hey, what’s going on everyone what’s going on welcome to the cafe this is luke ramirez, the car guy.

Oh, this is something i’m here.
I’m back here jamming the holiday season feeling a little bit.

Caffeinated is in the cup and we’re ready to have a good time get a couple of smiles, get seriously silly talk to you, car guys and car gals about the great things that are coming up.

Yes, it’s going to be a great news meeting we’re going to smile, we’re going to laugh.
We might have a car guy confession session.
I don’t know, let’s see what happens for all of you that are excited to be here tonight.

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Now, let’s get the next week going four weeks left in the year four weeks left in the month, folks, i’m so pumped up, i’m positive, i’m productive, i’m all the above and ready to go what i love that man that was actually super dope.
We got so much that we’re excited about and uh so much cool things are gon na, be coming to you guys and uh great resources to help you do some really fun stuff uh we’re so thankful uh that so many people are expanding their horizons and learning.

How to use the tools that social media gives you the access to, and we want to make sure that you uh you have some fun while you do it, we want to welcome you and thank you for uh being here.
Our sponsors are really excited to get a great news message to you.
Uh again we love you all and we’re just excited to get dancing to get, forgive focus flying and talking about some great stuff.

So once again, thank you car guy.
Do that! Please do and get ready for the show.
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We want to talk about it’s going to be a short show, but we’re going to have a great time, but we do have a lot to say, as we always do, and i hope that you guys are ready to come in.
Make some comments.
Bring some questions.

But before we do so, listen to this , [ Applause, ], so , oh , [ Applause, ], and we’re back and we’re still sharing all over the place.
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I hope you guys are doing the same, but we appreciate you all for jumping in tonight to listen to what we have to say.

You know um, let’s see honor that thank you.
So much for joining us, uh richie bellow a solutionary himself, my dear someone, who’s uh graced the cafe uh, with brewing up some really special stuff that good cubing coffee right he’s got that good, cubing coffee and i really love him and uh.
He really had some some great brew in here and uh.

Thank you so much richie for always yeah.
It always has been he’s always offering me things.

He’s always doing these things to just put his love out there and we appreciate it.

So, just so you know man everything you’ve ever brought at me, even though we haven’t been able to do it, we absolutely loved it.
It brought a lot of honor to us and it felt really good in our hearts to hear what you had to say.

So we appreciate you look he’s out there tagging all kinds of people, man.

How can you not love the guy for doing that? So we appreciate you.
Hopefully, everybody out is having a good night if all the people who he tagged, do jump in nice people, man ron our author, anthony santangelo, it’s another guy.
We need to get up on the show.

I appreciate what’s up charles higgins good evening, good night he’s at the same time as us, john pellegrino, like clock work, it’s time for give focus, fly! That’s what i’m talking about.

Speaking of that, speaking of that, let’s go ahead and get that much done and making sure that we take priority when you guys.
Listen to the next episode.

You’re going to be so surprised when the forgive focus fly makes it into the show um, but go ahead and make sure you get yourself prepared right now to forgive focus and fly with us.
Wipe off the weight of unforgiveness focus on what it is that you actually want to achieve and focus on where it is that you want to go.

If you can apply those simple principles, you will keep growing and if there’s anything that you can ever see a subprime hero, doing it’s making sure that he challenges you, boys and girls, children of all ages, to keep growing yes.

So the best way that you give focus fly is oh.
The best way that you keep growing is to forgive focus.
Fly we got that down now.

That’s it folks! That’s how much we believe in that it’s a passion of ours and that’s going to be talked about and we you know, we love it and that’s just a good way to start your day to get just get a smile on your face for one two.
It’s a great way to have a mantra of thinking.
You know it doesn’t matter about what you did in the past, how bad it was where you come from.

If you put the work in – and you really believe in yourself and you focus on those things, you will fly this to heights – that you never could believe in.
I mean trust and believe we’re having a great time, and i hope you guys are too um.
It’s a great night to be on.

I appreciate everyone for jumping in.
We also got michael offmath.
Speaking of michael, you got my.

I got him right here.

Oh fi partner, oh mr elite check it out that is delicious right there, you, ah we’re not gon na, go ahead and share that that was a one timer that you can only see if you go check out elite fi and see their actual uh video, where We get a little bit of fun time, yeah of us just because having a moment experiencing what it’s like to be an elite fi partner, i tell you it’ll make you break down the elite.
F5 partners are cj, that’s right.

They had no doubt that’s what i’m talking about yeah man, speaking of uh, being 100 cdc approved uh, those of you that are jumping in here and sharing people sharing with people and tagging other people.
Thank you so much uh.
We want to make sure uh that this year is a year that ends on a great note, please.

So if that’s something that you actually want to happen, if that’s something that you actually commit in your heart, you want to do.
We want to challenge you.
Take action on it and share this share a coffee, mug emoji with somebody that you think should be inside of a place where they can get upshifted and uplifted um going and getting a cup of coffee is not just uh.

