so , , what’s going on car guys and car gals and all you solutionaries good morning, good morning good morning, this is morgan, ramirez, the car guy, and this is fred lennart’s, the subprime hero.

You are brewing solutions on the car guy coffee podcast.
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We just got now out of the club.

We just left the clubs yeah.
We just left the club, that’s right, yeah! You can find me in the club house, in the brewing solutions, clubhouse room for improvement, that’s right and we had some serious solutionaries that jumped into the room, so inspired uh, just to see where the different conversations can weave their way into and we’ve had a great Time doing it, but right now we are live and we want to make sure that you get the chance to up shift and uplift your day and if we can do it by jazzing you up with a good cup of coffee and a good conversation.

Well, let’s do it, we got ta, go ahead and get our coffee going.

So do us a quick favor again go! Let a car guy and a car gal know what’s going on we’re gon na.
Let you enjoy this one.
Forgive focus fly announcement on our initial intro still working on the next one, because there’s so many people we got ta fit in but enjoy this bringing it back to the old school season.

One video: let’s go: , [ Applause, ], , [, Laughter, ]; oh , [ Applause, ], , , wow, , wow, , , , yo.
I know our intro is getting crazy.

It’s an amazing thing.
We got so many amazing sponsors.
You know.

Obviously we want to bring it out.
I’m going to go and vocally talk about my sponsors, really quick.
We got elite, fi partners, man, great people out there, michael w w dot elite f.

I partners.
com make sure you also check out think ad group make before you think before you add, you must think.
That’s right right, so think ad group make sure you check them out www.

We also have dealership toolkit love them same thing.

Com, exogloss exogloss is a great company.

Also folks, if you’re looking to make that appearance better you get with glass www.

I believe.
That’s the website, honestly, i can’t believe i don’t know that 100, it just came off the top, but i’m pretty sure i’m right.

The last but not least, my good friend jason garris’s company, the next cell, app folks, if you guys, haven’t been checking out the next lap reach out to lou and i we can go and give you demos on it.

It’s an amazing amazing business.

It’s a way to keep your dealership and your sales people accountable and also help them get to the next level.

Accountability is the only way you can keep growing folks, i’m telling you that right now, that’s right.

Learn that know that that’s right so good morning, good morning and good morning, how you all doing man yeah.
So we are ready to get going.
I know lou’s trying to get caffeinated.

So if you need to go grab that cup of coffee sound like it just finished, it’s almost ready, so it’s delicious! So we we are ready to go.
We just got done with the clubhouse.

The club brewing solutions in the clubhouse room for improvement.

What a great morning we had, we had martial artists in there world champions multiple time, world champions.
We had ultimate fighters that came on and were in the tough competition to try to make it.
I’m telling you what a great show it was to talk about improving and how one percent is such a big deal.

You know we preach this every single day.
I’m not the only one.
Don’t get me wrong.

This isn’t like anything, i’m telling you isn’t something i just made up.

It might be worded the way.
I would word it, but these are things that we’ve both learned.

These are things that every one of us have heard before.
Sometimes it’s good just to hear it.

It’s a reminder that refresher, we all need that every single morning, there’s alex he just jumped in here this morning, alex was there this morning.

Thank you, charles higgins.
We also see facebook user, i’m gon na.
Guess, that’s dj because he’s the only one i know does the hashtag f3 akg.

He knows.
What’s up, that’s just in case you all, don’t know what hashtag f3 akg it’s hashtag forgive focus, fly for the three f’s and then and keep growing.

So that’s what’s up folks matter of fact: let’s get to that really quick folks, let’s, let’s get this day going, the only way you can get this day going is, if you do apply, the three f’s apply them make sure that you wipe off the weight of Unforgiveness, whether it’s to somebody that’s wronged, you, whether it’s to somebody that’s harmed you or it’s to you that gets inside of your own way.

We encourage you to wipe off the weight of unforgiveness so that you can free up your hands in order to put the blockers on and to gain ton of vision on what it is.

You need to focus on and after that you can release and you can fly, get that faith to step out fly and keep growing so join us real, quick.
All you solutionaries out there as we forgive focus and fly together.

One two three forgive focus, fly and keep so folks.
Thank you for being here this morning.
I hope you guys are encouraged to keep doing your thing.

We’re pumped up we’re motivated this morning we’re going to talk about what’s coming up with the car guy coffee podcast.
That’s right this thursday morning, just so, you guys know i’m gon na go ahead and announce it.
This thursday we’re interviewing our good friend from cox, communications.

Now doug.
We had to get permission.
We had to go all the way up to cox, chain of command, to get permission for him to come on our show and we just got the okay.

So i’m excited about it.
Thursday morning doug thurston we’re going to come in here we’re going to talk about a lot of stuff, but man he’s got.
His he’s got his finger on the pulse of chuck’s communications.

Folks, if you don’t know who they are, they own dealer track they own nadia.
They they pretty much are the car business right and they they help get this business moving.

Whether it comes to the values of your cars, how we actually submit our deals, all that stuff done through cox, communications.

