What’s up everyone car guys, car gals and all you solutionaries out there what’s going on thanks for being up late with us and uh, just getting ready and motivated and planned out for a whole new day a whole new month, a whole new cap to the entire Year last week, news is coming your way.

Man, i’m just really pumped up hey everybody.
Just so you know this is the subprime hero, fred lennart’s and i am the car guy lou ramirez what’s going on and we are excited to be brewing solutions with you.

We got a fresh cup always up so get yourself ready, get yourself a tune, get yourself ready to fly with us car guys and car gowns.

Let’s get ready for a little solution brewing! That’s right man! We got some good news for you guys tonight.
Oh, what’s up everybody all right, totally fun man, what a great night! What a great time i want to just throw out a quick shout out to our sponsors.

Yeah, you know! What’s up, we love you all very much excited to be part of the e league.

We are f5 partners.

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Oh guys and the next review app is coming out really soon.

I think it’s ready out, but he’s it’s it’s going to be the next big thing you guys need to check it out.


We want to honor him today because it is his birthday happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birthday, dear happy birthday to you, we love you jason.
Yes, man! No doubt we appreciate the heart that you bring to this entire industry uh the wisdom that you are and the uh the voice uh for joy and fun and effectiveness that you are constantly being to uh.
So many people.

Thank you.
So much for being a bright light inside of our life, and we just are so excited to continue shining with you brother.
You are incredible, yes, and we are thankful uh that we get to do this uh, but once again, folks, this next sale app, is something that we can help you get access to uh, and i really think that you should at least find out how it is That it can completely uh put a pistol belt on of uh of technical tasks that will accomplish what it is that you need done inside of your dealership, for your guys, quickly and efficiently.

Okay, so another way to do anything right, but it in short, helps you get your next sale and uh.
That’s why you need to talk to people like jason about it and we’re just excited to be partnered with all of these incredible solutionaries car, guys cargos, there’s so much to be excited about right now i mean there’s so much to be uh pumped up about.
Nobody is, is, uh, is finding success by being with their head down to the ground, uh sad about their circumstances.

So i know that there’s things that are bubbling bubbling up inside of you bubbling up inside of all of us, and i want to make sure that you do what it is that that we can do best.
It’s share great news.
Okay, so reach out tag a car guy.

Please do tag a car down share, share, share, share, share, share, share, share, share it’s important, the more that we can get people talking about what we’re talking about and sharing and and just being better people and better car guys and car guys out there.
The better.
This whole job and the easier this whole job will be.

The money is always going to be there as long as you put the work in, but you know you want to make sure the customer experience is good, have fun with your customers.
Make sure you care about them too, and that’s all we’re trying to do we’re trying to show you guys the light show you guys what we do.

Don’t get me wrong.

Excuse me, sorry, don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of you out there doing some amazing stuff, i’m not saying that i’m just saying for the ones who need the light.
You know there’s some out there that are just needing a little bit of help and just want to see the path a little bit better, and you know i’m just trying to do that.
You know i mentioned it in my lot.

Walk last night or my showroom talk about being when you’re a leader, you’re kind of like the lighthouse right.
So when you’re out here, you have all these ships that you’re trying to help and you’re making sure that they know where land is at all times.
Right and also they can see out where they’re going so they know how far or too far they are.

They know exactly what direction they need to go and you’re that person that’s what a leader does and um so be the light, and do that for people be a good leader.

You know.
So that’s all i’m trying to do just show some light out there.

Even for there’s plenty of people who see the light, don’t get me wrong, i’m just saying the ones who need the light, i’m just trying to throw some light at him yeah and it’s and it’s awesome that uh fire kind of is attracted to other fires.

Um and when that occurs inside of all of us, whether it’s professionally uh relationally um, whether in whether it’s we’re the ones inside of purchase mode right, uh, that those two fires connect um, we we connect with so many other solutionaries that are raising up their their Ability to make their great news be known, so we want to make sure that the culture is out there of sharing great news.
Sometimes it gets a little awkward.

You know.
Sometimes it feels a little weird sharing your great news.
I get it.

I understand and it’s and it don’t make it a yay, i’m awesome session make it a hey.
These are great things that are happening uh.
The word says that we are made overcomers by the word of our testimony and the blood.

Well, you have zero to do with the effectiveness of the blood, but you do have something to do with the words of your testimony.

So use your testimony, use your great news and make sure that you put into practice uh a great news mentality everywhere that you go so that the only thing that’s ever around you is great news: okay, so uh, while we’re out there.
The great news is, i got a cup of coffee and i got a couple of solutionaries that are in here.

What’s going on nathaniel banks and what’s happening charles higgins, doing it man, i miss you, charles, if you’re in here, go ahead and just throw a coffee mug into the comment and just say: cheers hello good evening: um we’re gon na go ahead and get ourselves pumped Up and ready uh for a big week, uh inside of the dealership inside of car guy, coffee, land and uh, i’m pumped up about it because the coffee, it’s getting some some very, very encouraging encouraging feedback.

Uh! That’s just telling us that yeah we knew it would be delicious.
We knew that the flavor would be there for you all right.

