So folks, what’s going on hello people what’s up man, this is fellain arts, the subprime hero – oh my god, the car guy, and we do not own the rights to this music.

We’re officially live on guys.
We are so excited.
I’m more excited right now about being live on.

Linkedin i’m on linkedin live folks, youtube go check it out.
We’re gon na be really happening.
Are you this is happening.

This is happening.
Oh my goodness, seriously.
You really ready for this , so , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , fire everything, , [ Applause, ], , who joined us tonight right there.

You guys don’t see them yet, but we’re about to click back hold on.
Let me get like this folks.
I don’t know if you guys know this, but there’s a lot of people.

Who’ve joined us that are our linkedin friends folks on linkedin.

If you’re watching this on facebook, you can also watch this on linkedin right now.
I didn’t realize that because i applied like two months ago, it feels like for the opportunity to be on linkedin and be doing live, shows on linkedin and we finally got the approval.

I never even got a message from them.
I guess i just tonight.
I just clicked on it hope it would come on and now linked in you all done messed up.

You gave me live, live access.
I haven’t done it my friends, yes, so i’m so glad to be here right now, um, it’s a later.
It’s kind of cool! You know we normally do this on the during the weekdays now early, we do an early 8, 30 9 o’clock morning a little early brew, but tonight lou had to switch his his plans in the morning.

So it’s fine no big deal.
Obviously we do these at night, but lou came over.
We did the think tank folks.

If you haven’t been checking out thursday night.

Think tank y’all missing out.
You are it’s, it’s a great place to learn, grow, share ideas and they bring in a lot of awesome.

Special guests: that is one of the best things to do on a thursday night right now they you could you could drink whatever you want, you could have your coffee, you could have your aqua haul, you could do whatever you want, but folks we got a couple Special announcements: we got a couple special people that are going to join us here in a second, so car guys and cargills.
Let’s get excited yeah, make sure that you get pumped up to start sharing to start making sure that other people know that you are part of the solution, because you are brewing solution with a couple of crazy car, guys that are caffeinated about solutionary things and the Solutionaries that are getting ready to walk into the cafe right now are coming in, let’s start bringing them in, let’s bring them ahead and bring them in all right.

You hear that door, let’s see michael i’m looking for mike larkin if you’re out there – maybe oh click, uh i’ll.

Thank that group derek big puppet everyone man.
We appreciate you guys all for jumping on this is the most we’ve ever had on one stream very groovy.
Very cool everybody to the cafe, get you some.

What’s up, everybody put your drinks in the air, put your mugs in the sky or go ahead and point to a logo that you really want to represent there.
You go get you some of that.
Everybody welcome to the cafe.

Thank you so much for joining us.
Everybody say what’s up what what’s up people guys, i’m so excited hey like i don’t know if you heard me at the beginning of the show, but we are live on linkedin right now.
What are you kidding me? What i’m more excited about that than anything else like? I didn’t realize that we had these.

I’ve been waiting forever for the approval and we are officially in live everybody.
A lot of people got it too.
So this is really great.

Like the new people, do you got linkedin live? How long did i think it took me like two months i get? Maybe i’ve had it for like a month.
I don’t even know it’s the first time i’ve tried in a while so sick, i’m pumped.
I can’t believe that just happened wow.

So, yes, we are officially live on three platforms.
Right now we are live on facebook.
We are live on linkedin and we are also live on youtube.

So folks you can’t miss it.

You can’t miss the pink ad group world domination, the proof brought to you by and folks we have a new sponsor.
If you see up on the top corner.

Oh, we can’t even elite f with michael hoffman’s company he jumped he jumped in the group.
Man michael michael clover, pointed up top points like this.
I put the link out there.

Hopefully he sees it and he clicks on it and he jumps in but he’ll be in here in a second i’m sure, but no he is part of the love, the club, all that good stuff, michael larkin.
If you’re watching man, i see you down there, you need to maybe reconnect so we can get you on here.
My friend.

We need to get your goofy butt in here real quick.

I love you man.
I love that guy man he’s so much fun, though.

Just watching i just like listening to a talk he’s got.

He should be a comedian like i can tell by his voice when you see all those videos like this, then he’s got that i can’t i’ve tried to duplicate it when he picks it up and it lets it swing around here dude.

He does he’s got that down perfect, no doubt about it.

He’s the john wayne of the mask so for everybody out there who who hasn’t, who hasn’t seen our show who’s just starting the first time, people from the think tank.

I appreciate you for coming on watching joining us.
There’s michael right.

There he’s getting ready to jump in.
Let me jump in you got the you got it for him and michael, what’s going on hey, you won’t be here, but that you are officially our other sponsor right now.
Elite f and i is up in the house and man.

Thank you so much for believing in us, like you, have this very beginning, just like to think tank.
Just like everybody out there man, we appreciate it, but no we’re having a good time.
Oh there comes parking there.

He is there’s that son of a gun there.
He is oh there he is right there, hey.
You got your face.

We all want to see you pop it off.
Yeah, hey! I can’t bust the bubble off.

Like you know, initially, i i you got ta wait for that, i’m not just well.
Everybody welcome to the cafe.
Yes, everybody’s wave go ahead and wave to everybody.

