It’s sunday night.

It is the cgc late show, and tonight we are waiting on our special guest who’s going to be coming in a matter of fact he just showed up, but we are excited to get this thing going he’s inside of the camera.

It’s going to be official like a missile, we’re going to get this thing going.

I hope you guys are ready for a good show tonight we’re going to bring in mr dan williams.
It’s going to be dope.
You guys are going to enjoy yourselves.

We are getting ready to get down right now come before we get down.
Folks, let me hit you with.
Did you know what that is: hey , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , [, Laughter, ], oh , [ Applause, ], , so yo? We are back yes! What’s going on, we got a special guest.

That’s inside of the cafe that we’re excited to get a caffeinated conversation going on a sunday night.

You guys ready for this.
You ready for this.

I know i’m ready for so i’m fred the subprime hero, i’m here with lou the car guy, that’s right and tonight our special guest is dan williams.

This guy is the president of solomon, abraham and associates.
He is a global executive, talent search headhunter, i mean that’s just the small label.

I promise you he’s going to be talking about a lot more of exactly what that is, and the cool part about all.
That is that’s something that i think we’ve we don’t have on our show.

Yet we haven’t had somebody come in with this type of information with this type of swag and you guys are gon na see what i’m talking about here in a minute.

I see him down there waiting to come in, i’m excited to bring him in, so i’m gon na go ahead and just do it right now.
What’s up dan, how you doing bro yo! What’s up man, what’s up you guys how you guys doing oh man living that life man yeah me too, man living the dream.
You know yeah man looking good over there.

I mean i like that.

I, like man, i always that jacket for real.
To be honest with you, but thanks, i appreciate it hey.

I love that i love the confidence.
That’s what it’s about! Welcome to the car guy cafe man.
I appreciate you for jumping in here with us and coming on late tonight, and i know we had to switch some schedules around and i appreciate you making it happen.

Here’s the beautiful part man we’re gon na have this show tonight.
It’s gon na be live, but we’re gon na get these the show we’re gon na break it down into multiple pieces, we’re gon na re-release.
This and people are gon na, get like sound bites from it.

We’re gon na show this off we’re gon na we’re you’re gon na be the spotlight for a whole week worth of show.

So it’s gon na be a good one for you, yeah.
So i’ll i’ll tell you when that’s gon na be because these shows we do them now and they release again in a couple weeks, so folks be ready for that.

It’s gon na be edited nice.
Clean video we’re gon na have a lot of fun with it, and uh dan is gon na, be somebody that i’m super excited to talk about his his current goals and current situation that he’s going through right now.
I love what he has to do.

Um he reached out to us – and i appreciate that through el patron actually, which is really cool, rudy said rudy said man he’s good, make sure you get him on.
So i had to get you on and you know yeah rudy man, that’s like my son.
That’s my oldest boy, so you know yes, sir.

Yes, sir, oh man, i already like this so dan.

Here’s the thing about our show.
We do we do have sections and we go through some stuff and there’s going to be a there’s going to be a section called fresh news where we’re going to let you drop all everything that you do, how you do it? Why you do it, but before we do that, we’re going to get you into our five liner and our five liner five questions that we ask you and they’re gon na just be to get into you.

How you got to where you’re at? Why you’re at where you know all that type of stuff, so we’re gon na get that started here in a moment, but i’m gon na let lou drop a little bit real, quick, because i know he’s over here eager to talk a little bit because i know I’ve been going crazy, always excited to have a fun conversation with a person that is trying to do big things with big people and trying to make uh other people be successful.
Welcome to the cafe so excited that you’re wanting to even share something with the people that are watching uh.
First things: first, everybody as we get ready to get into an in-depth conversation, real, quick dan.

Do me a favor hit your chest one time um here we go we’re gon na get ready to apply three f’s in order to make sure that we keep growing.
You see this right here.
Go ahead and unzip show what it looks like superman right now.

Man bam bam, make sure that you keep growing.
So we are going to release ourself of the weight and the chains of unforgiveness.
We are going to focus on what it is that we want to accomplish where it is that we want to go and how it is.

We can help each other do the same thing, and then we are going to fly to higher levels than we’ve ever dreamed by forgive focus and flying.
We are going to unite as the solutionaries that are rising to bring light inside of dark places inside of a dark time.

No, we are bringing light so join me then, as well like an evangelist fly.

Oh you don’t even know yes, but that’s true yeah.
Definitely what you got me doing.
Are you guys ready you guys ready on three get ready just begin all right.

I see.
Okay, now we understand you’re getting up so here we go we’re going to hit you with those five questions and the first one’s always the same question that i ask everybody and it’s something that i think that drives people.

What is your? Why what’s your purpose? What makes you wake up every day and say i’m gon na go crush the day.

What is that um? I would just say like my hunger to succeed.
Also i got a cat too.
My cat wakes me up every morning for real so, and the first thing i think about is i got ta get this cast some water and then um after that i can start my day so dang it.

I love it man, the mind of a genius and, and i’m telling you i i know you love your cat.
The picture you sent me, you were holding your cat and you’re all up.
You all gq’ed out swagged out and you got your cat in your arms man that it was a kitten at the time it looked like.

