Hey, what’s going on, it’s 11 30 p.

Eastern standard time, whoa we’re at the car guy cafe, i’m freelancing subprime hero and i’m here with lou vermeer, redstone car guy yeah so hold on as we’re doing this we’re going to get the video going we’re going to get this stuff.
But tonight we have a special guest special, very special guest.
If you can see right over here in this corner, yeah elite, fi partners.

We have michael off in the places tonight and we’re excited to have him right after our video, our intro folks, we’re gon na have a great conversation with him, get to know him even more than we already know him.
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My friends, because tonight is going to be a special show.

We have a special show special show.
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We are so thankful to be able to get teamed up with some people that really want to find out to help people uh find solutions in the world that they’re in so without further ado.
We want to bring to you our special guest, mr michael offmath, from lee partners.

Welcome! Welcome, welcome man, we’re so happy to have you here.
You know, we’ve had you on the show before, but never has the spotlight for our whole.
How long, however long we want this to go, show right so tonight’s gon na be a special night.

You know the the elite fi partners, man.
They are doing some amazing, amazing stuff right now, they’re trying to grow beyond what you can believe they’re taking steps that are necessary, seeing you guys shoot your first uh commercial and i’m excited to talk about that here in a little while too, but um, but that Being said, you know right now we’re having some technical difficulties on linkedin.
So folks, if you’re, if you’re on linkedin, you know i do apologize.

Hopefully this will come on there.
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Let’s have some fun uh seriously.
There is a solutionary that’s inside, of the cafe folks, and i want to make sure that you know about him and that you know uh a way that he can help you elevate what it is that you’re trying to do to the level where you are considered Elite and it is a big old mouthful because there is a lot that’s inside of the cup of this solution, man, you say and he’s bringing it to us and he’s bringing it for free, there’s going to be a lot of things that you can probably apply To your business right now as of this brand new month, that you are graced to be able to take on as your next endeavor and uh, i’m just excited that he’s going to actually deliver something that you can take.
That’s going to be valuable for you to go home, put it to practice, uh sow it into other people and then he’s gon na come and show you how to keep doing it.

I’m just excited because i know who it is.
That’s that’s here.
It’s michael um.

What’s up brother, you know what i mean, i’m just it’s like a brother’s in the room, i’m like a happy dog.
You know what i mean, but uh, there’s a great car guy.
That’s here, and i’m just excited to have you with us tonight um and to get this five liner out there, because some people, just uh, have been loving uh.

How deep it is that people actually get inside of these five liners, where they’re, expressing the true reason.
Why they are doing what they do and the core of who it is that they are and you’re doing, business with, which is something that uh? I believe we need in business well, whoa! So great news! Folks, i got it’s back up.
We are live on linkedin right now, so we’re good to go.

I got involved, it’s all fixed.
So yes, sorry yeah man hey, but no he’s exactly right.
You know we have an elite person here with us he’s elite, not just in business.

He’s an elite person he’s an elite friend he’s an elite parent he’s an elite husband.
He does everything he can to the to the best that he possibly can right, and what i love about, michael, is that he also likes to share.

He also likes to encourage other people and that’s something that he’s been doing.

You know he he he calls out to us a lot and says you know us doing.
Our videos and stuff has really motivated him, but you know it’s likewise in a lot of ways, you always support us.
You always do those things, so you you, you encourage us.

You keep me wanting to do these things right now to the point where you you, you reached out and wanted to be a sponsor for us man, and that means so much i mean i got it right here on the chest and right right so hard to See on this one yeah yeah yeah, but i’m excited because i’m looking forward to a long partnership with you.
I think that there’s going to be a lot of cool things that we’re going to grow together with – and you know you know the think – there’s a lot of people.
We can name and we’re going to probably talk about them quite a bit tonight.

But you know the biggest thing is we want to talk about you and your company and how amazing that this company is and how fast, you’re, growing and and not just in growth, in the business but like in yourself and your self brand and the brand of Michael off with you know what you’re trying to do and i’m excited – and i want to keep encouraging you so this five liner is going to be a lot of fun for me.
Yes, i’m pumped up.
So let’s get this thing going.

You know, i know you know what the first question is right.
So the first question is the same one.
We always ask it’s.

What is your purpose? What’s your, why? What motivates you every single day, michael my? Why well first off? Thank you guys, i appreciate being on here.
I’m excited to be here with you guys, even like i i jump in every now and then, but just doing anything with you guys excites me.
It’s motivating um the.

Why so for me, it always, and honestly it comes back to my family.

You know, you know we all want to have our family be proud of us.
We all want.

You know to come home and then be looking at us like we’re doing all the right things and have all the right answers, and that’s not always the case right, i’m not going to say i’m the guy.
That has all the right answers all the time, but um i want to make them proud.
You know so it starts with.

You know family.
For me, the other part of my.
Why, honestly with elite fi, the biggest thing for me is watching people grow um.

