Oh, yes, we are what up what up, what up, what up? What? What? What up it’s sunday night and i’m feeling all right do we got sound? I hope so hit me and check if we did before we even started audio audio.

Yes, we do cause.
We got set folks, even if we don’t guess what lou and i are super excited.
It is sunday night.

We always feel all right, we’re ready to rock and roll man.
I hope you guys are having a great weekend hope you’re enjoying your sunday night.
I hope you’re getting ready to get some rest, because this next week is going to be huge for everybody.

It’s the last week of the month boom best week of the month, guys it’s the month of urgency.
It’s a month of deals.
It’s a month of fun.

Take advantage of it because you have a chance to finish the month strong make that extra cheddar.
That’s what it’s all about folks, we’re here to work, we’re here to grind it out, but you have to make that money.
You have to earn what you put in! So, let’s make it happen, but before we do, let’s get this video going: , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], [, Music ].

How do you do [, Music ]? What up car guys and car guys welcome? This is lou ramirez.
The car guy – this is frelin arts, the sub prime hero, and this is the ruin solution stations that is just bringing you that delicious sweet aroma of solutionary brewing uh, the car guy coffee podcast.
We are so excited to be having a late brew.

Tonight, freddy is having a great time uh, just taking a well-deserved rest and time with the family, and i’m just excited to just hang out with him and uh jump into the fun in here in the cafe yeah man, i’ve had a great little few days.
You know: we’ve hung out with i’ve got to hang out my family.
My son starts school officially on tuesday, but monday’s the first day of school here in our area, um, they’re doing half and half so he he does tuesday and fridays, but um.

So we’re hanging out, you know we went some did some kayaking, which was really cool.

Lou suggested i bring the drone, so i took the drone out got some pictures really neat the area we were at kayaking and a good time and then uh.
You know, though, i’ve been gone from work.

I still attached to work.
I can’t help it.
You know i still got to figure out what’s going on and our guys kudos to you if you’re watching this right now i want to say thank you.

While i was gone, you guys killed it, you guys did a great job um.
So saturday was a huge success, so i can’t complain.

I end up showing up at matt’s house last night for about an hour and a half and just hung out with the guys for a little bit because they were over there celebrating having a good time.

Let loose trying to have fun.
And that’s what it’s about.
Guys, like we all grind out, we all work extremely hard, we’re all trying to do things that keep us growing and that’s great, but to keep growing.

You also have to recharge.
You have to have this battery come on and the battery you use it and you use it and use it and you’re charged up really good, but eventually starts to get a little bit of man.
I need some juice.

You need some good time so sometimes something about like something lou likes to do.
He loves going on cruises, you know so.
Lou gets his whole family, they go on these cruises and they go check out all these different countries.

They hit these beautiful beaches.
They do excursions out there that are just like stuff, you cannot do around here and they have a blast and um so that helps him recharge.

There’s something about that same thing for me: there’s something about being with my family spending days in a row focusing on them yeah, focusing on them right and uh man great time, i’m so feel so great.

I feel refreshed.
I have one more day.
Actually, i get actually tomorrow off too so, oh, but i’m getting up early for the new thing that lou and i are doing it’s – the hashtag rising grind elite man we are pumped up about it.

We’ve been going for a couple weeks now yeah.
So it’s been good a little about like a week a week and a half something like that.
I’ve been i’ve been in it for a little bit, so it’s been fun, we’re doing some stuff, we’re rising and we’re grinding.

We’re, forgive focus flying and that’s right.
Keep growing folks and that’s what it’s all about, so we are excited we’re going to take a week and do something unique.

Oh, come on keep sitting here.

Let me tell you now: what we’re going to do is we’re going to bring you guys.
The first thing that matters, the very first question: we ask everybody, it’s your! Why that’s it it’s your! Why we’re gon na release and we’re gon na edit, for you guys and you guys only for all our special people solutionaries out there ready to just get up and do what they’re supposed to do every single day we’re going to drop all the y’s.
So you guys can hear and feel what people use to get them grinding and moving forward in life and man.

You’re gon na find that you have a lot of things in common with these people.

You’re gon na find that the only difference between you and the person who is doing it right now is that they are just constantly doing it.
You’re gon na find out the purpose behind it.

I’m excited about this because it’s really unique.
We have put up together in assam.
You know ensemble of people that are just amazing.

All of them have amazing, y’s, very similar, wise, yet different.
A lot of them had a couple different y’s.
I’m excited to release that and i think we need to release our y’s one more time too, because we did do ours too.

We did on our very first episode, folks, we interviewed each other.

So if you guys haven’t peed that one out that’s been our number one, listen to episode ever just so, you guys know still to this date number one.

You all need to go back and listen to that and help it stay number one, because a lot of these episodes that we’ve been doing recently.

I’ve been getting right there really close to that number, but nothing has ever beat number one, and i i appreciate all y’all for listening, because then you’ll keep going back and listen because the number goes up because people keep listening to our first show going back and I’m gon na tell you it gives you guys a little bit of information about why we are doing this and what keeps us ooh grinding.
You know what i’m saying get on it, so lou man.
How was your week, my friend? How was your week i’m excited about this week coming up? Well, how was your last week last week was a big week of growth.

