so whoa good morning, car guys and car gals welcome to the cafe.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy, and this is felon arts, the sub prime hero, and we are excited to be brewing solutions with you on the car guy coffee podcast.

I don’t know if you knew this or not, but christmas is almost here.

It’s almost here frank, what i can’t wait, we’re three more mornings away from having christmas morning.

I can’t wait, i’m so excited luke.
This is gon na.
Be amazing.

Ah, yes, excited! So do us a favor, real, quick and tag.
A car guy tag, a car gal uh go ahead and share this around a little bit.

Let people know that we are brewing solutions in the car guy, coffee, podcast and we are excited.

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So do us a favor real, quick hit that share button share, share, share, share, share and let’s go ahead and get excited everybody because christmas is almost here, come on.
Let’s get ready to get focused and fly together uh while we go ahead and tag a few of our friends and uh get this going out into the web world.

It tagged out we’ll be back in two minutes folks.
Here we go: , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , ah , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , and then, let’s see we got charles here.
Charles higgins, did you watch crow’s video? Yesterday, that was great man.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, that was oh, my gosh.
That was such a great example of the whole.
Forgive focus of fly culture that it’s not it’s, not just something that we’re saying it’s not just something that we’re we’re just trying to make sure we get out there.

It is a lifestyle to live uh to be able to deal with the things that you deal with in life and be able to easily wipe those uh the weight of unforgiveness off your shoulders to not take it out on people to focus on a way we Can get better and to have the faith to get up and go fly again.
Man, that’s just that’s incredible, incredible, uh.
Testimony of what happened inside of a bad situation – and i know me – i know me and how i would be if somebody messed up my hair.

That’s why i don’t trust nobody to cut my hair right, but but uh i mean i’d, be oh i’d be so upset and really the forgive focus.
Why flow is something that i have to keep telling myself uh because uh how easily um it is to to go down a path where you you want vengeance.
When somebody does you wrong right, but if you forgive and you get that weight off your shoulder and you stop worrying about what other people um have and haven’t done to you and what you have and haven’t uh succeeded at uh you’re able to focus on what It is that’s at hand, so it’s so so important that we do so so without further ado folks, before we get on with this show, let’s go ahead and knock out.

First things.
First, everybody on three with me: forgive focus and fly one.
Two three forgive focus fly and keep going keep going yeah here we go all right.

Merry christmas to you, michael mills, good morning.
How are you welcome to the show? How would everybody doing today gosh we are so close to christmas.
Today we have some exciting news.

You know we have a lot of announcements.
We have some new partnerships that are going to be.

You see this elite fi.

You see this think ad group.
First of all, we’re going to go ahead and give them some shout outs: elite, fi, wow! Thank you for being our sponsors.
You guys are amazing, michael offmath, amelia alfmouth, all them over there doing some major things: elite, fi partners, www.

com, because they have solutions for you every single day in your finance office in every which way that you can imagine they have.

They can do it in auto boats, cars, suvs, you name it.
They have a, they have a solution for you.
There they are badass.

We also have think ag group wwe, you groupheadgroup.

Basically, people they’re the originators of the thursday uh thursday thursdays things thursday see they love the teas love it the quadruple t’s and we have them, and it’s been a great experience with them.

We’re one of the founding members of that group, which is great, and i love being called a founding member matter of fact, evelyn just jumped evelyn just jumped in good morning evelyn.

So you know evelyn um.

You know she hooked us up with them.
So this long story short she she hooked us up with think tanks.

She got us in there she’s part of think tank, her husband, justin searle, great guy, one of my closest online friends.

I’ve ever had right.
I absolutely love the guy.
I love the whole pink ad group.

I love them all, but the think tank is something fun.
This uh this week, we’re not gon na be there.
I don’t think next week either, but the very first week the seventh we’re gon na have one of our friends.

Scott joseph on there wow it’s gon na, be really cool.
Everyone bring a cigar, bring you a bourbon he’s going to bring some great business knowledge.
This guy is all about business, business, business, business and i love that and not to mention he’s right up the street from us he’s up in louisville kentucky so he’s another kentucky guy.

I love that kentucky guys are strong car guys.
You know what i’m saying so and then we got ron ron ron.
T man he’s one of the entries for for the uh for the video competition that we had and man.

He did a great one folks and he’s actually gon na be getting some swag and ron we’re gon na go ahead and get you on the show.
You already know it, man we’ll get that set up.
That’s right.

He says this is ron gavrick with the manager teo podcast, and i approve this message from the car guy coffee guys.

I love you ron, awesome.
Yes, man.

We appreciate that.

So we do have these two sponsors right now and you know we obviously have next cell app in the mix too, but we have and i’m not going to really say who they are yet because we haven’t got all the way on paper.
But we just picked up a couple more sponsors and i’m really excited about putting them in here and mixing them up in our group.

And it’s just going to be a very, very good.
Melding of all these different businesses coming together to make one beautiful pot of coffee that just beautifully tasted and gives you all the caffeination that you need for the day the week and the year.
So we’re excited about those partnerships.