So how long have you had this cat um i’ve had this cat since uh.
May man? Congratulations! It’s my quarantine cat! That’s! Why that’s what i was gon na say right on man, so she’s hear that you got to foreign them.

Foreign cats are the best ones you know yeah, like you know i go to target, i don’t go to walmart.

I go to target, we call target target.
So that’s sir: where are you at? Where are you up? Oh man, i’m in cleveland, ohio, cleveland, oh man, that’s what i’m talking about nice is that, where you’re born and raised yeah right on man, that’s that’s a that’s.
A unique playground is where i spend most of my days.

That’s what i’m saying you fresh prince.
You know what i’m saying so yeah you got to be man, no, so cleveland man, it’s a great city.
It’s got a lot of history up there.

Obviously you guys.
Finally, got your championship um recently, if you’re, if you’re a sports basketball – yes, sir, that was pretty nice that happened man.
I was really excited for that um.

That’s because you know i’m a fan of lebron james, amazing basketball player, but mostly because of the city.
I was real excited for the city of cleveland, you know and i’m a big fan of there’s a lot of good music.
That’s coming out of there um when i grew up in the 90s, so you know bone thugs coming out of cleveland.

That’s one of my! They brought the city to me and opened my eyes to the city, you know and then i love their music.
I don’t know if you’re a fan of i don’t know, i don’t know if that’s your generation but for me bone was like when they came out.

Was just what was your favorite bone song man? You know you can no surrender you can talk about.

Like i love no surrender.
I don’t know why i like that song so much, but i think that’s just a memory thing because when i first heard them the first song i ever heard was you know: thuggish ruggish.
Everybody heard that song.

Do you know like any verse? Do you know anybody’s verse from thuggers ruggish bone uh which which yeah? What let’s see man you put me on the spot and i absolutely love it.
I love it.
Okay, let’s see i’m gon na get i’m gon na yeah.

I got ta, get that beat going.
Get that going [, Music ]! Oh my goodness! Oh i got ta [ __ ] got to put you under a straight jacket.

You got to get that money man! It’s still this! That’s wrong! That’s the right song! That’s the right song! Remaining the same! You know what i’m talking about so core guys.

You did put me on the spot that we do straight up, and i love that you did that’s dope.
You’re talking you’re talking about bone, i go to chicago everybody’s talking about boom.
I go to nashville everybody’s talking about bone everywhere.

I went, people were talking about bone, they just oh yeah.
They just changed it up like for me.
You know i i listened to all kinds of music and but hip-hop, especially in the 90s, was just so influential for anybody.

I think, and when you talk when you talk about like when nwa came out and that’s part of i mean obviously nwa without nwa, there was no bone in a sense.
You know don’t get me wrong, would have done it but easy to open them up and got them out there quicker.
You know don’t get me wrong, they’re, so talented they would have probably came out anyway, but easy definitely put them on that mainstream and got people listening to it nationwide, and you know i had a friend his name was gary romero and he’s he’s from cleveland himself And he was, he was a military kid um here at fort knox by kentucky and he was the guy who actually put me on him and he he was.

That was the song.
He was like, listen to the song and then you know.

Obviously you know, god, how can you not like easy’s lyric on uh for the love of money sitting on the corner straight slaying in rocks? Oh [, __ ] here comes the [ __ ] cop, you don’t say so one of the hottest to me.

I love that lyric on that song, because i’m a big easy fan too, and that made me turn on.
But then my wife, my wife, has been to so many bone concerts and she just went to one like about a year ago and actually went backstage, hung out with them, so she’s, even a bigger fan than i am, but i’m a huge fan, it’s hard to Believe somebody could be more of a fan, but you’re right.
You did put me on the spot and i appreciate that dude way to go out we’ll go out with that.

So but yeah all day man bone thugs.
I love them man, so they definitely opened my eyes to that to that area with music and so really good music.
Up that way, lou is a big loves, music himself too.

So it’s i’m, i’m a new york mc as you can hear that love of the the real original flow of hip-hop and then it it then birthed as i got out.
So where are you from the bronx i’m from queens yep all right, so you like knives.

Oh yeah, yes, yes, what was your favorite rapper, though my actual favorite rapper is method man he loves medicine.

He loves me come on watch the wu show on uh on hulu, i watched it yeah.
I watched i watched.
I watched the first like, even though they have them yeah yeah, it’s it’s nice, it’s lo, it’s they.

They break it down to like the beginning, how it all started, and they had it’s actually not bad.
Like i thought, i’m straight out of confidence, i mean it was way better than a great idea, but it was pretty good man.
I i got ta say what you need: yeah yeah dave east plays uh method.

Man, i said dave east would play me in my movie movie yeah for sure man make that happen.

I hope, and i i’m glad that we’re part of that journey, maybe a little cut of us being on this podcast but anyway.

So, let’s get this we’ll see what we can do.
Man, let’s get to the second question for you.
You know i’m gon na.