My baby girl, my oldest daughter, michaela brooklyn, set sail to cruising on her own.
She now has a new place to live a new group of people uh to share dishes and responsibilities.

She’s got a dumpster to bring her garbage to uh.

Life has totally changed for her, and, and it was something that i didn’t think i’d make it through.

You know what i mean the day before honestly: didn’t think i’d make it through um and guess what we’re here and she’s doing great and things are moving in the right direction.
She’s uh pursuing her higher learning, i’m so so, incredibly thankful and blessed because she’s, an incredible person that i am so uh head over heels for and have been from the first time i heard her heartbeat.

She is literally a part of the assembly of people that god has used to save my life and help give me the direction.
I need um.
Just by being someone that looked to me uh for guidance as a father, she made me have to become who i needed to be without me ever having the example to be that and uh, i’m so thankful for her and she’s going into bigger, better things.

I made it through the week me and tiffany leaned on each other me and my wife got closer throughout the entire event um, because we showed each other that man at least we got some coffee, you know and we at least we got each other and man We’ve been having some conversations with the dog, you know what i mean, but it’s been very freeing.
It’s been fun uh, but my boy over here is having some fun, but you know i’m having just joy talking about what our sons were talking about for the past couple days, you know seeing their their brotherhood grow is a blessing for us too, because again, this Is so far beyond us so far beyond you? All of us have something and we got to do number one first things.
First, i knew it right.

I knew that i was waiting for it.
I didn’t want to interrupt, get the three f’s, but you know what’s up know what to do? They don’t know what they are on the screen right now.
Oh there, it is now one two one, two three four four give focus fly, hey, give focus, fly, forgive focus again, focus fly and keep growing, keep growing, keep growing, keep going, keep growing, keep growing yup.

You know what it is.
Coffee get you some.
You know man we’re just having some fun yeah, we’ll be out fun.

It is french press folks tonight we are brewing uh, some costa rican coffee, costa rica, that we have received from some great uh brewers and uh connoisseurs of the uh, the incredible coffee bean uh from i say with cafe and uh.
They are trying to help us brew, the the very best brew for you, as we uh try to chase down.
Thank you so much the right cup of coffee for you to be drinking.

This is costa rican french press and i got ta, say quite delicious.
Um, hey get you some, so yes also one one quick reminder: i want to bring it out, throw a little shout out to our sponsor, really quick.
I want to thank you if you guys are ever having any issues you need some help getting to your follow-up.

Helping get new leads, make sure you get a hold of ad group, because man they are out there to help.
All you got to do is go to www.
thinkad, group.

com click in a few little bit of information about you or just call the number.
That’s right there on that freaking website guys they are great people.
You probably end up talking to derek you’re gon na probably end up talking to uh justin.

Excuse me, i wasn’t saying jason, don’t know why, but you checked one of them.
Two people and i promise you they’ll change your life they’ll, make it a lot easier for you and make sure that you are taken care of everywhere, guys so check them out.
Think i group go what think dot com all right.

Thank you check this out.
This is my my cousin alex who uh we got the chance to talk today, incredibly gifted uh, everything he’s just so great, especially linguistically and he’s talking about how he still spits hot fire, and we still got uh some some bars he can spit and he wants To have a podcast, and i want him to come out here – um and spit something, and let everybody see just what it’s like to have a strong island to really rip a microphone uh, because he can hang with the with some of the greatest.
We should have him just mca thing where we get car local car, guys or everybody even on birthdays, he’ll get to rail, we’ll get we’ll get a beat going, and then they have to just rap on top of it.

They can do it online.
We can do whatever and then we just have him be the guy who’s, the main dude on it.
You know, there’s a lot of car, guys, there’s a lot of car, guys that got there they’re.

All like my big gross rap.
You know what i mean.
I don’t have one i’m never going to say: i’ve ever been a rapper, but i’ll tell you, but you spit everybody spits right, everybody.

I have a viewer, i have a few, but not really smooth or nothing every once a while.

You know every once in a while, every now and then every now and then every now and then you find the flow all right.
So all right! So let’s talk about a couple things.

Oh, let’s do it we’re going to turn it loose, we’re going to bust the move, so there’s something about this kind of showroom? Music that i absolutely love especially trying to to feed my guys one.

It helps me to keep bouncing up and down the showroom floor, but it also gets them to understand that the hardest working man in show business is getting them.
The message that you can also be the hardest working man in your business.

Don’t let anybody out work? You in your business on this floor, so that was legit.
They are getting up, they’re doing their dancing thing, they’re, making a little bit of a shout and having some fun.
It is so key that your showroom is buzzing with joy, with fun with a great atmosphere.

So that buying isn’t a stick in the mud.
You know it’s not just boring.
You want to have a good time.

I know i want to have a good time.

Man, if i’m getting an ice cream.
If i’m getting a t-shirt, how would you not grab the pencil as a customer and start signing when you hear this, especially when you’re getting a car that you, like you know what i mean you’re walking around somebody was walking around with roller the other day, man.

I’m telling you that this song was what was playing in the back inside of him is like oh he’s in there.
Looking at that, i mean just looking at the back rear view.
Uh light he was just sitting like that’s a nice design like on the corolla, loving it.

