Oh hello check it out.

What’s up check it out, we are super late, but hey you know what better late than night we’re live.
We got our microphones side by side.
Mixer is now ready to drive, got the camera just how we like.

Yes, we do car guy coffee.
Can you feel it tonight disco inside right up there, you see that brew, yep, that’s really car guy coffee.
Did you upload the newest? It’s time to brew it’s right.

There two-minute intro you ready for this, for you enjoy , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , wow, [, Laughter, ], , , [ Applause, ], .
That’s two minutes of an incredible journey that we’ve been on uh.
Instead of this car guy coffee, podcast flow of flying that we’ve been on and it’s uh, it’s so much fun.

Do us a favor real, quick jump out there reach down to the bottom? If you’re watching this, if you can see this or whatever time it is that it finds you go ahead and share it, let somebody else have a little bit of a little bit of encouragement in a cup with a couple of car guys just having a good Conversation about ways to that we each brew solutions in the market.
Is that a mouthful enough for you? That’s basically, what i want to make sure that you get is that this is a mouth full of goodness fun and joy, and the best way for you to explain what car guy coffee is is to just get you some, oh sure, too.
Yeah get yourself get yourself, yeah just get yourself, get yourself a shirt, and that’s all you have to do is say man, it’s a couple of guys.

They, i really don’t know what they’re really about yet and we’re trying to figure it out, but they’re always smiling.
They’re always having a great time, go, get you some! That’s all you got to say like tommy ollie would say.
Is car guy coffee brewing solutions on a daily basis? Get you something get it right right, go big or go home.

I love that guy, but hey friend, cheers to that hey i met one of tom’s associates sandy sarami man, what a great great guy to get to know him joseph um man, another great guy.
I get to know my brother joey.

What’s up brother? Sorry, oh yeah! What’s up joey, what up bro appreciate you for jumping on here? It’s crazy when i said i said joseph because of his name, but it was actually scott joseph is the guy’s name i got to hang out with.

That was really cool too.
Oh man, it was an interesting time getting to talk with those guys very unique people.
I’m we’re definitely going to be connected.

You need to get with them too you’re going to really like them, because sandy’s from new york manhattan, so that’s sort of new york right yeah.

That’s it’s like it’s! So new york, the name of it is new york.
It’s new york, new york, bing, bong, car guy, coffee, car, great coffee, get you some, let’s, let’s prove the great correlation that we have going on right now, with my little brother being the one that jumps in on this is that we are also uh announcing the Release of the car guy coffee podcast, with his very own little brother, jumping in here the solutionary that he is jeff lennart’s yep yep, is bringing some of the home grown brew for you this week, uh he’s gon na be dropping a full five liner.

It’s gon na be a long one, so take it in bites, but you want the whole thing.
It’s gon na keep you laughing you’re gon na see uh how crazy it is when we get together and just have a good brotherly time.
But what you really need to hear is fred pouring his heart out to his brother in an incredible way and uh.

My brother, i love you and man.
I could speak all day of uh how passionate i am about uh being the family, that it is that we are and uh and us looking out for each other and the incredible pride that i have when considering the brother that i have uh.
But you guys get to hear it on the podcast.

It’s gon na hit you deep, you’re gon na feel it in your heart.
Just like a good cup of car guy coffee and it’s gon na get you exhilarated to go and love your fellow neighbor as your brother.
I agree, you know it.

It was really cool to have him.
You know we were supposed to have him at the show.

He his alarm didn’t go off.

I suppose right he usually wakes up early, my brother’s, not one of those guys who’s a late guy he’s always been that up before you gon na, be there before you type guy, so when he couldn’t make it, but thankfully he was able to get up onto His phone really quick, he joined us, we did a little.
Obviously, we’ve been able to use technology with most our people, so we had him.
We talked with him.

We had a great interview you know like he said i did get to tell him a little bit about how i felt, which was really nice, see you know, he’s really grown up a lot matured a lot, so it’s really cool as the old the older brother.
You know the eldest is to be able to see him doing.
Well, it’s something it’s traditional thing.

You know, so i’m very i was very honored to be able to have him on the show um.
You know the one thing he mentioned to me because you never asked me to be on the show, and you know – and i do apologize for that because i should have asked, but i just assumed he would just tell me he wanted to come on the show.

Just saying folks, and that’s where it leads to what i’m going to say next, if you want to be on our show you you need to hit us up by the way you know, we’ve been so thankful.

You can message us right here right here in the comment box say i want to be on the show, we’ll see the message yeah and we’ll just message me.
If you’re shocked, don’t be shy.
Folks, we have fun, we’ll lead you into the conversation.

If you’ve watched any of our shows with people that have been on it, we lead them into what they say.
Next thing, you know they have a lot to say sometimes five or six hours worth of stuff, but we do it sometimes some time.
Sometimes it’s a really long group, ah guys, but it’s a great time.

Speaking of long group, man, there’s gon na be a lot that gets dropped this week.
Jeff oh jeopardy, jeopardy.
You’ll see you’ll hear that yeah matt damos chimes in uh, but then you also have uh chef.

Shawn is dropping some of his brew.
You might have seen chef shawn in there.
He was sitting right here right here.