We’re going to be announcing those very soon the first quarter of 2021 is going to be amazing.
We got our new podcast coming up part two season two and the car gal coffee podcast.

We want some big things coming up.
We ain’t messing around no more 2021 is gon na be huge.
We have some big plans.

We had our first year go through the goals we set.
Not only did we hit our goals, but we exceeded our goals.
We went above and beyond our goals.

To the point: where 2021, our goals are crazy, guess what’s going to happen, because we do what we’re supposed to do.
Folks, we forgive everything of the past.
We don’t care about how bad, how good does it matter? We we focus on what we can have control over, which is right now and we keep moving forward.

So we focus on those things now that we’re focused on those things we’re able to fly we’re flying man.
We got up to the clouds we’re like.
Oh, we can keep going up higher, we just kept flying and flying now we’re going across the world.

We’ve gone down to australia, australia down under, and we got to hang out some guy.
I know our wives, don’t like us using those accents, but it’s fun.
I love the accent the australian accents.

Like i told when i told michael dooley, i love that accent.
It’s totally in the world.
True know, i don’t know what it is crikey.

You know i just it’s something about that, but oh justin, thank you.
Justin searles on right now, what’s up brother, what’s going on? That’s right! Forgive focus fly my friend.
Yes, so you know the think ad group love them guys.

We’ve actually re uh we’re going to be renewing our contract with them for the next three months.

We’re probably going to have a lifetime contract with the pink ad group they’re, our very first sponsors very first ones, to show us love very first one matter of fact.
If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have started doing sponsors so early they’re, the ones who reached out first and said: hey, you guys thought about sponsors and i was like huh.

No, but yes, let’s do it right.
So it’s they taught us the road.
They showed us the light on that.

So thank you guys very much for that.
So yes, first, it is literally the 22nd of december 22nd of december wow wow.
We have three days two days before christmas.

It’s the third day it’s christmas morning, so i’m excited you got michael higgins on.
You says nice fit lou little, do you know, michael or mike that he wears that on a daily? That’s his pajamas you’re around pajamas, oh man.
So i love the pictures that you sent that michaela put out.

That was pretty awesome, yeah, there’s uh, something i want to show you.
Those are very funny pictures.
It was funny doing that uh, but i want to show you guys, speaking of michaela and my kids uh my daughters uh about four years ago and uh.

We kind of got a post that i want to do today, get a little interaction with you all and talk about some of your favorite christmases.
But we had the chance to go to england um to visit our son.

While he was stationed out there at the lincoln heath, uh air force base and uh, that was uh, what my wife would say – and i would say too uh one of our best christmases outside of the food, the food really sucked um.

We we experimented some things.
We tried uh to to cook a goose um.
It didn’t work out, did not work out worst food on christmas we’ve ever had, but uh.

It was a great great, great great time, uh to to be able to be with our family.

Joey says i never came to see him in england, so sorry joey, i went to visit my son, but we had a great time and uh and and with that we were in this little quaint town right this little this little about an hour and a half Uh outside of england and a little town called huntingdon, huntingdon and uh, i mean cobblestone roads.
Little markets, i mean it’s a cool little town uh.

We got off.
You know the the nine ten hour flight that it was to get all the way out there train station the train station, the train station um was trying to hunt for our b and b now figure.
This i got my wife.

I got my two teenage daughters.
I got my two sons well, actually, at the moment, gabe was was with us.
Devon wasn’t with us, yet he met us at the airbnb uh, but we’re out there with our big giant like the big giant bags.

You know that we had to reshuffle everything while we’re going through uh going through check-in.
I mean i mean heavy bags all over the place and we’re walking through this town again travel on the air travel in the uh in the actual train stations, trying to figure out how to jump from place to place in the underground.

That’s what they called it.

And we get to this town have no idea where our airbnb is so i’m sitting here, trying to google earth and do all kinds of fun stuff to find it and we’re walking around this town and i’m just looking around and just so excited we’re on cobblestone Roads right with our bags all over the place, the ladies are getting all frustrated.
We walked around where we were supposed to be twice okay, so we went around the entire town and passed our spot up twice until eventually we we got a little help from this.
From this young chap right, these, these nice people were outside of a of a of a bar.

It’s like you, look lost and we – and i don’t know if i’m doing a good english accident but uh he was like.
You look lost and we were like.
We are: where are we in in help? They help us get where it is that we needed to go um, but anyway uh.

So we we were inside of this airbnb and, like second or third day that we were there um.
My daughters decided to do.
Do a little bit of a video, so i’m going to go ahead and share that video with you guys real, real, quick, i’m going to do a little bit of a screen share, and this is now how i know mariah carey’s um.

I don’t even know the name of the song i yeah okay.
So that’s long right.
I only know it as the ramirez girls uh doing their christmas thing, but i’m gon na go ahead and share that with you, real quick.

Let’s go ahead and get a little screen share action happening, that’s the one sorta! Can you see him? I could see it all right, yeah we go and girls you’re on.

Oh, oh man.
I remember when that video came out, and i remember that what made me laugh, even though it was all funny, but one of my favorite parts was the part where your head kind of peeks in real quick.

