so .

What’s going on car guys and car gals welcome, you made it, you have arrived, you are now here inside of the cafe and we are so excited to throw on our aprons and brew.
You up something special.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy, and this is fred lenart’s the subprime hero and you are brewing solutions on the car guy, coffee, podcast man.

What a crazy night folks, we just saw another super bowl and another a seventh super bowl champion.
Oh, my gosh, i mean tb12.
Are you kidding me this dude is an animal man he’s still doing it? Wow man, i love it going into his 40s he’s killing it in his 40s he’s the best quarterback to ever play this game, if not the best player.

To ever play this game and much respect to him.

I’m a dolphins fan so to see tom brady win another one.
It’s crazy! I’m just glad he wasn’t in my division anymore, and yet he still goes out and wins it congrats to him congrats to the tampa bay, buccaneers, wow.

What a great organization man! That’s the second time i’ve seen them win a championship since i’ve been alive and that’s pretty amazing, stuff man so congrats.
I think it’s been 18 years since our last.
It’s been exactly that it was as a matter of fact.

It was the year that gabe was born and it’s marked between the year that he is born and the year that he becomes a man.

So we got a lot of history being made right now and the super bowl just plays into all of it.

If you guys seen some great commercials, if you got a good laugh or if you learned something, i definitely want to talk about it, but man was i inspired by the way that people were getting their message out.

We got a lot to brew about.
So do us a quick, favor and tag a car guy tag, a car gal get them into the cafe.
If there’s somebody you’d like to share a good cup of coffee and a conversation with go ahead and share this with them right now, while we do, let’s do do what it is that you can and go get you some of the last brews that have been Going out there at the car guy coffee podcast, i need to get a sip of my brew.

Goodness, oh man, we have a lot of great stuff going on folks, make sure you go check it out.
We got some great stuff going down so much going on.
We got some great sponsors.

We need to talk about what we do: , [ Applause, ], , hey, while you’re tagging your car guys and your car gals.
Let them know that soon to come is going to be car coffee.
You know: what’s up, the sisters of savings are going to be brewing solutions for all you solutionaries out there, and we want to make sure that you all know about it like we’re, really taking it seriously, that you know about it: , top so , so , wow, , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , , [ Applause, ], hey seriously.

Cheering like your theme, music, is playing.
You got a few brews inside of you wake up and i don’t know if it’s car, guy, coffee or maybe uh brewski.
Who knows you know what i mean.

You know what i’m saying you have.
I just i don’t really tonight to stop the music yet so we’re just going to keep saying hello.

Thank you for everybody, for everybody that has tagged somebody or has let somebody know about the solutions that we’re doing we’re just excited to have a couple minute.

Conversation and i’m ready to do this dude, i’m always ready to go.
You know i appreciate everybody for coming in here tonight.
You know i want people to start tagging themselves.

Let us know who’s here.
You know throw us some shout outs, we’ll let you guys know.
What’s going on, if you guys are not um excited about, what’s going on right now, man, how cool it’s either way it doesn’t matter who won the super bowl? I know some of us are fans of other teams or whatnots, but how cool was that tonight to see the quarterback? That’s been the quarterback of the the quarterback forever play against the guy who’s, the up and coming and dude.

Don’t give me patrick mahomes played his heart out: oh my god, tough game, amazing that lies well and i’m a generous person he was getting.

He was had pressure on him, the whole freaking game.
He did not give up dude and, like his team, just couldn’t get open man and he was throwing some passes that were getting dropped.

I remember that one that he was doing like a superman throw like he was getting tackled as he was throwing he’s like and it hit.
The dude like in his hand, hit him in the helmet if he would have caught that.
That would have been the sickest play in nfl history.

Everyone would have been like, oh my god, that was the difference between being a he.
He, oh man, he had incredible passes that touched the hands of receivers.
He got it to the place that it was supposed to go and for some reason or another, the delivery didn’t come together, no and – and that is heartbreaking, while at the same time understanding that he’s playing a role right now inside of the legacy of tom brady And also himself, this is a young man that has many many years ahead of him.

That is going to be able to to look back and pull from this experience when he went against tom brady on his tom’s, not 100 breaking streak, you know and uh, and i and i dealt with the defeat and i came back and did it again.
This isn’t his last dance and by by no means has he done, but he showed some great stuff, but it was a great great uh, just display of football uh to tonight uh on on the side of what can happen when you dissect another team up, you Know what i mean they had, they figured it out, they had their number.
You know what i mean it’s, it’s ha.