We were pumped up, we didn’t.
We thought that it was just us saying man.

This is awesome, but when seeing that other people that really know about coffee better than us, are like wow, this is really great coffee.

We’re like that’s right.
This isn’t base model coffee.
You know what i mean.

This is really good stuff, like you know, like my kid is good looking, you know what i mean because sometimes you’re, like man, you’re just saying that oh look who just joined us.
Let me go ahead and throw out a little shout out to michael that’s, michael hoffman.
What’s up brother, i’m glad you made it out tonight to watch appreciate you hope, you’re having a good night hope you had a great thanksgiving and all that good stuff.

I see that look at charles stewart, his mug.
What’s up, oh wow coffee looks so scrumptiously.

I love him.

Deliciously edibly, tasty good to me, gents.
Oh absolutely kenneth, and we appreciate that yeah we got ta, give him the ting.
This is for y’all hey.

We are so thankful that you’re with us, you guys, are just people that encourage us to continue shining that light, because when we see you glowing – and we see you putting out great news – and we see you having great success in your business – it’s showing us that That the message to simply share great news is going big and that’s ultimately how you keep growing right.

That’s, ultimately how you get to the next stage, because eventually your flying and you continue soaring.
You continue growing yep right because you’re no longer weighed down by unforgiveness.

No you’re not you’re, no longer confused about where it is that you’re focused on going right, you just keep growing and that it is a lifestyle.
That’s the only way to be you know, and, and that’s what we’re talking about speaking of that folks before we go any further with this show, we must do our 3s right, you know, what’s up there, it is so forgive focus, fly, get some lou basically just Broke it down for you guys, but that’s the whole key.
The key is to forgive everything that you’ve ever done before it doesn’t matter how bad it was doesn’t matter.

Why you, you know – and it’s just quit using it as excuses when you hold those excuses, all the time that gives you a reason to quit.
Something and that’s the thing like.
Oh i just couldn’t, do it in the past or i failed before it doesn’t matter.

None of that matters, the only thing that matters is what you’re doing right this moment, what you do when you wake up tomorrow morning, when you put those shoes on you, tie them up and you’re ready to go to work right.
You make sure that you just you’re ready for that day.
You don’t worry about what you did, because you can always start over right now.

So forgive forgive that forgive right.
This way you can focus on what you want to see and what you want to do.
All those goals that you’ve had the ones that you didn’t make the ones that you gave up on.

You can do them still.
You just have to focus, but you have to forgive first, so you can focus on those goals and those plans and once you see those goals and you write them down and you have belief in it and you really have that you un, you unfor, you know You forgive yourself right and you’re ready to focus and you’re, focusing guess what you’re gon na do you’re gon na fly and when you’re flying you’re gon na keep growing, keep growing, so forgive focus fly.
That is the only way my young jedi is out.

There make sure you do it if you want to be a subprime hero, you want to be a real car guy like this guy right here telling you make sure you do these things.
You use this wake up every morning and think of that, no matter how tired you are, forgive that it’s okay, man, listen! Even if you didn’t get enough sleep, even if you drank too much tonight, you could forgive it’s okay or you ate too much.
We all did that you know and that’s the key guys and that’s how you keep growing and that’s how you do what you need to do all right.

So i want to tell you guys: thanksgiving was really awesome.
We had a really good one, both lou and i um.
You know we have a lot of stories.

We could talk about.
His son came into town um, it’s really awesome, you know he had his whole family there for thanksgiving, so really cool his mother was in town.
My mom was doing wow wow, you know and and the thing is what went really good during that whole time was drinking car guy coffee.

Now, oh my gosh, i went barista mode like he did.
You know he did right, but i want you guys to know that this car guy coffee is still available.
We still have some out there where um it’s it’s getting sold and we’re real excited that it’s getting around the country right now.

I have people reaching out that are not even in the car business who just want to drink it.

So it’s really neat make sure that you guys go to our website.
It’s you can go to our website at www.

carguycoffee, all right when you get there.
There’s gon na thing that says coffee shop.
If you’re on your phone, you have to hit the little three lines.

You know what i’m talking about.

You click that and on that menu, it’ll show you coffee shop.
You click on that.

When you get in there, you will see our copy order it.
If you use this discount code.
I have scrolling at the bottom right right now now says: use code cgc10 for 10 discount anything in our anything in there.

Besides, not even just our coffee, if you want to go into our swag shop, you could check out our hoodies our hats, our you know our shirts, our coffee, mugs, um, all everything’s in there.
So get you some of that.
Merry christmas.

What about what? What better gift than to get somebody’s car coffee, some car guy coffee to your top guy at the dealership to your husband, who’s, a car guy to your to your brother, who’s, a car guy to yourself to yourself, my friend or car gal right speaking of the Car gals that’s happening coming soon.
Coffee podcast coming out really quick.
I’m excited about that too.

I actually need to speak to the ladies, soon um, but yeah we’re excited about that.
You know there’s so many things, but that car got coffee.
Get you some of that.

Folks, but thanksgiving back to that, you know his his son came.

