Good morning, good morning, hey hey, what’s going on, wow guess what everybody i know what’s up.

It is time for some car guy coffee.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy.
This is fred lennart’s subprime hero and we are ruin solutions with a very special guest.

That is just coming to join together with us to illuminate a light into this business that just can’t be stopped.

We are brewing solutions and we are excited to have david villa inside of the cafe with us today.
So do something smart help.

Your brothers out help your sisters out tag a car guy tag, a car get some people up in here watching this share this around.
While you watch this intro and we get stretched and ready to figure it out, focus fly get excited.
Some conversations over a cup of coffee.

It’s time, let’s fly, let’s brew: , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], ; ah higher everything, , , [ Applause, ], , car gals.
Hopefully, you go ahead and tag a couple of car guys and share that around a little bit.

We just put that out there uh do what it is that you can to get yourself prepared, get your hearts ready, get your minds locked in and focus to be able to take some nuggets and uh take some truth with you into the world that you get To impact today, i’m just crazy excited i’m so inspired.

I’m gon na probably over talk a whole lot, but i got ta somebody that i really just want to want to just dig into and listen and uh and actually glean from because he’s been such an inspiration to us.

I i definitely know that he has somebody we’re watching uh and trying to take our um trying to take our next steps in in not necessarily trying to be but trying to have the type of reputation and trying to have the type of heartbeat there.
You go of effective, it’s a great way: growth, um inside of an industry that needs more people that are of the light, okay, so car guys cargos.

I mean again i’m going to over talk about how excited i am, and i’m sure that you guys can’t imagine but oh i know fred’s excited to be here and we got to get this cup of coffee in because we got mr lead or b lunch himself.

[ Laughter ], i’m ready, i’m ready, let’s bring him in bring him in.
We have parker, there’s targals.

What’s going on game changer himself, what’s up guys, man i’ll tell you what man that you, your intro made me damn! I was in there i’m sitting there just going along with it and i’m like that’s that’s really cute.
I love that man yeah.
We we enjoy that intro, we love it.

It gets us pumped up in that video.
That’s just we don’t have to watch the video just hearing that sound gets lou and i just so energized to do these interviews and we’re so excited to have you here david.
Thank you so much so excited somebody that i think is a pretty smart guy that we can all agree with albert einstein.

This is one of my favorite quotes from albert einstein.

Is that the athletes of god are dancers or dancers are the athletes of god? I love that i’m such a dancer at heart and i enjoy that type of uh.
Smart people talk that it’s as simple as enjoy yourself dance, keep smiling, have a good time.

That is a culture that we’re trying to definitely breed and uh and man.
We just want to caffeinate everybody’s culture.
Welcome to the cafe david welcome.

Welcome, welcome! Thank you man.
Thank you.
I’m about to have a starbucks delivered right here on the desk in a couple minutes.

I can’t wait so absolutely i want one of those i want.

I want something from you guys, man, if you send me something i got ta, i don’t know if you guys have the mugs or whatever you got.
I want to put one on my i collect them.

I got a whole shelf of like hundreds of mugs.
I want to put one up there, but uh i was watching.
I said, that’s really cool, that’s uh swag is on its way to you.

The swag is definitely on its way to you for sure you know.
Let us know we’d love to send we’d love to see we’ll send that out.

Speaking of that, we’re gon na do something that uh, we believe, is the ultimate uh formula to making sure that we can keep the three f’s in our life um, because we’ve been forgiven, we should forgive uh.

The power of forgiveness gives us the opportunity to uh free up our hands so that we can focus on where it is that we are destined to go where it is.
We dream to go and where it is that we’re sent to go.

And then we release trust that we are going to go to the heights, that we’ve only dreamt of uh and fly to these great levels and then keep growing, keep growing um and to keep growing.

You know you got to flap them wings.
You got to keep it moving and uh.
It’s exciting that we get to have so many people, like you, saw on the video do that with us and uh.

It’s truly what we want to make sure it gets deposited to everybody that we do get the chance to meet.
It’s a forgive, focus fly and keep growing.
So we appreciate you for joining us, but let’s get ready to do that.

Car guys and cargos all over the place, go ahead and put your hands on the shoulders one time ready and you’re gon na wipe it off on three one.
Two three forgive and that’s something i think david’s been doing his his whole life is soaring and he understands what it means to soar.

What it means to sort you know is to forgive you know.

Just like luke said, you know the focus on it and then you can start flying and david.
You are flying to some heights that a lot of people are watching and we’re so excited to have you on the show.
You are a good example of a leader that leads by example, right.

That sounds funny that i said it that way, but you do you know, i see what you’re doing.

I see how much your team loves you.
I see how much your guests love you and all the people that you keep bringing in your your.

You know you got people like glenn lundy, coming into your show.
I mean i’ve seen people that we’ve had justin jarrett came came out to your uh, to your studio, did a show there about a year or so ago.
You know i love justin.