It was magnificent um, but art goes out to all our chief fans of how uh how it is that you deal with what you deal with again.
I want to talk about the things that i can brew solutions in and it’s definitely not football outside of actually saying hey.
I got a son that signed to go play college football.

You know a little bit, you know, i know a little bit about it, but not like my wife.
Now not like my wife today.
She we were debating over that one touchdown that that they uh challenged and uh and – and she was like he’s not in there – and i was like oh – he actually probably could yeah you got to see the tape he might have broke the plane.

You know what only takes that i thought he she’s like no, it’s not and she’s still just bumping up and i’m like whatever okay and she’s like listen.
I was like what did you know? It’s like.
I got a son that just signed college football.

I know things and then bam as sure as i mean just because it was her.
That said it, it was like oh yup, he hang in there.
That’s it move it over.

So many fun memes over the uh, the the first referee female inside of a nfl game yeah.
I saw that that was really really really cool a lot, a lot of things going back and forth on that um.
It’s a lot of amazing things going on a lot of things.

That’s why like, if you really look for the light in this world, you’re gon na see it it’s everywhere.
You know, don’t get me wrong with everything.
There’s always gon na be something that’s seems very tragic, but it’s really just all about what you really focus on and if you really focus on the bad stuff, then you’re going to notice all the bad stuff.

You focus on the good stuff.
There’s a lot of great stuff, i mean seriously so so this is.
This is how i look at it right and maybe some of you look at the same.

I don’t know, but that when a problem finds you that’s the announcement that you’re the solutionary when a problem finds its way at your doorstep, you’re going to brew a solution, that’s actually what we do for our clients, that’s what we do for our customers.
That’s what we do for our our friends and our neighbors.
We brew solutions.

We we find a way to help right and, if you’re a solutionary.
Well, then your lifestyle is going to be one that runs into the problems that need to be solved.
Sometimes they’re big huge problems, sometimes they’re little problems, but ultimately, that announcement of a problem being present means that you’re the one in most cases designed to slay that dragon you’re the one that’s supposed to take that giant down um.

If it’s in front of you it’s because it needs to be conquered by you, otherwise it you’re going to let it conquer you and that don’t work.
So i’m just going on.
I don’t know a little bit of a tangent uh, but i’m inspired by just seeing you know the challenges that people run into just like tom brady.

Did you know what i mean he took on a team that, in in any case scenario, was definitely the opposite of what you would think would be the ones to win a super bowl this year and he jumped in there and found a way to lead by By ultimately being the best version of himself every single day and finding a way to get that out of others, just kept growing and growing and growing right so kept seeing the problem and bringing solutions.
There’s no doubt about it and you’re and it’s been an amazing thing.
Like i no joke, you know what you just said there.

There was a time during the season.
I was like yeah right, like they’re gon na win a super bowl.
I know it’s tom brady, but at the same time i did i know i would have said, and i’m sure i did say joey says shame of a game tom brady.

You never know, though you know with tom brady, you never know at any moment, tom brady can win a super bowl at any second with any team.
We all believe it because we’ve seen him do it so many times and now we’ve seen him, do it seven times.
Congratulations: tom brady man, amazing, hoorah, yep! Oh, what’s up dj my man, he says hi, fred and lou.

He played very well tonight dude.
He played very confident he stuck up for his team.
He he didn’t allow talking to him.

He talked right back, he was like listen, six rings, my friend six rings and, and he threw gronk two touchdowns come on.
That was meant to be.
That was telling him that was meant to be.

I haven’t even watched the after i didn’t watch the after show and who won mvp, but i’m gon na guess that tom brady won.
Is that correct? If, if you’re dj, if i’m sure you watched the end joe joey, i know you probably did too, he won mvp, didn’t he tom brady.
He had to have so tom brady man, amazing.

How many times have we seen that guy? Do it right? We’ve seen him come in, i still remember, it was gosh bless it.
What was that quarterback’s name uh drew? Was it true, gosh dang it? Well, anyway, it doesn’t matter.
He came in, took his place and won a super bowl.

I think it was during like he came in during the playoffs and took over as the starting quarterback, which was really cool and he crushed it man and ever since then it’s been history.

You know tom brady.
I want to read a couple of his quotes: real quick, so i kind of thought they were kind of cool and he says you have to believe in your process.

You have to believe in the things that you are doing to help the team win.

I think you have to take the good with the bad right.
It’s very true says a lot of times.