He was actually one able to come right here.
Sit down able to sign the sign have a good time with us inside of the actual studio man that was a fun time and chef shawn is somebody that i get to do life with i mean we all get.
We both get to do life with um.

It’s it’s exciting for us to uh to have people like that in our life, and that’s really what we’re talking about this week.
Folks homegrown uh, the people from the area that are producing from the bluegrass.
I know that many of you are from all over the place, and some of you were from kentucky.

Some of you were not most of you actually are not from kentucky that are in our listenership.
I mean we’re talking to australia right yeah talking all over.
Oh man and it’s a fun time making connections around the world on the other side of the world i mean talking about like it is tomorrow there.

You know what i mean: it’s like different everything’s, different, even the water, even the way, your toilet water flushes.
It goes the other way around whoa did you know that? No that blows my mind even like, because you know like how you know, naturally the way water like when it goes down a faucet.
You see it start to go start to spin like a cyclone yeah.

Well, the the way the direction of that goes, the opposite direction when you’re in australia, in australia, when you’re down there whoa brother, whoa, whoa mate, look mate but mate.
No, this guy, we seriously we’re making connections.
I’m going to probably have this guy on the show.

We’re going to figure out a way to have a guy from australia.
I want to do that very soon.
Hopefully he because you know, i think, if it’s in the morning it’s at night for him i would assume or the other way around um.

So i want to get him on here: we’re going to figure out a way to get him on here.
It’ll be fun.
You guys he’s he is into digital marketing out in australia, australia he’s down in new south wales.

Okay, i didn’t say it wrong that didn’t sound like australian, but that’s where he’s from he’s friend mike thumbs up if it did no okay so anyway, but no man, i don’t know we’re super cool.
So all these people all around the world, even in australia right they know of the bluegrass uh because of the horses that they breed, and we want to highlight the horses of the automotive industry inside of this bluegrass state and keep that buzz going about.
What is it about those kentucky boys, uh, nappy roots, got that song right? Oh dude, look.

We got the first time we got a first time viewer bill, ditz, what’s up bill, what’s up bill, hey bill? Why don’t you type type, a message in here? Let us know where you’re from um, you know what what you do for a living, uh, whatever which, how you found us and how you found us my friend, you know what solutions you might be brewing, some great.
We love, we love having new stuff man.
Thank you for coming in first time watching my friend so um.

But yes, where were you going with that next thing, i’m saying that these these country boys, these bluegrass boys, got something that’s homegrown for you! That’s why we’re trying to highlight them we’re trying to let you know and hear and be um encouraged by the solutions that they brew inside of this area.
Um again, kentucky is world famous for so many big things i mean for crying out loud folks, the louisville slugger.
Okay, if there’s anything uh that that we’ve seen as far as being the staple of making a uh, i don’t know a big gross or profitable deal.

You know whatever you might want to call it above average profitable would normally be highlighted with the louisville slugger bat as the trophy um for knocking it out the park.
You know what i mean, and that is something that is a prize that many have, and this is the place that they’re from right our main market that we actually sell to would primarily be the big city.
The major metropolitan area would be louisville um.

Most of our customers actually make the drive.
They come find us from there, the big giant city of louisville, giant 16th largest city in the nation.

Folks, it’s pretty awesome man.

We we’re very fortunate to even be living by a cool town like that um, so bill’s actually from california.
He says very valley.
I appreciate you for coming on my two months in the business whoa, that is pretty cool temecula.

Isn’t that the the town that uh the goods is that the town from the goods do you know what the goods are? I think you’re right now that you said that i think so is that the town is that the town give me a yes.
What’s up kendrick welcome to the kendrick he’s always in the party our friend, let’s see, i see your stuff on youtube.
Wow, awesome, wow, watching of all places do make sure you subscribe.

If you could do me, the biggest favor go in there and subscribe and then tell your friends other people you’re working with to come watch.
What we’re doing man check it out.
We plan on traveling.

He said yes, it is it is there it’s from.
Yes, that’s awesome, yeah! That’s great, that’s awesome! So what you know tell your friends about us, man and one day we’re going to come out that way, dude and we all need to get up.
We all need to like sit down and mastermind together.

You know.
I definitely we’re trying to help people grow right now and we may, when they even be in your dealership, who knows, but we definitely are looking to uh, try to reach out and touch people.
You know what i mean not in a bad way, but in a good way, so we we’re having fun.

I hope you enjoy what you see here.
Man we’re going to be doing some stuff, like the idea behind this is to bring a new type of uh idea of thought process in the way car business is too many people get into this business and when they do they they’re looking at month-to-month life.

Instead of like future, like absolute careers, like you know, this isn’t just something that you’re gon na do for a month.

This is something you’re gon na do for a long time.
So there’s a lot of stuff.

You need to work on, and the biggest thing is what we talk about.

Is your foundation.
It’s the beginning of it all it’s what you need your basic stuff.

Everything needs to be just laid out right level.

Perfect, you know.
What’s up, it’s set up perfect.
It has everything it’s code plus extra.