The way that we want you to feel like it is sitting down with a couple of car guys, but it’s also a way of life, where you somewhat have that solace, where you can get what you want, how you want it excellently right to taste the way That you want it to taste right and to help energize you yes to achieving what it is that you’re set out to achieve today.
It’s it’s a it’s a compliment to you contributing what you’re supposed to contribute to the world, and we want to make sure that when you leave here, something is affecting you inside of your chest, hit your chest one time and that you are finding the motivation to Go be contagiously, confident wherever you go, and if you need something to cite it, why are you so energized and excited well because i’m excited to have today, you know what i mean and also i had a cup of car guy coffee.
You know right that that is something that we want to make sure that that you can always point to, because sometimes my energy could be confused with being on.

I will just say some hard drugs, okay, um, and it’s not.
This isn’t car guy crack.
This is car guy, coffee right and it’s it’s something that we want to make sure that people understand is something that will help energize you uh inside of your mindset, taking into the taking in the podcast.

Now you can get coffee as well.
It’s going to wake! You up, i mean straight up it really it’ll it’ll help.
You really realize what you need.

It’s not just it’s the coffee’s great it wakes you up too.
Don’t get me wrong.
Well, if he does, you know it can and it can bring back memories and thoughts and tastes, and while you’re selling cars and having fun, you know something about coffee.

I always love my first cup of coffee at work.
You know it brings back to this day.
I love getting to work with coffee.

In my hand, it’s just something about that right, and so it’s that is something in there.
You know it’s not the coffee, it’s we have the product.
We do.

We have coffee out there, but we have this thing.
It’s an energy that we want to do.
We want you car people out there you, you managers, your your guys, even in the back shops, the people who are turning wrenches, the the people, cleaning cars, the the people in the back doing the paperwork, making sure that all deals are getting funded.

Everything the whole system.
They need to wake up and work as a team and grow together and look at the big picture, have fun and realize and give gratitude to each other and, and thanks and say, hey, listen man.
You know, i appreciate what you do.

I know that you’re back here and you know it doesn’t seem like we noticed, but we know what you’re doing back here and we appreciate it and that’s kind of the culture that needs to happen and that’s what car guy coffee is car guy coffee is a Culture that i’m trying to be part of there’s a lot of people out there doing it.
You know we have people that are on here right now: richie bellow, you know, charles higgins, michael often, of course, sir adam adam, my man dude.
You know he didn’t throw in here.

Sean kelly.
He typed in sean kelly is another one of those guys, no doubt about it and then even the names that are you know, ron dude ron g man he’s a heart he’s a hard-hitting.
I just like it he’s a hammer right.

I can imagine him at the desk.
You know anthony santangelo, one of the biggest hearts out there going all in so many going all in mr santangelo, i i mean i tried to put a like a quick pencil to it in my head right of the amount of people that he’s the amount of Revenue he is responsible for helping to produce because of the people that he sowed seeds into.
You know what i mean you’re talking about, that amount of people, yeah training that amount of people showing that amount of students has generated so much that it’s.

So it’s almost uncalculatable uh, but uh.
The the value that you have being somebody that’s able to master your craft by constantly teaching it um is, is something that you know is applauded by by everyone in the car business and is something that uh uh is more of what is sustainable inside of the Cultures that it takes for your entire uh dealership to have that synergy set that synergy, that’s required for you to actually achieve the mountaintop experiences that you’re shooting for if you’re, not shooting for mountaintop experiences, then you may not be rolling with a lead.
You may not be thinking out of the box.

You may not be always on your next sale.
You may not always you might not be drinking car guy coffee, but for those of you that get excited about going to the next level about finding that new challenge about finding those new people, those new relationships, the the culture that is is starting to come about Is of people that truly want to find a way to help, and when that becomes a culture, actual shift, so that’s there, then the porter wants to help the sales person and the parts guy wants to help the sales person and the salesperson wants to help the Service tech, you know what i mean or wants to help the uh the office.
You know what i mean there becomes that i’m we’re all trying to find a way to help keep this boat working properly, right, um and getting to the next level the best way possible, and that type of an atmosphere is something that, of course, everybody dreams of.

Well, but it is actual practical uh way of life um and – and i can’t say that i’ve ever i would – i would ever want to trade the uh the opportunity to be a great place to work as opposed to just making money.

You know what i mean you have to every job.
You have to uh be happy where you work to make it the best uh that it could possibly be.

So if it’s come, there’s not a bad word.
Don’t get me wrong, but it’s definitely something that you need to have to be able to support your team to be able to support all the projects you want to do.
If you, if you want to do this or that or you want to grow, you got to have those types of things, but that comes with the people that comes with the right culture that comes with the right attitude that comes with understanding.

Who really is the generator of income in your store? You know your product isn’t just the vehicles, it’s your sales people of your product, too.
You know um they’re, a huge part of your what goes on and what you’re selling at the store believe it or not.
A lot of you guys may look at the bottom line of this is vehicle.