I love it.
You know what i mean, because that’s the greatest thing that he had at that point in his life and he was so proud of himself, but he sent it like.
No doubt he was.

He was like better he and making sure that the the car buying coach i’m sitting like bro.
He loves you man and he did a great job.
Look at him he’s in love.

That’s what you want every single time.

You want somebody walking back around that car.
Again, waiting to take that picture, hurry up and get my picture take, please you know what i mean hurry up and take my picture.

Yes, i want to sleep right away: freeze frame, freeze frame, oh yes, man, oh man! I can’t i just can’t stop it.
Okay, i’m sorry, i’m sorry, so all right get serious back to seriously silly right, yeah, so so yeah we’re excited we’re gon na, be bringing you guys.
That’s only like six sips of this costa rican coffee, i’m just i’m just telling you all right anyway, just speaking of that! So yes, so that being said, you know we’re doing a little bit of research on different coffees right now, we’re trying to figure out what we think is a good blend, because we are obviously our brand.

We are car guy coffee, guys right, so guess what we’re bringing it to you – and i know we’ve talked about this – maybe once or twice before, but we’re bringing it to you we’re bringing you the copy that you need not just visually audibly, but also simply you Can simply on that simply happily simply [ Laughter, ] nice, so we just came up with the new word, write that down folks folks, folk, hey paul guy coffee.
It is so simply yummy all right.
So, yes, a lot of great stuff coming up.

You know we’re real excited about it.
You know.

We think that now it’s been seven months of us doing, episodes we’re three days past seven months now, uh officially and it’s pretty amazing we’re real excited.
We had a lot of fun um, so we’re looking, obviously for ways to grow, so we’re always looking for new guests.
So if you’re interested in coming on here – and you know that you’ve got something that could bring light to this car world that we were in.

I mean please, i need light in this car world, so let’s get it in here i’m going to be doing these lives in the mornings.
I would i would love to invite people to come on these lives in the morning.

I encourage you to come on these lives in the morning.

Come listen if you want to just listen but also come join us.
It’s easy for me to send you a link if you’re there and i can get you in it, takes two minutes you get on here.

You don’t even we don’t look at me, you don’t have to have your hair did not have nothing.

Did what looking for the perfect bean.

Looking the perfect bean looking for the perfect day, , all right all right, but seriously man.
I can’t i can’t see, because this is what’s playing so understand, folks, every time we’re showing you or we’re going to show you a different picture of us looking for the right coffee bean.

This is what’s playing in the back of our brains.
Looking for the perfect bean, looking for the perfect bean, we’re looking for the perfect beans, that’s what that’s! What’s playing in my head.
Looking for the perfect bean just so you know uh we’re trying to find the right coffee beans as ridiculous.

As that sounds uh.
That’s actually what’s going on, but hey you guys got some seriously silly things about you that you do um share them with us.
Come on make us laugh.

You know bring a giggle to somebody to some of your guys and gals out there make sure that you let that you find a way to make them smile.
I i had the whole area of uh people in the produce section, uh kind of chiming in on, like on our conversation and like smiling with their eyes.
As i was trying to ask tiffany, i was like tiffany how many people do you think that you made smile today and i’m talking way too loud? You know what i mean and she’s like huh.

Like hmm he’s like how many people do you think you make somebody say i don’t know, i don’t know, and then i’m sitting really trying to get count.
I was like i don’t know.
I’d probably say about 10 to 12.

You know, but we had church and and stuff like that, so you know i’m i’m just trying to gauge the different people that that i didn’t i was like, but how many different people that you didn’t know did you make smile? It’s like.
What are you talking about and other people are acting like they don’t hear me and i’m like there there’s a couple right here.
I got you got you then there’s this other lady uh.

I dropped the peppers when i was waiting to point to somebody and i dropped the peppers and she said uh uh, i dropped the peppers.
I picked them up, it’s like, oh god, and i was like whoops.
She said.

Oh, those must be hot peppers like that.
I was like oh, i was like that was awesome, like that, i mean it just lit up the whole.

The whole section was funny.

It was a good moment um, but i mean just let people smile try to find a way to be joyful in the places that you are.
It helps to bring hope right.
I mean being a light, is what helps you see and if you get to see well, there’s a lot of joy.

In that i mean what is it like when you get to for those of you that wear glasses or contacts right? How much joy is there from the moment of not being able to see to being able to see oh dude, it’s like night and day, and that’s like that with anything in life.

Folks, you know that’s how it’s so easy to really think about how if you really sit there and you think about the way you think, if you’re thinking a lot of negative stuff and you’re, always like man, this sucks or that sucks or i can’t do this.
I can’t do that.

I ain’t gon na do this.
You know no, no, no, if you’re always in that mindset, that’s a very dark way of thinking like just a cloudy way right.
It’s just not fun.

No one wants to be in that world.
So when you move all that information in your brain into a yes man, i would like to do that.
I should try to do that.

Um, oh man, i’m gon na go ahead and give it a shot, and things are good.
It’s beautiful out life is wonderful.

When you get into that mindset, it’s light and the thing about that is those people that are like that tend to have really good lives.

