, so folks, look at those amazing, beautiful people right there that is called season uno.

It’s called seasoning right.
There seasoning a lot of seasoning that has been put into these beans.

That is special, so thankful that it has come to right now, where the car guy and the subprime hero are here to make sure that you get your day.

Pumping and jumping uh.
Today is a very significant day for me and also for one of our alumni, which is why this is on the screen.
I wanted to make sure that we started it.

I want you to see somebody that’s at the very, very bottom of this picture right there, center mass in between matt, damos and nancy.
Benjamin is it his birthday is devin and today is his 25th birthday.

My son devin congratulations, happy birthday to you just naturally, because it’s in the dna, he absolutely loves, being an amazing person he’s in the air force right now appreciate your service.

I know that he’s making some big decisions.
He is an nco right now he’s trying to he’s trying to see if he, if he’s gon na, if it’s gon na keep going and keep growing, he’s gon na keep growing period.
But it depends on where is he gon na grow right and i’m? But i’m proud of him.

You said 25.
, oh my gosh, 25 years, hey, that’s the like the one mark where we always, i remember, being younger 25.

At least my insurance goes down at 25.

That was like the one thing to look forward to after 21.
and that’s what he’s focused on he’s very anal about these things.

You know he’s like.
Oh, it’s gon na go down.
I’m pumped up about that.

I’m going to be able to get to this and do with that.
But man again, i’m just so grateful to be a father of such an incredible young man and today is the day that we get to celebrate him.

Um he’s out in actually he’s in a five-star resort that the air force put him in for tdy down in panama.

He always gets the good ones.
He spent his 21st birthday in vegas on on the air force, fantastic folks, i’m just so thankful that our military takes care of our guys so so.
Well, the leadership there does great to uh make sure that they feel valued so that they can do their mission.

But my son, i am so thankful that i get to say uh.
I am your dad and you are my son and i cannot tell the world in any louder way how i am more proud of you and i’m so honored to be your dad.
So any serious happy, i know lou for a long time.

I know devon for a long time, and i can tell you this lou is super proud of devin lou is beyond like feels so blessed to have a son like devon.
He knows that he’s the oldest.
So the oldest child is always a big responsibility.

I know all right, so i was the oldest and to be the oldest child, and, to be an example, the way devon has been for his younger siblings and for other kids in his family or for anybody that he’s ever been around.

He has been a great example of hey.
This is how you become a man hey.

This is how you take responsibility in life hey.
This is how you can leave the country and still be okay and still show that hey.
He show that to everybody.

Look, i can go out and do this and still maintain and i’m not i’m enjoying life, i’m actually growing every single day, i’m doing some amazing stuff devon.
I’m proud of you myself, man, happy birthday to you.

25 years man getting old, bro, getting old, you’re getting old, but hey! You know what man 25 is still a puppy bro, so you got so much to look forward to in life, i’m so excited for you.

I’m excited to see what your next, your next steps in life are going to be this next five years before you turn 30 3-0 bro wow, but that that being said man, i’m super proud of you too.
I’m super proud of everything that you’ve done.
The air force is a big deal being a crew chief, doing everything that you’ve done come up to be an nco being in charge of people more responsibility.

Yet you take it like hey.
I do just like everyday thing.
You know seriously.

Man super proud of you.
Man super proud of what you’re becoming and who you are already so good stuff man happy birthday, bro love! You love you so car guys car gals for those of you that know a car guy or car gal or a solutionary that needs some positivity inside of their cup, go ahead and tag a car guy tag.
Your car gal tag a solutionary share, share, share share in the subscribe, get somebody in the cafe: let’s go: , , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , so , so , sister evelyn kelly On here, she’s saying good morning, guys joe says: are you guys getting there? He goes calling me too saying that we didn’t have any sound.

We don’t have any sound.
Okay, we got some sound.
What do we have sound? Can you hear me give us a thumbs up, show us a coffee cup.

Everyone should be hearing us.
Can you guys hear us? Can you guys hear us if you can’t hear us someone sent them brother? Can you guys hear us now? If you can hear us give us a thumbs up and we do apologize, you’re back yeah, we were on mute.
That was the mute from when earlier.

I said, i’m so glad i’m not at work, so lou, muted me but hey you know whoops! I love work.
Don’t get me wrong, but i love my day off.
I’m just excited because it’s snowing and you know lou got to enjoy tuesday on you know.

I know lou got to enjoy tuesday in the snow.
I saw him out there with his doggy, throwing the disc with his doggy, having a good old time with toby doing his thing right.
So today’s my day, i’m gon na do that.

I’m gon na celebrate i’m gon na have some fun.
But yes, thank you for this, for letting us know.
Thank you for the message dj that caught us off guard, but hey.

We are here we’re gon na talk about his book, one more time, folks, one more time d.
j my man, his book is out folks can’t hold me back my life growing up brown in america, which is why we wore the brown shirt or the brown shirt today To speak about this incredible solutionary, who is a friend of ours and an author, i was proud to quickly buy that book as soon as it became available.

Um – and i i mean i’ve read some great stuff in there.

