Hey hey here: we are: we’re live folks.

What’s going on, gals, welcome to the cafe what we are ready for a late brew.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy.
This is fredlin arts, the subprime hero and we are excited, ruin solutions on the car guy coffee.

Podcast, let’s go.
Are you really ready to have some fun hey? I don’t know what it is that you got going on, but one way or another.
We want to make sure that you get the opportunity to smile.

Get yourself ready, get yourself moving, get yourself down share this go ahead, share cards and do that share it with your car down.
Do it get a good cup of coffee? See you in a second two minutes, so wow yeah, oh boys, what’s up guys go ahead? Invite somebody, if you know somebody that’s up attack them, just go ahead and put their name in there and put a little puffy cup next to them and say: hey, you need to get up real, quick, get jazzed up with these car guys and uh.

Let’s talk about having some fun, we’ve got a couple of things that we’re excited about.

Actually we’re excited about man all kinds of stuff, but um these things that we’re excited about we’re going to be able to talk about maybe hint towards a little bit um.
But we want to make sure that uh you let everybody know that there are some big things getting ready to go down while the whole world is so scared about what’s happening uh.
As far as a pandemic is concerned, we are trying to sound the alarm to solutionaries, to continue to rise rise up.

Everyone rise up and get excited about the opportunities that you have to dig deep and grow like crazy.

Oh man, i don’t even know how to say it.
I like how you said that i do because you not to cut you off, but man.

It kind of makes sparked me to what i said a few minutes ago to you.
When i was talking about.
We were talking about those plans and stuff, i said, but for a second, let’s think the big picture.

You know here like these next couple of months.
You know we’re going to be at the two year or the one year mark of our show on the 20th of january it’ll be one year of us doing this we’re 10 months in almost now, and super excited guys um we’re excited to bring you guys all This fresh news, these these great interviews and all these things, but what we’re most excited about is the next two months um these next two months, we’re gon na we’re going we’re bringing we’re up shifting it a little bit more we’re putting it into that seven.

Here you know what i’m saying we are going for it.

We’re gon na be going really hard.
You guys are gon na be seeing car guy coffee everywhere.
You’re gon na see our products you’re gon na see us doing what we’re doing we’re gon na see more videos, you’re gon na see more content, more interviews, we’re going to go ham with it.

So the reason why is that i am anticipating some things.
You know i look at the best side scenario and the in the worst case scenario and i think, no matter what the worst case scenario is still a great scenario, because i find a solution for everything, we’re solutionaries right.
So what i’m thinking is best case scenario.

Everything’s going to be similar, the world’s not going to be any crazier kobe’s not going to get too much more crazy out there, people dealerships are going to still be open doing business.
The way they’re doing it worst case scenario we’re going to go back to where dealerships were before, where we’re kind of shut down for a little bit, you can’t bring people in solutions both ways we’ve been through it already guys.
I am not that scared about it.

What i’m, what i’m most excited about is both ways i have opportunity for major growth because i’m going to work really hard, no matter what i’m going to look at what i have control over i’m excited about that.
I’m super excited about the next two months.

Hope you guys are too get ready for some fun.

Oh shifting up lifting really what it is that we want to announce to all of you is that there are some key things that you’re going to be able to actually put your hands on.
And it’s not going to be you just being able to scroll through and maybe catch in a little bit of encouraging or a couple of a couple of exciting videos uh, whether you’re on a break in between customers in the bathroom, whatever it is.

You’re doing some cool stuff with your phone now and we want to help empower you with ways to do it to the next level.

So if you want to, if you think, you’ve seen us so far, you haven’t seen anything yet um, but we also are at the same time, trying to now get into a few of you get infused inside of you, like a good cup of coffee.
Yes, get infused inside of your way to amplify what it is that you bring again, you don’t want to be us, and we know with that.
That’s not ever what people are thinking.

You don’t want to be uh, even the the managers or the people that you in that you see in the gleam and emulate from you want to be the very best version of you.

You want to maximize the potential that’s inside of your beans, and we want to help put a couple of tools: water them a little bit and show you how great these things can become.
If you just apply a few consistent methods to what it is that you’re doing, and along with that, is going to come, the number one app for dealerships that is going to actually be able to help you do some of the prospecting that makes getting reviews simple, That helps making sure that your customer uh engagements is on point and consistent making sure that the way that you interact with your customer is the way that they’re wanting to be interacted with right.

Now we have the tool for you and we are so excited to uh to get the chance to talk about it a little bit more, but before we make any big big announcements and show you some really cool things, we got to do first, things.
First, everybody to make sure that we continue to keep growing, which is basically what the app we might almost have to put the addendum to like.
This is like to keep growing at right, um, but the only way that you keep growing is that you apply three f’s so that you can find your next sale.

What so get ready? Everybody eats film beans apply three apps on three one.
Two three forgive focus fly and keep growing, keep growing, keep growing all right, car guys, car gals guess what well before we go.
I do.

I know you’re excited man, so i got to pump the brakes.
Sometimes i want to say hi to everybody, michael julie.
Thank you all the way from down under appreciate you man, good day back to you.