I remember so much dude.
I remember watching that.
The very first time you put that out – and i remember going: oh that’s good, dude, [, Laughter, ], that’s so awesome! Oh man, i know you’re getting set up.

Evelyn had a bounce who said she loves your outfit.
You brought the christmas spirit today, including those freaking elve ears.
I love it heck yeah.

This is just my ears.
What are you talking about anyway, but speaking of the christmas spirit, i want to make sure that we go ahead and we do a little bit of a giveaway.
So do us a favor, real, quick car, guys and kargals, and all you that are out there.

If you want some of this caffeinated consistency, we have a special bag for you today.

So do us a quick favor um, go ahead and put a coffee mug inside of the comments and we’re going to go ahead and get you in for a quick mixture of uh.
I don’t know like a little bit of a raffle and pull your name out of a hat.

Maybe a santa hat – i don’t know, maybe an l fat.
I don’t know, but we want to go ahead and give away a little bit of coffee today, charles higgins, he was a winner once before and what’s better than one bag of car guy coffee too so go ahead and share this around a little bit, but go Ahead and get your coffee mug into the comments.
Thank you michael mills, and we are excited to give away some of this caffeinated consistency which uh again guys.

We want to remind you that this is not a base model brew.
This is a craft coffee that you might need to know how to do some brewing um, whether it’s pour over whether it’s using a mocha pot.

I mean you can even use some of the filters put it inside of a uh one of those k-cup disposable things.

Go ahead and mix some inside of there get do it inside of your keurig, but the best way that i’ve seen uh to have this so far was with the pour over or with drip our guys, absolutely love it.
Every time we get some car guy coffee brewing, they know what’s up uh, it’s it’s uh.
Who was it? Somebody was telling me about making a video.

Oh, it was calvin about making one where, if you brew it, they will come hmm because they will man our guys, knocked out some of our car guy coffee at the dealership.

Every time we put it up – and this isn’t customer coffee – it’s car – guy, coffee, okay, so we got to make sure that you get your guys energized.
But if you want some of this go ahead and throw that mug into the comments and we’ll get you a free bag of car guy coffee.

Just because we’re in the christmas spirit – and we want to give some caffeinated consistency away.
But if you do not win the challenge, it’s okay, because you can go to car guy coffee dot com and get you a brew.
Just go ahead and hit the coffee shop.

Part and uh you’ll go ahead and run right into the link.
We are so thankful that we get the chance uh to brew solutions with you and actually connect you with a cup of caffeinated consistency.
That’ll get you energized and moving smooth like a car guy and energize.

Like hmm, not your car guy, i mean that’s just basically.
What it is right bottom line well at least this these car guys.
Here we have more energy than most people.

We know, so i i’m assuming that other great car guys have that same kind of energy.

Just saying, we’ve definitely interviewed a lot of them and a lot of them have that 80d ish type of personality.
You know what i’m saying we got like.

Ah, i can’t stop doing stuff, but i keep getting distracted.

We love being car guys.
We love you car guys and car gals out there for doing what you’re doing for coming out here, reaching out trying to grow.

Understanding 2020 was just an opportunity to be the best version of yourself and to just focus on yourself, because you had more time than you ever had if you’ve been in the business for over five years.
You know what i mean this business.
You tend to work.

A whole lot, and this year we had some extra time.
I don’t care where you were at what region.

You were part of the united states at some point this year you didn’t spark as much as you normally would.

None of us did.
We all had opportunity to work on other things in life lou and i we chose our podcast lou and i chose our families.
We chose a few things that we could do with them and with our podcast that we could do extra that we haven’t been able to do for years, so very lucky, very blessed that we had a year like we did.

I know that i’m not saying that the world was blessed this year, i’m just saying that lou and i were blessed that we took advantage of the opportunities that we had.

We definitely looked at the positive side of this year instead of the negative side, which is in turn made our year really good made our year amazing made our year to where we’re pro we’re broadcasting and thinking that 2021 is going to be forecasting.
I should say that 2021 is going to be the best year of our lives.

It’s going to be the best year of car got coffee, even though it’s only the second year, it’s gon na still be better than the first year.
That’s how dope it’s gon na be here the first year was amazing, guys, amazing, and thanks to all you all, thanks to every one of you all out there for watching, sharing caring, loving being part of this whole culture being part of a lot of things reaching Out to us talking to us encouraging us even a thumbs up when you send a thumbs up like on you know, whatever social media platform you’re on means a whole lot, even just one of them guys.
Thank you so much! Oh gosh chris christmas man, i’m so excited i’m in there.

It is.
It is christmas and i do want to tag a little bit on some of the 2020 experience that so many people have had and of course, in any year.
Folks, and and was talking about this with our guys in any year, you’re going to have challenges next year is going to bring its own level of challenges.

Next year is going to bring its own different levels of despair right of things that you’re going to have to apply three f’s to in order to keep growing, but everybody prior to 2020.
Seeing this uh new decade come into place.
The 2020 right everybody’s vision’s gon na get in line we’re gon na see some great things.

In 2020, everybody went with cliche city right for the 2020 uh actual flow, and i agree with it uh.
The thing was is that in 2020 uh we we did gain a little bit of a better vision.

