so , welcome.

Welcome! Welcome on welcome! Yes, welcome! Welcome car guys and car gals welcome to the car guy coffee podcast.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy, and this is fred lennart’s subprime hero and you’ll see me somewhere in the middle of the screen right now, somewhere right about you’ll, see me pointing up towards podcast.
That’s me that is him what else he looks like.

He looks.
A little bit like this guy, what’s going on everybody hey, but seriously, though, and seriously silly.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy.

This is fred linard’s, the subprime hero and you are brewing solutions sunday night on the car guy coffee podcast, and we are excited uh.
To give you some really really really great news.
Uh a whole new brew is coming your way and uh.

We can’t wait to get the celebration on uh, but before we do so, do us a favor and shag, a car guy tag, a car gal and share share, share, share, share attack some people in here.
Let’s get some conversations going tonight: let’s have some fun um.
Sometimes i just want to just let people know as a disclaimer before we go any further, sometimes you’ll comment and we don’t see it for some reason.

It might be in one of the streams and i’m not sure i got to go back and figure out which one it is and maybe not stream there anymore, because it’s not.
I feel weird that i can’t respond to people until later, but i do appreciate everybody in any response and i promise you if you have a question or anything that i do not see tonight, i will follow up with it later tomorrow.

I will go back and check see if there’s anything i missed, and i do appreciate everybody for being here tonight.

Whoo, let’s go it’s the cgc late brew.
This is only awesome because uh we are getting together with other incredible people like you and uh.
We can’t wait to do what it do so again.

Send it out there get your people going and uh.
Let’s get ready to just uh really share some really great news.
I’m pumped up about it, see ya, , wow, , car gals.

Welcome back to the cafe.
It is a whole new season for us man i mean we’ve had so much love shared with us uh.
We even got bernie sanders.

A little bit of the cake himself and uh we’re just so pumped up to be where it is that we are today brewing solutions.
Uh talking with incredible people like you with the solutionaries that you each were able to see each displayed right before we came back.

Uh, but hopefully you shared this around, hopefully they did fred.

What has this week been like for you, real, quick, here’s, a quick bonus for you all awesome, that’s it! You know my days are always really um.
Every day means a lot to me.
So, every day i wake up.

I have a lot of gratitude for what i have anyway.

So every week is a great week there’s, even if things don’t go exactly the way i planned.
I always find something in that.

You hear that echo a little bit if you guys hear that echo also, please let us know by putting a comment out there.
I hear a slight echo in our convo station, but um, but no i just want you know it’s been it’s been a great week.
You know, and we’ve had a lot of opportunity for some amazing stuff.

We just had our second season start off and we had a great kickoff in the middle of the week.

It was really cool.
We did, we had um, we started off with a it.

Was a two-episode day and we started off doing an hour with all our friends that he just mentioned out there.
You know he just you guys just saw those opening credits that we had with them.

The think ad group, you know, exogloss.

Of course you got the dealership toolkit and then my good friends over at elite, fi partners and, of course, nexel.
You know it.
It’s been a great great great great great week and that just kicked it off in the middle of the week.

For us it was hump day wednesday, and it was a great way to get in the middle of the week.
Have some people come together and we just sat down and shared stories talked about some stuff and what a great time i appreciate all y’all.

For being there, i know liz, was there erica terry showed up for a little while you know it was, it was really really cool and you know – and i couldn’t ask for a uh – i don’t know jason – was there right, wasn’t jason there.

Yeah jason showed up this wasn’t his ride.
I mean it was.
It was really cool a heartfelt um stories of kind of how we got connected through this venture that we’re on uh to try to make sure that we find the best solutionaries the best beans, to brew with, on a level that maybe some people don’t understand.

Maybe some people don’t get or see, but there’s only so many people that actually get to fly, there’s only so many animals inside of the animal kingdom that get to conquer the air beneath them.

And we are part of an incredible network of people that are trying to find their way.

You know into the turbulence and into the the storm and above it and it’s it’s something that i get so philosophical on.

I get so many philosophical feelings um when i think of this, but there’s a lot of thought.
That goes into the things that we pour out and what we’re saying and to the things that people pour out and are doing inside of their business and because it it takes such pointed honor to achieve success with a customer sitting in front of you.

We want to make sure that, on our venture of just bringing a message that we are very pointed at who it is that we connect our message to and who it is, that we receive a message from and all of the people that we’ve had the chance To display in front of you again, you can take a look at this picture.

All of these faces are people that i cannot i mean i can spend an entire day telling you of the lessons that i’ve learned and continue to learn after the conversations that i’ve had with them incredible marvelous people and there’s so many more that we’re adding to Absolutely every single week, every single day, there’s new people joining this huge, huge group of people that are just trying to look at all those faces.

I i love all those faces.
All of them have deposited so much.

Yes, incredible knowledge value tools, resources to people that are out there trying to find a way to to make things happen inside of their business, and we honor that we appreciate that.
Thank you so much and getting really deep about it.
You know i mean really.