Let lou go ahead and drop this number two, so uh.
Basically anybody! That’s a car guy or car gal that doesn’t know who it is that we are brewing solutions with right now.
I guess the main question in in light of who it is that you are what it is that you do and you connect with an incredible car guy that we honor and uh make sure that we’re always brewing solutions with el patron uh, rudy treminio uh.

This connection that we are facilitating right now has us brewing solutions for the car business and on what level is it that the car business has impacted uh? What it is that you do with your business and you do inside of your normal every to everyday uh life and brewing solutions for the people that you’re looking to help um man.
That’s a long question.
That’s that question could take me so many different places, but i’ll just say: um the car business changed my life period, because, let me i don’t know what huh can you ask that question one more time? That was a crazy question.

Just asking.
Can you please ask me, as if i was a third grader, just okay? Really, if you were a third grader? What is it that the car business has done for you and how did you get involved fast, fast money? Car business is actually the second largest industry in the united states behind energy, so there’s so much money going around and um.
You know you guys know just just as well as i know i mean somebody selling your car.

He could have a tattoo in his face.
It doesn’t matter, you want the corvette, you don’t really care about the tattoo in his face.
You know what i’m saying so.

It’s uh, it’s low-hanging fruits, also for a minority to get in and uh, and you know, make some money and when i say make some money i mean like millions, you know uh and you know possibly billions of course, so uh! That’s that’s how the car industry has affected me and also i’ve met some pretty great people.
I’ve gotten a lot of people, jobs in the car industry.
I’ve changed their lives, their families lives, and you know it’s just a butterfly effect and i’m just always happy to help uh.

When i first got into business, i said that i wanted to uh.
I wanted to make people’s dreams come true.
First, i was like i want to be like walked walt disney, you know, and then i found out like who walt disney really what i like now.

I don’t want to be like walt disney.
I just i just want to be like dan, the man you know.
I just want to be like myself, but i definitely want to help so many people – um – that’s all that’s all life is really about.

You know i like to uh, i’m gon na.
Tell you guys a crazy story.
I remember when i could sell weed right.

So can i talk about that on this planet? Man, you can talk about man, it’s you.
This is open mic! You talk about whatever you want man.
What’s real man we’re all actually everybody’s my sister? In a sense, i still do sell weed, though, because i am on the board of the united hemp biofuels association.

Awesome brother, that’s right! It’s the future yeah, it’s the future for sure it doesn’t have any thc in it, but i just like saying we because it’s like a sexy way just to talk about you know gas.

You know i mean well that’s another way too good, so yeah uh.
Basically, that’s that’s what i do.

Man, that’s awesome, that’s uh and i think that’s great because you know obviously you’re to me.
It sounds like you’re, a hustler.
What i mean by that is that you’ve understand that your hustle can be so much more than just some small stuff right that you understand, like you talked about used to sell used to hustle some.

You know some grain on the street, but then and then now you’re like at a different level of that you’re hustling at a whole different level when it comes to that type of stuff where you yeah it’s like, i used to be down here well right now, I’m up here, you know if nobody realized that i’m up here, you know.
So that’s that’s the that’s what i like the most though it was just the respect.
I like the respect.

I like the power more than the money for real.
What’s money is nothing but that’s my product yeah, you know money, money happens from just hustling and if you’re doing what you love and when you love what you do and you just keep and you just keep grinding on it and you just keep doing it.
Every single day, next thing you know, like you, said money gon na, be there it’s gon na be there, but you guys got me on this podcast at 11.

Obviously, you guys love what you do too right.

No doubt bro and that’s that’s exactly it.

I love this job.
I love the car business.
Just like you said this business is made for people who want to make money and if you want to make money – and you just put the work in it’s unlimited the money you talked about millions, then you said i could be billions.

Yes, quit thinking small when you think small you get small when you think big you get big and you’re going to and that’s why you’re going to be doing what you’re doing and why you are doing what you’re doing yeah.
I got an immigrant who just w2 that 1.
4 million man – that’s some good paper.

Man, no doubt that’s, that’s doing it and then i’m never talking about rudy.
I don’t even know how much he made last year, but i’m talking this is somebody totally different.
Damn near almost everybody who i talk to on a daily basis in the car industry are making their def everybody everybody i talk to is making over 250 but uh pretty much over 400 grand a year most.

Definitely so let me get to the third question on you, man, because i i’m this.
Is it’s really unique because you’re definitely at a different level when you’re talking about car business right? So when you’re talking about car business you’re talking about the real part of the car business, you know what i mean like, not that nickel and diming.
You know like, like you, know, you’re talking about that you’re talking about the real car base model, and i love that because that’s what i talk about and that’s what i mean is like this whole business is huge.

It’s like you, said it’s the second largest thing out there.

Why behind energy, so think about that and think how deep that is.
That’s everything i mean the car business you selling a car affects so many different things, yeah energy’s! Oh my bad! I’m sorry! No! No! No, no, no, no, please do go ahead, but energy is changing and cannabis is probably.