I find that people who are blessed with the most talent don’t ever develop that attitude and the ones who aren’t blessed in that way are the most competitive and have the biggest heart wow see, and that’s true.
So sometimes it’s the people who have the biggest heart and our most competitive or end up being the big winners right tom brady man who rotted him big ups to that guy man, i’m telling you right now i mean seriously.
He says you never get over losses.

I’ve never gotten over one loss.
I’ve had in my career.

They always stick with me, guess what he is now seven and two in super bowls.

He can look at michael jordan and be like yeah.
I know you got six and you were undefeated in the in the finals, but commercials are coming but dog.
I got seven.

I watched a very cool interview.
He did earlier today on cbs and it was with young kids and there was kind of like a podcast type thing right, and these kids asked him a lot of questions and they were really good questions.
He and he answered him honestly, like one of my favorite ones, was he was like hey.

You know they asked him hey, so you do.
You prefer touchdown, throwing a touchdown pass or running one in he goes.
I prefer running one in because i get to do.

I like to i like to celebrate my own way.
You could do a little bit more when you’re the one who does it right.
So i was like i got you and then he says uh.

You know and he’s talking about um.
You know thing things like that, you know, and it was just really cool to see the the candor and, like him being more honest about things, you know just the way he feels and it’s i could tell it’s such a relaxed feeling.
It’s almost it’s that whole feeling like act like you’ve, been there just be.

There he’s been there so many times that he win or lose today it didn’t matter, it mean it did matter, but he played with just his heart.
He just got to play.
He did he wasn’t there with no pressure of like i got.

Ta beat anybody, i just got ta.
All he has to do is be better than he’s ever been right, be better than he was yesterday and guess what he was better.
That was probably one of the best super bowls.

I’ve ever seen him play.
He crushed it always going to be in the conversation crushed it against the team.
That’s been the super.

The reigning super bowl champion he’s doing his thing, man so amazing.
They said he was only, he was the only qb to have 80 completions and three touchdowns in the first half yeah dude sec, dude and gronk.
Just kept got two of them right and then, after we saw gronk, we saw yeah.

Who was that it was antonio brown, another one people, people can count so many people out.
Sometimes you can count yourself.
He got him a touchdown, too man.

I was like step up to the game, so dang cool man and then fournette come on dude.
These think about these all three of those players that scored four of the touchdowns right, the only four touchdowns that every one of them was not on the roster to include tom brady was not on a roster one year ago, boom right.
So it’s that is crazy.

Right there alone, those were all players that were, and i know, if you think about it, most of them were there, if not i’m for sure, because of tom brady, that’s the kind of stuff that tom brady.

Not only does he bring um himself what his talents are, but he brings confidence other people to come in and know that this program is going to be a better program and i know, being around tom brady means we have an opportunity to be great.

We have an opportunity to have fun and to learn and to be better than we were man, and you know, and man, tom man once again, gosh bless man, so amazing.

So amazing.
I just think that it’s just really cool that that he just tom brady dude.
It’s like it’s like he’s my homie man, tom dude, seriously, bro bro good job bro seriously.

He used to be on the show.
I mean he’s been calling and stuff.
We need to send him a bag because he needs to man.

I was like dude you’re, not a car guy, so you know he’s like he’s, probably got cars which would probably probably get the right he can throw.
He can throw a football better than anyone.
We know right, he can win championships, but he can’t sell a car better than me.

No, i am.
I am that’s all i got to say about that right.
So as good as he is at that not a while i’ll take the laughter laughter works i’ll.

Take that yay all right so with the claps.
So no he said he was going to play another season too.
You know he’s got he’ll play he’s 45 years old.

The way he’s playing man he’s.
Does that not look like fun to you all that winning that he does you know what i mean it would be cool to see him play against.

Obviously, if patrick mahomes stays healthy, which i think he will them two plays again a lot of times.

I think that he has a chance to come in and take that take that championship, but hey man kudos to patrick mahomes, too man what a great champion himself man he came in.
He did not.
You know he didn’t look happy, but he definitely, you know, gave dap to tom brady at the end of the game gave respect like he should and he didn’t you know and dude.

He understands he’s been there before.
He knows that, there’s guess what there’s always next season and he has plenty of them.
You just saw tom play 21 seasons in the nfl right whoa and there’s not too many people that can put themself into the class of being a defending champion, um that that gets to really be at the dance at the next year.

