All right, what’s up man, what is going on in the house or in the cafe, and we are ready, hey! What’s going on friend d, hey! What’s up it’s what’s up! Everybody welcome! Welcome! Welcome here i’m so happy that you guys are here tonight seriously we’re just uh rapping a lot just talking a lot just catching up a little while ago, um, but you know either way here we are and now we’re really excited uh to go ahead and continue To spill over all the incredible stuff, that’s actually percolating inside of the cafe, there’s some great stuff.

That’s brewing! Fred! I’m excited! I am excited too, but you know what really gets me excited: , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , so , ah [, Laughter, ], , , [ Applause, ], .
That’s how we were doing the whole time just jumping back here like well.
Well, we didn’t have time to talk.

We were here dancing more than we were doing anything else, man, it’s fun to watch everybody, forgive focus and fly.
You know and that’s that’s really cool.
Speaking of that.

Let’s go ahead and get that going before we forget before we get any further.
Don’t you got the first thing.

First right put the elements together to make sure that you can continue to keep on growing car guys and car guys join us as we apply three f’s and forgive focus and fly uh-oh, and you did it again.

It fell off again, one two: three forgive focus fly and keep growing keep going here.
We go.
Let’s do this, yes, car guys and car gals.

This is lou ramirez the car guys.
This is the subprime hero and we are excited to be ruined solutions with car.
Guys, podcast uh, so many great things has actually uh been stirring up and brewing up and we’re so excited to share some time with you.

You guys are such a great inspiration for all of us.
We thank you all for all the love that you are sharing and uh it does it humbles us so much, and we’re excited to talk about some great things that are going on with some of the great incredible solutionaries that we’ve had a great time of having A cup of coffee and conversation man, we have we’ve had a really good time.
The last couple weeks we put in some work.

You know we did a lot of interviews just to make sure that we had all the content that we need to be able to finish out this year.
You know we’re going to talk about finishing strong this year.

Talk about a few things tonight, but the uh.
The thing is, is that you know we have.
We’ve been put been having a lot of fun like so we go through these spurts of like major growth and it’s when we get a chance to sit down and pick the brains of all these amazing people that are just doing some just stuff.

That’s just makes you want to reach out, and you know talk to them, because you just know that if you just can get a little bit of that energy, some of that synergy and electricity put into your life a little bit.
You know that you’re going to go a little further, it’s going to motivate you to do something that maybe you just didn’t think you could do before and that’s what it’s done.
These interviews have been really awesome.

We’ve had a lot of fun.
I’m just sitting down hanging out with them talking talking about their whys folks and these y’s that we’ve had that you guys need to go back to a lot of them similar, but we get deeper like the y actually always turned into a before.
The second question always was the longest part.

I think the five, the five liner and it’s always a lot of fun because we just sit there and just you know, hit him with the wide and a lot of times it’s a semi-short answer.
But then we talk about those answers.
We talk about their family, we talk about.

You know what drives them, why the business is so amazing where how they grew and how their mind matured from that you know.

So a lot of fun a lot of good times.
Sorry about that put that on vibrate, but you know a lot of good times a lot of great interviews.

A lot of a lot of stuff learned a lot.
So i mean these are: these are great entrepreneurs and uh and business leaders that we’ve had the chance to really just sit down and dissect.
I mean consider what it’s like, if you grab the people that write a book that you’re really inspired by and you get the chance to just sit there and pick their brain about the the key things that you want to know about on them.

Um, it’s it’s stuff that we try to make sure is relevant uh per what it is that you all that are listening or trying to find out about uh.
So definitely share your questions.

We definitely give you opportunity to uh ask questions as we go on with the show we want to be able to shout you out um.
If your question is something that we get to use inside of the show, so please by all means uh give us questions for for our guests and we’ll try to move those on and fit those into the show.
But we want to make sure that we’re asking the things that you uh want to know about, considering the people that are leading and doing big stuff in our industry.

If you want to know about it, we want it to be inside of the cup that you sip on now speaking of cups, to sip on uh, some good solution brew.
You can go to car guy coffee, dot com.
What i’m gon na get you some of that car guy coffee brew? That is the caffeinated consistency.