This is just all speculative right.
I don’t know, don’t take my word for this right, but if you do take it and you win definitely, you know give me my flowers and say it was me that gave me this advice, but cannabis is going to take over energy pretty soon most.
Definitely, i think, i’ve already we’ve already sort of seen a swing in power through this covet there’s been a few things that have definitely changed.

I think we’re starting to see these ticks and i agree so i think that you’re yeah you’re handing people flowers right now, so people need to give it back to you once they hear that you know.
When i say flowers, i can go in a million different ways too, so right right, but guys gals and those of you that are actually really trying to take this in real quick understand.
The bridge that he’s saying can be built or taken by people that are from whatever class of person, from whatever level of education, from whatever background criminal or non-criminal, the car business can actually help bridge you into a path that most other professions wouldn’t necessarily be able To open the door to you for, if you’re, under undereducated, like myself, if you’re uh somebody that has a record like myself right so there’s there’s many people that have a lot.

That’s actually out there that they are able to come from the business, get rehabilitated, find a way to join a tribe of people that helps put them on a trajectory to be able to make millions and millions of dollars church.
You know what i mean this is.
This is something that is that is such a key for people to understand that it’s the little tiny bridge that gets you into the business that gets you to taste your first sips of commission that helps you to understand.

There is no limit to what i can actually accomplish and as you do that right as you as you go in with the uh as you go in saying, i’m ready to go to work, i’m ready to go after this, i’m ready.
I like how you say that i said i don’t know how you say that, like that, how you say that brother trust me, i do got bars and i will make sure to always be either spitting rhymes or to be just spitting truth on side of the Car guy coffee podcast, because people need to know what you’re saying you’re talking amongst people that are inside of this, the tiny one percent of the economy that are able to achieve wonders in the universe, and that means helping people that means affecting communities.

You know what i mean and the things that that you dream to want to do.

You can go ahead and go get your father’s shirt on put on a tie.

Go through an interview.
Go hustle yourself like silly crazy.

You can either do that selling magazines or you can probably go get behind a car, learn what it is that you can sell and you can make a lifestyle for yourself that is respectable and it’s so and the money’s so quick and the money’s quick.

You know it’s not like the mortgage mortgage there’s a lot of money and mortgages.
There’s a lot of money in all this, but money takes a minute to get the thing.

I love about the car business, it’s instant gratification, almost you and it’s so much fun, and you have so many so much interaction with people.

So i love that you know dan seriously.
I love that you’re out there putting people in places like that and finding them opportunities for things like that, because you know when you find the right person for the right outfit, it’s going to work and when it does work, it brings tears to my eyes, man, How i can change some of these guys lives man when you see the testimony of it right when you get to see their wedding pictures when you get to see their kids, you know graduating and stuff, like that.

You know what i mean, there’s so many fruits that they all get to enjoy.
These rewards that you just help a person shake a hand, make a grand and move on and all of a sudden they their whole life is opened up.
You know i love seeing uh the testimonies that are of people that have had nothing didn’t understand how to how how they were going to get from the the the american uh paradigm of i got ta go to work and work this many hours, i’m gon na Make that and i’m gon na trade this time for money and it’s gon na be the same way every day.

I never trade no time for money, man exactly you know what i mean, but when you got to say hey, i got this high ticket item and it will drive you where you want to go, and you know somebody there’s always somebody looking for something man.
So you might as well be right there in the middle of where they’re looking for that.

No doubt, thank you so much so, no doubt so! That’s where i’m going to get to the third question.

What got you into this like? What? How did you find this type of career where you can actually be like a headhunter and help people find and replace them and consult them? To be honest, it was just uh, it was just.
It was just the right timing and just just grinding and um yeah.
I like to call it grime and uh.

I was just out here grinding and i just stumbled upon it.
That’s that’s unique man and so stumbling upon it.
How did that happen? If you don’t mind, i don’t want to dig in there too deep, but you know like just explain like so how did you stumble upon it like? Were you what were you doing and then what what did you stumble upon like? What did it say? Hey you know boom, i’m going to do this.

This is where the money’s at you know what i wanted a stat see i used to uh, i used to sell money.
Let’s just say it was selling money and then i wanted to um do staffing and then that’s just how i found it and now you know it was just.
It was so simple like to give people jobs and to get paid to give people jobs it just it was a no-brainer and then the automotive industry.

I got into that because the person who trained me to be a head hunter was already in automotive right and so that’s just how i went into that and then uh my stepdad was a mechanic.

He would he wasn’t even certified or anything, and i know i know how much money he was making.
You know just fix people’s cadillacs and stuff.

You know, and um technicians are very hard to find.
Yes, sir, and just so happens that i can converse with the fellas on the block or i could stand up with.
You know anybody else in the boardroom.

So i just feel like i got the i got the complexion for the connection and i’m just i just know how to talk to people.
Just to be honest, i love you man, i’m just gifted you are.
I could tell you got you got that about you.

Man, it is really is that it’s a little bit about you know, he’s right.
He has us staying at the bottom contagiously.
Confident and that’s exactly what you are.

You know so people around you when they talk to you there’s two things are going to happen with people when they deal with people like you and i and other ones, because we are confident people to the point where they’re either going to be offended or they’re Going to jump on board and they’re going to be the same way right, you’re going to see it in them.