You know you know.
What’s up, you know all your steps.
You know you know your product, you, you know, you got everything right and that’s what’s so key, so we but then it comes into per and then it comes into living that mentality of knowing you’re going to do it for a long time and just having happiness With it, you know and being understand what you’re doing is you’re helping people and you’re making money.

Oh, are you making my product and that’s okay but you’re, helping a lot of people and the coolest thing is that the more you help people which is a good feeling, the more money you make.
So it all works together and they don’t mind you getting paid.
Trust me, some people ask have told me, i hope, you’re getting paid good for this one, i’m like hell.

Yes, i am, and then they want to take you to dinner.

You know they want to.
They want to buy you lunch, they want to drop off the muffins.

You know the sweet little uh prizes that you get from a customer as their personality gets poured out.
Their love language gets expressed in their appreciation uh, for what it is that you do for them.

You know what i mean.

That’s that’s what we’re here to do we’re here to brew solutions with a whole lot of great people that are trying to find a way to make the world a better place with this profession, the automotive industry and any other profession that there is, because, for the Most part, any other profession, whoa drives a car.
Look with that compliment.
Oh my! That’s so nice, you to say my friend, wow come on bill, say that right and highlight caption that please we’re going to use that for testimonial, i’m just bill letting you know.

Thank you, my friend, that means wow that other people know.
One thing is that one, the first thing that we always apply to the formula of it’s the most important formula of keep.
Writing it is it’s like you know, there’s you know e equals mc squared.

Well guess: what k equals fff fff equals k, no e equals or k equals f.
F, something like that.
Whatever you know, what we’re basically saying is you need three f’s to apply inside of your life folks, you know what it is you need to.

Forgive focus, fly, wipe off the weight of unforgiveness towards anybody else, and especially to you yourself and then focus on where it is that you want to go what it is that you want to achieve, who it is that you want to help how it is you’re Going to serve how bright of a light you’re going to shine and then release full trust and confidence in knowing that you can fly to the highest heights that you’ve ever seen and beyond, so that you can keep growing, keep growing.
So join me! Everybody now listening watching whatever you’re doing on three one: two , let’s have a great week this week, oh man, i’m ready.
Let’s get it started off by listening to some true solutionaries um talk about uh what it is that they’re doing to be successful! This week, jeff is dropping some real knowledge uh, but just giving you some real understanding of what it’s like inside, of that transitional role from being a sales person to jumping into management.

So many of you are at that teetering point inside of life right now.

Some of you are jumping between management places.

This scenario – that’s happening in the automotive industry, is making a big shuffle of the deck occur.
You know what i mean.
People are re-contemplating where it is where they, where they are, what they’re doing um? What’s going to be the most beneficial thing for their family and they’re, making moves and jeff gives a great highlight on understanding where your mentality has to be when you jump into that management role, and you make that shift inside of making that commitment to either just What you’re doing or what a team is doing, and he drops some real great knowledge, but at the same time you get to hear some great information, um kind of in the back story behind some of us.

You know what i mean do i do.
I do know what you mean my friend, it’s gon na be good.
It’s super important to do that.

What you’re watching so, yes, i’m doing something i’m doing some stuff, because i’m getting let me see, i was looking for some of the nappy roots.

Look at what bill just wrote again bill.
I just have to tell you man, you’re you’re, flattering me today i mean this is really nice to hear this, because i believe that with just the positive mindset which i believe when you watch our videos and i’m gon na, ask you this question um, because you’re Saying that you went from eight cars, you started watching our youtube videos and then you did 20 and you’re giving us credit for that.

And that means a lot my friend.
But you need to give yourself credit for that for one you’re, the one who took the initiative and took the time to actually get motivated by watching videos, which is just like me, bill so you’re, following a very similar path of what i’ve done.

People motivate me, and i watch other people, you see it so you know it.

All you got to do is focus, believe, forgive focus fly and then you can keep growing and that’s what you’re doing my friend but hey.
That is really awesome.
But my question is: is what about our videos yeah? What was that? What got you motivated to do? 20.

That’s 12! More than your first month! Bro! That’s amazing! That’s really good! 20 cars in your second.

What did you do because that’s a solutionary, um mentality right, that’s a result of a solution that heard some good things because for crying out loud, we’ve had a lot of people on our on the show that know some great stuff and a lot of them put Some great information out there.
What is it? Who is it that uh that probably inspired you most um out of who it is that that you’ve seen uh on the show or on the youtube? Because i love them all and – and i’ve learned something on every single occasion that we’ve had them inside of the the the cafe um, but that’s kind of our responsibility right.
It’s your responsibility, anytime, that you have a conversation with somebody.

You listen to a podcast.
You read an article, you read a blog.
You uh pay attention to a post.

You have a responsibility to pull something out of it, because you’re depositing that time, right, if you’re, depositing that time, there’s something that you should be getting back in exchange for it.

So, if that’s going in, what are you getting back out in the time that i get to spend with these people? I’m trying to extract i’m trying to pull out brew out all of the uh, the greatness that they have during that time? And you know sometimes it goes for an hour.

Sometimes it goes for five six hours and it’s awesome uh, but there’s always more to come.