You can get you some swag! You can get you some cups.
You can get you some inspirations and hats uh, but you can also uh get access to all of the other podcasts and actual video that we have out there.
Um there’s plenty for you to jump in.

That’s really the most important guys if you, if you go back to our website, whether you buy swag or not, you’re, going to see our body of work of all the people that we’ve had a chance to sit down and interview.

You know you’ll see even our first episodes of us interviewing ourselves, um and interviewing.
You know matt damos, for the first time with on our show back, he was our first guest and then how do we do that? His son? We had matt grunky from smart payment plan, great people, man, it’s a smart way to pay from green bay right, yeah great great interview, great time.

The dream team was at my store, that’s when they were young, getting first into being the dream team.
They have just reached their one year.
Mark would be in the dream team, which is really cool, um.

Congratulations to you guys by the way, man, fantastic, blake, uh, awesome job with patrick man.
Then too, the dream team.
When all us fails, they don’t that’s their thing.

Right and man, they don’t and they do a really great job, i’m really proud of them, and then it really blossomed right from that, and it was just like within a few couple weeks a couple episodes later.
We started interviewing and we started our series and our series our first one was the rise of solutionaries and man.
That was so much fun like it was cool because we had so many great interviews to include the future cargill, coffee, crew, yeah savings, michelle and melissa from up in rainbow motor cells up in uh michigan.

I love them too.
I’m so excited to team up with them.

That’s gon na be huge for uh for everyone, because folks, you guys are gon na hear a different voice from from this side of the business owners.

Two two owners that are women in the business that are just doing some amazing stuff for and just taking huge leaps and bounds, helping this business become better than it was not that it was bad.
But you know in times you got ta, you got ta evolve.
So the only way you evolve is to keep growing folks right.

Speaking of that, speaking of that, let’s talk about our sponsors.
Really quick, so speak folks keep growing uh car guys and car gals.

These brews are being brought to you by elite fi elite fi partners.

That’s right and the think ad group think uh.
These are some incredible solutionaries that have seen some great things inside of the industry and uh.
There’s some tools that we want to make sure that you know they can help you with and if you don’t know, um well, it’s up for you up to you to find out.

You need to go, see a solution.
I promise you that they will help point.
You or at least spark a thought: that’ll help uh bring a solution to your business.

It’s worth the conversation.
I promise you you’ll love them, www.
elitefi, partners.

com, that’s where you can get a hold of them, michael, almost and his team.
Then you also can get a hold of derek perez and his team um at www.
thinkad, group.

com, amazing people, amazing solutionaries and all they want to do – is find a solution for whatever issue that you’re currently having or whatever they can help tweak all right check them out.
All right we’ve got a couple of questions.

We do.

We have kurt sanders.
What’s up kurt, what’s up appreciate you for jumping on tonight we got paul meyer.
What up? What’s up brother appreciate that guy coffee guy we’re going to have him on the show very soon too that’s going to be a lot of fun, and that was such an honor to get a great review from him, because he knows his way around a kitchen uh And a table just like he’s just a gentleman he’s actually just a gentleman.

I love him and then you got joe turner saying what’s up my brother’s another kentucky friend, yes homegrown hero liking, it you’re doing some amazing stuff keep doing.
I actually love your hashtag sign that you made for yourself.
Hashtag, go see big joe love.

It man, it’s kind of like it, looks really cool bubbled up.
They hold it when they take a picture.
It’s genius.

I, like it great job.
Man keep growing my friend, i’m seeing you out there.
I see you, oh yeah, i see you right so all right, so let’s get it going man, so you know lou and i you know, we’ve been we’ve been sitting here.

We were chatting before the show.
We were talking about my my current past weekend.
I just got back from a bow hunt weekend of hanging out with my buddies.

We did deer camp and it was a lot of fun.
It was it’s just like jason.
Like that’s.

That’s that’s like how jason was looking all the time like, but i was up man i had.
I have video, so i have proof that i saw multiple buck.
I even said he’s got the it’s just so much fun to just watch.

