Doesn’t mean hello, hey, oh and we live hey, yo, hello, folks, what’s going on for leonard subprime here, i’m here with my homeboy lou ramirez, the car guy.

That’s, what’s up hope you guys are having a good one.
We are brewing solutions good evening.
How are you thank you so much for coming and joining us as you get ready to uh absolutely seize the week.

Uh so excited so so so excited to talk about the big things that are going on and the big things that uh just got done happening.
This last week, i’m sure a lot of you have a lot of great victories.

We want to hear about them.

We want to smile with you all.

This brew has been brought by think ad group and you can get information by going to think ad group.
com uh.

We are excited to have some fun tonight.
Are you guys you excited dude, i’m always guys excited, i’m so excited.
I’m excited.

You cannot hide just want to talk about people that are cgc approved, yep put it on there.
There went , [ Applause, ], , ah .
What’s going on car guys, car gals welcome back to the car guy coffee podcast, so excited to be hanging out here with my brother fred, having a great brew of solutions as we get ready to enjoy an entire week of uh just celebrating success again, uh.

Remember folks, uh some days are gon na be uh filled with touchdowns some days.
They’re gon na be filled with a bunch of first downs down.
Speaking of touchdowns of first downs, speaking of touchdowns and first answers come on folks, it’s been officially it’s a football season.

It is it it’s happening.
I know it’s a little.
A lot of you was like breathing again, it’s like it’s a little bit of normalcy.

You know it.
It feels really good.
It was like a it’s like a it brings in the fall a little bit.

The cooler, the cool down – it’s not so hot on you anymore, though i do love the heat, i’m a summer person guys, but i do love football season and there’s something about seeing that pig skin get thrown through the air um.
Seeing people get hit, people here and family just yell at the team.
Oh man, that’s different.

It’s been a while, since you’ve had people yell at the television as much as they have over this day, i guarantee it.
The decibel levels in many houses have gone up.
A lot um and a lot of them in victory right, uh, it’s it’s exciting uh.

For so many people i mean it’s, it’s definitely a uh, a game changer! No, i’m glad, i’m glad that it’s happening right now, because it’s it’s something that we all need.
We all need some kind of thing.
That’s what’s supposed to be happening right, so the good things man so glad that that happened.

The first down right.
So, yes, you need those things you need those you got ta have them um.
My my brother got to uh uh celebrate my niece’s birthday.

Anastasia uh got uh things going on out there in california, um and uh, so so thankful to uh celebrate some great things.

Uh happening out there uh let the joy of a child’s heart uh to uh.
Look at the whole world inside a wonder: uh, absolutely overtake uh, like a cloud of smoke over uh california.

Let there be a cloud of joy that uh starts to raise up an entirely uh new culture of a fun passion and childlike wonder: uh like the way that uh california was designed to be right.
So many people went travel to california.
You know what i mean with these great hopes, these great joys and these great missions and visions.

People still do it today in culture, um and uh right now, there’s a lot going on uh in northern california, especially so many people are in need, um.
If you uh know of a way to help people out there, please share that around uh make sure that that you are or are reaching out to those that you can help um there’s a lot going on, but we do hope that uh, you all find a Way to be lights inside of the dark places, but i do hope that joy, like a cloud um surrounds that entire state uh in celebrating you know just like anastasia um, it’s it’s uh! It’s exciting uh right now to talk about the things that we have going on this week, because we got a whole new brew of homegrown, uh, brews and beans.
For you right, it’s remix, it’s a remix of of a few different people’s episodes.

You know we’re gon na have um man, speaking of homegrown, somebody just jumped on this homegrown joe turner, yeah he’s another kentucky car guy man.

So you know our current brew right now we have going on is our homegrown series and on our homegrown series, we’ve had some local guys, especially you know, hardin county jefferson, county area um we put on here and also somebody that used to work where joe is Currently, working over at dan cummings right, so we have glenn lundy right, so we have some pieces that we’re going to be putting out this week.