I mean he was 12 hours away now right, some that nature 12 hours away military air force, my man right, so he was here and he’s getting close to a crossroads.
Life is his next.

His next season, so this next season is going to be a beautiful war.
I think it’s going to be summer for him.
I think he’s going to be real excited about it, no matter what decision he makes it’s going to be the right decision, because i know that he’s going to pray.

I know that he’s going to have guidance from his father and his mother and his and his family and he’s also, but the ultimate decisions on him he’s a man right, but you know, i think that whatever decision he makes will be a great decision.

So whatever i’m excited for you devin, mr devin teegarden, my man, my brother, my my my big old dude he’s a monster, but no it’s it’s.
It was good to see him in town and to see that he’s growing and he’s you know like.

I said next season of life and then your mama mama, she cooked you up some food too.
I’m sure she was here.
Oh shit, she still is she’s got some fricking sick before coming out this week.

Oh, i’m sad that devin doesn’t get the chance to be here for that um how long’s your mom in town for she’s gon na be here till friday.
Oh that’s right! Jimmy chompers, there’s gon na be some germans, that’s good stuff! That’s cool man but um, but no devin, devin riding next to him and uh.
Just hearing him talk and hearing him.

You know, discuss life and the decision.
That’s what it looks like going through.

Oh yeah, like this, it’s uh! If you guys get you’ll see some stuff, my wife puts a lot of the pictures out there that we that we have and you’ve seen me with my sons, ones here ones here.
You know either way.
I look like a really little person.

Uh either way um, but they are way bigger men than me uh.
I believe, but uh, it’s just very humbling, just like when you see uh anybody that you helped develop and you’re fully vested in because you love them.

You wholeheartedly love them.

You want nothing but the absolute purest of intentions and motives uh of success for them and that type of a a posture that type of a heart towards them.
Has you going through different stages of their lives, uh affecting you differently um.

It’s huge because that’s the same thing that that you go through inside of a relationship uh with your customers, with your employees, with your uh, your mentors, your your your, your your mentorees, those that you’re leading um it’s.

So it’s so important that you, you understand! The value of taking it serious what you sow into what you’re uh valuing – and i mean it, gets it’s like man – hit your chest one time because we’re really going deep, you know, but it is it’s that it’s that deep.
When you see your son, when you see your daughter, when you see them starting to succeed and and produce good food in their own right right, it help it.
It does something different to you and also makes you recalibrate all of the things that were not effective whatsoever, because there was so many things that i was worried about that i should have never been worried about.

You know what i mean, there’s so many things that i that i cared about that needed none of my attention.
He he didn’t need that she didn’t need that they needed this, and this is what was valuable.
You know what i mean yeah and it puts it puts so much in perspective to all of your relationships.

Um – and it’s made me a better car guy.
It’s made me a better leader and it’s uh and it’s making me a better father, because this stage of life is different.
You know it’s all in the follow-up folks, it’s another season for you.

You know.
That’s your next season, you’re becoming that where you’re went from a father mentor like nurturer to now, you are just you’re more of a mentor.
You know you’re more of a friend mentor.

You know, so it’s a little bit different because you put you’ve poured into them.

Now you know most your kids now and very soon will be 18 years old right and in doing those types of things, and you know, you’ve already poured into them so much and it’s and you’ve poured a lot into them, but they they still look for that.
Pouring of i said, i know dude you’re wrong yeah, that’s that mentor coming into it, but you but you’ve taught them to you know be to walk to talk.

You know what i mean like all the stuff, that’s necessary as the parent at those ages.
You know and you the parent job changes.
So that’s when that new season comes and that’s but that’s okay, you want them to you, want them to learn.

You obviously want to guide them with your um and let them know all your uh ways to make it easier on them.
Don’t do this right right, you don’t want to do it because it’ll make it harder on you right.
Yeah they’ve got a lot of notes to take and they’ve taken over the years.

I’m not gon na.
Do it the way you did it that way and i’m like you’re right, don’t man if i could have adjusted that you know what i mean and it’s uh it is it’s so humbling, but it’s it’s it’s fun man.
The process is fun.

The the getting here there was so much that that was fred over there was so much that was worried about um and holy cannolis batman we’re here, our kids are growing up.
You know what i mean um we’re all going to to see that phase go on and we continue going on right.
What it is that we’re trying to to brew up and grow out.

There is continuing to uh to build into new solutions for, for so many other people, and our kids are part of that.
The relationships that we make in this industry are part of that uh, but the key, the key to all of that is to uh making sure that we are valuing a a mentality that is not letting us get weighed down by the things that get in our Way guess why we’re called solutionaries, because we run into problems yeah you’re, not a solutionary.
If you don’t run into problems.