He’s a great young man he’s a great rising star in the in the car business as a general manager, but that’s just like a couple people i mean you can name one after another after another and what all you’ve done with all those people is just bring Light to them, you brought more light to them.
You helped share that light, which in turn made your internal light, get bigger, and i absolutely love what you’re doing i’m excited to have you here we’re going to ask you these five questions and these five questions we’re going to get to know you a little bit More we get.
I want to hear about your backstory.

I want to hear about how you got to where you’re at you know, even if it’s something that people – maybe hopefully it’s something that no one’s ever heard before we’ll find out here in a little bit, we get an exclusive yeah, maybe a little bit.

I know that you’ve been on a few things, but you know the first question i like to ask everybody: david: is their purpose and their in their? Why what drives them? What motivates them? You know, like simon sinek, said during his ted talk.
He said it all starts with the.

Why and – and i think that’s, i think it is true.
So what is your? Why? What is your purpose yeah? I would thank you guys for having me on man.
It’s an honor um.

So my purpose, i mean i’m a man of faith, i’m a person of faith and – and i say i don’t say that you know uh.
I say that with humility and gratefulness, because um so my.
Why is you know to to please my lord and savior jesus christ to to be an example? You know that he’s called me to be, and so i think so so with that, though, so it’s not enough to just say that if, if he’s my, why what’s his, why his? Why is to touch people right, and so so, if you, if, if, if that’s my, why, then i’ve got to take on his, and so my my why extended to this earth is is first, i think in the order of after god, family you know um, you Know as a person who’s been married, 27 years has three beautiful children who are grown and uh one’s married with, and i have a first granddaughter and uh who’s 11 months to yesterday and then uh, one who’s engaged and then uh, my son and just so my Whys is them within my people that work here and then just trying to touch.

You know as many people with with the gospel bringing you know, bringing this message of of christ, bringing a message of faith into it into marketplace.
You know into what i do so.
My why is is to see people reach their full potential.

That’s huge uh to be so committed uh to that on a daily basis.

Inside of this industry that has been crying out for something real, crying out for something genuine um, especially especially the employees uh.
They get that get brought in early right there i mean these are such impressionable people at different times of their life right and and what it is that they see of people that make great money that sell a bunch of cars or solve a lot of problems.

Whichever way it is they they’re looking for more than that, what does your marriage look like? What is your relationship with your kids? Look like i, i can’t.
I can’t spend enough time talking of of the way that i would actually hear people verbalize uh, that they’re going on into their evening to neglect their family and to neglect their wife, and it would almost.
It was almost like a trophy to see how many divorces people had you know what i mean.

I saw that in the military in certain of the job types right.
It’s like they wore that like it was a great success um rather than uh people championing those that had fiery great marriages and had a great relationship with their children.

You know what i mean.

There was a lot that we had to juggle with trying to get a grip on in this business and uh there.
There weren’t too many people that would make sure to prioritize those things to the people.

They were mentoring like you’re doing today, and you get the opportunity to launch that type of mentorship into the uh onto the eyes of many and into the ears of many by these uh great tools that we get to have and that’s why um? I feel as though there’s so much that that’s happening in that shift to where you’re able to actually be more sought out with that truth than you are actually having to go.

Seek opportunities to to spread that around you know used to be uh.
The evangelist would have to find a bunch of churches to show up to now a bunch of people can find the evangelist you know or find the person that that is actually saying that truth, you can google, your name real, quick right.
You can find people that are of faith if somebody’s coming in the car business.

Now they can say how does a crit? How does a christian car guy do this? You know what i mean.
These are things that we didn’t have earlier in the day, and it was always such a challenge uh to to glean that light to shine.

That light to be that bold about your faith in a business where uh you were trying to change the model of whether you were taking advantage of somebody or you actually helping them out, you know what i mean and don’t get me wrong.

You know it.
There’s a lot of compromise that that that has occurred in my life that i screwed up on and i should have been a little more bolder in my youth uh.
While dealing with different mentors.

You know some of my motivations got jacked up and – and i you know the father had to get me back in place.
You know what i mean hey remember what it is that you’re doing here.
Remember: we’ve all exactly: we’ve all jacked up man.

I tell you it and you know another thing too thinking growing up growing up in like church and ministry.
Things like that you were talking about like the evangelist had to go to a church to, and i thought i had to do that for for a while.
That’s what i that was my model, but you know, and i had an identity crisis.

You know i mean like what what what am? What am i supposed to do here? I have this, you know, i’m not i you know i feel like i’m called to to talk to people about god, but you know it’s not it’s not cutting, i’m not making any money, not that you did it for money, but i’m traveling around we’re broke when We first got married busted, disgusted small children.
My wife’s, like you, need to do something you know, and so god was trying to get me to break, to allow him to break the mold, and you know, and so today talking to more people than i’ve ever talked to, and i still do a lot of Stuff inside of church – but you know um, so you know, i think, there’s a lot of people out there that have that identity crisis like it’s like you know.
I have this call in my life.