There was a monster buck out there and it was smart.
It kept going on the long side of the field and just going in and out real quick, but it kept doing laps.
So i knew eventually it was going to come, but it was like only really moving.

I went out morning and at night and only time it was moving right before sunset, so you had to get really lucky to make if it was coming out just early enough for you to be able to see it during the day right and be like you Can’t hunt once it gets dark so you’re like come on, come on come on you’re waiting till you’re like that sun you’re still starting to set you’re like oh, my goodness come on.
I can still see you still got light out.
You know you know.

No, i don’t get, i’m not lou you, that’s literally that’d, be louis.
I could sit up there for hours.
Just i just look around.

I watch all the wilderness and but anyway i had a blast.
I had a good time with josh hope, um and his brother justin hope and, of course his other brother jared comes out.
He’s our fire starter, keeps it going all night long keeps it hot for us and uh.

You know we always have a good time.
The sun was out there.
My son usually comes out he’s coming out with me next weekend on my son’s birthday weekend: 17 next saturday, 14th yeah yeah this sunday coming up.

I’m super excited about that not about him turning 17 because it breaks my heart, but i’m excited about his birthday, though i know it’s fun for him and it’s fun to also go out with him to the deer camp, because we’ve been doing that for probably 10 Years now straight, so it’s fun, but we’re back, and we have fun now we’re talking about our show.

So our show that we’re you know we’re gon na have today, for you guys we’re gon na it’s gon na be lou, and i you know our special guests are the car guy and subprime hero.
What’s up what we do, we got some fresh news.

We got some fresh news.

We got some jump boxing coming in we’re gon na have some fun folks.
If you guys have some questions, please do ask them we’re gon na answer.

Those for you we’ll do some on the fly, questions yeah and we could do all that kind of stuff if you’re, if you’re, feeling frisky you want to just hop on for a moment.

Maybe you know what i’m saying: send us a little dm, we’ll check check it out, but anyway, but here we go so let’s, let’s talk about a few things.
Let’s do that because one there, i want to go ahead and drop these little seeds out there that we are looking to put a contest together for some people that can make some really funny videos, people that make funny good catchy clean videos that are okay.

For your customer to see and uh for um also people inside of the industry to watch um, you know good funny, stuff uh.
I definitely want to make sure that we reward uh those that we get to see doing some funny good, uh, uplifting stuff um.
I mean again there’s so many people that put out some funny stuff and i want to give some coffee to them, uh, because they are some solutions.

Hilarious, so be looking for people that are doing some cool things.

If your sales people are making some big things happen, or if you know of a dealership that has somebody that’s doing some big creative things out there we want to, we want to hear about them tag them.

Uh put their information in here share their stuff.

They won’t be mad at you for sharing their stuff to hear.

We welcome that to come.
If you know of somebody that has some good funny, uh cool content – or you just want to show off one of your guys, we’re all down uh to see some some funny up, shifting uplifting stuff all right, so send it to us either way, um all right.

So let’s talk about some real car guy, coffee, uh, solutionary, serum okay, what let’s go ahead and talk about some fresh news? What are the things that are going on with car guy coffee? Where is it that we are now from the first time that we held a cup in front of a camera and said something is a bruin um? It’s one of the very first um actual posts that were out there with our logo.

With our look with our our entire flow uh saying that this is what’s coming, this is what’s on its way and it was brewing before it showed up inside a digital digital plan right and we we were bubbling over with some great uh feelings towards wanting to Share some great news with the industry and upshift and uplift, not just the people around us, but anybody that would listen to us yeah, absolutely right and we were around so many other people and inspired by them and they’re doing some great things right now right where It is that uh that you are right now you have the opportunity to do some great things too, and we’re excited that we get to still connect with you all.

So, thank you so much for being here, uh, the the actual biggest things that are going on now is that we are to where you can have the coffee.

Yes, you can connect to the people that have the thing that you need inside of your dealership, whatever that that tool is that you need to have to bring together your effectiveness.

We have the people inside of the cafe, for you to be able to reach out to and and find solutions to.
These people want to help you.