You know, and what i mean by that is like when we get in like we, we work with dealerships, but when we get into training – and we get into you – know coaching with finance people and watching the transition and how they grow with their job.
That’s exciting.
I love doing that and it’s like watching these people elevate even watching the people on our team elevate and then, as they elevate other people that is just exciting watching all that come together.

Well, absolutely that’s and you’re! So right – and i know that about you and um much the reason why you’re gon na have major success in everything you do.

You know the only thing that you know you can give tips to person like you is just and it’s not really a tip something.

You’re doing is just always just encouraged.

You know that’s what’s nice about having a team built around us, you know having a good.
You know having a good partner like you do, with your wife in your business.
Also um, like lou, and i have a good partnership here um.

We also have that with our wives, you know they’re amazing.
They help us support what we’re trying to do, and you know that’s why family to you trying to be that and then and then encouraging people to grow like it’s like being a parent at the same time.
But yet you know you’re you’re a peer and when you sit down with somebody like, i can sit here with lou and i i don’t know if i’m rambling, but i know that i know what i’m you know what you know.

What i’m trying to say is it’s there’s something amazing about that and when i get to see lou grow and i want him to grow.

Lou is still under 40.
I want to find a way to get lou a 40 under 40.

Somehow some way lou deserves a 40 under 40.
he’s an amazing person, so i want to make that happen.
We’ve talked about that, but we kind of slowed down, corona really pumped the brakes on that, but we’re building it up.

I don’t know if it takes the uh, the new car um, the new car franchise in order to have uh ally, as the bank um.
I think it’s an ally thing, i’m not positive on that uh.

Well, there’s different ones, not it’s not just ally! Now, there’s there’s different ones across the nation for different things, so trust and believe we’re gon na find a way to make it happen, but anyway say again: how much time do we have uh? We have about six months, okay april, third, everybody and that’s when it’s all the hot season.
When all the you know, conventions are gon na start going on, hopefully, and like you know, but even if it’s not it’s going to all be virtual, so one way or the other there’s going to be a lot of awards given out, and this man deserves a Lot so anyway, let’s get back to the business and much like you and we’re going to help you get let’s, let’s get this talking about this, so man amazing family, having all that type of stuff having that support, obviously making them proud helping them grow, which in Turn in your heart, you’re, just a person who loves to help people yeah and and that’s something that is amazing about you and you’ve, been since i’ve known you since we’ve started just communicating social media on the phone you know whatever, which way we talk.
Zoom meetings um whatever right it’s every one of those things has always been encouraging stuff, and – and that’s what i really like about you so my question for you is: where did you get that type of i’m sorry, i don’t mean to skip you, i’m going to Go to two questions first: where did you get that we used to do that this way? Actually it’s kind of it was different.

Remember that i used to like drop anyway, but so the second question i’m going to ask you is: where did you get that type of um, like mindset of being that type of like help like growing with your family, but also growing and helping other people grow? If that makes sense, you know what i mean like: where did you get that who helped you get there or whatever the way you could answer that um? It probably stems back.
You know i.
I started 1997 in the car business 97.

98 um and you know the first time like when i first got in the car business.
You know helping.
I was in sales and you know the first time you help a customer, you know and you get to see their face, how they interact and their the excitement.

You know it’s twofold like so you know you have butterflies, sometimes like as you’re new in the business and you’re going out and you’re talking to a customer and um.
You know you have a little bit of uneasiness or a nervousness sometimes, but then, when you get, you know communicating with a customer and you’re excited with them, and then you see that person transition into just pure excitement.

You know that that’s where it spawns from you know what i mean like when you we and the car business in my opinion is addictive right.

It’s very you know we all get hooked on it.
Somehow it’s almost like a drug right, but for me the drug was helping people like watching it, transform something in their life, something positive that came out of it, and you know that you know spawned into different things right and along the way.
That’s that’s kind of where it all kind of came from, but just watching people their reactions watching them get excited watching that energy and what it can turn into, and that would probably be where it started amen and that’s that’s amazing, um.

I believe that’s part of the the high that uh car guys get yeah right.
That takes you from no doubt uh from being.
You know almost ready to completely throw in the towel to being absolutely in love with the business that you’re in and the decisions that you’ve made into in life.

You know what i mean that roller coaster of uh, of up and down that some people can experience inside of this businesses is such an exhilarating, uh uh flow, but there’s also that natural high that you get in just scoring whether the touchdown uh the the basket.
The or the the goal that you have inside of business um, that’s the great uh fun of having the car transaction occur.
You know what i mean and we’re all uh, so um kind of ingrained inside of that culture.

That is our flow.
That is the thing that we need to make sure that we always stoke and we keep on fire.
Yes, uh that that we get uh passionate about helping the people that we’re helping and going forward with the solutions that we’re finding a way to provide uh for customers that are diligently seeking out the best answer for themselves.

