Here we go one two, three, what’s up everyone, how you doing today, fellaini arts cell phone hero? Actually we need to get something edited real, quick before we get really moving.

But folks, i appreciate you for jumping on today.

Thank you so much.
We are excited to have another day another week of amazing life, and i hope you guys are having an amazing life too.

It’s all about what you can focus on it’s about.
What’s in front of you, it’s your family! It’s your friends! It’s yourself: it’s your dog, it’s your tax! Whatever you have grab that and love that, because there’s so much there’s so much out there that you can love on share that love and enjoy life so anyway, i know i got kind of deep with that.
So yeah super exciting is the car deck.

Yes, we’re solutions on the car guy coffee podcast.

If you didn’t notice.
First, we got a couple of different angles of you different ways to flow.

Thank you to our sponsors elite.
Think ad group yeah.
We are making some upgrades inside of the cafe and making sure that you get to see things from all different angles.

While we have a whole lot of fun with you inside of the cafe uh.
While we talk about brewing solutions and having some fun uh as a way of life uh, it should be something that you are uh always putting on.
Your to-do list is to have some fun, have a good time uh and make sure that you enjoy living uh to the fullest potential that you have at doing so so car guys and car gals welcome.

Welcome! Welcome welcome anyway, so charles higgins he’s in there putting some posts in right now.
Thank you so much for coming to the show tonight, um.
What’s up guys, he says it says, enjoyed the show earlier fred.

Oh man thanks.
I appreciate you for tuning in it was an awesome, show absolutely awesome.
I had a lot of fun.

Um hope you guys did enjoy that you know i.
I talked a lot about what i like doing and what i want to do, and you know i really enjoy doing that.

It was really cool for paul.

To put me on the show – and just let me just ramble on, i did i basically rambled, but it was fun.
He asked me some pretty good questions and the questions were really near and dear to my heart, and i was really excited to be able to share those things and hope you guys got a little kick out of it.
Maybe pick something up that might interest you into like helping out with that cause.

Man i mean helping.
People is the most important thing that any of us can do as human beings.

It’s something that i feel like it’s.

What i’m best at doing is helping people.
So which helps me man, and so anyway, that being said, let’s rock and roll i’m excited.
Let’s get this whole thing going.

You guys know what we started with before we get to the focus cloud.
We’ve always got to get that video out right folks enjoy this.
We’ll be right: back , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , [, Laughter, ], wow, , , [ Applause, ], , hey, oh, hey, whoa! Let’s grow! Hey folks appreciate you all for jumping in here tonight, i’m so excited.

I hope you guys enjoyed that video that just that music always gets me so chas pumped up um.
Today earlier i was lucky enough to be featured on paul myers um sunday night live.
It was a whole lot of fun.

I got to talk about a lot charles mentioned it earlier.
Thank you for bringing that up.

It was really awesome.

He actually before we started the interview.
We talked for about 15-20 minutes and he actually mentioned how much he liked that opening credit.
You know our music and he says it’s really awesome and i was like man.

I appreciate that because we love it, it gets us pumped up like we can start to show off kind of slow, but once that goes by time, it’s done.
It’s like we just drink a whole cup of coffee instantly.
You know so that it was really fun to be able to get on their chairs.

I’m so glad i had that opportunity.

So charles says fred.
Did you tell lou about tuesday? No, i did not so i’m next year, so we just now caught up and we just kind of brainstormed about some other things.

We just we just completed a lot done.

Yeah we completed a another method of ours that we’re going to be using for subprime departments.

Unreal anyway um, but no luke, he’s gon na be coming into town driving up here, he’s gon na come by the dealership to say: what’s up so you know we work in two different stores, but it’s only like 10 minutes in part.

So i have to do that too.
Come on come on, you know, sit down and have a talk.
We’re allowed to do that.

Heck, yeah man, that’s what i’m talking about on tuesday, tuesday.
So i’m definitely going to make sure i am already and excited for him to show up yeah.
So yes right, that’s charles! That’s awesome! What’s happening out here, guys right now, so if you guys could do the same thing, let me get it out there.

So right now, i’m currently sharing the different groups.
Um friends, if you guys can do the same thing and get on here and start sharing this, because this, if there’s people up right now, i know they are they’re car, guys, the car guys right some of us.
We stay up a little bit later than others right.

We just tend to have that narcolepsy or that’s the wrong word complete opposite of what i’m trying to say.
But you know you can’t you stay up all night long.
You know whatever that’s called night out right.

So get out there and share it.
Let’s get this thing going, let’s get the party started so who folks out there? If you, if you could make a couple comments for me, if you, if you’ve had a good month, put a thumbs up if you’ve had a bad month, put a thumbs down for me, let’s talk about that like because i think everybody this month goes through different Things we’ve all been through a long phase of holy crap, seven months of it now, and it’s like what’s been going on, what are people doing? How are you feeling? I know that we all had our ups and our downs.
Some of us got back on a roll, some of us kind of plateaued out.

Some of us never got back up there.
What is going on? What’s? What is the buzz out there? What is what’s something that we can talk about? I would love to just get a little conversation about that because you know for me: it’s it’s been.
It’s been a roller coaster.