Let everybody know hey you’re here you’re in the cafe.

What’s going on what’s going on, i want to get it really we’re going to get everybody doing.
One of these numbers before we get started before we go any further.

We must do the three f’s look.
Our heads covered up right now, but that’s okay, i’m gon na scoot over this way, a little bit.

Oh, look at that.

It like automatically adjusts hello, sweet.
So hello, everyone, everybody, let’s and real quick and i do want to actually hit the heart one time so before we do this.

Everybody hit your chest one time as we get ready to do this.

I want this to be an announcement over not just your business, not just your home, not just yourself, not just uh your your sphere of influence.

I want this to be an announcement over our entire nation today that together, we can all come together.
That’s right from all different walks of life from all different backgrounds from all different uh genres, feelings, races all over the map.

We can come together and we can forgive focus and fly to new heights in this incredible country that we live in.

That’s right, this incredible world that we were blessed to have dominion over no doubt.
So, let’s get ready to do what it is that we do to keep growing on three ones: [ Applause, ], everybody’s rocking, the think, swag everybody’s got it going on folks.

The think ad group has been our proud sponsors for about the last three months.

Actually we just rolled up our first three months with you guys they just re-upped and they believed in us for another three, and that means a lot just then, of course, we got michael who’s right below me right now, michael, thank you so much for jumping in And trying to be part of it, and i promise you just like to think tank just like everybody else, we’re all going to help you get to the level that you need to get to man.
You deserve to be at, and i appreciate all your part of it guys: hey yeah, we are honored to wear a badge that says that we are elites.

We are those face.
The challenges like solutionaries that are not scared to think, like the true revolutionaries that it takes to transform an industry, but also to conquer with your brand, with your beliefs and with what it is that you have to help people out there solutionaries rise so excited guys.
I don’t know if you know this or not, but we just jumped in we got a new guy sean just jumped into.

I just got it.
What up sean wow? This is the most we’ve had on one screen.
I’m really excited i’m getting so excited folks.

You know it’s been an amazing month.
It’s been an amazing crazy year.
I shouldn’t say amazing, but it has been amazing honestly guys if you really think back at it as crazy and as scary as everything was all with.

All of us have been through when the beautiful thing is, we all got together and we all met during this time.
Yes, we all came up and we got a lot of opportunity to learn and grow from each other watch, each other encourage each other and then uplift each other, and i appreciate every single one of you guys.

You know i really do and it’s been a lot of fun.

It’s been a lot of fun to see each one of you grow man, i’m talking on social media, the growth that i’ve seen there i mean you guys are killing it and it’s so fun because it every single day.
I know when i get on linkedin, i’m going to be able to see my buddies doing something amazing right and i get to go out there and support that, and you guys do the same thing.
Yes and i’m telling you it’s it’s massive growth like earlier when we were on the think tank and we and we heard what was her name.

Was it christina? Yes, the last lady she was talking about she’s, like you know, she’s just a few days into social media and she’s in linkedin.
She made the right decision getting on linkedin.

You know, and obviously that’s where i all started.

I was timing.
I was anti-social media for a very long time.
I mean decades and then i jumped on to linkedin about two three years ago.

Guys – and i just followed and watched people which gave me the courage, you know guys like el patron guys like you know, grant cardone got, i mean and then a lot of other people out there.
I just saw things you know what and it just made me go.
You know i should do this, you know guys, you know it’s it’s something that i felt like was calling me, but for some reason i just felt like.

Maybe i wasn’t worth it so what we all realize, i think, during this time is each one of us is worth way more than we ever thought we were worth.

I think that’s helped us all believe that i think we all already had that, but i think we just having this power of this group has really uplifted us to really believe in ourselves.
Even more, you know it’s really nice, when you have, you know like just a gang of just straight up.

Think tank warriors out there just going hard at each other.
Just saying: hey, you’re, doing wonderful man keep doing it.
I love your videos, don’t stop man.

What do you need help with? How can i, how can i connect you with somebody? You know the one thing that we all have done.
A wonderful job is leveraging each other.
In that sense, you know what i mean and that’s what we should do.

We should all have that and not be scared of that.

You know jason garris.
I don’t mean to keep talking guys, but jason garris.

He said something really cool and he talked about all of us getting on and giving each other recommendations on linkedin.
You know that that is something that i must say.
I’ve only done on a couple people and it’s not because i don’t want to it’s because i just don’t think of it.

So that was a great point.
We all should do that for each other, because that’s it, those things do count, and it’s really neat, especially because on linkedin, it’s powerful to read that type of stuff and people see it and they believe it.
You know it’s all perception, so we all need to uplift each other that way, but regardless, thank you guys for being here tonight.

I appreciate it i’m having a great time.
I’m i’m super, i’m once again guys.
I don’t know if you know, but we’re live on.

Linkedin, so there’s something that that i’m trying to kind of hint out there, everybody that is even connected uh on linkedin – is that you have the ability to kind of go, live yourself right now, you’re able to apply stories.
So let’s go ahead and have a little bit of fun, because what we want to do is have the biggest great news meeting that we’ve ever had so far and we want each and every one of those that are in the cafe.
At the moment.