We wanted to be able to focus on what was more important right even inside of lockdowns and and all the things that we, whether you agree with it or you didn’t agree with it.

Most of what was designed or put in place was to help keep people safe, help, keep important health situations uh guarded from the the the horror of this disease.
That’s out there.
So what? Wherever your opinion is good, bad, whatever it doesn’t matter, but you have the chance to be able to isolate and get focused in with your family.

So many people did these home improvement projects.
Why? Because they started to see what needed to be fixed at home.
They’re, like dang man, i can’t i don’t want to just sit here.

Let’s go to lowe’s, let’s go to home depot, let’s go ahead and get our stuff.
Let’s go ahead and fix what’s inside, of our home right home depot and lowe’s, and all them were blasted slammed uh during the initial part of the season right.

So there was so much that was able to be seen uh when you got the chance to isolate.

Now, when we say that we want to keep growing um, remember folks, the most vital growth in most in everybody’s life is the growth that happens that nobody sees and i’m talking about, starting in the womb.
Right from the point that you you, the egg gets fertilized and all that stuff starts happening.
You don’t see what’s occurring inside of the womb of the mother, but all of that life is vital and, and it doesn’t, it doesn’t get the chance to get exposed until it’s fully matured to come out now, even even like in the situation with my my kids, You know most of them were all preemies, so there were, there was a a slowed down amount of growth or excuse me.

They came out early to the amount of time they were supposed to be and they’re cooking up and growing right.
They were like four pounds and they had to do some growing outside of the womb um inside of incubators all that other stuff, but that growth that happens where nobody sees it is key growth.
Nobody necessarily sees some of the most struggling growth that you have inside of your life uh, because sometimes that that’s not going to be seen by everybody else, just like a seed, a seed goes into the ground, it’s in the darkness.

Nobody knows what’s going on with it, you can’t see when it’s going to sprout up and the only little bit um that is actually occurring is the watering, the constant fertilization of it, and when that seed goes from dying to then supernaturally coming back to life, and Then sprouting out and pushing out from beneath the dark above the ground, you have just now started to see what was already happening underneath the ground for those of you that have done your science projects at school or anything like that.
Where you get to see the little sprouts – and you see you know where they’re growing from from beneath right, so take that lesson and understand that that none of the stuff that ever happened above ground, where everybody’s able to see where fruit’s able to get uh beginning To be reaped um, none of that happened without the vital growth that happened isolated from the other people.
But what always happens once it does emerge once it does come out from the ground once it does dig through the the dirt right.

It seeks light right, fred yeah.
You know that takes light reaches towards the light stretches towards the light hard for the light.
The whole life right every single tree go outside and take a look at every single tree that is outside that every single piece of greenery, not greenery, greyery whatever it looks like right now right your look at that picture, look away and look at it again.

There was a measure of growth that you didn’t even notice in all of it.
It’s never going to be the same again.
It’s constantly growing and it’s constantly reaching towards the light and no matter what season it is.

You have to continue stretching yourself.
You have to continue reaching towards the light, but i would have to say that, although things did not go as planned in 2020, according to my plan, um there’s a bigger plan, that’s involved for all of us and so far um it’s moving in a great direction.
I’m very very thankful, for you got to enjoy the losses um and take the lessons from them so that you can be able to focus on where it is that you want to go and what you want to do again.

Forgive focus and fly everybody.
It’s just the best way to be easiest way to be it’s a simple mantra.

It’s, but it’s hard! It’s actually truthfully! It’s hard, it’s hard to forgive stuff! Folks, i get it.

You know we, we are human beings, we all go through our trials and tribulations every single day.

You wake up the moment you even hit.
You know that alarm goes off.

If you use your alarm, you know you’re sitting there going do.
I stay a little bit longer in bed or do i get up? You know, there’s so many things that you have to go through every single day.
The thing is: is that no matter how bad things seem, no matter how horrible it is.

It’s not that bad.
The other side is, we need to learn from those things.
You know we all need to grow and grow with growth.

It does take a little stress.
You have to have some stress to have some growth.
You know it’s hard to get some major growth when you’re.

Just living on a very plain, vanilla, life right, where you’re just going through from major growth, you have to do some major straining.
You know it’s.
You have to really put that umph into it where it sometimes it feels like it’s like it’s not worth it all.

It’s just so much work, but when you put it in and then you see what happens, you see that growth happens so much faster.

It’s like you know, lou always talks about putting the seed in the ground watching it grow.

You know, but you have to take care of that seed now, there’s ways to take care of that seed that can help it grow faster and bigger and stronger.

Like fertilization um, you know the right light: the right oxygen levels, the right type of soil.

All these things you know these things are all important, and i know these are all just like you know.
These are words that we’re using to describe life.

You know using the seed, soil, earth fertilization, light and all these things, but think about it.
Folks, it’s it is, that is life.
It is exactly what life is about.

Life is about, like he said you plant that seed when you plant that seed.
That’s the idea: it’s the idea of what you what you want to do, whatever growth that you’re trying to get you plant that seed once you plant it in there, you have to do stuff to help it grow.
You can’t just let it sit there.