After follow up, you know and show: look i belong here.
My team belongs here and we’re going to be a contender inside of this uh competition, and it says a lot to the to everybody.
I mean these are professional, incredible athletes that are the best of the best of the best, and we’re i mean we as a country are so enamored by the the culture and what it is that happens when people passionately put themselves into a sport uh i mean It’s it’s incredible.

What kind of an impact it has to our culture? Crazy? It does it’s crazy uh, but i i love it and ever you get you get so engulfed into it, especially when it’s your family or especially when it’s somebody you know, especially when uh you, you have you know reasons uh, that you feel as, though are investments To to cheering, you know, there’s memories that people are attaching to all of these events and these things that are happening.
This is the there’s one meme that i did see that really was like wow.
What a way to seal this season off is that it was the one that was played from home.

It was won and played from home like sit on that for a second one and played from home, so everybody had to work from home somehow over this last year, yeah and then this you just so happen to in history, be the ones that get to play At your home advantage inside of your home, hopefully wow.
Now you get to work from home right.
They joined everybody else during this time and they worked from home and they held it down in their house.

That’s how you win a super bowl in your house.
You know what i mean: that’s how it should go down and uh, but it all came together.

You know what i mean: you’re picking it up you’re, picking up what i’m putting down, hopefully smelling what the rock is cooking hold on there.

It is it was there, but um either way, as tom brady does what he does and everybody goes on and and the the they’re just starting the party holy cannolis batman.

They are throwing down right now.
They just won the super bowl.

Things are going crazy.
All over the place, but the question that i have for all of you all: what are you doing to win your super bowl? What is it that you’re excited about? What is it that you’re, most uh focused on finding the solution to, because, just like this super bowl champion that you see his face right, there he’s been brewing solutions with us, we’re challenging you if you have the the pigskin, if you got the ball in your Hand what what are you doing with it this week? What are you challenging yourself to find yourself and doing shout out to my team? That’s my son! That’s my son! Over there right there on the screen shout out to my team and our team.
We i mean everybody did a great job this week, we we actually had the chance to take off um and and be with our our family.

You know what i mean.

I know you had some great time with priscilla.
I had some great time uh with tiffany and the kids and just just being with them and uh and just doing doing doing fun stuff in life, while the guys held it down at the stores and they were making things happen, guys it’s been so much fun.

Getting the pictures you know, seeing that stuff get posted up, it’s been great man, what’s been really cool is to see and honestly lou’s gon na turn 40 when he does he’ll understand even more i’m getting returned 42 and to see tom brady do what he’s doing At his age make sure dude i’m not even i’m just this is just the beginning of life.

You know this is just where it’s all starting man, i’m getting ready to win me another championship.
You know what i’m saying so, i’m going for it.

Could you imagine hanging that up right now, like you just got to be like yeah, you know i’m good, no, but but if there’s any time that you would why not now right so that it and i so i could see why somebody would switch it up Right, but i understand like i feel him man and i honestly, i feel the same way like as seasoned and as veterans as i am at what i do.
It inspires me to know that i have so much more to give that if i just put in the work that i can still be the greatest of all time right and i think all of us need to see that i think no matter young old, you See, patrick mahomes guess what he can recover.
He was a champion.

He got knocked down, guess what he’ll get back.
Yes, that’s! What a champion does and there’s a reason why he got all the way to the promised land and got what he what he deserved and he will deserve it again.
I think tom brady understands that and tom brady sees that and respects that, but tom brady definitely taylor klein played his game tonight.

Dude straight up played his game.
Tonight has been a 30 car a month, guy or 2k per copy guy since the early 2000s.

That’s exactly what he would translate to in the car business right yeah.

So, no doubt he goes for it.
He is the one yeah and i dude the goat greatest of all time, amazing, to see that to see gronk come in with two touchdowns greatest tight end.

Dude amazing titan could be one of the greatest of all time.

He’s gon na he’s definitely a hall of famer.

We know that we know that gronk’s gon na go down his.

Oh, you know, hall of fame.

He’s he’s gon na have his face.
Casted yeah dude cemented needs to be wearing a jacket one day.
You know he’s amazing.

So what a great great great way to see the super bowl.
I know some people aren’t happy about it, i’m okay with it.
I actually enjoyed watching what i saw happen.

This is friendly friendly competition.
My wife, i don’t feel as though anybody was wrong.

My wife was like i don’t like tom brady.

I don’t care if he wins or not, and then i should have done it that way.