That gives me some awesome insight, but the great thing about anybody that seems to put a book out there.
That means something to other people is the way that it connects to their heart.
Is you can find something that you relate to and something that you’ve seen or didn’t even know that you’ve seen happening inside of your own life and uh? It’s great that he brings that to life and he puts that in front of you and all vulnerability and all seriousness.

It takes a lot of courage and we turn that courage into something that brews solutions for other people and you’re a solutionary.
That’s doing that! No man, you know so what we were saying during that whole yeah we were talking about while we were our lips were moving like we were doing a kung fu movie without the dubbing right so right.
What we were talking about is how great this book is, how you can get a hold of it.

Folks, it’s on amazon, go to amazon, look up matter of fact, dj.
If you could, in the in the message down there, can you put down the link to amazon and how they can find this book folks, this book has been out it’s a great book.
I got a signed copy from dj.

I think i was like the second or third one, maybe the second one to ask for it, but the third one to receive it, because i know that i had to ship it to him and he shipped it back to me much appreciated man.
The message inside is is really nice man.
I appreciate it.

I’m not gon na share it because it’s my own personal message, just no one’s business, i’m just kidding it’s actually really nice folks.
He says.
Let me start with happy new year: 2020 wasn’t a bad year, but 2021 will be a better year.

It’s been awesome, getting to know you and watching you brand and show grow best of luck on season.
Two in all your future endeavors best regards dj and man.
I appreciate that man and back to you exactly the same best of luck to you on this book.

Folks, if you guys haven’t, read it yet or know anything about it, it’s a good time to go check it out, educate yourself, folks, it’s it’s! It’s an easy! Read the pages not going to tell you the pages you find out for yourself, but but the thing is is that it is an amazing book.
It’s about being different in america, it’s about being looked at differently because of the color of your skin, or maybe where you, where your family’s background and heritage comes from, and that’s not right for one but two.

He explains how he has gone through that and how, where he’s got to today, and it’s something that we need to talk about, i think everybody knows what’s going on in the world.

Everybody knows it’s time for us to rise up and become humans.
Instead of being racist, we’re one race we’re the human race right.

We are all one, but it’s beautiful.

No one’s supposed to be exactly the same folks.
If we all were exactly the identical, then it would be such a boring planet.
It would be such a boring place.

It’d be nothing to to grow.
There’s it’d just be stable, just be blah blah, so we would just instead of earth.
It’d just be black.

Where do you live blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah boring? You have to be different.
You have to look different, you have to smell different, you have to eat different foods, you have to grow up differently.
Have different types of parents have different cultures all over the world? That’s what makes this planet amazing! That’s what makes you amazing that you’re different than he is than i am i’m different than him he’s different than me.

We may share similar ideas, similar thoughts somewhere this, but the fact of the matter is we are so different.
Every one of us be an individual.
Don’t try to be like anyone else.

I preach it every day.
Don’t worry about being better than lou me or anyone else be worried about being better than yourself when you can focus on yourself and try to be the best version of this craziness that you have going on it’s the best thing that you could ever do you Actually will start to love yourself when you start to love yourself, then you can love others.
Then you can be a then you can raise up other people, then you can share and pour into other people’s cups.

You know your cup has to be overflow with folks.
In order for you to pour so make sure that you understand that overflow, that cup of yourself, let yourself give yourself self-love, self-educate yourself, give yourself the confidence, do things for yourself, it’s important, because if you don’t man who, who else is right, you can’t depend on Other people other people as much as you want them.
Do you want people that you want people to depend on which i you know don’t get me wrong? I depend on people, but i also understand i could do it myself, but it’s so much easier with other people.

Don’t get me wrong and it’s so much more fun with other people.
It’s so much more fun to do those things, but also be realize that you have the strength inside you to be anything you want to be.
You don’t need someone else to help you be there.

You don’t need anyone else to raise.
You up, raise yourself up.
Make sure that you spend that time on yourself, i’m going to stop talking about that, but it’s true though man, every one of you people out there watching this right now, if you see this later or whatever it is, you have it inside you to be anything That you want to be anything seriously, you just have to want it and if you want it and you focus on it, you will grow a promise, so keep growing.

Let’s go yes! Thank you so much for those of you that are jumping in here and we’re trying to uh wave the banner of saying we can’t hear you.
We can’t hear you hello, fred.
We can’t hear you and thank you so much for trying to let us know about that.

Um uh either way you guys, we found a way to do it.
Thank you for sounding the alarm.
Uh man, the appreciation that we have for the people that we get the chance to do life with and we get to interact with and we get to have on the show where we get to just participate and tell us what’s going on in their life and How they’ve been affected by the solutions? It’s so invaluable, we can spend.

I mean a whole week talking about it.
We can overtalk a simple, tiny little subject right, let alone things that are of incredible value to us.
I agree, but the people that we have inside of this cafe are true solutionaries.

