This right here is the first cup that those of you were going to be able to take in and brew.

We got a special guest for you.
This is lou ramirez, the car guys fell in arts the subprime hero and we are crazy, caffeinated and excited to get on to the day, because we have scott joseph in the cafe and he is brewing solutions with the car guy and the subprime hero.
And we are gon na find a way for you to get consistent about what it is that you do in your business, but first you have to apply three f’s.

You got ta, get your dance on, get ready to have some fun fred.
You ready to have some fun.
Well am i: when am i not ready to have fun? That’s like my middle name.

No, it’s actually john, but but fun is a lot.
It rhymes almost john fun.
No, it doesn’t even run, but you know what it doesn’t matter.

I like having fun and the biggest thing is i like to learn while i’m having fun and that’s what we’re going to be doing today.
Folks, we’re going to learn some stuff, be educated, we’re going to find the back story on this guy scott, joseph folks.
This is going to be a good morning.

Get your day right.
Let’s get some, let’s get your brain going, let’s get you guys started, but first off before we do anything, we know what we need to do.
We need to listen to this.

How do you do fire everything? Yes, let’s go ahead and just get him in here we got a really incredible car guy.
That is bridging, so many things together, so many spaces inside of this business, and we are so excited to be part of seeing these things happen and being alive at the moment in time where we all get to be part of actually crossing the bridges that are Going to make connections happen throughout this industry throughout business and actually just throughout relationships uh that are going to be so valuable without further ado.

Welcome to the car guy coffee podcast, mr scott, joseph yes, what’s up so excited how you doing guys so excited man? We’re super pumped up to have you here.

You know this.
I have been honored to be on your show a couple times now and to have you on my show, and i know it’s something we planned.
We just had to get the schedule right and now that we have you on the show, i’m real excited.

I think the people out there are going to be excited to hear your story.
I’m excited to get to know you a little bit more.
You know.

Here’s some we’re going to ask you this five liner and i’m going to get to hear your story about where you came from how you did this, what your motivation is and that that type of stuff is important for other people who are coming up in this Game or maybe somebody who’s hit a plateau in the business and realized are thinking that man am i going the right direction or do i need to quit? No folks, you don’t quit and i’m going to tell you scott’s, going to explain why here in a little bit, but the um, you know we’re excited.
We do a lot of things during the show we like to get stuff motive.
We like to get people motivated before we do anything really, oh well, we actually we apply three f’s.

What i want to do is i mean this is the feeling that i have at the moment.
You know when you’re inside of a room with somebody and you’re like everybody’s standing around and you’re like i want to get that picture with them.
You know i want to get in there and get that picture like like scott’s right there he’s in the cafe, like.

Oh, my god, can i get a picture of myself like you’re sitting at the table with this.
You know what i mean and it and it’s just.
I want to go: hey, hey, what’s up man and just get that selfie real, quick, you know what i mean hold up.

My cup have some fun, but we get to do that.
Forgive focus and fly and i’m just really really pumped up uh that we get to talk about some solutions uh before we go into forgive focus and flying.
We want to thank our actual sponsors.

We have elite, have the things you know what’s going on.

If you want to get a hold of elite fi you go to www.

com or go to thinkad group.
com, make sure you guys check them out man.

They are solutionaries out there doing some stuff much like the jnl marketing company that we’re going to be talking about today.

I’m super excited, so scott welcome you ready for this morning.

I am ready and uh.

Thank you guys for having me on.
I appreciate it truly.
Do you know, i appreciate you for taking the invitation man it’s you know.

It works both ways on that.
So we appreciate that so before further ado, we’re gon na have four three f’s.
The only thing that you ever really need, um, to jump into a conversation with us, whether it’s a zoom video or it’s sitting at a table.

It’s a little space for your arms and that’s going to be because we are some forgive focus and flyers around here and we pump things up.

So we are going to apply the three f’s that allow us to keep growing in life, and that is to forgive focus and fly.
So we go ahead and put our hands on our shoulders, and this just represents all the things that hold us back.

Put your hands right here: there you go and then you’re gon na wipe that off on three forgive focus and then fly one.

Two three forgive focus and fly and keep growing, keep growing, keep growing! That’s right! There we go.
We can’t get our show going unless we do that, because it’s so important, you know lou explain it forget to change your life for everybody, real, quick! Well, you see, the weight of unforgiveness is something that sometimes we pile on ourselves yeah and we allow uh the things that happen inside of our day to actually get piled on us also, so it it does.

Take an intentional effort to wipe that off, but it often occupies your hands.
Your hands are can’t be on the plow if you’re carrying a load of unforgiveness and if you’re carrying the the load of failure or whatever it is that that is a baggage uh.
You have to wipe that off once you’re free of it once it’s off your shoulders, you can focus on what it is that you need to do, and once you gain focus and clarity and understanding of where it is you’re trying to go.

You go there with intention and you fly, you begin flying and you know once you’re up in the air.

You just keep that going.
You know what i mean.

It’s like a bird just like an eagle just like those that are trying to go to higher heights, and i believe that we are of those people that are doing that and now you definitely are.
You know the moves.
Now now you can say you’ve uh.

