This is really happening ooh.

Well, we are, we need to tell them.
We are live with it.
What in get the cafe here, we go.

Let’s take it away, carl guy coffee, brewing solution.
What you know what’s going on, it’s fred, lou and all the others that have come: hey, get you some , so [ Applause, ], , bye, , oh, my goodness, dude we had so much fun.
We were freestyling in the back.

You know what i’m saying i was if you could only hear some of the the things that we say and the uh the fun that we have getting ready, uh to get um ruined solutions.
So it’s just it’s just crazy.
You know, there’s crazy! Sounds that happen inside of a actual creator of good coffee right, there’s awesome sounds, and they are the announcement of something good is ruined, something good is coming and we are excited uh to be echoing some great sounds that are going on all throughout the industry.

Welcome car guys car gals: this is lou ramirez, the car guy fell in arts a sub prime hero, and you are brewing solutions on the car guy coffee.

Welcome man.
This is our cgc late brew.
We love to do these.

We haven’t done a late brew on a weekday in a few weeks, it’s been pretty cool to come back and do one of this week, um lou.
I know that you had to go somewhere this morning.
I hope everything went well, i’m sure it did.

Yes, everything good got to see some really cool parts of my son and uh.
It’s uh just crazy how the body works when you get to see the innards and how they operate.
Uh awesome awesome, awesome experience.

We are also talking about making sure that we see uh at the heart or beneath the surface, of what it is.
That’s going on everywhere else out there in the car business wow, there’s a lot of growth happening.
Absolutely we see you all we’re cheering you on cheers to you keep doing what it is that you do.

Thank you so much uh for being a light inside of uh dark places for bringing joy where a lot of people are finding a lot of despair.
Thank you for uh being the hope dealers of america and uh.
We we celebrate you and we thank you for being part of the solution and being part of the uh, the x factor, which is love, uh and uh.

We are just excited to be brewing with you.
It’s very very much our kind of people, it’s a it’s a great time to uh to be alive, and we celebrate this time with you all cheers cheers to you cheers to that here.

You go, but first things.

First, luke, you know it’s first, you know.
What’s up before we brew, you know what to do.
Oh, yes, yes, we do uh grab a neighbor friend.

Yeah grab an enemy whatever, whatever it is, doesn’t matter, first things.
First, everybody make sure that you release yourself of the weight of unforgiveness, that weight of unforgiveness that sometimes somebody has put on your shoulder, or maybe you have tackled onto uh your own.
Oh man, we say whatever it is.

That’s holding you down whether it’s your own hand or your own doing or uh that of someone else go ahead and wipe it off.

Forgive free up them hands focus on where it is that you want to go and what it is that you want to do and the dreams that you want to accomplish and what it is that you were created for and fly in the direction that you have Been sent so that you can keep growing, keep growing, keep growing, that’s right, carcasses.
It is time to grow some solutions, man.

I always love brewing solutions.
Man, that’s my favorite part of the day, which is every minute of the day.
You know life.

Everything is about brewing solutions.
You know you when you’re going when you’re doing things when you wake up and you’re trying to you, know, get up and take a shower and you’re trying to just get that situation set up, there’s always a solution that needs to be solved.
You know like you’re, let’s say that you go in there and you’re running out running low on soap, so you go in there and get yourself.

You got to fix that solution, so you’re always doing little things throughout the day.

Making solutions happen.
The type of shoes you’re going to wear with the with the pants that you’re wearing and all that stuff.

That’s the solution for that problem.
You don’t know hey those shoot boom solution, i’m keeping it simple, i’m keeping it real, keeping it simple keeping it.
But you know serious and keeping it silly, but that’s like the little things in life that you can be.

You know happy about.
Looking at the little things, always look at little things and see that little progresses are always amazing.

Sometimes we let little accomplishments not seem like they’re, really great.

You know to one person that may not seem like a lot but to you, even just uh, being able to get up and walk to the kitchen, because you’ve had some kind of traumatic experience where you with your back and you’ve, hurt yourself.
So, even having that type of thing, where somebody being able to walk to a kitchen is not a big deal, but somebody who couldn’t for a long time being able to walk from his bedroom to the kitchen without anyone’s help major deal.
You know.

