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She was cooking for me, joe, what’s going on charles higgins, welcome to the cafe cheers to every one of y’all.
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I hope you guys are having a good one.
We’re excited.

We have a lot of things that are coming up, so we’re going to be a little bit more busy on production and reproduction and getting these getting all this information that we have gathered over the last freaking, basically 12 months.
You know or 11 months right.
So we’ve put all this information: we’ve had all these great guests now it’s time for us to actually use all this content and reuse it and put it out there for you guys and put it in a spot where you guys can be more educated from it.

Instead of just a long story, you can get pieces of stuff, that’s going to help motivate you, it’s going to be like a quick brew right.

So that’s what we’re going to be working on and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

We got a lot of other things that we need to work on, so it’ll give us time, so these nights that we do these like.

We start this at 11, 30 and then we, you know, we finish it.
You know whenever we finish it hour hour and a half and then we and then we go to uh and then we you know, then we spend time talking a little bit.
We do things, but now we can sit down and we’re gon na focus on building again now it’s time for us to build, and i want you guys to be all part of that, where we’re looking for suggestions on things that you think you want to hear About talk about see about all that type of stuff, we have guests that we need, but we’re going to be filling up next year’s for season two yeah we’re excited about season two, i know you guys should be excited because season two is right around the corner.

Next year season, two i’m excited about that wrapping up the year, though that’s what’s uh so so exciting for, for those of you that haven’t had the chance to digest or get um a full dose or a full brew of all the things that we’ve we put Out there there’s only so much time in the day we get it.
We understand um, but there’s some great value, that’s uh, coming to you, and it’s coming to you in in is an announcement for what it is that we’re trying to do as a whole.
Inside of this industry, with this platform and with the platform that we share with other people, i mean understand the stuff that you’re going to still get between now and when we launch our second season is going to be with people like sandy sarami you’re, still going To get scott joseph is still coming with every podcast you have jason garris you’re, going to hear more from listen, there’s a spew of the the the name.

The names mean something guys.
If you don’t know what your name means.
Look them up.

You know, but names actually mean something in the announcement that uh we have so many michaels, and we have so many davids that are dropping knowledge and pouring themselves out inside of this cafe and and people that are uh, just people that are known to venture off Into uh uh into the unknown and find success, you know the the archangel michael.

You know such a fighter, uh david, the beloved you know, but we have uh michael larkin.
We have michael offmyth uh, one of our sponsors.

We have uh michael dooley from australia, michael landis.
We have michael landis, always always right there supporting and still to come right uh.
We also so then going through a slow of the david’s.

You know we have david villa david munford.

We have uh dave boyd, goodness guys we have so many people.
El patron’s got got some more uh stuff that you guys haven’t, had the chance to see or hear yet yeah um ida mendez.

Our our coffee connection, uh, is, is dropping some crucial information for those of you that actually uh enjoy knowing a little bit more about the coffee that you drink.
You know what i mean: um, there’s so much important great stuff that that’s out there for you to know um but uh.
We all know that you can only digest so much.

You can only take so many cups a day and we are filling up um.
An entire vat filled uh with information that we want to help funnel out to you and get you.

It’s gon na be fun to sit there, because you know that’s something that we.

If we had, you know we have full-time jobs folks and we love our full-time job, so we’re dedicated to that.
So when we get off we, you know we do these things with our families too, we’re also dedicated to our families.
Then we do this in our spare time.

So this spare time is when our families are sleeping, usually right, so we stay up with just a few more hours.

We work really hard and now we’re going to use more of this energy towards once again production.
Getting you guys more content, cleaner content, yes, really precise content on what you want.

Really i mean it’s going to be a lot of fun to sit here and experiment.
So when we put the stuff out folks, i want to get your opinions on it.
I need y’all’s ideas, i need your likes and dislikes.

We needed everybody’s information because we want to make it as good for everybody as possible.

Yes, you know we’re going to have a lot of fun with it.
It’s going to be really clean.

Great information.
Information is what it’s all about right now to me, and it’s all about what we want to give for you guys.
So the more you give just the season of giving so we’re ready to sit down and start putting our work in right now to make sure that, when 120 21 hits it’s going to be fired, coming out right, we’re going to have everything up to that point.

It’s going to be new style content, so when it’s time to rock into season 2 season 2 is going to be next level.
So we’re really excited to be ready because we’re going to be calling on some of you uh, there’s a lot of yeah, absolutely things that we want to.
We we are talking of, and people that are making some noise out there, that we definitely want to get onto the show and have some fun with so be ready for us to call um and or maybe just show up with a bag of coffee and a Bunch of cups and say listen, we have an idea, you know, and we want to talk about some fun stuff with you, so just be ready to see some some fun uh new things that are going on.