That means i’ve got to be in a church.
No, i mean that i mean 99 of ministry happens outside of the outside, of the walls of a church on sunday.
Come on, say that i love it.

That’s exactly well put because a lot of people you’re right, you do have to believe you have to be in the church to do those things, but no you can send that message.
You can be that message.
You can be.

You can be of faith.
You can be a man that really cares or a woman that cares about other people and do it without being in a church matter of fact, it’s most important because churches, most people only go twice a week, maybe wednesday and sunday right so the rest of the Week, you’ve got to put still put that out there.
You still got to be a person of faith, you still have to share love and you still have to bring the word, and i tell you it.

That’s it’s actually way more important.
You know to do it.
Every single day and it’s to do it in different ways, you know whether you’re doing it at your workplace, inside your family’s home with your friends and family um with people that you connect with now we’re talking about the internet, we’re talking about people that follow you Or maybe you follow them, it’s always good to keep that good word out there, and the message is just it’s to be happy and to understand that faith, that good things are to come, that the challenges are there for us to learn from and to grow from, And once those challenges are over you’re going to have abundance of greatness right and and in you know they he wants you to have abundance.

He wants you to have all these things because you deserve it, but of course faith without works right.
It is dead.

Absolutely and that’s that’s the key, and that’s that’s, but it’s that in everything, and i think that, obviously, if you live by that by that message – and you do put that and apply that to everything in life, everything in life – amazing things happen, you know, and it’s In i you know i i know lou is a testament to it.
I know i am obviously you are there’s a lot and the whole world is.
You know when you see something that you may you’ve heard you might have heard this.

You know it’s kind of it was a churchism, you know growing up in ministry and things like that and youth.

And what have you? But you know, a lot of people may have never heard this and you know, but you may be, and just kind of hear this for a second that you may be the only jesus somebody.

Somebody sees the only bible, someone reads and i’m not i’m not saying we’re jesus but but you know he’s physically, not here he he he left and said: hey i’m going and i’m gon na you know give you my my spirit: i’m gon na live in all Men everywhere the physical man, jesus was only in one small area of the world.

For three, you know three years of major ministry, so you may, and i may be the only you know – gospel.
That’s someone here so to speak.
So i think that not only do is it is it’s powerful man, because you know our testimony is not just it’s not it’s.

It’s for not just for us to say man this, you know, but it’s for other people and it could.
It can set people free and people need to hear it.

I can’t tell you how many times people have reached out, don’t even know who they are.

I mean people that follow on facebook or whatever you know, and i don’t know most of those people personally their their message and i mean have a chance to talk to people.
That message me at one o’clock two o’clock in the morning and i want me to pray with them and talk to them and, and they were you know, just all kinds of things.
So man, it’s their, you don’t ever discount your story, because people can people can’t relate to someone.

I don’t want to talk to anybody that doesn’t have a limp.
You know i mean if you don’t have a len.
If you’re not walking around with a limp spiritually, you know i’m saying like in life, don’t don’t even talk to me man, i mean look if you got it all together.

I can’t relate to you.

You know i can’t.
I can’t relate to you.

That’s right.
I love that it’s well put.

Yeah, that’s that’s! So that’s so the uh, the the car business um on the side of he he’s here to solve problems on the the car guys side right.
So he has a heartbeat that says: there’s a problem with you and i have a a actual product that can suit that problem.
But i also have a vehicle that will help you get where you’re actually going, and it’s because of my connection uh to the one that has the keys right.

He has the the keys to death hell and the grave he he has the keys to all the things that it is we’re needing uh to see unlocked in our life and ultimately, as long as we are with him, we’re good – and you know what i mean.
It’s not it’s not necessarily him being with us.

We know where we stand wherever he’s at it’s where i am, and the thing that so many people get caught up and stuck in is that they think that a ministry has to be in the church you’re.

So right on that, you know that’s, that’s i’m so not uh, not wanting to settle for the thought that the only time you can talk about the lord is when uh society says you have to you know they told you they told so many people to take Out of uh your business area, conversations of religion and politics, and me personally, there’s there i have there, there is a strategic way to be a gentleman about speaking of your faith right yeah, absolutely, but i also believe that people that are a mile wide and an Inch deep um don’t want to have the conversations that are a mile deep, you know and an inch wide.
You know that that they’re not as firmly grounded uh to where they’re they have that certainty to engage in that conversation.

So, let’s it’s going to raise tension up right, right, um and and same thing with politics.

The politics side gets in into the mix, and usually the debate is over things that are falsehoods.
The fight is over falsehoods, it’s never what’s actually genuine and tangible, or what matters it’s never about what matters right and and that’s where we, where we find ourselves, trying to make sure that no matter where it is that we are, we do what it is.
We’re called to do we, we actually show that light and love uh for the father, and that love is always coming without judgment.

That is always coming uh without a a finger of rebuke.
That love is always coming to say: hey whatever it is that you’re carrying.

