If you don’t know now, you know what’s up everyone what’s going on good morning good morning, good morning we are starting, our live show a little bit late.

We do apologize for that, but we got some stuff going.
Jeff is getting ready to jump on here.
My little brother i’m excited about having him on there.

It’s been a good morning so far, but we’re just getting some coffee set up right now got to get our brew going.
You guys know what that’s about be ready for it here in a moment.
So while you guys are waiting, i’m going to throw this at you guys real quick enjoy your morning, enjoy your brew, get your coffee, ready.

How do you want to stop ? What’s up guys so yeah coffee’s almost done we’re on our second cup, we’re going to be going down there here in sucking, but let me get my brother up on here.
I know he’s waiting backstage right now, ready to jump in you ready jeff.
Here we go what’s up.

Let me add him to the stream.
What up jumping that’s good man! How are you doing this morning? Tired dude i’ve been grinding since 4, 45.

This is jeff lynn, arts, man, jeff leonard, is a car guy.
Here, local in hardin county he’s been he’s been in the business how many years now? Oh my god, i don’t know 16.
It’s been 16 17 right around there, 15 17 years.

So you know he uh, he kind of jeff jeff’s been in the business for a very long time, so you could tell with that type of years you got a lot of experience and jeff’s jeff scene 08 happened, he’s seen coronavirus happen.
If you were to pick one of those two man which one would you say has been the worst one so far, i mean coronavirus.
Really ain’t been that bad.

I ain’t gon na lie.
Uh i mean , the worst that i’ve seen.
I i couldn’t even tell i mean you got to make the best of what you got.

You know what i mean.
So yes, that’s it.
That’s the right attitude.

You always got a smile man, that’s the most important thing and that’s we preach that all the time is getting that last bit of cream and i’m going to head down there but the uh.

We talk about having the right attitude and when you have the right attitude and everything you go into, it makes it much better man and your attitude determines your altitude right.

You know that you know what that’s about so sorry, a little distracted.
Let’s get down there, we’re going to get down to the studio and get this thing going.

Folks appreciate you guys for jumping on with us.

Thank you very much good morning, good morning, good morning, so jeff where’s little king, i ran downstairs.
He just woke up.
He ran downstairs probably eating breakfast or playing his games kingston.

Well, that’s cool man.
I’m glad that, i’m glad that he uh.
Let me get this fixed up real quick, so we are back to normal guys back to the regularly scheduled program.

Let me get this fixed.
I’m gon na get out of this .

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