good morning, car guys and car gals welcome to the car guy coffee podcast we’re going to be real, quick and live with you.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy.
This is freylin arts, the sub prime hero, and you are brewing solutions on the car guy coffee podcast.

If you want to get you some of what’s going on right now, uh jason harris has an episode.

That’s brewing and you’re going to love.
It part two is going to come out tomorrow morning and you want to go ahead and get caught up with it.
He is a solutionary and we love him all the way from down under we’re, also reaching out to michael dooley he’s going to be doing the next few weeks, you’re going to see some great information coming from him he’s doing something here in the us and uh Excited he’s growing right now, folks, if you guys haven’t reached out to michael dooley, you need to find out you’re missing some stuff.

I we’ve been connecting with other people who keep bringing his name up, he’s growing, really fast in the united states.
He’s already been here.
He’s been doing some stuff he’s doing a lot of great great things to help you generate leads and be able to maintain these leads and to be able to set these appointments up to make sure that your bottom line goes this direction and man wait till you See his episode he’s a great guy, we’re going to be redropping.

I know we did a live one, but we do everything shows live and then we re-edit – and we put them back out again and guess what it’s coming out.
You got a dream.
We got dan williams, i’d love to go, get you some of his group.

If you go to car guy coffee, dot, com uh, he is an incredibly unique individual.
That brings such value in making great connections happen.

Uh for many different businesses, not just the automotive industry, but he finds a way to find the right person for the right job at the right time.

So, if you’re looking for some action inside of your uh business man, that’s a great person to reach out to you know he’s trying to find the best of the best of the best he reaches out to me.
So he’s always looking for the best with honors he’s that he’s off he’s actually hit me up twice about jobs that are around my area like north and south of me and in great positions.
I just you know, obviously to me it’s a lateral move, i’m not looking for the lateral moves.

You know, i’m not looking for really any moves right now, i’m really content sort of.
I don’t.
I hate.

I even said that i’m not content, i’m looking to grow, but i’m not looking to just go from this job to another job.
I’m looking for something more than that, and but you know i can tell you.
I appreciate you offering me those positions dan.

It means a lot to me that you do that, and you know those positions are great positions which tells me that dan knows a lot of people out there that are looking for people that are solid.
That’s why he reaches out to me because i am solid.
I’m just kidding, but for real, but now dan, i appreciate you.

Man keep rocking and rolling up there.

You know guys he’s up he’s up in cleveland area, but he’s a man of the world so make sure you reach out.
If you’re looking for a position, let him know who you are, what you do send him your resume and i’m sure he can find you a position extremely quick man.

Let’s see michael dooley have a great show, gentlemen, 2 a.
m and jumping into bed he’s in the future.
We’re not going to be on too long.

Michael, you don’t have to worry about checking this one out.
This is just a quick we’re going to ask a quick question: we’re going to jump up quick question.
Actually we want to know from you, michael, if you could do us a favor and we’ll chop this up and put this together.

All you car guys and car gals that are solutionaries out there.

First things: first, before we do anything, we want to make sure that you get the message uh, that in order to keep growing, you have to forgive focus fly so on three join me and one two three forgive focus fly, so you can keep growing, keep growing.
That’s right, but we want to know what it is that you do to get your day started, there’s so many great professionals that are just inside the room right now, um that we want to talk about.

But what do you do to get your day started? Some people have a routine to start their day and, to finish their day, we want to highlight the successes that people have and um, if there’s anything that we definitely have enjoyed inside of our relationship with glenn lundy.

It’s how strong he is about the message to apply five things every single morning the morning.
Five is a message that so many people are taking and it’s actually transforming their lives because they’re implementing something now most people that have a success: uh type of lifestyle.

A successful lifestyle they have some sort of routine.
Some people don’t even notice it.

Some people don’t even know that they do what they do every day and it sets them up for film, a quick succe of yourself, giving about one minute of information of what you do to start your day yeah morning.

What’s your morning, routine, send us a video we’re going to put them on the show, we’re actually going to probably put together a montage of videos if we can get enough folks, please share this.
Let people know we’re going to have a lot of fun.
You get to be part of our show, so we’re going to throw you on there.

All you got to do is talk about your morning, routine, we’re going to post a video later this week, maybe maybe sunday, night or maybe thursday morning.
We don’t know yet we’re going to we’ll put.
It depends on how much you know content we get how fast we get it in, but we want to get this video and we want to use it and put it out there.

So people can see how important a morning routine is.
Yes, when you wake up and you have a routine, you know what you’re expected to do your body.
It likes that it’s it doesn’t get confused.

It doesn’t get jumped like, oh my god, hurry up get to work.
We got ta.
Do this, we got ta knock this out when you have a routine and you go through your morning and you know what to expect and your body isn’t rushing your brain.

Isn’t struggling to keep up with what you’re currently doing trust me it’ll make a world of difference, and i think all you out there who have a morning routine, can prove that.
So speaking of people with morning routines from matt’s mentor moment, there’s a key pieces of his routine that always help him be set up for success and as long as i’ve had him as a mentor inside of my life, i’ve always looked to him to say man.
I want to try to keep it as smooth as that right and – and i want to make sure that i have the answer before the question comes and setting himself up for that type of success is a a lifestyle and uh.

He has a routine that he sticks to every single day, uh.
Make sure that you do get you some of the matt’s mentor moments uh, but if you’re going to up shift and uplift your day, you need to be engaged inside of how you approach your day.

