So i don’t know i want to get up and dance every time.

I watch that video man it’s hot, it gets me excited it’s mainly because there’s so many awesome people in it that forget focus and flying with us yeah, they really are, and it’s just it was just a lot of fun like when we look at that.
It’s like going back in history, you know and you’re just seeing like the timeline go by and us seeing all these guests that we’ve had an opportunity and the pleasure of having on our show and being able to interview and ask our five liners and and to Get their their fresh news and get some good card guy confessions sessions.
So it’s just been so much fun to get to know these people and i feel like even the people we knew we got to know a little deeper and so that to me was a blessing um.

The growth of you and i um with this with everything that we’ve done together to build what we’ve built up so far to to just come out here and have these people and now we’re having people want to come on the show.
All the time we’re getting.
You know even glenn lundy, it was actually a request.

I was like really blown away by that and i know you were too lou remember when that happened.
That was uh.
It was um.

It was like surreal yeah just doing exactly the things that we have been uh, hoping for.
You know, praying for believing for seeing yourself actually achieve uh being able to live that stuff out.
You know it’s it’s it’s a great taste and, and sometimes it’s uh, it’s like.

Ah man, it’s it’s just so valuable.
Like like a great great meal.
That’s prepared with lots of love, lots of ingredients.

You know, maybe even a good cup of coffee.
You know what that’s like in the morning when you smell that right, you’re getting anxious and anxious in a good way like pumped up and excited about the flavors that you’re about to take that’s right.
I love it.

Man we’ve had the chance to be brewing with all of these people and every time they showed up in the cafe they had the flavor that we were looking for and beyond the flavor.
They were better than we expected and it kept getting more and more fun and they turned out to be just really really great people, and i use the metaphor of great coffee, because you understand what i’m saying, i’m trying to make sure that i tantalize other senses Inside of you right, you understand what it’s like when you go, absolutely anticipating that sip and you’re waiting for a great taste of a good cup of coffee.
Well, that’s what it’s like when we’ve had some of these great solution, solutionaries in the cafe in our zoom rooms, on stream yards or whatever i mean.

We’ve never had these people right here, except only a few very can’t wait to be around we will.
We will have a lot of live interviews and face-to-face meetings, um, but the beauty of technology, and you know taking advantage of what we had and what was in front of us.
You know folks, a lot of people would have gave up on it when we started like we started in the middle of a pandemic.

We began this right before in january and then march hit right, so we had to be creative.
We had to sit here and we had to think our sponsors by the way.
Thank you very much www.

com how you can get a hold of them.

I’m glad you plugged that in really quick man, great people, justin and derek and evelyn and their whole crew out there, they are doing some amazing stuff.

They are solving problems, for you so make sure you guys get a hold of them um, but before we get any further, that reminds me, since we did forget to do that.
We also need to make sure first things.
First, first things you know: what’s up bring it on lou, you have to apply three f’s.

You see that three f’s three f’s right.
What are those three f’s? They are to forgive focus and fly, and you will find yourself raising up above the limitations of this earth.
Of the just the the little world around you um and just the things that seem so big here at the ground level and rise above them fly to different heights, because you have got the weight of unforgiveness.

You have focused on the heights that you can barely even see, and you have had enough faith to kick out your arms and fly so that you can continue booyah grow it.
What okay, what let’s do it? Let’s all do it together.
All you guys watching this right now check it out seriously.

This will make you smile it’ll, make you feel good.
This is the weight of unforgiveness.

It is imagine that let’s go, this is ah, let’s get it together, ready you got ta forget hands on your shoulders.

Let’s go one two three forgive and then you focus, and then we fly right.
So you can keep growing, keep growing, keep growing.
Oh, that’s where the beat’s supposed to hit right then so, since we got that go ahead and hit just go ahead, and let them see that video one more time, one more time for you guys for your love, you guys enjoyed the video one more time and Uh great people think about it.

Go back, listen, get yourself that support.

How do you wow guys? I thank you all for hanging in there watching that minute and a half of amazingness see what i’m seeing that’s what we’re talking about those people.
They bring back memories.

If you guys have been following us over the last seven eight months, you guys have definitely heard these people talk and you’ve seen how they’ve come from where they’ve come from before they were in the business got into the business became solutionaries became visionaries became just people Who are just like doing things that no one else were doing you know you got guys like el patron who’s out there, just killing social media, killing the game, bringing it in there talking about his family talking about himself talking about his dealership talking about his employees.
Talking about his bdc department, talking about everything, his deliveries, the vehicles that he’s coming, he there’s nothing that he’s not putting on social media guys, if you guys watch social media at all and you guys are seeing the top level guys out there they’re killing social media.

So if you want to get to that level, you need to do the same thing.

They have a great approach to it right and el patron understood, uh the power of it and made sure that it, the power of it, isn’t going to pass him by.

You know what i mean if that type of power is going to get in front of him, he’s going to engage it and he’s going to put it to work, and he does it in a masterful way and it’s in it.
He he does it in a way that makes you understand that you can do the same thing too, and because you can uh, we want to make sure that you keep hearing and seeing what it is that he’s doing out there.