So every accomplishment is great and i’m really uh honored to actually meet a lot of people.

Who’ve made some major accomplishments in life, not just in um business, but also in personal.
So you know people have been in jail, people who’ve done.

You know a lot of things that a lot of people would look at and be like man.
I don’t want to be around that person well.
That person turned into him from darkness to major light that his glow and his shine come through.

You know a guy like el patron for one.
You know they went from the prison to the palace right right.
He had such an absolute leap from circumstance and then even glenn lundy, who we are doing this week.

We have his show out right now getting ready to drop part two of his five liner right.
So you know awesome.
So, we’ve we’ve had some really amazing guests.

People who’ve been through a lot of things, but all amazing in their own right.
But here’s the thing guys each one of you watching the show right now, each person out there that you know they’re all amazing we’re all individuals we all can do some really crazy stuff.
If you put your mind to it, it’s really it’s really fun not to quit using the word crazy.

It’s really just beautiful! It is crazy because it’s a little bit irregular right.
Okay, it’s very easy to go with the flow, absolutely the way.

The tide necessarily sends you, but you were given dominion over this planet to rule things in many different dimensions, and once you start holding in that power uh, you start to use that power for good and you become uh supernaturally, empowered to do great things that you Know sometimes can only be imagined inside of a comic book movie yeah, but your life is sometimes way more entertaining i’m sure than a comic book movie um and i’m i’m excited you know, it’ll be ruined with people like you, people like i’m glenn london.
We got adam, what’s up bro, hey, we appreciate you, your support, adam’s, a an amazing person he’s another one of those guys who has a story that would amaze you from what he’s been through.
You know, i think, from what i understand you know, and i don’t want to bring his business out there, but he put it out there already that he’s a recovering alcoholic he’s done a lot of things.

He’s done really well he’s out there trying to spread the message on that um.
No he’s just an amazing dude.
He has a big heart and he tries to spread good news in the car business himself.

He is a freaking, a hope dealer all day.
Long! That’s right, um he’s a very honest person if he says he’s going to do something he’s done it.
Everything we’ve ever talked about.

Even just messaging he’s asked me to do.
If i do this, that type of situation bangers every single time, man he’s an amazing person.
You guys need to check him out.

Go watch his stuff on youtube, um man, you know one day we should have him come on here as a guest he’s an amazing person, and we appreciate you for coming on and watching cheers to you.
My friend cheers adam.
I hope you’re having a great week adam.

Thank you for joining us if you’re, if you’re hanging out in the cafe.
Well one thing i know you’re doing it’s brewing solutions.
No doubt that’s.

Why he’s on here right now? What’s up, he knows that he knows solutions yourself uh.
What is it that you have uh if, if you’ve been watching us lately, what is it that you have seen uh lately that you’ve uh enjoyed most about what? What you’ve seen uh coming from the the cafe? Uh, what is it that you, you feel as, though has been uh most beneficial for people uh that are really just looking for a smile.

You know absolutely that’s a good way of putting it.

I like that.
That’s that’s, really uh.
What we’re trying to put so we’re trying to figure out what we need to know we want to hang on.

We want to help we’re growing man and we know there’s so many people.
I mean think of this guys, there’s so many people that teach you how to do your your job, essentially right, there’s so many people, so many incredible people that we’ve learned from and we’ve taken a piece from uh this one and that one just like all of You have uh, but – and there’s also has to be, and at some point or another uh that pep in your step.
That here this is that jolt.

You need to get right uh for those of you that remember joe cola, that really gave you a jolt of of a caffeine shot as a kid and that’s what it is that we want to do.
We want to invigorate that child-like wonder inside of you to do incredible things.

Why not that transcend your desk transcend the lot transcend uh, just your home, you know, but doesn’t leave any of those parts out of it right.

You’re successful at home you’re successful at at the dealership, you’re successful um at the office you’re successful um in in the community.
All of these things.
We want to make sure that we help get your news out there and invigorate help you get pumped up about uh brewing solutions for because, wherever it is that you are like fred said earlier, you’re brewing solutions.