I want i want to take you on.

You know, i’m still, the father of you put your arms up to me.

I’m coming for you and and letting people know that um there could be that family relationship inside of your business life inside of your relationship with your customers, you know and – and it all actually stems from having the altar left at your house right overnight – right leave.
Having that sitting there uh and building from that point forward and spilling over into where it is someone’s got, some someone’s got some uh, some some bible history in a man – oh bad eat them, that’s pretty deep right there.

Now! That’s that’s a story that not everybody preaches on, but let’s go come on now you got ta reach out, but but i mean i’m more of a seriously.
I mean i’m more of a street preacher.
I i i’ve gone for years, saying uh that i don’t preach on the carpet.

I preach in on the concrete, and you know, and that’s more of who it is that i reach out to is those that are not hearing those that are not coming to church.
Why? Because they don’t trust people, but you know something is something that not to get deep, because i mean it could be.
You know, because i know you got.

You know people watching.

You say the word.
You know if you don’t quickly, if i don’t quickly, say something after that, people were like.

What’s he saying, but one thing about it.
This is just really this.
Maybe to talk to someone.

That’s watching this.
That’s a business person, that’s a christian, because for a long time guys i was a christian that owned a business, but today we’re a christian business.
You know we’re a business of faith, it’s a difference and um, and you know, and that doesn’t mean that we, you know interview someone like you know you got ta, be saved to work here.

You know, but i’ll tell you what you work here, long enough, you’re gon na get saved, probably but here’s the but the obed even thing.
I think that to maybe the christian business person that’s watching going man.
How do i implement that? Just beyond me? Being a christian, you know, no one said you got ta bring a bible out and you know hit somebody over the head with it.

But the premise of that story of obedience is that, when the presence of god right, the ark of the covenant was in his house, everything was blessed in the and then so so much so that when david right, the king went to go, get the the ark Of the covenant back from him – and he left obed even went with it think about it.
He left his house, he left his house and his family and he’s like listen.

I ain’t.

I don’t want to live without the presence of god, we’re leaving our house and we’re going to go with you.

And that’s that’s that’s so you get you put god in the middle of what you do.

He’ll blow your mind, the phones will ring and people will come in and you and i’m telling you the favor of god – is a big deal.

So i i think that when we learn how to tap into that and not be ashamed of it man, you talk about solomon’s story right there right people are starting figuring out what you’re trying to figure out what you’re doing you know, anyway, right and and the Boldness that comes from that again, a person properly identified does not have the battle of certainty yeah when they know whose they are, and they know who loves them and and who it is that their source of love comes from.

You know it’s very easy to forgive focus and fly.
You know what i mean.

It’s very easy to apply, uh, good business practices that take care of your customer.

I do want to quote proverbs proverbs 22 1 says a beautiful reputation is more desired than great riches and to be esteemed by others is more honorable than to own immense investments.

The the work i mean very smart guys, that’s very smart words.

That is definitely the word of god and is making sure that you guys get it and understand that your reputation is what’s going to help make the room for you you’re, trying to seek out uh trying to seek out um.
Let me see just the sale, just the completion of the transaction, just being transactional based is, is not going to be.
What builds your reputation? What builds your reputation is, how you put relationships and prioritize those relationships, and we got the chance to talk on your show and and we stopped and we spoke about the cornerstone.

You know if that cornerstone’s not in place um other things are not going to line up just the rest of life is not going to come together and it’s a great honor to to just blow blow wind into the sail and and clap and amen.
Uh people like david that are here that are doing uh great things, uh, not just for the car business, not just for your business, but for the kingdom.

Okay, we are.

We may have a lot going on inside of the world nation and nation, this nation, that and and people torn apart, but we’re part of a kingdom and daddy’s the king and we get the chance uh to do uh great things, because we’ve been empowered by him To do it, this is our world folks.
This is your world.
You know you, you put together the way that it is you’re supposed to do it and trust the father to to bring the rest right.

He brings the group um, but no, i’m so excited to have you again.

It really is.
I am i’m super excited.

I know lou’s pumped.

You can tell lou’s like all about this and i’m very much so stoked but lou you two.
I mean i could tell you, i’ve watched a lot of your stuff david and i listened to lou talk.

You two are very similar-minded people and i you know, don’t get me wrong, we’re all very similar-minded, but the way you the way you implement what you do and the way he implements what he does.
That’s why i couldn’t wait to have you on the show, because i knew that lou was gon na just have a blast, because this is exactly what we needed to have.
This is exactly what the nation needs right now.

I know we’re going through so many different things over the last year.
We’re going through all these things, but people have faith, have faith.
We need to have faith more than ever right now.

You know they’re trying to do there’s all kinds of reasons why people are trying to take this away and pull that away.
But you know what, when you have faith, you know the good’s coming.
You know that the best is yet to come and it is just keep working towards it and be be faithful.

I love your answer to our questions.

Why? Having that first person, you brought you brought god in immediately, you said boom.
I bought it for the glory.