You started flying with us.
Welcome welcome you know so now that you’ve been you’ve been initiated into our club right.
When i saw the the intro video i saw everybody doing that and i thought all right, i’m going to have to learn this so good to see what it was.

You were a professional ladder, you did it perfect, i loved it.
Man you’re one of those first time.
I get it guys right.

So now we’re excited.
We got some guests already on.
We got some people viewing already.

I appreciate you guys for jumping on michael dooley.

He says good day guys, it’s 12 45 am here, he’s all the way in australia down to new south wales, he’s a he’s actually a digital marketer down there.
That’s somebody you should probably i don’t know if you’ve already connected with him, but it’d be a good connection to have across the world joe constant.

I can’t i hate that i can’t pronounce his last name lou.
You could do that last name right.
I love that.

Last name: that’s so cool man, brian norris, they’re, all making j they’re awesome go ahead, all right! Nice joke! I like that right, hey forget about it, so you got brian norris brian noor says let the day.

Let’s let the day get started good morning, guys.
Yes, brian, i appreciate you thank you for being a supporter of, like always, sean taylor’s, even on here.

What’s up sean taylor, jeff breeze, my friend yes, so we’re gon na get to this five liner sky, and this five liner is all about you.

This is a way for us to be able to introduce.
You ask some questions about you and you to be able to talk, and we we definitely want everybody to know where you came from and all those types of things.

But the very first question is always the same question.
I ask everyone: what is your purpose? What is your, why? What motivates you every single day to keep grinding and keep growing? Well, i think i’m driven um, i don’t man, i i guess i have to go back to my parents.
You know in terms of of what drives me or what my, why is.

I can tell you when i started jml and i started j l before i got the dealerships, but my why at that point was always just to do as good of a job as i could.

I never worried about the money um.
I wanted to produce results for dealers, and i just knew the money would come so to be the best that we can.

I think uh.
I wanted to be considered at least one not me personally, but our company to be considered the most professional uh.
I wanted to be, you know, viewed as someone that could be, you know, produce consistent results.

Um, i don’t i.
When you get into marketing for auto.
You know it could be very up and down uh, because dealers want to see results and they want to see them right now and so, depending on the type of marketing that you get.

It’s not always easy to do, and i i just wanted people to view and know that they could count on us, knew we had their back uh and, in the end the results would be there for them.

So that was my whole focus.

That’s a good purpose.
You know it’s that growth mentality, it’s that, knowing that you want, you want to produce a product that is above and beyond what the average person’s doing you want to produce a product that actually follows up what it says.
It’s going to do right and that’s that’s something, that’s very important because you, everybody has stuff out there, but some people drop stuff out there that doesn’t bring any value.

Actually the value the price of it exceeds way past the value.
So the values are like not even worth it anymore right, especially after they touched it one time with you and what you’re doing you’re trying to do that complete opposite that you’re, trying to make sure that the value exceeds the cost, which is huge, and i believe, That’s what you do, you’re a solutionary.
You know, i know you all talk about solutionists with sandy.

You talk about a lot of things like that and that’s the exact mentality, there’s a reason why i wanted to hook up with you guys, because i see what you’re doing out there and i love what you’re doing out there.
I love just that whole move count crush, i mean come on, i mean you know.
I think that i can’t take the credit.

I can’t take the credit for that fred because that that, when we hired a company that came up with that one but uh you know move the crowd crush the competition.

You take all the credit.
You were the one who hired the company to make come on.

I approved it so i was like yeah i like that.
So you know i like it too and it’s it’s.
You know and that’s that’s half the battle.

A lot of people.
Don’t even take the initiative to hire anybody to do that.

They would just give up.

You know what never mind you did that extra step and that’s why? Yes, you give credit to somebody who helped you come up with it, but – and i can honor that.
But it’s you who stepped forward and said: let’s, let’s hire somebody to do this when you have as many things that are going on in your life, such as you being an owner and we’re gon na talk about this more your owner, you have a company you’re Doing you’re doing shows you’re you’re, interviewing people, you’re you’re, traveling, you’re, you’re, hosting events, you’re doing so many things, and that’s just a little bit of what i’m that you do and you’re doing so many things and you’re rubbing elbows with all the right people and when You do these things, you’re you’re in that type of mentality, and i respect that so well, it’s it’s an honor to really just get together with people that um don’t just have solutions for for other dealers and are trying to win the the attention of a of A dealer or of uh of a people that are trying to move their business forward right because that’s the competition you’re in you know, people only have time to pay attention to the things that are moving their business forward and if they have time for other things, While they’re doing business well, then they’re distracted right, they need to be focused on what’s going to move their business forward.
So having conversation, excuse me conversations with solutionaries like you that don’t just have a solution for them, but know what it’s like to stand in their shoes know what it’s like to have the same employee concerns that they have.

You know, because when a dealer is making decisions about things, he’s considering a vast amount of considerations going on inside of people, you know what i mean: there’s that’s an employer there, there’s people that their lives are all connected to the the very every decision that they Make which is a tremendous amount of pressure? You know what that’s like and have also learned, marketing right and, and you learn marketing by the by the dealer – vantage point which is huge.
You know what i mean: you’re a marketer at heart right, but you’re you’re, a car guy.
That knows marketing right.