You know what man that’s what we do if, if there’s no toilet paper on on the road, what do you do you go get another piece of toilet paper: roll it ruin solution, find a solution, you’re, bringing it up.
It’s simple and it’s silly and it’s fun, but it’s true, but it’s but it’s taking something that you’re doing.
Let yourself all they’re all doing.

Let yourself have the small accomplishments and enjoy it.

Man, like just little things are cool man just actually says they’ve been taking high fives away from us man yeah, you know what i mean high fives.
Are you remember so important just think about if you’re the kind of person who’s the last time you’ve seen this bam? What uh? Oh? What good sanitizer [ Laughter, ], but guys seriously.

I don’t think we should joke about that.
No, i mean it’s a serious thing.
I see numbers rising all the time, but now lou and i we’re we’re together all the time.

So, if that hand, slap cause anything, that’s crazy, because we’ve been like right here, but um nah man, you know guys.
We we appreciate you.
We appreciate a lot of people out there and it’s been a lot.

It’s been a fun voyage.
This week, like i said, glenn lundy wow.
This was one a pretty big deal for us to get him on as a guest um.

I’m gon na tell you another one: i’m gon na bring it up again mike tyson.
I want to get him on our show.

Mike tyson is going to be somebody.

I brought it up.
I don’t know why i feel, like my stars, are going to align with him one day we’re going to be like boom.
Let’s get a mic in front of you and let’s get this thing going, i mean: let’s we’re going to go ahead and go live right.

Now, mike tyson yeah, this is lou ramirez, the core guy, and this is the subprime hero and we are inviting you yes to brew solutions with us, mike dude on the car guy, coffee, podcast, dude, you’re, a beast come have some fun with us lou, and i Saw you last time you lost in louisville.
We were right there.
We were right there with you right there and it was a victory in our eyes, no matter what you’re a champion you’re a champion, always a champion you’re the best ever bro and we’re excited uh that that you are living your life to the fullest.

I’ve grown up with you, you’re a hero of our generation and uh.
I want to encourage you uh to do what it is that you have to do inside of your schedule to come brew solutions on the car guy coffee time, you’re gon na have a great time.
I promise you that you’re gon na have a great time.

I promise you that you’ll laugh come mike good life with us who solutions with us.

It’s ludicrous all right! So it’s out there all right mike tyson.
Oh let’s go come on.

That would be so awesome man, but i want that.
That is like my dream and that’s going to happen one day i want to be in that show: let’s see yes, michael you’re, right mike, that’s who we want right there, so guys a lot of fun so like we, you know, we’ve been building up to that.
We have a lot of friends that have been able to come on, michael on here, one night with us, um we’ve had you know, and i plan to do a lot more of those types of things with people jumping on our lives.

So we can get because it’s hard to schedule because we do we.
We try to feature one guest per week right, so we drop three to four or maybe five episodes depending on how long the show went long right.
So we try to do that to be able to give them their week so throughout that week, though we do, these shows we do three of them, so we would absolutely love to invite people to come on these, and this would be a lot of fun to Be able to not just talk about what’s coming up, but also talk about you, people can bring on their things.

We’re looking for people, if you i mean, if you want to you, know, come on here and talk about your product.
We could talk about things man.
We can make things happen, so we want to make sure people get out there.

We want to make things work.
Look at this, we got chase lands.
Talking about this is his favorite late night channel.

No doubt thank you.
I appreciate you, man, he’s man i’ll tell you this dude is awesome.
I love him too.

He’s got so much spunk in him.
Chase man chase is a good dude.
You know, i love, i’m glad that he’s in the business he’s headed in his blood, his family.

You know i remember his father, so it’s pretty cool to see you come in.
You actually have more.

I don’t know like you, have a better little jab.

When you talk man, i don’t know how to say your dad’s good.
Your dad’s good he’s got a nice little.
You know game when he talks to you, but your game is woo.

I like it.
So i appreciate that you know game sees games so man, it’s it’s good that you’re out there.
I love that the local car business is coming up, the young guys are doing their thing, they’re they’re, really showing up showing people how to do some stuff and they’re bringing in that new style.