They just came out of the think tank now they need something good for that drive home or to go ahead and take them down for the night, but get caffeinated back up and get ready to have some excitement by sharing some great news with all of the Social media, friends that we get to share, i want to hear from each and every one of you, but first, let’s go ahead and do something crazy right.
Let’s just get a little bit nuts, who has linkedin that’s in the room, i believe just about everybody.

Right, raise your hand if you got linkedin scrub participation.

Oh i got it all right.
There we go here.
We go stories, go ahead and jump inside of your linkedin story right in there that you are inside of the car guy coffee cafe, you are with the think, tank generals.

You are also your business where it is that you are say it right now.
Let’s all get crazy and live together and have a good group.
This is how kids are learning folks, kids are going to school learning, exactly how kids are learning right.

Now, it’s crazy! This is nuts and we’re like little kids having a new toy and excited about it.

So let’s get ready to go.
If i can do this folks somebody’s going to have to teach this class, but he needs to learn yeah, you know what i mean.

I got it saying it’s an idea, bam all right! Here we go folks.
I am live folks.
I am live right now on facebook, linkedin everywhere i got the whole think tank with me on here, getting crazy with it.

I got lou the car guy and i’m freelance the subprime hero, and this is linkedin stories, come make your own folks keep growing and keep showing, and let’s do this – let’s grow car guys and car gals.
All of you, solutionaries out there check this out.

We are right now in the cafe, with a great group of solutionaries that jumped out of the think tank and to get decaffeinated with the coral guy and the subprime hero.

We are excited to be doing life together with these incredible solutionaries and you can use you hear me speaking like a 15 year old guys.
Are you guys excited tonight? I don’t know i’m starting to sweat.

This is sick, hey linkedin is getting real, i’m not getting it.

You have to hold the button down to record yeah, so you hold, you hold the button down until you’re done.
It’s it’s going to give you probably a 30 second reel, and but you can keep holding it.
It’ll just be like two like two stories: okay, it’s very similar to instagram.

If any of you guys are familiar with instagram at all instagram stories.
The facebook has stories too it’s kind of like everything now so, oh what i like about, i do mine all on instagram, because they’ll share it on facebook for you, so i don’t have to do it twice.
So i’m wondering if there’s a way to link it up with the linkedin to where i could do it on one and it spreads all the way across.

That would be really easy.
That would be a lot less work.
I’ve been, i try to keep it simple and keep it real like i thought it looks like looking at it this way through stream yard.

It looks like you’re able to do it yeah we’re doing it it’s happening, but yeah.
I saw it this morning like maybe this morning i got my i got on linkedin and i was like what is this at the top.
I was like.

Oh it’s linkedin stories they done messed up now.

I done made a video.
My video was the next person to do it that i saw because you know: what’s crazy, is the way they rolled it out.

I don’t know what they’re, what what’s crazy is the way they rolled it out.
Not everybody got it right.
A lot of people are weird: you got to be a baller, you know what i’m saying you got to be brewing solutions.

You have to be uh talking to smart, you got to be a solution, so let’s go ahead and be the solutions that we are and let’s talk about some great news.
Well, let’s, let’s do that, but and when you guys do the great i want each one of y’all.
If you don’t mind to give us something great, that’s going on in your life right now, but when you do introduce yourself to the to the facebook nation to linkedin nation, to youtube nation, let them know who you are, what you do for a living: how to Get a hold of you and then drop us some great news.

I want people to know who you guys are, so they can figure it out so that linkedin can know why you need to be live too.
That’s right and go ready all right, so we’re gon na go ahead and get it going with my man all right here we go no pressure, uh excited because we bring value.
You know the whole mission statement behind our company is we bring value to dealerships right and we’re excited, because we have a lot of positive energy, a lot of new dealerships partnering up with us and just a lot of fun, uh, just energy energy.

Right now i mean it’s just exciting.

That’s really awesome! Congratulations on that! Michael just so you guys know michael’s he’s an up and coming roger star you’re ready for him.
Everyone, clap on the great news yeah all right! That’s awesome news! Folks, keep it going, keep it going mike.

This is what you got.
You got to pass that rock.
Now you passed the roster.

Hmm, that’s going to think derek.
It’s like , yeah, that’s good man! I i feel, like i’m looking at the brady bunch right now.

That was yeah part of that.

If we could do one of those one day, maybe look down and yeah everybody, we can do it later, maybe anyways uh.
What’s up my name is derek.
I’m the founder of think ad group.

I have the best team in the world that and i would be nothing without the team that i have big shout out to my boy, justin searle, you guys all know justin searle big, shout out to evelyn evelyn um kelly.
Everybody knows evelyn big, shout out to josh riemer big, shout out to my boy, stephen laranaga um.
We are a company who specializes in taking uh dealerships or or databases of unsold leads and past customers and we convert them into living, breathing opportunities and um.

Our motto at our company is basically, why buy more leads and find you low-lying fruit directly in all of your old leads that you have so um we’re also a proud sponsor of cargo coffee, and i love everybody on here so um.
Thank you very much.