I you know it’s funny.

I i think i’m a car guy.
I would reverse that.

I think i’m a car guy at heart, um and i wasn’t getting there fast enough uh, where i wanted to be and became a marketer uh, because i saw it as a quicker path to where i wanted to be yeah, that’s huge and because one you’re, a Smart guy, hello people he can, he can see things he’s he’s a fortune teller, paying attention.
Uh he’s doing calculations he’s running the numbers right and that’s one thing that i do honor about your style of of your interview and the things and the content that you put out there is that you’re not just putting content out there to just to be seen.

You’re putting content out there that gets business related.

I pay attention to how, in the conversations that you have um it may get out over here, but you’ll pull it back to the business table.
Real quick to say somebody needs to leave this table needs to leave this video needs to leave.
This conversation needs to leave.

This cafe with a cup filled with something that they can go improve on right, yeah.
I love by the way.
I love the coffee angle, guys, i think, that’s awesome.

Well, we appreciate that you know and that’s that’s how it all formed.
You know the short version of what i love when he takes the sip man, so you know the whole the whole point of the car guy coffee.
It is it’s that energy that we have inside of us.

You know lou was asked by one who sells people a couple years back said: hey.
What are you on? Because lou is so hyped in this room? He dances he.
You know he gets the show he gets his guys pumped up in the morning.

First thing: he tries to get him motivated to make the phone calls and do all the stuff and they’re just like what are you on lou and he’s like i’m on car guy coffee and that’s exactly how that name came up well before the podcast.
But that’s that energy, that car guy coffee, that’s what we have.
That’s what people like you have.

You know we got sandy up here and you know sandy’s saying scott is the perfect balance of hum uh, humility and hunger.
What a great way of putting it and that’s exactly right, you know, you know and sandy’s a very you know: smart guy.
I don’t think he would connect with you all the way from jersey if he didn’t believe that there was something right.

You don’t got time, but i you know i’m up here in new york, jersey, i’m a businessman, that’s what i do and i love that about sandy sandy.
Is that perfect, like when you think of that guy? That’s sandy and i and i love that we’ve connected with him.

Also we got jamil on here, also jamil, saying scott wishes.

It was the afternoon, though, not a morning, person scott, you and i are cut from the same cloth on that man.
I am not a morning person much myself, he knows i don’t like morning as much, but you know what i’ve gotten better at the mornings, because i started doing interviews, but let me let me tell you something about jameel.
He he likes to give me a lot of [ __ ], but, and i’m out am i allowed to say that on here by the way you speak as much as you want.

So you know when the covet hit.
You know the rona, whatever we want to call it.

I i was uh, i’m up at 4 45 every morning working out saying my prayers, i’m not to sound like hulk hogan, but that’s exactly what i was doing all right, saying my prayers eating my vitamins exercise and every single day, starting at 4, 45.

jameel was Still sleeping sometimes i i’d already have half my day done.
I’d call him and you know, and he was just i had to call him to wake him up, so pay no attention to him.
Understood jamil.

Look at you got called out now, that’s another! You know.
I haven’t had a chance to speak with jamil as much as i’ve talked with you and sandy, but i definitely i need to speak with jamil some, maybe try to get him on the show too.
But that being said man we got a lot of people jumping on right now, making some comments.

We got evelyn kelly with the think ad group.
She says joe same here, but i’ve tried exiting and reloading and it fixed it strange right, yeah.
So then, and then we got jake bishop of he’s actually up there in louisville over at uh uh bob hook, chevrolet he’s one he’s a rep of that yeah yeah he’s also got his own little show what’s up jake good morning.

I appreciate you for jumping on here this morning and sandy hits us with the lol sandy’s having fun.
I love it.
Bob hook.

Chevrolet was one of the uh very first pitches i made for jml marketing, probably in the first five people i visited to try and sell our program to.

I didn’t get the deal, though every opportunity helps you get better with the next one yeah, and you know i, but i could say i could say that i actually had opportunity.
This was probably 10 years ago, and i actually um got them to do some marketing and advertising in a stepped event, um back when they had their their shelbyville store.

Yeah, they had a shelbyville store for a little bit.
I don’t know if they still have that store, but they used to have that right off that egg chicken.
I can’t remember what it was, maybe 121 or something like that.

But uh.
I remember mr hook.
Mr hook sat there and i’m all excited and the l was with me from jml and and we’re pitching this thing and and uh.

You know we think we’ve got something that no one else has gotten.
Mr hook just kind of he goes.
You know what you’re showing me everyone’s doing this, so i was like oh [, __ ].

I better come up with some uh some additional stuff here to make this a little more valuable but yeah.
That’s that’s hilarious and that’s again, that’s something that dealers are very keen on we’re talking the car business man.

You know this is the car business.

