oh by the way elite.
If i, if you mix in a little bit elite five, would you take a single shot over here? Oh, you need just just a single shot of exo gloss up in this mug right here, but you need a little flavor dash i’ll get you some! Oh of this dealership toolkit you throw that in there, but then to follow up with that.

Once you guys get settled in after a few months.

We need to make sure that we get think that group up in here doing their thing all right, because what they can do is they could bring in that flavor to make sure you retain all your customers they’re going to get into your database and make sure That it’s done right.
So that’s! What i’m talking about, i think ad group is is what i it’s like trying to explain to your kid: hey, listen, there’s food at home! You know what i mean.

We don’t got to keep eating out yeah.
You know what i mean: there’s just food, that’s really good food that we’ve intentionally purchased for the cooking.
You know what i mean and we paid a price to get that and it’s there it’s going to be better than anywhere else.

In most case scenarios, let’s go ahead and think about that and go dig into, and i don’t want to call my new customers.
Well, my old customers right.
No, you call you got so many customers in the cupboard you need to go ahead and think about that.

Put that in your cup sip on it and uh, and look at your your business as understanding that there’s so much that you’re sitting on that you can dig into.
If you have the right team of people helping you do that.

But again so many solutions that are brewing out there and we want to know how you’re doing it, what what is it that you’re doing to help farm your actual customer database give us some tips and tricks.

We got some ideas.
You know we also are going to be doing a featured spot every week.
It’s going to be – and i don’t know the exact title yet, but we’re going to introduce every week a a highlighted car person out there and this that we believe is doing it on social media being being a solutionary being the type of person that other people Can look up to laugh at even bringing light when it was so dark in this business we already have a nominee he’s already.

I’ve already told him who he is so we’ll be announcing that i’m gon na be setting up yeah it’s gon na be great guys.
So, like i finished watching one of his videos – and i’m like come here – come here come here.
This guy’s got this guy he’s hilarious and i’m sitting there cracking up and some of them she gets another one she’s like i guess i got ta be a car guy and it’s like yeah, you got ta, be a car guy to get that shoe, show shoot.

Sure i’m hilarious and then i’ll go watch it again man.
I can’t wait to announce it.
Sorry, we’re excited! So you know season two is coming around.

We have all these new guests we’re bringing in new things that we’re gon na be dropping every week to introduce starting the first week of season.
Two we’re going to be dropping that same series that we’re talking about there.

That person is going to be putting a video out we’re gon na use that video in every show have some fun with it.

You know we’re gon na.
I need to get matt damos rolling on his mentor moments.

I got ta get him rolling.

I know he wants to do them, so we just got ta.
Make it happen.
Live correspondence is what dj saying you need a lot of correspondence out there.

We already have that in the bruin, my friend, that is in the pot brewing up as we speak.

That’s going to be something that we’re going to do.
You know.

I really want to provide that for some people that i know i want to send them out doing some stuff.

You know i i like being here at the cafe.
I i’m not much.

You know on trying to always be somewhere else, i like being here, so i obviously the more people that could be out there helping out the better, so we’re pumped up about that, but we all got michael offline too.
What’s up my friend, hello, my brothers hashtag cgc season, two hello, my brother, hello, brother, hello, my friend, yes, yes, hello, focus, fly and keep growing.
I mean i don’t think anybody’s put that combination together.

That’s the first! That’s a good one! I like that, if i’m gon na write this down rita, what’s going on rena watts, how are you doing tonight hope you’re doing? Well, you know uh.
You know we’re about to probably hop off here in a second, so we just wanted to come on drop.
Our first live of the year uh.

You know we have some great stuff coming up on thursday we should have.
We should have some kind of brew going on.
I got to get the time corrected on it.

Hopefully we can get that worked out.
If not we’ll make that work out, i’m sure i can get somebody, but i can promise you thursday, we’re going to have a live show for you.
That’s going to have a guest so who that guest is, i’m not sure a hundred percent, but either way we do have some episodes dropping this week either way so you’re gon na have some right now you need to make sure that you do get you some Of the brew, that’s out there for you guys, um.

We have some incredible solutionaries, like michael offmyth from elite fi parts who has helped us to launch into the elite stratosphere of uh solving transportation problems for our customers uh.
We are so pumped up about that, but all the way from down under we are also connected with mike michael julie, is everywhere right now, every time i look at and go some place, i’m like this guy is smartly jumping over the ocean, and i love it Because it shows everybody that hey look pretty consistent videos out every single day, all the time.
That’s the key folks.

I don’t know if you all know the ancient ancient car guy coffee secret.
What i do is, i can put out the video every day.
Click click.

That’s what i do and that’s how i’ve been breaking it and that’s what i’m going to keep doing folks, i’ve committed to another year of doing quick, brews, lot, walks, etc, etc.
As long as we both shall live now, what i am going to be doing for real is i’m going to be working on really strong, changing it up a little bit the way, i probably do it.
I might even step away from the live video for the quick brews um just so i can do some cool editing with them.