Folks, if you don’t, if you don’t run into situations that are that are hard to be overcame by the common you know, thinker, then you’re, not the uh, the necessarily the solutionary uh that that we’re talking about you have to run into some serious problems and be Overcomers of that you know this, isn’t the average man brew? Not everybody can drink coffee, not everybody has a mature palette and that’s okay.
You know what i mean everybody’s gon na.
Do it a little different? You know what i mean, but it’s, but the thing is, is there’s one thing that i think that most successful people have in common is that they they really look for the light and they keep growing yes and they forgive their old stuff and they keep learning From everything that they do, you know i you know, i want to throw a quick shout out and before we yeah, let’s see, what’s up everybody, everything that just that lou just said was 100 cgc approved that was awesome, stuff, yeah, great stuff, luke appreciate you always Appreciate you so i mean like we get talking about my kids, hey we get, we get, we get a little pumped up about that right.

So real quick though you know, we got mike uh charles said some really nice stuff about forgive focus, fly, says fff, which is focus.
Fly has led me to over 75 000 in total gross on 18 units.
So far this month for kid focus fly equals success.

Hold on to that smile at the camera fred, we got to keep that picture hold on all right.
So that’s that’s that’s great! To hear wow yeah! That’s awesome! Thank you.
So much appreciate that for that time, letting us know that that means a lot.

That is, awesome, yes, went and spent thanksgiving with mine geez.
What great unions, my son and daughter? That’s awesome chris.
That is great man, love you, chris yeah.

I love you too.
I love you munchie, so much, and then we got richie bello richie richie.
We need to talk again soon.

My friend, i know you’re super busy.
You got ta come in at this restaurant with you.
You got ta come to louisville to come eat at this restaurant.

I’m just saying restaurant you got ta come you got ta all right.
So back on the lecture, so hey, so we got some really good stuff coming up.
We got the show coming out tonight at one o’clock am is am that’s right, mr sandy assistant, that’s right man and i love that it’s right up our alley he’s exactly.

The type of person that i can go hang out with have have a little bourbon and drink and talk with a cigar and just learn something from learn.
Something from it and just feel very comfortable with.
I could tell he’s very open to the conversation he’s very open to he’s a lot of smart hearing he’s very good listener.

So i, like him, a lot, i’m so excited that you guys it’s part two to our five liner.
So it’s going to be really live and in charge inside of the future focused series.
Folks, we are trying to make sure that we are encouraging you all to keep yourself inside of a mindset that understands that right.

Now is the moment that you sow based off of what it is you expect inside of the future, so you sow seeds, you reap a harvest if you’re future focused well, then you are intentional about the seeds that you sow right now.

It’s a very deep way of explaining uh to say stay future focused about the things that it is that you want to want to actually see accomplished.
If you want to actually be growing.

Oranges, do not be planting.

Um apple trees, apple juice, because you’re not going to get any oranges.

That’s what you’re saying! That’s it and that’s the bottom line it’s cool to dabble, but when you dabble you don’t get much.

The only way you get anything is when you go all in and so make sure when you go all and you’re going all in in the right pool, right or you’re, putting the bet on your all your two aces, not pocket deuces or the deuce-seven.
You find out how how to grow that that particular fruit, you know, be intentional about putting those practices into place.

You know what i mean, even if i find out.

Oh, my goodness, this is an apple tree.
This isn’t an orange tree, whoa! Well, guess what you don’t, do you don’t keep treating it like the opposite tree? You find out how to take care of the tree that you didn’t now have right like all right.
Well, i’m gon na have to learn how to make this right.

So i don’t know how we got to that, but i’m trying to make the correlations so that uh we get it.
You know us car guys.
We make these similes and these metaphors uh so much uh, but we want to make sure that we get the message across that uh.

The mindset medicine that we want to make sure is what it is that you guys are getting when we get together with all these solution.
Areas is that there are solutions to the things that we continuously encounter and if we keep looking for the light, we’re going to expose the solution, we’re going to expose what it is that we’re looking for.
If we’re looking for it so many times we’re actually without knowing it looking for the problem more intentionally than we are looking for the solution and – and i think that has impeded the the the growth inside of the car business that could have been uh monumental up To this point, but whatever for your focus fly, we are where we are that’s right.

Let’s, let’s do what it is that we can do right now to get better every single day um, but i don’t know a little tangible time jumped in david he’s back just like that.
Abra cadabra welcome to the show yep.
So let me see: okay yeah everybody again, i’m just so excited that all you guys are hanging out with us tonight um, but what’s cooking out there with you all.

We want to hear about your great news.
We want to hear about the solutions that you’ve been brewing and the cool things that are going on with you.
So please do do us a favor blow up our chat box with all of your information.

No shame just do it go ahead, shameless plug! This is stainless, plug segments yeah go ahead and drop it in there, whatever product you got out there.
Let us know if you put seven scoops of sugar inside of your coffee.

There’s no shame here.

Drop them, go ahead and drop it in.
If you put none in drop it in this is a shameless place.

Where you make your coffee, you make it your way.

That’s right.
Do you tell us what it is that you do tell us your way.
You say it we’ll put it in there.

We want it on the and more testimonials just like uh, charles higgins.
Thank you so much charles uh for that up for letting us know the type of gross growth that you’ve had and really what’s happened for him is he had a mind.
Shit, mine, shit, mine, a mine, said shift.

Oh my goodness, i think you said something else.
Right there, man, nah nah, he said mine shift.
My chip scale shelf all right mine, see when you see the things when you’re from new york and from kentucky your your words get all crazy.