You stay bill, you say you still suck at prospecting.
Let me tell you something: you’re for two months in most people do you know, even when i first got in i it’s because the biggest reason you probably are not good at is because you’re still a little shy to approach people to tell them who you are Remember something in every day, when you wake up, you know, glenn lundy actually talks about writing your gratitude down right.

Take the ground.

Do your matter! It’s your morning, five and i’m gon na suggest that for you, okay, but you need to definitely get gratitude in the morning and one of the things i want you to take gratitude for is being able to have be a transportation problem.
Solver that you’re helping somebody out there and you have an opportunity that day to do so now we get paid to do that.
But that’s okay! You deserve to be paid to do that because you’re offering a service, especially if you do it the way you’re supposed to do it with passion with love with true intention, then you’re giving them a service.

No one else can give them because there’s no one else.
That’s just like you there’s, no one else, just like me, so every opportunity that you have when you’re with somebody you get a chance to do something.
That’s one of a kind.

You know what i mean like this is like completely.
No one else in the world’s ever gon na do get this experience that you’re getting right now always tailor.
Make that and always let them know that hey this is tailor made just for you.

No one else is going to be able to buy this car the way i’m buying selling this car right now i could do a lot of stuff, but i can’t do it exactly the same every single time.

So that being said, you get a chance to do that.
You get a chance to do that every single day.

So every time you have somebody in front of you just make it that one of a million experience where they’ll never have that chance again.

Well, it’s like making them feel like a millionaire like i got when when glenn had um heather parody interviewed me and she they asked me that question.
I talked about treat everybody like a millionaire and that’s that’s that thing.

That’s what you do and if you do that you deserve every dollar you get, because if they’re a millionaire, they should pay.
You well right, if you’re treating them all like millionaires, they’re going to tip you up right.

So just remember that bill and remember no matter what no matter, how much money the commission was no matter how little money the commission was.

You deserved it.
Oh, the question is i wonder if they could hear that, i wonder if they can hear that.

Did you hear that folks? I hope you did you hear that awesome sound? That was in the background.
We do not know the rights we do not.
If you can hear it, can you hear it or they’re gon na mute us my store has no training.

So i ch chose to teach myself by going.
That is i mean that’s how i fix pretty much anything in my life right now.

You know what i mean and that’s how we fix many of the things that we’re doing and how we’ve learned uh to do some of what we’re doing in the podcast land um bill.

Let me what am i doing a prospect yeah? What are you, what are the things you’re doing the prospect that the very first place i would begin is tracking if you’re saying that you suck at it, i would ask well what shots are you taking? You know what i mean: where are you taking your shots from and uh you know.
What does your stance look like all this, the same mechanics like you would in basketball or anything else right.
What are you doing right now? Oh, no, if you suck at it, you got to be having some sort of a control that you’re looking at um and then we can maybe help you figure out.

You know what key things to go with uh, but one thing that i do know is that you’ve activated something that has generated a a more than uh 100 growth inside of your business, mainly by just seeking out a solution you’re out there.
Looking for information, if you’re hunting for for a solution to the problem, guess what you’re going to find little pieces of the puzzle that are going to help assemble this bigger uh, better solution than the problem that you’re facing? And that’s that’s commendable.
I encourage you, keep seeking it out.

I mean uh.
If you seek the truth, you’re going to find it, it’s a it’s a biblical promise and it’s a rule.
You know what i mean and, and it’s it’s encouraging that there’s people out there like you that are that are being encouraged by us and at the same time, finding ways to make it happen out there.

It’s you, that’s making it happen, sir bill.
It’s you, that’s helping those people out, he says he’s posting the facebook and instagram now listen! Those are great places to post absolutely now i want you to post all your deliveries to with testimonials.
You start doing that.

I promise you you’re going to do better.

The you’re going to get more more prospecting done online, but personal prospects bro when you’re at the grocery store you’re in line.
I know it’s kind of awkward now you’re walking outside in a parking lot in a grocery store, hey nice car.

I don’t care how ugly the car is.
Nice car i’m actually needing some to trade in a vehicle.
Just like that, i work at this dealership.

Let me ask you a few questions.
Have you been thinking about trading that in because you know that car is not going to be worth more than it ever is going to be than it is right now that type of thing right, everyone that you see man, it’s just something that you just got To learn to be comfortable with once you start to understand what you do for a living, isn’t um pushing people or do something you’re, actually helping people right, always you’re, always helping somebody right.

If you realize that, then you always need to be helping.

Somebody abc.
You know maybe abh always be helping people abhp, that’s a new, that’s a new acronym, my friend, no more abc they’ll always be closing and always be helping someone.
So people, that’s what you need to do.

My friends, all my cells were fresh ups.
That’s great! That’s good that you do that many with fresh ups! That’s incredible! That’s good! That shows that business in california picked up at that last month.

I mean that’s great to hear man is it holy? Is it that you’re having fresh ups that you’re seeking how to deal with those fresh ups, better um, because you were going, you were at eight um? Maybe you got hyper, motivated and and put pumped up on some car guy coffee, which i hear you work.