You see that i know you do when you have conversations people either get taken back like man, i i’m who are you or they’re like or they’re.
Just at that level, with you, you know being in sales is like some will, some won’t.

So what you just? I don’t care, i don’t give a [ __ ], just be honest, we’re live right now so and then this is going to get chopped up, but i really don’t like.
I don’t even lie to people, because i don’t even give a [ __ ] enough about them to really lie to them about [, __ ], because i’m so con like concerned about my life that i got ta live.
You know what i’m saying, especially with all this other stuff going on out here.

You know what i mean, so it’s like um man, you just got ta, take what i’m gon na tell you you just got ta take it.
You know, i’m saying i don’t drink.
I don’t smoke, i don’t do drugs.

This is my.
This is my uh sport and that’s how i’m gon na play it and i’m gon na play it like jordan for real, i’m playing, like kobe, so for real you’re.

What you just said about me is absolutely right, because that’s exactly what i’m gon na do, i’m either gon na make you better or you’re just going to have to get away from me, you’re just going to have to leave me alone, like what i’m saying like.
Please leave me alone because i don’t got time for the [ __ ] for [ __ ], and i don’t you got because you got a certain brew that either people are going to like it or they’re just going to it’s too strong for them.
You know a strong brew is not for everybody, but that’s, okay.

You know and there’s plenty of people there’s plenty of people out there that are gon na enjoy that brew, so some won’t yeah, but i will i will right right.
I’m gon na doesn’t matter it that doesn’t matter what things doesn’t matter and that’s how every single moment of everybody that’s listening watching whatever you need to be actually activating that inside of your life, you know what i mean get you some of that, because it is Not it’s not it’s! It’s not something that many people are able to jump and beat with you know what i mean and that’s why you just like.
Oh you ain’t feeling it you don’t hear this whatever i’m out, i got it.

I got ta.
Do what i got ta do i got ta i got ta get this going.
I got ta get this hustle on.

I only got so many days and so many hours to get my hustle on right, and so let’s go ahead and get to it.
Let’s get rocking that’s: why he’s up brewing solutions in the middle of the night on a sunday night as we’re talking about how it is that we’re going to shine our light to the bed of the world right? That’s because it’s monday mornings, where we really want to be anyways.
To be honest, so i mean you know, i think globally, so yeah, you know i’m doing it for the people.

You know that’s up on monday morning watching me.

You know yes, no doubt and get yourself.
You know we do.

We do have viewers all the way from australia all kinds of places like that, so it’s pretty dope, so yeah man.
So what’s question number four lou all right so and i’m gon na not try to layer it so much this time.

That’s tough for this guy, as you can tell you know what i mean i can’t get here, but yeah there is a particular person that has been key inside of helping to put the ratchet to uh your life at a different phase in your life.

I don’t know when it is uh where some things actually could just clicked into gear for you and you were able to take a jump into a direction that was helping.
You live the dream that you’re living now, who was it that was the most integral part of your life inside of your career, uh, solomon from proverbs? That’s why that’s why i even named the business solomon abraham, you know um.
I feel like that.

I was trying to go from a to b, but i was going everywhere.
You know, and that’s just because, like i was just always drinking smoking, kicking it having fun partying.
You know girls everywhere um i used to be um.

I used to be a promoter.
I used to be in promotions, so you see this crush group poster behind me, um with everybody from depth jam.
So that’s like that’s how i was living my life.

You know and um i just one day i just woke up and i just knew like i wasn’t like.
I wasn’t really going anywhere and i was just so bored.
I don’t know if it was from being in cleveland or what, but it was, but it was really just.

I wasn’t doing anything with my life um and my cousin well she’s, not my cuz she’s.
Actually, my great my granddad’s sister she’s a little bit older than me or she’s way older than me, but uh.
She just told me: i need to read proverbs and just reading proverbs.

I just figured out a lot of stuff and i and also uh.
I think it’s ecclesiastes, then solomon’s talking he’s in ecclesiastes or whatever he’s talking about how he just likes to drink and just party and just that’s it there’s nothing else in this world to do and then he’s like well god’s bigger than me and then once he’s Like god’s bigger than me that he actually found his purpose, so that’s how i kind of found my purpose too was just with god just to be honest and alcoholic anonymous for real.
Tell me a lot man.

That’s that’s uh! That is a testimony.
Folks, no doubt of the power of the word for one uh, because that is, i mean solomon for those of you that uh do know or do not know course.
Solomon is the son of king david, the the uh, the second king of israel and the son of and the son of david.

He was to be known as the most wise person in the entire world and the you know solomon’s mom was bathsheba.
She was was that that she was when david first met solomon’s mom.

She was taking a bath on the roof, so david got solomon’s david got somebody and then had david man like the bible, crazy man.

So then, so when i look at that, i think i look at that like it’s, just like the hood for real.

So like every story, that’s in the bible.
I know some people, that’s really like that.