I haven’t been able to do that for a while.
So i think that the live was really good for me to really get my uh, and this is probably a good tip for all y’all out there, though the live was a good way for me to get used to talking on the fly.

Having pressure of having to go through those words and to settle for the stumbles, you know, because when you’re recording yourself, you could stumble and say ah stop.

I’m gon na wipe the whole thing and you’re all over a good piece, but it doesn’t matter.
It’s just one stumble, so it’s okay, so it’s actually helped me a whole lot.
I think, with my video techniques and the way that i record and how i record how i act in front of a camera and all that, so i think that i know that i’m ready to do it, and so i’m excited about trying to do it.

A little bit more different and catered for how i want it to be.
I can add, like different, like how we got stuff down here right now.
I can do all kinds of extra stuff going on it’s cool, doing it on these things here, and i probably will record it on this, because i can do these little, but then i can take it, use it on splice, which is a great app for you.

Folks out there, if you’re not using it for your phone editing splicing, so that’s money for real, so i can do a couple spots for you dj.
I love you dj because everybody’s like i’ll, do this for you i’ll! Do that you know, and i don’t blame you i’d want to do it for the car guy coffee podcast too, we’re a lot of fun, and you know what you never know brother.

We we may have to reach out and get you to do something like that.

For me all day long, so, let’s see what’s going on live correspondence, doing well saying hi, because i knew you from louisville my hometown.

That’s right! Thank you.
I appreciate you for coming on live is next level it’s.

It is like.
It is next level uh your cards, that’s right, uh! It is next level, it takes practice and it’s work.
But honestly, it’s just once you do it, you just do it.

You just go with it and just don’t no regrets no.
No regards no regards no regards regards yep.
They were great, it’s not easy yeah.

I appreciate that you know they’re not easy, but they’re.
I tell you like.
I said it’s helped me grow leaps and bounds in one year’s time.

You know being able to do those videos, it’s fun, because these, like memories, are starting to pop up, and i could watch videos when i first started and all this stuff and see your growth yeah.

I see the growth and i see the things that i wanted to happen happen.

You know and all that type of stuff.

So it’s a lot of fun.
I see the go cards.
I’m just kidding because we’re going to see it go cards yeah you guys did.

It was pretty incredible because we both were horrible, the whole game and then you guys wanted them.

Okay, i stopped watching every time i started watching it just probably lose in the lead.
I’m gon na go watch dishes.

That’s right! Kentucky got their win.
The other night, which is exciting.
Mr dante allen had seven three pointers: local kentucky boy come here.

His dad actually went to high school at my high school dante smith’s, which is really cool.
So he it’s pretty neat to see him pop up through his dad threes like that, too, is like crazy, like a scoring machine.
So it’s really neat to see that happen, but he’s much taller than his dad is right.

I know what that’s like yeah.
Well, i don’t know what it’s like to be taller than you did.
I do i’m not taller than my dad and i was smaller than my me and my brother.

Both my dad were like what’s up dad yeah my dad’s, like five nines, we’re both like i’m six one ish and my brother’s like six, two six three, so who else is uh total on your side, my all my dad’s brothers, my dad’s, a short one, he’s Four brothers he’s the oldest and he’s a short one.
Everyone else is six foot plus.
What i’m excited about is on the tour list of my siblings.

I’m the i’m the big kid you know when some manuals, that’s what i’m talking about nice yeah from i went to down here in north hardin out here in kentucky what what north hardin high school we’re the north heart trojans.
So that’s what i’m saying so many people wait.
I wait for yours, especially as of recent.

You have been the most consistent trying to catch it when it’s live, and i appreciate that you know um means a lot.
You know, folks, if you guys want to catch it.
That’s that’s what i’m going to start doing is i’m going to start pre-recording them and then i’m going to have it where they’re going to be released every day at the same time, so you know when to expect them and i think that’s one of the hardest Thing with doing it live sometimes i get too caught up or i can’t record so if i, but if i put it on a schedule, then i have to make it happen, so i could record it some other time real, quick boom boom boom boy.

You know in case i so i could record stuff, but i was like i can’t do.
A lot of somebody might walk in it’s kind of awkward, blah blah blah.
So you know i’m trying to make it work, so i think it’ll be better.

I’m gon na try to make it like where it’s like one o’clock every day and i think i’m gon na add a couple more videos.
I think i’m gon na do two more videos a day.
I just got ta figure out what it’s gon na be.

I don’t wan na overdo it to where i can’t figure out content because man, it could wreck your brain, but you know i’ve overcame that.
I don’t even worry about that.

Together, yeah i got ta just think of something set it up.
Maybe i i don’t know.
I’m about to figure that out, though it’s gon na happen by season two.

When season two starts all kinds of stuff: [ __ ] shifts.
So yes, folks, i’m excited.
We appreciate you all for jumping on tonight.