We’ve had really good months.
Um, don’t get me wrong, we’ve progressively actually done really well.

We did really well a couple months ago and we did pretty good last month.

I mean really good better than we did the year before you know, and so that makes me excited but um.
You know we had a bad week last week.
Just to be honest, you know personally and like being with my guys.

No, it was a great week.
We had a great conversation, great training, meetings, great motivational meetings, um, you know great buzz with that great communication i think um, but as in units and gross wise, it wasn’t obviously because students correlate with the gross.
It didn’t really work really well for me.

Last month or last week i should say i mean we still got two weeks, two weekends left, i’m not really scared.
Don’t get me wrong and that’s probably part of the reason why i’m not disappointed 100, but we did have a slowdown as anyone else, i’m having a slow down.
You know if you are like, i said thumbs up if you’re doing great thumbs down, if you’re not give us a little take on that folks, i’d like to really see what’s that about so anyway, welcome to the cgc later first things.

First folks, before we get any further, let’s do you know what’s up three apps and every one you need to do right.

One key thing because of that uh because of the figure book is fine.

I know that uh, fred and uh your stores, if you’re, maybe in the same in the same place where you’re coming off of a bad week.

It doesn’t matter folks, you’ve got a fresh week in front of you yeah you got ta, get ready exactly what else.

Some days you have to beat those wings.
You got to hit that drum.

You got to hit the beat.
You got to turn that music on loud.

You have to get excited.

You have to go ahead and get your dance going.

You have to do what it takes for you to rise up, above all of the things that are right here on this earth.

Trying to kind of pull you towards it gravity is always pulling you.

What is it that you’re going to do to rise up above it, so that you can make the mountains that stand right in front of you be the things that are behind you and the victories that you get to say that you have had? There are great things that are coming out of the solution, areas that are rising and i am so excited uh to see all of those that are sharing the culture uh, that is making people contagiously confident to fly to heights they’ve, never dreamt of until they started To actually focus on it and it was impossible for them to focus on it without them: first forgiving, themself and other people and other circumstances, and other roadblocks that have stopped them from going where it is that they’re supposed to go.
We have applied this method consistently and it is helping uh, see.

Solutionaries uh, be reinvigorated and doing life uh to a whole new level and uh, finding their maximum capacity uh to to shine their own light, so car guys and car gals.
That’s just a long version way to say: let’s get ready to forget, focus and fly together.
You all ready to do this.

Yeah lou.
Yes, we are here.
We go on three one.

Two three four yeah focus fly and keep growing.
Keep growing here, get you so man.
I want to point out one more time about our sponsors, um elite eff and i our elite, fi partners, met amazing people, mr and mrs.

Both of them are really running a great business they’re out there helping being solutionaries they’re doing everything they’re supposed to do they’re being demons like i talked a whole lot about when i was on paul meyer’s show earlier.

You really have to be that they do that and they do it in an extraordinary way.

They feature they’re starting to do things like you know, sponsor people like us, which really you know, logo right here, man, it’s so cool.

Thank you for this.
By the way i love it, i’m excited to be rocking the finally being able to rock some elite gear right now.
Right now, i i feel great with it makes me feel strong makes me feel like i’m gon na leak, because i am i’m part of the elite f5 partners family.

I want to thank you guys for that um make sure you guys check them out at www.
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For me, that direction is the one only think advocate.
Oh love, those guys, love and gal.
They are amazing, they’ve been there since the beginning – and i appreciate you – you guys have always been everything that we’ve ever asked for a friend and a partner in everything.

We do you guys back us up and we appreciate it.

So folks understand it’s not just that relationship with us they’re like every relationship.
They have give them a shout out to www.

com they’ll treat you like family they’re, one of the best solutionaries in their area period, so keep them out check them out, don’t forget about them! So, thank you guys, he’s rocking the thing you guys know.
What’s up, i got that video in all three of the colors, because that’s what’s up.

This is definitely an inspiration.
Rudy patrol, on top of it yeah rudy patron, said some like he’s the model for think power, bro.
No, he said he was the mascot all right.

He said he was the master of the model, yeah we’ll be the models just saying.
So that being said, honored great, you know honor this great time.
I love.

I love this whole network of people.
It’s been an amazing amazing, nine months.
We are we’re literally now, officially one day away from being our nine month mark of our episode very first one on the 20th of january wow, so yeah.

So that’s three quarters of a year that we’ve been doing it now and we’ve been doing it consistently because it’s contagious folks so get you some of that.

That’s some good stuff! So now you know so we’ve been having a lot of fun and it’s been something.
That’s been eye-opening uh.

It’s been amazing because i’ve realized that the voice for subprime – because this show wasn’t this – show, isn’t about subprime credit, but i realized over this time in doing these interviews how important it is to talk about it.

I believe that there’s too many dealerships that are getting people like my store and other stores that do what i do um and other people giving us a bad rap because they don’t do their jobs right.

They don’t treat people the way they should be treated.

They don’t they don’t honor the i think, the human code michael and that’s just something that you do.
You treat everybody the same and when they, when you do that it changes the whole game up.
Um you become that light in somebody’s life.