I mean i believe that works um.
It does every day you get juiced up and you got out there and you got in front of more ups um and that generated that.
Or are you actually with a bit more of a presence out there? If it’s all fresh ups cool keep, keep getting them uh.

Eventually, you want to set it up to where it’s all, people that are uh coming and asking for you and uh that that shift makes it to where um you get to schedule.

Your success a little bit a little bit more uh a way, that’s conducive to you living the lifestyle you want so with that.
If those are fresh ups, if you are uh trying to find a way to build your digital presence, uh by all means uh continue connecting with us, we would love to show you a way.

Are we connected together on facebook? Yet if you need to won’t, you friend us um try to join the cafe if you’re, not already in there um i’ve had so many members join now it’s hard for me to know who’s all in there now bill.
I hate to tell people that it’s true, though it’s hard to keep up with, like hundreds and hundreds of people i mean really, but i do appreciate everybody’s in there um.

The cafe is an awesome place.

I hope that you guys all come in.

I encourage you guys to make posts, ask questions.
You know posts.

You know amazing, accomplishments, great news, you know, even if it’s just man today was you know whatever just put a put a video out there.

If you just want to put a video out to see how you know what it looks like so that you know where you don’t have to have to worry about crazy judgment, you can say hey what do you think about a video like this trust and believe I will you post something in there.
I will reply to it and i’ll.

Let you know how i feel, and i do appreciate that, and i appreciate everybody who does that.
I appreciate you bill um, you know bill, we.
I believe that lou and i were actually in the middle of a project right now that i that can definitely probably help you maintain that 20 and also get you well beyond that.

You know what i’m saying we’re talking getting you 30s instead of 40s, just with your two months with the 28 cars you sold, i could probably show you how to sell another 28 cars just without even catching another up i can make you probably have that happen.

Very fast, just off those people so and there’s that’s just from just slight things that we could teach you of what to say how to say it um the reasons why you have you should say it why it makes sense why you are helping these people um.

There’s so many things that you can do with 28 units that you yeah and then 30.
He says his goal is 30.

Well, that’s no problem! Bro yeah, no problem! Dude! I’m telling you! If you’re, if you’re getting 20 with fresh ups um, you need to get ahold of me and truly within a couple of months, not maybe not even um, that should it was just it’s just all about just with those, it’s all about being consistent.

Consistent, we have a method and we’re going to be releasing that folks, i’m telling you when it does you’re going to be like whoa whoa, the store only does 150.
Let me tell you something: brother, that’s because you’re only doing 20.

get yours, it’ll do 160.
When you’re doing 30 right, let me tell you the difference between 20 cars bro to 30 cars, if you do it in consistent basis, you’re talking like six figures plus you know every year.
That’s what happens when you do that with that type of stuff, and i and i wish you the best with that man and i’m very if you’re in i’m proud of you man, you are, you are car guy, i’m telling you right now.

My friend give it to him, give it to you.
You already know what he is this these questions, and this kind of interaction and questions with us is 100 car guy coffee approved.
You know which what it is get you some.

My friends get you some of that oh boom hold on.
Can you see me, can you hear me what’s up guys we just like to have fun? Oh my goodness! Yes, i’m gon na leave it like this now see what i’m saying all right.
Folks, um, we are into a new era where we’re one of those things we like to call free agents and we’re having a lot of fun right now.

It’s this podcast has been amazing.

We’ve been offered some um an opportunity to do another show too and we’re thinking about it, but it’s just the problem is that we’re so covered up with our own show we want to, and this thing is just beginning and today well yesterday, technically now was officially Eight months of straight podcast love, we started on 120 and it was 9 20.

Yesterday, that’s eight months, folks of us doing, podcasts, for you non-stop being consistent.

Just like our method, just like our plans just like every day what we do just like what you need to do to keep growing and to keep showing what you got right, i can’t wait.
I can’t wait to get with everybody and do this thing i mean i want to have a big zoom meeting with everybody.
That’s somebody like a bill, everybody.

You know bill bill, you know what i’m going to start, i’m going to i’m going to tell you this, and i promise this and i’m going to write this down right now that every time i do a if i get a chance, because one of my goals Is to become a public speaker and get up in front of people and do those things you know and right.
So when i do when i make an example of people who do what i tell them to do, not tell them what to do.
But people who, like listen to what we’re trying to say the car guy coffee brew and when we’re talking about that, i’m going to call him the bill.

You got to be a bill if somebody who hustles and somebody who actually applies those things who applies the consistent method, somebody who who looks for more than what he has currently in front of him, because you know what just because you don’t have it at work.
Doesn’t mean you can’t get it because it’s everywhere folks, because guess what the cafe has it, i mean the rising grind.
Has it i’m telling there’s a lot of people out there, giving it and giving it and giving it and doing it and doing it right and i’m telling you bill.

I appreciate you for coming on here.
Man, you got me pumped up.
You motivated me to go.

Even harder, what i’m trying to do right now, so, thank you so much for that, but reach out to us reach out to us 14 guys.
He says man! Well, man.
You should be very proud of you.

Your your managers must be hyped on you right now.
They must be telling all the pros that have been all the right veterans.
Like hey.

Look at this new guy coming up in here selling 20 cars up.
You guys like bill.
Yes, it does.