I mean that are crazy.
This culture has has gone into a subdued mode for a little bit.

I believe that we are about to completely bust loose at the seams, with vibrant expressions of our very best professionally uh relationally um, educationally you know, and we’re going to have so much great fun.
While we do it so make sure that you stay connected to us, you know make sure that you have car guy coffee, dot com, your plug in to everything.
That’s brewing! You know if you want to get nice nice looking gear appreciate chris jumping in here who you’re gon na hear some from him too.

Chris power gomez is somebody else.
That is a brand expert that can help you uh get yourself branded the proper way and he’s got some great content.

That’s gon na be churning up inside of the uh the coming time before we hit season.

Two so just know guys, there’s some great people that are out there, but you can get you some of this swag.

You can get you a nice hat, you can, you know, get you a nice shirt, an inspiration and uh make sure that people know that you are a solution.

You know it’s the best for the car guy in your life.

If you need to find that little knick-knack, you know those little side, gifts that you get, somebody that that’d be really cool to them.

You know a hat like this or you know, a shirt that says you know, keep growing or forgive focus fly or just a car guy come on our car guy coffee shirt is probably one of my favorite shirts.

I own period the gray and it’s got the logo on it, they’re very comfortable.

I give them some friends that are not even in the car business they’re, just really really close friends, and they always tell me where you get those sharks made man.
Those are nice.

They’re just the material it just doesn’t you know just that’s good.
I’m like i agree, let’s be honest, amazing all right.
So yes, absolutely so i’m excited about um everything that we’re trying to do right now, we’re you know.

We got a few things that we want to talk about.

Also, we want to start this um.
We want to start helping the local foster kids with getting christmas gifts, and i want to make sure that they have the best christmas of their lives.

So, even if yes right now, we probably have really good opportunity right now to give them a pretty good christmas, but i want to make it a great christmas, so we’re going to be putting out some stuff out there for that um.

You know i i, whatever we can put together 100 of it’s going to go 100 into the hands of that all the presents and all that there’s not going to be any outside company getting money for it or whatever.

We want to make sure it’s done right.

So we’ll put out some posts about that here soon, um the sooner the better.
It’s probably only can you know, i think a goal of a thousand dollars would be really cool, so if you guys could help out with that would mean a whole lot.
I’m going to talk about that a lot i’ll, probably bring it up in every one of my quick brews and whatever you know my when i do my lot walks and stuff i’ll probably bring it up also at the beginning of all of them, because i want To bring it up immediately, because i want that to be the first thing that people see and then i’m going to talk about.

That’s really important.
So it’s to me it is, and i think it’s a great thing, the more you give the more you get make sure you guys do the same thing find a cause in your local community.

Make sure you’re doing those type of things right now make sure that you’re talking to your people in your in your dealership and seeing how they’re doing making sure they’re going to have a dinner at their house make sure they’re going to have this.

You know, because you know, though you as a manager as a leader, you a lot of times.
You know you you get by you, you know you’ve handled it.
You’ve been in the business long enough.

You knew how to manage your money by now.
You you and you make a pretty good money income.
I would assume right so, if you’re doing it right, um, but so sales people, sometimes they go through these little fluctuations and currently in this world it’s been a really crazy world.

So sometimes he sells people you’re going to have your superstars, like my patrick this month, who rob patrick, big dog, big dog, patrick, so so um, so my guys are watching.
But yes, no, i mean dude, it’s it’s just a fun inner competition, it’s really great, but but uh.
They know.

But you know some some people excel and some people just had a bad time through it.
You know it’s, it’s really.
100, it’s all! What’s going on! In this world, it’s been in between people’s ears the whole time, it’s like people’s mind are just going crazy about what’s next what’s happening, so they hold on to that, and what that really is is just like what we talk about with forgive it’s you’re.

Holding on to just all this stuff that you are not forgiving like you’re you’re, letting all the weight of the world that you have no control over you’re, letting you know the things that you’ve seen happen in the past, it’s going to happen to me again that Type of stuff – or you know you got to let that go so so key so key.
So, speaking of being in key folks, there’s there’s a lot of things that, of course, can be very easily distracting you from the places you’re trying to get your business and that’s whether you’re a salesperson or you’re, an owner or you’re a solutionary.

That’s maybe a vendor for a dealership, no matter what the limitations seem to keep piling up and being there’s answers for you if you actually are seeking the truth, if you’re trying to seek out that light, if you’re trying to seek out that knowledge, i encourage you Be diligent about looking for those solutions be diligent about also looking for those solutions for other people.