They are huge, so it’s good to have him on the show i’m excited doug is doug, is a great supporter of the car guy coffee, podcast he’s also a great friend, but he’s also a force to be reckoned with, and i’m looking forward to having this conversation With him, you know, i heard his voice for the first time.
This was so crazy about social media.
I heard his voice for the first time last week after, like almost a year of knowing him wild, but it’s really cool to hear it, and i know that he’s got a lot to offer.

He’s also got somebody that i think may be coming on the show with him, jackie, and i think jackie, i don’t know if it’s coming on the show or if somebody were going to get on the show later.

All i know is that she is his boss right and she’s.
Awesome too she’s been following us too.

She’s actually helped us get him on the show.

She told me what i needed to send.
She was more excited than doug was about it, so we’re going to get jackie on the show, i’m excited about having her on the show, because she is a autumn, a female, a woman in the automotive business.

That is a force to be reckoned with.
His exact words from doug, so i’m excited about having her on folks.
You guys should get excited about it too, because i know that it’s going to be a great one.

So thursday morning, seven people on i mean check this out folks, all these people that have been solutionaries with us that they’ve been brewing uh.
These are incredible people that we do love.
We do honor, oh yeah, that’s what i’m talking about so as lou goes over here and stirs up his cup of coffee for for to get it going.

I’m gon na talk about all these people.
We have you know this.
If you look at this picture, this is what we call season uno season one.

These are the beautiful faces of all the solutionaries that came on and shared ideas.
They gave their why’s, they told us why they do what they do.

They told us how they got to where they’re getting to who their mentors were.

They also told us their failures and their rewards, and all this amazing stuff that people need to talk about, and i feel so fortunate i’m going to show you guys something really beautiful.
Really quick, as i pull, i don’t even know how to pull it off, never mind.
I didn’t get there in time.

Lou was walking by with the two cups of coffee, one in each hand, double fisting, it loving it, but now we’re gon na get caffeinated with you guys.
Welcome to the show.
Oh you guys can see.

I don’t know if you guys have noticed that our our cafe looks a little different.

We’ve got some slide upgrades right now, as you can see over here, and i want to throw some love to our sponsors, because without them we wouldn’t have these upgrades without them.
We wouldn’t be able to share our voices deep in as far as we’ve been able to do it.

So thank you so much, but you know quick, shout out this tv right behind us.

This is this was taken care of by exogloss.
They made this appearance so much nicer right.

So if it wasn’t for exo gloss, we wouldn’t be having this beautiful tv to show all our sponsors pictures our swag, all this cool stuff, we’re just trying to get you guys more information.

I thought this was really nice to throw in the background we also got.
Let me change the camera angle, because man i’m gon na, tell you.

We are very we’re just so fortunate and we love growing, and i want to show you guys how we’re growing, as you can see, to the this side of lou.
You guys noticed that car guy coffee logos on that brick yeah, you guys remember, we threw out a post and we said hey, which one is the best one.
This is what you guys pick number two.

This was the one that everybody thought was the best one.
So what people are going to stand in front of so when you see us at different events, when people are allowed to be around other people, it will be right.
We are going to have this right there with us.

You’ll get the chance to take uh.
Take your picture show that you are part of the solution.

Uh and uh.

We’re just excited that we’re gon na have this awesome wall uh, my wife really loved it.
When i built it in our living room, the first time, it’s huge, it’s a lot of fun, but it’s really neat.
You guys can’t see the back side, but this thing is super transportable.

We could take it anywhere.
We want it folds up into basically like a two and a half foot by like one foot like yeah duffel bag.
You stick it on there everything’s good, so we can take it to all the shows.

So when we do interviews folks, that’s gon na be our backdrop like right now, you see right, i got we got this behind us as the backdrop right with the lights.
That’s cool, that’s a permanent thing! I can’t take that everywhere.
I go this right.

Here is movable we’re going to take that with us.
It’s going to be what you see when we hit up the future nadas and looking for the digital dealers and and the game changer conference with el patron.
You know what i’m saying 10 times we’re going to be at all these, because we are excited about going out and sharing this and be able to interview people face to face, because we’ve done a lot of interviews this last 12 months virtual, which has been great Zooming through it, technology is an amazing thing, and i think that is the way to do it, especially with as busy as most car people are as busy as most entrepreneurs or people who are growing.

Are we got to use the technology, but when we get to these conferences, there’s going to be a lot of people there that we know, i can’t wait to redo follow-ups with them.
That might be the whole purpose of these interviews, just for follow-ups, in-person follow-ups right.
I can’t wait to do that so um yeah, so we got those things.

Obviously you guys can see.
We got the road caster.
You know this over here to the left that was brought to you by.

I think our sponsor that we used on that one was on that one.
That was definitely a dealership toolkit.

Oh announcement, dealership toolkit announcement.

The way that we like to show the different avenues that each of our sponsors have it’s, what it is that they bring to the table and when you see the graphic – and you see the small video of what dealership toolkit does for dealerships it’s inside of this Giant room for improvement, which every dealership has to understand that they have, but sometimes things and the things that we want to do.
We tend to put them in a box.
We put our sales people in a box.

We put our managers in a box.