These people are helping each other um, the sisters of savings they’re, seeing some great things occur because they’ve connected with other great solutionaries uh that found themselves sitting around a digital table having a cup of coffee in a conversation about how to brew solutions, we built relationships Nationwide – and that is continuing as we continue on to a new era, 2021 – is on its way.
It’s right here in front of us and you get the chance to do some pretty big things right.
Yes, absolutely freaking right! It’s the only thing and here’s the thing.


Folks, right now you know: there’s you can you can wait? A lot of people are going to be.
Like you know, new year’s new year’s happens.
I’m going to do it then, right now, i’m gon na just wait.

My way to january 1st right – and we all do that and we’ve all been guilty of it one way or the other for new year’s resolutions.

We always say that we always try to make that a marking point, but why not right now, guys you know why not right now i mean that’s, why we try to make sure that all that we put out there in any case scenario for all of you To get is some of the best that we get to hear so right now, if we have the opportunity to talk about some great stuff, let’s talk about some great news right now, right now, the best news that is going on is that decisions have been made.

The the forward progress of our nation is able to begin to go in the in in a direction where we can find healing.

Hopefully, um.
Everybody can come together inside of the showroom inside of the negotiation table and inside of a cyber political land and actually find a way to go back to doing commerce and focusing on what they have control over.
You know when results start to come in.

I still had to do my job with the people that i had in front of me and it was the same for each and every one of you.
So i encourage you, take the tools that you’re learning apply it to what it is that you can do where it is that you are, and i promise you you’re, going to be so much more shifted and uplifted by the results, because you’re not focused on what Other people get to get the chance to choose you’re empowered by the the opportunity that you have to choose better for you and those that you leave right now.
You know, and i’m excited about that – that’s something that really gets me pumped up uh, that now everybody can shift their focus off of a couple other people to what’s right here in front of you what’s right here in front of you, the people that are right Here with you, what you have control over right, let’s do what it is that we can do right here right now, let’s light the way, let’s do what it is that we are designed to do, and that’s continue to keep growing okay, so in the car business Right, there’s going to be a a shift where all all of this this hold up right inside of the industry is going to find a way to pop out that the dam is going to break and, in any case scenario, the big the big uh push for.

Anybody in in the political sphere is going to be to inject uh money into the system to make programs come together to get commerce moving in the right direction.

The car business has always benefited one way or another out of these.
These from the downshift to the upshift, the the we always there’s, always that low in in the transmission before you accelerate just a little bit more right, um.

That’s i don’t know what you’re driving dude yeah.

Sorry, i don’t know, but either way, if you don’t have, if there is that gap in between um, we we are in it right now that we’re getting ready and some people are having some record years right, but there’s the the industry itself is getting ready to See an influx of incredible business blow up.
I really see it so much.

I feel it i mean you just feel it and uh there’s all of these tools that are were sleeping.

Dealers had sleeping everywhere.
They didn’t know that they could do what it is that they have the access to do they’re going to find out what it is that they can actually do to reach their customers the quickest and get engaged with them and they’re going to absolutely blitz it.

Because that’s what the car business has always done, you know once they found something that worked boom.
Everybody had to do it.
You know, there’s only so many people that became that didn’t go with the flow.

You know what i mean um, but there’s going to be such a great dam breaking in in the industry.
Um and what’s key, is that you build relationships right now.

You know yeah, the people are building relationships right now, right now, in order to be able to go through these uh these growth spurts and have relationships with down the road.

You know what i mean you want to be connected with people right now down the road, because you want them just as vested in your legacy as your heart is you know what i mean in in some capacity? You know what i mean.

You know what i’m saying yeah a lot of times.
Your legacy is a lot of other people’s legacy, so you kind of feed off each other and then you know they all split off.

So it’s like us like a spider web right.
So you know it all starts here with your legacy of being something good.
So there’s a lot of people who have a legacy i want to leave, so i just want to believe my legacy.