Okay, i got this idea set it forget it.
You got to water, it you have to water it, but now here’s the thing when you fertilize it fertilizing is something that’s key.
You can actually get more yield out of whatever you put in the ground.

What’s a great fertilizer fred, what’s a really great fertilizer, you know car guy coffee, but in the natural form duty right, cocky and that happened, but you have to learn from those things in order to learn and grow, you have to make mistakes.

You know, even if they’re minor mistakes like where you you know you’re looking at something it’s just not it’s, you have to adjust and fix it, but you learn so much from that.
You learn not to do that again.

You know and that’s the key to growth is learning making mistakes enjoying those mistakes, learning from those mistakes and then moving forward forgiving, yes and focusing, and then flying you know, and if you do that on a constant basis, everything you do, whether it’s your work life.
Your your love life, your your family life, whatever it is, you have to always be looking to grow, and you have to always be looking for those things that you can do to help fertilize.
That relationship help fertilize, that business help fertilize this and that will help increase your business.

Like you know you can just throw a little water on it.
It’s going to do bouquet.
You know you can do a little bit of this.

You can do that.
Yeah you’re going to get a couple tomatoes off that tomato plant, but if you really spend the time – and you put it in the right light and you put enough water in it every single day every day, you’re watering it the amount that it needs right.

Also putting that fertilizer that it needs for the different stages of growth, you’re, adding on you’re learning things and how to do this, you’re, educating yourself on how to make this tomato plant better.

You know once you do all that at the end.
Now, instead of two tomatoes, you’re gon na yield off of this now, you got 50 of them now think about that.

That’s 20 times the amount that you would have had.
If you didn’t do all those things granted, two tomatoes yeah it that feeds you and i right.
But what does 50 tomatoes do right? That feeds a village, so you have to think about what the opportunity that you have how much your growth can be and how much you can help other people, because the more you give folks, the more you’re going to get just like fertilization.

The more you fertilize more you take care of now, there’s a level of overdoing stuff right, but that’s stuff that you once again forgive if you mess up you just learn: hey i just overdid it i got ta under.
Do it a little bit, but that’s what the beautiful part about life is.
Is we have opportunity after every day you wake up? You have a chance to be better than you were yesterday.

That’s it simple as that just wake up today, you guys all awake right now.

You all have just barely started your day.
Some of you guys started earlier than us.

You know some of you guys start a little bit later.
It’s okay! But when you start your day, the moment you wake up, make that decision to just be better one percent better.
You were yesterday, you know if, if, if that’s just you getting up and shaving your face clean making, it look right, that’s one percent better than you did yesterday, that’s great, and then you could just move on to the day.

The way you did the day before, but the next day you wake up now, it’s time to shave that face and then brush your teeth too bro right.
So there’s so many things that you can do little things i mean it’s just small stuff.
You don’t have to ask for major changes in one day: small changes every single day that amount to huge changes by the end of a year right: huge changes after 10 years, huge changes after your lifetime.

So, if you’re constantly in that keep growing stage, you’re forgiving everything you did in the past you’re focusing on your future and you’re flying to it, everything is going to be wonderful and man.
I tell you, i absolutely love what we’re talking about here.
I love that this passion that lou and i have we can go on for hours.

You know we talked to terry torlein and terry was like you guys are work.
I love words and you guys know how to make words go along right and we’re very good.

At that, because we loved it, that’s why we did a podcast yeah, we’re great with this stuff right.

This is what we were meant to do, but we absolutely love it.
We love you guys, we’re excited about christmas, we’re excited about this giveaway for this copy.
So i know yes um, we’ll announce that we’ll announce that winner, i don’t know when we’re gon na do it today.

I don’t know we’re gon na announce it today, i’ll probably get that out there today um, but speaking of giving um and – and you all often hear us discussing – you know how much better it is to give and and how um the more that you give.
The more that you’re gon na get um what the bible actually says about giving is that it is more.
You are more blessed to give than receive and where that messes with our mindset is because we are so programmed as people to have to receive to have to get to have to uh, be the one that’s receiving the gift, be the one.

That’s opening the present right, and that is a that is somewhat of a uh.

I i i don’t want to say immature thinking um, but i do want to say uh that there is a more excellent way and the the joy that you have as a kid of receiving the gift is one thing.
But then, when you get the chance to uh, be a child and go to buy a gift or go to give a gift right, you you there’s a growth that happens to you, and then you start to find out that it you are more blessed to give.

I know when, when starting to to set up christmas and all the toiling, all the rapping, all the the worrying about uh whether we got the right presents, especially when you got four kids.
Do we have the right amount of presents per kid right? Everybody has to open the same amount of presents right.
Moms are very big about that right, um, no, there’s seven stocking stuffers inside of michaela’s.

There has to be seven inside of devons right.

Whatever the case is um.
There’s a lot of stress that goes.

That gets involved inside of the giving process, but it’s because there’s actually a bigger blessing that occurs when you get the chance to give.