You got michael landis man.
I love you michael landis, thanks for being here tonight, nathaniel banks.
Now he says that he he’s going to be going.

He has to get up at 3, 15.
man more power to you, my friend, he says he’s just one to jump on and show some love man.
I really appreciate that you have a great night get some rest.

My friend light it up.
Watch this on the replay later brother, then you got chris power gomez, one of our former guests.
Man love, you brother, he’s saying they just no.

They didn’t shut down the stores.
I was just talking about extremes.

It’s the worst extremes, no matter, many announcements are getting ready to kick uh here in kentucky yeah in kentucky everywhere is different.

Then you got michael dooley again with the you know it bro and then of course go go, go that’s right, and then you got.
Oh, our man right mr elite fi partners himself, which we’re excited to announce this brew has been brought to you by elite partners.
If you don’t really know about them.

Well, let me let me just go ahead and just jar you a little bit of a visual himself.
He is a solutionary out there, just trying to help people he’s doing some amazing stuff.
We appreciate you, love bruce, coming out thanks for dropping that video today of us glad you liked it man there’s a lot of footage on that.

I’m glad that you like that part of it too.
Hopefully, you can find some more of whatever you see there, but some seriously silly stuff yeah.
We were just having a good time.

Man and you know we love our sponsor.
We do apologize that that video came to you later than you’re supposed to, but i’m glad that you like what we did send.
So that’s all that matters right.

So folks, back to the lecture at hand yeah.
This brew is also brought to you by link and that’s right, uh.
You can get anything that you want from them on the information that it is that they’re containing that can connect you to your database of customers um just by going to thinkad group.

com, incredible solutionaries.

Justin, derek evelyn everybody over there is actually just just fantastic.
I can’t tell you uh the valuable relationships that we’ve been able to have, just by being connected to some great big thinkers that assemble a whole giant.

Think tank of serious solutions, everything tank guys, i’m so thankful, either all of them every thursday, every thursday nine pm go check them out eastern standard time.
It is a great great group to be part of it’s free and everyone can come.

It’s checking out.

It’s just a free networking spot man where you can go, learn, share or just listen.
I mean you could just be there.
There’s a lot of people who come from all walks of life.

We’ve got doctors that are going to be doctors in there.
We have you know: people who are from every type of i mean from from freaking um reality, television even been there.
You know, so we have those guests there and it’s an amazing thing, big thinkers.

A lot of people have articles and forbes right yeah.
You know people that have created the most the number one dealership app in the world: jason garris.
You know people that are you know seriously the game changers inside of the car business, el patrol.

You know it rudy right.
I mean some crazy people.
I mean bro super bowl champions, yeah david campbell.

I mean they put a few people inside of the think tank that if you get the chance to have access to these people, um just hanging out having uh sipping on something and talking about positive things in their business.

Well, i mean you’re kind of missing out, but it’s a great opportunity, great opportunity.

Oh man come on weekly you’re, going to see el patron on there most jason’s most likely is going to be on there.

There’s people like paul meyer that come on there on a weekly basis.
Now you got, i mean jason harris.
You know mr strategy mob himself up north.

You know, mr orange all right.
You guys know it the orange thai guy right.
What do we mean he’s on it he’s killing it? He comes on.

He comments.
A lot he’s a lot of fun to hang out with.
I enjoy him too bad he’s so far in canada.

We can’t hang out all the time.
Well, we’re going to catch a ride with him.

He’s got some big things going on and we definitely want to help caffeinate the uh.

The flow of that ride.
Yeah he likes coffee brews coming out soon too man there’s so many solutions.
So many things that we get the chance uh to to brew with so again um connect with them think tank, so thankful for you and and being the connection point to so many great things, including who we just brewed with the other day.

She is such a great solution.
She just returned from the caribbean as she was actually out at the uh, the coffee, farms and checking some stuff out, and we’re so thankful that the brand of coffee that you get to order and drink as a certified car guy coffee approved drinker of the caffeinated Consistency: um she’s, the person.
That’s actually going there physically meeting the people in the caribbean.

We can’t wait for us to jump on uh jump on a plane, go actually meet the farmers meet the people, but it tastes good too.
It smells good too.
It’s a great brew and everybody that’s giving us some love for the coffee.

Thank you so much uh for getting all your orders in uh and making sure to uh share the great news folks.
This is some seriously great coffee and, as a car guy, i got ta just say this also is not base model coffee.
No, it’s definitely not a base model that base model yeah.

This is all the way loaded, that’s right.

This is this is the primo right and which is what we want to make sure we have.
We have a good, consistent, smooth, like a car guy, um caffeinated, to keep you energized and operating uh at at your full capacity and having fun uh no matter what time of day it is uh, either way you can get some at caregirycoffee.

com go ahead and check That out, you should but guys there’s some again, some crazy big stuff going on and the main reason why i’m excited about so much of what’s happening for uh for us and the people that we’re getting ready to uh open the doors for the for this app And for these courses is that guys, there’s so much you can do or your sales people can do or people in the car business have the capability of achieving that you can do organically with the power of social media.