Sometimes we take our ideas and we throw them into a box and when you add a little bit of a caffeinated culture to it, it explodes and when first setting up this wall, my dog lost his mind, not knowing what was going on because of how fast The it expanded and exploded it went from this one tiny little thing to a giant wall and it’s it’s it’s exciting, but for them to make sure that we have the infrastructure in place to keep bringing you the right tools that every barista needs when they’re brewing Solutions uh, we are just so thankful thankful for dealership toolkit, i’m thankful for everybody, all these incredibles and but here’s the thing without the amazing guests that lou popped up earlier all those pictures.
This would never been possible.

Thank you all for coming on the show.
Thank you all for sharing your stories.
Thank you all so much for bringing content and value to the world content and value not just to the car business, but to people who are trying to grow.

I want to thank you all for that.
I see there’s a lot of comments coming up right now.
You know we got michelle back on here this morning.

Good morning again, you know jason garris came on here.
You don’t see his name on the thing, but i i know it’s him, i’m looking it up.
He says boom have a great day, guys i’m trying to brew.

That’s my dog, he says forgive focus fly he.

He pointed out that this over here is beautiful.
Thanks man.

I appreciate that you got you got erica jones in here.

That’s right! What’s up erica, how are you and hashtag rad? That’s all i got to say: hashtag, rad, bruh, so loving it good morning.
Everyone man, so we’ve had a great morning so far started off at 7.

This morning, eastern time on the clubhouse, we had a lot of fun.
We were talking so many amazing people and i have a feeling some of those people we talked to i’m going to have on this show.

I really want to get that tough challenger on here, because i think that would be really cool he’s from the main area.
He’s got that whole main lobster.
Lama got a monster.

Lobster he’s got an accent, he’s also a he’s also an entrepreneur.

He he was a businessman who owned restaurants for a long time fought, did all that stuff to help promote it.

Then he went into the car business because business.

You know restaurants started falling apart due to what’s going on in the world right got in a car business and he’s been sells one of the months since he started hoorah right, and he talked about that.
He was you know.
Maybe from it is it’s that confidence.

There’s something about having self-worth confidence before you even get in this business that will help you accelerate in this business faster than most.
You know, i know lou when he first got in the business.
He had the swag about him.

He was a you know.
He was a guy in the army who was soldier of the year.

He was soldier of the year.

He had kids, he was raising him people loved him.
He was doing the right thing so when he got into the car business he already knew.
I always do good at everything i do so.

I’m probably going to do good at this and not and not a too swag like not too much like a overly confident guy, but knew that it was going to be good, knew that this opportunity was something that he was going to exceed at.
You know much like almost like for me.
I know growing up my whole life, almost everything and don’t take this the wrong way, but almost everything i try.

I was good at i’m not great at everything, but i’m good.
I’m like the jack of all trades, not master of none, that’s what i am and i’m okay with that.
I love learning a lot of different things.

It keeps me from being bored.
It’s that whole keep growing thing.
That’s why it works so well for me, because i think that’s what i’ve been doing my whole life, when i don’t do that.

I get really like i’m dying.
So very big deal to me.
So i i’m real excited seems more clearer than facebook yeah.

That’s crazy! Yeah, so it’s okay, that’s! Okay! It depends on what platform you you listen to us on and we’re we’re available for as many as we can get on uh.
But i want to quick shout out to my brother, joey joey.
Thank you so much for joining us for those of you who don’t know my brother is deployed.

He is in the middle east right now and he keeps finding a way to brew solutions uh with his brothers over here.
We appreciate it and speaking of martial arts.
I got the chance to talk a little bit uh this morning, joey in the clubhouse with some uh martial artists that compete that have been on shows and uh joey actually was inside of a competition.

He found himself on a podium uh.
I think it was an air force or a multi.
You might clear this up for me joey, but a multi competition between and inside of the martial arts.

So you did a great job competing there.
Joey spent way more time studying muay thai than i had the chance to um.
I did it in my later years.

He was inspired.
He got involved, got trained by extreme lacosta too got built up and did some incredible, incredible things uh and and made sure to to bring that into his transition in doing the clinton rigs right there.
His transition into the uh, the air force and uh.

He had a great time still throwing people around doing it, and you would never see it coming joe.
You lucky, i wasn’t in that ring dawg you lucky.
I won in that ring the european.

What was it the european championship kusuwan? So that was a korean championship.
A korean martial arts championship, it sounds like with the kusu one that sounds very korean to me.
Um, but that’s awesome man.

You know because martial arts, it translates all things so you get in there.
You just got to follow the rules.
That’s the thing about competition.

It’s not like a street fight, there’s no rules of street fight.
When you get to competition, martial art to martial doesn’t matter what it is.
You just got to follow that rule and when you’re yeah he says yep it is korean.

Thank you.
I appreciate you for throwing that out there um.

Obviously i do taekwondo so that juan you know like the kooky one and all that stuff, that’s like all korean terminologies, but anyway um, but the but like when you’re doing martial arts there’s just rules.

So if you can’t kick certain places, you can’t punch somebody in the face all those rules can you got to follow them so long as you abide by those rules? You’re, fine, no matter what martial arts you’re in you can do very well, if you’re an expert, if you’re, not an expert, the thing is to go in there and have fun like everybody always asks me.

Do you think taekwondo is better than this martial art? No, i don’t think there’s a martial art, that’s better than another martial art.