I know when i give a big gift to somebody, whether it’s money, whether it’s something that they needed, or whether it’s a bag of car guy coffee it i enjoy the gesture of giving.
I am more blessed to see that somebody is enjoying the gift that they receive um when, when looking for a gift for somebody that you care about, you, you really put in the thought of man.

What is it that’s going to make them happy, not feel obligated to make sure that they get a thing, but what are they going to be really excited about? You want to see their face.
You want to see their expression, and all of that is the part that makes you be the one that received greater out of the joy of giving, and so that’s why the season is so incredible because uh we get the chance to give constantly, and you know The entire season is, is wrapped around for, for god, so loved the world that he gave.
He gave his only son.

He sent his only son for him to be here for us and be an announcement that there is a more excellent way um and that giving is the better way to live right to give of yourself um, whether it’s a friendship, um or or um.
It’s just any relationship, there’s no greater love that a man can have than that.
He lays his life down for his brother right and i love my brother fred right.

I love my brothers and sisters inside of uh of industry and i love being able to to give just encouragement folks, it’s not always a tangible thing right.
Sometimes you can write a handwritten note and it would mean so much more than going and spending a bunch of money on a really great gift.
If you just pour out your words on things, my wife’s favorite gift is when one christmas we uh, we got got a big poster board together, and my wife is is excellent.

With kids she’s like the child, whisperer right so uh, she she often does these crafts, where you take a kid’s feet, so she would take she watched little kids right and that she would make a craft for the mom, whether it’s valentine’s day mother’s day, christmas uh, Easter um she would make a craft with their feet, so you know, do a little paint on the feet, put a little craft on there and say something cutesy about it right, the gift that got tiffany to cry the most over a present.
We got a big poster board and all the kids went ahead and painted their feet and you got these giant feet right and uh gabe’s feet.
We made a devin foot, we took toby’s paw and pink right, a little bit of paint on it and made made something nice for her and came out and presented it and she was bawling crying and so excited, and it was just a little cheap.

Silly piece of paper, but it was it meant so much just because of um what went into it and what it meant to her so guys it does.
You don’t have to overly think your gifts, give from your heart write a note down, fill out a card.
Send something out to somebody uh that that maybe you haven’t had the chance to to reach out for and don’t stress spending the money on getting the thing that and a lot of times becomes something that gets stored on a shelf.

Right, gets kind of tucked away.
Um maybe gets worn a little bit and then never worn again.
Whatever the case is, don’t toil so much over the gift go harder on getting across the message, uh to a person and letting them know how much you care, letting them know how much their value to you.

Sometimes the gift can say it all right.
Sometimes we get that gift for the wife or we get that gift for the friend and it’s that thing that we mentioned one time and it’s like you remembered.
Oh you shouldn’t have right.

Sometimes that happens, but but don’t get so stressed out over the thing over making sure that you give the gift that you say the thank you, and so i want to you, know rock in the santa outfit santa ish and with the elf ears.
You know what i mean.
I want to make sure that we in and get you engaged inside of the season to maybe reach out to that.

One person that you didn’t uh get the chance to speak too much this year, um that maybe you get to see.
Often definitely the uh um, some of the are senior folks out there that haven’t been able to get out much and are guarding themselves and making sure that they stay protected.

Make sure that you write something out to them, give them a call say: hi uh tell them that you love them, and you know just do all of the things that that make this season worth it and a lot of times.

It’s really just hearing your voice.
It’s just reading your words.

I just want to encourage you to do that folks, especially for you, car guys and cargos jumping over to the car business reach out to your customers.

Let them know that you appreciate them.
Try to scan through some of the events that you had this year, maybe some of your hardest, toughest customers give them a call say merry christmas man this year, wouldn’t have been the same without you, you know do some of the things that go above and beyond, And i promise you, although it will be a great blessing to them, you’ll be the one that ends up hanging up, that phone being blessed you’ll, be the one that closes that envelope and be like man.
I’m glad that i got that out there.

I’m glad that i got to say that to them.

You know what i mean get that off your chest.
I promise you you’re going to be more blessed giving than receiving and hua, and i love everything you just said there and it’s i mean i’m just going to throw a quick little dot on the end of that all that stuff that he just said.

You know it’s he’s right, it’s it’s as simple as a phone call.

Sometimes you know when you talk about grandparents, you talk about your own parents.
You know gifts are great, but as a parent myself and i can really see as i get older, i don’t care about the present.

I just care about the thought so to me.
That means i know that, as my son gets older, as he has kids, that i know that a phone call a a zoom meeting, a facetime is going to be more valuable to me than it would be any gift that they give they could buy.
They could buy me anything they want, and i will appreciate that.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s going to be some cool gifts, i’m going to get i’m sure i always have you know.
I’ve got some really cool stuff, but at the end of the day, the thing that i’m going to love the most is those phone calls those moments, memories.
Yes, i love yous those thank yous, those those.

I can’t wait to see.
Yous, those you know all those types of conversations that you have with loved ones.

Those things are so valuable and if you have a grandparent out there, that’s still alive if you’re blessed enough to have a grandparent that’s alive.