You can get an incredible audience by putting a few things, 10 steps in mastering mastering social selling, and but you have to apply it in a consistent way and that’s the consistent method that we’re releasing and, along with that, is going to come.
The number one dealership app, which is next sale, which we want to get pumped up and talk about a couple of the features that are on this app that you’re going to get the chance to get.

You might have heard jason garrison.
If you haven’t car guys car gals, it’s okay, because maybe maybe only dealers uh were the ones getting the chance to find out about this technology.
But we want to make sure that we put it directly in the hands of sales, people or the dealers.

It would be who of a dealer to have this application, but we’re not going to make it to where uh you can’t have it if your dealer doesn’t say yes to it.
We believe that this is your phone.

You can do with this phone as you please, and if you can turn this phone into a lead, generating magnet a prospect which already it already is, it has the capabilities in it.

We can turn on a couple apps that can create you prospecting in an organic way without you having to spend a whole lot of money in ads or do all the stuff that your dealer has to do to get their name out there.
You can do it guys next sale is going to be able to put that inside of your hand, and the consistent method is going to be able to make it to where it’s completely complementing what it takes to make your brand succeed in the car business.
I know it’s very wordy, but you’ll hear more things on as we advertise that a little bit, but we’re just excited about it as car, guys and solutionaries, because things that we wish we would have had.

We have in our hand we do now that our guys are able to it’s like all those things that you know.
Oh man, if only we could, if only we had that.
If it’s all right here now and we can do it and you know what we’re getting ready to do is you know make that huge and we want to spread the word about it.

You know this this app that we’re talking about this this this system.
All this stuff is all part of the consistent method.

You know we really want to put our stamp of approval on this type of stuff and the one app that we absolutely love, and you guys know what it is.

Anybody who’s been with us, been watching us been seeing us seeing our guest when we talk about a certain app which one is it next sale.
You already know right.
Let me do that one more time, one more time, whoa, all right, that’s how cool that is right.

So, but yes, folks, it is the number one dealership app folks.
So many people have tried to crack the code on recreating the flow and the simplicity that this app is actually uses to help make sure that you organically grow your reach immediately.
Folks, if, if you don’t have a a focus on where you stand in reviews, i i don’t know really how to say it.

It’s a nice soft way to say harry wake up.
You need to pay attention to your reviews.

Um people are choosing you based off your views and i’m sure you know that i’m sure many of you dealers understand it.

As you know, i’m sure you do know how important it is to have your reviews uh on point, and this app tries to make sure that there is a system in place for you to use now again, just because it’s an app on your phone doesn’t mean That it’s gon na do the work for you.
You have to actually use the tool, but that’s where the consistent method comes in, where we show you and we implement, and we help you stay accountable to a way that makes sure that you get results from the tools that you’re using.

But if you wanted to consolidate a way to prospect, we have a way for you to do so uh, but overall we always want to announce to everybody the importance that you find tools.

You utilize that, and you don’t spend an ungodly amount of money to do the things that just takes a little bit of effort from you and a commitment to staying consistent right.
I mean we got some of our guests that are in the in the room process and accountability.
Oh chris power gomez, that’s what i’m talking about.

He says that uh.
It’s awesome.
I too intend to support jason, a potential west coast program.

That’s right! West! That’s right – and we are right here announcing to everybody that this could be available for dealerships coast to coast across continents um.
This technology is incredible and we’re so pumped up about it very friendly, too man.
It’s so easy! So easy! It’s just it’s all like buttons.

You know, and the thing is about these apps – is that as time goes by, they evolve they’re going to become more they’re going to be there’s going to be things that are going to change about it.
We definitely love input from people like you.
So if you start using this app and you think that there’s something that can be changed on it, let us know input is huge.

You know i remember being in a kid in even in the military sector of the world over in europe.
They used to have this commercial on the afn’s armed forces network and it was about the commissary and the commissary is like a grocery store folks.
So you know, i’m sure you guys know that if you’ve heard of it, but it’s a military young basic commissary is the grocery store, not the same as the jail commissary right, yeah, it’s different! So you go in there.

It’s just like a giant kroger’s or whatever you you guys use albertsons or whatever.

It is right, so you go there, but that is commercial called the suggestion box.
You know you got the suggestion box and we’re waiting for your word waiting for your work.

The commissary suggestion box your question box, you got ta use it to be heard, so i still remember that and that’s i lived there until i was in sixth grade and look.
I guess how long that.
But that was so catchy – and i remember how important that was because they wanted suggestions.

They wanted to know what kind of products you wanted in there.
What kind of changes could be changed? So that’s the whole point of everything, so even for us, i have, if you have suggestions for our show, how we can make this better for you, how we can process information and give you information taken information whatever it is.

We need suggestions, and this app is an amazing app.

It’s ever evolving.
It’s just going to constantly grow.
It’s already amazing the way it is, but i could assure you the more people that use it.