You know and and and what i’m for his glory, i should say right and you’re absolutely right, and i and i know that about you and i love that because i, when you answer that that way, i know it’s true there’s just no doubt that’s exactly how I had a feeling it would come out and – and i think that is a great way to start with your purpose right and i think that’s a really good way to segue into our second question.
I know part two so with that being that that’s where it is that you are in in your faith and where it is that your cornerstone at um, it brought you to the car business david.
What brought you to the car business uh to champion this message for the kingdom, ultimately yeah, so um.

Well, i mean you know i’ll say this too.
You know just a little bit.

I mean college dropout um and i can’t even really call it a no normally when someone says college dropout.

They went like two years and dropped out.
You know i went like two months, you know um, so i don’t really know if i ever went too too much but um you know barely not because i mean i’m pretty smart.
You know um.

I think you know it got by by the grace of god, but you know school wasn’t my thing um and uh.
So i you know i got married, very young had kids and, and so i was thrown into um very quickly having to to do something um.
So here’s just you know some people know this a lot of people that have known me for a while.

I’ve never been on the blacktop side of the car business and you know um, but i’m not your typical vendor.
I’ve been in the car business um in this side of the business working with dealers, um and even training uh for, for you know for 25 years, if not well, 90, 94, so maybe a little longer than that, and so my uh i’ve been on the marketing Side, you know um, to be honest, i didn’t think i’d stay long and it wasn’t like.
I had an affinity for the car business in the beginning or you know um.

I was a salesperson, you know as a k, you know growing up in the younger days.
My dad owned an advertising agency back in that time frame that worked with dealerships did direct mail for dealerships, and i started selling dealers at like 22 years old and worked for him and about a year and a half later i wanted to get into ministry.
You know um, my mom’s side of the family were all preachers and ministers and that’s kind of where that identity crisis started.

So i went to my dad and said: i’m leaving you know, because i want to kind of do my own thing.
You know just to make a little bit of money, so i can pursue ministry and he helped me get into business, and you know the truth of the matter.
Is i didn’t work very hard? I just did what i needed to do to make a little bit of money, so fast forward past that um a few years later, probably 2004, so it was you know, 16 years ago i got serious about the business and god really began to show me.

This is a ministry.
What i called you to do, and now it took a long time for me to you know, probably until 2011 or 12 before i started really being not a christian and that owned a business but a christian business.
And that’s where really things started to explode in the last eight years, but um so anyway got into that business just started.

Um, seeing you know the the you know, the obviously the lack of just god and in the business a lot of hurting people, but really good people, people that, i think you know what reminds me of guys.
Like the disciples like when jesus picked disciples, he picked jacked up people, i mean like the people that were like the most discounted voted, like least likely to make it.
You know you know just jacked up people.

You know what, in the religious people that’s another thing about this whole industry.

You know people like frown that people like kanye, you know when he came out.
You know a few months ago.

The church was like.
Oh, you know, man.
Let me tell you something: god: god wants to use someone like that.

You know because he scoffs at the religious, you know head nose up in the air people and the car business is full of people like that.
They’re salt of the earth they’re good people.
They just have some issues, you know and um, i think god’s attracted to it, and so you know over the course of the years.

You know, obviously, as a from a position of helping dealers and being lucrative and dealers spend money.
It worked out from that standpoint, but um, you know, i guess you know really.
The thing is: when money doesn’t motivate you anymore, you make enough money, you know you better have a.

Why going back to your first question – and i think this is a really good industry to take.
You know um to take your why you know, if you’re a believer and and implement it into touching people’s lives and seeing them change, because let me tell you something: you get the people in the car business and get to get them saved and get radically.
You know you know wanting to do something for god watch it’s all over.

You know it’s all over man, so so i got in the business that way.

That’s uh, that’s hot.
He plugged in so many things there and left it off with with such a great explanation of what can happen with the power of people that know how to sell, can start to make believers see.

That’s that’s, ultimately, what i believe most preachers of the world are doing.

Yes, they are selling you on the understanding that there is an opportunity and an open door for you to have an encounter.
They are preaching that, just like a sales person is preaching to you.

The opportunity that you have the op to to upgrade and have a better life because of this one vehicle uh that you’re looking at right now, the but you are as the salesperson designed to make a believer out of them and the truth that you’re telling them.

Because you’re coming from a place of true conviction that you’ve experienced that this is the better way for them: you’re the trusted leader, the advisor, not a script reader, a leader right and in the gospel we are designed to go say the good news spread.
The good news: that’s it we’re here to spread the good news, that’s ultimately the command that we’ve been given, love each other love our father and go spread some good news and uh from from the marketing standpoint.