I love my wife, that’s not what i meant like that voice.
That’s not how she sounds at all, yeah, exactly love you baby, but yeah, the no like she totally hates tom brady and was like i don’t care because she really she likes.

She really thinks.
Mahomes is really awesome and he is he’s awesome and i feel a dealer, but at the same time tom brady, you have to have respect for and you have to understand.

What’s gon na, what’s going down in chinatown, you know and he was like listen.

It’s called a play action hook to the curl to the right, throw it over the top touchdown to wide open gronk.
Twice i mean garage was wide open both times like not even close, and that one move that antonio brown busted onto matthews dude.
He was like he cut, and that was tom brady did that fake play action he rolled out.

He came out this way and he freaking antonio brown hit him with a little okie.
Doke came back around was like boom touchdown, oh dude, and that’s when matthews got up and started talking to brady and brady was like what are you serious dude i just like yeah.
I just threw it like at you bro, you don’t even know so.

Yeah man like i’m, not i’m totally, not team brady, but man respect you got ta respect it dude.
You got ta, always respect that.
I respect everybody just because you know that’s like the guy.

That’s like the best car guy in town like there’s a car guy.
In town, that’s kicking your butt and you know you’re doing good, but you you can’t go.

You got ta love that who was that guy for us for me at that time because of the name just i mean not to just break it up, but everybody’s had that right, everybody’s had that guy, that’s their competition in our field, you’re professionals, who is it? That’s your competition in your field, um, as salespeople, we had lewis nelson who’s still killing it right now.

You know what i mean he’s still crushing it right now.
Yeah um but louis nelson was was the guy and i big ups to lewis nelson learned a lot from him.
He actually was a salesperson when you know when we started tim french, i mean he sold me a bunch of rides and we had a great time, but he was uh the best of the best when, when i came in that, i knew of that.

I looked to, but he was.
There was a a lot of rumors of him and we never worked together until i hired him.
You know what i mean that we never had that until then, but i respected him that much.

That was like.
Please come yes, you know it was respect there there’s a lot of you pros that are out there and you know, of course, there’s a lot of groups who were the ones that you really respected and you knew about them.

You know think about that.

Just you know like there’s one that’s still rolling around for me.
You know bill baxley.
I got to work with him for a little bit.

He was very pro i loved what he did and he still puts up the numbers to today.

You could still he post everyone’s deliveries, folks check him out bill, baxley, dude, killing it up in louisville, he’s been doing it for a minute he’s a okay.
He is cgc approved in my opinion, um.

I got ta pull up that commercial, so i got ta we’re gon na show that commercial but yeah him um.
You know, who else would there be? That was kind of you know? Like you know, of course you know.
Lou was good.

That was somebody that i always considered: competition, paul, um, , ciel, wilson, ceo hustling, one of the biggest hustlers, probably the biggest hustler in hardin county um, still is probably just dude dude unreal.
So enough about that.
Folks, if you guys have those i’m sure you should share the love, let them know man, i might wake up tomorrow and send me a couple messages out to some of them.

Guys i don’t know, hey man, respect to you, homie, you were stud, nothing you’re killing.
It so yeah man, i got good because there were other people to look at that.
I needed to get as good as i was looking at them and wanted to hit those numbers too.

I wanted to achieve that.

You know that’s what everybody that gets good at their craft does: tom brady, you know if we’re going to keep riding that flow.
Tom brady was definitely somebody that had to have people that he looked to to get direction and learn from, and then he just took it and made his own brew of it.

Hello, that’s what you’re supposed to do so i mean i don’t want to.

You know be be seriously too silly about it, but folks there’s a lot of stuff that you can be doing and that we we should keep challenging ourselves to do and we want to help you do you know um.
Oh man, david villa he had a crew of people.

Today he set up an incredible incredible party uh today for super bowl he’s down in tampa um and they had a man.
It was magnificent um.
I wish i was down there uh, but uh.

My my sister-in-law and their family were all down in that area too, and they were all pumped up man.
It was just a lot of joy.
You know, flooding in you know you get to see the social media flow of everybody.

Memes were hilarious.
I don’t know if you guys seen any funny memes about the halftime show.

I don’t know.

I saw one with a guy’s underwear on his face yeah.
He said if in case you missed the halftime show.

I want to show that, but i won’t uh, but it was funny to me.

It was funny to me too.
I i when i was seeing it i was like here we go.
I already know something’s happening with this, but you know i’m sure that he had some kind of message with it.

I’m not sure i didn’t get it.
So if there is a message please let me know what that meant.