I mean i’m looking up and down of the list of names that are in here uh from jay to evelyn, to dj to russell jackie, jason, grimes who’s, your brother-in-law, uh.
Today’s devin’s birthday, how about that devin’s, 25 years old today, jason, that’s crazy to me so excited about that, but all of you, solutionaries that are that have been in here, uh jason garris, i mean folks, you guys are people that are making a difference where it Is that you are somehow or another we find each other, whether it’s on the show, whether it’s on the podcast or zoom, meeting or call whatever the case is we find a way to up shift and uplift each other and, like fred, was saying you don’t need To have somebody come in and up shift and uplift you, the thing that we want to make sure that you are aware of.

Is that you get to you.

Have the opportunity you got to you, get the chance to have people actually invest in you there’s.
So many resources, if you’re, seeing the show, if you’re hearing my voice at this very moment there are resources that are available to you for you to be able to have somebody pour something positive inside of your cup you’re able to do that.
I know what it’s like: the the horror inside of the house when you go and you go to get that coffee and it’s like there’s no more or there’s only there’s only one left, there’s only enough for one more coffee and you’re, like you’re sitting there, who’s Gon na drink this cup, you know i always lose that battle like i pass it over, like like the last uh meatball with lady and the [ __ ], like you can have the last cup tip dude, i will drive a foot of snow to go.

Get some more coffee, i mean just saying it’s gon na happen, but we all know what it’s like when you don’t have that one, but what’s always great, is is better than just having that one having that somebody to sit there and to share it with and To enjoy that with and to be able to hear, what’s going on great inside of their life today, we had a great news meeting inside and a lot of fun hearing the people that are impacted by a positive message and we’re not talking about from us again Guys we’re not always we’re so great, no we’re always on the side of saying here’s a light on somebody.
That’s really awesome, look at them because they’re great and they were able to come in there and say some really incredible things that were upshifting and uplifting.
Yes, whether it was on the side of what’s going on in your business or on the side of i help people understand their value, so they don’t take their own life.

These people have been plugged inside of the room with us and we’re so thankful that we were able to hear and share and listen, but these resources are available to you.

You don’t have to do this alone.
Can you do it alone, maybe for so long, but you don’t have to do it alone.

I would never want to do this.
I mean in any capacity without my brother right here next to it, and vice versa.
That’s no fun because who’s going to laugh at my jokes.

You know what i’m saying i got to have my boy here.
Pumps me up, there’s something about somebody there to lift you up.
Don’t like i was talking about earlier.

You need to be able to lift yourself up, but there’s something about somebody else, lifting you up with you.
You know helping you raise your voice now when you have the same voice and you put two voices together that sound doesn’t just two times it like ten times.
You know two voices amplified are more than just two voices man, it’s huge and it’s something about that.

So understand that, sometimes that when you want something to get out there, it does take uh somebody there with you to support you, and it just makes it that much more fun too.
You know when you can have somebody to share that with share those moments.
Those bad moments, those good moments.

You could laugh about it, you can have more fun.
So that’s why a lot of times it’s good in life, to have a good life partner, a wife husband or whatever your significant other.
Is you want to make sure that you have somebody there that can do that, for you that uplifts you and actually amplifies your voice, amplifies your love, amplifies your your mentality and the path that you’re trying to go when you have that that is beautiful, whether it’s? Your life partner, whether it’s your your business partner, whether it’s your best friend it does not matter.

You need to have somebody like that in your life, it’s something great about that.

Now, if you don’t that’s okay, too, you know there’s a lot of strong people that are independent right.
My son he’s an only child.

I got a feeling he’s going to be a more independent person than i ever was.

I was one of three and i had to be around people.
My whole life.

I love it um, but my my son’s a little different.
He likes to be around his friends.
Don’t get me wrong, but he can hang out by himself all day he could play fort remember when you’re kidding his little g.

i joe, and he could do all that stuff be what an imagination to have by yourself right.

But of course i played with him.
It was so much fun to play gi joe’s with him when he was younger man.

We had a whole talk in the dealership about joe um yesterday, just what it was.
It was fun, but at the same time it was like dude, you don’t know what i’m talking about.

You don’t know about cobra commander.

What do you mean he’s like yeah? I do know g.
i joe and you don’t know who cobra commander is.

Yes, that is bold.

You know that is some bold, actually uh, just listening and talking to people that are, you know, peers and just talking about the things that are uh that get us so excited like cobra, kai right, like listening to things about karate kid that awaken what is inside Of uh inside of you that kid in you uh it’s just it’s just so exciting to do so.

But that’s what happens when you are having a good time.
You start to pinpoint the things that you’re having fun with, and you start feeling like a kid again.

Uh the word says: if you don’t come to the father with the heart of a child, you don’t enter the kingdom, and so it’s very important to keep that childlike wonder.
Sometimes we grow out of having joy.
We grow out of having uh the the reckless abandon to dance if we’re excited to be pumped up.

The one reason why i love love love out of all the kids that i get the chance to teach dance to is being inside of the elementary school.

Yes, because those kids do not care, they just want to do it and if they and they they all, do it so, where some of those kids would look at him like man, you can’t dance be like whatever i can’t do and they go and they don’t Do any moves that are really moves right? You want to look at them, be like man that kid’s a dancer and be like.
No, that kid’s a shaker, stop them right.