Right now i don’t know what school is like.

Where you are, i don’t know what happens inside of the education system where you’re at uh, but for us we’re inside of what’s called non-traditional.

What is it nti non-traditional? I have instruction instruction.

Yes, non-traditional instruction, um, it’s a guess is what they call it.

So, basically, all of our kids or everybody is online right and so the way that some of these kids are able to to approach the day um it changes the way that they learn right.
Usually they have about an hour to two hours of getting their whole brain function together before they’re sitting down in front of a teacher to receive instruction and start their day.
You know what a guy looks like when he just showed up to work, and he just rolled out a bed.

You know is that person prepared to sit in front of your customer.
You know what i mean inside of your day, if you literally just got they prepared for anything, you didn’t go to the bathroom.
You didn’t get your cup of coffee.

You didn’t really put your clothes on.
You didn’t get clean all of the things all of the elements that have to happen for you to be miter brushes, engage doing business right, you might have brushed your teeth right.
All of these different things, um are are things that are part of a routine.

That gets you started now.
Of course you don’t need to go into crazy detail but whatever, but these things are not happening inside of the education system of america.
For the most part, kids are able to wake up roll over and just go click.

I’m here and not even be seen right.
I was i remember in school, i was sleeping in the classroom with the teacher in the classroom um.
We asked nick’s son today because he’s not sleeping through class right, but he said how many kids he said, how many other kids are sleeping, probably during class.

He said, probably at least about half, and if i ask my son, the same question.
He’d probably say the same exact thing um.
So, if that’s the approach, that’s happening in the education system, there’s going to be a fruit that comes of that right, there’s going to be some sort of a harvest from people engaging their education like that or having to be taught that way, right, um, so be Cognizant of that, but also, how does that look inside of your business? You can’t have people just rolling over and being in front of your customer or jumping on the phone and pushing your product forward.

So what is it that you do inside of your every day? Before you show up to work to have yourself ready, i know when i’m showing up to work.
I’m honking that horn people hear me coming um and you know that’s about to happen right now, because we got to get ready to go yeah.

So we’re about to jump off here because i do got to get ready to leave myself and so does lou.

But you know my my rewarding routine is very simple.
You know and i’ll matter of fact i’ll just record a video, and so we can add it.
We’re going so please do it folks.

I need a video from you any of you all one, video two, even if it’s just two seconds just please just say hey when i get up in the morning.
I do this this and this that’s.
What helps me grow right, or this helps me get motivated for the day folks kevin elder.

What’s up my friend mr 15th yeah, so i appreciate you for jumping on this morning.
He’s i got.
I don’t even think that’s why we are connected on linkedin.

That’s so cool, so i appreciate you for coming in, and viewing matt’s right, climbing in the morning is key to having a meaningful day.
You know i just there’s like three things that are really key to me in the morning to be ready for the day.
You know and i’ll talk about those on a video later, but it really does help me get to where i need to get and it gets me pumped up michael anders is the man matt says video coming soon i see there.

We go matt’s mentor moment right.
So good mentor moment, folks we’re going to be seeing a lot more of those too.
So that’s going to be really great, so michael landis man, michael, i appreciate you bro just so you know i’m going to throw a shout out to michael landis again, because michael landis is probably my most consistent follower on social media period.

He’s i’ve never even met the guy shook his hand.
I’ve met him on.
You know.

We obviously we’ve been on zoom meetings and stuff, but but to but for a guy that i’ve never even shaken a hand.
With you mean a lot to me, michael you, michael larkin, all you guys there’s a lot of michaels out there, michael dooley, michael offmooth.
You guys are all i mean michael knight from night.

You know what i’m talking about.
No, so anyway, we’re gon na we’re.
You know not too much longer we’re about to hop off, but we want you guys to know.

Please go on and have a great day remember morning.
Routines are important.
Send us michael landis, send me a morning routine.

Video show me a video just to states what your morning routine is.
I need it from you.
I need it from you, matt damos.

I need it for you, dan williams.

I need it from you, michael dooley.
I need it from everybody out there who is watching this right now, don’t be afraid, send it to us.

We will make sure that the video is nice when it gets back put out to the internet, all right we’re going to have fun with it.
It’s the holiday season come join, us have some fun, we love you all.
You guys have a great one once again, forgive focus and fly so you can keep going.

You know what i kind of want to see.

I kind of want to see a little bit of just everybody just rolling up and being like.
You know how i stole my game for a guy.

Maybe you can send an extra one of those a minute 30 seconds.

That’s what i’m saying.
I start my day off a fresh cocktail, but if you do want to make a funny video of maybe how you start your day with carter man, we want to do some of that.

We probably use that up.
Use that and uh silly make us laugh seriously.
Silly have a great time: no stop car guys, car gals, listen! You can go have a great day today.

If you choose to so brew solutions for the people that you’re around be encouraged, you got a big day in front of you, so be the solutionaries that are rising today.
I am lou ramirez, the car guy and i’m freylin arts of subprime hero, and you have been brewing solutions on the car guy coffee podcast.

That’s brew! All right guys have a good one.

Take care, i’m gon na leave.
You guys.
We haven’t done this, so i’m gon na leave you guys with an outro video.

We haven’t done that enjoy the outro, we’ll see y’all later , [ Applause, ], , ah , [ Applause, ], , you .

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