It’s going to be a little bit of glenn.

It’s going to be a little bit of jake.
It’s going to be a little bit of chef chef, sean chef, shawn, jefferson, arts is going to make a little, maybe a little flow into the mix.
My brother and i are a little bit too it’s gon na, be it’s gon na be good.

We got a whole lot, uh brew out there, folks you’re gon na get a definitely a good variety of great car car, guys that are of a single origin, bluegrass state and uh.
We’re excited to uh to be sharing that stuff out there with you all uh man.
There are so many great car guys that are local.

I mean really.
We could spend an entire show uh just getting through half of them, just by name and they’ve been able to disperse this.

If you don’t know much about this area, we are a transit.

We were always considered a transit town right because we were a military military base.

The second largest military base in the army was fort knox, and there was so many families coming and going um in and out of this area, and so great car guys would would get developed here shoot out.

You know a lot of people that would host big sale events that would also show up where there are big military bases um.

So that was a big thing here, and many car guys started to brew in this region, but ultimately we also make some thoroughbreds.
This is equestrian land.
We got some real horses around these parts, oh yeah, all kinds of car, guys with horsepower.

You know what i’m saying you know what i’m saying.
I know what you’re saying so, of course here absolutely well with that uh.
We are just excited to be talking about them this week, um but uh.

One of them is going to be the 800 club uh creator himself, who did that here in a little place called perrick in paris kentucky right uh, where they just recently put a super walmart like not long ago, okay, um and – and if you really don’t understand This area too much that’s a big deal for the economy.
Uh in these areas, you drop a walmart boom.
The whole place explodes open um without with some business, but it’s the only thing that that really is there that i know of um and dan cummins uh.

An incredible establishment um that glenn was great in building up that’s here in kentucky as well right by the castle, not not far.
I mean i guess you got ta pass the castle to get there a little bit far away.
You got ta pass the castle.

You do you don’t have to you know you see this, you don’t have to go.
You don’t have to go by the castle to get there, but you can go by the castle to get there.
Let’s put it that way.

It’s just all because it’s outside perry is like over here castle is like over here.

You have to kind of go through here to get to here, but you can go or you can go to here to get there or you can go around here to get to here and everywhere to get to there.
Let’s see what whoa all right, i said: that’s my hometown! That’s where i am uh, that’s awesome, joe! So uh, that’s i mean just more great stuff.

I mean we.
We brew great coffee.
You know, because of some great car guys it’s exciting uh we are.

We are so uh honored to be where it is that we’re from i’m, of course, a native new yorker, but my but my roots, um kentucky uh bluegrass.
You know what i mean.
This is where i cut my teeth as a green, pea and uh.

So uh thankful for the for the life that you know.
I’ve been able to have just by being connected to some great people.

That’s 30 years holy cannoli, 30 wow.

That’s that’s a long time.
My friend and, of course we have kendrick kendrick.
What’s up brother you’re gon na move to london in may 2026.

dude you, you need a fig.
You need to stick to one plan, my friend yeah.
Where are you going man? I love it.

You love her you’re like when i go all over the world.
Like a world traveler, that’s my man, marissa thomas.
What are you a world? Traveler traveler traveler how’s, your chinese how’s, the chinese anyways more, like rosie perez, no billy billy.

I want sprue billy [ Laughter, ], all right, so i want some water thirsty, i’m thirsty! I don’t want you to get me water, oh okay, hello, hello, back back to the show car guys and cargos uh.

We are talking about some some fun cultural things that are happening um or that have happened inside of our past right, so kind of.
Let’s correlate that to what’s happening culturally right now, um, i mean we’re seeing not until you do the three f.