Um, you know so i don’t mean to disrespect if i’m joking on it, but it is funny because it was a funny meme.

It was funny.
So i have humor listen.
I take things serious, but i also can laugh because i’m a very you know i get.

I grew up in that time where i listened to, like you know, eddie murphy i listened to chris rock.

You know i listened to like that type of humor.
You know so come on.

It’s okay.
We can joke so, but i also understand that you can’t joke [ Laughter, ], it’s freaked up, but hey you know what it’s okay, it’s our show.
It’s our show.

It’s okay! I let it go, but no you know it’s our show it is.

It is somewhat our show, we have sponsors that are amazing, that are very much part of our show and i love them for it, and you know, speaking of sponsors, let’s yeah, i think, take a look at them.
Real fast see these guys, all surrounding us all throughout.

These are incredible people.
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But it’s not just limited uh to automobiles and you need to you know, check with us find out what we’re talking about .
So with that, though, but right above it is dealership toolkit.
Of course, the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement, and when you get a box of tools set inside of your dealership, that has a little bit of caffeine poured on it from the car guy coffee podcast.

You get a little choked up because it gets emotional right, yeah dude.
I was so choked up killing me and you you.
You begin to cough out because you can’t be suppressed by the containing of a box and you must explode.

Otherwise, you get all coffee right.
So you’ve got to let it out bing bong, but that’s what happens when you brew solutions um with with the best, and then you get your our friend otto from uh.
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com, go check out our friends at next sale and uh.
Make sure that if you want to rock it out with making your appearances be protected properly? Well, you need to holler at , exo glass check them out.
Man, hey seriously folks, go to also you know really the best way to get a hold of them is to go to linkedin yes seriously and check out terry torline, t-e-r-r-y-t-t-o-r-l-i-n-e and terry will hook you up.

I’m talking no pressure, nothing, but exactly what you need and if it’s not what you need.

You’ll shake hands, leave his friends or i guess we could video fist bump and leave his friends right.
So it’s just that simple man and he’s and he’s gon na.

Do nothing but help so check them out, yes, um, so i mean really.
I want to just make sure that everybody knows that coming this week to you is going to be a whole opportunity where you’re not focusing in on what another team is doing.

You’re not focusing on a big party uh, that’s concerning things that are not actually paying you uh, so there’s there’s a lot that now can be done when we’re past the threshold of seeing what the very best in marketing has to offer inside of their time.
On the television and you refocus and get yourself in play to figure out what you can do inside of your marketing plans, inside of your dealership inside of your office inside of your business at home, right we’re talking about how a game just got one from home.
We want to help make sure that you win your game from home.

That is, the announcement that should be inside of the the entire culture of people is that the game at home has to be won.
If you are to win the game at home, you’re going to win the game, for i mean outside of home, it’s going to spill over it’s going to be an incredible type of victory outside of the home.
If you win that game at home, so making sure that your your relationships are right with your spouses, with your children, with your finances with your health, with your uh, your commitments to the community, all of these things are what it takes to make sure that you Get the right beans to brew with so yeah.

The correct beans are so important, much like the correct beans in life, which you can have delivered to you by going to www.
com, make sure you go up, hit the tab that says coffee shop or, if you’re on your phone.

It’s these three little lines that look like like an angle sign with an extra thing: yeah, that’s the menu thing, a lot of people don’t know i used to not know you click on it right! You click on there on souther.
You will see coffee shop click on side there and inside there will be a link on how to get this delicious.

It’ll, upshift and uplift.

You [, Music ], get you some of that.

You know you can send it to a friend.
If you know a car guy that you appreciate, i mean seriously, a great gesture of love would be to grab a good mechanic that you appreciate, get them a cup or get them a bag.

Okay, get them a bag of car guy coffee.

Let them try it! Let them taste it if you’ve had somebody take care of you it’d be a good gesture and i’m not just saying that as the car guy coffee guys right, i say that as it’d be a nice gift for people to say: hey, listen, you did a good Job you’re, a real car guy, here’s some car guy coffee – it would mean a lot.
I know i’d appreciate it so make sure that you go get you some of that, but really we want to make sure that you know that we are getting ready for cargal coffee to be announced.

If you didn’t see it earlier, we kind of went a little crazy and we got up on some some some billboards, some scaffolds and we went for it.
We had to make sure that people are passing by that uh cargal coffee is coming on.