I always talked about this since i was little and it’s so true, even the richest person in the world, just because they’re rich doesn’t mean they’re happy, it’s facts, okay, so when you’re looking at people, sometimes they can have everything, but they don’t have anything that makes Sense, sometimes you can have nothing, but you have everything and what i mean by that is some there’s people who live in this world that are 100 percent happy with just being happy.
That makes sense they’re, not necessarily they don’t.

I believe in growth, for me and for majority of people is the way to keep doing things, but some people, just they they’re happy with what they’re with and it’s cool man, it’s nothing wrong with that.
You know, i think it’s wonderful people have their choices.

It’s a free world.

We have free minds, you know if your potential is just to smile and share smiles with people.
Do that share them smiles share them.
Do it speaking of somebody that likes to smile a lot, let me see kendrick.

What’s up kendrick, you guys are too funny.
I also have a surprise for you and i write something nice appreciate it kendrick, i hope you’re being safe.
On your travels, i know a lot of things are shaking up.

Weather-Wise throughout the country.
Uh folks be be safe, be cognizant of what’s happening inside of your area, where it is you’re looking to ch to travel and what’s happening with other people.

Um in our country, uh be prayerful um, be trying to find a way to help.

There’s many people that are that are receiving uh funds if you’re blessed enough to be able to give uh find a way to be able to put a put something inside of the hand of somebody that needs it uh a lot right now, there’s like 170 000 People evacuated inside of uh california, right now, um areas, the size of rhode, island or on have uh, have caught fire and have burnt up um there’s.
So many there’s so much loss.
That’s out there bloodjacked with fires, too man, california, all of california, is burnt up again, like people are losing everything out there, people it’s crazy.

How that is it’s like? How long has california been burning, like i think, since i can remember, burning it’s been on fire, so we encourage you all uh find a way to help.
You know there’s so many there’s so many things in this world that you can help people hit with like hurricanes in the gulf yeah.
You know what i mean like bam bam.

It’s it’s about to it’s about to be real.
This you know.
That’s the important thing is: is: is there a human being and do something right that there is people that uh can help, and it’s very important that those that can help find a way too so do what it is that do what it is that you can Uh try to reach out there and and don’t don’t not know about it, look for a way to help trust me.

If you, if you look for somebody to help um that’ll, be one less person that’ll be having to seek help uh when when they most desperately need it, it’s true, okay, truth! So just love your neighbor all right, um car, guys car gals this week.
What’s up? What’s up rudy, what’s up happy birthday to your baby? Yes, and congratulations to your new family member coco i was like.
Is that a doodle? Oh, it’s a cockapoo right, coco, yeah yeah! Congratulations to that broken extension of the family and the new birthday why they get older, quicker man, so fast man.

Congratulations on that! My son yeah, he knows hold those girls close bro bro daughters are beautiful, that i see the joy inside of their life great job as a father folks uh for those of you that do know about rudy, tremenio and and for those of you that haven’t read His book and don’t really know too much about him uh.
This man isn’t just an incredible car guy uh.
He is he’s an incredible father and he’s an incredible husband and uh.

He makes sure that he brings a a fresh light to everything that he touches and uh literally where he works is called sunrise right, sunrise, chevy, sunrise, toyota.
He he is out there making big things happen, uh for the entire industry, but he’s a light inside of his own home.

And if you just look at some of his social media today, you’ll see uh the light that he was able to bring to his daughter, which are magical moments that we all enjoy and uh it’s.

It’s such an inspiration uh way to be a uh, a forerunner and showing uh dad’s, had a dad right he’s just showing people how to keep growing.

You know what i’m saying and i and i respect that so much about him and and he’s a good dude.
He definitely always had our back he’s had our back since we the moment we interviewed him, you know just coming on and doing the interview with us was to me was a pretty big accomplishment for our show, and i was really excited about having him and since Then we’ve been friends, i really think we’ve connected him jason that whole group of everybody from the think ad group.

It’s like a cool thing www.

You know what i’m saying so yeah.
So you know we definitely appreciate everybody.
That’s been part of this journey of ours.

Um, you know, rudy el patron he’s definitely been there since, since dave since day, one with us, since we came with him, you know, since it’s been like that and i’ve always loved.
I like watching him.
Man he’s got so much cool stuff going.

He drives some dope whips, he’s always having fun.
He eats at the best.
Restaurants in new york and people are, and he’s got all these like vendors, that come to a store from like miles away that just come by just to hang out and see.

What’s going on with el patron, you know what i mean and it’s so it’s been really cool and i love it.
Man he’s been throwing a lot of little cuts of our interview, which i appreciate, which is really cool.

I’m getting nervous, you see those we re-share them all the time.

So it’s really neat to see that it’s exciting you’re, like oh snap, yeah, oh no, you just dropped another one.
Oh our interview was: he found a way to take like we had like an hour and a half two hour interview right and he’s taking like a minute two minutes of them and blasting them out.
They’re, like whoa whoa whoa, you know, are these are great pieces and and uh it’s exciting.

No, it’s been great yeah, so it’s been fun and you know just getting to know him getting to know jason um man.
We love you back el patron, no doubt and we’re looking forward to one day get man, i’m just really looking forward to be able to come out and hang out with you guys for real we’re gon na have to do that.