Um, i don’t there’s anything else.
We need to talk about yeah, just make sure that you do what it is that you can do to rise up to the occasion.
What is the occasion it’s that you were chosen to be alive today, you were chosen to do what it is that you were created to do nobody’s going to paint your masterpiece for you, it’s up to you to do so, so we want to make sure that We encourage you to forgive focus and fly so that you can keep growing so that you can keep changing the world uh all around you, because the world within you is exploding with so much joy, so much passion so much um actual connection with who it is That you were intended to be um, there’s so much more to this brewer there’s so much more to fred than you can get just inside of a live there’s so much more than you can get um than just inside of one cup one conversation, but one thing That we are encouraged to keep doing and that’s make sure that we’re getting better with every group, and i want to make sure to make this announcement to all of you all arise.

Shine for the light has come and the glory and the brilliance for your light has come.

Your light has come your way.
Your life has come, your light has come, you got ta, you got ta say that to yourself you got ta.

Make sure that you understand nobody is gon na shine your life for you, okay, your life has come and the glory and the brilliance of of the lord has risen upon you.
So there is great news to to share that’s isaiah 6 1.
car guys car gaps.

All of you, solutionaries out there arise like the solutionaries that you are arise like the problem, solvers that you are arise like the husbands, the wives, that you were intended to be: the sons, the daughters, the brothers, the neighbors, the community servants, the servant leaders.
The leaders arise it’s time it’s that year, you got ta leave those excuses about that day.
It’s that moment that jokes off, you know be encouraged, huh, clean encouragement.

Do it? Okay, yep, it’s just one time, be it yeah? It’s not just! You know! 20.
I remember at the beginning of the year i put out, videos like 2020 is going to give you perfect vision.

It’s going to give you that time to really think about your your growth you’re, going to really see who you are this year, you’re going to be able to see what your future is.
I remember that you know what it was true.

So true, you know i i put out a post today yesterday, but it was actually something i saw trump put out.

It’s not necessarily just quoted something he put out.
So i’m not sure if it’s just a generic unknown quote, but it’s the you know um.
If 2020 didn’t bring the hustle out of you, it was.

It was never in you, it ain’t in you, so i said um.
I know it’s something like that right.
So it’s so true, but it’s but here’s the thing and i didn’t mean that in a bad way for people who feel guilty, maybe from reading that or maybe go blind just because i didn’t have a year and i sat back and didn’t know.

Last year’s hustle in me: well, maybe it does, but what i mean by that yeah.
We all have that opportunity.
You know we all can forgive and that’s the thing about forgive focused life.

We all can take a moment and forgive ourselves for all the stuff that we did last year for nothing for doing nothing.
If we did nothing last year, you did nothing last year, it’s okay, forgive yourself! Let it go guess what it’s the new year, but you know it’s not just a new year new year is just a good marker and it’s a good way to get excited and think you know.
Oh i’m not going to do this or that you know i’ve done it for this many days you could see it’s a set date.

It’s all this stuff and it’s it’s an important date.
You know a new year is an important year.

It’s important time, but every day you can do this, you can choose to wake up and do that you know you can choose to wake up and be better than you were today before you can choose to be wake up and be whatever you could choose.

Not even to wake up you could choose after you make a horrible act to be better than you were like.
Oh my god, i messed up.
Oh man, i need to forgive myself and i need to go ahead and just run my right keep doing what i’m supposed to do so, yes, 2021.

Let’s do it folks, let’s not let’s not procrastinate, let’s not wait till it’s over.
Let’s, let’s not say oh.
I wish i would have or this and that, let’s no excuse it, let’s go for it, let’s be the best version of ourselves.

Let’s forgive focus fly, let’s keep growing and let’s get ready for season two with car guy.

Cathy cafe get ready for it because it’s gon na be dope and it’s going to be the best season ever we’re going to dude it’s going to be double the fun double the pleasure.

It’s all that kind of stuff.

It’s double dragon moth fudges, so don’t mess with it, because when you do you’re going to get some problems so be ready.
Speaking of problems, the problems of successful people and the problems of those that have many failures, which is usually successful, people have many failures right, but all of those are in the same place.

Yes, they are they’re behind you behind each and every one right so get ready because everything’s behind you just mo that moment.

This word i just said: inspired you now, yeah, all those things.
It’s constantly behind you, everything you just did just you have no control over that.
It’s over focus on what you have control over.

It’s every act that you’re getting ready to do just do it do what you need to do do what’s necessary, read the books plan your day, um reach out to people that you need to reach out to call your clients that you need a call, learn your Product knowledge get excited about your job every morning, get yourself in better shape, eat, better love, more make love more whatever you need to do.
Do more of it have fun, i’m just saying we can keep going.
I love it because we can keep growing, making you sick, but it’s true.

You should enjoy life, the fruits of life, i love life and i think that we all should love life and we should all enjoy life and we should all keep growing peace out everybody.
We appreciate you guys dj.
Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for coming on tonight.

I appreciate your awesome thanks for being a trooper with us car guys, car cows.
Thank you again for being in the cafe and getting this year started in the caffeinated kind of way.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy.
This is franklin arts, the subprime hero and you have been brewing solutions on the car guy, coffee podcast.

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