You know what i mean at the end of every day: uh.
We want to make sure that we did the absolute best for our community that we could have with the resource that we have for it right.
We can’t do everything we can just do our part and we want to do it excellently um.

So that’s that’s! A great um segue um into uh understanding, uh, the the car guy ism inside of you and understanding uh.
What is it uh that made you transition? Um yourself so uh laser focused, which laser focus speaking of being laser, focused how in the world did we get to this part without close up.

I know i was the interview i was actually pointing over the whole forgiving.

You know what focusing in trying man cause.
We got ta get it.
We got excited we’re already in that lifestyle right we’ve already been, we’ve been flying together, he’s already been blessed with the forgiveness for those of you that need to uh make sure that you dislikes your and muscles what it is that solutionaries do.

Um apply these three f’s to forgive, focus and fly uh.
Do this one time with us, michael off myth, elite, fi and all you solutionaries out there, one two three forgive focus fly and keep rolling.

Keep crawling, keep going, [, Music ].

So now, what was it that made? You have to forgive everything that it was uh that may have stopped you from getting to where it was that you were at that moment.
Um make sure that you don’t take any of the baggage with you uh in in pursuing this new road of uh of successfully helping other people um and then and what was it that you were ultimately focused on that made.
You make that transition um inside of uh.

What could have been? You know stable, easy and simple.
You know what i mean yeah, you could have put it in park nice and steady, no, no harm, no foul great life.
You know what i mean, but you’re deciding to be a true solutionary that has seen one mountain top and is now looking at the next mountaintop from that vantage point right, so you’re flying uh to the next one.

What is it that has uh made you or what is it that you’ve been focused on in making that transition uh? So the entire time i’ve been in the car business, the the area that i’ve always focused on that i’ve always done the best in, in my opinion, the area that i love is finance, and so, where i you know, seemed to thrive and i always really enjoyed It was putting a deal together and you know finding like in fred.
You might even understand this a little bit like getting a customer that might even be challenged or have something that makes it hard and finding a way to make that structure make sense right.
So for me, like, i spent a large part of my time when i was on the retail side of the car dealership and finance, and you know working with banks and working with customers and putting it all together.

And so i really enjoyed that part of the business and so for me, as i transitioned over the years in the car business, it was from structuring, deals to understanding finance understanding products.

And then, when i went to the side where i became the vendor or i became the you know, working for a vendor and basically that side of the equation, that’s what i loved i wanted to stay in finance, so i wanted to be able to come back Into the dealership and do what i love the most and that was be in the finance office, you know roll my sleeves up and not just you know, tell somebody how to do it but show them.
You know and get behind the desk and install processes and show them the way that we can do something.

That’s beneficial for the customer, beneficial for the dealership and you know in the end, you know bring value to everybody, and so that was for me what it was i loved, putting deals together.
I loved the the complexity of it.
I loved the you know and honestly i love the hard ones.

I love the people that were the biggest challenge that had like the hardest situation to get done, because that was like honestly, sometimes the most rewarding watching somebody’s expression or their their.
You know just watching them light up when you know they couldn’t get a car, they came in, they didn’t think they could get a car, and then you found a way to make that work, and so that was that was the stuff i used.
You know.

I love that, but – and that’s exactly you know we’re very similar in blood.
You know what i mean like that’s exactly the type of motivation that i have the type of feeling that i get whenever a situation like that happens for me or for a client.

It’s nothing better.

You know my funny ones, you know some funny situations.
When you get somebody that comes in they, don’t they don’t? Oh, i can’t buy anything and then they’re, like you know, 780, perfect credit score.
Just never bought a car, you know, but everything else right and they got three grand down and a free and clear trade and you’re like oh yeah.

That was a tough one right.
So it’s like those are the funny ones.
You know you know you, you kind of feel like wow, okay, great but the, but no man, you know what what you do is really awesome.

You know what you built that from coming from a finance background.

You know i did some research, you know a little bit deeper research before the interview and i know that you know you went to um.
You went to local community college there for in pima.

I remember pcc, i know exactly where it’s at right and you went there for a little bit and then you decided to get into the car business very quickly.

Much like i did.
I did a very short term in school and said you know what carb is right.

That’s funny, i didn’t think i was going to get in the car business.
I i grew up thinking i was going to be in computer science.
I wanted nothing to do with this, because i was like the car kid.

You know.
I grew up at 13 years old, i was bidding on cars with my father and you know i.
I grew up in the business and i you know as a kid was like yeah.

I don’t want this i’ve seen too much of this.
I don’t want to do this and then it’s like you get hooked on it right.
Something happens, there’s a trigger and for me it was like.

I was in college, i’m sitting there and i’m going to school for computer science, and this instructor comes up and he’s talking about how you’ll reach this threshold, where you can make 60 to 80 grand a year and i’m thinking to myself.
I don’t want somebody to put a cap on what i could do.