I’m looking forward to it.

Trying to actually uh find a place where we can get together that it’s not going to be we’re not going to hit the quarantine list.

You know what i mean.
If you leave state and meet at this place, you know and uh i don’t know exactly which states those are yet.

I guess we’re gon na have to do a little bit more research, because as soon as i look for one spot, i was like you know.
I haven’t heard much about this place.
Uh logan gonzalez pulls up.

He was like: let’s go to the tape, real quick, it’s the first one he’s like okay, so we can’t go there um, but we’re gon na try to find a way to get together with everybody and and really just make some great stuff happen.

Um el patron talk about some great content.

Thank you.
You know we are.

We are only gon na ever be considered great because of the great beans that we get to brew with dude.
It’s about people we’re around our.

You know our our flavor has gotten so much better by having all these people be part of our brew, and you know rudy’s saying right here, he’s thinking about derby right you’re talking about derby in the spring.

Are you talking about the one? That’s cause the one? That’s coming, you can’t do nothing, you don’t wan na come man, i’m gon na.
Tell you it’s not even gon na, be nobody.
The level of no people, you’re just gon na, be a racist and i don’t think they’re allowing anyone in they’re.

Not it’s not, you guys can come down.
We can hang out no doubt, but i wouldn’t suggest if you’re gon na come for a derby, say me wait for may next year when it’s, if it’s long as it’s, where it’s at the way, it’s supposed to be.
It’s one of the most that’s the one.

I was always thinking about.
That’s the one on the biggest times, man, no doubt because we we missed it this year at that time, and it’s key that you do it at that time.

Um there’s something about the weather.

Everything that’s happening.
No doubt uh maine kentucky is, is it’s very it’s very special, so uh yeah definitely got ta wait till then, but i can’t wait to do that, because we’re gon na have a whole lot of people.
No man it’s to be.

I can’t wait.
I just can’t wait to just really give give them a dab.
You know like what’s up bro, but i want to get to new york before the derby.

I want to get up and say: what’s up, i need to get up in new york.
I got to get some pizza.
I need to give me some of that louis vuitton gear that he always has up there.

Man, i love some of those bags.
I can’t eat a baby bag.

I need to eat a slice of pizza.

I will take a slice of pizza while i’m having carrying my louie bag.
You know i can’t eat.
None of that.

I need a.
I need a slice of pizza and no doubt and it’ll be fun.
It’ll be cool just to hang out and sit down and mastermind with these guys too.

You know i look just to watch them in action.
I like it.
I look at rudy, i’m watching.

I look at rudy like a mentor.
I feel lucky to have him in my corner.
I hope he knows i’m in his corner, so anything he ever needs we’re there for you too bro for real.

You know that so it’s dope, it’s dope to see you do your thing.
Man, it’s been cool.
It’s been, it’s been from buying your book and reading it to getting to know you.

So that’s been pretty freaking rad, pretty rad bro.

So what up man? So, let’s but yo we have so many other solutionaries that are out right now that are doing some great things and the one thing that is consistent about what rudy does like others is that he takes care of them.
He keeps it real with them, always right.

Um he does good business and he helps to connect them into growing themselves.

Right, yeah, that’s something that that most solutionaries are always trying to find a way to do it’s, helping to not just build themself up but help build everybody else around him, and he is consistent because it’s fun to party with a lot of people doing big things.
You know it’s something about when you know when you’re part of helping other people rise up while they’re helping you at the same time.

So when you all come up together, it’s it’s like being on the yacht.
You know, and just everyone out there just having a you know a nice drink in their hand, just making a big cheers being like man.
We did this, that’s that feeling you know just knowing that my success is your success.

Yeah then that’s double the success right.
All the same, you know what i mean.
We all succeed more when we uh when we work off of feed off of each other, but he brings up the people around him and that’s a great example, but he’s also the forerunner and and folks.

We speak about the the pieces of content that are out there that are out there for you to listen to there’s key nuggets uh inside of the special brew that is uh el patron and what he does inside of his store to be effective.

And he drops those nuggets out there for you absolutely for free uh.
What a consultant could charge you lots of money to come in and tell you to do and give you some of the hard truths that maybe you don’t want to brew on.

Maybe you don’t want to sip on, but he puts it right there for you, for you to drink up and apply and and and make sure that you apply it just because you hear something doesn’t mean you necessarily listen or do it um, but he puts that Stuff out there for you, but go listen.
Man i mean he gives you tips.
Man he’s even he’s even come out with like he starts work.

I know rudy if you’re still on here watching.

I know you got to work out tomorrow morning.
Are you starting back with your trainer again? So good luck with that, my friend, i know that you enjoyed yourself this weekend.

You went out and ate and all that good stuff.
I know this because not only because he’s my friend, but i know this because it’s social media folks, this dude – lays it out there.

He lets you know exactly how to be successful.

There’s no doubt he tells you.
He shows you the mentality.

He shows you the type of um attitude you have to have throughout the day.

He shows you that you have to stack them deep to be able to sell them as deep as he does right.
I’m not gon na say he sells them cheap because i don’t.