You become a light in your own life because you start realizing how important it is to help other people and how important it is to have that type of feeling inside, because it does more than the paycheck it does.

It does stuff where you start to want to do it for more than just those people you’re selling cars, to you but like for me.
You know to help other people be able to do that and create that for even more – and you know, paul meyer talked really great about the bubble, like a credit bubble like it became like this, was subtitle, got bigger and he’s so right, especially through this crisis.

We’re all going through right now, everybody out there during this crisis, you know, there’s building you’re, always missing people with some major successes.

There’s been a lot of really amazing things.
Different different processes implemented different ideas.

People were more apt to being on social media or more active, using things like this.
What we’re doing right now, this type of platform or using zoom meetings to have meetings with their friends, family or whatever, just things changing up and just change it up.
Just like that, that quick and that’s simple and it’s as easy as that, but you know so awesome stuff bro, it’s been amazing.

I’ve been so excited about everything and guess, what’s going to happen, nope, just don’t we’re going to we’re going to be having fun with you guys for a very long time.
We’ve got three more months before it’s one year.
I’m excited about the wonder, mark so excited.

I got a feeling that you know there’s a lot of things, there’s something about that.
You know a real anniversary like a one year, thought we’ll be probably playing that in the background put some music on you.

Let’s get something.

I hope you guys are getting that.
No elite gear on oh man, charles got something to say charles.
Let me see what you got to say.

There says i worked at a 500 year once and i couldn’t believe how many customers i’m at but put them on the screen.
Let’s, let’s see bingo all right, i worked at a buy here pay here once and i couldn’t believe how many customers i have met that had been to a franchise dealer and been turned away.
After looking at the credit situation, they could have totally bought a brand new vehicle if someone – yes, i just realized what you’re doing brand new vehicles.

Someone would have just taken the time to try to help the customer.
It was aggravating to see customers dismiss franchise deal.
Just because it was just a little extra work bingo, i get a lot of that overflow because because we help so many people – and we are one of those types of dealers that we treat everybody the same – that people with that – they see that the friend went And got apart from us: they think that we might be buying or pay here, because they can’t believe that we can do traditional financing with these people right, so they show up and they assume that they’re making the payments to us, because that’s what they think they’re, Like hey, do we make payments to you like? No, it’s just a down payment, of course, but the a whole new uh but you’re paying to do 30.

45 days 90 days.
Whatever the program is um when that payment’s due you pay that to a lender, because they’re going to be the ones reporting to the bureau from this point on the loans between you and in the bank – and you know we’re just all i’ll be as a liaison.
If you ever have any problems, issues or questions, you know just always give me a call, but as when it comes to making payments it’s between you and the london.

So congratulations! You are in the real world right so and that’s what we do, but, but that being said, yeah he’s charles makes a great point there is that there’s too many that that happens way too much so shame on what.
Why does that happen? What is the key reason that a that fundamentally, a car guy, a person responsible for selling something on a lot, allows that customer to leave the lot? Is it because the customer is without capabilities? Is it because a bank doesn’t want to help that customer or is it because a whoever it is that is the one that has that deal in front of them doesn’t know that they have the tools accessible to them to solve that problem, i think i answered My own question well, charles, writes reason: one lack of training.
You know great point very much, so it’s called in the lack of of me using a better word.

It’s ignorance and what i mean by that is that same thing.
It’s a lack of training.
It’s just not knowing so when you don’t know something as a manager, you, you just assume things, and you know what happens when you assume you make that pass out of you and me.

I always love that so anyway, um you just don’t assume things you just go learn and people sometimes are too scared to ask or try to gain knowledge from something um.

They think they know.
Oh, this just doesn’t work or this is what it is or we don’t have a car that we can sell them or you know they don’t dig deeper.

You know, like i mentioned earlier, on the ship on the show, with pawns on sunday night live.
I was like you know.
The thing is like when you dig deeper with a customer.

You can find those things like down payments that you didn’t know that they had a great switch um.
So the down payments that you didn’t know that they had a cosigner.
That was sitting in the car waiting in case they needed a co-sign right or a tray open, a free and clear trade that was sitting at the house that they, just you know the transmission slipping a little bit.

That’s the reason why they’re here they had a ride with that person, so there’s so many situational uh circumstances that you could just be like.
You know unless you investigate and you ask questions and you treat them right and you make them feel like you really care about them being there.

You want them to be there and you’re like man.

I really want to help you when they feel that oh yeah and when they steal that they absolutely it’s so much fun when they feel that guys excuse this.
And i hope you guys don’t mind but we’re working on these new camera angles and just trying to throw them in here so we’re and we’re where we are.

We are a two-man team right.

There’s nobody behind the scenes, putting the stuff out to me we’re constantly.
As we’re talking, what do you mean? That’s, oh, i’m sorry, hey bob, can you put your name over there right so no hands, oh man, so, but but that’s that’s the whole there’s just so.
I don’t even remember what i was talking about latin training.

Sorry, sometimes you get these cameras get distracted.