I don’t want somebody to tell me like this is the boundaries or the box i need to live in and i like that was the trigger for me, and so at that time i was starting in sales, and i, my first day on the lot like i Was in sales, i’m like uneasy, you know, i don’t know if i want to do this, i’m not sure about this.

I sold two cars in my first day and you know it’s rewarding right.
When you you’re saying you can make a lot of money, really quick, and so i got hooked, you know, and next you know you start progressing along and with with me it was a family dealership.

So with my father he was, he was die hard right like it was not like nothing was handed to me.

I had to earn it twice over like he.
He was one of those guys like you had to dig in and you had to prove your weight.

Like two-fold versus anybody else in the group, but i did – and you know you it’s it’s like i said it’s like a drug, it gets you and you pull in and you just you you embrace the business and it’s it becomes you and i and that’s exactly Right, you know so many um that are successful at this, maintain that newness to it uh the entire time that they’re doing it once that fire goes out boom.

That’s it transition get out of there.
You know what i mean if you can’t get re-stoked and re-fired up about doing this, uh you’re not going uh to make it uh and you’re not going to do the best thing that you can do for you.
You know what i mean.

You need to find that thing, no matter what it is in life that keeps you burning that keeps you motivated that keeps you uh wanting to save the world every day.

You know what i mean and, and whatever that is uh, we we want to make sure that we help people find that you know there’s so many great people that have just not made it as car guys that i have been so privileged to meet and to Be around and the chance to share a floor with the chance to mentor for a moment the chance to teach them word track.
Work tracks, uh the chance to show them how to uh solve problems for people from a completely different world than what they are from.

You know what i mean, and these are life-changing uh conversations and moments and building of character that many people we get the chance to meet and they go on to other things.
Some of them just are not car guys.

You know what i mean.

You know what i mean: they’ve gone on to other great things, and it’s key that you meet people that are like uh, that michael, that that are trying to make sure that those connections happen that no matter what you’re enriched as a person uh when the transaction Is complete? You know what i mean you’re, finding a way to be a culture changer by finding a solution to a problem uh rather than just selling a product right.

You know what i mean bringing value, no matter, what no matter what there is no cost.
If there’s no value, you know what i mean uh, but uh, i can get crazy pumped up and excited about saying all that you inspire me just like all these other people that are here.

Let’s shout out to some of these: let’s do some shout outs.
Commenting uh starting off with john pellegrino, my guys uh so excited to have other people that are uh feeling in our business.
The solutionary syrup that’s being poured out out there.

What’s going on my man, kendrick kendrick, what’s going to be what’s happening, remember first yourself: let’s go! It is the first time it’s still the first.

We are still the first.
We got jerry christian connor says: what’s up guys, what’s up appreciate you for being here tonight? Welcome welcome and, of course, we’ve got michelle mullen from the think tank.

Yes, what’s up, what’s up, what’s up girl, another solutionary chase with the big guns? Yes, what’s going on chase man appreciate you for jumping on speaking of michael michael landis, and he is steady, always been a great fan.
I’ve always been a great friend, always been a great person, so i appreciate you, michael for always, jumping on every michael that we know, and i’ve met a lot of new michaels recently and they’re great people, michael larkin, michael michael landis.

I mean you can keep going michael dooley, i mean come on.

These people are all amazing solutionaries.
We need to have enough receivers, it’s just the michaels.
I need to change my name there’s something about the name.

Michael, that’s an entire series.

I love michael jackson.
He’s always in the cafe with us.

You know what i mean.

It’s it’s michael bloomberg, something about the name.
We might actually do one, the michael brew.

We might.
We might release a michael group and then you got michelle michelle says yes, lou does nominate.
Oh, that’s because i was talking about the 40 under 40.

Thank you, michelle, oh yeah, speaking of that you’re under 42.
Aren’t you or you know, you’re, not you’re, my age, you think you’re like never mind yeah.
This is i’m a sprinkle over 40 myself.

Thank you.
Jerry sprinkles all over the chin, you can see the white hey, but that just shows up.
You know we know.

What’s up so jerry says i’m in for nominating lou awesome and you got michelle michael is a hard worker and a dealmaker.
No, that’s right and he’s been doing that and he’s very concerned he’s consistent.
I mean we’re going to keep talking about these things about michael he’s.

Consistent he’s he’s all the above, so he’s definitely the type of person he understands.
What you put in is what you get back, no doubt so: hey guys, uh, christina christina! What’s up everyone, what’s going on michael jackson, love you guys.
Michelle is the michael v you’re right and there’s a lot of cool michelle’s that we know too.

It’s so crazy that is crazy, whoa.
It shows us i’m almost 45, oh you’re, just starting life, my mind just getting started you’re getting started anyway.
Well, let’s get back to it.

So man, i’ve kind of learned, a lot already about you.
So for one you know.
I read a little bit, but you know hearing that.