You know sometimes um when i, when, when i have a bit of a motive, to get an answer for uh, my wife or for my kids or for a salesperson or for you, you know what i mean um or for anybody.
If there’s something that you’re looking for you know, i’d love the opportunity to go, find that answer.
You know.

That’s kind of that innate part of a great, i believe, successful sales person in general is that they enjoy the task of hunting out the solution.
You know what i mean of finding that a real sales person.
You know right right like right, a real solution, an honorable solution like there’s, there’s, like you know, there’s sales people out there that they were they’re, the ones who only want laydowns and anybody who’s not to lay down to them is just they don’t wan na they Don’t the moment they hear no, so they’re just they’re like to me: that’s not you’re, not a sales person, so this customer says no you’re at that point.

You’re, just the friend you’re just trying to help them and you are, but as as you get to a certain level with customers, it’s not that you’re trying to manipulate them.

It’s just that they are accustomed to a certain way of buying vehicles right.
So when they’re looking at a certain way of buying cars, the way their dad showed them from 30 40 years ago or whatever you know, what i mean it’s just not it’s not the same anymore, um everything, nothing is the same anymore.

I mean the way we get our i mean.
Gosh bless, it’s a whole different world, it’s a whole new, oh, but that’s what it is.
So you know that as a salesperson job is the fun part is when you have people who have that trial.

That they’re trying to give you you know so you’re like okay, hold on.
I understand what you’re saying here, but let me explain why that doesn’t make sense in today’s economy the way it works and how you purchase a vehicle in this process now and but the thing is the way you’re and you can show how it saves them days Of purchasing time and headache when it all just boils down to do you like the vehicle and do you in the you know, i can prove to you it’s a fair price.
I can show you that these numbers are correct.

The interest rate is not based off of what i say.
It is, of course, the interest rate is all determined by your credit history, your job time, and then, of course, what banks say.
Yes and whatever their terms are that they have current for those types of parts that you know.

So every bank is different, so you may go to one bank get 12.
Another bank gives them 18, but that bank that game 12 percent won’t give them enough advance because they need that.
You know this person’s got four grand negative equity, so you got the 18 is where it’s at for that.

So that’s kind of the conundrum .
You know it’s almost like for them.
It’d be smarter for them to come up with a few thousand dollars down and be able to stay at that lower number right.

But you know, if that’s possible, for them.
You know that and that’s where everything inside of that, that juggling act absolutely of putting together a loan is where you need a subprime hero inside of your store, because that not everything is going to match perfectly to the rate sheet that the bank puts out there.

Especially when there’s a relationship to be had between the actual um dealership and the finance company right, when people get to actually hear you out and and look for a reason to help the customer, rather than looking for a reason to disqualify them um, it changes the Way that business gets done, and and so with that it’s it’s just important – that uh processes are put in place, but the tools are actually there.

You know what i mean and the resources and the people you know all of these.

These moving parts is the juggling act that every dealership is trying is trying to uh come out successfully right.
They only want to spend so much money to get the customer in and they only want to uh spend so much money to get the attention of that.

Customer and so whatever seeds, you’re sowing are gon na, be the fruit that you’re you’re reaping or or the fruit that you’re growing uh.
So it’s it’s so important that um there there is a synergy uh all throughout the the dealership and the relationships that they have outside right, but it also is at the base of the customer to the salesperson in saying, hey look.
I am not just here to sell you something and to make money to pay my bills, i’m here, because i want to find the best solution for you and if i don’t have the best solution for you, i want to at least put you on a path That gets you closer to it.

I don’t want to be somebody that impeded you right.
No, absolutely! No, i mean you don’t want to set you want to.
This is just that the old school in you know what and what he’s, and i know what you’re saying.

That’s 100 correct man is, and it’s it’s the thing is the risk, the root, the resistance that you have between customer and salesperson.

Initial resistance.
A lot of times is just the fact that the way it was done in the past right was always so underhanded.

You know what i mean like people would always try to you know.
People would always feel like they’re getting over on each other, so it was either the sales person was getting over on the customer or the customer was getting over on the sales person.
So it was always a battle: why don’t we got ta trick each other? It’s not a battle anymore and that’s part of what i think that i’ve really perfected in my craft – and i know lou – has also is getting to to the brain of the customer and explaining to them.

Look i’m not here to battle yeah.
I am a human dude, i’m literally in the business of solving your transportation problem, helping you get to the next level of purchasing.
You know of life, letting this be done, quick and simple, so you don’t have to do and spend two to three days or even if you go to just one store and spend half a day there, that’s ridiculous! I can get you in and out less than two hours easy and that’s if we look at more than one car, if you find, if i can help you out in the car that you’re your dreams first test drive, then it’s probably an hour.