We are uh putting our heart into making sure that you all know that, no matter what is going on inside of your life, you need to apply three f’s.
If you want to make sure that you keep growing and that is to make sure that you wipe off the weight of unforgiveness, it’s just holding you down, it really is it’s just slowing your roll? I promise you, you know what i mean.
It’s slowing you down kid, you’re hurting yourself, okay, wipe it off and then your hands are free and then you can put on the blinders make sure that nobody gets into the portals to the soul right your eyes.

And then you can point at what it is that you want to point at focus on it and fly then once you’re flying man, you got to continue to pump it up.

Let’s get this show up and all you solutionaries out there.

Let’s go ahead and apply three f’s and forgive focus and fly together.

One two three forgive focus: [ Applause ].
We got some fun stuff, that’s getting ready to happen.
I mean there’s a lot.

There’s a lot of fun stuff, getting ready to happen.
Folks, you know.
So we got an announcement, we’re going to be making tonight we’ll be making that here in a few moments.

Um it’s it’s it’s a statement.
It’s just like putting something out there in universe.
You know there’s something about um when you take massive action and – and one thing that’s getting ready to happen – is a lot of massive action.

We’ve already done that when we declared this show over a year ago – and we just made it happen – we just did it.
We put the work in, we put, we put it out in the universe.
We said we’re going to do it.

We started building it just like this table we’re sitting at right.
Now we we, we did everything we got this now.
We’ve built a network we’ve built friends, we’ve built, you know, confidence which i’ve been talking about a lot.

You know and that’s something else that happened this week.

We got to interview michael cirillo, we interviewed beginning in the middle sean, sean, welsh and then on sunday night.
We interviewed freaking um john resurrection, so it’s been a big week this whole week in the cafe been huge and fun right great time, and i appreciate everybody – who’s been there to watch these shows or have watched them after we put them out.

You know we appreciate it.
It’s it’s been a lot of fun this week and um, but then i got to do the for the think tank for my my great friends over at the think ad group.

They we go, you know the think tank is something we’ve been we’re founder founding members of and when it started it was, it was a just, a bunch of us getting together just to encourage each other through this whole coronavirus that we were going through.

There was a big like hey, let’s spend time, encouraging each other, letting each other know that hey and people from all over the country right, so you can really see what’s going on over there, how their sales were doing there, what they were doing to help make It better what kind of companies we can put together to it was just beautiful and it really made people encourage that, knowing that things were going to get better, and you can hear that from people who were having good things.
So you could feel like it was going to come your way when that wave happened right.

So it was a great time.

So the think ad group asked me to be the host that night.

That’s actually asked lou and i, but it was his son’s birthday that night, so he was spending time with son.
Lou was there for a while.

He was just kind of in the background, but he came out.
He closed it out with us.
My son turned 18.

He did folks great incredible news that night and i got to jump in and watch fred doing an incredible job, uh making sure to bring light and pour positivity all up in everybody’s cup.

Everybody was thirsty for more of it and it was awesome to see fred in there doing his thing.

Just making people feel uh more alive, which is you know, ultimately what we want to do, bro right.
That’s that’s what that’s what this whole thing’s about right so and that’s what being a human being is about.

So that’s what i kind of just love.

Doing that’s what i do best and i think that a lot of people do when they start to get really confident in themselves and knowing that you know you can really help somebody by just putting a hand out and saying hey.

Thank you, and i appreciate you right and letting them know how powerful they are they, how much of a voice they have and how much confidence they deserve to have inside them, and that’s all i was trying to do that show.
It was just about confidence um.

So i want to talk about that and also really quick.

I also want to throw out that this is the last week of the month um getting ready to come up.
You know this whole month this whole year, it’s a brand new year, so the beginning of this year and at the beginning of most months.

We all do this thing and lou just did it.
We got it still up here.
The forgive focus fly so i’m gon na throw a quick shout out to the triple f’s right so beginning of the year we all forgave last year and that’s the whole point.

I’m gon na move forward.
I’m ready for new fresh beginnings.
You do that with every month in the car business, especially, you know what i had.

Maybe i had a great month or maybe i had a bad month last month.

That’s probably the best example.
I had a bad month last month.

You know and i’m going to go ahead and forgive myself for that, because i’m ready to i’m going to do the work this month, man i’m going to do it, so you did that right.
Let’s just suppose you did that, and i know you did people out there.
I believe in you right – and i know that you’re doing this right now, so you forgave yourself, then you went into the focus i’m gon na focus on trying to sell, let’s say 10 more than i did last month right whatever that number is in your head.

You know what it is.
You just believe that you’re going to do more than that.
That’s all you have to do right, so you do that now.

You’re focusing you’re moving now you’re getting into the last week where that last week is crucial because you’ve done all the work you’ve been focusing the whole time you forgave yourself, you’re, focusing and you’re ready to fly.
Now you got to fly through that finish line, so you’re ready.
You just got to make sure that you get that working.