Is that i’m a good person that i’ve done the right things always chose to do the right things, or so that’s where a lot of people start, but what are those right things and, as those start to change less people, do those exactly down the path you’re Going down, but by the end of your life, by the end of your your mission right, you know you’re you’re, going to be completely different than somebody else and that’s the idea.
You don’t want to be the same as everybody else, but you obviously have same ideas.
So things and like the way you do it the way you do even do math or the way that you speak english is taught to you right.

So you know as you, but then you start to realize things and you learn from using your own mind and you become smarter and more mature and you figure things out and then becomes your own your.
So your legacy becomes something of your own, but yet throughout that time a lot of people chose similar things in their legacy, but yet they’re going their own paths too, but you got to share that with people and you get to grow during that time.

Learn how to make things easier laugh have fun, you know, but it’s it’s kind of a neat voyage and that’s what life? Really it’s about man, it’s like all those little moments of being with somebody on the same mission and you blow up.

You all go and then you help somebody else or they help you and then you know so on so forth and you just within twits wild is a lot of times those same people.
You end up getting back with some point in that spiderweb because you know your goal.
You guys were on the same mission, but yet oh i decided to go.

Do this type of thing and then boom, but all of a sudden, you’re right back here again doing it again.

It’s a circle.
I don’t know it’s crazy.

I don’t know i got really deep into that, but i just didn’t mean to just dude.
That’s what i do.
I got coffee, let’s grab coffee.

We get too deep, make sure that we penetrate the heart um, that’s what we’re aiming for right.
You just came out of the woods i did i was in there i mean compared with the bow focus to use uh to penetrate the heart one and in order to uh, to gain the win.
Well, that’s ultimately how we win inside of uh, the car business or any business where it’s really sales um penetrate the heart, and i assure you you’re, going to find a way uh to the deal and that’s uh.

I mean that’s just one-on-one stuff.
So with that, let’s make sure that you uh go ahead and uh use this jump box for yourselves real, quick.
Let’s go ahead and address the negative and uh focus on unveiling the positive, and that is that, yes, uh.

There is a little bit of of strife and issues that are going on between people trying to find themselves inside of a political atmosphere, uh that has nothing to do with you.
The business that you are in is to solve the transportation problems of the people that you have access to, helping it’s going to be good uh for you, and the opportunities are going to be vast, especially with the tools that are available for you use them.

I just know this use them when the last president before trump was in the office.

I don’t want to get political.
I made good money sold a lot of cars during that time.

In the last four years i made good money.

I saw a lot of cars at that time.
Did i notice a difference in my taxes? They felt the same.
That’s all i must say i didn’t just do our job.

I don’t.
I didn’t notice that i made anything more like take home or less.
I don’t know that whole.

I don’t understand that whole part of it.

I don’t understand, maybe it’s the tax breaks for large businesses or small businesses or whatever you want to call them, but i don’t know it’s nowhere on my report that i line up to for pay or for results.

Nowhere on there do.

I have any like the president or any state official.

No, nothing is concerning that right.
There, that’s exactly their name’s, not on my chapter right, they’re, not the ones signing it.

So i want to make sure that uh we operate in where it is that we can control, and we want to focus on that always, but no wait.
There’s this job folks, just what what do you have control over it’s the six inches between your ear like sandy, so maybe some grammy yeah talking about that! It’s it’s! It’s your! You know! Your attitude determines your altitude, like matt damos, always used to tell me it’s your.
You know, attitude of gratitude.

I don’t know where i’ve heard that, but i’ve seen it a million times and i think that’s a great way of putting it too there’s so many ways to talk about mentality.
What you need to do the right mentality having that mindset.
You know we always hear this.

You know the power mindset, the five minutes of focus mindset.
Folks, you know you hear we’ve all heard seen those videos i’ve seen i’ve watched them man, i use them all the time when i need to get a little pick me up, because i do you’re the greatest in the world.
It only takes 10 seconds to make a decision go with it.

You know right, i just have fun with it man and it’s a good time so, but it it does it’s true stuff, all those words they seem cheesy, but it’s so true, and it’s almost that simple and people don’t realize how simple it is.
The only problem is is that it takes consistency.
It takes time it takes work.