You know so amazing time you shorten your shortener time, you you’re being honest with them, but you’re trying to eliminate that resistance by just building trust and that’s what all boils down to when you’re a salesperson is building trust with them.
Building rapport with them truly building rapport, not hey yeah buddy, you married, oh cool, yeah, yeah, kids right on man, me too yeah wow, whoa yeah.
You got to be more real and and not and not necessarily act.

I’ve heard a lot of managers say you got to be an actor yeah sorta what you do in a way, but not really.
You still be true to yourself, but really listen like as, if you’re trying to make new friends um, you don’t want to cross too far into friend land trust me um, but you do want to get enough to where they believe that you’re their friend in the Car business right, you’re, the guy who’s gon na guide them through this process, to save them that time and money to make it easy and simple right, because nobody wants to go through this hard long process of buying a vehicle.
Even perfect credit doesn’t to the worst credit.

Doesn’t so it doesn’t matter, they don’t want to go through this process.
Now there is some of those old guys that i do love.

They come on a lot and that’s all they want to do.

They want to go through that process of negotiating and vendor trading and doing all this crazy stuff that you know the way, but it’s addicted to them.
Remember: media guys is powerful, powerful.
So the way that you see things in movies tv shows and commercials is the way people actually leave the house and sometimes try to do them.

It’s no different than when it was you having a dial on your television set that had 13.
You know 13 numbers on it uh or a uh, something like right now, where you, you see ads non-stop everywhere, you go um, but you for the most part act.
The way that media teaches you in a lot of ways and people will you debate me on that, but people think that the things in the movies actually happen right, i mean i met a lot of uh tv gangsters right that aren’t so gangsta.

You know they’re.
My favorites a little bit a little when it’s time to get gangster.

You know what i mean so so you have a lot of.

You have a lot of uh influence that comes from media, but the people that that interact with the customer interact with them, because the way the media has taught them to go buy a car still.

You know so that’s the thing that that we have to make sure that we are being really like, so laser focused and understanding to the customer.
We got to get a message to them that that experience is not going to be this contentious, giant fight, um right to manipulate you, it’s going to be the best way to help you.

You know and the whole point and you’re right not to cut you off, but that’s the whole point of car guy coffee, guys right i mean when it first started.
Our first, like initial thought, was: you know, of course, to have fun together.
Hang out right, it’s cool, it’s cool because we’re building something there’s nothing better than doing something with somebody like that right, but but the other side of it is really it.

It comes down to like changing the what people think not us.
Yes, us, but, but you know what people that are not car people who people who come in there are clients the people who buy vehicles which are some car guys, what they think about the buying process and what they think about car people.

I remember you always hear the joke used.

Car sales person and lawyers are the worst of the world right this and that right, my kids go to school and hear that every day right you know, but they hear that you know you know and i’m, like my dad, isn’t that guy.
What is wrong when i first got in the business, i would get that from my uncles.
They would always joke on me about it, but you know i didn’t really care because i remember my wallet was getting fatter and fatter every year and i was like man, i’m buying all kinds of cool stuff bro.

I don’t know so, and i love it, and the thing is is once again, it always boils down to at the end of the day, it’s the relationships that you build and it’s not your clients relationships so and then, as you build relationships with clients, you step Up to the next level, now that clients that you have become your whatever your network is there at the dealership that passes on to all your people that you’re working with right, you’re they’re coming in you’re, throwing them bird dog, i mean bones, i mean you’re, throwing Them like all kinds of deals like hey, come on yeah one of my customers now you’re, passing that gift on and but you’re giving them good service because you trained and you poured into those people on how you do it most likely.
I would hope – and you just keep rocking and rolling that way, and it’s just it just keeps building at that type of level where you just pass it on and you’re and you’re just giving all you can to the business.
You know and that’s the love of it, i mean the best way for you to really ever complete learning something it, and actually you continue learning always by teaching by by teaching someone.

You know when you, when you teach your son, how to do something.
It ignites something inside of you that makes it better.
You know, you know fred freddy’s, a black belt, so he’ll he’ll be in front of of many other people and explaining to them.

You know this is how you do this.

This is how you do these forms, and this is how you uh get to this level and and it’s because of a due diligence that was put in before that he gets the chance to help be that example to other people, just like others that are inside Of this business, the thing is: is that you don’t get there by not being challenged right.
You don’t get there, you don’t get promoted by having less to do.

You actually pick up more, so the more that you sow, the more you get trusted to carry, and so some more no doubt so in in what lou is saying so true in martial arts, like so as a white belt, you’re you’re, all you you’re just needing To know the basic and you’re, not i mean you actually are shunned to.
If somebody tries to show you shunning dojo right, we call it dojo in taekwondo right, so we in the dojo like so, if you’re a white belt, we’re not going to show you anything to do with yellow belt we’re not even going to show you the advanced, Kicks you know nothing like that.
You need to focus on your basic, fundamentally talk about all the time.

