We are back sorry about we’re back again.
That’s what we talked about the technical difficulties we were just talking about that a moment ago.

There are technical tyrants that you have to tackle in order to take the hill, sometimes folks and uh, so we’re going to go ahead and rewind through the grips and start again what’s going on cars, guys lu, ramirez, the car guy, and this is frelin art’s.

The subprime hero and we are brewing solutions on the car guy coffee podcast tonight with a special, very, very special guest.
It’s a very special cafe everybody and we are making sure that you are brewing with the best.
So do us a favor tag, a car guy? No, you need to tag a car gal better and share.

Share share, share, share, share sharing is caring folks, there is a very, very serious solutionary, that’s about to grace about to get real in here folks and uh.
We’re gon na again need somebody to get in here with them.
So if you like people, tell them to get in here, just it’s gon na be a lot of fun.

If you have enemies tell me to get in here, let’s have a cup of coffee.
Let’s have a conversation, let’s have a good time.
I know that we got a great message, but we got some great people that i hope and make sure that this message gets out there.

Man, we do we’re very fortunate.
We have just a handful of people that are just amazing and they’re doing some amazing stuff out there in this world, not just for the car business, but for the whole world.
They do things not just when it comes to their product, that they’re selling or anything like that they’re also out helping their communities they’re out there trying to share and get people involved.

It’s the biggest thing that we can all do if we can all get together and rise up and make a difference.

Even if it’s just one percent every single day it can really impact people.
It could really impact your family.

It can impact other people’s families, their friends, and it just keeps growing, and if you just start with yourself, so man and these people that we’re talking about they do it extremely well extremely well, so well that we had to post a flag high up in the Air to let people know that we are elite, , [ Applause, ], so thankful that we get to be amongst the elite f and i partners thank you, michael offmath, and all of the incredible solutionaries that are making things happen for dealerships all across the Nation we love hearing the testimonials, but those are the people that are making a difference, injecting themselves into the craziness.
That is the finance department of a dealership and they are helping everybody upgrade to being elite status.
So that’s something that we’re excited about and they sometimes do it at the push of a button.

Just like our friends at think ad group.
What you want to make sure that you are letting them have access to the things that are just below the surface: .
So again you got to do this quick favor! Remember what it is that we’re doing here today.

What are we doing? We’re brewing solutions every day, all day every day, we’re trying to find a way to up shift and uplift so do what it is that you do go ahead and take a coffee cup.
Emoji put it inside of the comment box.

Let’s get ready to brew some solutions with a true solutionary.

There are more messages from our sponsors to come as we keep the chat going, but man, i can’t tell you how excited i am to get her in to this cafe talking about what’s going on, but before we do.
Let’s talk about the solutionary real quick.
Let’s talk about the one, the only mr that’s her rocking stages.

She has taken people across the world, made millionaires and has been sure to see other people – that you need inside of your life, the coach to help you be contagiously, confident in all that you do love it here.
She is the one.
The only miss dane hey there, she is , hey, i love it.

I love it.
We start with dancing and music i’m in always.
I like this, that’s what it takes.

That’s how we start, and we finish sip car guy coffee.
It tastes just like this sound.
I love it cheers cheers to you.

Also everybody go ahead.
I love it emoji in there.
Thank you, we’re so excited to have you in here.

We are sitting inside of a hot ride, doing it like a true park out.
That’s what i’m talking about what she’s doing she’s doing it for the family she’s at her son’s basketball game right now.
Folks, amazing, amazing, it’s so great what she does always [ Laughter ].

I love it.
Thank you guys.
Thank you so much.

Thank you! So much everybody throw her a hand wave throw her.
A hello tell her that you love her.

You know who it is: that’s inside of this solutionary center, it’s d t up in the building in the place to be man guys, okay, i’m i’m gon na get too excited here, but guys we have somebody in here that has dedicated her life to seeing people Live out their dreams, and the dreamer inside of me is just coming alive, knowing that she’s jumping in the room with us to brew some solutions, and i’m just so pumped up welcome to the cafe i love being here.

I love it.
You guys are doing so much to help people there’s no place i’d rather be.
Let’s do it.

Oh wow.
That means so much.
That means so much to us to have you here.

We we have a lot of amazing people watching right now, there’s going to be messages that pop up here and there.

If we acknowledge we pre, we will try our best to acknowledge each one of these.
If not, we just i’m going to try to pop you up there.

We do appreciate you all for being here tonight, checking us out with danelle.
I mean this is going to be so much fun.
I know lou and i we’ve been anticipating this um ever since we’ve had it put on the schedule, but even before that, i remember when i first started watching you and we we were both starting the show.

We would sit there and we’d see what you’re doing and we’re like one day we’re going to have her on the show, and, what’s so crazy is here, you are so my word.
What an honor goodness sakes.
Let’s hope i do a good job.

It’s a lot of pressure, no pressure at all just have fun, you know, that’s all we want to do we the thing that we think make the one thing that makes us different, i think, is we have a lot more fun than most people during our show, Because that’s what we do, that’s why him and i came together and made this show, because we have a lot of fun together.
So we want to make sure everybody has that same experience.
So we appreciate this so much.