Whatever is going on, you want to encourage that joy.
That makes somebody want to dance and you’ll, be amazed that every kid at that age loves a little bit of music, loves to get out and dance and loves to be free and for some reason or another we get too cool when we grow up to do It anymore, that’s why i love watching fred’s videos now, as he’s kicking out a new dance, move every single time or trying to pull something out right.

I’m trying man it’s starting to run out of deals.

You haven’t busted this one with the shoulder.
This is the uh, the nate lechtenberg.
You did something kind of when you came out.

He came out the screen, but he just does the whop.
Oh yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah, but i did.
The head knock fall down, pull myself up yet.

When i watched my video back, though i didn’t pull it off as good as i normally do, though i was like oh, i kind of hit my head and took a second, then i, but that’s forgiving, focus flight right.
You know, but hey hey, it’s a live! Video, what can i do, but you know i do that seriously because it makes me smile.
You guys see me laughing myself.

I finished that up and i started laughing.

I was like internally like dude, i’m a dork, but you know what i’m okay with that.
I like to bring that energy out and that’s what that whole point behind that is, is for that energy that i’m doing, because if it made you laugh boom, i already got you i already got now.

I got you for the rest of my video right.
If you laughed at that, you’re like i got ta check out what this guy’s doing right, you’re gon na watch, my video you’re gon na hear what i have to say, because you know that i’m for one i’m real person, i’m not just some.
You know how you doing my name is fred.

Welcome to my this is my quick brew of the day for 2 18 of 20 21.
I’m going to say a lot of things, though the lifetime is going by fast.
Take advantage of every moment.

Do not waste it.
Would you guys want that? No, you guys want the what’s going on.
You all know what time it is yeah.

It’s quick brew time right.
You guys want that because that’s what i want so i’m assuming that’s what you want right, but i think that it’s more fun, it’s more real.
You guys know that i’m authentic! You know that i’m not just some guy who reads a script.

Actually, none of my stuff – i do is scripted period.
It’s all freestyle off the dome straight up, the closest thing you’ll get.
The script is when i put up a whiteboard quote of the week, there’s a whiteboard quote i’ll read that quote and then i just come and then i just i literally freestyle what i’m gon na say.

As i’m doing the video, i write the quote and i’m like yeah, i’m inspired because you’re overflowing right, but it’s not a lack of no it’s not inside it’s great.
It’s great practice for learning how to you know, speak in public or learning how to speak on camera, because you know you’re going to make mistakes you’re going to do this you’re going to stumble through words, you’re going to say stuff.
Sometimes that makes absolutely you’re going to say the wrong way: yeah you’re going to say the wrong name, you’re going to do it all right, but that’s okay, forgive focus fly.

I even said that in my video yesterday, the other day or whatever i was like man, i said something i messed up at the beginning and i was like all right.
We’re going to just forgive focus, fly this and keep going right.
Speaking of forgive focus fly.

I would know i was actually that’s why i have my finger right over that thing right there guys car, gals, uh, let’s go ahead and make sure that you get inside of you today, uh a unison of the three f’s to help help and that’s the forgive Focus fly join us real, quick on three one: two, three four forgive focus fly and keep growing, keep growing.
You know what’s up folks, but still inside of this room with these solutions again we’re amplified.
So it’s one thing for one voice to do what it does.

It’s another thing for another voice to come together in unison.

Two completely different voices, unified together, gets crazily amplified and that you can hear that.
There’s those moments if you’ve ever heard a choir get together, um where they’ll be in harmony and it sounds beautiful, but when they get in unison, same note same everything, it gets incredibly loud uh without uh actual audio amplification.

But i’m saying all that to say that we are way louder together.
Speaking of loud, we have an incredible person that we love so much evelyn kelly from think ad group is in here and she’s, consistently brewing solutions consistently uh getting us connected with people that are trying to do the same thing and we honor that so much.
But she’s always stirring the pot she’s, always stirring it up and encouraging other people she’s here uh pumping up uh dj.

She is and making sure that i love it.
She gets her a piece of a signed copy of a book and making sure that you all know that, while connecting in here with jack, look at jackie, i love this eddie vedder.
Folks, if you don’t know who eddie better is all i got ta say is pearl jam even okay, so he great quote here: i’m a lucky man to count on both hands the ones i love some folks just have one others.

They got none [, Laughter, ] great great great great.
This guy’s, a great poet for one um and he’s he’s, definitely been through a lot in his life.
He’s he’s an amazing amazing.

Vocalist love his voice, one of my favorite rock voices of all time.
I think a lot of people have tried to copy that voice.
You know to include, i always think of like you know when i think of eddie veda, i think of people who try to be like him like uh.

What’s his name from uh from creed, arms, white hole pair eddie? Does it way cooler, but no eddie is just an amazing person and to quote him i love that you know evelyn even said that she goes jack.

I knew i loved you for some reason, quoting eddie better.
I can’t it can’t get any better than that.

It’s true how many people, i don’t think i’ve said i’ve been on our show to include myself.

I don’t think i’ve ever quoted eddie vetter and i think that’s cool that you did.
That’s really awesome that you have that in your in your mind in your repertoire.

I love that and then she writes love you back.
That’s right! So folks, you know those things that make you like: hey you just got 10 points cooler yeah for me.
You know bro, like i was saying earlier.