Oh hey, [ Laughter, ].
! Oh shoot! That’s awesome! Man! I love it.

Oh listen! It’s chris larrington, he says, love the energy man.
We appreciate you chris, hey chris.
Where are you from my friend? Are you going on christmas car guy? Are you in the car business or you just somebody just happened to catch us on and who just loves the energy man.

We appreciate it keep growing.
My friend, where are you from where you going what’s up they’re, turning all their deals, they’re? Turning all their deals? People call hey, let me tell you something: man just keep remember this feeling that you have right now, three years from now, two years from now, you may get to that point where you’re like this business isn’t for me, it is it’s just that we all go Through a moment where it’s because it gets hard, it’s not easy because being uncomfortable sometimes is what it takes.
Sometimes you get to the next level and there’s going to be a day that you might you know your whole goal.

I want to be a general manager.
One day that you get there and you’re like you know what that’s not what i want to do and that’s okay be the best you at what you do and i promise you you’re gon na make enough money to supply for you and your family.
So you guys can live comfortably you’re gon na be able to help a lot of people all with the smile, not worry about things, you’re going to look back at the last 15 20 years and go man.

This has been a crazy business man and i’m so glad i did it though, and i promise you you will bill.

One thing that you’re going to recognize bill is that um, you are definitely going to notice the trends in the business of people coming and going that have this one trait um and its enthusiasm and the enthusiasm in a cup is ultimately what we want to try To harness to make sure that we can keep pouring that out, because if you’ve been in the business a long time, um or any good measure of time, you’ve noticed that the people that come in with enthusiasm do great when they lose that attitude attitude when they Lose that at that attitude of excitement when they lose that that joy of doing what it is that they love to do for people and they lose that, then everything else topples from there.
That would be the cornerstone of what you need to build your business on, and so every single day approaching your day with enthusiasm, to help the customer approaching that phone approaching the lot approaching the post approaching everything that it is that you do with enthusiasm.

We wish that we could bottle it right.
Well, billy d: we followed a 40 of straight up, brewed up nice and cooked up car guy coffee for you and it’s that iced brew.
So you can be calm, blooded and do what it is that you got to do to get out there and be prospecting and making sure that the world knows that you’re present and where it is to find you what it is that you do what it is That you can do to help them out.

You have to go ahead and go for the blitz and pour it all out all over everything that you’re trying to reach out to so build your presence and get ready to pour it all out.

But harnessing that enthusiasm is the main thing that you need inside of your cup, because it’s the mindset, medicine, that’s required to continue dealing with the constant and overwhelmingly uh larger by ratio; rejection, okay, so you’re, if you’re doing decent you’re doing uh one in four people That you speak to you’re gon na get three no’s right, so you’re gon na deal with a lot of rejection.
Even if it’s 50 that’s a lot of people uh that are going to reject you and already have a pre made up mind about dealing with you.

So harness a way to only be talking to the people that want to do business with you and want to talk to you and increase your ratios of the people you get rejected by but be prepared, because this business is going to keep doing that right.
It’s going to continuously be a war where you have to deal with uh still having a good, forgive focus, fly approach to every encounter that doesn’t go your way, uh, whether it’s inside of the politics of the dealership word or it’s, the interaction with the customer.
Okay, there’s a whole lot of bruins out of that.

Okay, hopefully you just did that we’ll just hit you with a joe pressure: okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, wherever wait, everyone leo gets: okay, okay, okay, so um! The let’s see we have chris says he’s from elizabethtown born and raised hey.

I love cars just not in the car business got to keep the same energy and maintain solid habits, yeah, that’s just life and your rights, and that’s a lot of things that i try to apply out here.

It’s not that i apply car business skills.

I apply life skills to the car business, just like being a good human being.
You know a lot of people back in the day in the car business and i’ve been doing this a long time.
I’ve seen it all, and there is people in the car business and there were more so back in the day than there is now, but that we’re not good people.

That’s why they’re not in the business anymore right, so the ones that maintain things they didn’t do good things.
They thought it was clever to do good things.

Good people believe that they’re still fearfully wonderfully made by god, no you’re right! No! No! No! No! I wasn’t saying that bad things i understand.

I just want to clarify for those of you that i’m not saying that i know my brother’s heart yeah.
I know i’m just keeping it real, i’m just being honest, they’re good people, but they just weren’t supposed to be in the car business.
Things happen for a reason.

There’s a reason why they’re not in anymore, because they had to move on because they’re what they’re, what they realized, that just wasn’t for them, just like the business realized they weren’t for that it wasn’t for them whatever you know what i meant, okay.
So that being said, um things happen.
Don’t get me wrong, i didn’t always do it perfect either.

I promise you i’ve had to work on my game.
Get better, i mean i, but i did it right.
I did it wrong.

I’ve seen the wrongs.
I’ve seen the rights, and but the thing is just like anything in life when you apply life skills like being a human being a you know, somebody who believes that doing the right thing, even when other people aren’t around to see what you’re doing right that, if You’re that type of person, then you can do really well in this business extremely well matter of fact, you will be a monster if you have that plus one other characteristic and that’s it has a lot to do with car guy coffee because you got to have A lot of energy, it’s the energy factor, it’s that work ethic, it’s that going in there and saying you know what i have a y and i’m not going to.
Let any other reason stop me: i’m going to look and focus on my y, i’m going to get there my.