What i think there is is there’s martial artists that are better than other martial artists, so you can have a taekwondo martial artist.

That is amazing the best and just because he does taekwondo.
Doesn’t mean he was if he would have done karate if he would have done brazilian jiu jitsu, if he would have done muay thai, he probably would have been the best and that too it’s a martial art thing.
It’s the chi inside the energy that you have.

The ability to grow the ability to adapt and learn the ability to put that work in and be consistent, and that’s what that’s, what great martial artists are, doesn’t matter.
What that’s why you see a lot of these mixed martial artists, who have like a taekwondo background going to jiu-jitsu, become a brown belt jiu-jitsu because they have that inside them? It’s it’s.
They want to learn, they’re, not they’re, not open to oh, this is it.

We all know as martial artists, that there is no other martial art.
I just practice taekwondo, i’m not saying it’s better than his muay thai that he learned, though one-on-one i’m just playing, but it’s all about it’s just about the person right.
It really is, and it’s about what you know and it’s the biggest thing about martial arts that it’s done for me and i think it does for young people across the country is the confidence, the self-confidence.

It builds and that’s something we talked about in the clubhouse.
How much confidence martial arts was building for these people? For these there was a couple women that were world champions, one who didn’t start martial arts to her 30s.
I believe in her she’s, going into her 40s now and she’s doing in her 40s competing in her 40s 20 year olds, yeah and she’s and she’s doing very well.

You know there was one younger.
Both named were nicole, which was really cool.

One was younger and she was like.

Oh no, she may be older, but she gives me a run for my money and that’s when i was like well, it’s because we’re smarter, we don’t.
We don’t think we don’t work as hard.
We know the little things, but anyway beautiful thing: martial arts awesome.

So i’m glad we got to talk about that this morning and it’s fun to be able to talk about it right now, hey julio’s on here, what’s up julio, he was on the thing this morning.
Man we appreciate you for being here, mr elite, rising grinder himself.
You know part of the same club, that’s what i’m talking about good morning so lou.

I know that we talked about thursday.
I know we have an episode coming up thursday.
We also have podcasts that we’re releasing currently right now, that’s right right now, if you want to go, listen to our podcast anywhere out there.

You know whether it’s spotify, whether it’s you know, um apple, a podcast if it whatever you want to listen to google podcast, we’re there we’re everywhere and right now we are currently doing terry tour line with exo blast terry’s, one of our sponsors, but, most importantly, he’s One of our really good friends: he was a good friend well before he was a sponsor and but now he’s a great sponsor and he loves what we’re doing.
We love what he’s doing so.
It’s kind of a amazing partnership here, but he came on the show.

We got to interview him, which was a whole lot of fun.

He dropped a whole bunch of great knowledge his why the whole thing so make sure you guys go check out his five liner.
It’s great, he terry is everything.

Man he’s a good person.
If anything he’s somebody that you should talk with, because he will pump you up man good day, michael dooley, hey, hey mate, what’s up man guys, we got people all over the place.
I don’t know if you guys haven’t seen that, but we got car guy, coffee, swag, all the way in australia, he’s been wearing he’s wore a couple of our shirts to keep growing, and then he had the car guy coffee.

Michael i’m going to send you some more stuff man because you’ve been wearing that so nicely that it’s not even like it’s just sitting there collecting dust.
So i’m going to send you some more stuff here soon, a coffee mug.
I don’t know if i’m able to send coffee internationally yeah.

We can we with our partnership.
We are able so we’re gon na i’m gon na.
Send you some coffee, too bro cause you got.

Ta have some of our coffee and let you have some of that.
So you could have some of that going down there down under try that try that australian water in it see how much better it tastes right.

But it’s true man it is.

It is just just fun being able to see all the cultures that do get connected.
We have a lot of solutionaries that are finding ways to help out not just their community, but as they start helping people locally, they start to find out that they have a bigger reach all over the place until eventually they are bathing inside of a culture of Problem solving and my man, michael dooley, takes it uh to the pinnacle and everything that he does.
He says he’s gon na bathe in our coffee.

I love it.
That’s my that’s! That’s the next cologne car guy cologne is gon na smell, like dude.
That don’t think we’re not gon na, don’t think we won’t come out with the cologne because we might have to do it.

You know what i’m saying have a little coffee notes on it: a little commercial yeah.
Oh, it’s like middle of a car deal they’re saying! No and then you’re going for a turn as soon as the customer smells you know, okay i’ll buy it i’ll buy it.
You don’t even say one more since you’re gon na say we’ll [, __ ] we’ll buy it.

Okay, we got it.
Okay, we’ll do it right.
What is that car guy cologne first pencil, that’s what it should be called, so we got michelle maltese on here.

Thank you.
What’s going on sis she’s on here right now saying nice, the copy is fantastic.
I know she knows because she’s been drinking, it she’s been drinking it up and she even has our cup.

I love that on the clubhouse she’s holding up our cup while she in her picture.

Thank you.
That’s such an honor! Honestly, you don’t understand michelle.

How much i know i haven’t had a chance to tell you, but you don’t understand how much that means to me like to see you post that like having that that’s a big deal like you’re awesome, and we appreciate that you that you have that kind of Love for us, because we have that kind of love for you, michelle, so anything you ever need.
You know the deal holler at us yeah.
I know jason will rock that cologne, jason jason.