You guys are my kind of people already music dancing fun.

I always tell people their your best.
Ideas come out to play not to work.

You got to have more fun with your life man.
People, like you, can’t stress your way to success.

It just doesn’t work that way, so you know we got to just have some fun like if you don’t love your life, if you don’t love the hard work, if you don’t love the challenges, i mean think how boring life would be.

If you didn’t have to dig to a greater level, everybody would be equal, everybody would be on the same playing field.

I think you know i’m like man, let’s grow and let’s bring everybody.
We can, let’s put them all on my boat, that has music and dancing and coffee and solutions and all the things that we love.

She is on it.
Oh you, your words, you somehow, oh, i hope i do good, my goodness, you just dropped it.
You could drop the mic right now and leave the show and everyone’s going to be happy.

I mean you just did it, i mean we appreciate that and the way you brought that energy is exactly the reason why we knew that one day we would have you on this show it’s the same frequency we’re on we’re all about that that what you’re talking About everyone coming on your boat and having it it’s it’s so much fun to be at the top with a lot of people, not that’s right! No one wants to be at the top by themselves.
It’s boring! You want to bring everybody up and everybody reaching up pulling each other up to have a great old time and that’s what is happening and you’re doing that with such class and and people love it they’re gravitating towards it.
And it’s it’s because of that energy that you put out and it’s all so sincere and that’s the craziest part you’re like i watch you and i know that we all have our moments.

But it’s do you [ Laughter, ] know if my if my kids are in the car, they’ll they’ll, let you know they give me some warnings once in a while.
Like are you choosing joy right now? Mom, i’m like you know, but i think when you have so many um, so many challenges in life and downturns in life and opportunities to choose one way or the other.
You know before.

I obviously have chosen some moments where i didn’t choose my best self and i i chose some of those challenges and you get to the end of those even like, crying and complaining, or calling your best friend when it’s hard just to vent.

Like all of those activities do nothing but make like multiply your problems and the problems for other people.

So when you lose that many times in a row, you actually learn what the alternative is and the alternative is, let’s just become solution focused every time.

There’s a challenge write down three ways you could solve it.

You call a mentor or somebody higher than you right.
I tell people you always throw up not down, so you throw up on people who are smarter than you and you go.

Here’s my three solutions, which do you think, is the best or do you have a fourth i’d love your input and when you do that, you see how much smaller time you actually have a negative moment and you go man well crying all night did nothing.
For me, like i lost, i didn’t help anyone i hurt myself and everybody i brought involved in it.
You know, because i think a lot of people like go.

Oh, you need to get some help.
You need therapy, you need all the stuff.
I’m like you, don’t need to go talk about your problems.

You didn’t go talk about solutions with people who will fast forward you to success, and so i just had a lot of great friends who had zero complaining in their language, and i just picked it up.
So you know it’s we, like i mean i was just in maui lost my luggage for, like five days had no luggage barely got there because of the storm in colorado.
We were laughing the whole way there like.

This is hilarious.
You know, and and people would most the time be complaining and ruin their whole vacation and i’m like uh.

We get to be on vacation right.

You kidding me so so, but it’s you get punched in the face enough times.
You spend enough time on the ground.
You’re, like man, i don’t really like the ground.

I actually like this guy yeah, exactly you what it takes to help us transition.
The show like we practiced this before and we did not car guys and car gals.

This is always a live.

Show that we just repurposed for the rest of you to enjoy in a different time.

She doesn’t know that we were gon na use that to fly together, as we figure out that we apply three f’s to keep growing three of them.
You’re challenging people on a consistent basis to seek deeper and seek further and seek higher and to seek solutions based on what they’re, seeing it’s not about what it is you’re, the one looking at it.

So maybe you’re the one that’s supposed to bring the solution to it right if you’re in that moment, you’re probably the light, that’s needed in the dark space right, and that is something that you trumpet and why we just so are thankful that we’re connecting together.
But our method connects with so many other solutionaries and we apply three f’s and that’s to forgive wipe off the weight of unforgiveness, whether it’s someone else or yourself wipe that off get focused on what you can do and who it is that you do it for Right who it is that you’re fighting for who it is that’s important to you who it is that you’re helping focus keying in on that and then once your gaze is set to incredible heights, that you can barely even see and imagine you fly.
You use the faith to overcome every bit of fear, fly out and once you’re up there.

Well, you just keep growing, keep growing right and so danelle delgado.
I know it’s crazy.
I love this look at look at the solutions you give okay right.

There forgive focus, fly okay, we’re like meant to be friends, no matter what.
So this is exciting, because that’s my life, but also you have to look at okay.
So the alternative is what hate, resentment, negativity.

Okay, no focus means no target.
So failing all the time.
Never progressing under achieving that’s the most painful thing in life and the opposite of flying right is sinking dying, and, and so if you look at that, if you don’t do all three right, none of the alternatives are attractive.