What your whole mission to do is is to put out there the joy of doing business with a dealer right, the joy of being able to make that process uh come into where you can get what it is that you’re looking for just like in the kingdom.
If a promise, if you find the father, you find everything else that you didn’t even know you were looking for and and once that that happens, and once that that faith connection occurs, um it it that’s it you’re you’re sold for life, you’re family for life and You’re, bringing that type of culture into the the car business, which is key that people understand that, that’s, ultimately, what we’re doing we’re making the numbers and when sales people start looking at the world as uh hey, we get the chance to make more believers out of People again such a time as this i’m excited uh that we get to do this, even if it’s just us having a conversation about the things that the father is doing, you know in the face, it builds us all up.
You know it does it’s it’s.

So it’s so much it bring.
You know in a time in the world where it seems super dark out there right now.

You know like where things just seem like it’s just going backwards.

You know that you know what you could talk about a number of things.
That’s going on in the world right now that people are using as excuses to to give up.
You know um when i look at all these things and i look at it as an opportunity to grow an opportunity to you know to bring more light into this world an opportunity to show that there’s so much great things going on.

You know, and you know the thing is you know everything has a swing side.
You know when things are bad you’re gon na.
Have this amazing good happen to you.

So you have to understand what you have here to get to what you want here right.
So once you have this here and you find love in what you have here and understand, there’s something to learn here: there’s something to share here: there’s something to do this with once you get that you start to shift and it turns into now.
I’ve turned that negative into one of the most amazing things.

You know, i think, we’ve all if you’ve been on this planet longer than you know, if you’re, an adult and you’ve been through life, you’ve seen that you’ve seen where something that’s been so bad seems so tragic.
But then you look at you reflect back at it later and you go i’m so glad that happened.
That was the best thing that ever happened.

That didn’t happen.
I wouldn’t be where i’m at today and i think that you’re you’re definitely a testament to that.
I know lou and i both are – and so you know and during that time you’ve met people.

You know i know you’ve been influenced, you know, you’ve been a man of faith for i’m, i’m gon na assume pretty much your whole life.
Obviously we all go through our spaces of you know, mistakes and our phases of doubt our phases of this or whatever you go through.
You know um, but there’s always been somebody there.

That’s that’s helped you.
You know i and i and i’m not just talking about god, i’m talking about somebody in human form right now.
That’s in your life, maybe not current, but somebody that influenced you.

So my third question, for you is who’s, been your biggest influence for you, who’s helped! You stay on that path of glory that you know that you need to be on the most in your life yeah.
Well i mean you know, i think um and i say i’m you know not trying to get points here.


You know because she does it.
I don’t think she really gives points 27 years.
I haven’t really figured out how to how to to figure out.

If i got points or not, so it’s not a point thing.
It’s it’s looking at it.
It’s um, you know we’re opposite, and god brought in uh.

My wife and you know i looked at it before guys and you know, and then i’ll move on to a couple other people, but some uh as pouring water, so to speak on the on the vision.
Like i’m a visionary – and you know my wife would be this person.

That would always caution, and you know i looked at it as like man are you you know, are you ever gon na? Just you know get on my side here and be like? Yes, i think you should do it or whatever, but you know i come to to learn that god balanced someone out that just tells me the truth, even if i don’t want to hear it, you know – and i don’t want to hear it sometimes you know most Of the time all the time, so you know so that her um really really is somebody that you know um, that when you learn to embrace that, that’s a good thing um, you know over the course of years i mean i haven’t been to too too many Uh, you know too many churches, but i’ve served at different churches and and pastors have always been a really big thing.

One of the um.
You know uh um, you know my current pastor um.
You know i’m he’s actually uh somebody that i haven’t really had a chance to get to know too much we’re going to a bucks game this week and together there’s a huge church over five locations.

But what he has done is helped inspire uh.
Some my daughter serves there’s some leadership um, even though i’ve already i’m already doing that and have done some of those things.
It’s inspiring to see how he’s running a very healthy church with very healthy uh processes in place you can tell, and so so there’s even those types of things.

I think you need to be aware and open your eyes to everything that god can use to help.
You mentor you um, but of course um.
I’ve had men of god.

You know my life over the course of years and god’s kind of shifted some of those people for periods of time where they would they would just they would just um.

You know tell you the truth and shoot you straight and just be examples of people in faith um, just a couple of people that i that i follow their stuff.
You know and look at what they do.

You know: pastor jensen, franklin um in gainesville, georgia um.
He pastors a free, chapel uh he’s a um he’s a minister, but he does a lot of things in in within business um.

I follow a lot of stuff that he uh puts out and um and i think that he’s in he’s very inspiring when it comes to him steven furtick um.
I think he’s you know uh somebody that i follow but uh you know from from a business standpoint.
It’s very it’s very difficult, there’s not a lot, because i’m not a big, i’m, not a big uh, i’m not big on all or a lot of the kind of so-called guru people that are out there um, because i don’t because i think i think things um.

I think that they may be successful or maybe have money, but i’m very cautious, because i know that, ultimately, without without the lord in your life, you know that success.
That type of success is fleeting and it’s not lasting and you never fill a void with it.
So i’m very cautious to really put serious people in my life that are that do have faith.