You know what i’m saying and the thing that’s awesome about.
It yeah.
That’s that’s awesome that you find that it’s still the the testimony that it is folks is that god can do incredible things with you, no matter what you have done, no matter what your past is no matter what you screwed up on just a moment ago, if You give him the opportunity, he can do incredible things with you and if you actually take on some of the wisdom, you just ask for wisdom, you’ll get it, you will get it and and when you dig in and and submit yourself to it, man it’ll help Change your entire life.

What is it that you love most inside of proverbs? Like you know, uh we can spit bone.
We i can spit method man.
I can spit wu tang.

Why don’t you spit me some solomon? Oh man, solomon, i think um the it’ll be the the first step to getting uh to getting knowledge is to get some knowledge, so i mean might as well just go.
Look in the dictionary and see see what you need and then just take it from there right.
You know i mean i’m going to be honest people when i tell people that they really have a good life.

They look at me like i’m talking like.
Maybe i’m talking chinese or something like that.
You know what i’m saying, because for real to be honest as long as you always just do the next best thing and do and stay doing the right thing, your life is just going to be great period.

Is i’m not even i i won’t even just talk you to death and just you know, get all missed the mystic or whatever it’s just that easy.

It’s always the next best thing for me: 100 man and you’re.
Like that’s what i believe, that’s why it’s such a big deal to me about this, keep growing things, because that’s what that is! It’s when you’re always just constantly trying to just be better and you’re, just building you’re, just you’re, building you’re building you’re building on greatness on top of greatness on top of greatness on top of greatness to eventually you are so great.

You are so big.
You are exactly what you say, you are, you know and um i actually even have a friend his name is, you, are you know and you’re exactly what you say.
You are for real yeah, just being honest and and that’s how you got to live your life.

You can’t get caught up in the bs and also um just can’t get you can’t get entrapped.
You can’t entrap yourself.
Even you know, uh there’s a lot of people out here, they’re just miserable every single day.

That’s all they focus on is all the bad like.
They don’t see all the good that’s happening and how they can take advantage of that good and you use it for power.
Like you said like it’s just a it’s an energy, it’s a it’s a mental thing.

It’s all those the it’s all the above and when you when you can focus on that and focus on all the good stuff.
Even when bad stuff happens, you just toss it to the side because you’re like i got other good [ __ ], getting ready to happen because i mean i know because i’m working towards it right now.
So it’s you got ta! You got ta harness that energy.

You know what, when i saw that it was people like monks and [ __ ] out here and they’re floating and bending spoons and [ __ ] with their minds.
I was like man, i’m i’m.
I want to do that, for if you really want me to be honest, i want to build the spoons.

That’s why i got this matrix, [ __ ] on right now, because i really do what i’m saying i really just if it’s people other than the spoons of their mind.

Why can’t i get some spoons with my mind, you know i’m saying we use three percent of our brain.
We got what 97 percent left.

What’s up there, man power, there’s ever a cafe.
We got that up there, one of ben spoons and it’s the car guy coffee, cafe man.
I i like that man, because it’s so true there’s it’s it’s deep our mind, like you think about it.

When you really think about a lot of stuff, if we could use our full mind like everything that they, you know just all the theories and all that type of stuff that you hear it’s a man you could, you could literally walk through walls.
Technically, you know it’s it’s.
The way you should be able to your molecules should be able to it’s just so many like.

I have so many thoughts like that too.
It’s crazy you and i need to sit down and like really talk one day like like really talk but anyhow, because what did you think about because well, i’m gon na catch off really quick.
It’s because um my cat’s over here playing with, but for real to be honest, my favorite thing to do is just to contemplate the infinite like that’s my favorite thing to do is just think about how far can i take my mind for real? That’s what i like to do.

You really want to know – and i just you know just think about – i just try to like just put pieces of the puzzle together.
You know because i definitely want to rule the world one day i mean i got attached to a pinky in the brain on my neck.

So obviously you know i’m a normal.

I love it.
Man, hey, be you there’s! No one else out there, like you, so be you, you know what i mean.
So i like that.

Oh yeah, so question number five, my friend question number five is gon na, be to the end of the five lineup.
Yes, sir, and then we’re gon na get to your fresh news.
No doubt no doubt so.

Five question number five so throughout throughout your whole career throughout everything that you’ve done.

What is we all have something that we really ultimately want to do, there’s something in the back your mind, i don’t know what is it? What’s the one thing that you, if you were to say this, is what exactly what i’m going to do and finish doing, what is it going to be? What’s that thing that you’re going to do uh, what am i going to do? I know you’re going to rule the world, but yeah i am i mean you know what’s crazy.
Is that i’m definitely probably going to end up being like mayor or something cleveland? That’s so easy to do right.

I hear people kind of talk about it sometimes, but they just don’t know that i am you know what i’m saying they’re so dumb they’re so stupid.

You know, but anyways um, something that i would ultimately like to do is.
I would like to um, you know like those things they got on star trek and they’re, like you know, beam me up or whatever i want to be.

I want to be part of the organization to click the group i just want to be.
I just want to be a part of making that happen.

You know that type of transportation.

I want to be a part of that.