Nothing like imagine trying to run with anchors attached to your leg.
That’s what unforgiveness is right.
It does.

It does nothing, you can never fly if you hold on to the stuff people.

Do man and you’ll never be forgiven? If you don’t know how to do it? For everybody, so i love this guys.
This is this is awesome.

Imagine how much further people be in their business, their life, their relationships.
If these were their three core values, pretty cool, pretty cool, wow, wow wow replay seriously you just man, you were touching us more than you know, you’re really making me want to just like stand up and not even sit down anymore.
I just want to yeah.

You know it’s, it’s the it’s you’re speaking our language and it’s so it’s beautiful because you you put it in a very in it in a very similar way.
We put it, but in your own words, it’s so it’s it’s beautiful.
So it’s exactly right! It’s that people want to hear this yeah and it’s it’s it’s it’s an important thing, so we’re so excited to have you do this with this? I know lou’s excited because it also you see how i know that it’s from heaven is because it’s connected to a dance.

Okay albert einstein said that dancers are the athletes of heaven or god’s athletes.
What okay! So it comes with a dance, so you wipe it off.
You then focus and then you fly and you keep growing so join us as we do it together on three danelle delgado in the cafe.

Here we go one: two three forgive focus fly and keep growing.
Keep growing, keep growing, yeah get it there, we go ah and we keep it rocking.
So just understand that one of our dreams – and you know i’m pretty sure that you know it’s something that we’ve seen because it will happen – is that one day we’re going to get the chance to actually get to do that on a stage and hand a micro Microphone over to you, letting you do your thing rock out uh, while we get done hyping up the entire room to get ready for you, we’ll be your hype, man we’re in.

Let’s go voices, you know what i mean and and that’s i told my wife, that the first time that i saw or or we were watching a video of you and said that we’re going to do that.
One day me and fred: we’re going to do that for people like her and others, they’re already doing great things, we’re going to hand them the microphone and you know just get the room primered for them.
You know what i mean.

I love it.
I love it good energy long enough brings us all together right.
I wasn’t supposed to be on the video that fred was on the other day with glenn and he was like hey she’ll.

Do it and he looks at me and i was like i’ll: do it? What am i doing? That was awesome, that was amazing and once again i am so thankful for glenn lundy for setting that up.
I was we’re in our mastermind for the elite and she was there and i was like whoa danelle’s here, so you know we all get a chance to talk, and you know i didn’t even actually come up.
He just he saw me dancing because i’m always dancing you can ask glenn, i’m always on there.

I’m always doing the little background stuff when he does stuff, and he pointed out he goes he brought up.
He goes fred’s great he’s got a podcast too.
You need to go on his podcast and you’re like okay, yeah i’ll do it.

You know, and i was like thank you glenn, i’m gon na get busted because i’ve been turning them down like crazy, because i’ve been so busy – and i was like i’ll do some in april.

So don’t tell oh wait, it’s live.

Okay! Don’t worry! Nobody knows! Nobody knows kidding, no, it’s it’s.
You know it’s the right thing where god leads, i go so here we are yeah, you feel like it all things happen for a reason, and i’m so happy to be here right now and i’m always in the present, and i really appreciate the present, because that’s All we have you know and – and i really try to live that way and and to have you here today is great and these five questions we’re going to ask.

You are a lot of fun um.

My favorite question is the first one and it’s it’s the reason why it’s a big deal to me is i watched, and i saw simon sinek talk about the why it all starts with the.
Why and when i saw that it’s not something.

That’s not it’s not new, but the way he brought it and talked about it and really made and just brought light to it, made me think about it deeper than i ever did and it’s so true.

I have that and that’s the reason why i’ve been successful, because i’ve always had a why somewhere, i always did whether it was my family, whether it was the purpose that i love to be the best at whatever i do, or if it was to be able To help people in my community or if it was to help my you know, show my son that you know by doing hard work.
This is what happens.
You know that type of stuff, whatever i always had that in me.

For you, though, i have to ask you your why? What is your purpose? What makes you get up every day to be miss danelle, delgado yeah, i mean so it’s kind of a it’s a catch-22.

I think you know i could give you the the simple answers.
Like i had three kids to provide for and nobody to help, you know i i think about those things, but it was really and always since the beginning to my core um it was.

It was the answer to a prayer.
It’s it’s kind of, not the.
Why it’s the? Why not? Why can i not sit still? Why can i not not serve? Why can i not sleep like everybody else? Why can i not rest, and for me it was a calling on my life that i always wanted to matter.

I became addicted to my impact out of anything, and you know it was.
I have three kids watching it’s not about them.
It’s about them watching me live my impact so that they will make theirs right.

You can’t you know it, and so really it all circles around who was gon na lose.
If i didn’t win, and i knew that i could help people like, i tell people all the time i go.
If you don’t have a reason.

Why or you can’t find it go, make a difference, go be of service, because when you know you can help one person, you have to help one person in your entire life.