You do every bit of focus that you’ve been putting in don’t just lay down this last week you go into this last week with optimism.
You go into this last week with enthusiasm and i promise you you’re going to fly.

That’s what this is all about and then you’re gon na just keep growing, keep growing you do it every month.

You do it every day and when you wake up one day when you’ve been doing it for a long time, i love lou over here.
So awesome right.
You do this right.

I promise you you’re going to have such a great career you’re, going to touch and bless so many other people, you’re going to help legacies happen for a whole bunch of other people, you’re going to show them that doing the right thing and being this type of Person, that’s what this whole business is about, and we need to show that to other people who are coming up in the game that this isn’t a job.
This is a career.
This is a lifestyle that you can really do.

Well, if you put the work in, you can really help and touch more people.
You can make the buying experience better for the masses instead of just for you know three or four people right.
You can do it.

You can keep growing.
So don’t stop.
Man focus fly, let’s go man all right, so i just wanted to throw that out there really quick.

Let’s put that in your cup sip on it, keep growing.
My friends keep growing folks there’s i mean there’s so much that you can pull out.
Of that.

I mean we can do a whole show on that and that’s why it’s on the show folks, because you’re here to get something that should be uplifting you, you should be diligently seeking something that is uplifting to the world that you’re around that you’re fertilizing the things That you’re trying to see life come from that bears more fruit.
Yes, we we are so blessed by the things that are happening inside of our our lives.
Right now, you know we’re celebrating kids growing up.

You know our kids today, just being together watching watching them.
Do life together and know that they they’ve seen each other grow they’ve seen each other in the diapers they’ve seen each other in the power ranger outfits they’ve seen they’ve they’ve grown up through all of that they’re outside playing ball right now you know they’re the the Life that is, is woven together that is so open to welcoming so many others that we’re going to be connecting with now in, in so many different ways.

Seeing these life patterns come together by way of utilizing the digital platforms that are available for all of us and in a lot of cases for free, no doubt, and these these weaves are coming together and what’s making life happen.

Even greater is that we now are able to pour back out if you’re fine, trying to find somebody to pour inside of you, like we’ve sought mentorship.
We’ve sought people to pour into us and – and we have these people that say great things in in the direction that we should go in, that and from their history and their personal experience.

You should have that too, and if you don’t have that look for it.

Look for people to help bring you up.
Look for people that are going to solve a problem.
If you don’t know how to fix your lawnmower, you probably might youtube it.

I dare you to youtube some solutions.
You know on the things that it is that you’re seeking understanding and and growth in – and i i assure you, you’re, going to find it, but we’ve had a great time with some really fantastic people, fantastic good words.
This series, and inside of that we’ve also connected with some incredible solutionaries the sisters of savings.

Oh man, here’s the announcement and we want to talk about so pumped up what happens when we start to just try to find a way to solve problems solve problems even in a bigger way.
So big, so big share stories.
It’s turned into something huge, i’m so excited the world is so ready for it.

They are just now they are just now ready for it.
I mean you can’t even imagine it’s magical, how incredible it’s going to be when the bosses blonde the blonde boss bro comes through, and the new flavor of car guy coffee takes a shift that changes everything for car guys and car gals all throughout the world.
I mean we’re going from up top to down under right now all over the place, but there was something that was brewing inside of the kitchen and a man, but again hey.

I don’t even know if i got to tell you again guys for those of you that weren’t with us on wednesday it was our bursary.
You know we got to celebrate a or the very first, probably ever in history called brewversary, and it’s hey.
So i want to throw a quick shout out.

I know i just double checked who these were, and i see that i’ve been putting out.

You know these facebook users, so i don’t know why it’s coming up this way.
I think there’s just something a disconnect between stream yard and this work.

You know what i can do about it, but what i can say is i want to thank you and i know who it is.
It’s they’re in the cafe right now, thank you for being in the cafe watching this right now live.
I appreciate it.

It’s jama james, welcome.
She told me she was going to be sleeping at this time, so i appreciate you for staying up and watching the show.
So thank you for being here, you’re going to want to hear this and thanks for making all these comments and um, and we also got mike larkin on here right now – appreciate you for being here mike larkin and there’s one more guest in here.

It is nicholas.
Murdock man, i appreciate you nicholas thanks for being here tonight man, if there’s anything else that you guys want to throw in here any questions.
Please let us know we’re always here to answer.

If you want to know what, like you know, it’s like to be in the cafe, it’s awesome, i don’t know i’m just saying you know, but anyway i do appreciate you all for being here tonight and thank you so much for all the kind words and everything Else that you guys always do it always makes me feel good to come out and have people here.
So thanks we are going for it so anyway, announcement about these sisters so we’re pumped up about this, because i love those two girls, they’re amazing and they’re they’ve.
Always made me laugh the moment i met them.