One of my guys, like i don’t know who cobra commander is like.
Well, you just lost 10.
You just lost it.

I don’t want to say this because i’m here to build you up, but you just got on cooler to me yeah anyway, but moving on just seeing that, seeing you guys having that conversation inside of the cafe, that’s exactly what we i mean.
Do this, for is for other solutionaries to get together and join lights? Make sure that everybody that has some sort of value gets to pour that out and then out of this little bit of a brew session, you have jackie, pour out an eddie, better quote, and that makes another connection to say somebody just say i love you.
Even more right now and and that’s i mean again when, when stuff comes out of my brother’s mouth, when he’s saying some great things are like dang, dude you’re, so awesome, i love that.

I love hearing the the wisdom that comes out and the hope that comes out of people’s mouths when they get really inspired by something you know what it’s like.
When you are around somebody, that’s contagious about their confidence, that’s contagious about their positivity.

You can’t help but find a way to up shift and uplift yourself just to get on their level like man, they’re really pumped up and excited, i’m i’m.

I need to put a smile on or something you know what i mean to change.
The shirt change the hat to be at that level.
It’s like it’s like, okay, if you’re in a bad mood, you walk into a room full of people in a great mood and everybody’s doing this.

What are you gon na? Do you’re gon na go in there and be like yo guys stop laughing stop having such a good time come down with me in this negativity party, it’s so much more fun down here, no you’re gon na get in there and guess what you’re gon na get It’s contagious there’s something about that.
You get in there and you start to smile.
You start to go.

Why am i so down? And you start to be more positive.
Positivity really spreads really well and it when it does.
It hits your heart.

It starts to feel great, you know, but negativity does the same thing, but you know there it’s it’s best to try to get yourself surrounded with people that you want to be like.
If you see positive people get with some positive people like people, if you’re a car person and you’re working at a dealership – and you know you see the group the circle jerk as we call it right – the circle jerk, you see them and they’re all out there Talking about how work sucks there’s snow on the ground, we got to clean these cars nobody’s coming in today.
Get the hell away from that seriously, because all that is going to do is percolate problems.

One circle that you want to get around and usually it’s not a circle: it’s usually just a few individuals that are doing what they’re supposed to do and to get around them.
You got to chase them.
Yeah you better, walk and talk.

Look, you see the guys out there that are smiling the ones that are on the phone, they’re they’re smiling and dialing they’re standing up when they make have conversations they have appointments showing up because they follow up they’re when it’s time to get to work during the Snow they’re there early and they’re out there already cleaning the cars taking the snow off they’re, already doing everything that they’re supposed to do, they’re picking up the lot making sure it looks good they’ve already done their lot walk.
They know what their inventory looks like.

They know what cars are available, they know what cars have flat tires.

They know everything because they actually care, and they do that and they have that attitude of gratitude they love being there, and they also understand that to get to the next level.
You have to do things that other people are not doing.

If you have guys at the dealership that are doing eight cars quit doing what they’re doing get out of those circles go out and start doing what people are doing.
20, cars a month are doing 30 cars a month of doing guess what they’re not doing it at your store.

You can find them online they’re everywhere, but every one of them is going to tell you stuff that you don’t want to hear you’re going to they’re going to tell you to do stuff that you’ve never done before.

But you have to do that or you’re.
Never going to grow, you can’t expect to keep doing the same thing every day, hoping that a car deal lands in your lap, hoping that this works, that the process that you’re currently doing that’s keeping you at eight to ten cars is gon na.
Get you to 15 because it won’t so understand that you have to make tweaks.

You have to make adjustments, you know and then you’re going to have to wait for the results.
You can’t expect overnight results on anything you can.
But that’s luck be honest with you overnight.

Results may happen, but then to keep it going.
You have to be consistent.
You have to keep going and keep growing and forgive focus, flying and doing all those things every single day and then eventually after time, you will be everything that you want.

You’ll be at 20 30 cars a month, you’ll be doing everything, but you have to do it.
You can’t keep doing what you’re doing that’s insanity and expect different results.
It’s never going to happen.

That’s a 100 percent fact the the thing about anybody.
That’s uh planting! An orchard or planting a garden in order for you to ever bear fruit.

There is the process of time, but inside of that time it’s you’re not dormant.

It’s not that you’re, you put the seed in and immediately you have fruit that seed bearing no.
You have to water that and stay watering it and pull away the weeds and pull away the the vermin that tries to get in there and steal what’s growing.

But there is a process of time.

The average apple tree or or orange tree takes anywhere between 12 to 15 years before you get the first fruit from it.

But that is a process that you have to stay committed to of consistently pouring in.
Even when you don’t see the result.

Yet it’s still important to edify it’s still important to pour out it’s still important to to continue that growth process by pouring positivity on.

If you pour poison on it, it’s going to die.
If you keep pointing out how much it’s not growing, while you’re neglecting the opportunity to rain positivity on it, then you don’t have the chance to get to that end mark where there’s going to be great, magnificent fruit.

But it’s it’s a science.
It really is a science inside of the inside of the mindset.
If you put positive in positive, is going to come out.