So, oh, my goodness, not until we do the three years absolutely right.
We need to make sure that we lie uh.
The formula to making sure that you do keep growing um is that you do not carry the weight of unforgiveness of doubt of of worry of of anything that stops you from being lifted up uh, you don’t carry that weight because you are destined and made to Fly so you make sure that you forgive then, once your hands are freed up of the weight of unforgiveness, you can then prepare yourself to put on the blinders to where it is that you can focus on the things that you are designed to focus on right.

Boom focus focus because we know that it’s really really really important.
What it is that you focus on, because what you focus on is where it is that you’re going to go.

You all know that you read a lot of books from a lot of people that are way smarter than me.

I promise you that, but focus on where it is that you want to go.
What you put in is what’s going to come out, what you want to look at is where you’re going to go.
Then you fly, you are then engaged in a height advancement above the limitations of this world lifted up by what it is that you cannot even see the air gets.

You suspended above all of the troubles of this earth and then you just keep growing and keep growing growing, growing, growing, growing, growing and going and growing and glowing and glowing and going and growing and going going we’re glowing we’re growing great job.
But it was uh guys, that’s really all that has to happen.
When you do these three f’s.

Okay, forgive focus.
It’s too easy.
You can do it.

One-Handed forget focus, fly too easy.
You can sit on the dance floor.
I mean guys, i’m telling you if you’re the guy, that just doesn’t dance when you go out, you can hold your drink.

You know you can do is forget, focus fly forget it focus blah.
What fucking like? What are you doing? Oh girl, you don’t know, that’s that freaking focus fly.

Just what you remember.

You don’t know dude you don’t know i’ll, forgive focus.
No, you can.
You can actually do that if you really have swag but that’s a whole conversation, but you guys ready to roll with me here we go on three one.

Two three forgive focus fly and keep growing, keep growing, keep growing, yo, that’s right, i’m so so so so pumped to get out uh there.
This week we got some cool things that are happening um in the cafe.

Yes, folks, the coffee is almost ready for you.

Soon, there’s gon na be a special brew serious.
I can’t wait for that.
Either man, that’s gon na, be really awesome and um.

There’s a lot of little things like ideas, become things right and we’ve had all these ideas and now they’re starting to become thing.
So all this stuff, just like start building up so i’m gon na, have another idea.
My idea is hmm talking about who it is that brought us this brew and it is the think group.

That’s right.
You can get information by going to think ad group.

There are some serious solutionaries um that have connected us to a whole lot of other great great people that we were able to meet inside of the think tank.
If you do not know what the think tank is, it is a tank filled with great thinkers.

That’s what it is um and – and we we get in there and we talk about the ideas and the thoughts and some of the best practices that we’ve been having inside of our business.
Now, yeah we’re not all in the same business.
No, and some of us are some of us – are in competing businesses.

Some of us have similar businesses, but we all get in there and we actually just brew solutions.
You know they come up with different thoughts, but in with a joyful spirit, everybody comes in there with a joyful heart, excited and motivated to uplift, everybody um and bring something good into the think tank.
It’s always a great news meeting and that’s what i love most about it is that it’s a great news meeting it is.

It is always churning up the happiness um that that we have in approaching our businesses every day and the appreciation we have for the people that we’re doing it with um virtually and uh physically right.
So um, it’s it’s just a great atmosphere.
You should look into going to that.

If you want more information about it, you can go to thinkad group.
com check out the swag page uh, look at some of that that cool gear, so you can kind of look like this.
This is an inspiration right.

It makes people think right.
It makes it think, and that’s what we want to do, especially in the climate that we’re in inside of our our nation um inside of our business world, inside of our um inside of our social relations.
We definitely want to pierce people in a place that makes them think it makes them think differently, accurate it does um, but so being seriously silly.

I’m pouring my heart out to let you guys know that it is important that you jump into the think tank thirsty.
Thursdays and come with a brew of any sort.
It can be coffee, it could be beer.

Whatever your choice.
It could be a root beer, it could be um, i don’t care, it could be a bourbon whatever it is that you prefer um jump in there.
Have a good time uh talking to some great solutionaries that are doing great things, um and i just love sitting in there because i’m sitting there like wow, i mean i mean what he’s saying guys.