It really comes down to that.
So when you, when you put the training in like charles talking about – and you work your guys, but you have to learn those pet stuff so that it starts from the top.

So you have to make sure as a owner, let’s start from there, that you put the people in place that are motivated at that position.

You can’t put a guy in sometime who doesn’t want to do something, so i hate getting why i fire him, but that’s i don’t know i don’t want to lose.
I want somebody who wants to do everything who wants to help everybody who walks in my doors.

I want to help somebody i want somebody, that’s going to do all those things that i ask them without me.
Having to look, i want to have integrity with people.

That’s like probably my number one core value when it comes to stuff like that, so you want to make sure that they’re on the same program once you have that person you put them in place.

It’s all gon na work out processes.
Training will continue.
Uh sales people will be more motivated, they’ll sell more cards, they’ll they’ll have more clients, they’ll have more repeat business, that’s more intuitive than they are any other way.

So you know charles casey says it’s no different than asking a 800 beacon to pay 150 more in the words of gretzky you miss 100 of the shots.
You don’t take right exactly well, that’s what what i always say is that you know people always they’ll.
You’ll write a pencil right and it’s bank guidelines everything’s.

It’s all squared, nothing, cheating about it.
It’s all legit book values are correct.
Everything’s right, you submit it you, if you don’t ask for it, you never get it.

That’s like you’re saying here.
That’s always been my thing in my head: it’s like it’s not a bad thing to make confident period.

You know, because if i don’t do it, then he’ll buy a car from bob up the street you’ll do it.

You know it’s just there, but you got it’s.
Profit is probably it’s a sell car you ask for the money and then they negotiate and that’s just like the way.

It’s always been.

That’s a basic cardio.
You know you just have fun with it, but you’re right.
A lot of people get weak, there’s a lot of weak dealerships that will not ask for all of it, and it’s not nothing wrong with that.

I’m not saying what it is.
I’m wrong that because you should every single time but but within, but like i mentioned before earlier, you have to make sure that it fits in the customer’s budget.
Like you got, it comes down to budget.

The vehicle fits the customer’s budget, so i’m going to try to maximize that deal in the customer’s budget.
Not my maximum deal, i’m going to look for one okay, they make they make.
You know five hundred dollars a month.

I i’m gon na look at okay.
Well, they can do you know at least 450 payments easy.
So i should be able to you know 500, if they, if they’re not too crazy with bills, but 450 makes me feel comfortable and if they, so, if i get them done on a vehicle, i don’t want to sell them a truck or an suv.

At that point, at that point, i’m looking for an affordable sedan and i’m going to do my best to make that all max out there right and it’s very profitable at 450 with you know, in most cases, with a little bit of my deck so front and Back side and everybody’s happy everybody’s high-fiving, and so is it custom because the customer just got a great service, but that the key is it’s not just the vehicle? It’s everything the salesperson has to do their job.
The manager, the whole experience the vehicle.
The test drive.

Yeah the features and benefits that you know everything you know you, you have to give them that the value is much more than the vehicle.
It’s everything it’s explaining how to purchase a car, it’s coaching them through the whole process, it’s solving their transportation problem.
It’s it’s everything and if you do it all like the old saying i remember just i don’t remember who told me this to be honest with you and i wish i didn’t give you all the props for it.

But when you spend this much time outside this is how much time you’re going to spend inside with them.

I don’t remember, but that just means, like you know, building reports showing them the vehicle doing all the stuff.
The good test drive doing this asking the questions you spend all this time with somebody.

So when you come back and it’s time to negotiate, there is none, they already they’re happy they’re, so they just want to buy the car they’re like man.
This is awesome.
The whole experience was great.

I’ve never had somebody be so welcoming and loving and wanting to help me and show me something that it’s just boom, but once again the ones that get in trouble and the dealerships out that will last and they run out of profit and they run out of Selling cars and they get in trouble and banks dropping left and right are the ones who don’t maximize based off of their income.
They maximize based on the call and that’s the problem.
So once you learn how to do that and balance that out the right way and how to really know how to do that and teach your salespeople to become salespeople instead of just giving them what they want.

They’re they’re they’re, giving them what they really want and need, which is a reliable transportation, a way to build their credit to afford the vehicle that they’re wanting in the future and a much more affordable payment because yeah.
Maybe we could put you in that car, but can you afford it? No, you still got to pay insurance for gas in it.
You know live life because, what’s so good about having a cool car, if you can’t go anywhere in it, you know – and that’s that’s the thing so people have to understand that if you teach that that you know call before you walk, you know.

Sometimes you just have to put the work in before you get the things you need.
You have a great opportunity because not a lot of places are going to even say: hey, you can buy anything anyway right.
So just do this and i trust and believe you won’t regret it.

When you come back and see me when it’s the right time, it will help you buy that vehicle and it better be me, i mean better, not be anybody else.

You come back to see me friends, setting a customer up for success.
That’s ultimately what you want to do with everybody that you meet, whether you sell them a vehicle at that moment or not.