You know you have to do all this mother hell you got to constantly, but so excited we are over the next uh week or so that you’re going to hear a lot of great information about the new things that are going on again.
We have sandy sarami.
We have jason harris.

We have chris howard gomez, there’s a whole great story that you need to get inside of the the actual podcast.
We have michael dooley all the way from australia.
Yes, so thankful that we got a solution that is uh excited to do some great things as we get ready to uh, see next sale jump to a whole other level uh, because that tool is about to get fixated inside of the consistent method.

In order for you all to be able to uh share some great solutions, sale next time, a little bit of beans uh but uh, it’s it’s exciting to see what next sale is going to be doing.
Uh partnering up with all of the solutionaries that want to find a way to help dealerships find solutions on a consistent basis.
You tell it so yes, so that is what he’s saying big things what’s happening for you, that’s what he said: you’re gon na wan na brew coffee, but for real big things, get you some.

It is there’s a lot of things coming.
You know we’re help we’re having a lot of fun, we’re talking to a lot of people, we’re sharing the message.
We hope that you guys hear the message, because the message is just have fun enjoy it, because when you don’t work and have fun, it sucks.

This car business is not it’s it’s a job, but man, it’s very fun and it’s very fulfilling it’s one of the most fulfilling jobs that you could ever have believe it or not.
It’s just all about a mindset that you have people use.
The right mindset be that mindset, if you don’t have it around, you, come just check into www.


Just watch a few episodes.

You’ll have fun, it’s cool, hey! Excuse me, i said hey and something in my throat.
I know right what i was going to tell you is, if you’re looking to come on car guy coffee podcasting, when you want to come on one of these shows you want us to record you you want to have fun.

All you got to do is ask it’s very simple.

I you know i’ve heard somebody who was it.
It was uh, michael jordan and michael jordan got a phone call from emmett smith.
Listen man yeah, so michael jordan gets a phone call from edmond smith and evan smith’s, like hey man, notice how great you’ve done with business.

I would love to just sit down with you.
Just have a conversation.
Maybe i could pick your brain about business because you look like a great businessman, so michael jordan said: okay, so they’re sitting down and emmitt smith is blown away because you know even emmitt smith is looking at michael.

Jordan is like you know what i mean, because not just because he was the greatest on the on the court, but look at what he did with that billion dollar industry in jordan right, so he the jordan brand.
So he he sits down with him and he’s talking to him and he goes man.

You know michael jordan’s, just all telling him everything boom boom boom any question he asked boom, he’s answering it right and he’s just like you know.

Thank you.
I appreciate it.
So much and he goes, you know i just he goes, you know i just imagine how many people probably want to know this.

Why did you pick me? He goes because you asked because when you ask you seem sincere, like you real that lets me know, because i’m not going to reach out to people and say: do you want advice? He goes.
But if somebody reaches out to me – and they seem sincere like you did he goes – i could tell that you were ready because if you’re, if you’re not ready, you’re not going to call me when you’re ready to grow you’re going to call me and you’re going To be like, hey, you know, i’m going to sit down, i’m going to talk to you.

He goes so.

I appreciate you calling me so that was all it was, was just the whole reached out and talked to him.
You know, i think, that’s something that we’ve done yeah and that’s helped us a lot and – and i think that we’ve reached out to people that we didn’t think and we did anyway – and i think that you know what’s cool – is that we’ve had a lot of Our friends that are fault, like kind of followed suit, much like the theme tank man, i’m proud of them guys they’ve got some really great guests, and i know it all starts with me us talking about how we got el patron.

How we did this, we just called them and they’re like okay, they called out to el patron.

Then they started talking, i mean dude.
It was just like a trickle effect, all the way to glenn lundy, which i mean, i’m sorry i couldn’t make it.
I was deer camp, sorry, but you know great time.

I’m sure it was a great episode.
It was a great time.

It was a great.

How long did it go on for um, not not too too long? Of course uh, because glenn is his about the sleep schedules and how uh, how important that morning is – and i mean that’s – that’s some life-changing stuff for for so so many people and it’s a full circle, uh type of testimony just how that’s interwoven into the car Guy coffee thread, but it’s awesome just how this entire relationship web network um has connected us all your network is your net worth man.