I’ve had a chance to meet them a few times and they are um just bubbling personalities that you cannot resist, but just want to just hang around and you it’s easy to talk to have confidence.
Yeah have conversations with and just hear their story, but also they love to hear your story too.
So they’re very open like they like to learn and they’re growing and they’re they’re in that rising grind.

They know.
What’s going on, you know a lot of shout out to glenn lundy.
Also we got a chance to meet him.

I don’t know if you guys saw that out there.
I know some of y’all did, but we got to go out and visit with him.

We pulled eight charles higgins and went out higgins and charles higgins pulled the charleston double timed us and came out again.

So it’s pretty cool to see him.
So i do appreciate it.
Yes, so muchy.

So so we ran out of the car guys and car guys.

What we’ve been brewing? What’s up, i just reading that just reading the next comment right here.

Oh you want to hear about the blonde brew there.

It is okay, well , [, Music ].
That has been the official announcement.

That’s soon coming to you on two two, two one zero two one yeah will be car gal.

Coffee, yes and the sisters of savings are going to be bringing you the freshest brew that is coming with all kinds of customer understanding that you need to get you some of, and i’m telling you right now, you don’t even get how much fun it’s going to Be putting the whatever it is that you put on to hear things whether it’s headphones, earbuds or a big speaker, but you’re going to love hearing what comes out um when you tune into the cargo coffee podcast, i’m so pumped up about it.
I just want.
I want to watch wow.

That is magical.
No, i’m really excited about it too, because honestly, there’s there’s a big voice out there.
That needs to be heard and it’s it’s getting bigger every day and and every minute that we hear this voice.

The more encouraged – i am to know that young ladies out, there are going to be getting into this business and having a great experience in this.

Not such a rough experience like much of their the ones, the the godmothers of the business right, the ones that came in over the last 20 years, who came in and paved the path for him and showed that hey car women most of the time are even Stronger than us car guys, because they just have this different edge to them and they understand people and that’s what this business has become, it used to be a little different, so you know i know it was hard, but now it’s a people.

It always was a people business, but it’s even more in the forefront.

They want real people and that’s what people want when they buy vehicles.
They don’t want these fake sales.
People that come in there hey, you know, hey.

Are you doing pinky ringing like we hear you know all that type of stuff, though i would rock a pinky ring because they are kind of cool, not gon na lie.
I might even get me one but seriously and – and i’m so excited about being able to put this voice on there and i’m not saying they’re going to interview nothing but women.
That’s not the case.

What i mean is they.
Are they see it from that side of the fence, and i wanted them to be able to have that voice, and i absolutely cannot wait for them to interview other people with huge voices, men, women of and everybody that want to be on here? Does you know just car people and when we get them in here, it’s going to be a lot of fun, so we’re going to be able to go? Hopefully now we can have shows like you know, i don’t know how you know we got to sit.
We’re still figuring out the actual, you should be able to go in cadence to where you can go to brother and sister on a flip-flop daily.

You know what i mean and, and that’s ultimately, what we want to do is we want to make sure that we bring a balance right.
We make sure we get the right mixture inside of your cup.

Your brew is your way.

You can again, you can’t possibly take in all of the content that we have out there inside of a sitting, so for what we’re gon na make sure is available for you.
The car gals are going to bring a whole other vantage point into the market, as i’m sure should be very obvious for you guys and gals to be able to grip on that.
The vantage point of us is one thing, but two, ladies, that are sisters that are actual car dealers, that are generational, car dealers that are finding a way to take care of the people in their town that have been through the the pandemic.

They are too bad.
It has grown into making big things happen.

There’s some value there that it’s going to be style and love right from fashion fitness to understanding, hospitality, yeah everybody man, everybody that comes in and is willing to spend money with you.

They are human beings.
You treat them like one and you treat them like.
You would treat your sister if they walked in or your brother right.

Yes, that’s what it is and that’s what it’s about, and they have that type of heart, car, guy, coffee, cargo, coffee, car people, coffee and we are one and we’re gon na – have a lot of fun and – and i’m super excited about doing this with them.

If there’s any two wow, i love them and we’ve been we’ve known them for years and it’s it’s just always been a just, a good friendship and i’m looking like, i said, i’m really looking forward to a new show you all every one of you out there.
Men, women, you should be excited about the show and i’m excited to intro them and get them out there and start putting out their promo stuff, and you guys and we just got a little sneak peek.

You know, but you’re gon na start, seeing more them.
If you guys haven’t already been uh, checking them out, go to rainbow motors check them out, check them out, sisters of savings, melissa, hannah and michelle streets if you’re from local, you know their voice and and because they do incredibly effective marketing in their in their region.
So that is one thing that they’re definitely going to be able to teach so many people that are trying to understand how the entire hub comes together of a dealer, and some of other people have great podcasts too, that are out there.

But they’re going to be able to give a great a great view on things that i’ve learned so much of just listening, hearing them out hearing and seeing what they’re doing watching their social media being able to help pour in and receive.
And it’s because that’s how good relationships are, but that’s one thing that i want to make sure that all of you understand we are building some great relationships with people.
So much i mean they’re going to be in town in the next week yep and we’re going to get to meet their husbands they’re going to get to meet our wives.