When did we get out of being the young guys dude, we haven’t been the young guys in a long time.
Luke it’s been a while yeah man, it’s all good, it’s all good! So i don’t know my mom, for example, my mom’s, you know obviously she’s korean.
So i love my mother she’s the best i love you mom, so the she was talking to my wife today.

My wife and my son went over there and tried to tell me convinced me to dye my beard.

She goes.
He looks so old.

I feel bad for him.
This is my mom’s career, okay, mom.
What i don’t look that old! Do i like that old? Okay, if i do my bad folks, listen, ouch, listen, i’m not trying to that’s but hey hey! This is, i wouldn’t die if i could grow it.

I wouldn’t diet, you know what i mean.
I wouldn’t i wouldn’t die he’s smooth on the fire.

Yeah you talking about his pops, yeah.

No doubt dude.
He is your dad.
You know.

I remember first time i met him was a long time ago, real, smooth, dude, barry, carr kind of kind of introduced me to him a long time ago, yeah that was a while back.
So it’s been a minute.
So no it’s good.

It’s good that you see that that’s still coming up and it’s not like it’s it’s almost like it’s genetics.
You know it’s something about.

Somebody has that in there, but it’s a great i mean they are a great story of what is the uh.

The scenario coming up in this market right now, they’re generationally – it’s happening physically inside of their home in a bloodline of great car, guys and width, and way that the market works, and there was.
There was a season of the the slick, the slickster, the smooth criminal right.
You know right, smooth, criminal right, the whole smooth criminal era, the flow, the the look, the the the shirts, the ties, the the overly clean.

You know what i mean: look yeah, like you’re everybody’s, a lawyer.
You know what i mean, which used to be a time for that error.
That’s just what clothes remember like that.

You know the belt.
You would always have your phone on your belt loop yeah.
Do you remember that dude i do we all did it? Everybody had everybody wrong, dude, you’re, always right! I don’t care.

If you’re young old, you had it right there.
You thought you were so cool hold on a second, but that language back then, was so much more um smooth because it was semi-politically correct right.
It was never tinging.

It was over trying to be uh uh, just slick right now, there’s so much transparency.

It’s, like truth, just says: wow yeah, but what there it is.
You know what i mean.

You know true true truth and this generation doesn’t have the same filters or the the delay inside of delivering that truth, that older generations have, they can instantly say whatever the frick they want at any time, and just like we can.
You know what i mean, but that’s something that you get to see inside of chase is that he is able to channel that that that gift of being able to communicate inside of a language of this generation.
But it’s literally that you have the smooth flow of a generational change into a smooth, direct ninja, cutting wit tongue that penetrates like ow.

That was so true.
You know what i’m saying like: oh wow, that was really good or, like man, that’s kind of strong, but that’s delicious.
You know what i mean wow.

That was good.
You know what i mean that he’s able to make that connection, but that’s a great that’s what’s happening in the car business now people are beginning to uh tailor their their ability of communicating truth immediately right to a customer saying: click click, click as little clicks as Possible to buy a car, that’s how a customer wants to do the transaction.
You know what i mean like as we’re getting really quick about it.

Whoops, that’s so mine chase, says dad tells people back in the 80s and early 90s.
It was totally acceptable to have a scotch and a cigarette while buying a new cadillac.
Let me tell you something: until the early 2000s people were drinking in the dealership and smoking cigarettes and the u.

s is really, i mean other countries still do that um.
I was at stores that did it.

I it’s definitely smoked cigarettes.

I mean the last one of the first stores i ever worked at.
They smoked cigarettes inside and the second store so and then that’s true, and then they would drink in the back.
Now, with the customer, they wouldn’t care.

If you did, though, that was the thing they wouldn’t be as long as you weren’t stupid, like any type of thing, you know you could have a drink, you would go back and you just get back to work.
You do your thing, but you shouldn’t.
Do that? Don’t get me wrong, guys get in trouble.

Don’t drink at work.
Don’t smoke cigarettes inside it’s no good! You shouldn’t even smoke anywhere.
You probably shouldn’t smoke at all right, but you probably should waste your time in front of time, wastership or in front of people um.

Just kind of you know put that aside.
Just you know, even in the military they we would have smoke shacks.
You know what i mean: you guys go over there and keep that away from this, and it would be kind of guarded where it’s not inside of the absolutely the look of the area you know, yeah, we had the smoke tree.