[ Applause, ] and hey: is that hat like custom or is that a sticker on there? Because that’s cool this i made very quickly um, because let me find them where they’re at i oh right here, so i made it real quick, but we um.
We have some really cool stuff that we’re dropping this week for the and we got special packages coming out.
So we made a little think ad group because people might be biting the swag, so we had to throw that authentic swag out there, [ Applause ] over my main man right hand.

Man, mr justin squirrel girl, what’s happening car gals.
What’s going on, tell us some great news, introduce yourself and tell us some great news.
My friend, i’m justin with think ad group.

I’m excited we’ve had a big week.
We’ve been busy uh we’ve expanded into canada that oh that’s new last week, um we’re taking this thing worldwide and um.
We just continue.

Building this brand and uh.
Making things happen.
Josh has done some great things for us.

Just the first couple weeks been on.
We’re excited to have him on board and uh.
We’re excited we’re we’re heading in the right direction.

Yes, that is some great news.
I think that group is going big places, folks watch out either jump in with them, or sit back and watch if you’re sitting back and watching you’re going to be amazed by it all man – i am, i love you guys, i think, you’re doing a great job.

You and you and derek, are great ambassadors of your company.

Obviously it’s derek founded.
It he’s doing his thing and you came in, but you just you’ve definitely helped elevate the game man, so i know that he he appreciates you, i i know he he does, but i mean you guys you’re like his brother now and so it’s really cool to See you two do what you’re doing.

I love your videos you’re putting out there.

I love the one you did with evelyn, where you’re like at the end you’re like so we don’t get to spend enough time together.

So we’re going to do this.

That was, it was pretty cool man, so i love that i love.
I love the growth and evelyn too she’s doing some really awesome stuff.

Your personality is perfect.

People yeah bring in their value, as michael osmond would say exactly that mic folks.
I want to make sure that you understand what’s happening here, because when i’m telling you that something has been a spill over from the think tank, these are the people that have actually been brewing.

All of that up before we even got in the room tonight together and they’re actually doing is something that’s beyond just what you’re kind of seeing inside of social media or maybe you’re, seeing the solution for your store or your business.

What they’re doing is they’re fusing together relationships, no doubt they’re helping to build relationships that, in the end, bring revenue to everybody, so the relationship that is together with yes, absolutely they’re, building relationships with car guy coffee they’re definitely pouring into us, but they pour into each Other from across the country, folks, just like we all, are doing right now, the team that is uh.
These two solutionaries then connected us with the solutionary that is represented by the elite f, and i right here right here in the room right now.
Michael is right here with us right now, because we got connected to him in the think tank yeah.

We really built a relationship inside of that area right but together we are all blending together.
This incredible brew that is solutionary serum for those that are trying to find inside of the heart.
I like it something to do something great in their business and it’s something that we honor and we appreciate, and all of you could use so i’m not just trying to hype them up, because this is a fun show.

I really mean what we’re saying.
We really mean what we’re saying: we really mean that they’re great at what they do, but if you want people that are going to be passionate about your business, for you to team up with these are the people that are going to do that with no doubt.
These are the people that are going to worry about what it is that you worry about and make sure to crush the things that you feel as though we’re stopping you from being successful right.

I just wanted to throw that out there.

He just wanted to give you guys a quick five-minute synapses, that’s it from there.
I love it.

I had to say you know sorry go ahead, real, quick! The truth is like we’re all stronger together and i think, all of us that’s right period.
Conversations and private meetings and like figured out how we can work together and bring you know different things to our businesses and dealerships all like as a team, and it’s it’s really exciting nice.
It is very exciting and i and i want to thank you guys, like you said you know, i i’m i’m just going to say thank you and then he told you guys the other thing so things that being said, justice.

Who are you passing that might? Oh i’m gon na go to alex my boy alex alex.
What’s happening, alex own dealerships.
Alex brings the value, hey guys.

What’s up man, you probably would have fired me too, but i’m here yeah.
So my name is alex um.
I work with oems and dealers.

We help maximize their um overall profits in regards to fixed and variable operations.
We do it with coaching and big data analytics and proven strategies, so we’ve been working.

You know for quite a bit of time on this and we’re introducing some new apps recently and i got ta get involved with this think tank um michael brought me in and i got ta tell you super supportive talk about strength with you know.
Groups i mean everybody in this group is just amazing.
I got ta tell you and you know i.

I talk it up to anybody that i can, because you know the people that i’ve met, and i got ta tell you just in business alone, for getting friendships already to have started.

I’ve already hooked up with multiple people and good things are happening from it.
So it’s just been, you know talking about what you have.

You know thankful for i’m thankful for getting in this group and now into this into the brew.

So thanks for having me man, that is some great news.
Everybody now alex man you’re awesome brother.

I love your energy too.

You keep doing your thing if you ever need help with anything you can reach out to all of us.
You know that already um yeah but yeah man, you’re you’re there – man – and i appreciate you being here tonight and jumping on this live man.

It means a lot because a lot of people won’t do this.
A lot of people are scared to put themselves out on a live thing, or something like that.
Dude just so being on.

This right now means a lot, and it should mean a lot to you.
I’m not sure if you do a lot of live events or if you’ve been um put yourself out there, but man you sound like you’re happy though you’re [ __ ] done.
I really appreciate it.