It would be that’s something that i would absolutely love to be able to go from here and then go to england and i’m there in no time flat that type of stuff you know or here to them.
You know even to the moon like i’m on the moon like i was.

I was looking at the full moon.
The first of this month was the full moon and i was looking up at the sky, the other night.
I live out in the country.

So it’s like it’s dark, so we get beautiful views of the moon, the stars and the moon was.
I was just like man.
I just want to go up on that mug.

I really.
I just want to fly up there and literally just be able to walk on that just yeah.
You know i would straight you have to moonwalk if you’re up there, who wouldn’t pull out the mj you have to go for it, you have to make it happen.

You know, and it’s it’s, but it’s that it’s that’s something that you see and you just it’s almost like the technology is so close right now and it’s like where everybody can go.
Do something like that, and i really want to hope that i’m not getting too old, where i can’t do that one day you know like my body is like i can’t make it bro can’t make it well.
You’ll know no you’re only as old as you tell yourself, man you’re right.

I believe that i believe that unless you’re still smoking cigarettes in this [ __ ], you smoke a cigarette.

No, i don’t smoke cigarettes, that’s good man! I’m happy! You stopped! You used to smoke cigarettes, didn’t you yeah, i did i smoked on and off.
I smoked for 10 years, like in my 20s, like hardcore.

I was in the air force and i started smoking when i was in the military, and i smoked for about a good 10 years straight and then i stopped for a handful years started smoking a little bit here and there right, but but for the for the Most part i mean i’m too active.
I do i play sports.
I play ball still.

You know i do martial arts, so it’s kind of hard to swear cigarettes when you’re doing all that stuff.
It’s like exactly.
You know what you think about smoking.

Cigarettes like how come after i do everything great you know to my like after i eat, i smoke a cigarette damn i need food to live, but i smoke a cigarette to kill myself when i’m taking the [ __ ], i’m smoking a cigarette.
I have sex yeah, anything, that’s good for you back door with a cigarette, so it’s like you just took one step forward, one step backwards, but you’re not going anywhere.
I remember that.

I remember that after the sex cigarette, i remember it’s not like burning money.
Burning money and it’s just it’s gross – it’s not even attractive; it smells bad all the above.
So it’s like why so right! That’s why i’m going to get my teeth done, i’m going to miami to get some veneers man pretty soon well, actually, in a couple weeks, so because i smoked cigarettes for so long, i smoked cigarettes from the time i was 19 until i was about 30 30 That was about like me, they all like me.

I was fortunate, though my teeth made it bro.

I got straight.
I got straight ass teeth.

They still work man i used to do new ports myself, horse newport, newport kings, man, that’s right.
They were the best.
You know you don’t know how to pack give me those you don’t know what to pack.

The worst is what somebody don’t man, no doubt so that was our five liner yeah.
We just ran through an entire five liner, so i’m excited about that.
So we’re getting ready, we’re getting right hit this fresh news with you, man, i’m excited for you to drop everything that you got going on, how they can get a hold of you all that kind of stuff.

This is gon na, be a lot of fun and then we’re gon na hit you with something else right after that.
But let’s get to this fresh car, guys car gals.
We are going to take a quick moment where you can enjoy just one of the older intros.

We will be right back right after this is , [ Applause, ], [, Music ].
I don’t want to stop car guys and car gals.
Welcome back to the cafe.

Thank you so much for joining us.
We are about to get involved inside of some fresh news.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy fellow narcissist prime hero, and we are excited to be getting this fresh new session, going on with our fun and so unique friends that is in the cafe.

I love it.
Man, the personality has been bursting off the scenes.
Man – and i absolutely love the way, you think, your mentality – you are a unique guest that we’ve had on the show, probably one of the most unique persons i’ve that i’ve had on the show which is really cool, and i mean that in the most complementary way, Man, your your personality, is coming through the screen right now and i act dude.

I just feel like.
I need to go, hang out with you, that’s how i feel like i just feel like.
I just know that this door needs to open up and you just come in your sense of humor kind of i dig that sense of humor.

So that’s what i’m talking about.

So, let’s i’m so glad to have you here.

Thank you for coming on the show and doing this late with us tonight and we’re getting ready to get to your fresh news, and this fresh news is all about you and i just want you to talk.
I mean the five liner was too, but this is really a chance for you to go ahead and just spill all the beans about everything that’s going on.

I want you to talk about if you can’t, if you want to, i want you to talk about your company um.

What how do they can get a hold of you, what you exactly do with this company and how the and why it would benefit people who are watching right now and why they need to reach out to you, so they can get placed in the right places.
Was that layered too, oh crap, why don’t we have the same thing? I can’t hear him.
I can’t hear him once hey.

If you can hear me dan, i can’t hear you bro.
Give me one.
Second, i don’t know why the mic is going to figure out.

What’s going on wait a second, oh here we go what’s going on trying to brew.

Are you there you’re there? No, i can’t let’s remove him and then put him back on real, quick, yo yo there.
You are my friend, okay, sorry about that.