That’s why we love sharing his stuff and uh and and seeing uh just the the great incredible nuggets that came out of the conversation that we had over a cup of coffee right, he’s still pushing out content with our with that interview, and it’s been a great It was a great interview, there’s a lot of good stuff.
Like he’s saying he knows what he’s doing little nuggets that he used from, but that’s why that’s why we were doing it right, yeah! That’s why we even wanted to talk to him because of what he was doing that was so effective yeah.
You know you want to get with beans that are brewing and that’s just not a way, and that’s just one guy guys, i’m telling you in gals i mean we are talking about a lineup of people, solutionaries visionaries, all these people who are doing things that, like I said no one else are doing.

Jason garris, for example, he’s actually on live with us right now.

What’s up jason, what’s he kendrick what up kendall kendrick? Let’s see jason garris love, you guys.
We love you too bro.

You know it and then let’s see we got mr cooper.
Oh my man, forgive you know.
What’s up that’s what i’m talking about one of my favorite shirts, okay, i actually have probably more of this shirt than any other single shirt in my house.

Okay, because all the kids have one too outside of maybe some up four shirts, because there’s a bunch of things and we had a bunch of them right but forgiven that that forgiven shirt, oh most of those and it came from shamante cooper um.
Most of those i bought from him that was part of the ministry that that he was really watching for jumping in yeah, incredible man.
That spoke some great words into my life.

When i really needed them love you coop love you right on man, then you got jason.
I love that song.
I got ta get this idea out.

Okay, let’s do it.
Let’s hear it real, quick, real, quick.
If justin sorel is out there somewhere come on justin you need to creep in here, he’s probably he might be down.

He might be down getting ready to go down for the night, but you might see this.
So i want you to grab your your trumpet because i know you’re passionate about music and i want you to hit that banner see if you can hit those notes for us.
It would make my heart jump so much.

I’m just saying i think i would have a blast that would be really cool.

You know what i mean so just putting it out there for all the social media land boom.
Hear me ask you for that boom.

I know that, but it’d be awesome.
If you busted that out, we have a lot of fun with that opening that music, when we came up with it that music just even brings back memories of us trying to find it for our show and man what a great song – and it still keeps me Pumped up before the show goes, so i’m always excited to watch it see it and hear it mostly here guys.
The hearing of it just gets me, so it makes me think of a cuban guy walking out of a cuban.

You know cigar bar going on exactly so.
I could see that, but anyway um.
That being said, i’m excited to be here tonight.

We have a lot of great stuff going on um car guy coffee, the podcast, the cafe lou and i personally with what we’re trying to do with other things.
But you know when it comes to our car guy coffee, guess, speaking of that uh.
Oh, i’m sure you guys have seen a couple of the posts we’ve posted recently about searching for the beans talking about.

I absolutely think in a cafe.
I asked a little poll and said: hey, you know, would if i can’t we came out with a coffee, should we come out with different blends and should we and you guys they came with some great answers? I love some of them.
We’re talking about like come out with some cool car guy nickname, you know, like you know, so, i’m like absolutely.

We are going to do that.
We’re going to have a lot of fun with it we’re going to go full force as soon as we possibly can.

Obviously, the more income we get in the more that we can put out right.

So if you guys want some of this coffee, this first blend is coming up very soon.

Make sure you get some of that.
This way we can use and turn it around and make that into more, because we want to get this out here for everyone.

This car guy coffee is needed, it is wanted and it’s going to be delicious, but the most important thing it’s going to be consistent.

Okay, so we’ll touch on that a little bit more here in a moment, but our coffee is going to be really good.
So i’m excited about the coffee, because the coffee is going to be what we’re about, and it’s just even though it’s just coffee.

It’s a lot more than that folks, it’s a whole bunch more than that.
It’s something deep about that.
So i’m super excited.

Lou’s really got me back.
Uh pumped up about it, lou’s been doing he’s been spearheading that lose the guy behind the scenes.
Doing 90 of the magic guys, i just like to talk and put videos out all right, so we have a lot of fun, lou’s, really good at the editing stuff.

If you guys have not noticed the great edits that he’s put out with our shows that are on youtube and stuff, like that, that’s lou yeah, he does he kind of took over that whole spell like i don’t know about four months ago.

Maybe it’s been like that long now and he just he’s been just he just.
Does it um and he’s been crushing it he’s been editing.

The sound he’s been putting the videos out making sure you guys get sneak peeks of the stuff that he’s putting on youtube.

He’s putting everywhere else make sure you guys watch those they’re amazing but much love the lou, my dog for doing that, and we should yeah man.
Well, you know you know we got to do what we got to do.

Yeah yeah, i mean it’s a team.
We you know, the thing is: is that we together just like anything else folks, this is what i’m trying to talk about.
Is that you can’t just do it all by yourself.

You know you have to have somebody there to back you, and then you have to make sure that you do what you’re supposed to do so that he can continually want to vacuum.

Just like i want to continually back him for everything he does the coffee thing.
This is, i mean it’s obviously where car got coffee was going to happen, but lou pushing it, and i love it and i’m excited about it and i can’t wait for it to drop.