So anyway um he had a mind set shift and it it.
It happened in the heart and uh, that’s sometimes something that happens when you get a good cup of coffee you’re, like whoa man, i got.
Let’s do some things, you know, let me let me get to work.

Let me make some calls.
Let me go put up these balloons, whatever you’re gon na do um you get that energy right.
So he had that and it happened inside of the heart and i’m sure that it’s permeating everything that he touches right now and i’m so excited to see his journey as he gets more socially active um he’s seeing the benefits happen also on the bottom line.

In his productivity, so we’re, of course, the things that we talk about are practical uh.
We we talk about how to do it fun, because we believe that if you’re not doing it fun, you’re not doing it right, you’re, not doing it the best.
Okay, there is a more excellent way.

You might be getting the greatest results in the world, but are you doing it getting the greatest results in the world and having fun? There is a way to do that folks, and we want to make sure that the whole part industry knows that new website mobile apps drop your podcast coming man.

Look at these guys, hey you better! Invite us to the show, mr charles higgins, and before you get that before right when that show getting ready to release man um the week before, come on our show and we’ll get some promo out there for you too yeah, you know hey.
I can’t wait to hear all your stuff too.

Man have fun doing it.
Consistency, though that’s what i’ll give you one tip my friend one tip.

He said absolutely, of course, absolutely my friend, and then you know what man you need to come out here, one time.

Well, you already have he already or something that’s when we’re off.
We can all just hang out have have like a good lunch together or something you know.
Maybe a good like barbecue it’ll be a just a bunch of cool stuff, we’ll probably wear caffeinated craziness.

What are called baristas, i’m gon na wear a brewster, yes green thing: right, walk around and be like foreign.

How do you like your coffee, i’m gon na, be a cook you’re gon na be a cop, i’m gon na be a big cup.

It’s gon na, be i’m gon na, be gon na, be a coffee pot, not starting back in my original advisor position in the morning and ready to make the new customer the dealership feel comfortable during the craziness david.

I know what you’re talking about i’m excited for you to go back there, i’m sure the dealership is too yeah wow.
He was like yeah, so yeah.
I think it’s great man, no seriously dude you’re gon na do a great job in there.

I know how much you care about your clients and your customers that walk in, and that is 100 exactly the type of attitude that people love to deal with when they come into a place.

Because the thing is they used to listen to what they have to say, good or bad.
They want people to listen, listen, they don’t always expect an answer or a good answer what they want to hear, but they definitely want people to listen when you cut them off when they’re complaining, it’s the last thing, you need to do when you cut them off When they’re telling you something good is the last thing so listen and you do a great job doing that, because i’m only four hours from you guys count me in all right.

Yeah super dust.
There’s two man.
He is somebody that is definitely seeing uh red and he is one hundred percent karma caught me approved.

Well, we just keep dropping it tonight.
I am we on fire man.
So thank you so much uh everybody.

That’s that’s commenting and uh brewing some solutions again.
Allow your shameless plugs to be plugged into the actual comment box there, but we want to make sure that you solutionaries are uh staying focused on rising up.
We there are so many tools that are out there for you to be able to use, go ahead and ask us specifically, if you want to message us hey, what is it that i can use to do this? In my business we probably know a solution area.

That’s been by way on the show in the cafe that will love to connect with you um and help you to solve those problems, or we can give you a couple of quick tips or we can uh.
Send you a quick brew.
We can send you a solution session, we can say i’m sure any one of the podcasts, i’m sure i put out a quick proof for most people’s issues.

I’ve done over a hundred of them almost 100, almost 200 of them.
So i think i’m like 180.
So that’s and that’s just started in january, so i threw them all in the day.

But if you need something specific, we can help make sure that you can get uh the information that you’re looking for or somebody that has the info.

Okay, i mean there’s, there’s so many great people, uh that know how to do good things and we’re so excited about.

Speaking of uh solutionists uh, the solutionist himself sandy sarami, is inside of the cafe, is gon na be inside of your earbuds or inside of your car speakers in the morning, and he’s going to be talking about some key things that you definitely want to know about.

That are are important for you to focus on inside of your business right now, especially concerning the shift that’s happening for the subprime market.

Again, this is great information.

We had a great time with him.

One of the many solutionaries that are coming out in this future focus series, and you want to be listening to it.
You want to get that inside of your your your have to listen to list this week, because it is some some stuff you might want to.
Rewind, listen to for a minute really uh shift and and take a look from from the the vantage point of a great consultant.

That’s had great dealerships blossom into uh, not just uh great money, making machines but great pieces of the community um and for for many many people.
So he has some great knowledge he’s worth you listening to set up the time for it share it with a friend.
You won’t go wrong: uh uh, sending uh sandy sarami uh to uh your boys or your car gals, or your your your people that you want to be encouraged to do big things.

Um inside of their business.
He’s he’s really a great great individual that we’re excited to to brew with, but he has some stuff for you, so listen to it.
Get get a little bit of it and uh have some fun again.