That’s awesome.
We appreciate you being here tonight in the cafe my friend yeah, so welcome.
Welcome! Do it sexy and there’s your great news all right and we’re done all right, good night introduce yourself my friend introduce yourself, hey guys.

We will we might slow that down because we’re now we’re going to have that, so we might go ahead.

That’ll be our intro video, i’m about to say you got to get that for the intro [ Laughter ], the new in version 2 version 2.

You already know it’s going to be on one of the clap michael and he is the brew and i love it.

Yes, no! Here’s! The brew! Yeah uh! That’s going to be an all-nighter party for one party for a thousand.

Let’s go hey mike larkin here: you’re one stop digital marketer! We do all of your um digital marketing needs from um reputation marketing.
So it can increase your business by 19.

I’ll show you what i’m talking about.
If you connect with me um and we do traffic with big data, that is blowing my mind um and we do uh funnels social media, it’s all insane, but we were talking about value and your.
Why and it’s so important, um my.

Why is my logo and my logo is from my late father? He was more irish than the irish and this is an irish symbol.

It means we love what we’re able to do: we’re loyal to our um clients and and also our staff uh, and we strive to um.
You know, establish lifelong friendships every single day.

That’s what we do.
Well, that’s what we’re all about um and um.
I love this group.

I love the think tank um because you know um when this kovids first started um.
I was looking for to pivot.
How am i gon na pivot and i was had into my mind – i’m not interested in nothing but a win-win-win scenario.

What does that mean and we’re flushing it out with this group so um? If you want to understand whether, when scenario is reach out uh, i’m passing the mic to um, let’s see whoever got it before you pass it before you post.
I got to give you the clap man, yes, hey, michael before we do before you do pass it.
I do want to let you know man that everything you just said about.

Your company is exactly how i would describe you.
You are an amazing person.
Man, you have a huge heart, you do some.

You do some amazing stuff that you don’t even have to do, but you just do it because you want to do it and – and i can tell you that that that speaks about you so much more than you could ever imagine if you, when you just keep Doing what you’re doing – and i promise you huge things in your future man – i love you and i appreciate you.
You know what that makes him just like all these other solutions.

What’s that it makes him 100 car guy coffee approved.

That’s right.
Car guy approved sure that you are right there.

My friends, you are car.

Guy coffee stamp is on 100.

You guys are going to make me emotional.
I finally made it all right pass that mic.

My friend pass that mic.
Oh i’m gon na.
Do it to sean man, because that lid he’s got on his on his profile? I love that lid dude awesome.

Let me get them on here.
What’s up brother welcome, welcome! Welcome! I can’t hear you no vocal.
I cannot hear you.

Oh, we can’t hear you.

We can’t hear you uh check on your mic.
If you’re, if you’re it doesn’t say, you’re, muted, okay, now you’re back hello, can you hear us? I know you hear us , oh dude, you got the sign language, it man, so sean says he’s blind, but he can see now and that his right hand is his strong hand and he loves to laugh folks time out.

First down [ Laughter, ] man, sometimes sometimes but hey, he says backside of his hands and his fingernails are clean.
So no problem here he’s a office worker.

Let’s check this moment, while he figures out his sound and we just let you know that this brew has been brought to you by ad group.

What’s the second time this has happened to you, you can get information by going to group.
com, that’s right and checking out what those solutionaries are brewing for you also we’ll get you some information from one of our newest and truest what elite f and i posters and Mike hoffman has some of that are inside of your processes, your people, yes and your products, hello.
If you want some marcus, if you want side of your store and the mental capacity that can be poured into what it is that you have and need a solution for mike is the man for you.

He has the information you’re going to need to get because everyone wants to be like my everybody wants to be like mike.
I want to be.
I want to be like mike.

That’s right, michael’s even doing these things with their masks all right, so is he back car guys and car gals we’re back to sean? Did you have my shoulder? Can you hear me? I just have this luck.
Last time i happened on the think group.

So thanks for having me guys, um yeah, so what good news for me! I can’t totally share it, but uh right now i’ve been playing the role of mr mom, so i’ve been doing that for a while.

I definitely have to say for now on whenever i’m in a position to hire anyone – and they tell me directly – they’re gon na stay at home, parrot they’re, probably hired on the spot – um, not an easy job anyway, so um.
So my good news is, i have something in the pipeline that looks like that.
Will help me transition out of being mr mom and back into the workforce.

Soon we can do to help you, man, yeah.
I appreciate it and you guys have already done enough helping me, keep my sanity by being able to talk to people older than the age of six, so good man, oh wow man, car guys.
Listen you hear this guy.

You hear this guy just pouring out great stuff into the wee hours of the night.
With all these other solutions.

Listen up, listen up! Folks, there’s more great news.

If you go looking for it, i don’t know what it is that got you here tonight: the people that might be on the live right now, maybe the people that are on the live right now: okay, it’s okay! What i want you all to know is that if you keep looking for the light, you’re gon na find it that’s there, it’s everywhere man using your old noodle, just think and thinking about the solutions that you can be brewing.
I’m telling you folks, the world is gon na glow in a whole different way because of your approach to seeking out answers rather than settling for what sucks.
Okay, i don’t know if anybody needs to write that down or if anybody even understands what i’m saying.