You know that you come from a car background.

In a sense, it’s pretty nice to hear that’s neat, and that shows that you decided that you didn’t want to do it and then you’re like man.
I hear you when, when you said that whole term you’re limited yourself to what kind of income you can make, that’s exactly the reason why the schooling i was getting was limiting me to that too, and the deeper i got into it.

And then i saw the very first ad of how much you could make as a car guy i was like come on and then i met somebody and i knew he was making that kind of money and little more and he okay.
So anyway, he got me excited, because i knew that there was an opportunity for for a person like me to get in there, and i know that i’m a pretty smart person and i know how to work – and i love talking to people and i love shaking Hands and making the grains and all that type of stuff right.

So much like you, you got into the car business.

You know you can yeah to have that background.
You know was.
Was it there in arizona? It was yeah.

I mean that’s so cool i.
I grew up and basically was in tucson for most of my life up until about seven eight years ago, when i started traveling um and that’s when i flipped over to be an agent uh or a general agent, and my first area i went to was georgia And so i spent about a year and a half two years uh and when i came in as a general agent, they basically said.
Okay, we have mazda that’s out in georgia.

We need you to be the general agent you’re going to do sales development, training in 13, different monster dealerships, and so at that time that was kind of like that was my chance.
That was like the ledge, where i can jump out and say: okay, i’m going to become an agent and in doing it it was kind of a complicated conversation at home, because i’m telling my wife, hey um, here’s an opportunity.
I can do something different.

I want to do i love, but it’s across the country you know, so they do not want to do you know.
So we we kind of, went back and forth on it, but um you know, got ta love my wife.
She basically said yeah.

I got your back, we packed the car up and we drove awesome that is so awesome because she understood because every path that you took, you always took a path that brought you better things right right and that’s what’s so amazing, but that you, but you built That courage inside her, like she, built the courage inside you, you know and and that’s what’s amazing, about having a good point.
There is something you know being a good partner, an elite, fi partner, amazing about that right.
So you know – and you guys carry that on to your business lives.

You know you guys understand that.
There’s risks that are needed to be take taken right, there’s times that you need to do things that are different, that maybe no one else has ever done.

You know, sometimes you got to be that person who goes above and beyond.

You know, and i believe that’s what you’re doing right now and i’m seeing it it’s unbelievable.

I love it and i’m like having you here tonight.
Is you know it’s something that you know.

We’ve had the honor to talk to you, you know.
We’ve we’ve talked business, we’ve talked some things, we’ve talked ideas we’ve you know, we’ve been on the think tank multiple times together, we’ve we’ve had times to uh, sit down and talk about the you know us partnering up and doing this whole, you know being a sponsor And doing those types of things which in turn is, i feel like we’re partners, you know what i mean right um, but that being said, um yeah right.
It’s all right.

So you know hearing off hearing all this and being able to learn a little bit more about where you came from and that in the path that you took in the car business and what direction you went you know and who gave you the courage to take That step and say you know what i’m going to do this and i’m going to make this stuff happen, um, and during that time there was.
You know – and i love to ask this test.

I love to ask this to people because it’s something important to me, because there’s always somebody that influenced me really big, that was a car person.

You know um somebody that helped me say i’m better than just being a guy on the floor, i’m more than that, or maybe i’m even better than just more than just f and i manager you know i could be more.

Even if you’re you know tags don’t mean anything, you know you could be a leader.
We talked about that recently.

You talk about that recently.
Being a leader is a mindset and it’s something that you know you become, but somebody helps you become that understand that mindset, you know what i mean.

Who would that person be for you who, who would be i’m sorry who’s? That person that probably influenced you got? You into a mindset of like hey, i’m going to keep doing this and i’m going to make this business mine or helped you all right.

I mean that’s easy.
My wife has always been right there behind me encouraging me and it’s you know a lot of guys.
Will tell you that you know like behind every great man.

Is the woman standing there telling him or nudging him and giving him the encouragement and i’ve made along the way my share of mistakes right? You don’t i, you know, you trust the wrong people.
You do.
The wrong thing you follow your heart: sometimes it doesn’t lead you down the right road, but she’s always been there to you, know kind of nudge and push me along, and you know becoming an agent that that was a risk right now.

That was the the step that was like going out on the ledge, and you know putting it all forward and it’s like all or nothing you’re gon na give this your all and you’re gon na make it or you’re gon na fail.
You know, and she was there – she she had my back and she pushed me over and you know, and luckily everything’s worked out to take us to where we’re at right now.

You know with that comes a lot of scary days.

Right there’s a lot of sleepless nights where you’re, like you know, did i make the right choice and then you know when we left um the previous agency that we were part of and like formed our own last year, that was another one.
That was another time that was kind of like a you know.

You know when you’re you’re you’re awake at night going ooh.

Am i making the right decision? Is this the right thing? And you know you have all the right intentions, all the right motives, all the right encouragement.