Why is right here, i’m gon na focus, and i know that every time that someone tells me i can’t do something or i believe i can’t do anything.
I look at my why and go yes.
I can i’m gon na go for it and it’s okay to mess up it’s okay, to have accidents along the way.

It’s okay to not be perfect man, because nobody is – and i don’t care who you are everybody’s made mistakes.
Everybody’s falling down got a scrape on their knee everybody’s, broken a bone everybody’s done something folks, we’ve all done it and it’s okay, because we learned from those things we got stronger a lot of times when you break a bone, that bone grows back thicker and harder Seriously, so if you think about that, it was just meant to be that way, you probably needed that for something else in the future right.
So that being said, always look at the bright side of things always look at the light.

If you do that in the car business using life skills, i promise you man, but you can apply that to being a good mechanic, if you’re, if you’re in a car business that way being a good being a good service rep, if you’re in the car business, That way, and if you’re, not even in the car business, if you work at freaking, rafferty, steakhouse or rafferty’s, what’s not a steakhouse but rafferty’s right, you’re sitting there and you’re a hostess if you’re a good hostess you’re, just a good hostess.

I’ve ran into them very few, but i ran into them and they do a great wonderful job.
Even when you have to wait, they come out and tell people they’re, so good they’re, like hey, listen, folks, apologize for the wait.

They don’t just let you sit there and hope that you just they come out and tell you they’re, not afraid to tell you hey.
We are a little behind, but i want to let you know that we do know that you’re here waiting and we do apologize for the weight.
Do you know how far that goes? That’s just it applies to the car business too.

Any little thing that you do something that you have to push out, that seems negative if you do it in a positive manner.
It’s not so negative anymore in that deep, but it’s so true, and it applies to anything else.
I keep going.

You could be working at a gas station.
People want to come into a good gas station.
They don’t want to come into one that people are like.

What do you want? Oh you shouldn’t get that yeah.
Oh, my god, who wants to go that one you want to get that one welcome to the gas station.

Thank you for coming here boom.

What are you looking to drive me? You know what’s up man, i love it.
I hope they can hear this.
Can you guys hear this? Were you guys able to hear that if you can give us a thumbs up and let us know their support was getting so, but it’s so true i mean that’s, you know i can keep going on and on and you guys get the point i’m beating.

I’m literally just beating a dead horse.
I said it right again, so you know i want you guys to be encouraged to you know, do the same thing and just always remember no matter what you do in life, whether it’s selling cars, whether you’re the lot attendant, whether you’re the mechanic at the dealership, Whether you’re the sales manager, finance manager, cool, that’s awesome good, so we don’t own the rights to that music, but we do love it that music rocks um.
So it’s inside you from the last dragon soundtrack, but i want you guys to remember that and please please, no matter what just focus on that in the business focus on that.

If you do that, and you just use that work, work ethic and you go hard at it, i promise you you’ll go far.
You’ll do things like 20 cards the month after just by watching our youtube channel.

Are you kidding me dude, that’s so dope bill.

I appreciate you for telling me that you got me so encouraged that i’m putting out even more videos this month, it’s gon na, be i might throw in an extra three to four.

That’s good! That’s a lot guys, because i put a lot if you’ve been watching.
My youtube videos drop another bill on it drop another bill on it i mean that’s.

I do appreciate that man, that is, an encouragement uh just to see the uh, the reciprocity that can happen between people that are trying to find a way to make each other better.
You being successful is at heart what it is that we pour ourselves out for uh to make sure gets to the lot in dealerships all throughout the world.
I mean the world.

You heard us earlier talking about of being different continents right.
It’s incredible that we get the chance to just take the time to pour out what it is that we ultimately have uh to offer, and that’s usually still inside of one uh consistent message and that’s to continue to forgive focus, fly forget being perfect.
You’re, not gon.

Na do that your faith is going to be something that gives you the uh, the confidence to be able to fly to higher and better levels.
But let me tell you everybody and remind you tell it: faith without works is dead.
So unless you put in the work, you can believe all you want folks, but if you don’t put in the work you do not put in the effort, you do not lend what it is that you have right to the cause.

You’re not going to see a result, you’re not going to reap anything.
Just you know, remember one thing guys see time harvest, it’s not a sprint.
It’s a marathon! Your whole life is it’s okay to have those moments of spurts of fastness in life right, but remember, even though, after that there’s still so much more left in life.

That’s why you got to keep growing.
You don’t stop when you just hit it when you, when you sprint, you finish 100 meter dash.
You still got a whole million miles left to life.

So always remember it’s a marathon! So even take the goods with the bads, because the good is great and enjoy it.
Even the bads enjoy the badge because you’re not you’re, going to have less and less of those as time goes by, because you’re going to learn from those mistakes, you’re going to learn from the times that you didn’t get where you’re going.