I’m just very honored uh that he took the time uh to speak with us and just keep it real that you know.
I love a good real conversation uh because again i’m a car guy.
I don’t really have time for for the bs right.

We want to talk about what’s what’s really uh seriously silly but uh functioning again.
If we’re gon na do work, we’re gon na do work, but let’s do it fun right.
Let’s have a great time doing it right, um and there’s a way to do it and sandy’s all about some solution.

Neri serum uh he’s the solutionist guys i mean.
Can i can i say it again: can you get some? I probably could, but i’m gon na hey.
So that being said, you know, we’ve had it’s.

What’s really cool is we’ve had see, we’ve had chris power gomez when she’s saying.
Thank you.
Thank you.

So much for that he’s been on.
Our show he’s coming.
We’ve had david on our side of the future.

Charles has been on our show for a little bit.
Wasn’t he yeah he was on there live.
He came on.

We had him connect charles, we haven’t done a full feature, great news.
He was brought a great name.
Yeah we’re going to get him on a on a full feature, though, once you get your podcast going like.

I said once that week before it releases give us a call or before that and we’ll set it up to where we just talk about you that week and i’ll be and i’ll be cool to help you out with that, charles just because i really feel that Great about what you’re doing – and i want to help you do what you do so you’re you’re you’re, just one you’re, a good person man.
I love the moment.
You drove up and you came up and saw us.

I knew that you were just a person who’s.
Looking for growth somewhere and it yeah, it really touched my heart and and honestly, i still feel i honestly feel bad because i didn’t have a lot of opportunity to hang out with you, but i promise you man next time you come up here.
Let’s get up here on a sunday, well lou’s kind of tight on sunday, but lou will find that time to go.

Have lunch with you.
That’s right! Yeah he’ll make that happen.
Yeah he will it’s fellowship or you can come to service.

You should come to service with lulu would love that that would be great, really good one out of counter, though hey i’m not talking, you know, but hey it’s the way the world is you got ta, it’s like that kind of stuff makes people uncomfortable hey.
You know i mean church, you know, people don’t want that, but no man, i would love to have you up here.
Man and you’re.

Definitely um i’d like to have you over you know over.
We can play some pool or something i’ll show you the studio.
Have you signed the board? We need to get some signatures.

I can’t like wait for that, but you know it’s gon na be really really freaking awesome.
I would love to help him too yeah david.
You need to have him on your show too.

I know that you’re booked pretty solid.
You said you’re gon na have us on at the end of the year or beginning of next year, which is really cool, and we’re excited about that.
You guys are crazy.

Tonight yeah.
We are we’re crazy, every night broski breath.
I really like bro, i’m, like always crazy, so i just want to tell everybody how much i appreciate you guys.

Um, you know, we’ve thanksgiving was really great.
You know, lou had a great thanksgiving.
I had a great thanksgiving i got to visit.

I had two rounds.
I went to my in-laws, i went to my you know: do here with my family, we put up our christmas tree.
I’ve posted some pictures if you guys seen it on instagram.

Maybe some facebook might have been on there too, really nice and we’re still finishing up.
I even got stuff down by my pond.
Now i got lights down there and it looks really cool um, but you know i’m still not done.

I still got a few more things to do, but it’s it’s it’s so much fun to do.
I love christmas time, but that’s the thing, that’s what i was getting to was it’s.
We went from being thankful being thanks and having thanks for everything and being grateful and having gratitude, and we all should have that every single day, and i know i do but it’s time for giving folks and it’s time for you to be out there.

Looking for people to help um, sometimes maybe you’re the one who needs help and if you are reach out to us we’ll find people who can help you know.
If i’m not saying we can definitely pay your bills not like that.
But maybe you know i don’t know, we can show you how there’s so many things that we can do and i want to help um.

You know we definitely have passion right now going on with him.
He’s lou’s got this thing with um, with foster kids and adopt kids.
You know he’s really trying to help out with both sides of that all right.

So right now we have kids that need help with um with presents.
You know we’re we’re raising money at the dealerships and stuff for that.

We’re also doing individual stuff ourselves to make sure that we get that taken care of.

But man i don’t know i think, maybe we’ll start a fundraiser.
Maybe we should start one man i mean.
I don’t know why we haven’t.

We should do that.
We should probably announce i’m gon na announce that right now, i’m looking for donations folks and we’re gon na start, a probably a i don’t know, gofundme, maybe or something we can do it.

We do that.

Can we start a car guy coffee go fund me for those 100 of the money will go to kids, not one penny will be with for any operations.

I’m sure there’s going to be a cut to go fund me, i’m sure they get a little piece, but what i mean by that is that i want that money to go to kids.
Even if it’s going to be cashed, i don’t care.

I want to make sure the kids have something for christmas.
I want all the kids that we have not just in this.
Wherever we can help.

If it’s in your community, you need help reach out to us, we’ll find ways to get money into your community.
All right, let’s find let’s do this together: let’s do it as a car guy coffee cafe, let’s up shift and uplift children’s lives for christmas.
Let’s do that.

Let’s make a commitment to that and we’re going to make that commitment.