So that’s the thing don’t know: uh, there’s, there’s many things that we want to do to help the world uh.
There’s a lot of there’s a lot of things that are going on inside of our our communities and and countries, and we want to be able to do what we can to help out.
So, ultimately, we want to blessings on the blessings under blessings right, whether that’s taking care of our community locally and uh, helping out those that are orphaned or abused or in bad situations.

We want to be able to give to help that out and or if it’s things that are going on um as far as mission trips to other countries that need the help.
We want to be able to help with that.
Yes and our coffee is actually connected to that folks, we have so much to talk about.

We do in the future about what our coffee is going to have to be able to do for people these things that we want to do it’s just you know.
What’s it going to do it’s going to help you be contagiously, confident, yes, you’re going to be able to be excited about hitting your keurig.
If you got to hit the carrick or hitting your your mocha pot or hitting your french press, you know you know cooking! Your coffee, however, you cook your coffee you’re, going to be excited about it, you’re going to want to dance to the coffee pot, because you’re going to be brewing.

Some car guy coffee, oh mister, jake, bishop! What’s up buddy, i appreciate you for coming on.

I know we’re a little bit earlier tonight, so i’m glad i glad you came on and got a chance to watch this live.

Jake is a local car guy up in louisville he’s at bob hook, chevrolet and he’s doing his thing.

He has his own little show that he actually does with a couple of the other guys at the store man they’re a lot of fun they’re trying to do their thing guys if you haven’t watched theirs check it out, look look at it.
Look up! Jake bishop jesus he’s on there he is a certified solutionary.

Also i love a guy a lot.

He actually.
He gives me a lot of praise, which i appreciate man when you can come out and reach out to me and ask me questions like the way you have and just been so open.

I appreciate that kind of stuff because i’m the same way i’m an open book so anytime, you have anything that you’d need jake, you holler at me.

You got my number.
You know how to get a hold of me and i promise you if i read anything from you i’ll call you too, but you know, like i said, i’m happy to talk to you anytime.
This guy is a killer.

He’s got a huge future in the business and i can’t wait to see what he’s going to be like even 10 years from now so yeah man, no problem for the shout, my friend no problem you deserve it.
Man, you’ve inspired me jake to have something from this point forward and maybe we’ll we’ll bring you up again, uh to make sure that we expose it the first time we need to have an overlay that comes out right there that we can hit boom.
It shows car get coffee approved, have the the whole the whole car cgc approved stamp, go spanx, that’s right! We just need to get that.

We can kind of have that.
What we need to do is just set it up like right inside this little right here.
In the branch side, and then we go like you know how we have it for here, you can put it, we just got to put it, but then okay, let’s put that on real, quick.

Let’s practice, let’s practice so just put the cardio coffee podcast.
This one bam like boom, like that, that’s basically what it would do like that can be like he’s he’s cdc approved exactly so we would hit it with something like that right, that’s cool! I loved it yeah that was actually kind of cool you’ve.

Inspired that.

Thank you for bringing us to that jake.

Thank you.
I got coffee coffee yeah.

No doubt i love it.
Man, that’s so awesome, i’m gon na! I can’t wait to use that.
We need to get that.

Oh yeah.
We got something yeah i got ta make it into it.
I know we got it somewhere, oh hold on transparent, look at who’s, looking send a salami to your boy in the army.

That’s why i like that hey jeff hold up.
That’s my brother.
What’s up, bro, hey jeff lenore, guys speaking of another amazing car guy, and i’m not just saying this – is my little brother man real talk, hardin county won the finest out.

There he’s been a sales manager at the knox ford in radcliffe kentucky for a very long time.

Man, i’m very proud of this guy he’s got a family he’s doing so many amazing things: um he’s really he’s grown up quite a bit leaps and bounds over the years, and it’s just really cool to see him become the man that he’s becoming and having the Family that he has their beautiful family him stephanie and, of course, my little dude kingston.
I absolutely love that family man, i love them, and i love my brother man, i’m proud of you.

I just want you to know guys.
If you guys need a ford, don’t go anywhere else, but knox ford and rashford you’re going to buy a new ford.
You go ask for jeff lynn, arts and he’ll.

Take care of you.
He’ll get you with one of his team members.
They’ll make sure they they get you everything they need the best deal in town, the best rates and the best terms knox ford, radcliff, kentucky jeff point arts send a salami to your boy in the army.

That’s nice! I love him.
I like that, for real one of the funniest guys you’ll ever meet in your life.
If you want to have a good time purchasing a new ford, you better go see my brother because he’ll make you laugh the whole time you’ll.

Just i mean seriously like you.
Might even pee your pants so make sure you bring an extra pair of pants.

That’s how tough he is so about about uh jeff, and you know, if you might correct me if i’m wrong uh, but i do believe that that i actually have one of the great honors of of helping him have his his first management position.

I believe that i was part of promoting him to his first management spot, whether it was at tim, french’s or it was on the road um, as i think that that would be the first spots uh.
Let me know if i’m wrong, but i like that.
That’s nice, it was during that season.

We were together that we recited some jerky boys, jeff man.
You want to come on real, quick i’ll.
Send you a link, though seriously you can do it from your phone man.

I don’t care what you’re doing just get on here.
I’m gon na i’m telling you i’ll.
Send you a quick link right now.