The better it’s going to become because you’re going to find the things that need to be added or taken away or whatever, and it’s just going to be huge folks.
It’s already the number one dealership in the world folks, but guess what the biggest room in the world is, it’s the room for improvement, everybody and that’s.

Ultimately, what this app is going to help expose is going on inside of your dealership, inside of your social selling game and at the same time, it’s going to it’s open to improving based around the needs that the car business and you have specifically at your store And it will mold to what needs to happen at your store.

What’s up my brother, my baby brother joey, who is deployed right now serving our nation? Thank you for your commitment.
Inside of the air force, my brother, i love you.
I salute you and uh, i’m just excited and then definitely celebrate you this week.

Um definitely celebrate you this week and just telling you how proud of you it is that i am and uh and how proud of you perhaps would be uh right now.
Uh there’s a lot of a lot of uh joy that i know that our family has just because of where it is that uh we have continued to go and i’m just so thankful for you and where you continue to propel your family again.

We’re praying for your family, let jenny know she needs anything anastasia.

We love her and uh.
You know i’m so excited that you get the chance to jump in here and hear me rattle on about some car guy stuff uh but uh.
I love you bro and i’m so thankful that you get the chance to do so and i get to see you that way.

Send me a turkey.
We will mars coming to my house for thanksgiving, so i’m excited about that.
So we will make you uh get you some turkey sent out there um that i’m excited about that mom’s going to make a stuffing about it.

You guys got big plans for uh for thanksgiving.

You know uh make sure that you, you find a way to bring them a bag of carcade coffee, www.

Folks, i mean what better way to end all of these silly conversations that end up having happening over uh, a dinner than say: hey, it’s dessert time and while you get out your cake and you get out the danish and you get out, you know the cannolis Or you pull out uh the pumpkin pie.
I brought the coffee and we’re gon na brew solutions.

So folks, while everybody’s arguing, let’s brew some solutions, what is that it’s car, guy coffee and it’s delicious? No seriously get you something right now get yourself guys.
Some of that, but car guys coryous again, let’s talk shop a little bit.
Let’s talk about the needs that are actually out there inside of the car business right now.

What are the adjustments that are having to be made right now for sales people and what is it? What are the adjustments that are happening right now for dealers and owners right, there’s so much that that you all are having to shift and and make adjustments for, because you’re not just making an adjustment for yourself and yours.
But yours is the lives of many other people, you have many people that are employed and their families are affected by the decisions and the things that it is that you do so.

What we always want to encourage you to do is continue to stay up.

Shifted continue to stay, uplifted, continue to stay inside of a way that makes sure people know nothing is going to steal your smile.

Nothing is going to steal your joy.
Your people will run through the fire with you as long as they see that you are ready to run through the fire.

You know, okay, if you are excited about the challenges that you guys get to learn and build the bond with as you encounter them and take them on.

I assure you, your people are going to be inspired and they’re going to be welded to you for life.

On on a trail, that is helping them grow and you grow, and you find different ways to connect your product to many other people, because this business is constantly shifting.

It always has been, but right now we’re inside of a a a kind of like a uh.
Like the superman chamber where clark kent goes into the into the booth, and he comes back out, there’s a lot of things that are happening inside of that booth right now, we’re inside of it we’re inside of that paradigm shift in the car business uh, where we Are actually starting to care about the people, because we’re learning that the only way for anybody to start really succeeding is by way of love it’s by way of caring for people, it’s my way of actually trying to help them.
Yes, you know, and and building those relationships has is going to be what’s key to keeping anybody in business, whether it’s, the small businesses that are closing their shops in a lot of connect cases they’re having to close their shops because they don’t have those rooted relationships.

In their community to keep them up very true right, same thing in the car business loyalty is so key to customers and the marketing world.
Constantly fights fights to steal that loyalty of your customer to someone else.
They hire the best gurus, the best marketing people to try to find a way to get the attention of their customers, and so the only way that ever keeps that person’s attention is a good relationship.

Guess what there’s plenty of women plenty of men that have tried to grab attention right, but the relationship of one person makes it very easy for none of that stuff to ever be distracting to myself to fred right to others.
If we maintain that relationship right, those other ones are just distractions, no matter what they try to do right i mean you can nod your head folks.
If you’re listening, you can nod your head if you’re watching right, that relationship is not subject to the distractions as long as you keep that relationship right, but it is a two-way street so that so your relationship with your customer will can go away at the swipe Of a finger if somebody’s attention gets theirs in a way that you stopped, you stopped interacting with that customer people that buy from me.

I don’t i am their car dad.
You know they’re only going to buy for me, people that buy from you, yeah they’re only going to buy from him, no matter what the scenario they love me.

They love us.

They love that relationship same thing, and you guys know that and i’m not saying anything to any solutions.

You probably haven’t already heard um, i’m just echoing this, but there’s so such cool tools, uh, that we can utilize to help make sure that we keep that relationship right with our with the people that we want relationships with right i mean i got to keep stoking The fire of my my my relationship with my wife, you know i had fun the other day, just buying flowers.
It’s like weird on the days that nobody else is buying.