You know you rock that cologne you’ll be the first one.
We send a bottle to too man [ Laughter ], but no, but on the real tip folks, look you know we’re trying to keep get this day positive, get it moving, and i appreciate everybody for being here.
We have a great audience going on right now, um.

These are great people that are commenting, throwing some great comments.
A quick favor everybody cheers throw some quick cheers.

While we’re going live to see everybody, that’s in here, because we’re we’re straddling different uh platforms, but we would love to honor you we love to say hello.

We love to share a cup of coffee with you.

So do us a quick favor, throw a coffee emoji into the comments and uh.
You can still tag a car guy target car gal.

Let them know that you’re in here um, we are excited yes, jason.
The cologney would be fun to create and we’re always finding a room to grow.
So if we get some car guy cologne going, we might do some of that uh.

But you know there might be a couple other things that are brewing, but speaking of things that are brewing, it’s one thing to smell good, it’s another thing to make sure that your appearances are right, and this week we are talking with terry tour line.
You are going to hear him on the podcast.
Listen to him.

You see a couple videos thrown out there uh just talking about the the cool nuggets and gems uh that he’s dropped into the cafe, but he is a solutionary that finds a way to make other people look and feel better about themselves.
He helps to moderate the bruin solutions room for improvement in the clubhouse um.
He helps to keep that flowing, but he’s always bringing insightful upshifting uplifting thoughts and words, and that’s something that you cannot cheers cheers.

That’s something that you cannot put a a value on.
You can’t put a dollar sign on that.
You can’t uh, you can’t ever get to the point where you’re thinking that uh you’re good just on your own, without giving the chance for somebody else to be able to pour into you and usually in most case scenarios.

Everybody that does want to pour into you wants to put something good in.
They usually see something inside of you that you can’t see – or you don’t see as well and terry is great about being able to help make sure to highlight what it is that you’re doing good.
I mean the most valuable time that i’ve had with terry has just been sitting on the phone pouring out our our dreams and our hopes and the things that we want to get done.

And then just hearing him give a genuine uh acknowledgement to the work that we’re doing and encouraging it, and that goes way farther than you know.
Uh one thing that our friend glenn lundy is is big about making sure that you put inside of your morning five or inside of your routine, is that you do send out a message to people and let them know uh just let them know something.
Just send an encouraging message out to somebody.

Usually what i try to do is try to pick somebody that i haven’t talked to in a little while and and send them a message just tell them that i’m thinking of them tell them that i’m praying for them.

Uh tell them that i saw uh their post or sit tell them that i saw that picture just something intentional about that person.
Send that out.

You’ll! Be amazed what that does for somebody else, but then what it also does for you and and how it encourages you to when you pull goodness out of you, it becomes habitual.
You keep going that’s why sometimes i don’t shut up, because i want to keep encouraging and encouraging and encouraging, and while we’re doing this, thank you so much everybody for raising up a mug, yeah man there’s been a lot of people, throwing the cheers out there, and I think every one of y’all, you know, we’ve we’ve had a you know.
So far.

It’s the ninth of february we’ve had a great year.
So far everything’s been going as planned.
We have a lot of great stuff coming up in the future.

I have some great conversations coming up in the next few days with some dealers.
I’m just really excited about the future of car guy coffee, ramblin, llc um.
You know we we, we have a lot of things and i think our future’s bright much like everyone else’s future and i think we’re all doing it together, which is even the coolest thing, and it’s made it a lot easier for us to get excited about it.

You know um, you got douglas thurston’s on here.
Right now couldn’t miss this.
We were just waiting through the speakers in the oh silverado, that’s my dude yeah! So douglas is going to be on the show we mentioned earlier, he’s going to be on the show this thursday, i’m excited about having him on folks.

It’s going to be some great information.
I know he’s excited.
We’ve been we had like.

I said we had to get permission to get this episode to work and it worked out and it worked out perfect on the day that we actually decided to make it happen.
We got richie bello on here, too, be kind everyone, so for those of you that are veterans uh, there is and i’ll give this exclusive right here.
On the car guy coffee podcast, there is an app that’s coming out for shop.

Smart autos! That’s going to help uh veterans that are transitioning into the workforce to be able to have an app to be able to use to handle the things that are needed inside of your car business career and to have access uh to dealership inventory.
There’s a lot! That’s in there our friend, richie bellow is an incredible solutionary.
That’s always finding a way to help other businesses out and we’re just thankful that we get the chance to hear about what he’s working on, and i just honor the friendship that we have richie bellow go check him out.

Folks, if you don’t know about him.
Well, you can go to car dot, guycoffee.
com! Listen to the brew that he’s on find out what that man is all about and uh you can go ahead and see what things he’s been working on, but richie is, is one that likes to be behind the curtain.

A little bit he’s doing a lot of things he’s very, very, very intelligent and uh, but he finds a way to brew solutions.
Speaking of somebody, that’s always brewing solutions, our friend and our partner as well from elite fi partners.
My man, my brother, mr michael offmyth, from elite fi, my dude, my man, i got ta, give him a little bit of this.

He needs a little bit of a better intro.