You don’t know better closers, you don’t know better talking techniques, there’s no people that have a better uh swag about their flow.
There’s no people that know how to how to be precise, about saying the right thing at the right time, with the right emotion, uh: how to move their hands all of the things that some of the best um sales, how to do the takeaway and bring it Back to them, you know i love it in the car, business and uh.
That’s something that i just love so much this i mean i’m i’ve been a student of selling uh, so so long and people like you that are able to just really break break some fun stuff down, but also uh see the connection points that have to happen.

The experience is a lot of times uh.
What holds a lot of people up from being able to take big steps forward and, and the reason why we’re brewing together ultimately, is because we’re trying to uh trumpet a sound to solutionaries that you can go.
Do some great things you can you have access to great tools, great techniques, and you can go to work and do them for free.

Let’s just talk about how you can do them for free, and most of it is just mindset right.

Most of it is getting your mindset where it has to be in order for you to actually engage in the wrestle uh bout that happens with all of the other things that oppose somebody’s growth whatever it is that that that you go through in life.
Folks, there’s going to be opposition today is the day many people are waiting for right, we’re we’re hoping that today’s the big magical day election day, i’m so ready for this day to end the podcast, but on this day, so many people like oh it’s.

We can’t wait till today, then everything’s going to be all right, it’ll all be figured out folks.
If you were waiting for today.
You know what i mean to get it get it today.

Well, then, okay, cool! If today’s today then go do something today, go make something happen for your business, for your life for your family today for the world today, uh people like scott people, like sammy people like jake people, uh like evelyn, like all of the people that were absolutely everybody Else out here, all the way in australia they’re deciding to take advantage again.
Australia he’s in a different continent, so the election that we’re so pinned up on, isn’t stopping him from doing anything and he’s making money here in the us based off of these tools that we are all connected with, so think about the the capabilities that are out There and you have a solutionary like scott inside of the cafe, that’s able to uh to dish out some of the behind the scenes.
Action just uh be thankful for the moments that you have to take in this stuff, guys, i’m grateful for it.

Thank you again for the conversation i’m so excited to have you here.
I want to go on to another question, though uh, because it may give us a little bit more before you do.
I have to point out that jamil did say.

I think car guy coffee has the best intro in the game.

It is badass.
I love it.

I appreciate that you’ll be in there soon soon you’re going to be in that intro yeah you’re going to see you’re going to see you so, but no.
I appreciate him saying that i’m sorry i knew i was going to be in the intro.
I would have done my technique would have been a little bit better right.

I don’t know, don’t worry, we’ll get everybody’s technique together when we’re inside of like a stadium or something, of course, much like you when you had your.
You know you when you had your fourth box meeting.

We want to eventually have a car guy coffee convention like that too.

You know yeah and that’s something, maybe because we’re so local, maybe next time you do that we just sponsored like a lunch or dinner like we did last time and then we’ll bring the coffee supply.
That’s what i was going to say supply the coffee.

Oh yeah done we’ll make that happen.

Your coffee is all car guy coffee on the next right guaranteed uh.
I do want to talk about something somebody that’s on the other side of the world.
My brother has just recently been deployed and he is jumping in and getting him what’s up.

What’s going on, joey car guy coffee welcome joe love, you talk to you soon.
Take a bit of pictures enjoy the quarantine out there, uh michael dooley, over in australia.
He says that car guys are the best sales execs in the world right we adapt.

We overcome, we’ve had more opportunity at a very fast pace, to learn and lose and win and keep doing those things.

That’s what i love about this card business.
You know i tell that to people like look at being a mortgage mortgage is great, you know, being being a realtor and all that stuff.

You can make great money, and it’s great, i mean great money.

You have to be very edgy.
You have to be very motivated, but in this business you have so much for quick growth.

You could talk to ten people in one day and make ten mistakes or make ten perfect deals or make five and five doesn’t matter, but you have ten.
You can do that fast of a pace and you can make instant gratification when it comes to income.
It’s like you know, you don’t have to wait two three months for them their deal to clear for them to get the check from the bank and then to sign all their mortgage paperwork.

All that stuff is much quicker.
You know that’s what i love about this business.
So, yes, we are the best sales execs in the world and we all can do whatever we want to do and we’re proving that look at guys like like scott today, you know guys likes and there’s so many of us out there that are car people that Have really gone, he said michael dooley says what election yeah, i think the whole world’s talking about our election, whether they’re laughing at us, whether they’re feeling bad for us or whether they’re just excited for us to get it over with.

Because that’s all we’re talking about here um enough about the elections.
Yes, all right, so number, two dose so because we have you here.
We of course have to know um the origin a little bit of the origin story.

Yes, what was it uh, scott joseph that got you into the car business? What made you make the transition into being a car guy for life? Well, i have to go back to my dad, the uh.
You know we went from a family.
He was selling vacuums at sears all right and left that job in the late 70s, 78 79 range uh probably didn’t make the wisest choice.

He went to sell lincoln’s that were longer than this room in in the the middle of the uh oil crisis, and so but but he ended up being in top 20 in the nation, uh and obviously going from selling vacuums to selling cars at that volume.

Our lifestyle changed pretty quick and, and so as he went on and got promoted to general man, sales manager, then general manager and and uh started running his own store uh.
It was just a night and day difference and i was hooked immediately.