I need to sell it above this, but in order to do that and have a good average on that, it’s your people, that’s the product, they’re, the ones that are putting themselves out there, building the rapport, doing all the right steps and trying to make it right.
So they that is part of what you’re selling you’re selling your your process.
Your process is part of the product, too.

I mean there’s so many things you can keep breaking it down.
You know there’s a lot of guys out there that are talking and preaching very similar things that we’re saying – and you know we you know we want to be in that same synergy.
I think that it’s a great thing.

We found that synergy out here.
There’s a lot of people on that wavelength, some people that are been on that wavelength for a long time and you know and they’re just way flourishing and i love being able to talk to them, get mentorship learning from them and then bringing that into where we’re.
At trying to put that into our culture at work too, you know i’m not just doing what i’ve always done.

I’m still learning i’m still growing um, that’s part of the culture too.
You have to always not just put in a good process but understand that that process sometimes can have changes and those changes need to happen without too much resistance.
You know you got to make sure that your the leader, the top of the the top of the food chain, is ready for that and he’s also going to make sure that it goes through.

And he puts in the right processes for accountability and all that.
But once you have that you have the right leadership on top, then you build the next layer up putting the right people in place by having that culture is very easy, because people are going to want to work there.
People are going to want to stay so retention’s a lot better.

When you have, you know like leadership in it, because it really does come down to leadership man.
It truly does you know so having the right leadership on every level every level i’m talking about from owner to being on that same mission, an owner can’t just say whatever the owner has to believe in that the owner has to believe in the process.

What’s going on, the owner has to believe that if he or she is, is not like, you know, trying to grow with their team or being part of it not just sitting there collecting dollar bills, they believe in their team.

They want to see their team one day.
Maybe some of them become owners themselves one day, maybe they want to see their team one day become general managers, sales managers or maybe just top sales people at their store.
You know whatever that that that person’s life mission is going to be for them.

You know whatever their best is, is what you want to promote, and you want to make sure everybody’s like that.
But if you’re, just an owner who sits back and says hey, i just hope i get a check at the end of the month to make sure i do or you guys are fired, that type of owner.
That’s never that culture is going to always die.

That’s and at the end of the day, you can make a quick dollar, but at the end of the day, people don’t want to stay and they end up leaving you just because you’re not you’re, not believing in them.
So as a top-notch, you have to start from there and then it does the same culture.
When you have that inside you as an owner, the culture bleeds down, it bleeds all the way down into where once again i talked about the beginning of this is where you as a salesperson, go walk in the back, and you tell a cleanup person how great Of a job they’ve been doing because yeah, we don’t see you guys, we need to see the product and product.

So i just want to come back here and let you know right, you as a general manager goes back there and you know grabs the whole team of cleanup guys takes them out for lunch and gets to know them a little bit more little.
Things like that.
That you can do not every day, but you can do it, because, just because when you do that, your team will flourish, your team will understand the mission.

They’ll work even harder for you, so it all starts all the way down: family fam, it’s family, family and uh.
Speaking of filming.
You know we got a member of the mob.

That’s actually uh brewing solutions with us uh for the next.
For the next week, you’re gon na get a little bit of uh.

Oh oh yeah, specials uh, jason harris um, which he helps us to actually look at things from a different vantage point, he’s literally the guy.

That’s one won being looked at as the american in canada, but when in america or in the us, he’s considered the canadian um he’s inside of this straddling of of his uh.
How people understand where he’s from? But one thing that’s unmistakable is the orange tie and the way that he brands himself and uh.
That is a key piece to everything that we were just talking about: um, where that entire culture is synergized inside of your entire dealership.

That then becomes the actual brand uh that your customer gets the chance to enjoy, see and feel he doesn’t just look like a professional jason speaking of uh.
He doesn’t just look like he knows what he’s talking about.
It doesn’t just come together just perfectly.

He has an incredible team of pros uh that are singularly focused on making sure that they bring value on everything that they do and they believe in what’s being said, uh.
So because of that, you can see, you can see the production uh come come alive, no different than a customer.
That leaves a magnificent review that touches your heart and gets you to get.

I don’t know i might be the only one that gets fumbled up.
On my words, it’s just saying thank you to a five-star review when, when they say something great – and you remember that experience, you know i love giving that response um, but that whole flow that happens where it’s a great experience like going to disney um is what You want your customer to get and everybody that’s a tough experience to match.
It really is, but if you at least have that as a aiming point that you want to give it the best if you’ve ever been to disney any of you guys have been there.

You know that when you walk in, they give you top notch, they’re always smiling.
There’s always somebody somewhere trying to help you right or if or at least there, to help you.
They won’t bug you unless you but they’ll, say nice things as you walk in.

I know i’m a disney vacation club member, so when i walk into places, i i’m like they always say when i go into my resort.
They’re like welcome home.
I love that i’m like yeah buddy welcome home.

That’s right, so man do something.
The experience is great.

I wanted to touch on that because of that experience right, yes, have you ever seen anybody take out the garbage at disney.