Flowers, like you know, on like valentine’s day and on mother’s day you’ll see somebody you’ll see all the guys all walking around the last 10 things that are left to buy.
You know what i mean and and but everybody’s getting something it doesn’t matter what it is.

They’re getting us something whether it’s just a bushel of angel breath.

You know what i mean or just the two tulips left.
I got ta get something why i’m not gon na, be the guy that didn’t get something you know and everybody’s not trying to find themselves there um, but either way uh.
It was fun, you know just walking around and like wonder what he did.

I guarantee you there’s so many people that was like.
I wonder what he did.
You know i’m saying, there’s no special or somebody’s birthday whatever, and i just you know i wanted to hook up tiffany.

You know i just i just wanted to do that, but it’s fun fun fun to do that, all all the time with your customers, we we have to make sure that we’re staying on top of their mind, doing little gestures to talk to them.

You haven’t had much to help you out show them that you’re their car guy see.

The thing is guys: it’s it’s it’s deeper than just being their car guy.

You know it’s it’s being their guy, it’s being that guy, that they trust that professional, the one who knows it, the guy who knows how to do it, the best the guy who makes the process simple.
The guy who makes me feel comfortable the guy who shows value in everything that he shows me, the guy who’s, excited to feel the phone call.
Even after i sell them, they buy a car from us, because what happens is that you guys most people? I shouldn’t say you guys most of us most car people, majority of us.

We sell a car and we forget about them.
We don’t do the follow-up.
Maybe you do a small follow-up, but you don’t do the real follow-up.

You don’t do the birthday wishes.
You don’t do the you know random phone call here and there you know where you just tell them hey.
I just wanted to check in with you not to sell anything, just wanted to see how you’ve been doing that type of phone call.

Once you get into this, it’s like gold, saying like you, don’t ask somebody when they show up hey you here to buy a car, that’s the last thing you say to somebody, because you don’t want to put that pressure on anyone ever and you don’t even know Them they’re not buying from you, they don’t know you, they only buy from people, they know they buy from people, they trust they buy from people that bring value to whatever they’re, showing them bring value to just having them there in front of them.

You know and when you can treat everybody whether they’re there to buy that moment or not.
You treat everybody with man.

I love you that you’re here i like you as a person.
I want you to like me as a person and even if you don’t buy, we’ll shake hands, leave his friends, one of my favorite things to say to clients: hey, listen, man, no matter what i’m going to show you the best options you have at the end Of all this, we can’t come to a agreement, we’ll shake hands, leave his friends, no pressure, bro, no pressure assist no pressure, whoever you’re talking to, because when you do those things and you let them know it’s not there isn’t any pressure and don’t actually have that Pressure on yourself, folks, you know you’re new in the business, some of you right when you’re new every deal matters everything matters you’re like oh, my god, like this person’s gon na, say no, it’s killing me.
I suck! No, you don’t people who’ve been doing as long as i have been told.

No so many times it’s okay.
What are they gon na say about you when, when they do leave after they said? No, what are they saying about you, after at least that guy was nice? He told me everything, honey.
We should probably call him tomorrow or man.

Those guys were jerks.
I hope he does call you know.
I want them to say that i hope he does call.

I hope i do get to hear from him.
That’s it.
You know, and that’s that’s how you do it.

You got to treat everybody right.
You know christina cooper’s on here and i love her she’s she’s all about a certain process.
We got to hear about how she likes to buy most lady, but she understands she’s been through the ringer she’s been through it.

She knows how she wants to buy.
I appreciate that i appreciate somebody who’s like here: here’s a process of how i want to buy.
Can you facilitate if they will facilitate, then she will buy from them.

That is the value that she gets.
So she knows what that she knows, that she’s sure she educates herself before she buys a car and all that stuff, but she understands when she gets there.

This is the price.

This is what i’m paying.
This is my interest rate.
All chances come in and sign and drive literally that simple and that’s ninety percent of what we want our customers.

That’s basically actually help us know just tell us that tell us these things you actually want, but there’s such a ninja game that that happens.
You know that the buyers are on such this defense and a lot of our methods are designed really just to extract that.
How do i help you yeah? Well, just tell me what i did and he’s right.

Sometimes the guard’s up so tight that it because it you you could explain a really easy method to them and they’re just like no i’m doing it this way, i get it my dad did it this way or that’s the way i always bought cars, or this Is it and i get that folks when you bought cars before? Was it four to five hours? Yes, so does that process something that you still want to go through, or would you rather go through my hour process? I think the hour process sounds a whole lot.
Better, and all you have to do is do everything that you would do in the other process, but in a quicker manner, in a different order than you’re used to and that’s okay, if you can’t do that, that’s fine i’ll do the five hour run with you.

That’s fine, but here’s the thing my process is designed to save you time and money.

That’s all i’m trying to do yes, so two things that people want to say when they come into a store is their money and their time.
So we want to do that.
For them, so we try to process that now it doesn’t mean everybody’s going to go through that it doesn’t mean everybody’s going to buy, doesn’t mean anything so, like i said earlier, for all you new people don’t worry about it.