If you put negative in negative’s going to come out, i mean it’s again: i’m not the genius that figured it out, i’m just a average car guy, not really i’m a little bit above average car guy, but that figured out how to accept that.
If i put good in good’s gon na come out and if the people that follow me, if i put good inside of them, good, is going to come out.
But if i want the same results, i keep doing the same thing and in this spot i love the results of people being excited people making more money than they ever had in their life, people being able to have experiences with their family and their spouses and Their relationship in the community better than they ever had in their life those things you want to keep doing once somebody figured out well, if i do this for 10 years 12 years, i’ll get a fruit out of it.

Well, i’m going to do that.
A lot more and then they made a giant orchard right and they kept building that um and and everybody get so many people get to reap off of it and don’t even understand the process of getting there.

Well, it’s encouraging to you all to know that you have people that can pour into your cup for you to have something to upshift and uplift your day, your mental attitude, your business, your relationships, all the resources are there.

Hopefully we do our part in making sure that you can see that there’s light and encouragement just getting people together in a cafe for a cup of coffee in a conversation, but speaking of a cup of coffee.
In a conversation we double fisted it.
Yesterday we dropped two parts inside of a five liner for our friend david munford and aberdabra.

It was right there in front of you and uh this right here.

If you have seen this out, there uh check that out.
He is the host of seeing red the red glasses guy on linkedin and um.

He is a pro that has made his way into the service drive and it has made his way into the service drive and makes sure to brew solutions for people all around him.
But he tries different things and he talks to us.

Sometimes his leadership doesn’t understand what’s going on, but he’s brewing a solution and they back them up and guess what they have positive results.

They do man and he’s one thing.
He is he’s an honest person.
So when he talks to his management about stuff that he’s doing, he brings up the truth about it.

You know, and i think they respect that he also is going outside the box compared to what the average person does in his position by far david definitely is an individual he’s very unique if you guys haven’t seen his podcast seeing red it’s.
It’s he’s has a lot of great guests on there.
I know he’s super excited about it, every guest.

He has he’s always like man, it’s growing and it is, and it’s doing an amazing job.

He is doing an amazing job.

He is a unique person and like just like that abracadabra boom, his show is doing well, and he and he’s somebody that we really enjoyed having on the show he was real excited about coming on the show.

I remember he asked me for like a couple months.
He’s, like hey man, what’s up bro, i was like yes i’ll get you on and we got him on and i’m so happy to have him on, because you know he’s not far away he’s down in tennessee he’s got that tennessee swag about him on huck’s plane.

He’s like hi dylan, you know he’s got that.

I don’t know i’ll explain it.
Tennessee’s got a little bit slower draw right and i love that that tennessee swag, i know he’s got it, he’s got it you know.
So i can’t even do it it’s that it’s so it’s so unique right.

So i absolutely love that he came on.
I’m glad that we had him here.
Great show, make sure you guys go out and check out this podcast that we have out right now.

Man, dave munford, go check them out everywhere.
You guys can imagine spotify you go to apple, you go you go anywhere, you can hear podcasts.

We are there, stephen.

What’s up bro man, he stopped by the dealership yesterday.

Just give me a hug talk a little bit.
Love you man, i hope you’re doing good, hope you and the wife and the baby are doing fine.

I’m sure you are stay warm out there.
My friend stay warm and keep and keep doing your hat tricks.
Man, i’ve seen so many his videos of him dancing and he kills that stuff man he has that stuff down.

Like you be like power doing it wow, i don’t know, explain it he’s a crumper.
He is absolutely loves what he does too and he and he has such passion in it.

It’s it’s unique, so you guys need to check him out.

If you guys haven’t seen any of his videos.
I don’t know if he has any out there, i’m sure he does.
You guys need to check out some of his old videos, man.

I want to see some new videos from this cat, though man, one thing that has been very, very just annoying on the side of the the whole covid scenario, is being able to pull together and do what it is that we did in the street and that’s To get a bunch of people outside just dancing on some linoleum and putting out a loud sound of joy, letting them dance their heart out and then it build the crowd uh not being able to do that is is has been a bit annoying because that’s that’s A great outreach that i’ve enjoyed over the years and uh just getting together with stephen and talking more about the things that we’re going to do in the future, to build this up.
We’re going to go back out there again and try to make it as healthy as we can for people to get.
I would say i mean masks long as they’re all you know.

I think that, if anything doing it outside would definitely which you’ve done before i love it.
I’ve i’ve.
I remember i got to check out a couple of his little street things that he did and one it was always at night, and i remember first time i ever went to one.

I just happened to be driving by and i just saw his stuff.
I was like oh i’m pulling in this bad boy and i pulled in there and he had in some beautiful thing folks would lose out there he’s like a dj.
Dude he’s got his well, he is a dj he’s got his he’s, got his little set up.

His speakers, you know he and he has a parking lot he’s not just jumping in any parking lot.

He gets permission to this folks he’s doing it the right way, but he he does it as a it’s.
It’s a great outreach for young adults that just love the hip-hop culture, it actually just culture in general, because when the people that come up to this, they listen to all types of music, but they all have a good time.