I always admired my dad looked up to him, so you know i uh.
I wanted to follow in those footsteps, so you know that decision for me in the car business was uh very easy.
So, but you know it’s funny with the with jay and l uh.

You know my dad was on.
I was going to school at u of university of louisville, and so my dad uh was off on a 20 group.

I was only uh, i think, halfway through my uh sophomore year, the first semester he’s off on a 20 group and i’d already been working at the dealership as a lot boy.

I don’t know what the tech – i don’t know, what we’re calling him now, but la boy.
At the time you know washing cars, taking my lunch break, watching sales training videos and trying to convince him.
Let me sell, let me sell, let me sell and he’d.

Never let me do it so he’s off on a 20 group one day, and i just sat there and said you know what i’m gon na i’m gon na drop out of school, i’m going to start selling cars, i called up a sales or he was a Finance manager, who was getting ready to become a sales manager at jeff, wyler, chrysler plymouth in suzuki up on beechmont avenue at the time up in cincinnati uh, i called him up, i’m living in louisville still at home, with mom and dad and uh.
He goes well.
When can you come up for an interview – and i said right now so i drove up there got the job on the spot, moved out, uh that that night moved up to cincinnati and uh mom and dad came home from 20 group and their their oldest son Had dropped out of school and was selling cars? Yes, so you know the the only reason i even started jnl is you know, i’m three months in and getting my nose, bloodied left and right and things aren’t turning out the way i you know, i thought i’d.

Go in there – and this is gon na – be easy.
I’m gon na kick my dad’s ass in terms of whatever he was able to accomplish and uh that didn’t happen, and so mr weiler comes in and you got ta understand.
My dad was a top producer for that organization for a very long time, so i’m all mr weiler’s giving us front row tickets to you know back then, as wwf and mr wyler.

I looked up to him too, because i was always around them and i was just a little kid growing up uh through all this, and – and so here i am three months in i’m uh, 19 years old and uh.
He pulls me into.
He comes to the store one day pulls me into a an office and his first question is: you know: why’d you drop out of school and i’d.

I just sit there and say well i want to i for what i want to do, which was to become a general manager run my own store.
I didn’t feel like i needed school to do that.
I felt like i could sell my way through.

Just about anything and learn the rest, and so mr weiler is going in and talking about all the things i would need from school.
I mean you start getting into understanding how the yen relates to the dollar and this and all that and what a general manager would need 10 years from now and as soon as you said, 10 years from now, i’m thinking to myself well [ __ ].
I didn’t drop out of school to wait 10 years to be a gm i’m.

So you know in my mind you know i look at at the reps that uh i work with now who i am always in the back of my mind, thinking man they’re entitled they expect this.
They expect that, but i was the same way uh.
You know when i was young.

I thought i deserved everything at this moment.
Uh long before i was was ready for any of it uh, but eventually i started jml just simply because i thought it was going to take me too long to get to where i wanted to do in the auto, and then you know, jnl became successful enough.

That i was able to buy the the dealerships, that’s so huge so far out of the box.

That’s the only way you get there.
You have to you’re in order to get where you want to get like something like that.
You have to make your target bigger than you could imagine you know when you have that big target.

You know you talked about you’re trying to bypass because you’re like 10 years.
I don’t have time to wait 10 years 10 years, especially at that age when you’re.
Just you know, you’re young in your early 20s and you’re, like you, know, shoot i don’t have 10 years.

You know what i mean.
We think that you know that’s like a lifetime, because it is during that.
That’s half your life.

You know it’s such a long time.
Yeah! It’s a great point.

You know, because you know it’s 19.

, so it’s over half my life and and so i’m sitting here.

Thinking well hell if it was going to take years, i’ve just stayed in school and had fun right.
I know right i mean uofl was a good time.

I don’t know what i’m thinking now right, but no that’s pretty neat.
You know lou’s.
Actually, a huge cards fan.

You know we’re not obviously we’re not that far from you we’re just down here south in elizabethtown area yeah, so you know for us, you know being he’s a big cars fan, so he’s probably been to more chords games than i’ve been to more cards games in Uk games, i’m not going to lie, but that’s because i got ta love that right.
There’s got to be a win for us in that one right.

It raises the the the uh.

I don’t know it takes the show up a notch in terms of justice.
You know uh brand.
I agree, i completely agree and i i i should be brewing coffee and so should uk.

I believe that both of them hey, there’s some there’s been some good car guys to come out of there.
I know it would be wrong.
You know.

I know that there’s been a few people who have owned dealerships that came from uk from louisville patina’s, a uofl uk guy, which yeah huge fan.
I can’t believe all that happened.
I love patino.

I still my heart’s still broken he’s the only co he’s.
The only reason that i don’t hate louisville, you know i’ll be honest with you because i used to be in the 90s.
I was like no way car, you know, cards x, cards, extra cards right and then he came over and then i was like well, you know i think i might watch some cards play all right, but you know you guys got a great tradition there and you Know obviously, i’m sure you’re still a huge fan and you probably see tickets the whole nine, the uh, the the cards are a lot of fun.