Let’s go back and this stuff is live, so you can always go back and re-watch this and hear what he just said, because you might have to listen to it twice, but it makes sense.

It makes a lot of sense depending on what you drink.
He just he speaks in tongues sometimes, but you know with that being said.

Folks, we have one person left two go ahead and announce yourself, my friend, i’m gon na pull you up where’s he at.
Let me pull him right here.
Come on, i’m trying to drag it.

there it is.
It should happen right about technical difficulties, one more time: okay, hey guys, i’m mike uh, hey thanks for hanging out, i’m mike with and uh.
I appreciate you having me on i’m uh, i’m a ride designer so by trade.

I create killer experiences for people who, who needs very specific needs when they’re trying, when they’re being transferred to a business meeting or an airport um it’s concierge as well as personal touches to make the ride uh uni more unique than anywhere in the country.

Right awesome, bro, bro, bro, bro.
That’s why i like it welcome to the cafe my friend we appreciate being here.

They always the old saying is last is best that’s right, so the last one to come up was the best one to come up.

We appreciate you man, my friend, i used to say that every time i came in last, you know, but it’s real, it’s all about.
What’s in your head folks, you know, we all know this.

We all know that everything in life has to do with your mentality.
It has to do with how you think about things oops.
Let me turn that off.

I got some crazy stuff going on in the background, but it really does it has to do with how you believe in what you believe if you believe that you’re a loser you’re going to be a loser, if you believe you’re a winner, you are a winner.
If you believe that you have a future you’re going to have that future, but you know there’s work involved, but you have to believe first.
The first thing is a belief.

The first thing is knowing that you can do it and man, i’m so glad to be surrounded by a lot of people that make me feel that way.
You know i i believe in it myself, but you guys truly make me feel that way, and i hope you guys are having a good time.

You guys definitely made this night a lot more fun than we’ve had in a long time on.

One of these shows so thank you for being here each one of you guys adds so much value to not just your businesses and that you guys are adding so much to the world.

You know, and ultimately us as human beings, if there’s anything that we all need to do, is leave this planet better than we came on it, and i and i believe that each one of you guys are going to do that.
So i’m so honored to be at this brady bunch meeting with you guys and and having this man, i’m glad you guys came on.

I really appreciate the support from the think tank, for you know you guys coming on right afterwards and doing this with us man.
It means a lot um.
This is really cool each one of you guys are always welcome if you guys ever need anything from us just holler at us.

You know the deal, i’m always there.
If i don’t answer i’ll call back very soon, but um, no man is there anything you guys want to throw in or any questions you guys have for us.
Maybe, while we’re here drop some light, my big thing i got one for you, yeah, you know getting in front of the camera.

We’ve talked about it in the past.
You know you guys are a catalyst.
I want to give you guys credit for that.

You guys have inspired me to kind of get in front of the camera and do a little bit, and i know that it’s true a lot of the guys in the think tank.
So you know hats off to you guys.
You guys are awesome.

Thank you that that that’s true man and i i got ta say that you know as bad as this year has been.
I believe more good for me.
Speaking on behalf of myself and even probably justin and evelyn.

More goodies came out of this year that overweight, the bad of everything you think i mean i’m speaking on a personal level, not thinking about people that may have had tragedies and things happen.
But great relationships came out of this.
We met so many great people and it all honestly started with the car guy podcast man.

We you you uh, allowed us to be on your show, and you interviewed us and uh very early on in, like march or april and and um.
I looked back at the picture when i looked back then, and i’m super embarrassed, my girlfriend saw it and it was like what the heck, what happened to it, but anyways um it um was a big eye opener for all of us, but uh.
I appreciate you guys so much and um.

You know i i can’t say the think tank is responsible from us or or justin or or anybody’s idea.
It’s all of us as a whole, collaborating together and supporting each other and um.
It’s a great great thing.

That’s happened and i i can’t say how much i appreciate all you guys.
So thank you guys appreciate it.
We appreciate you man and honor, and you and you hit that right.

You know this year.
It can be thought of a lot of different ways.
You know it’s it’s tragic about a lot of things that are happening, we’re here right, south of louisville kentucky where this whole y’all know briana brianna, taylor.

I’ve been thinking about you guys this whole time and i never wanted to bring it up.
You know but yeah no, and you know it’s tough, to bring up.
You know, that’s not what we do here.

We’re not politics, people we’re not that.
But you know we are human beings and it’s tragic.
It’s sad what’s going on, and but i believe that this world is changing, you know so as crazy as this place.

This world has been as much as coronavirus has really it felt like it shut so much stuff down.

There was so much opportunity for other growth, and we talked about this at the very beginning of it when we interviewed you guys when we did all this stuff, as we’ve been talking on the think tank, it’s it’s it’s.
It’s not saying that take advantage of a bad bad situation and try to make something from it, but it’s just take just take advantage of every situation that you have in life to grow, to be better to learn more, and here we had so much time to Be at home and learn how to use social media more, how to use zoom meetings, how to do stream yard like we’re currently using right now, um, there’s so many things that i learned that i wouldn’t have been able to like.

We were our whole plan at the beginning of the podcast was to interview people in perth.