I remember that it was always by this one tree and then they had this one because they hooked it up.
It was air force, though oh i’m sure they did so.
We had like gazebos that had like places to smoke.

You know, but then it was like.
I smoked till you know a while ago, so you know, and every once a while one of the hardest hardest things to ever actually separate from uh was cigarettes, and so many of you know about it.
So many of you share the victory.

So anybody that you see that is in the challenge of trying to defeat that uh cheer them on man just cheer hearts give them a like give them a heart.
Give them a care to understand that you know they’re they’re, fighting uh they’re fighting for victory.
That can only come one urge at a time one cigarette at a time.

One day at a time.
You know what i mean so make sure that you cheer them on hey.
You guys got this, you got it, you got it tell them, they got it yeah! You know because it’s worth it and uh so freeing anybody.

That’s that’s quit.
You know how awesome it is to breathe again right, so keep ruined solutions cheer on those that are trying to put it down all right.
Yes, man, so any cool car deals happen with you this week like did you have any cool clothes uh? I talked about uh one on the live.

Today i did.
I was good.
That’s why i brought that up.

That was good yeah.
I didn’t actually get to finish the story.
Wow look at you, you were so so i’m slow folks understand it’s my battle buddy right here.

So this situation actually was was a blowing up situation.
Okay, the customer.
Oh, i might have heard you know um, but sales person uh upset the co-buyer on the phone didn’t mean to didn’t, wasn’t trying to at all the the the he just was trying to get.

He was overly trying to explain our process and understand why you’re not getting what you want right at this second right now, because i can’t get that from you, because i’m it’s not part of this process.

I only know this.
You know what i mean and he was overly explaining that as the customer is trying to feed him the information that he needs to be able to funnel him through.

You know a smoother transition.
By the way he got him, he still uh harnessed him.
You know i still brought brought the fish into the boat, but um he he still uh could have tweaked a couple of things and just listened uh in the end uh.

So there were so many things that when it was time to contract, he was defensive about and already ready to say, i’m out of here, i’m not doing it.
I’m launching.
I just did what i said i was gon na.

Do i said i’d show up telling his daughter, you know all of that yeah, but i’m out of here i’m out here so he’s up he’s standing he’s going, and i’m just do all of this for a moment sitting down and just trying to speak back and Forth um of explaining that everything that he did was right and she’s sitting there saying that he was like she was hitting him at saying that he was being a liar about things, and i was like whoa that the thing that was actually, i probably should have Started with that, but that was one of the things that inflamed of the situation in the beginning, which wasn’t the case.
He never said anything wrong.
He said things that he he just.

He never made a mention of the things that they wanted to know um, because, but he also didn’t listen to what they were asking.
So he just spoke at different times, see how that goes anyway.
She said that i’m defending him um, but i’m saying i can get down to the bottom of this now, sir.

Please come down sit down, let’s speak, let’s figure this out and let’s understand where it is that we’re trying to go from here, just so that we can do it peacefully.

We zoom in um get to understanding it.
Let him dump his whole heart out.

You know.
Just pour it all out there and all they can see is my eyes.
You know what i mean, so all they see is my eyes you’re trying to express right, you’re, trying to overly express with your eyes like when i walk into your room and i see customers i always try to like smile at them.

So i was like i already tilt my head.
Even you know like in my head, i’m like they can’t see my my mouth.
They can’t see that i’m smiling.

I just look like this hurts.
You know what i mean anyway, so um i’m trying to communicate.
Listen! Listening listening listening and then i turn around and we we we seal it up.

We understand what it is that we’re trying to get shut the deal down close it.
You know, walk back in the showroom.
The guys are all yeah, yeah yeah.

You know awesome great.
We get a clear understanding of what the problem was at the moment, and that was just that um.
We were trying too much to just bombard them with our message, rather than listen to what they’re trying to say and trying to actually hear.

Sometimes the person’s gon na say: hey, tell me this and and you’re going to be able to tell them that, and that’s really all that they needed to know.
Sometimes a transaction could be that quick right.

Sometimes it could be that right there who do.