You want to somehow or another make them better on the path to purchasing a vehicle and in the subprime world, uh there’s only been niche people inside of each community that have been the ones that are, those are the people you go there to get that done Today that doesn’t it’s not how we do business here well, the the market has shifted to where there’s so many more people that have are getting thrown into the subprime world that you have to adjust.

You have to make a shift.
You have to make an adjustment in the tools it is that you’re able to complete the task with and ultimately the task is still simple.

Everybody is at your business, saying: hey, i want to buy your vehicle.
Can you help me with that and if you are the one telling them no, i can’t help you and it’s because you don’t have the tools inside your store to be able to help them out.

Well then, it’s you that failed, the customer that you are in business to try to help, and i don’t mean to say it in a way – that’s piercing, but sometimes you got to put something bitter in your cup and sip it up in order for you to Process what it takes to invigorate your business, and that means sometimes you have to change the mentality that you have towards the customer coming in.

That has some challenges because the solutions are available and there’s no excuse for you not to host those challenges each way.
You look at it when you got somebody who could buy anything.
They want, there’s a challenge to that, because they can go anywhere.

They want to right.
So you have to be that guy.
So you put extra work anyway in so, what’s the difference, i don’t understand the finances.

I don’t get it to me.
It’s all the same, so be the pro be the man be the dude who sells everybody be the guy that they.
When people talk about you from hey fred, radcliff man, that’s the car guy.

I got ta, i know a guy in the car business.
That’s my car, that’s my car guy, all right and that’s who you need to be.

Everybody needs the car guy like luke, you know, or you know you know it’s what we do: car guy and subprime hero.

Don’t try.
So you know, what’s up so so, but dustin grimes says off topic here.
Just have to say the car guy coffee i got in the mail is absolutely delicious.

You know we’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from that too everybody’s telling us that that’s so awesome and of course it is yes, it’s smooth.
I bet you would put the word smooth in it right, just like a car back uh joey.
Thank you.

So much yes car guys in the evening uh joey voices is saying that he may not be hearing us all the way or too good.

Are we still sounding like poo poo? If we are, let us know, we need to figure this out real, quick yeah.
Let us know: let us what about now whoa check one two all right check, one hello, hello check, check check the one two.

Can you hear me now you can hit him in there.

What can you hear me now? Can you hear me now what what what tell me what’s up people tell me: what’s up people watch me, can you hear me [, Music ] flow? Thank you so much charles and joey for bringing that up.

My brother joey, my brother-in-law, dustin grimes, uh solutionaries in their own right, uh dustin is a lineman and definitely one of the uh one of the most knowledgeable of people that i have a direct connection to on things that happen.

Underneath the hood and i love him.
Uh, charles is a solutionary for those of you car, guys and car guys that don’t know who charles is.

He is a veteran a two decade solutionary that finds a way to constantly make great experiences happen for people each and every day, at his dealership and uh.

Our friend kendrick is one of our greatest loudest supporters.

That is always cheering us on uh from uh, wherever it is that he is in the country or on texas right now, he’s always he’s always getting ready to do something.
Yeah, like in three years i think, was going to england, maybe germany or something like that.

I can’t remember it was one of those always making plans, but he’s got some ideas and i love him dude.
He has got the biggest heart.
We appreciate you so much kendrick you’re always awesome.

Thank you.
It’s been a minute since we’ve seen him.
Actually, let’s get him here.

Man been says, that’s better and then he says fred, your higher pitch.

I just tried to make it.
I saw that so i made a little adjustment, so i’m sure it’s better enough isn’t enough, so we made a lot of adjustments inside of this.

That’s what we do.
Caffeine, that’s life, a sometimes enlightening things are a little bit pitched higher than others.

You just keep going with it.

You just try to do your best and have happiness happen to see when you have a happiness e.

You have a happiness to you, car guy coffee.
Let’s brew, that’s brew, um, but seriously.

If you guys actually want to brew – and you want to taste this – we have we’ve been getting some incredible – compliments feedback.
This is not base model coffee, let’s be clear, um in order for us to gain the relationship that we had to gain in order to have access to the solutionary eda for getting us connected to the right farms with the right beans with the right people that Are making this smooth incredible, aroma, coffee, uh? It’s it’s! It’s really something else and we’re so proud of the product uh.
You need to go ahead and get you some uh all of the groups that we are connected to.

Eventually, we’re going to be releasing some some codes for discounts, but if you want to know about a discount code, go ahead and just drop a little bit of a coffee mug in there and we’ll uh we’ll send you some information on how you can save and Get you some of this incredible coffee that we’re so excited to have, because it’s really energizing and delicious.
So i want to get to some great news, because um lou has some pretty good news: the sun, but doing some pretty awesome stuff.
This football team had a great football game.

The other day, um son, had a heck of a game was really happy afterwards.
Uh the he also got an offer.
Another offer.

Now it’s to dort it’s how you pronounce that george university defenders where’s that i’ve seen this before, where i work.
That’s what i thought yes right outside of sioux city is that is that the one that you want to go visit? Yes, i’ve remembered he’s been through he’s been to a few spots now um, but uh.
That’s the one that i got the chance to go up there and take a look at a great, great staff, great university.

This is a school that is key for what it is that he wants to do scholastically.