Plenty of opportunities are coming, but if you treat everybody like christina said, connect with all customers on a personal level by being genuine and authentic with everyone.
If you do that, every single time, your results are going to be much higher you’re going to get more repeats.
You’re going to even probably get referrals from people who didn’t buy from you because they’re, like my experience, was so good.

They just didn’t have the car i wanted, but man i never dealt with a salesperson who’s, so honest, so truthful so authentic, so genuine, like she’s talking about, i love those words genuine and authentic.
You know it’s so key, that’s something that you should have in your back pocket folks, every one of you folks out there doing what you’re doing out there, what no matter, what type of sales you’re in whether you’re selling to a dealer, whether you’re selling to a Customer, that’s a client buying a car.
If you’re, you know, if you’re whatever you are, and you have some kind of capacity in sales, you’re a service rep, whatever it is, treat everybody that way be honest with them, don’t be a service rep who sells people because you feel like you can get over On them, you know, don’t be a salesperson on the on the front of the dealership selling a car to somebody and doing things because you can get over on them, just be real with them and don’t you know, be shady like the old school guy.

Just like you see the way i used the way i did that.
I slid that in here like no, you didn’t yeah, look you’re gon na come back.
When you never saw him, i mean.

Would i get sick to the stomach? If i thought of a break room where there’s a bunch of doctors that walked in there and talked about all of these prescriptions or all these procedures that they charged people with to do on them, that they did the best that they did really great they’re.
Not going to die from buying this medicine and they’re not going to die from this or that, but you know what i sold them a whole lot of procedures.
They never really needed right.

Could you imagine what that talk? Room would be like? That’s just it just sounds gross to me.

You know what i mean, but that’s in the profession that we’re in that a culture was made on that many people were that way and that and that’s where, where it’s so important, that so many people that at heart were like man.

That’s not good, and you know what i can’t live my life.

That way you know, there’s so many people that are switching their mindsets of understanding.
You know it was never worth trading um that piece of me for that dollar.
You know.

Actually that person needs me.

I wonder how many of you are actually out there uh, because i love some of these customers of mine that i gave them my best.
I, the absolute best that i had, i didn’t close them, and you know what it does to me.

My psyche.
If i don’t close them up right, but i still gave him the truth and reported his friends and they went and they bought from somebody else, and i got to meet, see them later down the road.
Maybe a couple weeks down the road a couple years down the road they came back to me and sought me out to say i should have listened to you and of course they weren’t going to come back and lay their pride out.

Then you know what i’m saying, but i should have listened to you.

I you know what you were right.
Everything you told me was probably gon na happen.

If i didn’t take your advice that that moment, i appreciate you telling me, then i was pissed off at you, but you’re right and i’m back to you now.

What can you do to help me out and roll up the sleeves and, let’s figure out what we can do to help them out right, and you know forgive focus, fly we’re here now, let’s do what it takes to help you out, but those then become the Most committed customers to you at that point because you at least told them the real way you were genuine.

They realized that you were right because somebody else didn’t do them right right.

They didn’t build that relationship right, otherwise they wouldn’t be seeking you out again back to relationships.

You know, but that’s just i wonder how many of you actually have built a relationship with somebody, a customer after they said no to you.

That’s that’s! Probably a pretty cool stat for you to check out, or you know i i remember i’ve had clients that, like me, so much that you know they.

You know you have that old stroker that comes on the line.
Everyone has that the one that you know when the new guy again right catch it you’re like, but there was always this one.
I remember he he was that way and but he was he was such a nice guy that i would go out and talk to him every time he always asked for me, and i knew he wouldn’t buy nothing, but i, but you know you never know.

When he’s going to buy something, so i would talk to him, i think it was like a year and a half of just he’d come on a lot like once a month.
At least you know, and he killed about an hour of my time, and that was fine.
I mean a lot of that time.

I had an hour so i was like you know what you know.
It was fun good conversation, good, good guy, older guy retired.
You know ex-military and then guess what happened a year and a half later he came in and he bought then not only did he buy it, but he bought another vehicle for his wife.

Then he brought in his.
I think his daughter’s daughter bought.
So it was always there’s always something there’s always something that will come from it.

If you just spend that time with people, here’s the thing guys, it’s not it’s not a sprint.
It’s a marathon, this business.
You know you have a lot of time.

It takes time to build your client base.
It takes time to build up your brand.
It takes time to do things, but when you do it in a consistent method and you do it the way that we’re going to be teaching, you guys how to do it.

I know you guys are going to love it when we show you but the when you do it in a consistent method.
You will be very successful.
You can your levels of success come down to how big you believe success is.

You know some people think 15 cars a month is successful and i think that is too.
You know.
I think it’s great.

I think once you get to that mountain, the top of that mountain, what do you do from there you’re always looking for notice to keep growing that there’s higher mountains right? So you know you’re good.
You know and that’s a good point there.
You know there’s always more so just you just remember, find your level find your goals, reach your goals and then you set new goals and when you do it becomes great.