I don’t believe that’s what it’s about.
I believe it’s just about giving people a good service, they pay for that service and patron gives people a service.
They also get a chance to just you know, deal with the guy who knows.

What’s up man he’s got tons of connections he’s he knows.
What’s up he’s been doing it for a long time, and just like i said like lou was saying, i mean, is he helps you grow and all you got ta do is watch his social media.

He gives out free it’s right.

There free training, information.
You don’t have enough time to go pick up all the stuff he has out there nah.

You don’t have enough time to love this story.

I love it.
I love it, but it’s there’s so much out there that you could take right now bite size like a quick brew from fred or any of those other pieces that are out there for you to digest and apply.
There’s so much great content out there and i’m just very uh thankful that we had the chance on on this platform to even record any of that, and then just say, hey that he said that here with us before.

A lot of this covet stuff was going on.

He was talking about it and nobody knew what was up yet.
You know everybody’s trying to find out what’s happening, he’s like well, i don’t know.

What’s going on, new york is going bananas, but you know what i’m doing.
I’m brewing solutions we’re going to try to find it and he had a blast.
That’s that was the great thing is that there was so much crazy going on.

We got on the show and we cracked up and we laughed and he spit knowledge, cracked up laughed spitting out, yeah cracked up left.
It was fun.
I kept pulling knowledge.

I wanted more knowledge.
I wanted to hear it all yeah.
We didn’t want that to end.

No and i had a blast, he had a blast, i you know, i know and we’ve been having a blast ever since, like he says he’s not looking forward to working out in the morning.

I feel him on that.
You know i need to get back on.

My grind, too, i played some ball today for a couple hours and oh man i played like poo poo.
I played better last week when my calves kept running about.
I got ta i committed to more running.

Well there, you are that’s a good, that’s a good start right there running running so much better.
Once you get it going once you get going, it’s the starting yeah! That’s always your! I remember pre-covet i saw patron always just had his workouts.
I remember he’d be in that gym, throwing that ball down hitting that bag.

I remember those days man looking forward to seeing you get back on that man.
Maybe it’ll inspire me to start putting out videos of me doing.
Some workouts could start with 22 push-ups yeah.

I know right, i think we both and michael.
I think we all nominated you.
That’s all right man.

He said he said it inside of one of the think tank thursdays that he didn’t do it that day, right um with you guys and that’s the only reason why i was like okay.
Well, you didn’t do that.
I’m gon na throw it out there too.

I was like, i know, everybody’s gon na challenge.
You know i already knew you guys challenged.
So i was like.

Let me throw it out there too.

The word is good.
There was a lot of people that were challenged just getting the word out and it’s cool.

It’s cool to see all the people that are by the way.
I want to thank everybody um who has done that.

It’s been a great way to spread and it’s i could see how hard it is reaching even further because, like i said i just heard about it recently and now it’s really cool to see that you know it’s starting to get further out.

You know you got guys like michael you got, i mean couple michael, even larkin jumped on it man.
Thank you so much michael larkin, you i mean great job.
Man wait a second way to push it out and just go strong with it.

You know from russ mann, i keep naming um, you know i could keep naming a lot of people who did it and then now we we finished it off lou and i together and we finished it and passed it on to the sisters of savings and they Were michelle yeah? They got something great back, i mean they didn’t do they.
They have such a good following and it because it’s hit them and just like it hit michael and all these other people, it’s really spreading out guys.
I mean it’s so much further than you guys think, like a lot of people, think it’s not doing anything right.

Well, i’ma tell you it is it’s just getting it out there.

Once again, i didn’t know about it.
Until i saw the video i saw a video probably about a month before before i got nominated and when he nominated me i was excited about.

I couldn’t wait for somebody to nominate me.
I was waiting the moment they did.
I was like i’m going for it.

I did i took off with it.
I just kept doing it every day.
I did my little switch up different push-ups every day, which was really fun um, so i had a great time and i’m so glad to see other people doing it guys, like.

Oh there’s michael right there what’s up bro, i didn’t know you did also.
We all know it’s all good.
We all need to nominate him now he has to do it three times, but no, you know like i nominate a man i mean.

Sometimes we all have the same friends guys.
It was gon na eventually happen.
Eventually we can do that we’ll knock out 66.

I mean yes check that out.
Let’s go, you know, i’m telling you and i’m i’m okay with keep doing things.
People nominate me again.

I probably would do it again, i’m just saying, but uh i’ve seen the other ones where people are doing like running um they’re doing workouts they’re doing um like bicycle rides, for you know 22 miles, which i would if i was doing anything on 22 miles.
I’d have to be on a bike or a car, but you know, but it’s been fun man, it’s been fun watching everybody do it.
So thank you once again for everybody who’s doing it.

I want to spread it out there.
I just want you to understand.

There’s only 22 veterans out there every single day that are committing suicide.

This is huge.
This is not something that needs to be not talked about.

It needs to be talked about.

I know it’s sad to talk about, but it needs to be talked about.

People need to talk to the veterans.

People need to go out and just put your hand down just let them know that hey you care, they don’t necessarily need to be.
You know completely.
Are you? Okay? Okay, you know that might be a little annoying.