Have you ever seen anybody bag up trash at disney? I believe i have i believe, but it was probably a very a very rare that i may have because i think so maybe inside of maybe the resort, maybe somewhere like that, but inside of the actual parks there’s trash suits.
You know i don’t know for sure, but that suck up the trash from beneath the ground.
Okay – but that’s remember it’s a it’s designed that way, because they don’t want you to see them taking out garbage to taint that experience.

It is that important to them that the trash that goes into that receptacle gets sucked up underneath this system that takes it away so that your experience is never tainted by what it takes to take out the trash okay.

I i say that to say that, there’s a lot of times that taking out the trash inside of your business can can be so distracting that it stops you from having the fun that it takes for you to actually achieve the goal of success.
For your customer and for your employees or your your particular business itself, if you’re not having fun uh helping a customer buy a car talking to the salesperson, then you really need to have a conversation with your managers about what you’re doing every day with your life, Because it’s important to them, i’m sure that you’re successful with what you do and that you want to do it so have that talk right, but you as a leader have to always know that that person in front of you is trusting you with something right is Trusting you with you, they don’t want to hear about the problems that you’re having at work.

They don’t want to hear about the competition that you’re having you know what i mean inside of your sales goals, they’re really not concerned about that stuff.

What they’re concerned with wholeheartedly is, if you can help them, get their problem solved as quick as possible for the least amount of money usually, but they that that actually gets kind of pushed aside if they are enjoying the experience.
Just like a budget when you go to disney okay, so that’s so true! So true, but that’s a good time, that’s something that you you want to plan for, but you want a great experience.

Uh michael offmatt knows what’s going on he’s a vacation club member too right yeah, he uh.
He knows what it’s like, but michael.
Have you ever seen anybody take garbage out of disney.

You know that’s that that was a cool fact that i found out now.

If i’m wrong, i’m i mean, i think i think they’re issues, but i think that’s where they take everybody.
I think they they have places they take it to where it gets out.

Quick you’re never going to see big bins of it, but i do believe i’ve seen it getting pulled out trash cans before, but i may be incorrect because i know i don’t go to disneyland, but i don’t go to disney to pay attention to that either.

You know exactly, but you will never, but that’s why you would be like man.
I wouldn’t see that now i i know that i’ve seen it like.

Oh they were.
I know that i’ve seen you know six flags, you know.
I know that and i’m not throwing any of that out there, i’m just saying that that’s a detail that they pay attention to and they’re deliberate about, creating a system that makes that part of the experience.

Well, that’s exactly that’s important for the, because their whole their whole experience is to make you feel at home to make it as easy as comfortable as possible, because you’re bringing children there right and these children just like at a dealership.

Children get tired children get in the man.
There’s one of the hardest things to do is finish a deal with screaming babies because most people they want to leave.

You know they.
They may even want to buy it but to wrap up a deal they’re like listen.
I got ta go, i listen.

This is tough.
I should have you know.
I shouldn’t have done this or should have done.

That’s why you want to make the experience fast as possible.
Much like you know.
Mr pellegrino was talking about a little bit ago.

He likes you to save them money and save them time and like and trust those things are so important and when you can put those ingredients in through the from the top all the way down to the bottom right.

And i said that without even looking at that, that’s because i remember what he said, because it’s it’s one of those things that you have to like really be true, and it’s 100 true, and i i love that comment.
He knows what he’s talking about um it’s, but it’s truth and that’s from top to bottom.

That’s why that culture at the store has to be sewn up.
Man and people have to not waver like he was saying you can’t as a leader come in and start you know giving your woes and what are you? Oh man, this has not happened.
It’s they don’t like they don’t care, they do, but they don’t.

You are the leader, they are following you, so if you want to be like that guess, what’s going to happen, your whole team’s going to start falling apart, like that, so you have to come in as soon as you come into those doors as soon as you’re Driving to work turn that music on turn on a motivational, video whatever it is, that gets you pumped up and ready to go.
You got to go man get to working, get to get.
You get your head right man, because when you get there with one thing that making good money and getting to working, leaving the work and having a great culture at work will lead to is a better home life.

Also folks, because every day it works everything balances out and it has to because you don’t want that if you’re working, hard and you’re doing the right thing and you’re trying to be in a good culture and you’re doing these things, your whole life will be.
That same way, you cannot be it’s like.
You know, dr jekyll, and what was it? Mr uh, mr hyde right, so you can’t it’s hard.

You can’t it’s hard to be that way.
It’s it’s very uncommon and if you are that way, it’s okay, there’s medication out there for you and or car guy coffee get yourself get you some mindset, medicine right here.
It is speaking of uh mindset, medicine and somebody that’s all about knowing how to grapple with these problems that the business world usually puts on the mat with you um.

This incredible solution area right here, adam marberger, is the one that is ascending.
A hill kicking butt right now he is making likes happen and i love i love watching it.
You know what i mean because it’s like, oh yeah, it’s like you know when mike tyson uh was was really you know at his prime.