You know you’re speaking of relationships.

You know we had a client that bought a car from us three years ago.
She calls the dealership on monday yesterday and she she, i filled it because she’s calling me because she’s wondering if she has some warranty left on her vehicle.

Now her vehicle was out of factory warranty by about a year because of the year of the vehicle um.
It was a 14 model, so it just ran out of warranty about a year ago and um her extended warranty and she did she financed through credit acceptance three years ago, which is not means that she probably had some quite a challenge with a challenge credit.
I should say so, but that that was okay.

She calls back she’s telling me her story about her vehicle.
It’s kind of got a light on it’s nothing major, but she’s a little nervous and she wants to take it in which is responsible.
I can tell it tells me she cares about her vehicle, so i investigate a little bit more and i’m like hey, you know and she’s.

Like you know, i just i appreciated you guys.
I appreciate you taking this call and taking this time with me and you know being like genuine and authentic with her, because i was just i asked her about everything i was like you know.
Is the car still running good? You know you know.

As i said, i can recommend you to a certain shop or whatever, but as i investigated it more, i was like you know, have you ever considered trading in this vehicle? She was like.
Well, you know, i don’t know, i don’t even know.
If i can.

I said well, let me ask you a few questions.
I did some qualifying questions.
She’s, never missed a payment, she said um, the vehicle only had 74 000 miles on it.

You know it was like all these little things and she still has the same job.

She makes really good income um.
You know last time she put 2 500.

I remember i looked up her little deal.
She put 2 500 down, so it tells me she’s, not somebody who she’s somebody could probably put some more money.
That’s you know pretty decent down payment, so i’m like especially for subprime, and so we we’re looking into that and then i’m like okay, so you know, when can would you be? Would you consider i you know, i started just being honest with you.

I was like hey look, you know, this might be a time for you to do that.
The vehicle is just out of warranty, it’s still worth more money now than it will be tomorrow or the day after.
So if you want an opportunity, it sounds like your credit.

You deserve a better rate than the 22 that you had when you first bought this car, so it sounds like you might qualify for better if you’ve been making your payments on time, because you’ve shown that, especially for three years now, she was like yeah.
You really think so i said yeah, let me get you with one of my sales people, so i hook her up with patrick patrick sells her.
Today she comes in, she gets another, she trades it in and she gets herself and he did a video with her.

She trades in her old car.
I think it was a.
I can’t remember what it was, but it was a fortune team and then guess in the show came in and boom we put her into a nissan rogue and she got herself a much nicer vehicle for probably less payment than she had on her cac loan.

So good things happen when you do the right thing when you’re genuine.
When you ask questions, i know that for a fact that that call and here’s the only thing i’ll say, is that that call should never even got to me when i was a salesperson.

That call would have been fielded by me.

I would have started investigating immediately warranties, oh man, you don’t even need to talk to my finance manager.
What you need to do is come on in.
I could tell you your warranty’s already gone sure you know.

So when can you be here? You know what’s the soonest and i promise you give me 20 minutes of your time.
I’ll tell you everything you need to know if you two things are going to happen: you’re, either leaving in a nicer newer vehicle that you’re going to love me high, five or you’re going to or i’m going to educate you on what you need.
If maybe you need more money down, or maybe you need to wait a few more months or whatever it is, i can show you what you can do within 20 minutes and she was like really that’s how i passed it over so great deal, i’m so happy That it went down today.

I appreciate her for calling.
I appreciate her for being a loyal customer and i appreciate patrick for doing a heck of a job today.
I wasn’t there today, so i’m.

I know that i saw the video so and he tagged me on it, because he knew that.
I would want to see it if we were to jump out, and it not be you that did that, but it was another subprime hero inside of a dealership.

That is operating as a finance manager and that phone call got to you and then the sales person took it made something happen to help the customer.

What i would say to them is that they are 100 car guy coffee approved.
That’s right so again guys that that is some smooth awesome you might want to rewind.

Maybe listen pick up a little word track on that um and and and just the flow of making sure you help the customer upgrade life and have something better.

A lot of times they don’t know what they can actually have.
They don’t know how good it could be for them because they’re, not the professionals at this they’re, not they even some people will even say.
Sometimes i’ve heard literally i’ve heard clients say well.

I didn’t know i could trade out well, i still owed money on it.
How many times have you heard that folks, if you’ve been doing it for longer than a year, i know you’ve heard it? So you got to remember you can’t assume, because that’s what happens with a lot of new people is that they start to learn about this business.

So they assume the customers know they don’t, and some of them do there’s a lot of them.