You see these kids get courageous and some of them who’ve, never probably danced in front of anybody – will go out and dance.
There’s skateboarders out there skateboarding out on the side.
There’s people with basketballs just dribbling basketballs having fun somebody pulls up like i got a car in the back yeah like jump in yeah and that’s what they do.

I’ve seen that people come out there and they play guitar and they’ll sing their their own personal music.
It’s a beautiful thing and it’s what it’s about it’s to bring people together, young people together, especially get them together to show that hey, we all are people.
We all have something that we can share and we all have value in life and and it’s beautiful i mean it’s up for up for open platforms for outreach man.

You get the opportunity to let somebody share what they’re creative about or passionate about, and then that that’s, when you have the opportunity to pour out some truth to pour out some encouragement to pour out uh, something that makes them go after their dream.
If there’s anything, i ever want to be known for uh, outside of just really being in love with my family and my god.

It’s to be a dreamer.

It’s for people to understand that i want to pierce the heart inside of you to dream, bigger, to dream way out of this world to drink dream, heavenly dreams, because i believe that it’s our duty as human beings made in the same image and likeness as god To leverage the power of heaven to earth and things are not ever problematic in heaven – they’re always joyous they’re, always positive and they’re full of light and life.
And so we want to make sure that we do that even inside of a dark night and on a street corner with some people that are going through.
Who knows what in their life.

But if you get the chance to give them a chance to love on things like our friend brian norris, he’s done that all throughout the world, and i’m pumped up that we got connected uh in talking about those experiences.
But some people just need the opportunity to share their light and then ba-boom they they go into explode mode.

Well, yes, it’s you know talking about that being contagiously.

Confident right, you know that’s part of it.

You’ll still go out.
Let’s say you show up to one of his shows like like they’ll, be out and um and they’re all dancing.

Music’s going you’ll see the the the wallflower right you.
We know that it’s the person who’s too scared to go out but loves to dance but they’re sitting there, the leg bouncing, but like man, i don’t want to get for anybody, i’m embarrassed.
I don’t want to embarrass myself.

I don’t want to embarrass myself, but then they see somebody like stephen go out there and steven just crush it.

Having a good time smiling, then they start dancing a little bit more now they’re getting closer to dance floor they’re like oh man.

Maybe i should get out here.

I don’t know, i’m feeling it.
I feel this music and then they see somebody else dancing when they see somebody else, then their friend jumps in right, then they kind of and then they might even get pushed in a little bit.
They walk in, they do a little and then they go out and start laughing like.

I know i’m silly.
I can’t dance but everyone’s like that was dope and they’re like yeah.
It was kind of maybe i should next thing.

You know they’re out there like get it, get it get it and then they come back up, but that’s only 30 seconds like yeah and all of a sudden they’re like the one who just stays out there they’re out there.

You know they’re killing it.
But that’s.

That’s what it takes.
Sometimes, sometimes you have to put your toe in realize the water isn’t that cold.
Then you put your whole leg in you’re.

Like you know what man i feel this i really want to go swimming.
Then you get to your waist level and you’re like yo yo.
This is pretty awesome.

I really needed it.
It’s a hot day.
I needed some cool water.

Then you’re, like you, know what i’m going to dump my head in this water.
I’m gon na put it all in there, i’m gon na, give it all, and when you do it’s like so refreshing it break, it makes you smile.
You can’t but help be in a positive attitude and that’s what that whole thing is about it.

It helps the cont the confidence around the people that are there bring the confidence out of the other ones, and then they start to get more confident.
Next thing.
You know they’re at the next show they’re the first ones on the dance floor they’re at the next show, to bring in three of their friends with them right friends that need that same thing, friends that need that encouragement.

Friends who need that confidence, but that person has more confidence, hey man, you need to go check.
This thing out.
I was out there popping and locking i was breaking it down.

Everyone was like whoa.
You guys need to come out man.
I know you can have fun it’s a good time.

It’s good music, it’s good people and it’s great great fellowship.
So it’s folks.
It’s amazing, if you’re doing something like that in your community, kudos to you, if you’re not find some way to do something like that.

For your community, you know it’s always a good thing to help out the local youth, the local elderly, the local people doesn’t matter just go out there and be more, have fun, encourage other ones smile, even if it’s just you walking into walmart, and you smile at Everybody you see that will change.
I know we got mass on guys, but we all know what smiles you see the eyes, the eyes give it away.
Man, you see the mask, move, upwardly and the eyes kind of squint.

Like that’s a smile.
I over exaggerate.
My smile now so people know i’m smiling like.

I want people to know.
When i walk in, i see them.
I want them to smile, so i give them.

I tell them.
I’m smiling under here like overly like hey, zayn, everything’s, good, excellent right so be that person keep growing and be more man.

So now it’s awesome folks.

I know we’re talking about the up four yeah.
I want to show you something so yeah because you don’t know who’s watching.
This is one one time where the uh we had some of the newspaper show up to where we were at.

This was during a festival uh, who you see right there with his arm up, that is uh chris black, who is doing some incredible stuff, dj wise uh right now, uh you see jaquez who’s.
Jaquez has a lot of videos.
You can go to op4 o-p-f-o-r um check them out on facebook, check, check them out and see what it is that they’ve done over the over the years.