You know there was been a lot of fun to watch them play football.
The last few years, um their basketball teams.
Usually always something special, even with the situation that went on, i think they have a great coach in there right now, and i love that.

I love that rivalry that he’s got going on with uh cal right now, so yeah.
Those little spits that they’re throwing at each other.
I can’t wait for the game, but um.

The just louisville itself has such an upgrade culture awesome as far as being being a fan over the years and and being here and being uh in in kentucky and seeing again, we don’t have a an actual professional team folks for those of you that don’t really Know and you’re trying to what is kentucky’s professional.

There isn’t one we don’t have any of that um, so so college culture is so huge for us, but there’s a culture of upgrade we’ve been experiencing if you’re a car.
If you’re a cardinal fan uh whether it was the the yum center to the uh, the stadium, the stadium keeps getting um upgraded.

You know so many things keep happening and that’s great for car guys to enjoy.
You know because we always like to see the newer.
The better, the more fun you know, and it is interesting how that culture has been upgrading yeah.

Well, i think i think the university of louisville does a great job uh with any.
They really do what any really successful person does, and that is they have great vision and they think huge.
They do not have limiting beliefs on on what they think they can accomplish.

A university truly believes that in 10 years they can compete for a national championship.
In football they know they can’t in basketball uh, but they they believe it in football, and you know whether they get there.

Obviously there’s a lot of universities with a lot more tradition, uh and and have uh some some advantages right now on the recruiting side.

But you don’t get there without believing first and thinking big.

It is it’s it’s that it’s exactly right and that’s business and that’s exactly how you get anywhere in business if you want to do some massive growth louisville.
If, if i know we’re keep talking about uofl, but it is a good comparison, because if you look at louisville right now and you look at the campus, you look at how much they’ve built how they built up all their sports programs.

They built up all their programs how they made the campus look way more appealing how it’s easier to walk around and get to all the games for all the students instead of having to take buses over to you know to the to the fairgrounds and stuff like That right now that now that’s all right there they walk to their.
They can walk to the football stadium, cardinal stadium, they can go.
You know yum centers downtown, but man i tell you yum center is special yeah.

It is special.
I i absolutely i i’ve interrupt, but yum has it hands down.
It is one of the best places to do anything whether it’s watch cards play basketball, go watch, a monster, truck rally, watch a concert, a comedy show whatever it is, yeah man that yum center has it going on, and i you know a pro team.

He talked about, we don’t have one yet, but i really hope, there’s rumors that there might be because of because of this whole situation – toronto, basketball, team, yeah.
I heard that they might come down here and play because they’re, you know we’re cause they’re the lines so they’re gon na bring the team here, so they don’t have to travel different countries during this time.
I think, as soon as the city has the same type of vision and think as the university does things like that could happen boom.

I love it, but until that happens you know the university will keep outpacing the city.

That’s no doubt before we get to the next question.
We got evelyn, says speaking of think great yeah.

Thank god.
She says, wow, look where you are now.
She loves the story, a great reminder that we that anything we’ve done in life.

We probably did a crappy job for the first time it takes.

It takes a little persistence and she’s right sandy says it’s hard work, vision and jamil makes it all work right.
Okay, he says hey.

We need to check your content to your coffee cup.
It’s too early for bourbon and cigar right well, not on election day.
Not not! No! I think it’s never too early today, right now, it’s not too early, let’s see and then sandy says vince tyra great leadership at uofl.

That’s right! You know! I i’m glad.
I bought here on election day.
I don’t know yeah.

You know that there are so many people that worry about this result.
You know and or are hopeful that they get the result they want, as if everything’s going to change for them and it’s uh.

If that’s your mindset, boy, you are really one of the advantages i i feel like.

I have uh in interviewing all these leaders for the podcast uh.
Is you really get exposed to the way very successful people are thinking uh, so you know, hopefully your audience views this episode the same way but uh, but i will say one thing that they all have in common and i’ll steal, a line from uh tony robbins And that is, they expect the best, but they are prepared for the worst and if you expect the best right, you’re positive, you’re, confident you realize that none of this outside crap matters uh, you control your own destiny and when you are prepared for the worst, you Do what you have to do to always win right? You, you prepare you practice, you put in all the effort, the hard work and anybody i’ve ever interviewed that has had any type of massive success.
Has all done.

Those things i can tell you um.

This is not i, you know, i’ve been very lucky in the sense of my mindset, uh very early on uh when i started j l.
You know there was an election that i worried about at the time and i don’t like to worry uh.

I feel like when you worry.
You experience the same amount of pain as if, whatever you were worrying about actually happened but uh.

You know, i’m not perfect, so you know i was worried at the time, but i remember saying to my dad i was like well it don’t matter, give me the new rules and now and i’ll beat anybody else that i’m competing against.

I just need to know what the new set of rules are.

So you know that’s all that matters, because it’s not who wins this election.
That’s gon na make or break your company uh you your sales, whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve, because the things that make people successful are things that it doesn’t matter what the rules are.

It’s the preparation, it’s the vision, it’s the dedication! It’s the passion! These are virtues.
These are things that the outside world has nothing.
It has no impact on any of those things so uh, you know i, i i’m glad we’re doing this on election day yeah.