You know i mean what he actually wants to achieve in the classroom: um the degree that he wants to pursue they’re the best uh so in the nation.
So, are you moving to iowa you’re mine? It’s not happening.

Uh we’re gon na have to get come on.
That’s like a concert.
I was like constant flights for games.

Uh mom was gon na want to be at the games, um and uh, so we’re gon na.
Do what it is that we can to make sure that we are wherever we got ta be, but that’s that’s one of many uh offers that i believe are going to be coming over the next little bit, but i’m just so blessed to have a son.

That is doing these things that i only could have ever dreamed of, and i never put in the work to do um at all.

It’s such a great great example of a great discipline and a great uh, great heart, uh towards working hard, which is the only way that you ever produce anything right.
You you, you go out in faith, but you have to put work in and what work you put in is you’re going to reap the benefit of that, and you know and he’s a great example of that.
You definitely put a lot of work into that kid.

To yourself you know you got to take some credit for that, and i know that he he he.
You know it’s like the old saying, and i say it all the time yeah he did but the but but you know you he’s.
Definitely, you’ve raised a really good person, and it just i just put this up here because it brings to this.

It’s you you’re, a very confident person and you’ve done some amazing stuff with what you’ve had, and i think he saw that and he saw that the opportunity in life is more than what i what i think it is too, because my father did things that were Beyond what he thought were possible at some points in his life right, so that being said, you led by example.
You bred that confidence that became contagious to him, and then he has it now.
So you should have some credit for that.

That is your blood.
That is your yeah, you know.
So that is your legacy and you know so no yeah he did he did.

He did all the work.
Your son worked his butt off.
I have no doubt about it.

Every breath is his right.
You didn’t lift that weight, but you know you definitely were there in spirit lifting that weight, and i know in his mind that helps to you know he wouldn’t be who he is.
If you weren’t there doing what you were doing.

That’s for sure and that’s awesome.
So know that he knows that’s usually i was so flat.

You could hit someone with a bb gun.

Three counties over.
You guys are cracking me up with your reactions to additional cameras.
Yeah we’ll get better at it.

You know we’re working.
Well, you know it’s it’s! It’s all like folks, how are you today it’s fun, it is right, but this makes us more mobile and we can do so many more things and entertain people when we can fill this solutionary station uh with uh people to sit down and brew solutions with uh.
Now we have uh the right camera action to make sure all of that happens so we’re you know, making making some upgrades again.

Thank you so much for our sponsors for believing us and believing that this message, uh of solutionary uh rising, is so important to get out there.
We are so grateful for the people that are listening for the people that are growing for the people that are getting better, but ultimately for the people that are finding a way to help other people inside of their aim.
When i say aim, i’m talking about the light that you emit talking about the light that you shine, i’m talking about the person that you are that is affecting other people, because one way or another, the person that you are is affecting other people out there and Inside of the sales uh people that we’re trying to speak to, we understand this message may not be for everybody.

We get that we want it to be for everybody, we don’t know what’s wrong with drinking delicious coffee and we don’t know what’s wrong with wanting to have something: that’s smiling and energizing.

But if it’s not for you, it’s not for you, but this is also for people that are wanting to be solutions to brew solutions at heart.
It’s the very first thing see this right here at the top see that at the top of the logo, you see that that is first and foremost.

What it is that we want to do is find a way to solve problems, to grow solutions to help people out and if that’s not what we’re doing uh then, then, maybe we’re not marching to the same beat.
But the great thing is that we have so many people that we are marching to the same beach, and this drum is getting louder and louder.
Solutionaries are rising, yes, there’s there’s great victories to be had and we’re going to find out that there’s more solutions than there are problems, and once we start believing that once we start acting like that, once we start actually delivering like that, the sky is the limit To what it is that we can achieve so if there’s anything that we want to make sure that we do it’s, build your faith and knowing that whatever you want to accomplish, you can accomplish, and yes we’re passionate about it.

We’re long-winded about it.

But this is our show and we’re going to say.
However much we want about how awesome you can be, how awesome you can be.

We want you to believe it yeah.
We want you to know that you can go, do it and if you want some help, call us we’ll try to help you out we’re all again.
We’ll connect you to people we’re gon na do great things.

We know some people right.
We know some people that know something about your problem.

You know we do if we don’t know them that the we know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody, you know where it’s all that’s what networking is all about.

We are friends, we are people, we are the kind that we will talk to you all day long.
You know what i’m saying nothing so holla you’ll get a lot of that, and maybe sometimes you just need a little hey wake up.
You got this get back in there soldier, you know what i mean, get pull yourself together and go close.

Some deals.
Uh go go present.
Some product go, find a new way to solve the problem.

That’s in front of you, you know what i mean.
Stop complaining about the problem.
Stop percolating problems, people start burning solutions.

You know, there’s a lot of great news out there and you need to go share it.

That’s the best way to help right is for people to share their great news.

That’s that’s why you know the to me the all the stuff that we’ve done so far.