Go ahead and answer that question i apologize about that.
Oh no, that’s right! Uh! If anybody has received a linkedin connect from me now is the time to accept that connect, [, __, ] idiot, but no i’m just joking, but anyway, no for real, but uh accept my connect, also uh.
If you have a proposal for from me, i need you to sign that and send it back to me uh.

If you owe me money, i need for you to send me my check um.

That’s all i got for for anybody with business, but just to be honest, uh i represent the best dealerships, i will say with some of the best owners, some of the best groups, some of the greatest group of guys that i know and uh they’re doing their Thing they’re breaking records and they’re making money and they’re happy and nobody took a l from covet um everybody just they did better.
I remember one of my guys, i’m not even going to say this name is.

I called him when covet first started and he was losing more hair in the yard and he’s already losing right now and uh.
He was like.
I don’t know what to do, and next thing you know he’s trying to sell some type of uh snake oil product online or something i’m like man.

You need to get back to what you know.
You don’t know you know what is this noni juice? You know.
So he got his [ __ ] together and now he was bawling out of control.

You know what i’m saying, and it was thanks to me and that’s just what i do.

I just um.
I just helped put people in better situations to uh to live their dreams and and that’s what solomon abraham is all about.

It’s just about being harder, better, faster stronger than our competition.
Who are you know other recruiters out there uh, who really just outsource to uh.
You know wonderful, ladies and gentlemen, out in india.

You know they need jobs as well, but i mean i want to type people that you got my number.
You can call me on the phone.
I don’t care what i’m doing what time of day it is.

I’m always going to answer the phone, i’m always going to talk to you and i’m always going to give you the best advice.
I can give you so i’m always going to help.

You know put you in a better situation, you know what i’m saying and that’s just what i do.

I just put people in in the best situations they’ve ever been in their life.

You know some people, i changed their life so much that they end up.
Not talking to me no more because they trying to get their self together, you know i didn’t mean for them to stop talking to me too.

You know i just wanted to get their [ __ ] together.

You know.
So that’s just that’s just what i do.

That’s what solomon abraham is all about.
It’s about us together.
There is uh, no competition, because as long as we all work together, we’ll all be able to achieve our goals.

You know uh, some people are just looking for that instant gratification and they just want the hair now uh.
Where i look at the future, you know i’m a futurist, i’m a visionary and uh, i’m not trying to beat you out of anything.
You know i’m trying to help you make with whatever it is.

You want to make, because that’s going to put me in the next position in life myself, so that’s just something that i look forward to to helping people with you know moving forward also uh inda athletics.
This is a uh.
This is a sneaker company based out of kenya, and kenya actually has the most uh gold gold medals, i believe in running.

Yes, they do, and this shoe right here is made in kenya.
Okay, you know weldon kennedy who’s.
Actually, the president of the company uh, he gave me the opportunity to volunteer for them uh last winter i saw i saw the shoe online and i saw what they were doing.

I was like man.
I got to be a part of this because this this company is really going to blow up because china’s you know giving all the united states money to kenya, so kenya’s gon na be like the next china.
You know, and i got ta be in there when that happens, so you know, like i said as long as looking at the future.

Also there’s this app uh, it’s called catch at live and um.
It’s actually the number three downloaded app in in uganda.

It’s right behind uh, netflix and also uh tick, tock, tick, tock number one and uh.
This app is blowing up as well.
Its main competitors are yelp, spotify and uh right now.

What the app does is that it actually live streams.
Different clubs uh across the world.
Also, you can look at the app and you can see what who the dj is.

You can see what drinks are on special wow.
You can yeah man what wow you’re saying whoa, because you were just talking about how you wanted to go.

You know like: where did you say you want to go to like london or someplace like that or just wherever you know you want to get out and go and see the world, and this app brings the world to the palm of your hands for real.

You can see the the amount of girls, the guys that are in the club.
You know you can see what everybody’s wearing you can know.

If this is the type of club that you want to go to, you know and that’s exactly what the app does and eventually you know, since we’re talking about quantum computing and stuff, like that, eventually you’re going to be able to wear like an oculus like a Vr or something like that and you’ll be in the club.

So imagine you know uh going to ibiza from your living room.
You know what i’m saying or that’s happening, that’s happening.
I mean it’s becoming a thing because people can’t, i think it’s.

I think it’s beautiful man, i think it’s man, that’s a great idea and we’ve all seen like uh.
You know movies like ready player, one and stuff like that, and then you also know with these viruses that keep coming out.
A lot of people are really going to be staying in the house.

You know and um they’re going to be going to events that are that are more virtual.
So that’s that’s one of the reasons why i invested in that company uh also, i am the chief brand officer of superior quality records, which is a recording company based out of chicago, and their main focus is to fight, savage music peacefully.
So uh, you know, like you, hear all the the rap that’s on the radio right now, everything’s uh, it’s about drill music, i’m not sure.

If you guys know what drill music is but drill music is it’s for the shooter.

You know, that’s where music is right.
Now that’s what rap music is it used to be about the hustler? Now it’s about the shooter.

Now it’s about like killing people for real.
You know what i’m saying.
Oh, that’s! The music that’s glorified these days and superior equality is fighting fighting that oppressed movement.

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