You’ll, never look at life the same and you can’t go backwards like knowing what i know and what i can help people do.
How could i ever sleep in it’s? It’s not a calling like it’s.

It’s a summons.
It’s a drawing me to the next step.
Like there’s, there’s no way, i could it’s like sitting and watching someone homeless have nothing to eat and feeling nothing towards them.

None of us feel nothing.
All of us feel something.
Some people have other ideas.

Some people help some people go bring food.
Some people give money, so my kids do that they grab out of their lunch boxes and hand out the windows like i didn’t teach that yes, we serve.
Yes, we help, but i think it’s the it’s the.

Why not right, it’s the it’s the! What are you gon na be and what are you gon na you know? What legacy are you gon na live? What’s the thing, if you don’t do something exceptional, all of us are drawn to ascend.

You will be in pain to underachieve your whole life, like that’s the alternative, and for me it was painful to be a disappointment, and i was committed to matter my goodness.
Okay, you really hit me that hit my heart and i feel that so much.

I really do feel that i you know i honestly up to about a year and a half ago i didn’t realize how much i was under achieving you know, and i thought i was successful.
I had a good job, making good money, you know doing well, wife and son are happy pretty much right.
I wasn’t.

I was doing what i thought was the best i could do for them too, as being a father and a husband, and you know, of course i love him.
I love him with all my heart, but i feel like i’ve because i’m starting to understand that i was under achieving, which is huge.
I mean, i think, those words and knowing that when you’re under achieving, in which most people do by far and and they’re just comfortable, you know, and they just stay that way, and i don’t i did that for a long time.

But i always thought i was because i would compare myself to other people right right, i’m doing better than my brother, i’m doing better my sister, whatever right, i was thinking about those things.
Instead of being like what about myself, how can i be the best version of me? What do i really have to offer so much to give, and so underachieving is something i really am not trying to i’m trying to overcome big time right now, and i think that i’m start, i think people know who know me know that i’m really working extremely Hard working, you know trying to not under achieve right, you know, but you know, i think, that having people like you talk about that and say it it’s just like, it really brings it to the to the forefront for me to be able to understand that even More like oh man, i really was doing that.

That’s why i was impressed for a little while.

That’s why i wasn’t feeling like i was moving.
I wasn’t growing anymore, so we’re going to have some guests pop in sorry.
Oh awesome, [, Laughter, ], that’s wow! Congratulations! On that, that’s an amazing game.

They said: congratulations, okay, we’re good! We can keep going they’ll roll they’re used to it.

Awesome the whole family.
That’s right! Oh my goodness, car guys car gals, we’re! I mean we’re amongst the special ones i got ta say i got ta sip to this.

This is incredible that we get the chance uh to continue brewing solutions, because really we wan na make sure that we are making a connection with people that are able to keep the foundations of their life solid.
And that is something that this incredible solutionary make sure to do.
We’ve we’ve championed this message so much on the side of if you’re going to build anything, you have to have a solid foundation.

We’ve got metaphor crazy on the side of trying to make sure that everybody understood, build your foundation, and then you can build upon it and fluid fundamentals with the solid right laid down fun: fundamentals along with the foundation that sets the tone for everything that you’re going To build so you know, of course, making sure that your spiritual iq is in line, know that you are created for things you’ve been given so much time and so much resource, and you have to understand that you have to honor that we all have to honor That and do the best that we can with it.
I want someone.
I want the father to look at me and say well done my good and faithful servant you’ve been faithful with what i’ve given you to use.

Once i understood how to use it, i got ta put it to work and that’s our responsibility, and you do that as a solutionary, and you find a way to keep building people up by helping make sure that they lay a core foundation by setting the right Cornerstone in place and helping to build from there, everything else builds from there and you do that in everything that you do, but it’s beyond the business.
That’s why we’re hanging out with your kids in the car right because we’re beyond the business.

This is legacy who we are, that is you know what i mean we’re not about.

This is like the business and the dollars in the sense and the the moving of the medal, we’re about the people right we’re having a cup of coffee in a conversation so that nobody takes this too serious right, i mean that’s.
I just like how you say cup of coffee, it’s very, very queens, and i like it well.
I appreciate that again we said earlier.

This has connected me to a lot of people that you know maybe sounded like my language, the the northerners um.
It’s it’s exciting to uh, have so many people uh, you know talk like me, uh that we’ve connected to on the podcast side, because in kentucky i don’t get that so much.

It gets like that.

I really do, though, like for what you’re saying i think growing up my family made me a little afraid like.
If i don’t use my gifts, god would take them away and i think that was just kind of a generational raising right um.
But what and that kind of scared me right, i think fear of loss is what a lot of sales people use, and i i’ve just learned that the opposite of that is also true and that it’s actually you know i i don’t know if that’s true or Not like i i mean, i think, anybody who doesn’t use their gifts, you get out of practice and they don’t mature.

However, i also believe that right to whom much is given much is required and the more you use them, the more god multiplies them and i’ve just watched when i use them.
I have watched him multiply and clear paths where there were giant mountains, and you know just do things that are you know everyday miracles and, and i think, as long as you’re, you know it’s like it’s like moses.
He had to step in before it parted right.