It’s to me it’s the collective of all the information that we’ve been able to stories of the success stories of people they’re so different and everybody’s.
Why, even, though, there’s some of them similar there’s always like a little thing? That’s different, so everybody find inspiration somewhere.
If you go to our website, www.

i have at the bottom www.

You will find that um.
If you go through and you start paying attention to who we interview and you listen to the five liner and you hear their story and you think about what your life this you know, your life path has been everything that you’ve been you’ll, find that you can Find common ground with a lot of what people are saying and when you see that and you see where you’re at and if you don’t, and you know, you’re supposed to be somewhere more special, just listen to what these guys do and these gals do they’re.
Not no one was an overnight success.

What they all were were people who put the work in they made mistakes.
They may have made multiple mistakes matter of fact, most of them made multiple mistakes, that’s why they are where they’re at, because the one thing that’s different than them than most other people.
Is they made those mistakes, but they kept going, they didn’t they kept growing and they didn’t stop.

They were like you know what dang i learned something i don’t do it this way right.
I do it another way right or i just need to make a slight adjustment and this time i’ll be able to do it for sure they found confidence in that and it just built and it kept coming, and then they built better work ethic.
They started becoming more passionate about what they’re doing because they started seeing things happen, they started realizing the difference between people who are doing it.

People who aren’t is the ones that are doing it are not scared of failure.

They they’re not scared of being uncomfortable.


More like yeah, yeah, pretends lou would say freak yeah.
So so you know that’s so you just go for it and you just and you and you work hard and when you do that, you’ll see that it’s all going to work out and it’s all going to be great and it’s just passion thing.
It’s it’s just everything and you got to just make it happen and just and if you, if you believe you can achieve that, you know that old saying and i believe that so much and it’s so and i’m really, i feel like i’m showing that i’m proving It i think, lou, and i both have been doing that now for nine months, like i said a year of us actually doing this, though we’ve been practicing for basically a year.

Now i don’t know the exact date.
I wish i had it when we first were like it might have been the 20th of like i don’t know, but i know it was right around this time of year.

Last year we started doing this and i’m so proud of the body of what we put together.

That’s why you guys need to go check out our website and just go and listen to these people.

Listen to all our guests, listen to their stories.
You know we.

If you want to hear our story watch, some of these other shows we’ve been on, but episode one.
It’s it’s about lou and i so go back and listen to that and you’ll find a lot of like amazing stuff, a lot of great things and a lot of fun and a lot of laughs and great information that you can use just to pump you up.
You know share it, enjoy it, but that’s my thing that i’m most proud of we have coffee and i’m very proud of that.

We have you know our swag, we have friends and family and to me it’s friends and family now you know, but we have all these things, but we what we did was we put together a lot of great information.

The whole point of this was to help share ideas right it was, it was.
The whole point was that to change the car business and we are we’re changing it and it’s only been nine months of us doing it live, and you know so.

I’m still waiting for my first one-year anniversary picture or post from facebook for real.
You have an entire year of content.
That’s gon na i mean just it’s gon na be so easy at that point.

You know what i mean because there’s like so many there’s just so much there guys that it’s just he doesn’t have one year.
He doesn’t have one crazy, remind reminders of things that have happened, but when it happens, i’m excited to share it again guys what a success story.
That is that’s how quickly things can turn around inside of your effectiveness in the social media sphere, you can make like carry westmoreland.

You can make a couple videos and now you’re out there and you’re being interviewed, you’re being you’re being brought to other shows other platforms.
Doors are opening just because you stepped through a door.
You were whisked away inside of a the internet’s power of uh of uh amplification of your message and – and you can do that folks and there’s methods for that and we’re going to help you uh, learn methods for that.

We’re going to help share these methods.
Yeah and we’re so excited for that.
We’re also going to show you how to not just be great car guys in social selling.

We’re also going to show you how to be subprime heroes in being able to sell just about anybody.
Uh that has a couple.
The whole dealership how to just turn your dealership from a don’t know how to do subprime to a subprime hero store where people, clients and people and your everybody’s so happy.

It changes the whole game up it’s as simple as 10 freaking steps, just like our other one, consistent method.
Folks, subprime edition be looking for that.

So charles higgins comes on here says michael larkin, and i talked about that tonight.

We’re creating a great network here.
We are folks mike, and he also says can’t be scared of being a failing or getting told no every.

Now you get that much closer to a yes yeah.

That’s right! Justin grimes says: how has this podcast helped you all as people brewing solutions reach out to help other people right? Well, let me tell you i’m going to let lou take that, because i have went crazy on the mic tonight.
Go ahead, luke.

How has this podcast helped you all as people brewing solutions reach out back? I can give you a long long answer on this.
One so will lou well, is if you’re asking on me: how has it helped me um one, it’s been very, very rewarding mainly because of how therapeutic it’s been to be able to see success inside of other people see joy come on other people’s face, see.
Uh excitement see some of the testimonials that people are having and hear.

Some of the exciting stories that have occurred after people have just spent a little bit of time, uh taking on a a little bit of a video a little bit of a a podcast.
A little bit of a meme a little bit of a picture whatever it is uh seeing that we’ve upshifted their their uh, their thought pattern.
They upshifted their their career, seeing that we’ve uplifted their spirits uh.