21 you’re gon na be able to get yourself , [ Applause, ] [, Music ].
So i don’t know if you knew this or not, but we really enjoyed talking about a bunch of people that we love, seeing what they’re doing and that’s really what this whole show is about, as if, as you see, some of the things on the screen and You see some of these incredible people that we’ve had the chance to talk with.

Uh just know that it’s a great great honor of ours to be able to share some of the knowledge that they have with all of you and that’s.
We want to make sure that we give a platform too uh, so if some of you are doing some great things by all rights share it, let us know what it is that’s going on.
If you have somebody you want to highlight, that is doing some great things inside of your dealership and you’re, really saying that they’re exceptional people and you want to highlight them or you just want to encourage them.

Let us know we’ll give them a call we’ll either we’ll send them a video we’ll get them on the show we’ll do something to encourage them and try to feed the fire uh that ultimately leads to the enthusiasm for people to go.
Do their job in a way that’s honorable and enjoyable, and if you can do that well, man, you might just be brewing solutions.
You might be drinking cardboard coffee! You know! What’s up that’s right, so man great night great times, folks, we got so much stuff coming up.

You know we’re really excited because it’s not just the it’s, not just the episodes that we’ve been recording.
It’s the people that we’ve been recording with yeah.
That’s what’s been the most the beans, you know, we’ve been super consistent, you know, we’ve been crushing it, you know, we’ve been doing it as many times as we possibly can right for you, folks for us for our guests.

For everybody, it’s been a lot of fun.

The mo it’s it’s constantly for it’s not about us, it’s it’s about giving and we’ve been giving so much.

We love giving and giving and giving and giving and the more we can do that, the better that we all can be.

I re.
I suggest that every single one of you guys out there this week find a way to give go out.
Reach out to people talk to them.

If you see somebody that you know that’s down, give to them help them not not necessarily give them money, i’m not saying that i’m saying give them love.

Give them hope, give them something to look forward to right.

Give them something give them a why you know how important is it why we talk about it in every one of our shows when we interview somebody and every one of them has an answer for that they all do you know the reason why it’s so easy For them to find that answer is because they are motivated people when you’re motivated.

You always have a.
Why there’s always a reason that you’re doing something so go.
Do that you know um earlier we were talking about comedians.

I see that dj says dave, chappelle, you’re right man de chapelle, another one of those and he’s still doing it and he’s doing it very well he’s my man.
I love him today.
Best stand up ever, if not, if, if i had to say but but man good times great times, we you know, we all have to go out.

We got this month.
We just finished the first week.
It’s a four week month, folks make sure that you take advantage of our of these moments.

We got this week.
It’s getting ready to be the halfway through the month mark right, that’s coming up after end of this week, so make sure that you finish this month.

Go for it don’t give up it’s such a short month that it’s not that you don’t have enough times that you do have enough time.

It’s the it’s not too much time! All right go hard for the four weeks.
All you got to do do four weeks.
You don’t have to do four and a half.

You have to do five.
Almost it’s four weeks of you just going ham on it crush those four weeks and do your best, and i promise you at the end of this month.
You’re gon na do well just keep doing the things you’re supposed to do tomorrow.

When you get up, you make sure that you’re ready for work that you’re wide awake when you get there that your face is shaved right.
Your clothes is ironed.

That’s right! Oh, my god, just i’m gon na throw that out there.

You know people talk about make your bed.
I will, if you don’t make your bed at least iron.
Your clothes walk by an errand is what they say right.

You know that yeah, it’s like hey.
I know you didn’t even walk by an island, so so that being said, make sure that you show to work like you would like.
If you were to walk in somewhere.

Don’t give me this, i would still buy from a person that had wrinkle cleanse and didn’t shave and no, no, no, you wouldn’t listen or believe a person that looked like that.
There’s something that tells you there’s something this person’s, obviously probably gon na.
Not do what he’s supposed to do anyway.

A lot tells you when you buy something from a person you want.
You expect them to take care of you, not just during the sale, not but after the sale.
Would you really trust somebody looks like he doesn’t even show like he cares a show to work, looking right or on time or awake or no, you wouldn’t so don’t take this the wrong way.

Folks, please don’t think i’m out here like beating you down, i’m trying to tell you that you’re horrible, if you’re, not that way.
No, we all have room for improvement.
Everybody so just understand.

If you didn’t know now, you know show up to work.
Looking right, i don’t care if it’s like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt as long as it’s ironing clean.
Don’t get me wrong, don’t worry t-shirt unless it’s like t-shirt day, your favorite t-shirt date right where your favorite t-shirt is t-shirt day and that’s fun day.