You know that he’s unstoppable, like you’re you’re, so so much uh excited when you hear about the uh, the great things that they’re doing any video that’s out there you’re like oh snap, whoa, hey mike, you know i love seeing what adam is doing.

Um he’s a solutionary that uh has some footage uh with us.
He has some great uh nuggets that i mean are so valuable for you to go out there and get inside of the car guy coffee podcast go to the website.

Listen to adam markberger drop.
Some great stuff uh, but he’s a stud himself uh and we’re loving him uh and everything that he’s doing championing your brother.
She is to you bam.

It is monday now adam.
I appreciate you for coming on.

You are.
You are dude you’re doing some amazing stuff out there.
I love what you’re doing i love you.

Once again, i love your family.
I love everything that that you are you’re a great person that i’m glad that i got to see come up in this business um and and just see what, where the growth we’re going to all sit down one day and have a great talk.
Whenever all this crap is over with you know, but that being said, cheers to you cheers to everything, keep ascending up that hill and that mountain that you’re doing man – and i know that you’re going to reach all of the peaks that you’re looking to reach man.

You’re, the man adam, is the man right so looking forward to seeing you boys soon later yeah man, we need to get together and do like one of these big conventions.

One day we’re going to get together or we’ll figure out a way, because i know there’s going to be a lot of reasons why we’re going to cross paths we already are.
We have been there’s a reason why we have so many times adam.

Is that it’s not just the fact that we’re car people there’s a lot of car people out there, but we’re all on that same frequency, bro we’re all trying to get to where we’re trying to get to and and when you can get together enough and get That frequency stronger and stronger stronger it makes that path even easier and and more fun.
So, looking forward to doing that with you, my friend, because you’re, the one thing you are is fun and i’m going to give you – and this is an oh to you, the head nod, that’s my dude all right! So facts.
You guys motivate me each day since i was on thanks david man.

I appreciate that mr bird he’s doing some stuff man.
Let me know how that meeting goes tomorrow.

Bro call me text me whatever you know the deal um so but yeah we got a lot of things like he was saying: we’re dropping jason this week, jason harris jason harris.

Once again, it’s going to be a lot of fun.
Mr strategy mob.
Mr orange ty himself, you know he’s he’s, puts out a lot of content and he has a lot of passion for this business.

He did he hit his back with the head.
That’s right, that’s right, and you know he used to do the office jiu jitsu.
That was always fun to watch too.

We’ll see that again, i’m sure we have to one day love it love it man, his school’s doing well, folks, he just his school.
Just won like, like best place, to do martial arts in your town.
I believe or work out, one of both of them or something like that.

That’s the best gym in town.
He they went out and got it because they are the best.

Have you not seen the videos of them at work? adam, is a multi-entrepreneur.

He has so many things he’s always has been.

Since i met him, he was whether he was promoting fights whether he was doing this, whether and he always had his gym going on.
He had his you know when he was doing finance.

He wasn’t just a finance manager.
He was leaving throughout the day whenever he had a break he’d go to his one business.

Okay, i’m sure he’s catching checks.

You know what i’m saying just going off doing that doing this and always welcomed us in there always let us come work out with him for free always let welcome us to his house, so great person, i mean what a heart he has the dude knows.
Everybody folks, so, if you’re looking for some help in your fn high department he’s another one of those guys man elite fi is my my sponsors and i love them and they kill it.
Adam is another one of my brothers and he does some amazing stuff.

You guys all kicking butt right now and it’s so cool to be part of this synergy.
So thank you all very much for it once again that in um, but i’m gon na go ahead and spill.
The beans um, because people that understand martial arts and how martial arts flows with the momentum of other people right and what it is that you’re trying to do right.

There is uh the mma flow and he is a person that knows what it’s like to get inside of a cage and dominate uh.
At the same time, he also knows how to dominate inside of the field of being an entrepreneur but being mma being a mixed.

Monetized artist is something that he is actually mastering, and i love watching him do that.
But i also would love to see some mixed.
Martial monetized artists rise up uh because the the the tools that are available to you can make you an expert inside of this field, and anything that is worth uh mastering is going to take practice is going to take uh it’s going to take time.

It’s going to take a series of events, you know what i mean that you can’t go from again.
You can’t.
You know it’s not going to be a month for me to go white belt black belt.

You know what i mean.
That’s not time has to take its process and build its memory with you uh, so, but being a mixed, monetized artist is something that adam is, and we love watching him do his thing uh, but he can also do the same thing for you he’s done it For some he’s helped some people out some people that we love the sisters of savings who this coming up season is going to be releasing cargill, coffee, coffee, folks, really good we’re going to keep that.
You know that is coming out.

That is something that they’ve been working on.

They’ve been practicing these.
These two, ladies, are going to bring some great guests on they’re, going to have a whole different view on this business.

Their owners of dealerships already they’ve been doing it for a long time.
It’s been in their genetics, um they’re, they’re natural at it.
They really are and they have the biggest hearts in the world, and they are definitely going to be some great interviewers with people, i’m sure they’re going to have fun.