His car got coffee, .
So get you some of that right there.
I think ad group is 100 coffee approved.

Yes, they are get you some really quick, oops pink there.
It is yes, yes, yes, all right, so guys, gals.
If you have some great news that you want to share.

That’s going on out out there with you all uh, please let us know um.
We are excited to uh to have new uh guests on the show uh coming up.
We have so many other great guests that are gon na, be coming on.

Uh talking about other products that are going to be out there to help the people which is who we are engaged in business for it’s to help people uh my heart is – is overjoyed uh with the opportunity that that we’re gon na get to have uh with A an outreach uh ministry that is, is bringing food to really really hungry people in venezuela yeah.
That’s awesome, actually, parts of hope, um we’re working on building a field office for them right here in in our church and trying to make sure that we facilitate uh helping people that have it way worse than us in countries that are having problems that are way Worse than our problem, our problems – okay, they’re, really stuck in these problems, they’re they’re in side of what we would consider our worst nightmare yeah and that’s every day for them right every day where they don’t know if their child is going to have a meal, not Who’s going to pay for it, it’s if it’s even presentable, if it’s there to find okay.
This is a country that was once thriving and robust.

Just like cuba, but similar to cuba, things shifted and the people suffered.
The people that helped build a great nation are suffering and uh.
It’s it’s.

When the opportunity presents itself for you to be part of the solution, take it jump in head first, and sometimes you don’t even know what that’s going to turn into you.
Don’t know what your yes to one person is: does you you don’t know what welcoming one person into your life opens the door for you to end up doing for many many other people and uh we’ve taken on uh, so many so many great people in our Life uh, one of them, is uh pastor leo who kind of got trapped here during quarantine.
He came here to collect some resources to take there and because of the the the effect of covid, the traveling got stuck so he’s still here uh.

But it’s given enough time to start building the bridge for us to help there and when you build a bridge.
It’s a two-way street.

You help people come going in and out the right way, but he’s forging the way to show what it’s like to gain full citizenship here in the nation uh, when an occurrence like this happens, which paves the way to show how to get up many other people.

That are trying to migrate here, a bridge in connecting there’s so many big things that are happening with all that, folks, that my heart just goes out big time for it.
I can talk about that all day.

That’s awesome but we’re getting the chance to help that out, but really helping children uh.

So there’ll be more information about that.
How you can help out how you can partner in in making sure that uh you, you do help uh children actually have a meal.

The basic need uh for the day, um, but guys it’s just awesome that we’re connecting to so many great people is awesome.

Everything is awesome and we’re so excited to be brewing with you through it on solutions check it out, what’s up bam, boom yeah.
What you’re saying can you do it? I don’t know, i don’t know just you got ta just drop it.
You got ta go one turn anyway, so old school 1992 baby.

How much do you mind you today? Did you car business stuff, folks, wow, crazy, stuff man? Business is great.
I’m sure that you guys are starting to notice that used cars are starting to get more available to the business back to the business.
So that’s changing things with new dealers.

They still don’t have their cars, yet no i’m understanding that they’re starting to get some cars in now.

Some of them are i’m kind of cool.
You know who it is that are getting them.

Who are? Do you guys some of you that are actually out there getting cars right now? How is it that the the new car manufacturers are prioritizing who’s getting cars right now, because when a production shortage occurs because production stopped, the corporations are definitely built on a rank system.

So you surely are getting them based off of the priority that they give your dealership.
What are the metrics uh that that people are finding themselves at that is giving them priority to get those shipments in um? I’d love to hear about it! Uh, because some people um have to absolutely transform their stores right completely transformed their stores.

