morning good morning, what’s going on everybody, you guys excited, i’m excited all right.

Do us a quick favor share this around! Please go ahead! It’s so important attack a car guy tag.
A car gal, let them know that lou ramirez, the car guy at frelinhart’s subprime hero, are ruined solutions on the car guy coffee podcast go ahead.
Share that around go ahead and get your rhythm going.

You know, let’s go ahead and get this day started.

Get you some, let’s go solution.
Get you guys a cup of coffee ready? You have a couple minutes we’re getting ready to drop this awesome, video, our opening credits, you guys know, what’s up while we’re doing that, get your coffee ready, send out a few friends tell them come join us for a quick conversation, have some fun.

Let’s get this car business day.
Rolling two minutes will be right, we’ll be back as soon as we can: , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , ah, fire everything, , [ Applause, ], .
Welcome back! Thank you so much for jumping into the cafe with us man that music really gets something happening inside of me.

I really don’t want any of that to end.
I want to keep some of that music rolling, so let’s just keep having that beat roll on fred.
This week is a pretty crazy week right.

This is the time where we’re getting ready for santa claus to show up.
Oh man, right yeah.
Now people are wrestling we’re less than 10 days away from less than 10 days away from the actual due date of christmas.

The day jesus christ was born, so it’s it’s a beautiful day.
Folks and just remember, that’s what we put on the calendar.
We don’t know exact date, but they picked a date and they use it as an honor date right and we it’s a great day to honor.

You know it’s end of the year, it’s great time to bring giving to everybody, to bring joy, to bring love and to talk about the power of forgiveness right and that’s and that’s really what it’s about you know through christ.
If for many christians out there, you understand that your forgiveness, your path into heaven, is through christ.
Christ gave up his life committed his whole life for every one of us stating that by by dying – and you know giving his life up, we are all forgiven for our sins for everything.

As long as we take christ into our lives, we are, and we believe he is our path to heaven when you believe that, and you really truly do you have a path to heaven.

Everyone does so make sure you guys honor that and honor that by doing the right things, you know, do go out in your communities, make sure that you’re reaching out you’re touching people that need help that you’re that you’re reaching out to people that are helping people.
Sometimes people who are out there doing stuff, they don’t get the the honor they deserve.

Don’t get me wrong.
Most of them are not looking for any honor, but let them have some honor there’s nothing better.
Heartwarming than giving to people there’s nothing more heartwarming than giving a family a dinner that they couldn’t give themselves.

You know.
Sometimes it takes a little bit of eating.
You know a little bit of your pride in order to be able to take that.

But that’s! Okay! That’s what this time of year is about it’s about everybody as a community as human beings, as as one person to another we’re taking care of each other.
We’re making sure that the person right to your left to your right is okay, yes, and make sure you do that.
You know we throughout the year there’s so many times.

You can do that and there’s so many moments that you can.
But this time of year, it’s easier to focus on it.
So since it is easier to focus on giving right now give give as much as you can it’s the end of the year, what what else you have to do? Do it folks love on each other share with each other? We got a few people jumped on.

We got charles higgins.
What’s up, let’s brew, always there for us appreciate you, charles can’t wait for your show to come out, can’t wait to be on your show.
Then we got joshua player halfway through and i’m excited to announce that i’m running 2k a copy for the first time wow.

Some of that joshua, i’m not mistaken.
I remember when you were getting the job interview and you were looking for that job and you reached out to me – and i appreciate that you did man, i’m so proud of you, i’m so excited for you.
I know that you found the right place for you and running two grand a copy on the back bro strong.

That’s really good folks, for all you guys are not in the f office, he’s definitely drinking car guy coffee and i know he has been and he’s been caffeinated for a while and um man joshua.
Hopefully, your plans for 2021 are big.

We want to know what they are if you want to put them in here great, if not reach out to me, you got my number bro.

Let’s talk sometime, we haven’t talked in a while give me a call i’d love to see how you’re doing see how everything’s going on and that f i office is killing it man.
I appreciate you too joshua.
Thank you very much dang.

I missed that missed the intro, oh josh, oh joe joey, what’s up joey just for you, bro guys we’ll be back in two minutes.

Just for my homie, i got ta.
Do it i’m gon na give you the short intro this way, it’s not so bad.

How about that joey, i hope you’re liking this .
Okay, that’s right! ! There you go there.
It is joey, hello, happy holidays! My brother appreciate you for jumping on here.

What’s up jason grimes, so that’s my brother-in-law over there and uh, just wow heart goes out to everybody.
Inside of the family.
That’s uh! Going through what we’re going through.