I don’t want to get too preachy here, but let me just tell you like, if you’re, if you’re, stepping and you’re building your foundation – and you are building a house that god can trust man watch him, make it a skyrise.

You know and and watch him bring people to live in it with you and and those kinds of things, and it starts with loving who he gave you you right.
It starts with leaning into i love this about me.

I love, i think so many people are like comparing right, they don’t love what they were given or they wish they look different or they wish they.
I remember when i first started speaking a lot of people had things to say to me that were very high up about my looks and how i didn’t quite fit in with some of them, and you know i wasn’t your typical whatever and i was like what Do you mean my typical, whatever my brains, but i thought you were paying me for my brain.

What are we talking about here, but it’s okay, you know, so i just think like if you lean in i just always leaned in to he gave me more than enough more than enough for more than is ever needed for the time such as this.
This is the time this is the place.
I am the person.

What can i do and um there’s no human.
Who can do nothing like everybody can do something, and so, if we just start doing the somethings like, if you see something you could fix fix it, then you’re not under achieving you’re telling yourself the truth.

If you can help someone help them, sometimes you get paid.

Sometimes you don’t, if you can, if you can it’s just you know, when the world out there, everybody’s telling you say no to more things.

I’m saying say yes to everything.
I just say yes, yes, yes, yes, yes i’ll figure it out right i’ll.

Do it in a parking lot of a middle school like whatever you know and um? I i mean you can’t you can’t save lives with no come on come on.
I mean that’s, that’s a heart! That’s wanting to do good on to every good work.

You’re wanting to be able to have something for every good work, and i want that to be the lifestyle i live.

That’s that’s what, ultimately, our goals should be in life is to be able to say yes to anybody that has need anybody that can tap me as a resource.
If i can fix a problem with a check that should be an easy problem to fix right, yeah, the the core relationships of people, letting people understand that they’re valued letting people understand that their their treasure, letting people understand that they matter is something that you are A master of – and that is what gets people to unlock that part inside of them that helps them to see how wonderfully made they were, and that is a transition that takes many different levels of of not just experience but but submission too right.
There’s a lot of truths we have to eat.

There’s a lot of there’s a lot of uh uh struggles that we have to understand may have been self-inflicted or um.
We’re not things that we can take on.
That’s why it’s so important to forgive right, wipe that stuff off moving in the right direction, and so what you do is something that transitioned into and permeated into the auto industry.

You started connecting with some great people that were doing some uh great great.
I mean like record-breaking amazing things in the auto industry, but you also were able to poke a place inside of them that helped them understand.
There is a bigger light than you can ever dream of and that your message matters and that’s something that of course drew us more and more to you and, of course, to anybody that you pour into i’m thankful for all of our friends that we can shout Out you know that that we know know you, but now we get the chance to share this cup of coffee and conversation right and and be able to ask.

Why is it of you coming into the auto industry? Why do you think it’s so important that people in this business understand that people have to matter they matter not just their their money them right? Why is it so important that that’s how we build our relationships, because people we’re losing people are losing relationships? I believe in dealers because they’re losing people and people connect to people.
So if you don’t have customers coming back to the same guy well, then there went your customers right yeah and this high turnover rate wasn’t led in love.
It was led in fear and you’re you’re.

Turning that that tide, you know per se or you’re turning the boat, and so why is it so important again? I i asked i’m asking the question again right, i’m just saying i love this well, you know it’s funny, because the auto world was one that i was a little afraid of um.
You know glenn anthony a bunch of them were like the car world needs you, the auto guys need you and, and just that auto guys is.
What scared me right is that hus, like i’ve, gone in, to buy a car and been afraid and walked out and been like.

I don’t know what i did.
I have no idea what any of that means, and so i was nervous going in and i didn’t you know i thought they were all cutthroat and sharks and and those kinds of things, and as soon as i got in i said i saw people who were Just like me, um, a lot of them came from broken backgrounds or beat up backgrounds, and so they had built been built, tough right, they had different exteriors and they were the kindest humans that i have ever met.
They had my back and loyalty like i had, and i was like.

Oh my gosh we’re cut from the same cloth and, and the thing is this – is in any business.
You are only as successful as your people skills as your skills to truly be authentic and true and connect, and you know all these kind of things.
Yes, there’s good and bad in all industries, but for some reason, this cohort of auto humans actually care about moving lives forward.

They actually care about ascension and records, and they want to see their name on the placards in the walls like they want to be respected, and i’m like, oh my gosh.
That’s me.
That’s me.

All i want is to impress myself and help other people right and, and so it was this driven human connection, um what happened? Those right so all of our experiences lead into this and and they were trained by different kinds of people who were teaching them cutthroat.
And this – and i was like you know what happens you guys want to scale.

Let me just show you how to tap into your best self, because your best self is what they want.