You just get on your phone and just it’ll it’ll just hit the link and it’ll open it up.
There’s no app needed bro! You need to come on.

You guys need i’m gon na.

Send you one if you don’t come it’s cool but not, but not cool.
I’m gon na send it to your facebook messenger.
So if you want to jump, you could jump.

I’m just saying.

I think that i’m right though, but send a salami to your boy in the army.
I, like that.

That’s that’s all rosenberg from the jerky boys, oh maggie, serrano, uh me and my brother yourself.
I love it.
Man at least be our joints when we were younger.

Oh man, all right jeff, i just sent you a link to your messenger.
It should be there in a minute all right, so what he says he might.
He might have already replied, i’m good.

He said yes, you’re, correct, yes! Well, it was a great honor and you know that i love you man and uh.
You know we’re fam famous fam uh, but an incredible solutionary, and i did have that great honor in my career uh, which is a great thing for any of us to be able to see somebody and help them get to that next level.
No matter what stage of the game it is that you’re in helping somebody else, get moving forward or get more experience or be able to have more of what it is that they’re they’re trying to achieve just get them a little further.

If you can help anybody do that, there’s such a great honor in that um and it’s so much more rewarding than getting in somebody’s way and trying to help them grow.
You know what i mean yeah so much more rewarding for that.
That’s the old culture! Folks, let that stuff die help people get to the next level, jeff’s a great car guy he’s a great person and a great father and he’s a man he’s an awesome brother.

I’m real proud of him, i’m just so happy that that he is where he is right.
Man he’s just he’s in a good spot and i’m dirty and coming but hey anytime.

You want to come on the show.
Jeff you’re always welcome.
No doubt you you have to deal with this, you should be a scheduled guest.

You should be like.
We should have like a comedy skit with you here.

We could talk about funny stuff.

We should have like a funny like we do like all our freshness you’re seriously silly.

You should do a seriously serious session.
Oh high, five on that give me just the one jeff you got ta come on here, dude seriously, silly session, the seriously silly session.

We’ll talk about funny stuff and just get down with it, i mean like hypothetical things that happen during closes stuff, that was said, customers and what they do.
Oh, my goodness, we have so many good ones out here, the stuff that people think i know other people that can come on the show too jason garris is definitely going to have to be on that show.

Um, that’s not true.

Dude i invited you.
I invited you at the moment like long time ago.
Bro i just been busy, but just dude you don’t even have to be invited.

You said, let’s do it all right, that’s it all right, forgive focus.
Jeff lynn.
Arts is now gon na, be part of car.

Guy coffee, podcast he’s he’s he’s already got a shirt.
I know he’s got that.
I never seen him wear it, but he’s got a shirt.

So hey bro, i’m excited about it.
We’ll do it just come on soon we’ll do it we’ll do it here real soon? You’ll, come by we’ll do a quick, little fun seriously silly session, we’ll do it live and we’ll we’ll crush it.
We’ll have fun man, i’m excited about that.

Dude! Jeff, awesome man thanks for saying! Yes to that, oh yeah! I love you too.
Man, love you like a brother all right, so what you did there all right, so uh speaking of um? Okay, so we’re talking about brewing new things right, so just like that we’re gon na take some of these words that have been assembled together to get people to really understand the flow that we want in car guy coffee um, like contagiously, confident like seriously silly like Upshift and uplift like ruin solutions like get you some all of the things that we try to make sure that we say that you understand we’re talking about um, actually brewing solutions, actually upshifting uplifting right and that’s what the coffee’s going to come out of.

So we’re going to come up with some cool names for all of that, uh make make sure that that it, it is conducive to the things that you’re actually drinking love jeff, but we’re also going to come out with making sure that it’s a consistent flow.

So with that, we are going to drop some information of what it is that we have done here, find success inside of the dealership and in social media land.
Okay with the consistent method, consistent method method, which is going to be a 10-step course to help you master social media car guy edition.
Basically, this is going to help you understand how to be more successful inside of your career right now.

Folks with these methods, these 10 simple steps, 10 simple steps that i’ve been using and obviously you guys see what i’ve been doing right and i’m not trying to boast or get like that.
I’m just saying you guys have seen my message out there.
You see it everywhere, you guys some of you guys are tired of seeing it and i get it.

But i know that every once, while you see one that it hits you here and that’s all that matters to me and i’m just there to try to do that and i’ve been having fun doing it, i’ve been having major massive growth doing it, not just in My business and in my social media, but in my personal life it’s actually helped my relationship with my wife.
It’s helped me, though, i’m more busy, because i know that and because i’m so active in everything in my brain waves, and my frequency is just on fire right now, because i’m taking these 10 steps right, just like the road to the cell 10 easy steps.

But this is seriously this constant method that we are we’re developing right now that we are trialing through me and lou, it’s just it’s an amazing thing.
You guys are not gon na regret.
Checking this stuff, i mean seriously, i’m super pumped about this.

I’m excited about dropping this stuff and i’m excited about keep going, i’m not done yet.
I’m still growing, i’m still doing my stuff.
What’s everybody room for improvement, my friends, so you know – and so i’m excited about all that i’m excited about.