We lost somebody uh great uh this week, uh actually yesterday um.
So, there’s a lot that we uh we have inside of the time of celebrating the life of marshall.

I’m just just excited to be able to say how much it is that he’s impacted uh, so many different lives and the family’s going to be sharing.

So many stories this week, but we’re with you jason um, but folks i want to make sure that we do highlight and i’m trying to jump on to what what fred’s saying here, uh the gift that we have been given this life.
And we don’t know uh when our last breath is gon na, be we don’t know what our last day is going to look like.
We don’t know the last time that we’re going to get the chance to speak with our parents to speak with our friends to speak with our children.

We don’t know when those days are going to happen.
So, if there’s anything that we want to make sure that you get the chance to to pour into it say the things that are inside of your heart pour out the things that you’re you’re feeling what you’re thinking right, give that love uh, that that you, you Don’t know the next time that you’re gon na get the chance to to say a comforting word, and you want to make sure that while we are here on this earth experiencing this life, we get the chance to enrich each other as much as possible.

Remember the gift that we are celebrating ultimately this year is a gift that we could not pay the price for a gift that we could not do enough good deeds to ever get the chance to be right enough to earn the salvation.

That’s given to us by the sacrifice that god gave by giving his own son, so he gave his son as a promise right that we can then live the life of salvation.
And what is i mean? What is salvation right? I don’t want to just go to heaven.
I have an entire life here on earth.

The cosmos tell us so huge and there’s so much to me.

I’ll get you go, go ahead, go keep it, but this life that we get to have here on earth is supposed to be a life that is abundant.

So he came not to condemn the world but to bring life and life more abundantly so that abundant life is one that’s rich with relationship.

That’s rich with uh gratitude, rich with appreciation, the level of gratitude that i know i wake up every day with there’s.
No, i don’t deserve this.
I don’t deserve my wife.

I don’t deserve children.
I want to deserve all the blessings that i that i, that i’ve gained right.
All of those things are by way of the sacrifice that was paid for me long before.

I even knew that i was going to need somebody to sacrifice for me, so the gift that is jesus this year is something that, of course, we get decorated on we get we get pumped up.
Other countries have all kinds of different rituals that they do to give honor and to give thanks during this time.

But i want to make sure that that you are encouraged to know that there’s nothing that you have to do.

The great news of great news is that this gift is available for you.

All that you have to do is receive it and then guess what you do with this gift after you share it share it.
You share, i mean that’s, that’s the gift of that is amazing.

Like this.
This whole love um.
You know when you believe in love and you believe in in one powerful love and when you’re able to have it inside you, you feel it and then you share it right.

You share this love with other people.
That’s what it is! You’re supposed to share.
You’re supposed to share with words you’re supposed to share with action you’re supposed to share with your you know, with your everything and when you do those things you get more viewers, i’m just kidding, but you know, but seriously.

No, i mean it’s it’s just this time of year.
You know i’ve been doing all my um.

You know my quick tips, my my my whiteboard quote of the weeks the last couple have been about giving and i absolutely just that’s what it’s going to be.

The rest of this month, that might even be the rest of the year next year too, i mean i just feel like giving is something so important um, you know our mission here at car guy coffee is basically it all starts with giving it’s information we’re trying To give it’s the culture we’re trying to give it’s the um information that we’ve had for almost two decades, each so four decades, total of car business experience that we want to share with every one of you all out there now that business experience also translates to A lot of different things guys, you know we have experience as salespeople.
We have management, finance, training, um, you know dealership supercells, advertising marketing um, we have connections with fixed stops, we have it all.

These are the things that we’re trying to share.

So we have what we want to share, but then, by bringing in all these amazing guests that we’ve had throughout this year, this first season of car guy coffee has been bonkers with just amazing people.

Uh, wait to see season two, i’m reaching out to some more people, i’m trying to get some banger names on there, but we had a great first season in the first season.
Was information tons of it? If you go back and you start watching episode 10 through 100 – basically i mean we’ve.

If you put out every one that we’ve dropped individually as an episode, it’s over, it’s a hundred episodes and it’s crazy now weeks, wise.
Obviously it’s only we we didn’t put on all those weeks.
We we started about six weeks into the year, maybe seven weeks into the year, so out of the 52, we did 40, we yeah, so it’s quite a bit 45 weeks.

Basically, that we’re going to be knocking out by the end of this year.

This is we’re on 46.
This is this one.

That’s right now, it’s scott joseph is uh 46 and there’s still plenty more to fill up.