I don’t know i you know, all i could say is just do something.

Our part was the littlest thing we could do was push-ups.
You know that’s at least something it raised awareness enough to pass it out to a few of my friends.

So, thank you very much for doing it and then all your friends spread out.
So i’ve seen it now.
It’s really multiplied since i started so it’s really neat to see how far it’s gone.

I’ve seen it’s gone and spider webbed out so much more than people.
Even know so, thank you all and it’ll continue to grow that way as long as there’s people putting their heart in into it again, not everybody can uh come do a challenge like that, and the important thing is: is that you just cheer on give somebody a Like give somebody a share, but the the understanding of raising awareness, yes, is what we want to make sure happens and that you are encouraged that if there’s anybody, whether they be a veteran or or not, that you know anybody, you’re right, encouragement, yeah to pick up The phone text them call them.
Let them know that they are valued by giving them some of your valuable time, because that is the most valuable commodity.

Most valuable thing we have is our time uh.
We can’t work.
We can’t do anything about what it is that we’re spending at this moment, so we value you spending it with us right now, but we encourage you to spend some time of it, giving it to somebody else and let them know that you care about them.

You want to make sure that they’re, okay and you’re there for them if they need you at all, all that will might bridge the gap into where somebody gives you a call if they’re having dark thoughts.
Okay, guys you’re not too far removed from anybody.

You might be directly involved by somebody.
That’s impacted uh by uh this situation, where people take their own life uh, be an encouragement to them just be alike but reach out.
Sometimes they they’re they’re imploding.

So you got ta reach to them: okay and uh kind of pull them out of the fire, and if you’re feeling that way, you could always reach out there’s tons of one of us.
You can get a hold of us.
You can send a message.

Just dm me, i’m always there to just talk.
I i love uplifting and upshifting people.

Yes, so if there’s anything i can do, please let me know um and but yeah guys.

Once again i thank y’all.
So it’s been really cool um.
So i’m excited to see how far that ends up going.

I think it just needs to keep going and going and going like the song that never ends right, deep cause, deep thoughts.
I hope that you guys understand where we’re coming from on that.
It’s not political.

It’s not me saying one thing or another: it’s just us saying that people need to be treated better and people need to be talked to we’re all human beings.

You know it’s a big world, a lot of people on this planet, but the more we can all reach out and touch other people, and let them know hey the better.
It can be period veteran american, chinese, korean russian, australian doesn’t matter we’re all human beings be a human being to each other.

That’s just the way it needs to be always be that way.
So, anyhow, no more political like that, but you know what i’m saying: there’s no political here, man, one last, there’s none of them! One love! There’s! None of that! One lost! There’s two things: man, two two commandments: that’s it love your god! Love your neighbor.
As you love yourself, so make sure that you do take time to love yourself and uh, and you encourage somebody else that there’s something else there to love, because we all need somebody to love yeah, okay, we all need to be loving each other, and you know What speaking of loving things, i love brewing solutions and on car guy coffee this week, we’re going to be again talking about the whys that all of these other solutionaries uh have inside of their life, so make sure that you go get you some of that, make Sure that you go listen, make sure that you share, please do share, share, share, share, share, share okay and say some good news to us.

That’s going on in your life, or you know somebody if you want to highlight a great salesperson, please let us gas them up.
Let us tell them all the great things that they’re doing and just fire them up even more.
There is no harm that will come from you saying some great things about somebody at your dealership that you’re proud of.

I promise you it’ll work wonders uh with them, and uh you’re gon na have some fun.
So if you got somebody to highlight inside of your store – maybe it’s not you – you want to put in front of the camera, highlight somebody else.
We would love to talk to them and uh and share share some of their uh knowledge with other car guys and cargos that are trying to brew solutions.

We had some great people on last week that are another emcee um we had jason chase.
I wanted.
I wanted their show, i was thinking of their show chasing terrell.

You know what i mean, because everybody’s trying to chase terrell as far as him in units right but chase and tyrell were on our show and uh.
They really just dropped it.
Like it’s hot.

You know they really brewed some solutions.
It was really fun to sit down talk with them.
Um i definitely uh enjoyed the convo.

It was cool to see you know because they’re they’re a type people too.
You know they understand that they’re really good at their jobs, but they are also understand that they have a lot of room for growth, even so, but they are, but they also enjoy what they do.
They are professionals um, you know chase, he is wheelchair-bound.

Man and ben was in a car accident a long time ago, but did not use as an excuse decided to keep doing his thing.
You know a lot of people would take that and just stay at home.
All the time he said, i’m gon na go out, i’m gon na close car deals and he does do’s a hammer.

So it’s really cool to see that um and then you got terrell terrell’s.

Just you know he’s a classy individual period.
You know he’s.

You could tell that he has a good heart just by having a conversation.
He cares about other people.

He cares about his family um.

He really loves to shine on other people.

You know like he did with chase um.
He gave chase ample opportunity to shine and he kept asking questions too.

It was really neat.
You could tell that he cares for the dude and loves that they came up together, and i know that feeling so you know so that being said, you know it was fun to have them on the show and that’s the kind of stuff that i want to Do i want to get people on the show like that? Do these early shows with them get on there do a quick live.