Having that happen, we are doing this and we are going to show you guys the key to getting to where we’re at the key to getting to where i’m trying to get to, because you know what thanks jake jake.

What did jake say my friend jake said we’re killing the social media game.
You all are killing social media game wow.

I appreciate that.
I’m glad that you.
I appreciate that jake, i’m doing my best.

I’m just trying to put out a good message and all i’m trying to do is just trying to help people i’m doing this, because it’s really it’s hurt here.
My heart’s never been as big.
I’ve never had so much like blood pumping through my veins, like every single day when i wake up and i’m ready to do something.

I’ve been excited about work a bit more so than i’ve ever been.
Since i was like a rookie just trying to catch.
My first up, i’ve never been more excited about coming home from work even to be able to see my family, but i’m not like so antsy that i have to leave work.

Does that make sense? I’m there to the last piece of paper, get signed right so and i’m excited about that and then i leave and i come home – i’m excited about that.
Then i get to go to go to sleep.
Whenever i go to sleep, this is going to be probably early night with hallelujah, because we got a 6 30.

This is the morning we got ta rise and grind elite.
You know and we’re going to be doing that and that’s a 6 30 um little mentorship type thing where we get to do some stuff talk and build our minds up, but at the same time get the oxygen flowing again the blood flowing.
I’m talking about my heart, beating harder right, i’m so excited about everything.

I’m excited about being able to give you guys the blueprint help you guys become everything that we’re trying to do it’s possible for everyone.
There’s plenty of just like we talk about think about how many dealerships are just in our local market jake.
He knows everybody who’s in our kentucky louisville southern indiana market.

We all know how many dealerships there’s a ton of them more than you could count more than you can even think of you’ll, for you think you know them all.
Then you’re, like oh yeah.
I forgot about that store, there’s so many people, yet there’s still cars being sold every single day.

It’s not about competition, guys! It’s not it’s about giving the clients in this market everybody, giving the clients in this market the right business teaching, showing them how to buy a car the right way, if they’re not buying cars, the right way, because they were taught an old-school way or maybe their Credits challenged and they keep making the same mistakes over and over we got to be coaches for these people.
We got to be more than they’re used to seeing back in the day.
It was cool, be slick.

You know with your tie, you did all this stuff, you talk fast and try to shut them down.
I get that closer closer, i’m a closer bro i am, but i also am a human being, and i have empathy and i really care about my clients – and i also care about the car business in the car business – there’s a certain way that people are doing It and they’re falling apart, i’m going to tell you they’re, it’s not going to last long.
It’s even though it’s always been this way.

It was no it’s not it’s always changing.

It’s been, it’s been evolving since the day i got in this business, i’ve seen the way you sell cars change a multitude of times in the last almost 20 years.

So if you think that it’s going to be the same for the next 10 years, the way it is today, even if you are evolving slightly you’re, going to still change even more in 10 more years so understand you have to constantly be growing.

You have to constantly be trying to be better than you were before, so believe that so i don’t like i was talking about, i don’t believe in the competition local, i believe in helping each other all be better.
I believe in having almost like a union of us like where we can sit down and talk and honestly not worry about, i’m trying to steal your client.

If, if i sell your client, that’s not you’re my fault, it’s not your fault! That just happens.

Man there’s but there’s guess what i could throw another line out in that line and that water catch me another fish, there’s plenty of them out there.
You just got to keep working next if you lose a customer next on to the next one folks, because if you dwell about the past and you never forgive it, you’re never going to be able to focus and fly.
So let’s go all right.

So i’m done with talking about all that, but you guys know what i’m saying.
So that is what i’m so excited about.

I’m excited about dropping that, for you guys, i’m excited about sharing these things, i’m sure i’m i’m excited about mentoring, as many people as i can i mean i know.

Lou is too losing lou’s over here, probably person that scenes want to talk like he always is right, but i’m listening.
I love him right.
No, actually i got ta learn how to do that.

Also right i mean there’s so much that i’ve learned sitting here.

You know watching uh everybody that we talk to do what it is that they do i’m.
I learned something from every conversation that i’ve had and it’s a joke.

I got ta throw a little shout out.
I got ta throw a little shout out to joe over here man.

What up joe bro i was trying to.

I was trying to say his tick.
Tock videos have been killer.
Have you seen any of those? Oh dude, you don’t get on tick, tock! Never get! We just kind of post and go, but his videos are really good.

He involves not just his car business stuff, but he involves his family they’re, great man.
I love you joe thanks for jumping on here tonight and, of course we got jacob again.
It’s always.

It was a good message, always a good message.
Thank you, the the the biggest thing we want to make sure that we do it shine a bright light, yeah and, and it that brings joy.
So thank you for that.

That’s part of the overall goal is to be shining brightness.

It is, you know, and here’s the thing folks and here’s the other thing that we do, i’m showing you that i try to at least show you that it’s okay to not be perfect when you’re on doing these videos, i stumble.
I speak extremely fast folks.

I cry i have to cry.
I have to slow myself down quite a bit when i talk um.
I seriously do you know, and sometimes i can’t believe i release that stuff luke put out a beautiful video today about his passion and it was a challenge from mike offmath and man.