Building your fundamental right, perfect, fluid fundamentals right, so you you’re building it right so with martial arts is the same way, but then you get to your yellow belt right! That’s the next level! Then you have to not just know all the white belt and you have to maintain the white belt stuff right.
Then you get to the yellow belt.
Now you have to get all that correct, learn all the stuff that you have all the different techniques and not just your forms, but the different kick styles that you’re learning the different types of blocks; terminology that you have to start learning them.

It’s it’s really.
It’s cool, then you, but imagine that layer that up 10 times 10 different levels so now you’re at like a tenth different level.
And now you have all ten of these forms that you have to know all ten of these different types of kicks that you have to know all ten of the different terminologies that you have to know all ten of so much so it just much like being A leader in a dealership or being when you first start as a car guy you’re on the floor, your your level of understanding as a green, pea, pre, getting your tie cut is it’s it’s a much it’s a different level.

It truly is, and it’s it’s not that it’s a bad thing.
I think it’s a great thing right.
So it’s it’s, it’s it’s the way you build up so, but you have to be patient and, like i was saying it’s not about like you can’t don’t be a green p and say i want to know how to do finance right now.

You can, and you will learn it but understand that until you build that fundamental pace of understanding, because it won’t work and you you won’t, have longevity and you won’t find it as a career you’ll find it as a job instead.

You’re, like i hate doing this right, so make sure that you build it up right, make sure you do it right, it’s okay, to fast track.
Yes, i encourage it.

Some people are fast-tracked but build it up.

Built, sell 20 cars at least once right.
Do that at least once so, what were the keys that we saw from from the fast tracker series right? I mean because to be a fast tracker guys, i want to make sure that we we do re ignite, that brew, let’s go ahead and pull that off.

The shelf real, quick and brew that up for you that this is a a a solutionary lifestyle that is saying hey.
I can only get further down the track if i take some of the wisdom for somebody.

Who’s already had an extensive amount of exposure to the track, and i condensed that into my understanding and then i apply it properly or you go through the the lifestyle of experience, so you can either learn.

It learn the fast stuff you can go through it and and figure out what it actually took to get there or you can learn from somebody master.
What somebody else knows and then apply that uh properly right.
So not every teacher is the same.

You know you know, master lee is a totally completely different teacher.

He can.
You can get all of the same types of certifications and belts from people, but not everybody’s gon na get a master league type of experience right, not everybody’s, going to get uh the same type of person, giving them that it’s different different traditions like so you can Have five taekwondo schools all within a hundred mile radius right so in those five taekwondo schools they’re going to teach different stuff every one of them, even if they have the same original grandmaster, because as people start to do things, they adapt? And that’s: what’s cool about this business, it’s the same thing! It’s nothing wrong with that! Your base is the same right, but maybe he he suggests that he believes that throwing a sidekick is a little bit better.

This way – or maybe he thinks that you know a certain type of high block – should be done up this way because of his experience that he’s been through.

That’s nothing wrong with that.
That is you, that is, he has earned that he has been there he’s.

Like look, i’ve worked on my craft for 15 years right and i’ve been doing it pretty much every day and i love what i do and you know i want to show you guys how i do it.
You know, and that’s that’s called his legacy, he’s leaving his mark on the world, and it’s like that with car people, you’ll you’ll run into 10 guys in a room the best in the world and every one of them do it differently.

They do.

They have a lot of the same base stuff right, but at the end of the day, they’re going to have different ways.

They do this they’re going to have different ideas.
But that’s what’s the beautiful part about this? It’s art, it’s really artwork and you can have so much fun doing it and in the meanwhile, as like, charles higgins, said it’s about the relationships you build once again with your clients with the people on your team with your um, you know with your vendors with It’s it’s.

Let me tell you secret folks: the secret of life is building relationships, your relationships and real yeah real relationships over them, but no but serious, uh and seriously silly.
I do want to kind of hit another quick pieces on that guys when you have these relationships that get connected and you get these tools that get plugged in for your business to grow.
You know again it’s it’s so much more fun when you’re constantly trying to discover something new when you feel like that’s it.

This is all you’re going to get out of this.
This toy this adventure, this this relationship that that fire goes out.
You want to always make sure that you’re trying to uncover the new uh great way to have more fun and keeping that fire going.

That’s why it’s so important that inside of a marriage, you’re always trying to find a way to stoke that fire that you’re trying to keep things revved up um and keep pursuing each other right.