Everything points go, but it’s still scary, because you’re still on that ledge right and having you know that person that’s standing behind you and encouraging you makes a huge difference, and that has your back.
You know and that’s that’s how they answer that question easily and i had a feeling you were going to say that, because i could tell you know everything you know i and i understand that, because that is a partnership.

I do believe that to have a good partnership with your spouse is huge.
You know, because that does that helps you understand how to have a business partnership when you kind of have like you know.
If you have issues it tends to be that there’s issues that would be in business too.

You know so it’s under you got to be balanced in life.
You got to be good here, it’s not always it’s not a facade.
You know you got to also be real right.

You know so that being said, lou well, i mean to to touch on all of the things that you’re you’re poking at there uh inside, of what it takes to be the true solutionary that goes out.
Uh achieves his dreams and helps other people do the same.
Um is that it is one a simple key that uh people do understand and there’s nothing a good man can’t do if he has a good woman that believes in him um that that that is one of the most uh powerful forces.

Uh is a woman believing inside of a man, and he can i mean he can really move a mountain uh when, especially, if he’s got to – and i believe those that step up are the true solutionaries uh that we want to be ruined with, and we want To continue to caffeinate inside of their pursuit to share their heart with not just their clients but with their family.

We want to make sure that we are seeing the paradigm shift inside of the car business, where the family takes its priority.

The way that it should, where the the the unit of the the husband and the wife gets the attention that it that it needs in order for everybody to have the most productive, uh life possible, because, ultimately, it’s not just the commodities we sell um, it’s the Life that we get yes and uh the solutions that we bring to the world, and so if this is uh what it is that we spend so much time in um.

It’s key that uh our time and our focus and our energies and our hearts are consistently postured uh towards our family in a way that makes sure that they know they are just as valued as the people that we’re trying to pour out value to inside of Uh the rest of the the business world right um.
It is so key that we keep growing inside of our pursuit uh for our relationship, uh with our god and also in relationship with the people that are closest to us.
That he’s blessed us to have and uh it’s it’s awesome and i applaud uh that relationship and again uh.

It’s it’s it’s so evident.
Inside of your life, you know what i mean uh, if there’s a glow, which i believe there is uh.

My brother, you got the glow, you know what i mean you’re glowing like you’re in love like you’re identified.

You know as long as because whether we believe in you or not, it’s not going to change what she thinks.

You know what i mean if it doesn’t matter.
What other would i mean? Other people may not have done business with you that never changed what she thought of you when you went back home, and that is where you were firmly rooted.

You know what i mean.

That’s where was that you were completely understand, i’m loved, whether they love me or not.
You know they just don’t know me like you do babe, you know what i’m saying they don’t know me like you, girl, you know and and that fire stays stoked inside of that relationship.

It makes you be successful everywhere that you go.

You know what i mean, because you bring that everywhere you go, who doesn’t want to be around somebody, that’s on fire and excited it gives people hope, and we appreciate is a tug of war right because, like it, it requires a lot of time right and it Takes it from a lot of people, so you know being on the retail side for many years of my life, you know i’ve been the guy.
That was the first one in the last one to leave.

You know i would show up when it’s still dark outside and leave when it’s still dark outside.

So i understand and respect you know that a lot of guys put that time in you have to learn how to balance it you’re exactly right.
You need to learn how to prioritize the things that are really important in your life, because if you don’t do that, if that falls apart, nothing else matters.

It all falls apart right, so the nucleus, or the core to all of us, is going to be a happy life at home right.

If we have that everything else can flourish around us.
If we can’t balance that, then it’s going to fall apart, 100.

No doubt and that’s that’s the foundation baby.
It really is you know, and it’s it’s it’s.
You can burn yourself out doing too much of something and then you know when we talk about our whys.

A lot of people who who have family life, that’s great, that you know that they love they their biggest.
Why is you know making sure their children know they love them, and they want to make sure that children see what good work does and how working hard? You know that type of stuff right and if you, but if you don’t, have a great relationship with them.
What does all that really matter, then right? So what are you really showing them so have? So you got to make sure you do that.

You know.
I know you just went on vacation the dude yeah.
He went to disney.

He he much like awesome.
Dvc members, you know we love to go down there as much as we possibly can you know.
So it’s pretty awesome that you’re like that.

So maybe one day we could schedule like we all go together, it’d be kind of really fun.

We had a lot of fun but um.
You know i love it.

You know um, it’s something that i miss it.
I can’t i wish i can’t wait.
This is like crazy for me not to go this past year.

You know what funny is like.
I i go to these trips like with disney, and you know, and you you’ll know this right so, like you show up to a hotel and like the first thing they say to you is welcome home right.
They kind of treat you like um.

I don’t know how to say it, but like royals they’re, like you’re special and the thing i really enjoy about it is not even so much the fact that they make you feel special.
It’s the fact that they follow the same process, no matter what property.
It is no matter where it’s at and you can see the steps they’re all going through the training they’ve all gone through the the uniformness of it all and like i almost want to go.