This challenge was really great and it was fun.
You seen a chain reaction to these videos starting to come out it started.

I hope that it would be kind of cool to somehow get this thing to go super viral, because people need to talk about their passions.

People need to talk about what they want, because until you talk about it and what’s beautiful about putting it out in the internet, it’s kind of like it’s like you’re marking it and you’re saying i want to make this happen and when you do stuff like that, Folks, when you start to put things out there and that’s what this beautiful thing about us doing, this podcast has done for me, and this is what it’s going to do for you guys, if you guys get in our in our into our constant method.
Right, i’m telling you that consistent, consistent method.
Excuse me consistent methods, apologize, consistent method, if you guys get into that, and you guys really see what i’m talking about you’re going to see how all this can just develop, see how to glow it’s going to be a beautiful thing.

So i’m excited about everything.
I’m excited so don’t worry about being perfect, it’s just about putting it out there putting things out to the universe, because when you put it out there and you’re always putting it out there, it becomes something.
You know it’s crazy to say that you know a lot of people.

Don’t believe that you can make things happen.
You can really will things into your life and you can you know it’s if you’re religious, it’s it’s! It’s there’s it’s biblical.
When you do that, it will come to you when you do the right things it it’s you’re supposed to have an abundance of everything.

If you do it right, am i wrong? Even if you’re, not religious, and you just have a relationship with god, but my bad.
You know do what i mean i’ll be honest, you know, i’m i i’m you know, i’m i’m not the most.
You know i’m not the most a biblically first person, you know, but i do bring on.

I honor that i think that it’s great that people who are – and i love listening to the stories i love listening to the way that jesus you know did what he did with his people and all that type of stuff i mean i grew up in inner Church you know so for me, it’s it’s awesome and i think it’s great, because man, i’m telling you the way to live that book.
The bible can give you a it’s it’s if there’s a book out there that you want to read to know how to do life.
The right way come on it’s the book.

That’s no doubt it was so fun.
It was like it was like a like a mic drop moment when one of the coaches were on the phone with us with gabe and uh, and he was trying to gas us up.
You know what i mean and you know, because they do the the recruiters they they really man they can sell.

They can sell some units if they applied themselves uh to this business man.
They would sling some metal uh, but uh they’re sitting there uh pitching us and gassing us up and saying: hey dad so uh.
What is it uh? What book and raising great kids because they went over his grades? They went over uh his stats and all the things that he’s involved in and the things in the way that he’s standing there and then he’s speaking.

You know gabe, okay, uh and so they’re like what’s what’s the secret book, you guys read uh to raising an incredible son like that, and i was like the bible and he’s like.

Oh, like oh wow, you know and i kept waiting for him to come.
Sell me, you know what i mean like we did.

We went and did a time share thing together.
Could you imagine what that looked like with fred and me sitting on the other side, they’re trying to sell us hard right selling this time i picked up.
Actually, a couple words i was impressed by the guy, he was slick i mean the guy was really good, but there was like a zero percent chance of closing, so i wasn’t and i already had it blocked off.

I don’t care if you could almost gave it to me for free and i would die and sign something, that’s a contract for something i don’t want zero so, but that was fun, but it was a lot of fun.
It was an experience so yeah, but speaking of of of that that that is the number one selling book in the world is the bible and uh.
Everybody is on their growth path right.

The the same, the same father that created the entire cosmos is uh, has has everything set up perfectly in place and part of that is uh this time in history.

You are hearing this message so that you can brew solutions with the car guy coffee podcast.
It just happens to be perfectly right now.

If you’re hearing me say this daddy knew it was going to happen anyway, but there are some great things that are on the way, um that you might want to uh get ready to jump in on again the consistent method.
There is one thing that i can say i mean there’s many things that i can say about my brother here, but he was able to take some methods that have been used and and put together by people.
Now you can take one of these methods and grow a little bit.

You can keep.
You can grow a little bit yeah.
What we’ve stayed dedicated to doing is to hashtag keep growing constant growth and because of that growth, he made sure to continue to apply consistently.

These 10 steps and doing all of these things he’s grown in different levels.
Now that doesn’t mean that you don’t have room to expand once you do.
One step doesn’t mean that you’re you’re you’re done growing and you can actually go back and do it all over again.

That’s the crazy part and read a good look and again it just you.
Just you’re gon na just have constant growth.
Whenever you know everybody’s gon na okay, you have a goal guys when you hit a goal.

What do you do? Are you done? No, no you’re not done after you hit a goal.

You you hit that goal now, you’re looking for the next goal right, then you realize that that goal that you hit was actually set up for you to hit this other goal.
You just didn’t know it yet because your eyes didn’t see it yet now, once you get here, you start to get that confidence.

You get that cup of coffee right, you drink it.
It’s a car, got coffee.
You get that contagious confidence right! You do that! All of a sudden, you hit your goal and you’re like man, i’m so much more confident.

Now my goal is no longer here now i’m set here, but then you also realize you know, but then you start to realize.
That’s just another step, and you realize that before that now you’re gon na, like i got 10 more steps left and i’m excited about it.