Oh got ta turn it up a little bit and give him one of these .
I love it man, it’s really good stuff.

Folks, i want to throw a quick announcement, we’re getting ready to drop all new swag, i’m going to be putting a lot.
I know i don’t we don’t try to sell stuff, but this swag.
What this swag does it’s going to be seasons? 2.

It’s going to change.
We changed it up.
You know we were wearing that gray, bluish tip, which was beautiful.

I love that swag.
It looks good, we got the key, we got the inspiration you can see back there like the keep drawing shirt back here we got the forgive focus, fly shirts, we’re getting ready for a little twist on them, though we’re going with more coffee, colors yeah, we’re gon Na bring in those browns and those mute colors, those neutrals that are just really to be pretty, so we got some new swag once it does we’re going to obviously post some pretty cool pictures of it, but right now what we do have a season.

Twos bands in these right here for you guys on right now, if you just say you don’t need just put a picture of fire, two fire.

If you put two fire pictures up there or write fire fire, if you’re in a spot, you can’t we have two pictures bands.
Now, i’m gon na, send you guys a band.
All you got ta do is do that and then once we do that dm me, your address, i’m gon na, send it to you for free, i’m gon na.

Send you guys some bands.
These bands are brand new season, two bands.
These are a little bit nicer.

They’re a little bit fancier as you can see where the car guy cafe is pulling it up right there.
It says car guy cafe car guy coffee on the other end yeah.

These are embossed, so they’re gon na they’re gon na last, a little bit more.

You still got your forgive focus, fly and keep growing in the inside of the band.

This is for love.
This is, i love their people who are rocking these out there.

I absolutely love it.
You can see.
Lou’s wrists are full of different bands.

We support.
I you know, we have the you know the next cell lap with the game changer one.
You know, that’s something that we both love to rock.

We have the.
We also have the the rise and grind one also for with glenn, and then we have our own, and this is these new ones.
We have three four different colors.

I got.
We got this one that looks like coffee that was kind of what he showed you guys.

Then we got this one, that’s black and blue and red, and then we got a full red one, oh and this red one’s pretty hot.

I like that one, a lot.
I’m not gon na lie, firing it up down there.
There we go melissa, sent some some fire emojis facebook user who’s.

That who is it outside? I will find out firefighter we’ll find out who that is uh, but thank you so much for for jumping in here, but we want to send you some swag, but you can go get some swag also and usually, when you order something from the car guy coffee, Uh swag shop, we usually throw in some of these bracelets for you, but folks there’s.
This is pretty serious.
Actually i got ta say i love ours.

I love the next one.
I love the rise and grind my absolute favorite.
One that a son gave to me is this one right here, which is philippians 4 13.

I can do all things through christ who strengthens me.
This is my go-to i used to have the i am second one until it broke off, but this is my actual favorite one, but all of these are just a band of all of that, because you all can do all things you all can make things happen If you actually believe, if you focus and if you gather together the people that can band with you in accomplishing what it is that you want to accomplish, and they want to accomplish, i’m telling you you were going to have a fulfilled life beyond what you can.
Imagine – and it’s not going to be measured by money – it’s not going to be measured by the different things that you can acquire inside of life.

It’s going to be measured by the value inside of the relationships that you have with people.

We are constantly beating this drum of saying that relationship over revenue is how you’re going to find yourself feeling fulfilled.
Folks, like my man, el patron over here, he keeps doing big things.

He keeps making big jumps um inside of life, god does, but it’s not because he’s trying to find fulfillment it’s because he has a fulfillment already inside of him.
I was, i was thinking about it uh yesterday and i’m probably gon na make a post about it, because i was uh just heard about some news of a friend that that’s spending a little bit of time behind bars and uh.
It’s all of it’s unfortunate and – and i know what i when i had a door closed on me.

I earned every bit of that and i accepted that, and there is a question that i have for somebody sitting in a jail cell when i, when i went to the before they closed it down here, i used to go and speak inside of the uk local Juvenile detention facility – and i would challenge those young men because they were they’re they’re, all getting ready to start life and they’re already behind bars and the question that i would ask them outside of bringing the forgive focus, fly message.
I would ask them: what are you going to do with your freedom when you are free? What are you going to do with it? What’s going to happen, and i love and honor people like rudy that have got themselves into a position where they can constantly keep growing, but they find fulfillment inside of their commitment in their marriage inside of the blossoming life of their children and then take it from Mountain top to mountain top to mountain top inside of their business, and that’s something that we honor.
But i challenge you all you’re, not you may not you’re, not behind bars.

You know how i know: you’re not behind bars, because you’re listening to the car guy, coffee, podcast or you’re, watching it right now.
Okay, so true, i’m asking you true: what are you going to do with your freedom today? You are free.
Some of us are in the united states of america.

Some of us are in the middle east.
Some of us are in australia that are involved in this show right now, all together, but we all have the same 24 hours in the day and i’m asking you all: what are you going to do with it yep? What are you going to do with your freedom and what are you going to challenge yourself with because, ultimately, life without a challenge, it’s kind of boring, it’s kind of boring.
It’s like, like fred, was speaking this morning, uh about uh, some of the the people that he he may have may compete with if he was to compete in martial arts, and some of it might be a little too easy and and if it gets too easy For you well, then, you need to go, find you another challenge and that’s the fire in life that fire that challenge every great athlete every gay, great competitor like a tom brady right.