It’s going to be a great shindig as we get ready to announce that, for those of you that are professionally and diligently seeking for solutions to be brewing in a cargo way, you’re going to be able to find it kind of just like this.

I love it.
Oh man so good job lou.

I love that so excited how hot i mean super excited.
Obviously you know it’s it’s a whole opportunity.
Now we do three days a week here and plus content daily.

You know between the quick brews and everything else um, so we’re we’re doing as much as we can to bring light to this business to share knowledge to help people grow, but wait, there’s more and we’re looking forward to having them and they’re going to be able To fill the voids that we weren’t able to fill not just the days but also the people right, their reach is going to get so deep.
And i think honestly and i know – and i and that’s crazy – and i keep saying this to my wife – the show’s going to get bigger than ours and we’re going to have to deal with the two divas.
And i’m okay with that.

And i – and i hope so and and i really dream big for them – and i and i know that in my heart – that they have the best intentions for this show no there’s.
No, they they’re doing well money’s great with them.
They, don’t you know, could they make more? We all could but they’re it’s they’re willing to put work in and they want to give and give and give – and this is what lou and i have been doing over the last years, giving and giving as much as we can.

So i’m looking forward to being able to add you know you multiply.
Lou talked about it before one.

What’s the saying lou one can what one can chase a thousand two and chase ten thousand? Yes, now.

Imagine that with four do that math it amplifies it’s not.
It’s not times it’s it’s to the fourth power.
If that makes sense you know so, and so that being said, i’m really excited about that and i know what we can do with them, and you know james matter of fact.

You know, speaking of again is that just the days, but you know i’m really looking forward to that, because um i’m looking forward to having you on the show, i do want to invite you as a guest, and i think we’ve already talked about it.
You have a lot to give and she was like whoa really.
I was like no seriously like you you’re doing some major growth right now in your own self.

I know you have a huge story and – and you have the biggest heart out there, so i’m excited about having you on the show um i’m gon na.
I want to have you on our show, and then we will have you with the ladies.
Also, of course, that you you you three will have so much fun.

Talking on the show about our guests.
Is that they’re going to get the chance to ride the wave through they jump on our show, go to the girls and that the girls go ahead and have fun? You know making all that fun content, making a whole bunch of uh actual solution brewing.
You know.

That’s it’s going to be fun because it’s just going to amplify all of the reach um we’re! I mean again it’s it’s going to be overflowing like crazy, and you guys need to make sure that you get you some and have some some sort of a understanding that there’s a lot of people that want it and you need to share it.
You should let them know sure you have plenty so much to share.

I mean seriously, she says hahaha, i’m such a dork.

We are too, our kids will testify to that, but they also know that we have a lot of passion.
So do you you have.
You have so much, you have a story, you know, and your story is for people to hear, because other people are in deep and dark spots in their lives, and you know – and you can share your story and you can show them how they can come from Dark spots and lives and be able to rise up and be more and be encouraged to help other people, because you do that with your videos that you’re putting.

I know that it’s part of your plan but and your plan is so big.
You don’t even know what it is, yet we none of us do you know we just keep trying to get to the next level, so just be the best version of you, and i tell you your version right now is really good and i and every day That you get better, it’s just going to be amplified, which is amazing, so you deserve to be on our show.
We want.

I actually want you on my show, so i can’t wait and then, of course i do want you to have be on the car gal.

So so thank you for being here pumped up about so many great things happening with not just the people that are here right now, but exactly what you’re talking about is.
What is what we want to see more of right, be ready for that, be ready to see more dealers on the show.

This coming season be ready to see more sales people on the show this coming season and sales people.
If you’re making something happen, we want to know about it, make sure that you’re jumping inside of the cafe and you’re sharing some of the videos that you have out there, the things that are being effective in your neck of the woods.
We want to reward you for it.

We want to throw some swag at you.

We want to throw some coffee at you.
We want to make sure that people know that you’re doing good things, and we want to show you off a little bit so help us make you look even better by being the solutionary that you are and let us know what good you’re doing.

Don’t don’t feel like you’re you’re trying to show off it’s okay? This is your marketing.
Let us know what’s working what’s doing good and i’m i assure you that what will happen is you’ll, probably learn something.
You’ll probably get people to tell you how to make it better.

You know we may even just have to come out with our own course on how to teach people how to do this.

You know, and it’s so much fun, oh man, because we started from being just there’s so many ideas that we can do.
You know there’s so much growth, even i’m always constantly thinking.

What can i do? You know there’s so many things i could do to help people with right, but why not do that and make it a business and and have fun with it if it’s something that you’re truly passionate about i’m 100 passionate about helping people, i want to throw a Quick couple: shout outs really quick because there’s people that are not popping up on this in our stream yard, but i see on facebook and it’s you got douglas.
He says hey guys douglas crittenden.
Thank you.