People will help you.
They will love you.

You will love them back, but you got to make sure that you’re not selfish.
You got to be very forthcoming and very much willing to be part of a team.
Being part of team means you give in what you get back right.

So it’s the same thing with the life same thing, with anything that you do and that’s what’s: cool about this network man, it’s just a lot of great people that we’ve been able to form a great relationship with to feel like that that it’s a very fair Relationship, you know where we all are putting in and we’re getting back and and sharing and caring and and up shifting while we’re uplifting each other up.
You know we’re brewing solutions, and all you got to do is get you some.

I can keep going on and on and on forget focus fly while you keep growing.

I’m just saying.
I understand it’s a whole lot of things.
No, but it’s been a lot of fun.

Yeah we got ta, we got a lot of a lot of great words.
Have been shared with so many great people again i mean we can.
We can talk all night and we we do a lot about how grateful we are, but there’s been so many conversations that have been compacted into uh small amounts of time.

That actually grew.
So big with so many great people that are doing great things for the industry, you want to share this.
You want to get this around, i’m telling you the people that we’re talking to are smart people, and you want to hear them and that’s why we want to encourage to to listen to that, but have fun have fun where it is that you are and share That around the biggest thing that we enjoy seeing is that people have been sharing great news, uh speaking about some great things that are happening and that’s a culture.

That’s going to stay the same, no matter what goes on and we’re excited to do that.

That’s what we’re all about ruin solutions, bruin solutions, since we started problems since we first started this whole thing: man, since we sat down and started just talking about the show and just making it happen, look what it’s it’s an idea.
That became something that’s becoming more than we thought.

So it’s a lot.
That’s all we’re doing we’re just trying to brew solutions.

That’s all it’s been.

I mean look right on our mug.
We got a special roast that we’re trying to make we’re brewing solutions over here, and but no we appreciate it if the solutions are all been from everybody we are.
We’ve spent all this time putting together the right formula, we’ve come to find that there is no perfect formula.

It’s everybody has their own specialty.
Every cup is different, every single cup is different, but it’s it’s a good brew.
It’s a good thing to share and i love it when everybody comes in and shares their brew in their in the pot that we’re drinking.

So it’s it’s a lot of fun.
It’s good stuff sipping on some lotions, you know so speaking of fresh news, uh tomorrow you’re going to get some more fresh news from nancy uh.
She has some great stuff that is uh coming to you.

Miss benjamin is such a solutionary.
She is a subprime hero.
Herself, the rise of the subprime heroes – that’s coming to you at a theater near you, don’t you forget that we said it what’s today: okay! Well, it’s today, so the subprime heroes are actually rising and she is a solutionary that you can get some fresh news on this two day tomorrow, depending on what time it is right now, uh today and you’re, going to be able to get the rest of the Incredible solution areas in the upcoming weeks, there’s some good stuff.

You want to get you some of that, then guys.
We also have david villa who helped us talk about such a impactful blast, uh, that it is uh doing some great things inside of the car business by way of the kingdom of heaven and uh.

That is stuff that absolutely ignites uh fires inside of the hearts of men and uh man did we have a good time uh brewing some solutions with him.

So there’s some great stuff that if you missed the live, uh you’re gon na get the chance to see here and uh get to share around some of the fire.
It’s some good stuff man.
That was actually a really good episode.

Lou was all lit up that morning.
I think we all were lit up that morning, but it was a good show and david.
You know he blessed us by having us on his show with him.

We got to share our message there.

He came on this show.
He got to share his message here and i know that we’re going to have further, you know, talks and i’m sure we’re going to uh.

Probably one day, you know collaborate on something, i’m sure because he’s just it’s just because it’s such a very much of a kinship, you guys you two definitely were speaking the great language that was beyond my language, but it was definitely a very good feeling and it Was a lot of fun? I’m sure that you guys all felt that if you watched it live, it was a good show.
I think that one was good sandy sandy sarami scott joseph was a really good show too.
A lot of people gave us some pretty good.