Right now.
I know it’s late, i’m going to announce it again on tuesday morning, um i’m gon na bring it up because it’s gon na be the beginning of the month.

It’s a perfect time to start it we’ll get it going, we’ll, probably hopefully i’ll have the gofundme going by then, and then we can just announce.
We have a little link for everybody to go there.

Maybe post it on facebook do whatever we need to do, but man these kids need help, and you guys know that if, if you – even if it’s just like five dollars, that can go a long way that can get kids some socks, kids need socks.

Kids, i’m telling you kid kid, you know what i’m saying yeah they need socks.
I mean they do they need things like that, but we find ways to get kids like.

I got to go shopping with lou one year.

We went and got him all kinds of stuff like tvs this, and that all these fun little things that kids need to have christmas, like things like these little fake snowballs that you guys all see right.

I remember luke got a bunch of those because he thought it was really cool, so i love it can’t wait to get that going so we’re gon na announce that and make that happen.
Hopefully we can raise.

I’m gon na make a goal of a thousand bucks.
I think we could do more than that, but let’s make a goal of a thousand dollars in 15 days, uh when’s the deadline um it’s actually uh sooner sooner than that, but we should we could do a 15 day and just do an extra one for whatever Yeah, either way um be able to do is make sure that we get something set up uh to be able to help.
There’s young men, young women that are inside of some of the worst of foster scenarios inside of the region and we’re just trying to find a way to make sure that we give them uh christmas, um and directly to them.

So, of course, we want to make sure that they get whatever they put on the list with santa.
Sometimes they don’t really expect to get it.
But when you get the chance to see them open up that gift that they thought was an impossibility that they were used to writing down the crazy uh, outlandish gift um that they dream of and never seeing it and then that year, you’re you’re part of helping Them actually achieve it, it does wonders to you, it’s actually what fuels you to see and to feel what christmas um is about inside of uh, trying to make it uh for the least of these uh, and it’s so important that you get the chance to help Anybody, if there’s things going on inside of your community by all means, uh stretch your money inside of your community too, uh that that is important, uh, so forgot so loved the world that he gave right and and so give to your uh community, find a way To help those that are around you and be intentional about it um, but there’s so many things that you can do and you don’t have to tell everybody about what you’re doing um you don’t have to get a bunch of uh of uh accolades for you doing Something but find something to do.

Uh find somebody to help, and it’s so important that if you, if you help it, if you help somebody the people that are watching, you are more than likely to be encouraged to help somebody.
If you have children watching uh they’re more than likely to live a lifestyle where they find other people to help uh going forward, it’s like a smile man, it’s contagious! When you do, when you share light with people and the more you, do it the more that it becomes past other people we’ve all seen, i mean it’s as cool as a commercial.
I remember seeing one where one person might open the door next thing.

You know the other person does this and it just goes around all the way back to the original person.
So the more you give the more you get you know, and and that’s the thing folks – and this is the time for giving make sure you guys do – that if you do it in your own communities.

Once again, you know it’s an amazing thing.

It’s it’s something that you could do that makes you feel great.
It’s it’s it’s not about what you get back because you’re going to get back plenty, your heart’s going to be like huge, so make sure you do that john pellegrino says my guys, who says happy late, thanksgiving happy thanksgiving to you.
I was just talking about thanksgiving there.

You go very soon, all right, yeah, so now but yeah.
I hope you had a great one.
I’m sure you did man um.

I know i got my fill of food, i’m still eating some leftovers.
So oh my gosh.
It’s part of the meal plan for the week is getting through the leftovers.

Oh, my goodness, yeah um, i mean that’s a forgive focus, fly thing guys because every day you’re having to go way over the plan for uh for the right type of eating, because you have to make space – and you don’t want to just you – don’t want to Throw food out anyway, speaking of throwing food out, uh got a plate.
I got ta need another plate for my brother uh joey.
What’s going on uh all the way! On the other side, uh from the middle east uh, my brother joseph bell, what’s going on joey, so excited that uh you get the chance to see.

I’m so glad that you get to see me what’s up joe.

What’s up man, i just wan na uh.
Just shout out my brother say: what’s going on, we we’ve laughed a lot about things that you would be saying.

We got my sister and my mother here guys uh, so we’re just talking about all the things that joey would be saying in these different moments and it’s just like you’re here and uh, it’s fun uh.
I do need to send you some coffee and uh.
Actually, you got ta send me that address you never sent me the address the dress.

She said the dress, the dress.
You got to send me the dress, that’s the dress, that’s what i said: the dress, no dress! You guys send me these just the dread dress.
I can’t even do it, god bless it all right, that’s, okay, and then we look john’s right.

We need to do a live cast soon about taxes and i’ll be different.

Why not man, and actually, that would be great enough.

We need to set the appointment we need to.
You need to send me the the calendar link.

We need to talk, we do because things are getting ready to go through, but anyway the um we do.
That would actually be a pretty cool little cut to throw in there man and you do.
We can do it two different ways.

If you want to come on live, we can set it up, live here really soon, probably within the next couple weeks, or you could do a video that gives people some tips, and i could always play the video during it.