Everybody gets a little love, everybody has a little fun, gets a little caffeinated and ready to enjoy their day.

Why not that’s dead folks? We are just about at the end of this brew.
Oh i already got it high.
I got about a three and a half of uh costa rica left.

Oh wow, that’s cold! Now i know you got an entire week ahead of you to make your goals happen.

To make a check and to uh make sure that people get what it is, that they’re looking for and trusting you to get them so make sure that you have fun doing it if you’re going to do it, have some fun have fun, have some smiles, but You have to work, you guys got to understand.
There’s you can have fun working the car business if there’s anywhere that you can have fun at the same time as you’re working it’s this business you’re with people you want to make them smile, you’re, showing them a beautiful car, that’s nicer than the one they pulled Up in you’re going to give them an opportunity to purchase it, what better place is there to have fun enjoy it with your customers? Don’t make it dry and boring man have a good time and get down right so make sure that you go out there and you shake that hand ooh.

Sorry, you bump that elbow you fist, bump it the best that you can you put that smile underneath that freaking mask and you come out with those twinkle eyes right and you get them that hey, i’m going to help you out today.
Folks, we’re going to get down.
I know you like the car, let’s drive it uh before you do.

Let me show you what this car is about.
Uh yeah before you do.
Let me show you what this car’s about.

Um, it’s got lebron and it’s like santa type, lumbar support and that’s wonderful, but you need to go.
Have some fun if you don’t know how to have fun? Well, folks, give us a call we’ll help you out um, we’ll give you a couple of tips and make sure that you’re getting smiling and dialing and brewing solutions.
Oh he’s on his feet, he’s on his feet.

My legs are over here sitting there moving like crazy.
You guys can’t see them, but they’re moving like nuts he’s really feeling it folks he’s really feeling it feeling a charlie horse.
All right share this, make sure that you go have some fun and if you don’t get anything from us at all folks.

Well, it’s your fault! Um! You spent the time with us, so you should leave here with something um.
Take it to go cup of car guy coffee go to car guy coffee dot store! If you want to have a nice something to hold your car guy coffee in and get you one of these swag hats, maybe a nice inspiration and maybe even just a case for your phone.
I don’t know if you want to go ahead and spread.

The movement of brewing solutions feel free to do so.
Car guy coffee dot store.
Once again, this brew has been brought by hey, you know: what’s up, you can go to think ad group.

com and get you some information about how to think outside of the box and uh make some things happen inside of your store today, all right.
So if what you need in your life is to stretch well folks keep reaching towards the light, i’m trying again like rudy tremenio, all those people keep reaching out to him because he is a light in his community, so people are growing towards him.
So you keep doing the same inside of yours, uh car, guys parkours.

This is ramirez the car guy and this is friendly arts and we do not own the rights to this music.
None of the music, except for our stuff from our intro, tell you what music? We do on the rights too.
You know what it is: get ready and uh three: two and [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , how much car guys car gals enjoy your night uh, while freddie’s recovering joey yeah i’ve been rocking the Clean shaven look for a little while now.

Thank you thanks for that.
I know you’re talking about me, he’s talking about freddie.
We all know what he’s talking about hey.

I got a little bit starting to come back.
It’s all white, though, so you can’t even see it.
It’s like it doesn’t even look like your hair on his chin, yeah.

That’s why it’s still more than you’ve ever seen on this face, such a man.
That’s like a wish.
Some of us are, and some of us aren’t so i would definitely if i was in a different tribe.

They would reject me well guys we do and gals.
We do appreciate you all for coming and tuning in with us um.

You know we had a great time tonight.

Lou – and i you know we’re excited about dropping this little week of wise and it’s gon na be great.
Our next guest should be getting recorded here really soon.
We’re excited about that.

We do have a lineup of a bunch of other people, but we have to test those out.
But we decided to do a week of this, because it was a good week to get some recordings in um and also for us to work on editing, older footage, which i think would be a lot of fun.
There’s a lot of stuff man.

We have need to get hours, i mean i don’t even know how many we add up all the episodes on average or about an hour and like 90 minutes.

So we have that many so, but to catch up real quick on who it is that we’ve gone through in this particular series.
We are with the move makers and they have been brewing some great solutions.

We had um just coming off of this last week.
We had shannon everhart glenn lundy yep right, yeah, rachel blatt.
We have super bowl champion david guys come on man a mile high.

Are you serious salute, came up into the cafe.
Go! Get you some of that all right, guys, gals! Sorry to keep you up all night um, but i’m out of coffee you’re at a coffin.

We got a big day to go, crush it enjoy your week.

Have a great time, love somebody, forgive focus, focus and fly, so you can keep growing all right, we’ll see.
Y’all tuesday morning keep brewing solutions.
Don’t forget west side eastside, you know what i’m saying: east west, i’m from the east coast, the far east coast, [ Laughter, ], i’m from the far south, the far south like real, deep south yeah like it’s south america like caribbean.

No, it’s not released all that stuff.
Something like that, something like that, it’s still north! You all haven’t gone.
You know where we’re at we’re all over the place.

We’re international, my kids they’re smart yeah.
I didn’t wear all those learn things.

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