Yeah brush he’s, definitely a natural, so he was good.
You obviously know he has his own show, but he was he’s he’s done it once or twice.

Yeah he’s he’s a good guy.
I like him a lot.
You know so it was fun.

I learned a lot.
I actually learned a lot, that’s what we do.

We are uh man.
We have so much fun stuff to talk about and i can keep hitting bing bing bing bing boom, but uh.
You need to just stay tuned and keep watching and keep sharing, but uh.

There’s no way that you can possibly catch up on everything that we have out there.
If you just go uh watch something that you haven’t watched and share it around a little bit: uh car, guys and cargiles.
Big things are coming, but big things are coming from.

You and that’s what we want to make sure that we inspire that this cup that you get from us is something that you use to energize your business go, make something big happen inside of your world.

You can do it, we believe in you and uh.
Now you need to believe inside of yourself: we brew the coffee, we serve it to you, it’s your.

You got ta drink it right.
You got ta drink this so get you some put that in your cup and sip on it.

You know, that’s the thing he’s right: we can, we can brew it up, we can make it, we can pour it in there cut.

We can hand it to you and everything, but it’s your job to sip on that and ingest it and digest it right.
You have to make sure you do those things, because if you don’t do it yourself, it doesn’t work man and you got to want it and when you want it, you get addicted to it, because it’s a great feeling and i’m not talking about my bag of Coffee and that bag of coffee – yes, it’s great, it’s wonderful, it’s all those things! But what i’m talking about is that feeling of that information that that energy, that we’re trying to throw out there and it’s just positive energy tangible, because i’m throwing positive out there, because i want positive back right, throw in the tingle.
Give me that back.

Give me that back i want it.
You know what i’m saying but folks enjoy life enjoy to the fullest.
Have fun keep growing, but listen! It’s you.

You are the next superstar, be that superstar you don’t have to be an internet superstar.
You have to be nothing that, but you could be the superstar of your own life, of your own story right anyway.
No, no! No! No! No for that get serious and seriously silly, but you know what man you know what there is a lot of actual good, good fun content.

That’s coming guys, um, not just what’s coming from uh jason harris and all the fun uh uh other solutionaries that are inside of the cafe, not just what’s coming from uh jason, garris and all of the next cell adventures that we’re gon na be having with captain Nexo uh uh.
There are other solutionaries that we’re so looking forward to uh that are coming in the future and make sure that you participate in uh in sharing with us other solution areas that you would love for we’re.
Looking for on the show, we’re looking for them make sure that you share that uh pass it around.

If you know somebody that you feel like needs to be on the show, uh again, let’s remind you, you can share them with us.
We want to talk to great people, but really we are seeking out top salespeople that are doing great inside of their dealership.
Some of the big victory stories, the rocky stories of salesman of the month, those that aren’t the flukes, but the ones that made some big things happen.

If you set a big goal for your salesperson and you got a testimony for them accomplishing great things, we want to share their great news and give them a couple car guy coffee to enjoy.
They deserve it and you should celebrate them so share it around and get us their information.
Please we want to encourage them.

Help us help you.
It can only help you.
It can only help you um if you uh, give us a chance to just gas them up a little bit on the show.

Why not? Okay, we want to guess them up, they should be gassed up, they should deserve it.
I mean there’s poor guys.
Who knows they might get a bag of car guy coffee? Get you some all right? Well, guess what this is the end of the show.

This might be so folks we’re going to leave you with the two-minute video of nothing but awesomeness again.

We appreciate you guys for joining us elite, fi partners.
Thank you for being our sponsors and so think, love.

You guys appreciate.
You guys appreciate you guys for watching us.

Thank you so much thanks for being out here.

Folks, don’t be shy, message, questions.
We appreciate it though: y’all have a good night.
It was so smooth, it was take it out.

Definitely even that all right, listen just do that.

Do it, let’s just be better all right: two minute: videos, , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , [, Laughter, ], wow, , [ Applause, ], , peace out, hey elite, fi partners, cgc approved, get you Some pop pop hey put that up there pop pop pop pop, like that right, yo have a good night.
I think that group is also cgc, so much .

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