You know, uh rudy, tremenio, el patron uh was is a store that last year – or you know, yeah compared year to year, did 40 cars next month? Does 160 plus right your priority level might have been one thing based off of this report card here like this, is where you’re ranked at the moment.
You know what i mean with that.
I wondered if, if anything shifted for his prioritization, you know what i mean on the hey i got ta have because i’m actually this kind of a dealer.

Now you know what i mean.
I wonder what that looks like rudy.

Please give us insight if you get to see this um, oh wow, because i wonder what that’s like yeah rudy’s gon na be back.

You guys know that there’s power and follow-up.

We have follow-up cause, that’s what we do, but i am curious to know that um as a car guy, i wan na kind of get a bit of a glimpse behind the scenes.
I’ve heard a couple of things.

I’ve heard a few um uh.
I guess they would be rumors just you know chatting with car guys that um, it’s those people that never stopped the order, people that never held off on an order they kept getting funneled with other orders.
You know what i mean: those that didn’t stop uh.

What was supposed to be coming when it hit? They stayed on the list of those getting it.
I’m not for sure about that and we’re a used car dealer, so we’re kind of at the mercy of what many of uh those dealers dump and the uh.
Some of the um rental companies – that’s you know what i mean.

That’s that’s definitely changed.

That’s definitely changed the game for us.
If you watched the richie bellow episode folks who broke that entire piece down big time, um how the rental company’s shift in business has affected everybody’s used, car availability go check out the group, oh peep, it out peep it out, but all right guys.

We got some big stuff going on this week.

We’re excited to have you uh with us, we’re not gon na be long tonight.
We just wan na make sure that you have a great great great week and enjoy yourself guys.

I am a little bit out of it.
I’m tired, i have been like two-word answers all night and i probably get up and running in the morning and i normally talk a lot yeah.
I got ta get up at i’d like to try to do the 6.

30, i’m gon na do the six or anything i’ve been always saying, i’m gon na, and i never do so.
I’m going to i’ve been working out, so i’m kind of tired from that too.
Like so, that’s like my legs are killing me, but the uh been a long day good.

So my legs are killing me because i’ve been running in your mind.
Oh oh snap, oh snap, jumping in line so now man.
I i really want to encourage you guys to hit the second half of this month, really hard go crazy with it do stuff.

You’ve never done crazy, go crazy! If you’re, if you’re out there and you’re a salesperson on the floor and you’re out there trying to get an edge but you’re still not doing your social media, give it a shot.
Why not start right now? Why not come up with the video right now best tip? I can give you on making a video is just go with it.
Don’t make don’t get crazy with five six seven, eight nine ten takes because by time you get there you’re, it’s not even sounding right! You’re already done with it.

The best thing to do at that point is just to walk away or completely change the content, because you’re going to not sound original you’re, not going to sound like it’s real you’re, going to be annoyed by yourself, so either do it.
On the first one, even if it’s off by one little syllable like you’re, like you stutter through something guess what no one even cares just do it drop it, make it hot drop it like it’s hot, hot, all right so just remember that don’t don’t be so Hard on yourself just start right now make it happen.
Cap, it listen.

Bro that’d, be my tip for you get you some of that yeah um, it’s it is.
It is uh.
It’s liberating once you get past having to worry about whether or not you perfected it yet.

As long as you delivered uh the message now don’t get me wrong.

Folks, it is very important that you uh know what you’re talking about yeah.

You are saying things that are real and true yeah.

You don’t want to be bs in people.
You don’t want to be flipping yourself.
It is key that you deliver with confidence, because that’s ultimately what people want to say, they want to see that you’re, confident in being able to have an idea with their problem and uh.

And if you’re, a real, true solution, area out there, you’re going to be able to you, know, create that message and get it across just like these car guys that are going to be on the show all week long they don’t they don’t get it absolutely perfect.
Every time and that’s the part that makes it real that we’re all flawed people and we’re dealing with other flawed people, no matter how we look at it.

So if we can find a way to just come together and be remembered, business is gon na happen.