It all starts with the first step and then you’re all pumped up yes and you’re, ready to fly you’re ready to just absolutely explode with the power that you are made to operate with inside of your business.

Absolutely your business can do great things.
We have a method that we’re going to show you and we want to share with a lot of people, we’ve shared with some other people um and what to do inside of their business, but we’re going to make it a little bit more available.
A little more.

A little more pressed in a place where you can actually access it and uh.
We don’t necessarily have to be on the phone with everybody that we’re trying to help out and guys who wants to see this book come out from lou, i’m putting him on the spot.
Who wants his book? Let’s get his book out.

Let’s make this happen, i want this.
Forgive focus, fly to freaking fly off the shelves, so we need to get his book in here asap.
He needs to go ahead and either hire a ghost rider, get something you need to get that going.

We need to get his book going.
Let’s talk about his book soon, i want to be in here one day going lou, so i want him to hold like like like everyone else.
I want to hold the book up like that doing the the monogram thing you know i mean he had an incredible idea.

You guys might have seen the show of of how to do the cover, so the cover is going to have like that going on on it.
The forgive focus you know like that.
You know just how you guys, you should get that little thing and you turn it and it changes slowly.

So it’s not gon na be like a right, so that would be like our tick tock video.
That would be like something to be like what is that and they’d read it like.
Oh, how radical right, because at anything at any one of those steps, is great like even if you’re just looking at the forgive part you’re like man, you’re right i need to or if you’re just looking at it’s time to fly.

Yes, it is or look at me, i’m focusing so whatever it is, you can have i’m flying i’m flying.

We need to get that out.
We need to get that out.

Man appreciate the challenge and and folks, i’m trying to get it all squeezed out.
Yeah we’re busy guys, no doubt and and right.
I want to make sure that, if you’re going to invest inside of something that that we put out or i put out right, um in any case scenario, it’s worth you having just like the car guy coffee that’ll be available for pre-orders, soon um, but very soon.

Um, we are teamed up with an incredible solutionary in her own right from i say with cafe, and she is mentoring, us and understanding uh coffee a little bit better, because that’s definitely an area of exercise.

Definitely you’ve been giving us a little bit of coaching.

I’m passionate about growing some of that she gave me my honorary puerto rican card back.

I was happy about that.
She took it right back from me when she knew how much i’d cured coffee, but it was all good.
We forget focused and flight yes past – that yes, but um, either way, there’s a few things going on uh we’re talking about it a whole lot out here, for you guys, uh, michael love, you brother, thank you so much for being with us tonight.

Thank you for being with us tonight, jake, thank you for being with us tonight, joe thank you, everybody that has been doing solutions with us and just giving us a little bit of your time, letting us bend your ear and maybe just just getting a little bit Of a giggle with a couple of silly guys, uh talking about uh, good things, uh.
Thank you so much.

We honor you yeah we’re trying to have have some fun, but no matter what happens, we want to make sure that you understand how empowered you are to go.
Make great things happen, so i can only maybe affect your world if i help inspire you to go smile, a little bit more smiles biggest thing encourage people a little bit more act like you’re, going to give them a high five and maybe just end with the Finger guns because of social distancing, you know whatever it is that you do to go, bring another smile for somebody.
Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to do so.

It’s okay to be seriously silly, go ahead and get the awkward out of the way and make somebody have a good time and at least know that you were there uh to up shift and uplift them.
Okay, thank you! So much for growing solutions.
We have so much more, we want to say, but guess what this week we have something coming out with an incredible solutionary that is behind the scenes, a lot himself.

You may not hear much about him.
Um if you don’t know what it’s like behind the curtain.
A bit uh, but there is an incredible i can.

I can’t say the word enough.

Um like i was trying to say to my man.
Russ mann, today uh incredible, incredible, incredible job in the way that you finished out your your challenge.

So honorable, honorable only word that i had was incredible, but speaking of incredibles, mr richie, every time i say, richie, i’m thinking of richie but uh richie bellow is brewing solutions with us this week.

So you’re definitely going to want to listen to this, because the insight is crazy.
You know ben he’s been in and out of the car business around the carbons.

Every which way he’s been an entrepreneur in a multitude of different things currently still is um.
This guy is always about uplifting other people.
You know he.

He doesn’t really like to talk about himself, so it’s kind of cool to have him on the show, because he’s not much to get interviewed, he’s more likes to rather interview you, because he wants to highlight you, so it was really cool to have him on he’s.
Been somebody that we have had an honor of getting to know over the last.

You know this whole coronavirus, pretty much kind of tweaked before that, but throughout this time, as we’ve, like we’ve, talked about with our consistent method, we have definitely built our brand up a lot.

So obviously we started to get noticed by richie.
Richie came out to us.

He had me on the show he interviewed lou we’ve, you know, we’ve had some we’ve had some really good times talking with him on the side.

A lot of messaging with the guy y’all he’s got a lot of stuff going on right now, like he has this huge product getting ready to hit, and you guys need to check out the show and learn a little bit about them.

But it’s it’ll help everybody in the car business just understand it’s going to be there in the morning.

You might want to get yourself, yeah it’ll, be there so make sure you listen to that check it out and and richie.