Still, you need to call them.
If you have a parent, if you have parents that are still alive, you need to call them, because i tell you man, one thing and i and i preach it.
A lot is – and i don’t mean to bring it down a little bit, but this is facts.

Life is short guys, and you know our time is very valuable.

It goes by extremely fast, so you need to take advantage of those moments and if there’s any time to take advantage of a moment to share and care and love and make that phone call and do that zoom meeting you know i know sometimes talking to grandparents – Can be that conversation that takes forever and it’s this and that, but you know what think about it.
Listen to that story, seven times.

Listen to that story enjoy it.
I’m gon na tell you it means so much to them.
It means – and it will one day mean more to you than you could ever imagine, so make sure that you do that, make sure you reach out to your grandparents, your uncles, your aunts, your your own parents, your brothers and your sisters.

If you have siblings, you haven’t talked to in a while call them people need to know you love them after 2020.
I think we all should realize how valuable human life is right.
We should all realize how everybody matters, how everything matters every moment, matters so make sure you reach out you talk to your people, you give them a merry christmas.

That they’ve never heard before presents are great.
I’m telling you guys they’re great, but man that phone call will mean more to your parents, will mean more to your grandparents will mean moan to your siblings and other loved ones than anything else make that phone call pick up the phone .
Thank you.

So much everybody for jumping in with us and brewing some solutions with us this morning, again uh.
We have some incredible people that we are able to be teamed up with uh we’re so thankful for elite fi partners.
We’re so thankful for think ad group we’re so thankful for next sale and all our upcoming sponsors.

Again we touched on it earlier.
Um, there’s gon na be more opportunity for us to partner up with more people this year we are pumped up about it.
Uh this season two is going to be so so rich with great people, with some great knowledge coming in here and pouring out their solutions uh for your everyday business and maybe help to poke a couple places inside of your dream.

Tank that’ll help.
You really see that you can accomplish anything that you want to accomplish, especially if you believe in you, and maybe you got one or two that believe in you two and say you know what go for it.
You know what you can do it if you, if you have those people in your life, count yourself very, very, very blessed and just know that you can accomplish anything.

But if you don’t have people close to you just know we’re right here you can tag us.
You can call us, you can message us at any point or anytime, and we will let you know that everything that you’re believing to do you can do if it’s bringing light to the world.

Let’s do it, let’s brew it.

Let’s make something happen.
We want to help encourage you to do incredible things this year and just understand the only thing stopping you is you period.
That’s it.

That’s the only way.
You know a lot of people always have these excuses.
Oh well, this and that, and because of this, it’s an excuse quit making excuses.

Folks, forgive that stuff.
Let’s go move forward.
Let’s keep growing guys fly.

My friends.
I want to throw out a quick shout out, jake bishop jumped on.
He goes this way.

It’s a santa lou jumped on he said: happy holidays, everyone jay, hey guys, jake jay, if you’re still on coffee emoji.

If you want a chance for a freebie drop, a coffee, you ain’t gon na, get it.
Unless you put the coffee emoji in there.

I know jake’s gon na be getting a free bag anyway, here soon anyhow, when we send out some swag, but we got you know so i appreciate it guys.

We appreciate your time this morning.
We know we’re just a couple days away from christmas christmas and then it’s the new year, guys wow, so we’re pumped up we’re excited.

We have a whole lineup of new people coming on for the season.
Two we’re gon na be dropping some more episodes as the weeks go by before our season, because we did.
We did have plenty in our catalog to drop from pre-recordings, but we’re excited about season two, and i think you guys should be too.

We have a lot of great plans and we’ll be announcing some new sponsorships here, soon new things and once again, podcast season, two no pumped up pumped up fred.
One thing i do want to say brother, i love you, we appreciate, i, i so value the uh.
The relationship that we’ve been able to uh to continue to work on this year, it’s been fun being able to have this talk with everybody uh this year, but ultimately it’s never as much fun as it is uh doing it.

It’s not fun doing it alone.
It’s so much more valuable doing it with a brother and with a friend, but i do want you to know brother, that i appreciate you, i’m so thankful for everything that you’re pouring out for this entire industry to be able to be up, shifted and uplifted.
I would never want to be teamed up with anybody uh anybody else.

I can’t imagine being teamed up with anybody else to try to get this message out there, um and again, uh bro you’re, an incredible human, i’m so thankful for the things that you’ve been pouring out lately.
I’m so excited about all the growth that you’ve been exuding and you’ve been showing over the year and i’m very, very humbled uh to be on this run with you and it’s it’s just it’s just so exciting.
We’ve seen some great things.

Brother we’ve seen have some great conversations.
We’ve made some great memories and we’re just getting started, but i love you bro and i’m excited to uh to to get on to this next year.
It’s going to be fun.

This is going to be so much.
Oh man, you know, i can say the exact same words to you, man.
I love you.

I love your family.
I love everything that we’ve been doing together as a team this year um.
I think our friendships got even stronger, and so i think that is this.

You know this podcast has been amazing for many reasons, not just not just because our podcast is getting better, but the people around us are getting better.

The connections that we’ve met they’re getting better but they’re helping us get better.
So it’s all been this huge, beautiful melting pot of wonderfulness and, like you said, i couldn’t imagine doing this with anybody else.