Do a trip there and record the process and be like watch this i i did a video one time.
This is like shortly after i started doing videos again.
Thank you for encouraging me to do it, but, like i went through a drive-through at chick-fil-a and i’m recording with the camera on my side, because they had two lanes side by side and as i’m going through.

I’m like.
Oh, my god, there’s like 30 40 cars.
Here and i went through the drive through in like four minutes right how fast it is you’re right and then there was a time.

I went through like a mcdonald’s like a couple days later for my kids and there’s like three cars and it took like 15 minutes.

You know what i mean like so the comparison of like a process that works to one that doesn’t it’s it’s something that’s worth.
Looking at it’s something that’s fun to illustrate and show people that, because that’s you know we all like that’s what i live in right.

I love installing a process in a finance office.
So if i can find examples outside of the car business and show somebody how to do it awesome, i love it and especially just as simple as the drive through you’re, so right and and you’re and you’re right on the money when it what you’re talking about There folks, if you’re hearing what he’s saying processes and good processes are so vital and sometimes having to adjust it.

You know he just compared mcdonald’s to chick-fil-a and that’s exactly the same comparison i would make, because the process at mcdonald’s used to be the best.

Everybody knew that that you got your food fast.
It was good everybody liked it.
We understand that now you go through a line.

I swear they’ll tell you to pull up front for, like you, don’t there’s nobody behind you, i’m like! What’s going on, you know what i just said: why do you want me to pull forward? There’s nobody behind me.
You know stuff like that.
You know the food would take 15 minutes when there’s only three people in line.

I just you know i i i know when i pull up to a chick-fil-a, i don’t care if the line’s all the way out the street.
I know it’s going to still go quick and it’s like you know what it’s worth it.
Even if it’s like seven minutes instead of five minutes, you know what i mean i’ll do it.

You know, instead of the mcdonald’s 15 minutes in the food supply.
You know what i mean but uh, but i still like it.
I love some big two cheeseburger meal with fries and a coke.

Let’s go right so, but no um lulu.
I know you haven’t even i do like mcdonald’s coffee.
I got ta tell you yeah, but uh so before we uh jump to this next and last question on the five liner.

I want to uh drop this.
The quick awesomeness on the screen before we uh of the car guy coffee, podcast, www partners.
com, make sure you get you some of that man they’re ready to help you out.

I know they’re willing to do whatever it takes.

Just give them a call.
If it’s not a good match and they know there’s something that they can’t do for you, they won’t even offer they’ll.

Just let you know hey it’s just not something i can do, but there’s my my gut tells me if you’re reaching out, they can help you and probably no doubt in my mind, make sure that your dealership gets to the next level.
Make sure you get from regular to elite cargo coffee approved because it is, they are they’re, they’re, car, guy, coffee approved and there’s? No doubt we love that about them.
You know they’re always going to be car guy coffee approved because they keep growing.

That’s our whole thing keep growing and that’s what they do.

They keep growing keep growing and – and i absolutely love to see that kind of stuff happen when especially with people that i know and people that i consider friends.
So i’m so glad that um that you’re doing what you’re doing and i’m glad that you’re here tonight, so it’s inspiring because so many other people are are wanting to take uh leaps into where it is that um, you know some people haven’t really paved the road Completely yet you know what i mean: some there’s: no, how to do manuals on some of the stuff that you’re achieving and you’re you’re having enough faith inside of your processes inside of your belief, inside of your product, which, ultimately is you, you know what i mean And it’s exciting uh to have you doing that man it makes me want to do this.

, all right! One question that we want to make sure that we do get the chance to get a solutionary in here and answering for us is what it is.
That is his greatest reward for all of these efforts and all of these achievements that he’s had and milestones and and uh things that he’s seen accomplish right now, i’m sure his faith levels are at the greatest heights that they’ve ever been at um, and so with That are going to come some of the biggest challenges that he’s ever had uh, which are going to make these achievements that he’s had up to now um be things that are just added to the wonderful accolades that will be attributed to his elite lifestyle in the Future but car guys car gals.
We are asking mr elite fi partners himself, michael offmith.

What is your greatest reward easy, and this is why i lined so well with you guys, and that is watching people grow and so like i have, and you you saw in the chat earlier jerry connor, he works with me up in michigan.
I’m ecstatic.
I can’t even tell you how excited i get when i see his progress.

I see him growing.
I see him inside a dealership working with people and the training in the process and then watching the end result, which is again the finance manager and his progression, and you know how that works.
That is my greatest reward and it’s you know, making money and all the things that we all go after at the end of the day.

That’s a result.
I love that.
Don’t get me wrong, we’re all in it to make money.