Thank you once again for coming on the show.
It was a lot of fun to have you on um, good friend of ours, he’s down here that i actually yeah he is so yeah.
Lou really is for real.

He knows for sure dna test, but all the talk guys and also guys on thursday morning 5 30 rise and grind.
You guys know everybody knows: glenn lundy.
You guys seen him on our show.

The other week right, glenn lendy’s become a friend of ours um.

He is mentoring us currently and i’m looking forward to growing with him.
Also yes, but he invited me and i’m sure lou will be on very soon.

I know he is because he’s going to be doing this whole rise and grind like interviews and i’m real excited about being on there.

So i’ll be there at 5 30 in the morning on rise and grind, i’m going to be getting interviewed by glenn and i’m excited about that so come check it out.
Come watch me on there come come see me be not so perfect, guys, that’s what i’m gon na tell you i’m not a morning person, so you guys may see the worst of me, but that’s okay, guys, i’m not scared about it.

I’m actually excited about it.
That scared feeling that you have is actually should be excited turn it into excitement, because when you could turn fear into excitement, you’ll do a lot more life, because you can’t let things that give you that little.

I don’t know.

If i should do it.
Stop you from doing something you know now, of course, there’s certain things you can’t you shouldn’t do, but i’m talking about stuff, that’s going to help you grow.
Of course, this is going to help me grow being able to sit there and and be on the show and talk.

It’s going to be a great way for me to be able to talk about the car guy coffee podcast.

It’s going to be a great way to talk about everything that lou and i are doing everything that i’m trying to do, and also for me to be able to ask him some questions in a sense and learn something from him.
You know every time we’ve had a conversation with this guy man.

You want to talk about a guy.
Who knows how to answer some questions.
My dog man he’s some somewhat of a pro.

We’ve learned a lot from him.
You know what i mean.
I mean we’ve that this this show has has been a line because of what we’ve seen great solutionaries like him doing um.

So you know much honor to him.
Thank you.
So much for you know making yourself available to be able to help other people, but that’s the kind of people that right we want to talk to, and you should be able to talk to right.

You want people that are going to be able to be open to pouring into you and seeing your greatest success and there’s one thing that if you listen to the episode, he is a master in okay, that’s the master! Okay! You got to go back and listen to why we say this.

That was great.
He is a master at actually being able to assemble great people.

That’s the other thing that that i haven’t been able to engage much in just saying what kind of great people you know like you could take on an entire day, just explaining how many cool awesome, people that are in the room.
Also that you can you they can assemble those people in the room, just them, and – and it’s awesome that uh – that he has that many people leveraging each other’s powers to achieve great stuff in the world and we love him.
That’s that’s! That’s a heart! That’s a kind of it’s coffee, real heart.

You know the guy has a real heart, so it’s easy to be drawn to him.
He’s been inspiration for my show he’s been inspiration for the way that i want to grow.
I’ve seen what he’s been doing on social media and obviously i think that my posts, not necessarily content, but my amount of post rivals it’s not that i’m trying to compete.

But i definitely try to you know, look at something that i see somebody else doing and try to like.
You know hey if he’s having success with it, i mean i should be able to have success with the two and sure enough.
I am so guys for real, oh, so what camera are you using for the slide? It’s a little like extra.

You know, i guess webcam, that we bought it’s just one right here in the center.

Why? If why you asking i’m wondering, is it bad? Do we need to buy it? Are you trying to donate a camera, because if you want to give me another one, we’ll take it, hey yeah, we’ll put your name on the show i’ll tell you come on, we could use.
I would love to have multiple angles, guys so the more cameras you can send the better you know, but i think the camera looks good.

At least it looks good on our side and we don’t want to just.
We don’t want to just take anybody’s money, though, so, if you go to car guy coffee, dot, store yeah and buy up a bunch of mugs for all the people that you like and love man, that’s a great idea, we’ll get we’ll get.
You know.

Maybe a few more products in here, but while we are here, let’s uh, let’s see if anybody can raise their hand real quick, since we got a few people in the room and we’re going to go ahead and write down some names.
Real fast of people that raise their hand and we’re just gon na go ahead and make us a little bit of a uh, a giveaway we’re gon na give somebody a shirt, real, quick, so raise your hand if you want a keep growing a car guy, coffee Or keep growing in black car guy coffee shirt, raise your hand if you want one or give me a fist bone high five fist bump put a hand in there as long as it’s not the one with the middle give me a piece of peace.

Wait red wave your hand, muscle one you want your name inside of the drawing just wave your hand, real quick, give me a fire symbol.

Give me i don’t care.

Something show me that you’re here show me: if you want to give me one: okay, let’s, let’s, let’s show them the show, let me go ahead and show you a show.
Okay, and it looks like this i got.

I actually have looks like that.
Oh look at this.
We got triple shot sports, bing, bong, jake and jake triple shot triple shot sports.

We got jake.
My man, michael michael.
I just got a couple more.

I got some more black, keep growing shirts and i got some.
Can you grab? I think they’re over at the they’re upstairs in my demo.
All right, let me go grab these shirts that i got over here, though.

Let’s give these, we got the grays and the whites, but i also got blacks and we got a black available.
The blacks.

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