They try to find that next challenge go to a team.
That’s definitely not destined for greatness.

Go in there see what happens when you brew your solutions inside of it and see.

If you can’t get a ring on your finger, that’s the thing like he had to.
He made a huge change.
You know that’s something i wanted to touch on the other night and i forgot, because i wrote down in my notes, because we talked about tom brady, being the goat and all this stuff, but he literally left a team that he’s been his whole career with the Coach, that’s considered the greatest coach right.

Belichick, everyone loves some belichick.

He he said you know what i’m gon na move.
I’m gon na make this huge change, and you know a guy at his age, a guy that has his type of stats in his career.

Didn’t go there to just play.
He went there to win a championship, he went there and he made it happen.
He made a huge change and sometimes it takes a huge change, a huge commitment, a leap of faith, but when you know that you put the work in when you know that you put all the hard work that you’re supposed to do, you’re you’re, accountable, you’re, you’re, Ready that you’re you’re open to change you understand that life is inevitably going to be different than it was yesterday, no matter what make that huge commitment make that huge change.

Some of us are right now thinking.
I know it.
Some of us right now to include myself are sitting here going man.

I need him, i’m ready to make a huge change in my life, i’m ready to step forward and do something that’s going to make me super uncomfortable right, not a small talk about it.
Big change take notes from tom brady.
That change is okay, that even people are gon na doubt you even when you do it they’re gon na be like.

Why would you do that? Why would you go to tampa? Why would you go do that? The question is: why did new england allow that to happen? But that being said, why did he do that? Because he knew his best chance to win a super bowl champion to be a super bowl champion again for the seventh time mvp for the fifth time super bowl, mvp wow.
To do that, he had to make a huge change and he did it and he did it like.
I said with the leap of faith and he showed you that it’s possible even halfway through a season when people are like there, ain’t no way they could do it.

He still finished that season and won it all.
I love it.
They were clowning him.

They were man, they really were when he made that one mistake.
I don’t know if you guys remember that during the season where he thought it was third down, it was actually fourth or whatever it was yeah.
He was like i didn’t know.

People were like.
Oh he’s getting too old for this game.
No, that’s just called his new program.

He was.
He made one small mistake that that’s everybody makes mistakes, no one’s perfect! That’s why we have that room for improvement every tuesday morning right because that’s what it’s about, there’s always room for improvement, no matter if you’re tom brady, if you’re, michael jordan, if you’re you know elon musk, if you’re fretlin arts we’re not any of that, that’s what We all have to do tampa bay.
No doubt hey, you know, there’s a lot of people out there who are tampa fans who haven’t seen a championship in over almost two decades and they got to see one i’m a dolphins fan.

I haven’t seen one since the freaking 70s, so i haven’t ever seen one actually so that speaking of tampa, i mean um david villa who was another solution: yeah game, changer host, no doubt and uh auto dealer live.
He threw an incredible super bowl party.

I mean.

I i got to see just watch some of the live that he did.
He had incredible tents out there tv’s all over the place, man that look magnificent, shout out uh to david villa for putting on that big party.
I’m sure a lot of the congregation came together and just had a great great time, so i’m celebrating, with his kids again being able to have these great events.

Um are key pieces of life where we get to say hey, that’s a marking moment.
We can remember where we were what we were doing, who we were with what songs were playing and, and it always definitely helps when you throw that big party and the team that you’re cheering on wins and wins big time.
You know what i mean.

It always helps yeah it.
It definitely does you know it’s there’s something about that.

I love it when your team wins.

You know when you’re the other team it stinks, but at the same time graceful losers is what i got ta say they.
I could tell you one thing: you know when you’re talking about patrick mahomes as an individual player, the way he’s he is class act he’s a super bowl champion.

Just lost just lost to the greatest player to play ever.

He was one of the first guys to walk over to tom brady and congratulate him literally did not walk off.
The field upset went over there and congratulated him with mad class, with like mad respect, and i mean i read the lips but looked like tom brady said: stay in touch, because i because here’s, the thing tom brady, will mentor this kid.
Because tom brady knows how special patrick mahomes is, you know it? It’s a team effort.

Folks, you know tom brady, he didn’t win the super bowl by himself, his team.
His defense was unbelievable.
His, but you know his defense doesn’t play up to that type of level.

Unless they believe in the offense, you know you’ve seen that defense gives up, because their offense is not doing anything and offense gives up, because our defense is not doing anything.
It’s a team, it’s a team.
They came together.

They trusted tom brady to execute on the offense side, while tom brady trusted them to execute on the defensive side.
And then, when it comes to individuals, i mean look at patrick mahomes.
How many passes did he throw that night and that got dropped? One of the greatest looking past craziest, he was like getting ready to tackle he’s jumping in the air sideways.

He throws that ball.
Almost 30 yards hits the guy in the helmet.

He couldn’t catch it.

If he caught that pass, we would be talking.
I’m not saying he’s gon na win the game because of that pass, but it’d be a different outcome, not to mention it would have been one of the most highlighted reels that you would ever see if that was caught.