The the the love uh, a true love, is in constant pursuit of, and people that truly love the helping people with their product are always pursuing somebody to help them with it.
They really don’t even know that that’s inside of them that that place in them is trying to chase out someone to bring them the solution that they have for a problem that they most likely have anyway.

But saying all of that when, when connecting uh.
Just all of those these pieces to the puzzle, you have uh people uh.
I mean that that are in here that know what it’s like to go through challenges inside of their business.

That know what it’s like to uh to come through, successful and and find the way to fail forward and uh.
So many people are available for you to learn from that in order to truly fast-track.
You want to be able to listen to those people that have learned see some of the tools that they have put them to work in your flow in your way, because at the end of the day, it’s going to be your cup that needs to be filled.

It’s going to be your cup that needs to have something inside of it, and you have to be intentional about getting something inside of your cup.

So, although we’re saying we’re brewing solutions, yes, you’re brewing solutions.
Who is the master of your moment? You know you you, there is one master, but it, but he is giving you a tool.

You have.
You have the the same symbol or very similar, very similar ability to manifest things inside of this world.
If you believe them, and if you you actually speak them into existence with in existence with faith and put work behind them, you can reap great things, and many of you already have done so inside of your businesses and we’re we’re watching you all and we’re motivated By you all and we’re so encouraged that we get the chance to brew solutions with you all and that we get the chance to just put a smile on your face, you may never take anything.

They may never take nothing that we say um seriously, but they’ll get a giggle they’ll get a laugh at least they’ll laugh at us or with us.

Everyone like funny, like ha ha a funny like uh-oh.
You know like either way we’re we’re glad to bring a smile, no matter what you’re wearing.

We appreciate people saying uh things about the the different ways that you’ll see us dressed.
You know, of course, uh.
This whole time period has changed the way that people present themselves professionally um, but no matter what we are wearing on our heads on our bodies on our feet.

Uh, the most important thing that we can ever put on is that smile is that that encouragement, right is, is showing uh those those teeth that mama paid for right, um the to to make sure that we are showing the encouragement.
You know when i hear my guys sitting there talking on the phone.
You know i would be like hey that really didn’t sound like you were smiling at all man.

I was smiling what you talking about.
You were smiling i’m sitting right there.
Looking at you, you were not smiling, you know, and the customer knows it, that’s why they hung up on it.

You know but uh, it’s it’s so important that you are smiling uh and and and draw that out.
You know i usually go.
Go to my guys.

You know if they’re not smiling and they’re on the phone they’re in there and they’re like they’re, so focused i’ll, just go over there make a big circle i’ll be like and then walk away.
Oh you know and then they’ll just jump back into their call.

You know but get your guys to smile.

I promise you it’ll change your life and it’ll just be better at work when everybody’s going.
I don’t know what i mean.
You know start with start with.

The smile uh make sure that you forgive focus fly um, which we didn’t actually kick.
This entire thing off.
I’ve been wanting to talk about it, but you know: we’ve been flying, yeah we’ve been we’ve been, you know, having a good talk we have been this is we have a lot to talk about folks, yes, seriously like before we’re going to get to this.

Forgive focus.
Fly it’s really important.
We do that, but just understand that we’re getting ready to drop some pretty cool content.

So please please, comment and share these contents.
Let us know what you think, because we’re going to be doing some i’m going to do some creative, creative editing.
I want to do some pretty cool stuff.

I really want to do some cool like cut editing, i’ve seen a lot of stuff.

You know like a lot of people like talk like would you like? Do you like cheese? Do you like burgers and it’s like different cuts? Do you like this? Do you like that? I want to just have fun i want to i want to enjoy that.
I want to do some good.

You know good thing, because we, you know we have all this stuff.
Now we have all this.
I mean a year worth of content.

Literally, we can use content from before the podcast came out and throw it in there to show you guys, like differences of.
What’s happened and how far everything is coming, how our guests and how the even the way we set up and here looks – you know it looks completely different than when we first started, which we kind of want to do a little change in here.
Maybe we might change it up a little bit.

I do have a special skateboard, getting ready.
That’s going right now, that’s really awesome, so i can’t wait for that to come in, but pumped up gon na be pretty motivated uh.
Thank you.

So much for everybody.
That’s been jumping inside and uh, giving us some love, uh real, quick, let’s blitz, those uh terry.
What’s going on the studio that never sleeps! That’s because we’re sipping solutions! Um inside of car guy coffee again, my brother joey and charles talk about mama, don’t cook throwing cheese up there tears michael.

I can’t point right which way: okay, terry! What’s up again charles richie bello man, richie again some somebody that you should listen to folks.
There’s a lot of wisdom out there for somebody uh that is in very, very knowledgeable, uh important stuff that you get charles higgins again.

Charles has a great testimony.

I love hearing great news so check this out.