These things have been so rewarding um and that’s how it’s benefited me uh.
I can’t put just a thumb on it: uh, but uh the the thing about being able to do all that.
That was only coming in connection with relations relationships.

You know i’ve never had amazing.
We built relationships that have made this such an incredible journey and so valuable such a treasure of fun that we’ve been able to have, because we’ve made new brothers and sisters inside of this uh quest to brew solutions with everybody.
And let everybody just enjoy just a good time and there’s no stopping us there’s! No stopping you! There’s! No stopping me.

There’s no stopping subprime hero, the car guy, your character, fill in the blank who are you there’s no stop and think: there’s no stopping the elite.

There’s no stopping us, no stop, there’s different levels that we can go to and the only thing they can get in our way is us.
You know yourself, your brain, and it’s really not even this.

It’s just your my wings.
Now you know, but to answer your question in mind if i was to give you a short version of how this podcast has helped us brewing solutions, reach out to help reach out to and help people for me with the podcast it’s been able to for one Get it out there too, it’s held me way more accountable, like i have to be this every single day.
I can’t fake the funk right, because somebody says well fred really isn’t like that.

Then that would completely blow everything.
So i have to be this guy at all points, so it holds me accountable, and i love that so it’s made me by doing that, though, being more accountable in my life, which i didn’t realize how much accountability really works like that, it’s a positive accountability too, Though um is that it’s helped me do things that i didn’t realize.
I had time to do or make me think or how good i was at something like being able to just get interviewed and not be really.

I was prepped, but i didn’t even really use that, but that being said, you know you just get better at that type of stuff, so this podcast has also helped me become a better speaker, even though i speak extremely fast, and i can’t help it right.
I know i talk fast, but that’s okay, i’m comfortable with that.
I’ve listened to my voice, so much yeah, i’ve stopped saying uh, you know guys i say y’all, you know i say guys and gals.

Now i i’m more conscious of that type of speaking making sure i include everyone um, so this podcast has done a lot for all that type of stuff.

So it’s and then it’s helped me to be able to reach out to interviews help me build.
My network help me become friends with people that i was actually fans of right.

So now i’m a i’m was a point from a fan to a friend.

So it’s it’s cool um and then you realize that what everything that we’re doing is the right thing in a sense you know i get better tips i’ll, adjust things, because i see what they’re doing and they’ll give me ideas.
So it’s helped me with that.

Reach out the reach with that, the people that we’ve met the interviews having um and then being consistent with it, because people i’ve seen a lot and, if you’re thinking about doing one dustin um which great.

But what i tell you is you have to be consistent.
You can’t just do it every whenever you want to you have to do it when you say you’re going to do it and you do it all the time and you may not even see results or you may not even get like we didn’t at first.

We were just getting okay results.
You know we didn’t really have a lot of people that were really talking to us and then it just boom, and then you go through another little flat where you’re doing good but you’re like it feels because everything that you’re doing becomes normal, like you’re interviewing everybody.
But it’s just kind of like normal.

Then something hits you again.
Something else just instantly perks you back up, but you’ve got to be consistent and through those plateaus is where most people quit and they give up on it or they become inconsistent and you have to be consistent, all 10 letters of it and if you’re not you Will never get doing consistent.
Is it just three months isn’t just 12 months it’s forever and i know i’m still that’s why i’m trying to put 12 months together, i’m gon na try to put i’m gon na put two years on for three years, so i can keep proving my point: how Consistency and then, when you see me and you see lou and i and you see our team, whoever becomes part of this car guy coffee team – that core unit of it, because it’s going to grow, we’re going to include more and more people, the great people being Included and when it starts to grow, and it really because of the consistent method that we lou and i are putting together and doing and living and dreaming, and we get being part of and displaying you’re gon na, see what the two-year mark is going to look Like folks and you’re going to be like wow and and i’m gon na – and i you know – that’s not what we’re doing it for, but it’s that’s just what happens.

It’s called a byproduct of doing consistency being consistent.
Doing everything you’re supposed to do.

Keep growing folks.

Keep mother growing? Oh! So that’s my short version drive with charles website coming to browser near you.
I have you guys and the rest of the think tank group for helping me thankful for stumbling onto your video on facebook watch.
Hey charles i’m honored that you are encouraged, that you are brave enough to go ahead and do what you’re getting ready to do and you are doing a great job.

I love your videos.
I will always be a fan of yours, i’m looking forward to it, but don’t don’t forget us small guys when you get big yeah, you know i mean always and here’s something that jason gares.
I love jason garrett jason and that’s why i’ll always do this jason garrett says that everybody most people when they start to get a little bit of that social media thing.

They tend to uh forget the people who help them get there.

They don’t give credit.
They act like it’s them doing it themselves.

So don’t forget that always i’m not saying give me credit, give the think tank give this.
This network of people credit all the time, because that’s what it is, it’s the people they encourage you to so remember that they inspired you.

If we inspired you to do something great, but i know it was like everybody inspired each other to do what we’re doing right now and i see what you’re doing you’re going full throttle and i’m gon na tell you.

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