I mean the years uh of of encouraging, but just this this picture alone that they captured.
Where this is.
This little kid that’s looking at the dance floor and seeing chris do his thing and and be able to stretch that little boy eventually did get out there on the floor and did a whole bunch of spinnies and everybody gave the uh.

Oh, my gosh, that’s so cute, that’s so cute, but this right here was a great opportunity uh for for these young men to get out there and share their art with the community that beautiful what ended up happening there.

If you look to the other side of that picture, it was a filled crowd.
The entire downtown of etown was was packed and people were just sitting there watching them do their thing.

But if you let somebody know that what they have and what they dream about has value.
You will never be able to stop them from achieving great things, especially if they know.
Somebody else believes that it’s in there too and they’re encouraged to do so.

So i encourage you guys to to utilize what you have and that’s your voice.
You can use it to build up or you can use it to cut down, and i highly encourage you to do the first.
Let’s build people up.

Why not make sure that they know they have value, make sure that they know their dreams when you’re, when you’re knocking people down you’re, knocking yourself down folks, just so you know taking your own life, that’s all you’re doing you know you you, you may not realize You’re doing it, it may seem like you’re putting yourself in a better position, but at the end of the day, it’s it’s taking you down when you, when you put anything out there, that’s negative.
It’s going to bring negative back to you.
Lou mentioned it earlier.

You know you put positive to get positive, you put negative, you get negative you’re gon na you attract what you put out there in the universe, all right.
So if you want all that, love look for that love and i’m not saying be different than who you are but dig down, deep and really soul search, you know, do do having that type of feeling is having that type of feelings.
Is that wrong? No is is having a bad day wrong too.

No, it’s having any negative thoughts wrong.
No, it’s not! Folks! We are human beings once again imperfect.
None of us are we strive.

We all want to be there.
We want to be tens most, whoever bees nines.

Okay, because if you were all tens once again, how boring would this world be? Everybody in this planet was perfect.
Nobody was everybody was exactly the same.
No one messed up.

How much fun would this world be? What would you learn? That’s like it’s like a guy who wins everything he does and doesn’t never lost ever cool, but does he really know what winning’s like no it’s like when a tree falls when a tree falls in the woods, does it really make a sound i’m just saying if No one’s there to listen to it, i’m explaining, but for real guys, it’s you know so to to tag that so gabe.
I’m talking about my youngest son again happy birthday devon.
My oldest son is 25 today, but my youngest son gabe uh he’s his he’s.

Smashing people right now by jackie uh inside of wrestling, but his very first match this year was a pin.
You know he by him.
He got pinned you know what i mean so he could have beat the guy had the availability to beat the guy got pinned by him and from that is taking that loss to say i am going to crush everybody that gets across the window.

But that’s what he’s doing right so i mean, but he and then he went back against the same person that pinned him first, so everybody that he’s faced he’s beat and he he i mean it was such a fight for him to uh to enjoy that.
He was going to dominate.
He was not going to put himself in that position again and he was going to face the person who defeated him.

Some of you have that inside of your life, you have to face the person that is opposing you and stopping you from your growth.

I encourage you keep pushing through that.
Sometimes it’s a wrestling match.

Sometimes it’s something you’re going to have to find a way to move you’re going to have to roll with some of the punches you’re going to have to take a little bit of the pain and you’re going to have to put yourself in a vulnerable spot.

To be able to find yourself gaining the victory, but i assure you it’s worth it: it’s definitely worth fighting for win or lose.

If you never try.

I promise you you’ll regret that more than you will winning or losing and here’s what i mean by that.
Just talking about you, brian yeah, what’s up brian so yeah we were you know so for me, for example, i always i always retro spec back to my life as a young person.

So when i i try to tell this – and i try to instill this in my son high school years right, like i regret so much my sophomore year, i was in the middle of basketball tryouts and i just decided not to go anymore, not because i didn’t Think i was gon na make the team, because i probably would because i was pretty good and i’m still pretty decent, but but because i was, i think i was more interested in hanging out with some females right.

So i was like what i it was silly.
It was like you know, i was a sophomore in high school.
I was just kind of you know, hormones right, so i was like i’m gon na go hang out with my girlfriend.

Instead of going to my tryouts, who cares about basketball? Well, you talk about.
I’m 42 almost in march one month away from being 42, and i still talk about it so that just lets me know that i regret that.
So you have to always try whether you fail when whatever you have to try you’re going to regret not doing something over.

Did i do it and i failed.
I don’t there’s nothing that i’ve ever done and failed that i’m like man.
I wish i didn’t try that there’s not one thing.

I could go back my whole life, you know everything i, if anything i wish i would have tried harder right and that that’s what that’s the regret.
The regret is way worse than failure.
Your guys are going to find that out as you get older, if you’re, not, if you don’t have that feeling inside you, some of you guys may know exactly.

It may resonate with you right this moment.
You know exactly what i’m talking about and something that you’ve preached, but don’t live with regrets.
That’s the that’s the thing that you’re going to do in the last hours of your life you’re going to sit there and think about all the regrets.

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