I’m not trying to say money is not important, but i’m saying to me the biggest reward is watching the growth of the people around me watching you know somebody like jerry connor, watching the finance managers that i work with he works with and watching.
You know their progression and then, when you get the phone call from a finance guy saying hey, i did that thing you were talking to me about, or i watched you doing, a delivery that works really well.

That excitement you know when they they come back and realize the stuff you’re talking about.

Isn’t just me coming in and saying just try this and see if it works, it’s something that we’ve tried and proven you know like.
We have the experience, because we’ve done this, you know enough times and we can tell you this is a proven process and by all means, i’m not trying to say i have the end-all answer.
If you’ve got something, that’s better, i will listen.

You know what i mean, but we are going to be there with things that we know work and we know we’ll generate results and we’ll in the end leave somebody.
You know feeling accomplished one as the finance person but to something satisfied as a customer.

You know, and that’s that’s ultimately what you know i would say is the the answer for that man, you, you know and great.

Yes, you love you’re, leaving a legacy amongst other car people.
You know you’re looking for people and trying to help them and you and you encourage them.
When you see somebody, it makes your heart just warm up.

I know exactly what you mean right.
You know something about nothing better than that.

You know just that’s the fact that you even give us props for helping you get them.

Yes, i mean you know just that really encourages me so much.
You know the the thing about.
You, though, is like much like what we just witnessed.

You are great in front of a camera now, you’ve worked so well.
You’ve become good at speaking your craft to the point where, because you’re always a good sales person, we know that but being in front of a camera sometimes can be a little bit different because we’re not in front of cameras we’re in front of people.
You know so it’s a little bit different.

You know you have really i’m gon na interrupt you real, quick, so we’re doing the commercial.
What was it yesterday? And so i’ve been doing these videos for a little bit right? You know we all hold the phone up or you know something and record ourselves and put it online and i’ve gotten to the point where i’m very comfortable doing that.
It’s not like difficult for me to hold the camera.

It’s like you progress.
I don’t know how to say it, but you get the point where you’re more comfortable with it the moment somebody else was holding the camera.
I forgot how to talk.

I couldn’t talk.
It took me like five times to get something out.
That was very simple.

For this, but it’s just funny how that changes like how you you know that you know trigger, goes off in your head, sometimes that if somebody else is recording you or changes the atmosphere that you’re comfortable in.
But you know it takes me back to when we were talking about it.

You have to make yourself uncomfortable.

You have to put yourself in these positions.

You know to you know to grow right.
You have to get in situations that don’t you know they get you out of your comfort zone and that that’s where the true growth comes from man.

I love that you know you and you’re so right, true growth, folks, we you know this five-liner.
We we talked about you know.
His purpose is why we went into you know so many other points that i think that you guys see the story where he came from how he did it.

What motivates him? What what’s that person that helped him get there? His wife a lot of this, if you guys, if you guys reflect back to all the answers of everything that he’s talked about he’s just talking about being a good person, you know what i mean like the deep core of everything is just being a good person And, being somebody who you know, you could be a good person and not do nothing, but are you really a good person not doing nothing? No, because you you’re doing yourself an injustice, you’re doing other people, injustice right.
So, in order to be a good person, you have to be a person that has a good moral background.
You have to be that’s, that’s just the start of it.

You know you can have a moral background, doesn’t mean you’re going to a good person.
You want you understand what good morals right, but you have to also lead by example, which he does he does it in elite fashion? He does it with his.
He does it with people that he’s training.

He does it with his.
You know his wife and his wife has so much trust in him that they’ve done things that are outside of their comfort zone being uncomfortable.
They have they’re trying to leave.

He i’m sure she is too because if you guys are partners, you guys are trying to leave a legacy of growth amongst other people across the nation and what you’re doing is something that people are starting to understand more.

Why that’s important yeah you’re you’re sharing that in a very specific way, you know the difference between the videos that we, you know you talk about, somebody watching you and you’re, it’s more scripted right now.
I know, and i if you’re anything like me, is that you have an idea of what you want, your videos that you put on on your normal videos, but you just it comes out right right.

You just do it, and that is the difference between what you’re.
It’s hard for me to do scripted stuff too.
You trust me commercials for our dealership and they would get me, and i would just be wrong like five times in a row and it’d be the easiest words right.

But for me to be just talk about what i really am genuinely passionate, it’s not that your commercial is not that way, but i know it’s written now, because it’s a commercial, it’s a time.
You have so many seconds.
You know whatever you can’t go over this amount at all, right or whatever right.

So for you, it’s it’s much like me.
It’s difficult, but that’s! Okay, like you, said, you’re getting uncomfortable and you got better at it.
I know by the time we did another commercial.

I was, i felt, a little bit more comfortable and i went right through it and because you just realized, i’m bad just be you.
Do your thing right and you got ta get your reps man.
We got ta get you got, ta get your reps in right and you know the thing about what he does in this whole gathering is that he grew up.

He understood what this business could do.

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