They don’t want a regurgitated version of what somebody taught you they want you all of you right.
All that you are is all that is required, and so, when i came in first as a female and in my books i choose joy right they’re, like oh great who’s, the fluffy female they’re, bringing in who’s talking about joy, love and light and is laughing all The time and when i stepped in there and we started training, they were like whoa.
This is a velvet hammer.

This is not light and fluffy.
This is actually hardcore work and i also let them teach me right, they’re, very into health and workouts, and you know taking care of themselves, and i let them change me.
So i could be open to change them and i teach from where i’m growing and what i’m learning and, as i got obliterated on social media.

They had my back and i shared with them.
What actually happened and how to be prepared for how to handle people, and i got to show them love and forgiveness and grace at a level that most are embarrassed by, and you know it just turned into this beautiful thing that broken people are the greatest humans And i’m not saying everybody’s broken, nor that’s a bad thing.
We all broke it.

Okay, we’ve all been bent and beat up and we have hurt hearts and all of our experiences have made us who are our.
But what i’m saying is when you come together and you care for how you affect others, you build something that people can’t take away from you, and that is influence and influence can only be built.
It cannot be manufactured, it cannot be falsified and so the stronger the people we build in the auto world, the stronger people will leave and love the auto world.

So you got to change it from the inside out.
Come on, come on, everybody put your hands together.
If you’re not driving, oh i absolutely love that i mean i talk, that’s exactly right.

People want what’s real now they don’t want the fake any this.

It’s not about the schmoozy newsy people, it’s about being you yeah we’re a fish bowl right now, like social media.

You can’t hide like they know who you are, even if you try to cover it up.

Everyone’s googlable like if you’re a fraud you’ll be posted about, like that’s, why people don’t get on social, medias, they’re, afraid of the truth, i’m like man.
I’d rather have hate and get people great hate me.
Your views increase my audience and expansion anyway, and i have a chance to show you who i am.

If you love me great, if you don’t i’ll, introduce you to somebody, you can love, that’s okay, you’re! Not doing anything great unless you have some hate yeah, but that foundation comes back to it.
The stronger that foundation is built, no hate, no great hate.
No great love will ever move you from who you are.

It won’t change you it will just it like business.
Will either grow you or expose you, and as it grew me i was like.
I am love.

I am fight, i am loyalty, i am mistakes i am, but i love people and i think the auto world just attracts people who love people, the real.
The real welcome everyone i love it and you’re so on the money on that and it’s the future and that’s what we have to do and that’s the culture that we’re trying to caffeinate right now.
That’s right! We’re trying to make that happen and with those words you’re speaking, are so true, and i love that you’re being a big part of it and there’s a lot of people being influenced by these words.

I know it and i know that they’ve already been influenced by your words, and i know i have – and these words right here are exactly what people need to hear the world needs to hear.
It’s not just the car business whatever like she said, whatever business you’re in, if you deal with people it’s time to give them the real real, you can’t hide anymore yeah and don’t think that you need to you, don’t even have to be perfect.
The you know social media always like spin the news it spins everything.

However, at once, but for me i i’m like so grateful to expose my weaknesses to everybody because it forced me to fix them like it.
You know i was working.
I love working with lizabortis.

If you don’t know her in the auto world she’s one of the greatest humans ever created – and i remember you know, making a big mistake and it was out all over social media and having to call her and go hey.
I made a mistake.
It might affect me working with you and um we’re gon na have and she and she was like what happened right and i told her and she was like well my word: we love you.

Are you okay? You know and i was like wait.

I thought i was gon na be disciplined like you know, i was like i’m sorry for making a mistake and – and she was like well, if you were without mistakes, we wouldn’t be working together.
You know she was just full of grace and all those kinds of things when the world can be harsh like i was just like man.

Thank you because, most of the world, they carry their weaknesses and their mistakes on their shoulders as these burdens that keep them from serving people as these anchors and for me, i was like as a public figure.
My anchors are shouted by the rooftops from those who don’t love me and i’m like.
Thank you.

Thank you that i could grow through those i’m glad you said them i’d love to.
But if you want to that’s cool, we can talk about those it’s much easier to like i lose weight every time you share my weaknesses so great like.
Let’s do this and – and i don’t want to hide stuff – i i thought for a long time.

I did like you have to be this.
Certain kind of person to win um and people want a certain thing.
What i learned is they actually loved me because i’m a totally normal human who’s, a mom, a single mom who’s like just hoofing it like getting through everything, but i also commit to study and learning and they are held to that same standards and they, you know, They’re on my social media, so they see when people say horrible things about me and there aren’t very many okay, there aren’t very many um.

I don’t like have a ton of hate.
I just have a few.
You know it usually connects to someone i’ve dated.

You know whoops, but you know hey.
I can be good at a lot of things, not good at other things.
You know right, but we’re supposed to have our imperfections.

I love that and that’s what makes us human you know yeah, it’s how, like.
I hope everyone in the in that outer world, like i think, they’re more open to me, because i do lead with my mistakes like like hey.

This is what i learned from my mistakes.

So if you guys have some stuff, you want to talk about and work on too.
Let’s just do that together, let’s hold each other accountable right.