These laugh.
I can already imagine the two: their lap is amazing.
If you think our music is catchy wait, wait till you hear their live.

You’re gon na do their laugh wow, so we’re excited to have them.
It’s gon na be great.
We’re excited to introduce that here really soon.

We have season two coming out folks on the 20th next month.
That’s already next month, 20th of next month, one year, so we’re like right there can you believe that last year we didn’t even have christmas stuff behind us, because we didn’t have that kind of episodes because we didn’t do it, we were recording.

Actually, we were doing nights like this just recording stuff.

We need to release that we’re getting ready to drop a lot of old stuff, so you guys are going to probably see some like grimy old videos, some all old school stuff.
That’s going to be.
You know.

I just like to say right: i mean that sounds cool because you know we’re rugged like that.
You know straight from the streets.
Just you know what i’m saying right up here in kentucky kentucky kids i’ll, be running them streets for real road, gravels, gravel streets, but yeah, so no we’re killing it over here we’re having fun and we’re excited about.

What’s going on the growth of car guy coffee due to people like elite, fi, think ad group, of course um, and you know next sale, everybody so many people rudy, you know rooney you’ve been great.
Mr el he’s always been really building about wearing our stuff.
Whenever he’s doing things um, you know all you guys.

It’s been.
It’s been a lot of fun, all the guests that we’ve had it’s been a great time, so we’re ready to reintroduce you guys out again redo these videos refresh it refill your cups up with some great content that you guys are going to just it’s going to Really refresh you guys so much to get you ready to understand what season 2 is going to be about it’s going to be about people getting together, learning about growth, people getting together learning about uplifting each other people getting together and understanding what positivity can do when You actually just give love out there when you just ask people for help, you guys you guys, can a lot of people complain and they say? Oh no, have you asked just ask? Are you be surprised how far that will go if you guys just reach out, so you can reach out to me or lou at any point, ask anybody who does reach out to us we’re really cool.

We love to connect.

We love to talk i’ll, give you suggestions, i’ve helped people job interviews, i’ve helped people do a lot of stuff already, since i’ve been doing this and i do it because i love it and i love helping.
I love it.
I love it.

I’m a solution area right.
We are that’s what we are so we’re here to help people we’re here to help people grow, and we are we’re going to next level stuff here soon.
This season two is going to be next level.

This next month of content is going to be new content.

This means next level all right.
So if you want some next level, car guy copy get ready for some buckle in in your car and get ready for this coffee to whip your hair back, i’m telling you it’s gon na, be that strong, we’re gon na have a lot of fun doing it.

We’re gon na have some new guests we’re gon na bring back some old guests that were just some highlights of the year that we just had we’re gon na bring back that type of energy we’re going to bring back new types of questions.
The way we even probably our new opening video we’re going to have a new opening video, i’m sure we’re going to there’s also going to be play that one play that mix again, i’m just this song right here.
This is the new like.

I think this might be the new groove.
I want to know what y’all’s opinion is everyone give us your opinion on this really quick.

Give us your opinion, see it’s things like this.

Like john pellegrino saying real talk, gentlemen y’all motivate me to be better a better business owner, husband, step, dad and friend.
The vibe is the truth: 100 car guy coffee of foods right there.
All those words is exactly what i’m talking about, because it’s the actual activation of something that hits your senses from within that spills over into your home, into your business and into your community.

Ultimately, you only have so much time on this earth you’re only going to have so much time to do something, and you want to make sure that you are not being sucked into the problem percolators.

But you are brewing solutions and we are thankful that you get to do that on the car guy coffee podcast with fred, and i we pour our heart into this, but we also love hearing about people that are taking this and going someplace with it um.
I can’t tell you how valuable um it was and how much it blessed my heart um to have charles higgins.

You know, make the drive up to come and say that after 20 years inside of the car business, he took a sip of car guy coffee.

Just the positive promotion of great news that we want to make sure that we bring in this message to give focus fly, so you can keep growing.

He came up to say thank you for that, because it reinvigorated his love for the car business and has he’s launched into doing some incredible things so thankful for that um.

Seeing people give you the actual truth of what it is that it’s done for them and listen to the reading recommendations and reading these.

These comments that people say to us and the things that you text us and say that that is way beyond what we could have ever thought.

People would really say back to us uh, but we’re so grateful for it all.

But that’s what you’re capable of when you spill over? Oh, you get so filled up with something hot with something filled with flavor, some good stuff right.

It comes from the grinding of life right every day.
We’re we’re sharpened up just a little bit more or we’re dulled out, which one are you you know are you are you? Are you stuck where it is that you are and you need something to and get you reinvigorated get you a super car guy crawling high five.

Somebody do this! Please smile! There’s plenty of car guy coffee out there, for you guys too get you some of that.
He’s so right, you know the thing you know thing like john pellegrino says man, i’ve known him for a long time and john is a great person.

Always has been these things saying that you know he.