I got to call to get it get that number.
It doesn’t matter the money.
What didn’t even come up right? Who do i got to call to get that nope right? It’s just um.

Sometimes you can abbreviate the entire transaction uh.
Just by hearing them.
Tell you what they need to hear, and that might be all that you need to get listen.

I understand what you have to say.
I understand it’s such a big deal, so you have to understand what this is so listen.
I understand.

I understand i mean i’m gon na tell you something that is so powerful, it’s one of those things, because right when you say that it makes them go.
Thank you right whether it’s good or bad.
I i understand.

Finally, you know thank you.
I would feel the same way, it’s weird to say that i would feel the same way.

You know you just keep moving with it.

You just got to make them feel that way if you make them feel like you know, somebody says that to me something, but you may even come back right after that and say listen, but the best that i can do is this.
I so i’ve already sat down.
I’ve done everything i can.

I broke it all down.
This was the best way to make sure that you guys got the best deal possible right here.

This is what i call fair deal, so they would look at it and they would.

They would have to feel comfortable with that and they can’t get mad at you, man.
They need to stop getting mad at you because you listen to them.
If you don’t they’re gon na think that you keep stopping them like you know, you ever been in the middle of a conversation, you’re trying to get something out and people keep talking and you’re, and then you start to eventually get a little bit like.

Okay, can i talk now right? That’s that same thing, that a customer feels whenever you don’t let them drop, what they’re supposed to drop.
Let them drop, let it come off their chest even after you, okay, let’s just talk about after the sale customer comes back, has issues with the vehicle has issues with the loan has issues with whatever they have issues with right a lot of times, it’s something that They just didn’t understand so a lot of times you just have to explain so best thing to do is instead of getting defensive with the customer say boom come on in my office.

Would you like something to drink at calm, say hey.
I want to hear what you have to say be cool.
Do you want something to drink? You want something coffee or anything like that.

Have them sit down say.
Is there something you know go ahead and let me know everything you need to say: i’m going to listen and just sit back and and with calmness, not like an over smile but like like you’re listening to him.

Listen to him and really mean this like listen to what they have to say, because you got to understand their point of view is always going to be completely different than what you know, because we do this every single day we sell cars every day we our Warranties are a certain way.

The cars run a certain way.
We understand that this cvt motor is a really weird transmission right.
We’ve all seen that with the ford, focuses raise your hand if you’ve dealt with that right selling.

Ford focuses right.
So that being said, you have to understand that there’s a process for all that, so let them vent.
Let them say what they have to say because they have the right to they’ve done, spent tens of thousands of dollars with you.

They have the right to go ahead and ask you hey, please help me, but let them vent because they don’t understand how to a lot of a lot of people just don’t understand how to uh let something like that go off in a calmer way.
Besides, hey, this is what’s going on once they do you’d be weird, have you ever seen somebody just go and then at the end of it all they kind of listen to themselves, and they finish talking and they’re kind of, like oh yeah, it was kind of Stupid right, you ever done that, and that happens sometimes too i’ve done it right, we’re all guilty of it.
So just understand that when you let a customer talk, be empathetic with them and then soon as they’re done say, i understand and because you do because you’ve been there before every one of us we’re human beings, we’ve been there, we’ve bought something that we feel like It wasn’t right, you know, maybe we made a bad decision or the vehicle wasn’t exactly what or whatever situation that you purchased, whether it’s a house car whatever it is right and if you haven’t guess what you obviously have some more room to grow.

Absolutely right.
So take make sure that you, you pay attention to what they have to say and lou made a really good point.

Listen, let them talk, because in the end they’ll have to listen to what you have to say.

Once you listen and then at the end it was, it was totally hey, i’m coming back and i’m buying from you every time.
Can i just ask for you every time.

Well, i got you it’s handled good.

You know, never! Change paperwork, never change dollars, the cen.
Never adjusted everything went completely according to the way the cardio was set to go, but the um, the person who was jumping in there as the knight in shining armor, to help out the family uh that had zero emotional attachment to the vehicle uh and was, of Course, trying to uh represent their strength of knowing it all ism that they have of course yeah.
They want to say how much it is that they know it and the problem that many many car guys get into or gals get into.