It doesn’t mean i can’t get ideas or inspired from other people, but um.
So there’s just there’s just there’s.
There’s a few people like that that i that i do uh follow and um.

You know.
Of course, john maxwell has been around for forever.
You know when it comes to business um, you know, but i’m gon na tell you what i think that there’s a there’s a place for the newer people to step into roles like that and um, and and be those those individuals in today’s age that – and i Really feel like that god’s um looking for people like that as well.

So absolutely i agree, i think, he’s looking for people like that every single day you know, i think that there’s not enough, i think, even if we had an abundance there’s a more of abundance of it would be better.
The whole world was doing.
How great would that be, but you know obviously that that message is great.

I love what you said there.
You said that there’s a lot of people that you take notes from when it comes to business, you’re, you’re, you’re, gon na be a little bit more picky, because you know some people’s message may seem like what it is, but we in the background, may not be So you want to really do your research on what they’re saying what they’re doing you know one thing that you’re doing you’re you’re doing that right now, so you definitely are.

If, if you were outside you weren’t david villa, you would be looking at david villa right now.

I know that and and that’s what that’s what’s so great about you, that’s what your message is about.
I love watching your little one-minute clips your monday motivations, i like watching listening to those you know, here’s you definitely bring a joy to it.
You know i take note from that kind of stuff with what i do.

I do my quick cruise on a daily.
I do my lot walks.
I do stuff like that with my team um, but you know i learn from the greats.

You know people like david villa glenn, lendy’s um.
You know, there’s a lot of you all out there that are just doing some amazing stuff.
You know not enough, though, like you said so, there is a great void that can be placed and i think you’re right.

I think you know.
I think the lord is looking for people to fill those spots, but he’s also being picky about it.
Make sure that, because once you get it that abundance and that light’s going to hit you and you’re going to be so overwhelmed, you’re going to be able to pour all this extra that you have to everybody right and that’s what’s needed, and people need to do That but you got ta even when you’re at that level, there’s still room for improvement, there’s still room for growth and that’s what’s the beautiful part about life? Is that no matter where you get you could always get somewhere else? And i absolutely love that and i can see that’s what you’re doing um and it and it’s beautiful it’s a beautiful thing.

That’s why life is so great.
Life is fun.
Life is a it’s a it’s a it’s something different behind every door.

You open! You know.
It’s but as long as you have that faith and you have a good base good foundation, that’s been built just right for you.
So this way as you’re building your house as this house is being built through life you’re, putting all the right stuff.

Even if you got a rotten piece of wood that comes in here, well guess what the foundation’s so good, that rotten piece of wood can be thrown away and you could throw something else in there eventually right, that’s right and that that’s definitely a great message to Have um so i i do i love it.
It’s it’s! It’s good, even that routine piece of wood, sometimes sometimes a lot of user, would be something amazing, you’re right it could be put back by roman, great man.
Romans, 8 right, yeah, all things all things work together, you’re good god takes the good, the bad, the ugly and you know, puts it all together and beautiful.

You know i was definitely that rotten piece of wood me too brother.
Me too.
Oh man, it’s uh! It’s that’s.

What again is so affirming when you know where it is he’s taking you from when you know what kind of mess you have and he embraced you anyway and and the same thing with the way, the grace that we give to our customers and and being a Subprime hero in doing the things that we do uh for uh clientele and people that are needing to be able to buy something, we’re not here to judge them for the way that they did it before.

That’s not what we’re designed to do we’re here to help take on what it is that that they said their issue is and and find a solution.
I believe you’re either doing one or two things.

You don’t really have really problems that are just problems.
You have problems with creating ideas.
Uh a a problem will remain a problem until an idea comes, you speak about the wife and and she keeps it real and she keeps it true, and then we make the adjustments we can to make sure that they’re happy right.

I mean doing this coffee adventure, which you can get some coffee guys by going to careercoffee.
com, but um the the coffee things and the apparatuses are all over.
My all over my kitchen right, my wife is like lou.

I need my kitchen back.
You know i need my kitchen back, i need my counters back, and so we make this whole other room right and we would not other room, but we take this wall and we make this whole cafe thing to where all everything has its place, and it looks Nice and she gets all – you know, puts the woman touches all over it and it’s fantastic.
Now great my daughter gets involved.

She buys us a new keurig which was such a blessing.

My goodness, i got big kids like that.
You know i mean it really really humbles me, but um all that came together and we had a problem.

It took then an idea, then agreement on that idea and then it it then brewed something right.
So one can chase a thousand two can chase.

Ten thousand.

The amplification of the voice and the trumpet for the kingdom is so great uh, the more of us that get together and start to speak of uh.
What potential we have when we actually give god access.
You know where it is that we can actually be lifted to um if we give him access.

People have to realize that what you’re doing and what we’re doing this just hit me when you said that all we’re doing is what, where revelation says.
You’re made overcomers by the blood of the lamb.
You word of your testimony, we’re just testifying.