We encourage him to want to be a better husband, a better business owner, a better everything right.
I that’s dude.
That means so much to me more than you know, and so i that being said, you do the same thing when you say those things.

You know we we get lifted by each other.
We all need each other to be able to grow.
You know my energy is, is exactly what i’m trying to throw out there.

What you just said.
I just hope that that’s what it does for anybody who listens to me.

If it doesn’t, you know you don’t have to listen, you can always change, but if you want to, you could always listen and i’m here to help i’m here to share i’m here to care, i’m here to do all those things.

I’m also here just to listen.
If i have to you know – and i would love to just hear what people have to say, but the thing is that when you put out positivity, it does affect people and that affection that you have right there when you say something like that means so much To me that it encourages me to try to go even harder, you know that’s why we want to do this season two.
You know we want to keep moving.

We don’t want to stop.
We keep growing, we’re forgiving, we’re, focusing and we’re flying.
I’m forgiving season.

One season one was a good season.

I’m forgiving that season yeah, we learned a lot.
I learned a lot a lot we messed up.

We had we recorded episodes that we had, we lost like literally, we had it all and then it just disappeared.
We had to re-record at least two or three of them.
I think those are embarrassing, calls graceful man, they were so nice about it, but they’re like.

Let’s do so.
We had to do the same interview, exact same interview.
Almost we.

I would switch up the questions.
Just to keep it fresh, but always the first question same one, but we would but it would have to be all natural again, so we would have to.
But every conversation was that, but they always you know and that’s why the hardest thing ever everybody says is about our timing.

Right is how much time we take, because we really get stuck inside of the cafe like we’re inside of a cafe, not karen.
Somebody just keeps refilling the cup and we just keep talking.
You know what i mean.

It is so much fun having these talks.
The time flies so quick guys.
I need to go, but i’m back in this company 100 percent appreciate it so so roland with.

I mean i want to hit something for david, real, quick um.
Is that he’s a person that cares for the customer and that they’re actually happy, and he does that because of the flow that he has from the dealership.
So every single moving part, whether it’s in the service lane or it’s in the sales department or it’s the finance department or it’s the detail department.

It doesn’t matter where the connection piece is inside, of the store that entire engine has to move um in order to be successful.
For that person, that’s standing in front of you willing to give up their money for your product, so take it seriously, love all the people that you have so that you have that synergy.
David has some great knowledge that he’s going to drop in the future uh, but he’s also continuing a piece of the conversation that we get to have with jason harris that you’re going to hear this week because there’s you know jason is a multi-dealership owner uh and He understands how that entire flow has to work.

You know what i mean so again.
I want to make sure that we always keep the business because we’re all car guys and car guys we got so much time.
So we want to make sure that you’re getting the value of what you’re spending your time with us to get and thank you so much for everybody.

That’s given uh great great accolades to us for doing it, but we’re only good at brewing something good to talk about, and usually it’s about the people we’re talking to.
You know what i mean: it’s not really even what we’re doing inside of our store.
It’s what uh you all are doing that are out there being successful.

It’s we have this giant.
Like you know, imagine this is a cup right.
This is our car.

Imagine this is a car guy copy, podcast cup.

Imagine imagine and everybody that we’ve interviewed all the questions that we’ve asked.
We’ve slowly put a little bit inside here right that all of a sudden, you have the best brew that you’ve ever had in your life.

It’s the best flavor, it’s mixed in with so many different answers that can help you get to the next level, and i told you if you took a sip of this and you just all you had to do was finish this up finish this cup and get You some right, if you did that, and you would change your perspective, you would be in a better energy you’d, be you’d, have more fun at work, which is our key ingredient is fun.

You know, if there’s anything that you guys have noticed about us.
What do we always do? We smile? We laugh.

We have fun our guests, every one of them at the end, tell us man, we have fun.
That was a fun interview, score el patron rudy.
I mean i just remember his exact words was.

This is the most fun.
I’ve ever had an interview ever yeah wow.
That was great.

So i appreciated that so much, and i remember that that was one of our first main interviews that we did.

You know they were all made but like on the first interviews period and wow, it was like wow we’re really having fun doing it too.
So at least we know they’re having fun as much fun as we’re having so, if you’re not having fun you’re, not doing it right, you know what i mean, and that should be a mantra for you to blow that work.

That’s our key you’re, not having fun! You’re not doing it right and we want to make sure that you are having fun so just play the music.
Just talk a little bit just high fives.
Have you guys heard? Have you guys been seeing the have you guys seen our map matt’s mentor moment? Oh snap, speaking of matt’s mentor moment, i’m gon na drop that video again one more time for you guys for here for a second, this was one i just dropped on facebook.

I dropped on linkedin to it’s rough drafting.
It guys – and i you know i want y’all’s opinion matt is killing, it he’s actually an amazing.
I’m sure you guys heard me talk about him.

So has lou.
He is our first mentor literally our first mentor and still a mentor of ours so check this out.
Matt’s mentor moment: hey it’s matt damos here to talk to you about the three mandates of leadership.