Is they want to show that they know how to do this so much better than the person in front of them which isn’t you’re not in that you’re, not in competition with them, because they’re they’re they don’t work there? I sort of i used to call it.
I used to call that move with the type of person that was there to you know, basically help them and show them how to buy a car.
I said man they used to be my favorite, because i’d make them.

That’s who i wouldn’t sell that i wouldn’t sell the person buying a car car.
I would just enough to make them feel like i’m paying attention to their needs, but i’m selling that person in the car so the whole time.
I’m like he’s, like yeah man.

You know loans are supposed to you’re right man, it’s pretty cool, it’s interesting, you know a lot bro you build them up.
I lift you up, so i do that right.
I become buddy.

I act like they know everything.
So when it’s come down to it, i’m like when you say something to him: here’s my favorite part.
I mean man, you man, since you know so much.

Obviously, you know that when this goes down on the pencils, this is the way it goes right.
I’m sure, because you know this because you’ve done this before yeah buddy.
Exactly so as soon as you sign right here and get your paperwork started dude, it would work because you had them on your team and they couldn’t tell you at the end that hey you know, because you’ve seen this a lot right, yeah so and they’d be Like yeah yeah yeah cool right on so you want to you want an initial right here, too bro.

I know you’re, not hey man, but anyway.
That being said, it’s a lot of fun.
The business is amazing.

The people you meet the way you can help them purchase a car.

The way that you can get people to team up with you, it’s it’s.
The thing is that you got to just be you out there and if you just understand that, sometimes it’s not about a fight, it’s never about a fight fighting people when you buy cards about teaming up with them to help them purchase a car.

When you learn that you team up with everybody, the people that are there, make a huge influence, if someone’s parents are, there obviously make sure they’re involved.
If somebody’s you know now, don’t go to a woman and assume that she needs her husband or she needs somebody.

There, because that will offend her too just treat it like a dude to a guy either yeah.

Don’t do that to a guy either or anybody or anybody or unicorn i mean don’t, do it just don’t.
This is chase lens, [, Laughter, ].
I don’t know what you guys talking about anymore.

You guys are crazy and you’re right chase.
I don’t know either bro we’re just going just saying man listen to your customer, listen [, Laughter, ]! I love it man this this business has been amazing.
It’s the it’s! I absolutely love the car business.

I absolutely love the people in the car business.
I love people who are attached to the car business, their families that is touched by the car business.
This business has transformed so many lives and is still continuing to do so.

We got a whole lot of other people that are doing great things and uh we’re so excited for all of you that are doing great things, and we want to keep celebrating that with you.
So keep brewing solutions, keep being the solutionaries that it is that you are making people smile and being great in your field.
How does he do that every day? How does he just speak so fluidly like that guys? Isn’t that amazing keep being amazing? You all are crazy.

Awesome, we love you all.
Keep growing you’re amazing, give focus, fly, keep brewing solutions and get you some say it.
These are all things that we’ve been saying a lot since we started this man, we appreciate you, we appreciate everybody, you all crush the rest of your week.

You all enjoy our next brew.
That’s coming out here in any minute.
As soon as we get off this shizzo glenn so so excited to drop, it drop chop, it drop it drop, it drop, it drop, it drop, it jump jump here, we go.

Yes, sir check it and the microphone what we got, what we got, what we got car guys car guys this is lou ramirez, the car guy, especially hero, and we are going to be ending the show making sure that you remember that you are incredible.
You are great, you are worth investing into.

Sometimes you got ta get just seriously silly go ahead, get seriously silly, have some fun grab your battle buddies.

Do what it is just act funny have a good time have a good night, everybody.
We love you all right! Um, car guy coffee get you someone.
What are we doing? We don’t know, but we are brewing solutions.

We got a whole rest of the week so happy hump day.

Everybody have a good one: , so [ Applause, ], [, Music ].
I don’t know , you all have a good night peace out.

Three, don’t forget week.
30 forget focus, fly glenn, lundy, keep growing, we love you all.
Hashtag hashtag, rising, grind check it out.

Focus fly, get focused every day.
We appreciate you guys so much.
Please .

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