So much excuse me.
Thank you for being here.
Man you’re awesome dude.

I love all your social media, you’re amazing bro.
You also got camilla.
Oh camila, that’s my son’s girlfriend hey.

She says: hi, hey! What’s going on if you’re still on! What’s i just now seeing these we got joe turner, that’s right! Mr coffee.
Man out in paris kentucky himself and this dude’s been through.
You want to talk about a guy who has a story too.

He’s he’s got he’s been through a lot and he has a lot of appreciation and gratitude.
He puts down here gratitude appreciation equals happiness.

He knows what he’s talking about, because this dude always has a smile.

I love his stuff.
I love his post and he’s doing nothing, but growing i’ve seen him grow quite a bit, and it’s because he’s doing it every single day and the one word that i could put together in my head.
That makes me think about what he does.

It’s consistent anyhow and then i have some beans.
I got mr zorn on here.
Yeah, it says, love it.

I appreciate you for being here folks.
I just want to say hi real quick to you all, because i see that you’re on here i’m looking through all my different social media things and i can see them, but i don’t see them here.
So i do appreciate you for being here and then so much so.

Thank you so much seriously.
Thank you.
So much your your comments, your interaction with us, your your good wishes, your prayers for us mean so much more than we can explain.

We we really really really are grateful for everybody that shares with us.
Like this i mean it does it gets humbling.
You know when i speak about it uh with tiffany, when when i speak about it with gabe and sophie and explain you know what we’re doing and the stories of the people that are are affected by what’s happening and how we’re coming together and we’re finding these Solutionaries that we want to be better because we have a conversation with them, we hear them is like wow.

We got to step up our our awesomeness.

We got to try to.
We got to crank this up a bit more.

We there’s more inside of us that we have to share, and you all are the ones that are are still taking this message out there and you’re, putting it you’re, putting it to work every day inside of your families, inside of your jobs, inside of your hobbies, Inside of the things you’re passionate about inside of your churches right inside of weird crazy times and we’re towards the end of the first month of the first of the of that year, that we have come away from 2020, which for us was phenomenal.
It was a great incredible year where lost the care of chasing revenue completely, as we gained the most valuable relationships ever and, and it’s so exciting now to be able to talk to people right that are doing great things and we see the growth in you.
We see the excitement in you, we see the testimonies of you.

Yes, it’s never something that we take lightly.
We i mean we talk about it.
It’s imagine us talking more about it.

When we don’t have the limitations of thinking, we’ve got to finish a show right.
We talk a lot still and it’s it’s really exciting to to know that we have you all that are making things happen on the outside we’ve we’ve again, you’ve heard that inspiring drop like silly all the people that we had on here right and and we and We talk about it because they’re great incredible people that we would not have had the chance to get to meet unless we at least gave a little bit of emphasis to the message that we want to share.
That’s how we meet.

We met them.
We opened our mouth and we spoke to them.

Fred has been incredible at making sure to build these relationships with people that want to make sure that they find their way inside of the cafe to sip some of the solutions, and let us be able to pour into them some positivity while we pull from them.

Some of the best valuable parts of who it is that they are and the things that they think about, and that is mind-blowing that we get to have best friend conversations with these people that are not always the easiest to get to and work.
Big businesses sit down and have some hot wings with my man, glenn lundy seriously sat down with him.
Just talked, we just talked about life and we gave him our plan that we had and what he thought and he gave us tips and he did it with such love.

You know the way he should be right make an impact.
He was making a huge impact for us, and i love that and he’s big about that.
You know i got.

I got wendy reeves out here, throwing some.
She says: hey happy sunday, somebody that pours out 2020 the year where little things became big things.
Oh my! I love that good words, love good words yeah and it’s true though you know, but it was a lot of little things and then you could.

But if you put a lot of there was so much time for either extra work or extra time for your family.
You could have done all that stuff mix it all together and have fun and you could have been creative.
You know a lot of people lost or not lost were put off work for a little bit.

They were on furlough right.
That was the word and furlough when they were on furlough.

They had opportunity, they could have just done nothing right or they could have tried to do something that they always had dreams to do like a podcast which we it ours had nothing to do with coven.

You know it actually.
This was planned well before that before we even heard of it, um just was, i don’t know it’s one of those things, man where things all lined up for us, where we were able to get our guests and when we started because we started our show, and We wasn’t, it wasn’t to start off with guests, we were going to bring guests on, we did have some, but the whole point was to lay out our whole intentions, put everything out there and let people know what our plan was and if you go back and Watch the 10 first brews they are the first 10 weeks.
I should say if you watch that and hear, i should say, hear that you could hear it and they’re out there to watch too, but you can listen to it and it’s just it.

We laid our heart out and then we went into now it’s time to bring everyone else’s voice in to amplify ours, and we did.
We started getting amazing guests, you know, like people at the beginning was like justin jerick, and we had you know.
Of course, one of my good good friends, adam marberger, i think all y’all know you guys know who he is he’s the jiu jitsu ascent dealer services, the my man.