I am too, and i’m glad to have you here on election day, because those points are exactly right.
What he just said there.
You only have control of what you have control over what the election results are.

You can go and vote, but what control do you have so don’t focus on things? You don’t have control over focus on what you do so now when there’s a new set of rules out there.
I love how you said that when there’s a new set of rules out there, you just got to adjust to those rules and then crush the game from there.
It doesn’t matter.

People who are successful and people with the right mindset will always be successful.

We’ve all been alive long enough to see plenty of presidents different economies, different ways of people budgeting how this world is going to be, but we’ve all made it and we’ve all done extremely well.
I’ve made it through every type of administration as an adult that i can imagine right the crazy stuff yeah, the most successful people doesn’t matter.

What’s what because they’re gon na always outwork you right, they’re, always gon na out, prepare you uh, they’re gon na do what it takes to win, and so the the goal might change the goal.
Post might change, but it doesn’t matter.
That’s exactly right.

Sandy says it right here: he says: success.
Mindset is about possibility and abundance.
Then taking action.

Action is key because you can have all the positive thoughts you can have all this stuff.
But if you sit there and just watch things happen, it’s never it’s! You maybe get lucky and get some scraps on your lap.
But if you want that full meal that steak with the potatoes and that bourbon sitting there for you, you need to put that action in that’s how you get all those things.

That’s how you’re able to sit down at a place like jeff ruby’s and enjoy whatever meal you want and have as many drinks as you want.
While you listen to the piano man playing his thing, sandy sarami’s, coming into town next uh next monday so or this coming monday, so we’ll probably be hitting jeff ruby.
You bring up jeff rubies, we’ll probably be hitting that at least one of the nights you have to well.

When you guys do, let me know: okay, that’s where the action takers eat.
You know we got we.
You know we have a lot of amazing people jumping on here.

You got lucy michael michael uh.
He says, ask him his favorite bourbon.

So what is your favorite bourbon? So it’s easy to say the pappy’s and stuff like that, but i i would say anytime.

I do blind taste test, and this and this bourbon always wins for me by smell and taste, and that would be weller 12.
Oh buddy, so pound for pound price is no thing because weller 12, if you’re able to get it on the off the shelf, is not an expensive bourbon but uh phenomenal well or 12.
I’m gon na have to try that i’ve tried some weller.

You know i’m gon na have.
To be honest.
I was very not hip to the bourbon game until a few handfuls a few years ago, because i would just drink whatever.

Like give me some jack daniels, that’s not even bourbon.
I apologize give me some jim beam.
Give me some of this right and or you know the typical, like you said, if you can get some papi wow get some of that you know.

Obviously the woodford is kind of a popular brand.

That’s a good standard brand out there.
That’s just you can’t go wrong with woodford, but but now i’m really starting to get into the blanton’s i’m getting into the you know.

I tried some welder and i was like wow first time my my warranty rep used to bring me a welder’s every year and i used to just let him sit there cause.
I was like that, doesn’t even look good and then i took and then i busted it open, and i drank some and i was like oh my.
This is actually very lovely yeah, it’s kind of it does.

You know, weller has a good taste to it, and i’ve never tried the 12, so i’m gon na have to well.
You can’t find it it’s hard to get so you know, you’ve got ta.
You’ve got ta, get on there jamil.

He can help you out.
I’m sure the good thing about jameel helping you out is it might take you a year for him to get it down five dollars somewhere, but he’ll he’ll find a way because you know every dollar matters.

He doesn’t factor in the time that it takes that it that he’s searching all that he just wants to win and say he got him yeah.

Of course, that’s a compliment and a jab.
At the same time, it’s like hey good job yeah, but friends are friends and that’s how it goes down.
So that’s how you do.

Oh yeah! That’s exactly how you do that! That’s! What’s great about the car business guys! If listen, if you’re not giving people [ __ ] first off, if the people that that i work with, if i’m not giving you [ __ ], that’s what you know.
I probably don’t like you, because if i’m giving you [ __ ], it just means i like you that much more, i know i think that makes the business fun.
It does make it fun, especially amongst friends.

You know when you have that friendly fun with each other business partners, um, co-workers peers, even even employees, whatnot, it’s fun to poke that fun at them and and right back, because i expect it back.
You know much like you do.
I know they give it to you.

I’ve seen it i’ve been there.
I’ve heard about all your blazers and all your jackets and how much money they say with the money that he spent on his sports coats alone.
We could probably buy a dealership.

I mean seriously when, when i uh in my younger days when my my son was growing up, we used to play paintball out in this field.

They called me the investigator instead of the terminator, because i had this gun i mean i could it was like just.
It was almost like a paint hose this first game.

You ever played had every single tool everything that it took to do it.

It was incredible.
First, one out: first, one happened right so, but speaking of action, takers, speaking of uh bourbon drinkers and people that like to put a paint marker on something you know, we i want to reach out to five car guys for those of you that are listening, whether You’re listening to this in the future or you’re listening to it right now tag five car guys.

Let them know that they need to be hearing what scott joseph is talking about and just getting some of the fun getting a little bit of an upshift and uplift to your day.