Where you didn’t get the the job that you were hoping for, because sometimes you realize it’s just like you guys what about that girl that broke your heart back in the day right and then you look back at it and you’re like that was the best thing That could ever happen to me right that off right, you wiped it off and now you’re in a better situation.

It was supposed to happen and, just like anything, tragic one day becomes something that looks like a flower to you, you’re like man.
It’s amazing smells so good, so but no man, it’s pretty cool that you guys came out.
Thank you so much, but just remember like when i heard this.

That’s – and i put this up here – legacy of growth and that’s what i meant by the marathon is that it’s it’s your legacy that you’re leaving guys, no matter what you do when your kids are watching you, when your younger siblings, are watching you, your parents, your Friends, your you know your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend.

You know your significant other right when they’re watching you and you’re doing what you’re doing and you’re loving what you do, you’re, showing them something and you’re, showing them a better way of living.
The way that everybody should be living living happy and looking for that light all the time, so that’s a legacy that you want to leave to people.

Make sure that you understand.
That’s not something that you just do for a week.

You do for three months.

You’re always in a constant state of leaving a legacy.
If you are truly believing that you’re trying to leave one, not everybody has a goal of leaving a legacy.
I have a legacy that i want to leave and it’s not a selfish, like i’m super trying to be like i’m fred, lennart’s subprime hero, radical dude.

No, what i’m trying to do is i’m trying to just like you know.
I remember hearing this as a kid is that i want to lead the planet better than i left it or excuse me: y’all want to leave the planet better than i came on the planet right.

I want to do something at least help and make it a little bit better place than when i came onto this planet.

That’s it and if i could do that, that’s happy, that’s my legacy and that’s what i want to do and you know just a little bit one percent.
If i could just do that, help somehow some way – and i hope that’s the case by the time – i’m six feet under as i call it right.

I didn’t mean to get deep like that, but but it’s true so just remember that guys it’s it’s! It’s a marathon not a sprint, but have fun with those sprints win.

Those sprints don’t lose them, beat them by one lean into that finish line sprint through it.
You know what i mean: have fun but then enjoy enjoy everything.

Man enjoy the good and the bad because you deserve to because you deserve to suck it to you.

We don’t know the rights this song either, but guess what all right.
So whatever it is that you got to do to get yourself motivated and having a good time and making sure that you get seriously silly this week, we encourage you to do so.
We are getting to the end of the brew.

We’ve been out here with you getting ready for a big day where we are going to get the chance to rise and grind get everything going on.
The way that we need to, but folks understand that there are solutions that you can find if you go seeking them you’ve seen us uh highlight bill tonight.

Talking about somebody, that’s actually trying to find a solution of problems.

You don’t sell.
20 cars buy fresh ups unless you’re seeking somebody to help.

So we commend all of you car guys and car gals that are out there beating the pavement making big things happen.

We applaud you, managers that are taking on the reins of leadership and lighting the torches.

All throughout the nation, inside of this car business and slaying the stigmas that have people thinking that we are anything but people that are here to help and truly brew solutions so that they can drive something nicer, newer and enjoy um.
Just having a great friend.

That is a car guy or car gal.
I am lou ramirez, the car guy and i’m freelancer i’m hero and we have been socking to you, a super group of solutions, uh that is excited about the homegrown edition.

That’s coming out this week.

If you want some swag some cool gear, if you want one of these shirts right here that make sure that you inspirate and see it right down here right now, it’s showing you, it says it’s inspirational, go to our website, go to coreguycoffee.
com you’ll, see swag! Tab click on that tab.
It says swag and when you’re done with that click on there, man we’ve had a few orders.

Recently they got their product, they love it.
You guys are going to like a lot bill says he enjoys his seven pounders bill, but i want to tell you a tip enjoy even the minis, because if you don’t enjoy the minis, then you’re gon na seriously, because you’re gon na come and don’t think that Don’t dismiss a deal because it’s a mini because you never know, like i told you, you said you’ve done 28.
I could show you how to sell another 28, really quick, just off those 28 without even catching a fresh up that one deal could turn you more money than you think so, never dismiss and never discount, and never treat a customer that you make a mini on.

Worse than you, a seven pounder everybody’s, a millionaire, don’t get me wrong, shake your booty, a little bit harder when you hit the seven pounder, but you treat the customer the same.

You make sure you follow up with that customer.
You make sure you get your referrals from those customers, you make sure that you send them their birthday stuff.

You make sure you check on them after you know, after so long, because if you don’t do that you’re going to miss out on opportunity, there’s so much out there just with the ones that you sold, i promise you it will take you a long way.
So i encourage you to do so, but i do love seven pounders.

I do love eight pounders.

I love 10 pounders.
I love my favorite ever 21.
Pounder all front end right here, right, lanarks, so ryan, here bingo happens, not a lie.

I have the freaking cap sheet to prove it, but anyway folks, you guys have a great night.
We appreciate you guys for jumping in.

It was a good time tonight bill.

Thank you for all the way out from california, thanks for jumping on here telling us.

What’s up telling you tone giving us some love man get in touch with us, um make sure you do man.
We have other programs.

We can talk to you about you’re somebody.
We definitely love mixing it up with your you’re, a future solution area yourself.

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