I didn’t plan on doing this right, but this turned into an amazing thing.
For us, we’ve been able to reach out talk to people like the think tank.

Michael everybody.
That’s in this right now with us.
Currently, thank you.

You know glenn lundy, uh rudy, you know jason garris, amazing, guest, jason garros is still going to hold down the longest interview of all time.
I think so.
Mister compares himself mr five hours, our first interview with him, but guess what man.

It was an amazing amazing, five hours that i spent with the guy getting to know him him getting to know us getting really to know.
What’s really what’s up and we’re still we’re.
I think we all are still on our toes with jason, and we love that about him.

He’s an amazing person he’s got such personality and his mind works like a genius.
It’s constantly thinking of all kinds of stuff to do yeah, so we’re very fortunate to have him in our lives.

You know and it the conversations he has.

We, i think each one of us has laughed that had fun listening to just like where’s.
He going with it and then at the end it always leads to something that you figure out like oh my gosh, that is actually profound.
So it’s like we’re very honored to have that guy, like that, so like having these interviews, i would have never had these opportunities.

If coronavirus, i wouldn’t even thought to do it.
I would have just kept doing like an interview here, an interview there try to go hit up a like a dealer conference and maybe maybe hopefully meet somebody there.
You know that i can maybe interview that would be really cool, but it turned out so much more.

You know it turned out what we all thought were: people that weren’t somebody that you mentioned.
Oh jason, is here.
Let me jump jason in he’s right.

There all right see him he’s right there come over here.
I don’t know how to do it.
There we go, but you know so.

This has been an amazing thing for us.
I think that one of you guys, if any of you guys, are inspired to do something similar to what lou and i are doing – that’s anybody watching too just reach out man.
I i love, i don’t mind i’ll, tell you everything, there’s no secrets to what we’re doing here.

This is just us, the difference between us and most people who already know how to do this is that we do it every day.

We’re not stopping we’re consistent, we’re going to be in your face whether you like it or not.
You know, there’s a lot of people out there that do it for like a week they quit yeah.

I got a daily coffee habit, no doubt so! That’s what’s getting consumed, that’s what’s getting brewed! That’s cooking in my kitchen is a solutions room for contagious confidence that i can spill all over the entire nation and let people know it ain’t nothing! Going to stop me from getting my heart beating about.
What’s great ain’t! Nothing stop me.
Jason garris is in the building.

He also has another persona which is like.
Don’t you tell anybody, welcome jason, give us some great news, jason on this legendary coffee there he is how you doing.

Can you guys hear me at all? Oh yeah a whole lot.

Ah, can you guys hear me at all? Yes, sir yeah we can hear.
Can you hear me, is this thing on yes, oh excellent, um, i’m uh, i’m honored uh that you guys what you guys said uh tonight and um uh, and i’m very grateful to all of you, um for uh being a friend on linkedin uh for um.

Your knowledge uh your um, your willingness to listen uh to somebody that talks too much um that that uh um and you know i know that that a lot of times when i’m, when i get done talking, people want to hang themselves um, but at the end Of the day, i i hope that they i i hope i i hope that um, when i’m done talking before they do hang themselves that they stop for a minute and think about what i said so uh that said uh tonight i i’d like to say uh.

You ask everybody um how the week went um so uh.
I got something to reveal that this week that uh we are taking an excel and um.
We have um decided to uh.

We are going to be spending a lot of money in time, uh in the next month and a half two months.
Uh next sale is coming out with version three, and it is coming out with an unbelievable platform that will be able to tack into the dms systems.
All of them uh we’ll be able to um we’ll be able to do a lot of different live features.

Um we’ll be able to do so many different things, a lot more accountability, uh many many more things and and what i’ve been doing for two months uh.
What you guys all don’t know is that i’ve been um listening to everybody on linkedin other than yourself finding out what people need, what they have to have uh.
What’s going on uh the laws, the compliance um and i’m ready to launch it in in about nine weeks, from now to 12 weeks, uh next sale version three will be out and be compatible to every platform.

Uh, that’s out um.
So that’s my exciting news for the week: um yo um.
That said, that’s what i’ve been.

I’ve been working on next sale for um for four or five years now, i believe in accountability, uh everybody talks about accountability and it’s uh accountability.
It’s like uh! You know everyone talks a big game about it, uh you know uh what they’re all doing, but i really know what they’re all doing.

I want to thank uh.

A gentleman mike mcmahon, uh he’s on there tonight.
Mike has actually uh spent time with him today.
Uh, unbelievable um, you know he’s on the software he’s uh flying out to come.

See me uh, he’s flying out from iowa to come out to new york to my home and uh spend a couple days with me because he’s excited about what well yeah.
So that said, you know, and you guys all know, i’m coming out to you very soon: uh uh, fred and lou, and you guys know that i’m coming, but at the end of the day, um uh there’s a lot of money in software and there’s a lot Of um, you know, there’s a lot of evolving uh in software and um it it involves, it evolves, and – and so we all have to evolve, um and so fast as software evolves.

These phones literally become outdated within you know, within a month or two, you already hear about a new phone coming out and um it’s funny, because if we don’t evolve and grow together and learn what we’re what’s coming uh, i mean look: how excited you are about.