Actually, do you know a lot of them understand, there’s more information there right because they educate themselves or whatever, but the average client does does not know that they all assume they have to put a huge amount of money down they all because you know we have Special time five dollars down two dollars down, so guess what, though, that’s why you have a job? That’s why i got a job right because we know these things, but that’s that’s! Okay, just like you know you go to when someone comes to you, you have to be almost like you mentioned doctor stuff earlier, and i love that you brought that up, because, let’s think about that, okay, so a doctor is a professional when it comes to your Body comes your health or whatever that you’re in there for to see when you go in there, you do you question them.
I don’t know about that right.
You know you you might sometimes, but but for the most part, when you go in and you listen to a doctor, they tell you take this medicine, you do this, you stay off, you don’t have to go to work for a week or whatever it is you’re.

Listening to that, because you believe that they know what they’re talking about now the whole purpose of a car guy, a car gal whatever it is that you go see whoever it is.
You see they’re supposed to be at that level.
In my opinion, they need to be that good at their job.

They need to be able to explain something to you toward you’re like okay.
I get that let’s do this right, but it’s but it’s one hand shakes the other.
It’s just like when you go see a doctor, you can’t tell them half your symptoms or you can’t tell them.

I don’t know doc figure it out.
There’s something wrong with me about.
I can’t tell you you have to tell them you don’t have to guess.

So you have to give everything that you need to know.

They need to know about you, so they so like as a salesperson.

I can treat that symptom and be able to give you the best medicine for it doctor.

What’s it gon na cost to make me feel better right, a lot, i don’t know just just tell me: what’s it gon na cost, i need to know before we even walk inside what what’s my bill going to look like dude, i don’t know what’s wrong with You yeah, can you answer a couple questions with them? Real, quick! That’s that’s! That’s exactly the best way you know, and and folks you can even use that with your clients, hey, listen! You know you’re here to see me.
This is i’m trying to.
You know explain to you: this is the best thing like when you go see a doctor and they tell you you have to tell them.

So i need you to tell me you know i’m not trying to make you do something.
You’re gon na regret i’m trying to actually help you so much that i’m willing to listen to everything that you need and i’m going to try to show you the best way to get that accomplished right.

So do that folks be be that professional, be that doctor be the one that people reach out to and then they go man.

This is the this guy is a pro this guy did you did you go to school to learn this? How many times i’ve had people ask me that question i’m like um school hard knocks.
It’s called like going to demos academy on lot training.
You know what i mean like it’s it’s it’s also because one thing that i’ve learned is: yes, we all have sales skills right.

Everybody does, i think, but the thing is is that it gets back to what christina mentioned earlier, it’s being genuine and when you’re, genuine and true and authentic, like that, people feel that now you can’t just be genuine authentic and not have knowledge of your game either.
You have to be knowledgeable, you have to understand how vehicles are sold, how they’re purchased, how financing works, how how cars run, what options are on the vehicles, you’re selling um, how to do a delivery? How to follow up! You know there’s all these things that take beside the genuineness in in in authentic.
That is a great base: integrity, genuine authentic those are great bases.

So if you have that – and you are that you’re going to do great but you’ve got to also be willing to keep growing and keep learning, because, if you’re not learning and you’re just trying to be so it’s it’s like is it? How do you expect to get more if you’re not gaining here, and you know so it’s common sense in a sense, a lot of the stuff that we talk about a lot of the quotes out there in this world.
A lot of the motivational quotes a lot of the a lot of the sayings.
All this stuff is just really common sense, guys it’s it’s really that way, but sometimes you just need to hear something.

A certain way to make the light bulb go off in your head right.

Sometimes you need a life experience to happen for a light bulb to go off the head.
Sometimes that’s why i close it.

You like no way that close, it’s like i’ve, loaded, salespeople’s lips up and said: hey ghost i’ve been loaded up and said: they’ve.
I don’t know if i should say that, but i’m gon na go do it anyway and you go in there and you say it and then the customer’s like signs away right and you’re like oh okay, all right, that’s it! I need your license.
Um yeah thanks and you they said yes like what did you think they were going to say? I don’t understand what they did right.

You know, that’s the craziest thing, you know it’s just it’s about that and it’s there’s so much to it.
Folks and there’s in it, but there’s so much fun it is it is it is, it really is, and man we’re going to make it more fun.
We want to be known as the fun guys of the carp.

We will not be out fun.
We understand that ever you hear us, keep it serious.
We are not going to be out fun.

You are going to have more fun on this podcast than any other podcast you will ever be on, and if you ask our guests, give them a call, we will put our.
We will put it to the test.
Just ask our guests: okay, ask them if they’ve had some fun uh brewing some solutions with us, because one they’re great people, so they know how to have a good conversation with humans and we enjoy that and that’s why they grew solutions with us.

But we also are so so focused laser-focused on making sure that we poke the places inside of us that burst us open with joy and that’s the guests that have been on our show and that’s ultimately, what we want to do for you.
If you get the chance to hear watch, see, listen, uh read anything about what it is.
That’s coming out of the cafe.

We want it to be invoking joy inside of your life and we ultimately believe that that’s the best way you’re going to be successful at the dealership in your home, and that life is, if you are a joy, magnet because people want to be around people that Are you know who wants to go hang out with the guy that looks like like he’s bored and sad all the time you know you want to be with the joyous happy-go-lucky, the people that are just you know just having a good time.

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