I love those days if you’re wearing selling cars like candy bars right, so you know it or a car gay coffee shop right.
So whatever keep growing forget focus fly whatever.

It is inspiration, so you you’re gon na you’re gon na have those moments where you you know.

You’re just make sure it’s clean.
You got ta, make sure you’re right, don’t have dark dog hair all over your clothes.
Don’t have like you know, just just be right.

Just be right, dress for success.
Like charles says, yes, you know, and it doesn’t have to be name brand.
It just has to be cleaned, ironed and ready to go people respect that even a client client doesn’t have doesn’t look at you and go matter of fact.

They might actually look at you better if you’re not wearing like a rolex and like the most expensive, looking clothes they’re gon na be like this dude makes too much money.
I don’t know if i should buy a car from him.

You know.

So it’s just all perspective everyone’s different, so just remember, dress nice feel good on you.
When you get up get you, your cup put the cup of coffee under here, make sure you pour some of that car guy coffee in there yeah once you get that in there, you mix it in with a little bit of confidence.
Take a sip of that and get to work, and when you get to work you get there excited and walk in, even if you don’t feel it as soon as you walk in that door as soon as you hit grab that door handle to go in the Dealership, you open it up immediately smile and start dancing.

It’ll change your life.
Oh, it will change your life because you can’t help but get in a good mood when you’re dancing.
You can’t help but get in a good mood when you’re dancing and when you’re dancing and you’re dancing and guess what tonight we’re going to do it a little bit different, we’re doing it at the end and we’re also going to do it while we’re dancing.

Let’s get focused, fly everybody you guys ain’t known here.
We go on the car guy coffee podcast, and we appreciate you all we’re thankful for you all and we can’t wait to brew with you later on.
Thank you.

So much share this around so magical folks, so magical tonight.
I appreciate every one of y’all for being out here.
You know so we do have some amazing stuff going down on saturday or excuse me.

I jumped way ahead so on tuesday morning, 7.
Please peep us out at the club clubhouse all right, so we’re going to be on the brewing solutions in the clubhouse room for improvement, so make sure you guys meet us there it’ll be at 7 30 a.

Eastern time get on that app.
If you’re, not on that app reach out to me or luke, we’ll get you guys on there make sure you have an apple product ready to go.
I have five left because i don’t know anybody else with apple products that need it right now, because i think a lot of invitations were recently given out, which have been great so make sure you get on there because it’s been really fun.

I know that everybody who’s listening right now.
I know dj and all them.
You guys know if you know some people, i have some extra ones left.

So let me know we’ll get some people in there, but tuesday mornings, every tuesday morning, 7 30 a.
Lou and i gon na be crushing the thing with you: everybody we’re gon na have a bunch of guests, come on we’re all gon na talk about how we’re growing, how to improve what we’re doing different strategies having fun we’ll have different special people take over.

While we leave when we have to get to our next show, because usually on tuesday mornings, we have an 8 30 show, that’s right right, so we’re going to go for it every tuesday we’re going to do it clubhouse jump straight into booyah into our show.

So it’ll be fun.
Brewing solutions isn’t just about the car business folks ruin solutions about life.
It’s about everything so reach out to anyone who wants to do it.

Anybody who wants to be in there it’ll be good it’ll be fun.
He says i have five as well.
That’s right, charles! I love it.

Yes, so share that love everybody out.
There make sure we get out there.
We get people in and we get to having some fun.

Hey high five high five high five everyone slap hands and then we’re gon na have this tuesday.
I think we may have a guest.
I have to go back and look at my calendar, but i know for sure thursday we do and we do have one coming up on a sunday night, but i don’t know if it’s a sunday coming up.

I think it’s the one after so much brewing.
So much food – i don’t have my it’s all ron g upstairs, i think it’s the 21st, i’m not mistaken.
Let me look at the 21st.

That’s we are pumped up to be able to get this week going.
Do us a favor and absolutely challenge yourself to the limits to be the best that you can be.
You know that you’re not going to win a super bowl, but what is the great victory inside of your profession that you know is attainable for you.

If you get laser focused with the right team, we challenge you go figure out a way to brew a solution for that and live a lifestyle.
That’s finding solutionaries to rise with.

We honor you.

We appreciate you all and we can’t wait to have more fun with you all.
Just can’t wait cannot wait hit your chest.
One time, everybody you all.

We appreciate every one of y’all great time.
It was a super special night , , [, Music ].
You .

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