Well, you just said they’re like we’re, not we’re not trying as much to talk people into it as we are as just this is what’s happening to me.
This is what i’m experiencing and we were talking.
I talked a minute about solomon.

That’s one of my favorite stories in the entire bible, because you know the guy could ask for anything, and god said what do you want? He said i want wisdom and god gave him wisdom, riches and fame and um, and – and he was so blessed by just doing but by god – that there are all the rulers everywhere.

Right came to him and paid him and said.
Tell me your secret so think about that for a second like his testimony right, his testimony made room and that’s all, that’s all we’re doing we’re not trying to like say talk someone into something as much as we are just sharing our experience.

That’s that you know and then – and you can be part of that – you know – that’s that’s what’s crazy about it is that’s what testimony is really using the gift that you’ve been given.
I love that you said that, because it’s so true, you know, since i’ve known lou lou’s, never tried to force anything on anyone.
He just gives his testimony explains why it’s helped him lift up to where he’s at why his family life is so great when they share the word of god together when they share faith together and and so on so forth, and that spreads to his whole family Through his friendships and the way that he is with other people, you know you know, i know i’m talking about i’m very much same way, but you know i’m talking about him, because this is what you know.

It’s all about that lou’s one.
You know one thing that lou’s always been has been a rock he’s, always been there and he’s always been what he says he is he’s.
Never changed, he’s never altered.

That he’s always been true to his word, so he when he comes when he says this stuff.

He means that stuff now his story, you know it’s loose story of why his faith is so strong is powerful to me, and i i understand why he he does that, and his faith got super strong during that time it had to do with his daughter sophia, When she was born and and so you know long story short she’s, healthy, she’s, lovely and it’s all because of god, you know and no doubt about definitely growing and feeds since right right, you know, but you know she’s the one that brought the curing she is And she’s the one now you know now, just much like you, his kids, are all grown.
He’s got one left, that’s getting ready to graduate this year.

I have one that’s 17.
I only have one child, i’m not as fortunate as you guys are lucky y’all, but uh, but the one is i’m blessed and i have the greatest kid in the world.
I’m very lucky, but you know we’re all going through those things.

We’ve seen our kids grow.
We’ve seen what it is when you put faith inside them and you show them that light and you show and they and then you see how they encourage their friends and how love much love they spread and all this stuff, it’s the basis of it basic the Base of all of it is just be good, be good to each other.
That’s good! You want to others what you want on to you right and, and that’s that’s exactly what you have taught your children.

I’m sure you have with yours.
We’ve done that with our team members, we’ve done that with our friends.
We’ve done all those things together and it’s it’s.

It is it’s a testimony, and this like we’re saying what we’re talking about here is not hey, you better do this or your life is gon na.
No, it’s not that it’s just explaining how amazing life is.
When you have the right base, when you have the right foundation, when you’re doing the right things right, you have good faith.

I mean that’s you.
You touched it earlier david when speaking of the the word of our testimony, you know the blood covers, and the word of our testimony helps us to be overcomers.
So, that’s why it’s so important that we share uh what it is that we’ve come through, where it is that we’ve been how we got where we are, because that’s the testament of faith.

That’s how the faith has been passed down over the years and for the record.
Everybody uh just about everybody throughout the scriptures, was a serious screw-up on a different level and has shown the power that that’s why it’s so awesome the stories.
Yes, great things with people that the world would write off.

Well matter of fact, you know the one, the one guy that felt that the one guy you know we caught he i don’t know his name.
The bible just calls a rich young ruler.
You know i mean that one guy that was supposedly had it all together comes to jesus.

You know with this haughtiness like hey, so i’ve obeyed every commandment that you’ve got i’ve obeyed them all, and i’ve done this and i’ve done that and i’ve done this he’s bragging and he goes so well.
You know what what do i need to do and jesus said: go: go, sell everything you have and follow me it’s not that jesus was saying you can’t have money.
He just knew that that was the one thing that the guy was that got the one thing that was preventing that guy and so guess what the guy did turn around walked away.

You know i mean he said, that’s right right, so look so jesus not only uses imperfection.
He rejects people that aren’t willing to to to to admit it.

I mean you know it’s just uh, you know, i mean you and you go and somebody could be watching.

It’s like man but yeah, but you know what i grew up that way, but i’ve jacked up my life and you know god’s, not gon na.
Forgive me: well, you know, simon peter, you know denied him right and you know jesus said you’re gon na deny he denied him.
Here’s the thing he denied him right before 50 days before he stood up and said hey to the to the and said this.

Is that it was spoken by the prophet joel 50, 50 days before he stood up and preached and basically gave the first message of the modern church at that time and 3 000 people got saved 50 days before he denied jesus, so he jacked up and god Used them two months later, you know you know so i mean god, god will use you in spite of your weaknesses and matter of fact yeah.
He will forgive you instantly once you take him once you believe in him right, it doesn’t matter how that’s the whole.

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