Uh because it’s worth having good fun conversations that are constructive and are building each other up uh, that’s, ultimately, all that we’re trying to do here.
Uh, that’s all that we’re trying to make sure that you take inside of your culture.

It’s a uh! It’s an attitude of trying to build each other up and try to encourage each other, and sometimes it comes with a jab.
Sometimes it comes with a little bit of a poke.

You know, but every single time it’s designed to make something come out of you right.

I love the creativity in the jabs right.
It’s like it’s always a new way.
It’s cool when you can hit him with a cool jacket like did you even get that yet be like? Oh, i got you okay.

I see you know what i mean it’s like.
Sometimes it takes a little while to pick them up, but i love uh, that kind of a culture uh that you have, because it’s truly what it takes to have a brotherhood and if you’re, trying to build family and trying to build a tribe, you have to Be able to to rub up against each other in a way that may hap bring a little friction may make you have to re-evaluate yourself may make you have to uh, don’t be too sensitive change a few things or right not to be sensitive.
You know in this business you’re going to get a lot of news, got to have a little.

That’s why i think we’re so great in this business because of that the amount of no’s we get and we keep going.
You know what i mean the amount of rejection we we take on and we continue to um excel right.
Now, it’s it’s! It’s! You actually embrace the nose.

You know you embrace it because you know that as many notes as you get there’s going to be tons of yeses, you have to get them right.
So much like you know he talked about when he you know presented to the hook family and you know showed it wasn’t the same.
The first time you know he went back and he fixed that he’s doing other things and he you know you learn from those types of things right.

That’s the thing.
Folks, there’s no failures, you know, i’m sure you guys all heard this.
There’s no failures.

You know all there is is either you you either win or you learn.

That’s that’s it.
So when you go in somewhere and it doesn’t turn out to be what you were hoping just remember learn something from that and it’s okay.

If you don’t learn anything from it, then you’re just an idiot.
That’s what i’m just saying.
But that being said, you got michael poro he’s saying some nice stuff out here because today happens once make it amazing.

That’s right fact, and then he says you can learn.
You can learn a lot from michael poro, uh he’s a guy.
You might want to try and get on here.

Uh gosh, just the positivity but, more importantly, really the experience and the knowledge just pours out of him.
So uh – and i i view him as pretty innovative person, so he’s not a guy.
That’s not he’s not afraid to take chances, you know um and and do things if he sees a market force moving in a certain direction.

I i applaud him for what he does with his marketing and advertising now, because he really promotes to where i think the customer wants to be taken or wants to go and he makes it very easy for them.
So he you know, and not every dealer is doing that right now, so he does a great job he’s a smart guy.
He says the car go.

He goes the cop, the car coffee, guys great job, he’s smart, he’s! 100 right! Thank you.
We are not just kidding but for real the rejection, the more money and he’s right, you know, and then you got michael off with one of our sponsors with the elite fi partners.
He says rejection is an opportunity 100 and that’s how you have to look at that folks.

You know.
That’s all mindset, that’s that positive mindset.
That’s that forward.

Thinking mindset, that’s that i’m never going to fail mindset is that you get rejection.
That’s an opportunity.
It’s very rare that you ever sell something where someone doesn’t have an objection or a question at some point in the sale.

So if that never comes up, you don’t get the opportunity to find out what’s stopping them from buying.
So when they give you that objection or you get rejected, it’s your opportunity to find out why, yes and then then handle it.
I i agree with that and here’s what i also – and this is something i tell my guys – is – that you’re, not a sales person until an objection comes up because all you’re at that point is just like a server like you know, you’re just giving them what They want right, it’s all simple they’re, not no! Okay! Here you go here, you go, you show them a car, there’s no, nothing they’re! Just yes i’ll buy it! Here’s the pain! Okay, i’ll, buy it! Here’s the down payment, everything’s! So smooth now granted you can build that up.

You can you know, as we call you can make a lay down happen right by building up the deal doing all the stuff, but we all know when you have a deal that just walks right through we’ve.
Had those every one of us if you’ve been doing this for long enough, you’ve had multitude of those, but the moment you become a sales person is the moment they say no.

The moment you became a salesperson is the moment that they give you a res any type of resistance towards where you’re trying to go in your process.

That’s when you become a salesperson.
That’s when it’s time for you to put on your selling shoes and make things happen now you know a lot of people are lucky.

They don’t have to do that too often, you know they kind of.

Like you know, much like carmax is, or you know, and things like that they just you come in there’s a process.
That’s it see you later.
There is no selling really they’re just showing and then giving so us us being salespeople that that is special.

That is something that’s amazing that you look forward to that know because you’re, like man, i’m not a sales person until they say no, they just said no.
Now i have my selling shoes on self-serve.
This is why no is not.

This is why no is not the answer here right, so i love that you said that, because it’s you got a good point there.

I want to take another uh sip on the other side of the cup of that right.
Do that in and seeing that because a lot of times – and that is, that is the culture that we have been raised in right and in understanding that we were are not sales people until you get that first, no you’re gon na get four or five no’s .

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