He is everything and he’s been through so much in his life.

Yet he is still on top of the mountain reaching for and trying to get there, and i absolutely love that guy shout out to adam marberger.

But you know we we did that el patron came on of course, jason garris that just started to blow up from there.

Everything came together, sean hayes.
You know we just started getting it glenn londy i mean i don’t mean to keep name dropping my name.
I can keep danger mike’s real back at me, i’m just saying, but we’re having a lot of fun there.

It is right and we’re having a lot of fun doing it and it’s it’s been great.
We’ve built relationships with these people, friendships where we could just go and have wings with them right.

They also see our consistent behavior that we have.

They see that we have passion, do they see we’re goofy and we have fun too, and i think that’s the thing we bring.

That is the flavor that we throw in every brew is fun, have some fun yeah exactly so.

Thank you for so muchy, but yeah jamie.
You write so much.
He is a such a good dude.

You know, so we going up there surprising him and the way he welcomed us.
Like literally let us he said, hey go in my office.
If you want, i got a couple things you go ahead.

Go live, go, live so we’re like heck yeah, we already in there taking pictures.
You know that wasn’t going down already [ Laughter, ], you go sit sitting your turn.
You know when you see something.

It’s cool man and he is.
He was really that cool, i’m sure he found he got a kick out of us.

You know getting all in there like fanboy, fanboying and they’re, like oh, my god right so all right.

So but yeah it was cool.
It was really cool and you know it it’s.

I can’t wait to go up and see him again and maybe go next time.

Maybe i can take him out for a round of golf, because i know he likes playing golf because he don’t want to play.
No one on one basketball i’ll tell you that i’m just playing! Oh i’m just saying, and i’m not i’m saying it, i should just drop calling them out.
I wouldn’t i will dude.

I think i’m out, i’m gon na have to you know, there’s gon na, be it’s gon na, be that i might have to put it look.
We might have to put a charity one.
We might 1v1 basketball game, let’s go best out of three game of 21.

I might have to throw that at him and see what he says.
We could try to raise some money for a beautiful cause, local kentucky cause, maybe or even national.
It doesn’t matter car right, so loving it.

So no man great times, you know we didn’t want to come on here for too long tonight and board a crap out of you guys, but i do appreciate everyone for even jumping on us.
Thank you we’re having so much fun, i’m actually having a lot of fun tonight with this conversation, because this is very interactive right now and and that’s the kind of conversation i like trying to find it, it’s everything to me.
You know i’m saying all those things all those things so appreciate y’all, so i hope that you guys are having as much fun as i am because yeah do us a favor, real, quick, just give us a quick cheers if you got a mug go ahead and Throw a mug in there i wan na, get you put in there to get one of these magic mugs for the new season, where you really got ta put some hot brew in there for things to change up, but we got a couple to give away.

But tonight i want to make sure that we do give one away so go ahead and put your mug inside of the comment below and or beside wherever.
It is that you get to put the comments at depending on what platform you’re watching us on, and we want to make sure that you get you some of that magic stuff and man.
I got so deep on trying to explain the how the mug goes from black completely black, to showing the car guy coffee logo right, because that’s exactly what we’re trying to do if you’re completely blacked out, we want to be able to pour in a little bit Of car guy coffee, a bit of positivity and that blackness of dark sadness will go away and then you’ll be sipping on some solutions.

Do you see the metaphors there’s so many metaphors and what we do you guys don’t even catch all of the correlations that we try to pull together, but it does it.
We put a lot of thinking into it: okay, but uh, but yeah seriously.
You need to get you one of those mugs either way you can go to car guy coffee, dot com and go ahead and order you one, but tonight we want to give one away to somebody that just puts a mug into the comments.

You said, imagine magic mode, one of the magic mug.

So for those of you that don’t know there is an entire swag shop, there is an entire coffee shop where you can get you some caffeinated consistency, which is the brew that we have right now and we are getting ready to release some new brews for you, Especially since we got the blonde bosses brew coming through with the sisters of savings and the cargo coffee podcast pumped up about those things that are in right in front of us, but you all out there can actually get some of the swag to.
Let people know that you’re brewing solutions again, it’s not really just about the podcast.

It’s about the mentality, the the positive culture that you want in your life and we’re just here to talk about how to brew it up in your own.
But that’s what it looks like and then you pour some coffee in it and then – and it looks like this, but it does you’ll see what i but you see the video you’ve seen it out there.
This is check it out.

You’ve seen the cups before it’s cool, it reveals what you truly need in your life guy copy, podcast, that’s true! We always do that.
Let’s see we do always do that hold on a second.
Let me try to pull this up for you guys, real quick.

You guys and gals out there man this i’ve had a good time tonight.
I did have a i did.
I’ve had a great day today this week was awesome.