You know scott simons and ben st hours, man, they text me they’re, like we didn’t see your workout post today and i was like all right all right, all right, i’ll get it in today and i’ll.

Send you a picture.
Thank you.
You buy holes.

You know like they, they do sorry.
I said butthole on your podcast.

You can say whatever you want.

That’s not a weird word.
I’ve come on.
That’s actually a cute word.

It’s funny.
I know why you said that it’s kind of funny right it is you know, and it’s cool – to have those accountability partners like that, so you can speak, but that’s that’s part of it.
You know and and you’re right.

You know i’m telling you she’s dropping some amazing she’s pouring so much out here, i’m over here just trying to keep track of all of the stuff that we’re going to be able to tell people hey, go, listen to what danelle said inside of the cafe.

Did you hear what danelle said inside of the cabinet she said butthole, she literally said you don’t have anything to be shared the most.
If you share me on your stories saying that i’ll probably share it, you know i don’t know that might hit a highlight.

I might just i love it again.
The the atmosphere that we want to make is the real set with everybody is having a cup of coffee.
In a conversation, we’re just chilling in the cafe, we’re having to talk about big business dreams and ideas and we’re trying to relax.

The cafe is the spot where you get get energized and relaxed at the same time right.
That is an incredible concept that we want to make sure that we bring inside of the culture we create where you can make sure to pour out the real.
Do you laugh cry, have fun or let’s figure out, what’s stopping you from doing all of the fun right and if there’s something in the way of the fun we got to get over? That’s it right and that’s it there’s so much that we’ve learned just hanging out with you now, but there’s so much that i know we’re going to still be able to get through, as we start to understand a little bit under the layers of what has helped Danelle become who she is, i mean she’s, a mentor to the mentors right.

Our mentor man is mentored by her and yes, it’s.
This is now we get the chance to blend the family together and and start to understand what more has gotten you there right fred and you know, and you you actually are speaking the perfect words that was going to be going into my next question.
So my question, for you is actually about mentorship right.

You are you’re a great mentor, you’re, a coach, you’re you’re, a friend.
You know you really do that and you try to share your knowledge and just get you know.
That’s all we can do is just let people know we pour a little bit in their cup.

Hopefully they drink it, you know, and if they do, hopefully they enjoy the flavor and if it works out for them great, they might be their new brew.
But if not no big deal either, we just tried our best to pour into them.

Well, there’s been people in your life that have done the same thing.

Who has been your greatest mentor as you came up and you started doing what you do? Who inspired you to be? Who you are today yeah my so i’ve had a lot of them a lot of them.
You probably know uh but kind of the the behind the scenes ones um the most important one was my my grandfather.

My grandpa was the the example right.

We all need an example that you watch and just aspire to.
He could he could speak life in very few words.
I spent most of the time just sitting on a bucket on a tractor with them growing up just talking when i was a very quiet shy kid um, even through high school.

You know.
Most people who knew me in high school are like you speak for a living.
That’s shocking! I don’t remember you ever saying anything.

You know and i’m like i tried not to um, but you know i would just i mean he was the only one.
I would talk to and he was kind of the only one as as my family was pretty hard on me and pretty judgmental he was uh.
He was always under his breath and, speaking to me and and calling and just being that light in my fire like you’ve got something like i believe in you like make wise choices.

You know all those kinds of things he’d be like not everybody made it today.

You better get after it, you know, and it was that value of a life um and i watched him drive and stop by every house on the way back to the farm talking to every neighbor like not just like hey.
How are you but like? How is your child, who did this this, and this like just in depth? He was a communicator kind of soul.

He never got mad at anyone like i never never saw him lose.
His temper never saw him be mean even when it was called for.
You know where i’d be like man, they were not great to you, it was just he he was just.

He was a champion in life and i think, as he passed away several years ago as i started my business career, it was always like he’s watching just show him that you learned show him that his life was worth something live that legacy.
If anyone in our family is going to, i probably got the most time with him like make.
It count like pass it on, and i believe i have three that i passed it on to as well.

I don’t do it perfectly, i’m not as good as he was, but he was the most important yeah wow.
That’s the what honor you just put on your grandfather.

I absolutely i want you guys, i’m a little jealous i’m entering a phase in my life for all of you that are watching that.

Don’t know that haven’t heard the announcements, i’m going to be a grandfather, and i am so excited before the year is out.
I am going to be a wellu if you don’t know what that is.
Well, it’s a mesh between an abuelo and lou right.

So that’s what i’m going to be i was like is that spanish.
I’ve never heard that.
I know it’s better.

I actually thought he mispronounced it.
I was like, i think he just mispronounced his own language.

I know i’m writing my own language like solution right, but that’s the kind of grandfather i want to be.

I want that connection to be with my legacy.
To be hey.
Go dream beyond your dreams.