You know when i like.
I said the moment that i thought i want to do a podcast.
There was only one person i was in the call, and it was you look at toby.

That’s how you look.
I’m on camera, [, Laughter, ].
It’s been an amazing journey this year, folks lou and i we have a lot more stuff that we have to give out.

You know i know that it seems like after a year what else do there’s not much more content? You can do bullcrap, there’s plenty of content out there.
This car business is evolving, not to mention the people in this business are always evolving.
So there’s always something new to talk about.

There is no end game.
The only game that i have is the growth game.
So we’re going to keep growing we’re going to keep moving we’re going to keep showing we’re going to keep bringing amazing guests in here we’re going to bring season two like we’ve, never brought anything in our lives.

We’re excited about that! We’re excited about all y’all.
For being here today, don’t forget, forgive focus and fly, so you can keep growing and we’ll see you guys soon, because i don’t think we’re going to do one thursday, because guess what thursday is christmas christmas, i don’t know we might, we might be able to do A little bit, okay, okay, i say we should do it.
Let’s just go ahead and commit to that.

Let’s commit to a sometime 30-minute show on on on christmas eve.
You know people are going to be at home right, they’re, going to be sitting there with their phones i’ll go full christmas gear too.
For that one, so we’ll we’ll see each other we’ll see you guys thursday, let’s just do a thursday morning.

Let’s just do it.
Let’s just say we’re going to be there thursday morning, 8 39ish, [, Laughter ] in that range right, we’ll be there we’re going to have a lot of fun, we’re going to do a quick one guys we may just have like a eggnog or something i don’t Know christmas wishes.
I hope you guys join us.

We would love to have like a little quick sit down because lou and i also have to go to another meeting that day.
Oh, you can’t go to that yeah we’re going to do that virtual i’ll, be doing that virtual with you, but we’ll talk about that later.
We need to do it before that, so we can go to that afterwards.

So i can go to that and then i’ll virtually talk to you there too.
So, but now man merry christmas to everybody.
We love you guys lou.

I love you bro.
I appreciate it miss you.
I wish you were right here, but hey it is sooner and later it’ll happen, but the uh guys gals everyone go out have the greatest day ever.

Make sure that you guys love share and let other people know how much you care about them.
It’s so important because you never know what tomorrow’s gon na bring make sure you take care of today, we’ll be announcing later.
Who gets them some of this? But if you want them, go to carguycoffee.

com, get you some get you a quick bundle and actually for those of you that are listening.
If you want to get discount codes, what i hope that you’re watching, if you want discount codes on some caffeinated consistency, go ahead and message below discount code and we’ll send you a discount code just for you.
If you want to go ahead and get you some of that, caffeinated consistency to give away whatever whatever it is, you want to do with it.

I’m telling you especially some of you, vendors out there that really want to get in with a couple of partners.

You might want to get you a bag of car guy, coffee and just say: hey.
We heard that you were a great car guy and great car guys drink car guy coffee and we have some.

We bought some from you guys.
You should talk yeah, so not to mention vendors out there if you’re a vendor – and you have some swag – that you want us to give away just bring your name.
I’m you don’t even have to be a sponsor.

Send us some swag we’ll give it away for free.
That’s right! I would love to do that.
I think it’s fun.

I love when vendors do that, for us, they’ve sent us a few things that we’ve had.
You know what awgs sent us or agws they sent us some stuff and then why? Why is that? Do it i mean it’s, it’s cool.
None of them are sponsors, they’re, just great people that are affiliated with other great people.

I want to put your stuff out there.
I want to get you out there.
So, let’s get together, let’s grow folks, send us some swag, so we can swag it out for everybody else all right.

So we appreciate you guys.
You guys have a amazing day.
God christmas is just right around the corner.

I love this week, let’s roll with it and if you guys haven’t had the chance yet to listen to the david villa episode, that’s out for you right now, part one is out.
David villa is an incredible solutionary that we’re learning so so much from can’t wait to speak with him, some more.
We had the chance to be on his show, and he is brewing solutions in the cafe this week.

What better incredible solutionary to have with us during christmas week than somebody that is trumpeting a sound that you can live a righteous life? You can do uh the right things and you can be a faithful person living inside of the car business.
Doing your business.
Every single day, you can do your job as unto the lord, and he is a great champion of that message.

So i want to encourage you to go.
Get you some of that upshifted and uplifted and and it’ll it’ll, really just change the your scope on the way that you look at things.
We talked about some really great stuff touched our heart, a bunch, but part two is going to be coming out tomorrow morning, but if you want to get yourself caught up, go ahead and get you some of that today, car got cargos.

Thank you.
So much for brewing solutions on the car guy coffee podcast.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy.

This is fred leonard’s, the sub prime hero and we’ve been having a great time two days three days before christmas before christmas eve, whichever but we’re just so excited to brew with you.
This is the car guy coffee podcast, let’s enjoy your day, make some great things happen.
Santa claus is coming, santa claus is coming, santa claus is coming, santa claus is coming, santa claus is coming santa claus.

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