You know, but the business is changing the way the business operates is changing and if you stay ahead of the game, uh like the game, changer like glenn lundy, like jason garris, like many of the other solutionaries at the think, ad group tank right, the think tank.
Those great solutionaries out there are going to find a way to be successful, so make sure that you hank um.
I want to make sure that we have a great time doing michael’s, that we do michael make his hand pointing out.

Thank you.
Thank you all right.
So uh again, hopefully you’re gon na have a great week this week.

If we annoyed you enough today, great so be it if we’ve made sure to make you smile great, so be it if you know that you can, if, if we can do what it is that we’re doing and have some sort of success in this world, then You are far far far far uh qualified, far more qualified to be uh, successful inside of your life uh, because i mean there’s nothing that special about us other than uh.
We really believe what we’re saying and have a great time, having as much fun as possible, helping other people we’re just telling you guys how it is.
Let’s do it through our eyes, how we see it, and this is just – and we believe that we have – we want to learn so we’re always learning from you guys.

So, the more we can hear that your ideas are where you think it’s something that could be something better man.
I want to hear this.
If you are doing something amazing, we want to share it.

We want people, this show isn’t about.
We we need more fred and lou this show’s about you.

You know what i’m saying it’s all about you! It’s all about you! It’s about us! It’s about the car business, it’s about car, guys and car gals all coming together and making a statement saying.

Oh we’re a solution.
Now you better think thank okay, all right, so that could be a little spot for thinking of group right there.
It says: hey guys, thank you man, you guys sure.

Thanks for the wisdom, well, jack kim man, i appreciate it man.
I am kind of like delusional tonight, so i am trying to keep it as like legit as possible.
So i do appreciate you coming on here and throwing that out there we normally throw some really good stuff.

I know we’re having fun we’re, actually dropping some good knowledge tonight too.

Lou always does i’m always sitting here, i’m a good sidekick with the knowledge like knowledge.
So i want you guys to know that the world is yours, just go out and get it make sure.

Every single day, when you wake up that you’re just trying to be better than you were the day before and guess what, if you weren’t and if the day ends up where you weren’t better than the day before it’s okay, you still got tomorrow, wake up and Make it happen monday is another day.
Monday is another week.
Monday is another chance for you to be the baddest mama jam that you could ever be bad man pajama.

Do it man, fred, you know what those words were coca-cola.
That’s right, they were gosh bless it.
So all right – everybody, listen, we’re gon na see you soon.

We can’t wait to brew more solutions with you he’s there thanks for coming out thanks for watching.

I don’t know what to do.
I’m going to tell you guys are crazy.

Yes, have fun, we’ll see y’all later it’s time to have a great week, crush it , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , ah , hey excited to see you off to having a great week of making history History, history can be made.
You know, i believe history could be made this week fred, because history was made today in my life, something i never thought would ever happen.
What happened dude i got ta hear this.

I never would have thought that i would have been asked to do this once i reached a certain level in life, we were asked at the store and a lady came up to me and she asked me if i can reach up to the second highest shelf And get her two boxes of macaroni.
Well, it was rice.

It was right there by the rice, that’s yours, because i was tall enough to reach it and i barely reached it because it was way in the back.

So i was reached out and i was grabbing and i was telling her the entire time what a great honor it was for her to pick me for this.

I can’t believe this is happening.
I’m gon na tell all my friends.

I was trying half of the time we were at the store to convince tiffany to.
Let me go live to tell everybody about this and she was like no way and but folks that happened today.
I was asked to reach up and grab something because i was tall enough, he’s all jammed up and i never thought that would happen today.

So it’s the little things right, things are huge.
Even the impossible can be possible.

What you thought could never happen might be able to happen inside of your life, so folks go make history happen in your life, celebrate it go for it.

We are brewing solutions.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy.
This is frelinhart’s.

The subprime sublime lesson hero pass.
It right here get you some.
Let’s brew, you know it.

Y’all have a good night.
We love you crush a week.

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