I think it’s a great highlight even without the catch, but with the catch there end zone, catch touchdown that would have been massive.

Like people had been talking about that past, for, like decades it was beautiful.
So all the effort, all the love to patrick mahomes, the chiefs amazing team – i mean you’re talking everybody from you, know every person in every position.
They’re amazing – i mean they’re super their ex super bowl champions.

They are no longer.
They are the runner-up this year.
But hey man, two amazing seasons back to back with just amazing players, just throwing up some crazy numbers.

You know tyreek hill kelsey.
All these players are amazing superstars.
I mean what do you think was a key piece that helped bring that together.

Inside of the team.
I know that looking at it as a as a team member that has superstars show up inside of the showroom or show up on the field, sure right and they have all this hype around them.

But the joy and the energy that came out of tom brady jumping onto a team gave everybody everybody the faith to be able to focus on truly becoming champions.

And i know when you’re being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars to play the the game that you love every time you step onto the field as the competitor competitor, that you are because that’s some other level stuff you’re jumping out there.
You got to play to win you’re playing to win, but there’s some times where you you understand who you’re playing against you understand what your team is capable of and what it’s not and when you don’t necessarily have that focus on we’re gon na go win.
The super bowl this year, but then somebody comes into the conversation that says: wait a minute we’re gon na get.

What like, how do people feel every time that uh lebron james was gon na jump on their team or what were those teammates like sitting on that team, but like what we’re getting lebron? We get lebron and everybody else on every other team is sitting there like what like, when demarcus cousins got teamed up with uh uh, who he went with the first time.
Demarcus cousins left he he was actually with golden state for a little bit right and he went from golden state to the lakers, but right when he went to golden state, that’s when they were like.
Are you serious? It’s a super chat.

Are you gon na? Do this yeah, but you know unfortunately, i’m a uk fan, unfortunately for demarcus he’s injury prone.
But when he’s not he’s one of the greatest centers to play the game period he’s a great great ball player.

Has defense has offense, but he is injury prone and everywhere.

He’s been in the last three years, he’s been on the bench, a lot due to injury, but when he comes out he’s a massive impact um, but you know good luck to him.
Man, i love demarcus cousins.
I know he’s got all the energy, but when you’re [ __ ], when you have a body of that size that physical you’re going to run into something yeah, i mean unbelievable, it’s wise to see a guy like lebron james, be as healthy.

As he’s been all these years to see and be able to play all these years to see that happen, it’s just it’s a phenom, it’s a phenomenal thing and he is a phenom and he is somebody that is an x factor.
I mean to have that kind of build that he’s.
Like almost 300 pounds, you know six foot, nine can jump out the gym 40 inch vertical, plus sleep can run faster than anybody on the court has ball handles.

Like he’s six foot tall, i mean unbelievable man, but that’s a lot, but that’s the nba these days.
That’s what you see.

That’s what you get you know.

So that’s! That’s! That’s sports, but that’s also inside of business right.
Remember, that’s a pretty big business! The the sports arena there’s a whole lot of money, shuffling around um to be able to bring that level of entertainment and the the key that team members do and why we make those correlations.
So much i mean even to the point where our sales people in our store are car.

Buying coaches right it having one personality, show up, starts to change the personalities all around it does, and it helps to encourage the faith that we can do bigger and we can do better and we can go to the next level and you’ll find out.
Inside of you there’s more and there’s greater, i know when i stepped onto the onto the showroom floor for the first time.
Greenpea didn’t know, nobody didn’t know nothing.

All that i knew was that somebody said you can make a lot of money.
That was the first thing.
Somebody said that all you really got to do is talk to people and then – and you don’t have to have any education, there’s no real class to take for this, which, speaking of just throwing it out there, we do want to create the carguy university because there’s Nowhere for people to really go get trained to then be plugged into the car business.

So that’s a quick exclusive for the bit of you that are still on with us this morning, but i do want to encourage you all be that person that helps to bring faith inside of the room that you’re in just like my man, david villa.
That’s right.
There on the screen – yes bree, the one that encourages people to believe better about themselves.

I mean so much that you took somebody that hung it up had a great career could have left it alone, went into retirement, went to moving on into doing his own stuff and then said, wait a minute, you’re aware and you’re doing what you know.
What i’m in i’m coming and i still got more to go pops out two touchdowns in the super bowl gronkowski.

I mean to take somebody like that.

That’s just the faith builder and i love it and you guys can be that it’s another one.

Those phenoms, though, he’s unbelievable.
You know we got you got douglas on here, hey douglas, while you’re, if you’re still here, man, real, quick doug.

I got a quick question.
I is you put a message out there and i should have replied back, but you said make room for jackie now i do want to put jackie on the show.
Are you talking about for this thursday morning? Have both of you guys on the show? If so, let’s do it, if not, we could always get her on another show and i’m always happy to interview her individually, but we could definitely, i definitely don’t yeah on car gal car guy.

All of it would love to interview on both shows and matter of fact, both you guys um, but i love this dude.
I love the show quantum leap um, so he’s talking about a book quantum leap strategy, jackie gifted me a book for christmas – and i just finished it last night – ironic that we’re on this topic this morning, yeah and yep.
So she is gon na come on awesome.

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