Folks, i hope you guys all had a great week.
I hope you guys are ready for this.
Last week of the month, because it’s the first month of the year so finish it strong setting the pace for the year we got, we got tac.

Guess the car business got tax season.
Folks, tax season is getting ready to go down.

Let’s get those tax season blues gone and make it tax season greens and have some fun folks smile and make sure that everyone you see, sees a smile on your face.

Don’t ever let them see you frown and get frustrated always have a good time with them.
Let them know you’re there to help at the end of the day.
The worst case scenario that can happen is you’re going to shake hands, leave his friends best case scenario.

They leave in a vehicle and they’re so happy everyone’s happy and you just got one out and put a tick on the board.
So, let’s make it do what it do when i’m watching with you, charles higgins, what’s up my friend, i see you, i see you he’s putting he put the mug out and then you got hashtag mug by mike larkin loving.
It appreciate that also – and you know so many things that we oh, what is going on.

What is he doing? What is happening? I like it.
Oh, what is happening.
You don’t even know, but i’ll show you there’s the cup.

I love it.
I think that’s the one that happened watch this watch, this , gg, [, Laughter, ], that’s what should have happened right there when it started to change yeah.
Okay, all right there! We go all right, hey, hey all right folks! Thank you! So much for doing that, all right there we go right there we go.

Oh man to you, two utes who was oh.
We had three nuns walking to a bar.
Okay, all right, never mind.

It really happened, though.
Thank you, james we’ll talk to you soon.
Okay, i’ll be in touch about coming on the show very soon have a great night appreciate you for staying up.

Thank you so much.

Thank you so much morning person.
So, oh, i want to show you one one more thing, just in case you’re trying to expand your horizons if you’re already gone car, guys car gals we’re about to head out of here.

But we want to make sure that if you are really looking for solutions – and you want a fresh brew to brew with that – you do get a hold of the ladies on two twenty two two zero two one cargill coffee come get you some it’s about to Be time for the sisters of savings to get their shine, that’s february 22nd.
Just so you guys know it’s february.

Just just so.
You know it’s gon na be .

I love it inside those other squares.
We should put every other podcast out there just go like this.
I don’t want to call them out like that, but you could do like joe rogan.

You could be sunny like funny like joe rogan.

You know like big ones.
You know like that type of stuff.

The mike tyson’s hot boxing one boom, you know and then go oh well hold on bam because i’m a car gal and i want to listen to cargill, coffee or i’m a car guy.
And i want to hear what car gals are talking about in this business.
Right now, because man, i need to make sure my dealership gets filled up with some because they’re i mean i tell you what my dealership does not have enough women working in here, because they are awesome.

So a bus loan of nuns walks into a bar yeah, a bus load of nuns walks into a bar.
I know what he meant yep, you know what i mean.
You know what i meant so car guys cargos and all you solutionary zombies.

Thank you.
So much for joining us tonight.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy, and this is fred leonard’s the subprime hero, and we have been so thankful to be able to brew solutions with you.

We got some more solutions that we’re gon na brew, we’re gon na get off of here, and if you could do us, a quick, favor and share share share, share tag.
A car guy tag, a car gal.
We will announce the person who won the magic mug tomorrow, make sure that you pay attention to the quick brew and everything it is that we’re putting out there there’s so many solutionaries that you can get to brew with just by paying attention to the car guy Coffee podcast go to carguycoffee.

com, thank you to all of our sponsors for being incredible people that we love doing life with, as we spread this message of hope that your business can be better than even you’ve dreamed.

If you start brewing solutions instead of percolating problems, if you commit to up shifting and uplifting, if you make sure that you stay contagiously, confident and you are always trying to find a way to make sure that solutionaries rise, we will do this together and we are Excited that there’s a whole new era, that’s coming and we are going with all of you.

Thank you so much for the support.

Thank you so much for the love.

We appreciate you all.
We love you all.

Don’t forget, check us out on all the other platforms.

Give us some love and share this with people that need a little bit of a pick-me-up.

We love you all.

We love you all.
We love you all.
We love you.

This is .
30 a.
That’s gon na be a good one.

Folks he is the ceo , they’re, amazing.
Yes, i cannot wait to have him on and hear his story, man because he is growing his business right now.
So fast, it’s unbelievable! Yes, i am right.

It is richard, but also i also want to go out really quick.

30 a.

I don’t know if you saw that message, but 7 30 a.
Clubhouse lou and i are going to be hosting the room for improvement, brewing solutions, clubhouse in the world, brewing solutions in the clubhouse room, verbs, the car guy and the subprime hero and many special guests.
All these great guests are gon na, be in here we’re pumped up about it, man, i’m so pumped to actually have richard on the show i’m pumped up about that’s so much a great show.

We can look at this big room for improvement and it looks a little bit like this until you throw in this box that has the dealership toolkit inside of it.

Remember this get you some of that car, guys and cargo.
We appreciate you so so so so so so much have a great night great great night, goodbye, , hello, , you .

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