Go take on this world because it’s not going to stop you and i got your back and i believe in you and so you’re you’re still reaching back to his faith in you inside of a moment inside of moments that he can’t even see right right right.
You’re pouring out fruit from a tree that or from seeds that he’s deposited inside of you and that’s created legacy he has created like in when your children right they put you back in check like are you having one of those enjoy? You know? Is this all georgia’s choosing joy right right, we go live right now.
That’s you! Eating of the fruit! That’s come from the seeds.

You poured in them right.
It’s! Oh man! I need to eat this for a minute.
Okay, let me get back in gear right.

So all of this transitioning inside of legacy seeds being poured out everywhere and people growing, but you see that happen also inside of your business, you see that also happen inside of the people that you build.
These relationships with you’re seeing great fruit happen from them, because those three that are sitting around you right now, those are true evidence.
You can’t dispute fruit folks, you just can’t do it right and he is always faithful to do his job.

If we do ours right, the father is faithful to do his job.
If we do ours right he’s, never let me down.
I’ve always been the one lacking in this relationship.

Okay, so with that, though, there’s been a lot of hard lessons that we’ve learned a lot of hard lessons that you learn and normally i ask what is the hardest lesson you’ve learned, but i’m gon na flip it real fast because you’re a mentor to many and There’s a lot of people that are helping trying to lead people, there’s a lot of people that are trying to make sure that they get the best out of other people, and i believe that’s what you ultimately unlock in others to do too you’re.
Not just doing it for one you’re doing it so that one can do it, for others right that legacy is is, is continuously growing.
So what is it that has been the hardest thing for you to teach? Oh, that was such a good question.

Whoa that the hardest, i think, truly probably the hardest lesson – is to be in control at all times, right, like being master of your emotions, is the hardest thing to teach, because i can’t teach it unless i live it, and i think you know it’s amazing how Many times you know, i just hold myself to that and how many times i made a mistake, and i was wondering what was going on in my business and it’s because i let that guard down.
I think people work to control their rants their temper, their.
You know everything, but can they control their greatness? Can they guide it? Can they gear it up? Can they hold it back? Can you know like just being completely in control where you react to zero? That’s the hardest thing to teach others to do, because if you think about it, it’s just like energy.

It’s like a science lesson like energy is magic and and the the sun is a hundred percent energy, but it can only give ten percent of its energy to the ground.

Well, if i am a hundred percent working on that control of myself, only ten percent can go to my clients and one percent can go from them.
So how big does my hundred percent need to be correct so that i can give that to others? So i think mastering that myself and working on it every single day, that’s what gratitude’s about that’s.

What i choose joy is about that’s what grace is about forgiveness focus like all of those things.
Can you be in such control that the 10 you give or teach changes a life, and so that’s probably the hardest thing, but the most impactful thing that i would ever teach someone is.
I i take all these high strong driven entrepreneurs and get them to control that hustle and control that reaction and control that, because we’re all protection and loyalty and fired up, and they should do the right thing.

Well, not everybody does the right thing or knows the right thing or is taught the right thing.

So how do we do the right thing in the midst of the wrong things? Did that all make sense? It made sense.
So much sense to me.

I think that i think that you, you really put it in words that, because i think you had to say those words in order for people to understand it, because it is it is that deep and and wow i mean wow, i mean you’re talking about really Serious, like all right so car guys car gaps.
I want to pour out a lot right right now, but the military does this breakdown of your normal thought of life yeah and then rebuild you? Yes, they did into a focused seared soldier, like when i say seared, you are seared with a totally new understanding.

You see things completely different once you see things that way, it changes how you approach everything.

That’s something that changes you for life right, that’s something that the military is able to do to help accomplish a mission.
Yes, when your mission is to help others unlock that mission with others.

It’s again, i will always come back to the correlations of coffee and take in a lot of these crazy caffeinated beans.
Have all this high energy right, you take them.
You put the heat on them the right way.

You grind them the right way.
There has to be the right balance: water to coffee ratio.
Otherwise the flavor is not going to come out right.

It’s 100 and you’re going to mess up.
Sometimes before you get the brew right and eventually it’s going to taste just right, but if it’s not right guess what finish it up go make another cup redo it, but all of the elements that it takes to get to that one place where you get the Heat turned on and you extract from all of the things that are inside of a coffee bean and all the entire journey it took to get there.

You extract that one drop that one bit that makes an entire morning flow for most business for lots of businesses right.

They got ta have their coffee right and some businesses they’re just coffee shops right everybody’s in there, because they’re addicted to that pick-me-up.
Well, there’s something that you have when you pour into other people when you release all of these reasons that you do what it is that you do and you upshift their heartbeat, you get them to change something from within.
I am a complete believer that the world around you is going to be a representation of the world within you, and you can affect the world around you based off of the world that is within yeah and if you’re leading with love, you can absolutely change the World and there’s only going to be two factors that i believe most people actually do, what they do and whether a leader or not, and that’s lead in fear lead in love and you’re.

A champion of leading in love consistently leading in love consistently.
Looking through a lens of love, and how can i help not for the sake of what you can give me, because that’s not love, but for the sake of i have to give you this gift that i have for you.

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