Uh! Oh this one right here, so he says my whole month was built off of repeats and referrals.
I take no lot.

Ups, no internet internet leads that’s because of relationships.

That’s that’s because relationships and that’s 100, how it should be if you’ve been in this business for five years 10 years and 20 years, which charles higgins is a veteran that we we do applaud and – and we know that he is a solution brewer wherever he is.

But again, your relationships are going to make sure that you always have business uh.

The right relationships in a community is what keeps a business in business uh.
So it’s important that you utilize that no days nowadays, you got ta smile which eyes.
Yes, that is the challenge.

Michael, thank you so much for saying that just making sure that they know got ta raise those cheeks.
Even if it’s vegas just raise the cheeks.

Everybody knows when you how it looks.

Look, it’s simple.
I do it all the time.

It’s not a challenge, they stay always i could be walking by and i just go.

That’s it.
You know, that’s a smile and then especially if you’re not you’re, not anyway, uh but seriously, the the smile is so important.

It’s right, i’m! So sorry, it’s all small with your eyes.
It’s literally just like my kids, always said you know daddy, you smile with your eyes.
Always that’s! That’s the smiles can’t even see him all right.

So let me see five foot rule just say: hi, don’t just say hi.
Don’t just say: hi, yes, because there’s a lot of times that first you get that resistance and then immediately as you talk to them and you and they feel like you’re, not trying to sell them right off the rip.
Their shoulder.

Their arms go from cross to opened up they’re, more swinging in their arms, now they’re they’re talking about their dog and how that it likes wet food, not written up dry food, and they get all into all that – and that’s good you’re supposed to know that.
That’s ammo, that’s i shouldn’t say that, but it’s true! It’s just it’s knowledge as you have when you didn’t.
You tell me that your dog yeah, wouldn’t your dog love to be.

You know you know, there’s so many things that you can really build up by listening to what people have to say and they would agree well and they could start visioning that they’re like they want to hear that back to them i mean my wife: does the Check for learning you know with me to make sure before i leave that i’m getting everything that she just said to get.
You know what i mean and and repeat it back to her.
You know that affirmation that a customer wants and actually their guard a lot of times goes down when they’re.

They know that you’re certain that you can solve their problem when they know you’re certain that you can solve their problem.
They start understanding.

Okay, i want somebody that knows what they’re talking about you go ahead and lead me uh to to the solution that i’m looking for.

That is how i’ve led in my last at least 10 closes when i went in for a turn i went in and the thing that i would say is i’m i’m here to solve your problem.
I’m a solutionary right and they’re, always like.
Oh, you are, and they always say that and i’m like yeah said you’re like yes, i said i was coming here to sell you anything.

That’s why i say i might i’m not here to sell anything.
You’ve already been sold.
You like the vehicle you’re sitting here.

You’re agreed: if the terms of figures are agreeable, you would buy right now, right, they always say i’m like so i’m just here to figure out a way to get you to get you to i’m here, to figure out a way to find that we can make This affordable for you and it makes sense to the bank.
So let’s sit down and talk about this and they immediately that’s.
They want to hear somebody with confidence, somebody who that can confidently listen to what knows what they’re, saying and and say it back to okay.

So let me better understand what you’re saying you want it’s a this this and this right and if i get you that inside of a timeline, surely you want that right? Yes, okay! Well, great! Let me show you how i’m going to do that.
Can i coach you now? Yes, okay! Well, let me lead you into this direction.
Yes, okay! Well, they just said yes, i can coach them and i asked them to.

Let me leave them and they accepted, and now i lead them and from there on.
I don’t have to ask for the permission anymore and their guards should be down and in the process of getting what they want should turn into fun for everybody involved, if you’re not having fun you’re, doing it wrong, if they’re not having fun you’re, probably doing it Wrong, you know, make it your mission to make sure they have fun, no matter what let that be the impression that they have when they’re there, no matter what, even, if you don’t get the sale, make sure that they have fun meeting you make sure that they Cannot forget that they met you, you know, and they have to have fun uh inside of that experience.

Otherwise, it’s not gon na stick to them, because it’s painful as it is because of the predators out there, like people that are solutionaries like you, that really want to help people um be the ones that lead them confidently, but know what you’re doing know what you’re Talking about know your programs, um and and be you know, be properly brewed up.

You know ready to uh to deliver and at the right temperature you know you’re the temperature setter.

You guys are the thermostats yeah.
You know you set the temperature for think how things should act and where your customers, at, if they’re, not having fun you’re doing it wrong.

You know wrong wrong.
Ding dong ring wrong.
They want they want someone that cares enough to listen.

Two is one mouth.
That’s right what? Oh that’s really sense: charles you’re talking about speaking what is going on right.
There buddy quit talking about treating customers right.