Linkedin live tonight, you’re on linkedin live and that’s a big accomplishment uh and that’s huge right, huge and uh.
This is a legendary night, a legendary night, and so – and so this is like a moment where you guys say: oh, my god, i can finally talk to the world and um it’s a great day uh for all of you, guys that are out here.

You all got businesses you’re all trying to do the best you can uh.

You know and like i said you grow together, you grow stronger together and um and learn from each other and um and – and really i guess, all i can say is love each other and um, because at the end of the day our clocks are ticking and Uh and we’re not promised tomorrow so um that said uh, you know next sale version three is coming out uh.
My other app next review version.
Three is coming out: two apps uh coming uh, it’s unbelievable! What’s coming and if you, if you wan na, know something it is absolutely if i say it’s unbelievable, i i thought nextel was great uh, that’s a great platform, but what’s coming is unbelievable and i’m excited about it and uh.

That’s it! That’s it.
What you are witnessing is history.
There is a lot that’s going on just inside of our world right now, all of us still connecting right here inside of a live on all these social media platforms, showing you what could happen when you diligently seek out the light when you diligently seek out solutions And when you diligently seek out people to build relationships with that, you can do great things inside of your business and like we get so passionate about it, and maybe i talk a lot about the mushy gushy inner parts of it that that make you understand.

What’s ticking, what’s moving, but that’s what this culture is about.

We are trying to make sure that we are waking up the sleeping giant, that’s inside of each and every one of you, jason garris is a great mentor and friend, and what he has a master full power to do is put a magnifying glass on what it Is that’s great and deep inside of you and show you what it looks like when it’s amplified through the lens of the social media powerhouse that can literally put your game on sizzle? That can put you on explosion mode, and i don’t have enough words to articulate what could happen if you just believe that there is success and greatness inside of you.

That needs to find its way out.

So we got ta pour some coffee on it.
We got ta pour some water on it.
Whatever it is, we are gon na fertilize.

We are going to make sure that we get thank you even if it gets fermented to where it makes your head change just a little bit, so that you can get focused enough to dance your way to having fun inside a life and business.

When you think about what you’re doing and you promote yourself to being elite with partners like these inside of the cafe car guys and cars right, that are like this right that are like this with the heart that heart.
I love that i love your logo by the way.

Michael, that’s pretty cool everybody gets it.

I think i’ve seen that on a ring before right is that, like the love ring, everybody put your hearts up for mike i’m getting a little bit.

Sweaty and man we’ve been having a great time with these solutionaries that i’m sure want to get rid of the next day.

This has been a short live standard.
It’s only been our standards for our standards.
Yeah, look at how many people are in the cafe.

Thank you guys for joining us tonight.
Folks, oh you’re, out there great time.
Don’t forget this! This brew was brought to you by the think ad group go ahead, bring yourself elite www.

com, make sure you go check them out.

They are hot, rising company that can solve your needs.

Let’s go beautiful.
I appreciate every one of you guys and also, don’t always don’t forget next sale.
Next, app 2.

Let’s go 3.
0 thanks guys! Yeah! That’s right! We appreciate you guys.
Everyone have a great night, get some rest, we’ll see you all soon, all right take care guys.

Peace out.
Thank you very much put your mugs in the air wave them side to side ain’t, nothing left in mind.
I got one: let’s drop a little and we’re out before we go go ahead.

You guys see y’all later , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , so , [, Laughter, ], wow, , , [ Applause, ], .
Thank you! So much.
Hopefully, you had some fun with all the great solutions that were in the room, jason just jumped into the building uh just a few moments ago.

I think we were trying to get him on for a while.
We didn’t even see him at the bottom of the screen.
We got michael larkin who’s, a master swordsman when it comes to social media awesomeness, and we’re just excited to have so many great friends.

Again, we’ve had a great time doing it.
What it is that we’re doing, but a big piece of the puzzle that we’re trying to make sure that we uh – let you all know, is that there’s a great array of things that you can use to build your business.
True data through solutions, the key piece of it is finding something that’s consistent, finding something that’s consistently applying um a message out there, your met, it doesn’t need to be this necessarily the same video every day.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be the same uh text every day.
It doesn’t necessarily need to be a picture every day, but putting a mix of things out there.

Your message in many different formats is: what’s going to get out there when you think of coca-cola, you see it on a billboard.

You see it on a sign.
You see it on a cup, you see it on a on the back of a truck.

You see it everywhere.

You see the your brand all over the place, so make sure that you are putting a massive amount of effort in staying consistent and it’s okay to get creative yeah.
That’s! Okay! Don’t worry about messing up folks! I tell you.
I mess up every single day.

My brews are not perfect.
Nothing i do is perfect.
I do that on purpose, because i don’t want it to be.

I went live and do those now, because i want them.
I want to have that edge on me.
I wanted to stumble, through my words a little bit because the people who are looking too perfect out there come on man.

We know it’s fake, it’s not real, there’s, no, genuine feeling in that be real with people.
Even if you mess up it’s okay, people want to see you mess up because they want to feel like it’s okay for them to mess up.

I could assure you of that, because it definitely encourages me when i see other people do that.

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