If there’s something somebody could have told me when i first came inside of the car business and it it was hey pay attention to taxes right this second, you know what i mean that would have been really really appreciated.

You know nobody coming into the car business said: you know, hey prepare for this you’re making um 30 000 a year, you’re going to be making six figures from now on um.

This is how you you handle that, and this is what world that just went, went to um.
If somebody would have been able to give that direction.
Men would save years of of craziness and lots of dollars.

So for those of you that are out there, that can hit a foot stomp and aim in on it boom.
Give me that uh, you don’t have to say nothing whatever but um.
If we would have had some people that actually uh could have told us that that would have been great um so but uh.

I definitely want to hear more about that and john is volunteering, some information uh for you all.
So you want to make sure that if a professional is giving some insight that usually they paid for learning dude, i mean you take advantage of getting that’s free information on how to take care of your taxes a little bit better, because i’m sure there’s going to Be different tax breaks, there’s also going to be less tax breaks and certain things.
So you this way you don’t break the law, an accident or actually get flagged, so they come out as you right.

You want to make sure your taxes are as smooth and pretty as possible, and i know that john can definitely help you do that um, whether you listen to his free information, he’s going to give i’m sure free.
I just said free information that he’s going to give you or you can go and hire him which, which we’re going to do and he’s going to take care of your taxes, for you he’s he’s this dude’s doing it and he’s been doing it for a long Time so he is all this.
You know he’s he’s basically would be the tax hero.

You know if he was talking about tax season hero, that’s what i would call you know hey.
Why not? So? Yes can’t wait for that.
Folks, you guys need to be ready for that, write that down all right, so you guys get it.

We love it and we appreciate him.
Man he’s a good dude and somebody that i grew up with in this area.
So it’s really cool to be able to support each other’s businesses in certain ways, and it’s really cool for you.

It’s full free, free, free, yeah, exactly so man great week, great month months, ending right now some places are crying the blues.
We had an okay month, but i can tell you my guys in their heart are really growing right now and i’m real excited about that.
The dealership i’m excited about.

What’s going on with car guy coffee, i’m excited about.
What’s going on with with everything that we’re trying to do right now, it’s been really fun.
We appreciate all you guys we once again, i want to just touch on that giving season.

Folks, yes, so important make sure you do that it’s it’s more rewarding than you could ever imagine it’s the best thing that i’ve ever been able to do is give so i love to be able to do that as much as i can and trust me, it Comes from the heart and it feels so much better when it comes from the heart.

So same word say word, that’s that’s! What’s up um, but with all of that, it’s on you all! Yes, it is go, make something great happen.
Go encourage.

Somebody go share something and go through some solutions.
Get you some target coffee get you some swag gets you an inspiration.

Let people know that you’re uh that you’re grown.

We want to make sure that the message is getting out there, that, if you want to keep growing, you need to forgive focus, fly and forgive focus fly caffeinated culture is is what is able to help make sure that all of those people that are getting stuck Inside of a rut of dealing with things that they have no control over, aren’t distracted by that they are completely stuck to the bright light.
That is, you shining doing great things, because you are finding a way to grow solutions, no matter where it is that you are, you are making that aroma fill the entire room and wanting everybody to get them some of it.

That is you.

You can be that again it you have to be the one that sets the tone where it is that you are so when people start to clamor around uh somebody, that’s leading it’s the one, that’s leading them to the land of solutions, and that’s you you’re, the You’re, the solutionary we’re calling you to rise, there’s a lot of solutions.
Is that a phil calling song no right, we we made it.
Remember we remade that song because the it was the land of confusion when all of this covet was happening, and we said inside of episode, 12, we are going to the land of solution and from there the solutionaries began to rise up, and that’s you all and We got to connect, it’s been a lot of fun man, it’s been so what a quarter year today is officially the 30th right now here in kentucky it’s at least this parts, eastern part, and it’s 12 16.

So it’s officially monday the last day of the month and december is coming and it’s coming quick and it’s when and i love this month – it’s a fun month.
It’s a great family month, it’s a great time to reflect month.
A lot of people are getting ready to come down with new year’s resolutions.

If you have one start now like what i mean by that is it’s hard to get.
You have to pick up toilet paper.

So if you have a resolution start now and if you start working towards your resolution right now by the time the new year starts, you’ll have momentum.

And then you still have that new year’s resolution feeling because a lot of people have that feeling for a little bit.
So now it’s kind of a recharge after 30 days, right or 31 days, so you can do if you do it right now, so make sure you go out and you start taking steps and you keep growing now, don’t wait to keep growing, forget, focus and fly Right now do it right now and i promise you you’ll have great great great year next year, 2021 is going to be wonderful, no matter what, if you put your mind to it, you really think about it.
It can be the best year you ever had yeah.

I mean seriously, you just got to make it happen, 2021 man and then we’re going to be can’t believe it one year and our our podcast only started a year.

It’ll be a year in january 20th, folks, the 20th of next well next year and not next month.

I was gon na say next month, but i’m excited about that hope.

You guys are too man be be be the best that you could possibly be every day.

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