Yes, of course, charles! I love you for that.
It’s exactly right and that’s why you’re being successful, because people really wanted to treat the people so cheer the people here i got coffee man guys i’m about at the end of my cup.

Oh i know i just i know: we’ve been uh, we’ve been brewing.

Some solutions, but we’re really excited again we’re almost at the bottom things that are coming so just to run rattle through real fast again sandy sarami scott, joseph uh, jason garris, michael larkin, michael off.
My michael dooley david villa uh, david munford, is that much content we’re getting ready today, patron mendes, i mean, oh, my goodness, christopher power, gomez, uh, there’s so much much good stuff.
That’s coming out! There’s, charles higgins, some more with charles higgins, is actually going to be out there guys there’s so much that’s happening michael larkin is, is actually uh doing some some fun stuff that we want to make sure that we get the chance to highlight again between now and The end of the year uh but uh.

I can’t wait for you guys to see all of the fun stuff that’s coming out of these brews, but these people are filled with information and great great solutions for you to take and apply to your life and we’re just so thankful that we get the chance To deliver them to you, you know i do you know, i know lou and i we we break down weeks into episodes like so.
Basically, one week is one episode, but if you take, if you actually look at how many different podcast episodes we’ve actually just put out pieces, we’ve actually put out 102 pieces of content 102.
So we put out 102 pieces of content.

Basically, in about 10 and a half months um, so it’s a lot.
That’s how much information we have not only do we have the sound that we put out there, but we have the video to all that, so we’re we’re going to do a lot of a lot of amazing things with it.
We’re going to put out some really good content, we’re going to you know re-talk about people’s products that where they were, you know it would be kind of cool, maybe get like a like.

Do like a five-minute thing with with these guys and talk about where they’re at now after we interviewed them right.
You know like an adam burger, where you know where you know how many, how far he’s come since the you know, beginning with coca.
That’s when we interviewed him right so him we interviewed, you know el patron, the beginning of that.

We know a lot of us already know where he’s gone, but we need to interview him again.
He’s down he’s already agreed, i’m gon na.
Do it i’m gon na.

Do but a short one, we don’t need to do the 10 hour.
You know whatever we could just do a quick hey.
This is a follow up with you.

What’s been going on, like basically fresh news, one more time, just the fresh news, just another question: we get a fresh news on them boom boom.

I can’t we can’t make it on one cup of coffee people.
You got to get you some more of it.

If you find a good cup of coffee go, get you some more and share it around uh, michael landis is completely correct.
We do have a all-star lineup, that’s coming and the brews just keep getting better.
It’s season.

Two is coming down.
It’s folks.
It’s all in the follow-up, also right, that is an entire series, where we’re gon na get the chance to make the connections uh between all of the people that have been in here.

Inside of the cafe.
We can’t wait to where we can be around other human beings and connect everybody cafe, style, brewing solutions and getting things started for our business.
We can’t wait to actually be out there and meet you and see some of your solutionaries hear some of your testimonies share.

Some great news you can, you can really uh feel the energy from people when you’re around them and we can’t wait to to get that buzz so high uh that we are all so so so 202 podcast episodes.

Oh my, my goodness.
That is a lot of my girl man.

I was building somewhere, i’m sorry! I didn’t even do that to you, okay, oh my god.
I lost it.
I just was like so just like.

It is a lot that is a lot of content.
That’s out there and there’s so much more to come, guys, there’s a lot of pieces to this puzzle.
Uh that you can you can’t possibly again, you cannot get through it all uh, so go get you some of it whatever.

It is that you want some cargo coffee, some car guy coffee uh, some some solutions for your dealership from vendors or some solutions from dealers about how to make sure that you keep a caffeinated culture inside of your store.
It’s all out there.
You can get some of that okay, but thank you so much for for hanging out with us.

I mean i’m going to get just all pumped up now.
This whole cup is in me i’m more motivated.
Let me get some some fun stuff to do.

We’re just we’re real pumped up, you know.
Lou is just breaking down the.

What we’re doing what’s coming up, what we, our lineups, all his name, dropped a lot.

You know if you, if he was like you know, we were at like at a party like yeah man like he’s a name dropper but hey.
No, they we actually have their name deserves to be dropped.
They we have footage of us talking to these people.

We are friends with them: they’re, not friends, no they’re, actually, really great people they’re all solutions, great people, the whole beginning of it was rises.

Solutionaries and though that was just a five-week series, it’s been the whole thing.
That’s what it’s been the whole time.

It’s been a rise in the solution.

We’ve had a lot of great um connections, we’re we’re looking forward to more connections, and you know we’re looking forward to season two.

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