Today, it’s very trying time in car dealerships right so you know, there’s all kinds of stuff going on.
Obviously, with the pandemic, with availability of pre-owned inventory and uh, you know trying to solve all of these problems, not to mention you know the mental health of your overall staff.

So i’m here to talk to you about the three mandates of leadership.

Whenever you are faced with adversity, uh or problems going on in your dealership, number one see it how it is not worse than what it is so see it for how it is not for worse than what it is.
In other words, don’t turn a mountain or a molehill into a mountain, examine the problem.
You’ve probably been there before or face similar adversity, so don’t make it worse than what it is.

Second mandate of leadership see it better than what it is all right.

So this way you can create a vision for how you want it to be, and last but not least, make it.
How you see it, in other words, come up with a strategy on how you’re going to improve things and then implement those strategies.

Get your entire team on board and i promise you you’ll – have the results that you’re looking for i’m matt damos – and this has been your mentor moment.

Wow man that was 100 car got coffee, approved great job.
Matt demos, michael offit, says tell matt.

He did a great job yeah, he did man.
I appreciate you for saying that and i’ll.
Let him know that you said that man, it’s it’s uh, i’m glad you’re still on here, michael man.

I appreciate you folks once again: let’s talk about our sponsors tonight, this brew has been brought to you by elite.
Five partners go to www.


If you need that little edge.
That will take you just to that next level.

You know what that lev.
That level is called elite and guess what we are we’re elite f5.

That’s right, hashtag, that bad boy.

So we are they’re a great group of people and also once we also have some great people, our very first sponsors people who are still sponsoring us and look at.
We even got their shirts on both of us, we’re in two different styles right now, tink think about it.
That’s right, www.

com love them check them out reach out to them.
They have solutions for you.

They can teach you how to retain your customer base at a much better level with less work for you to do yes, so nice and it’s so important that you at least think about the way that you are approaching, how you farm your previous customer base and They are masters inside of that field, and we want to encourage you to think ad group uh the next time that you’re thinking about trying to find a way to creatively get a message to your customers.
They have a way to do so.
You can ask us about it if you don’t really want to book the call with them by all means, uh message us and we can answer some of the questions for you.

I hope i’ve been through uh hearing some incredible things: uh from other people about uh.
What i think is also done for them and uh would love to you know, give you a complete.
You know real car guy answer to what it is like uh having that type of a service inside of your store, so give me a shout: give fred a shout and we’d love to talk to you about it uh, but inside of that uh there’s other people That are inside of the think, tank that think ad group hosts and that’s uh, the next sale.

Mister next sale himself.
Captain nutshell: yeah yeah, that’s not so hard for me! Oh snap, oh okay, but men there’s so many great people that have so many great tools that i’m so excited that they get to come into the cafe and they get themselves reinvigorated.

We’re so thankful that we get the chance to put smiles on people’s faces.

Doing great things and that they believe in us enough uh to help us get this message out to you um again forever humbled for it, but make sure that you’re doing something with what it is that you get implement it uh make things happen inside of your Store, even if the only goal that you have is to find the person that can’t find their smile and get one to them.
Folks chase people down with smiles make sure that you encourage people and when you have great mentors in your life, like matt, extract that great information and share that um.
I can’t tell you how my career would be if i didn’t have a matt damos inside of it pouring the things that he poured and taking those moments with me now it’s one thing saying it in front of a camera.

It’s another thing saying in in front of thousands of sales people across the country and he’s done so there’s so many dealerships that are in a better place because he’s come through and he’s coached them from beginning to end on a deal.

And these are the things that he’s going to be dropping into the moments that you have right here inside of the cafe so from a car guy to a car guy.
If you want uh somebody to be able to maybe drop a few nuggets into you for a little bit just to say hey, this is something that maybe you didn’t look at it from this angle, and that would help you understand the customer a little bit better.

If you did and now it’s something he’s a master jedi at because he helps you to stay three answers ahead in every conversation um, but they’re, not like you’re, just saying you’re ahead.
You really know how to have that conversation with somebody, a master um.
Listen to those mentor moments, because it’s really really good good, good, good, good, good, good, good good! It’s good yeah, matt’s amazing! You know his mentor moments are going to be really fun to coach him up on i’m going to get him here in the studio.

We were supposed to do that tonight.
My nephew had a birthday party.
We didn’t quite have a chance to get it done today, but we’re going to get together knock out some videos i’m going to get behind her because it’s hard for him to record without having an audience right, because he’s really good.

When he’s a friend of salespeople training, so i’m going to i’m going to give him that i’m going to give him that experience of training right.
So i’m going to be more like the sales person.

But i’m gon na be coaching him on the video and i think i’m gon na do some like i was talking about we’re gon na do new style content.

I think i’m gon na use his videos to practice doing those types of content too.
Like more of that cut, stop type videos and stuff, i want to do things like that.
I think it’d be fun, so i can tell him to say this and stop shut up next one.

Okay, do this cut okay, bingo got it! .

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