We got plenty so that you can uh get yours in before uh.
We actually kick off on season two, so many big announcements that are coming up as soon as we hit that year, things that we don’t want to spill the beans on, but we do so bad right uh, but i mean i’m just we’re sitting there over here.

Getting our list together of all these people, we got to send out uh our christmas cards and guys i just want to take a moment.
Let’s go ahead and throw out all these names we’re going to name drop for a moment.
All the great people that have been able to brew with us all year, uh michael offmyth, from fake from elite elite five.

I saw a thing on my shirt.
I don’t know why.
I said it from elites right there.

We are so thankful.
Thank you mike.
He bought a mug bought a t-shirt watched the show enjoyed uh bruin solutions with us.

Then his company became my sponsor of this podcast and is helping bring this message to you all.
We are so thankful, so so very thankful for the relationship that we have with michael offmath.
Then we have justin and evelyn and derek from the hey pink ad group.

You know: what’s up so excited to be brewing with them.
They they had.
They started really helping us kick into the whole flow of making these new connections.

We created an entire series.
I mean uh put that out.
Along with that came jason garris, oh dude, we’ve been, you know, it’s been, it’s been a nice inspiration for both of us.

You know with the think ad group: they started the think tank.
I know that we inspired them to do stuff like that by talking to them interviewing them telling them how great they were and what they need to do to bring social media.

I’m not taking credit for the for the think tank at all.

I’m saying we inspired and i’m so happy that we were able to do that and what’s really cool is being part of the think ad group and we have been all year and it’s been really neat to see all the different interviews matter of fact.

Folks, here in two days on thursday, they’re interviewing one of our greatest mentors, one of our good friends, another great one, that’s another one that we’ve had on our show, one of our very first big guests and man.
What a great time we had with him! I got ta be honest with you, his interview interviewing him at the end of that built so much confidence in me because it made me realize after i interviewed him, we got this we’re.

We actually are good podcast hosts.
We know how to make people when he said hey, and he said this is the most fun yeah i’ve ever had on a podcast.
You know what like it felt great to hear it, but i could honestly tell he was having that much fun and that’s why we were just flowing with him so well, and i realized that our flow of our show is money.

It was a good concept.
It was a good way to produce a show, it’s a good way to flow people through a show.

All the above, so we’ve came out with a great format and it really stamped it with that interview.

So since then, our confidence has been on nothing but level.
10 and – and i appreciate that with you patron and you know, we look forward to growing i’m sure that a lot of guests jumped on for us they’re, like oh yeah, no trolling show oh yeah yeah yeah.
I want to be down yeah.

No doubt trust me who doesn’t want to be down with what patrons doing right.

You know and then it you know the lineups just kept getting bigger and bigger.
You know, and i’m and like i said we really appreciate you patron.

I appreciate you think aggro appreciate you elite f5, but man, that’s just a little.
That’s just this little bit that we’ve touched.
We have so many other people, adam burger, adam marberger, guys scent dealer services come on what come on now.

This guy will put you in an arm bar leg bar whatever you want to call it don’t mess with it, mess with that in the finance office and on a mat right outside the great great car guy, great great future, future solutionary.
That’s just looking to help everybody so make sure you reach out to him.
Also man, great people and the man himself, mr russ man that was so much fun.

There was a double interview that was one of the times, folks that we lost.

Oh the whole interview.
We recorded everything and then all the video everything disappeared.

So we did a second interview.

So thank you, russ, because you are the man for doing two interviews and the second one i thought honestly was probably better than the first one.

Well, the first one went really good, so we were a little like, oh god, it was such a good interview.

I don’t know how we can mimic it.
Oh we mimicked it and it was really good.
So i’m glad that we ended up doing that with russell.

It’s a great experience for us to learn and and to you know, be able to have the the gusto to tell somebody hey.
We lost your interview.
We need to redo it that actually happened once before that it did.

It was the second time that happened.
The first time that happened was with our uh second guest week: five smart payment, matt grunky the smart way to pay from green bay yeah he uh.
We lost that one too, but that was also i mean all.

This was growing pains right.
Well, i was trying to figure out.
Do we do we record on skype? Do we record we didn’t know how to stream y’all we didn’t know what was going on.

We were trying to figure that out.
We were kind of remote at that time.
It was one of the last times we had the chance to travel the first time that we were recording.

We were playing that in orlando yeah, right with uh, with all of the the other solution areas that were out there all right for all the craziness yeah.
We were down in orlando, it was cool.
We were interviewing him at the hotel at the airport, at the airport hotel actually in orlando, at mcmco, and it man.

We stayed there all the time.
It was fun.
We were sitting there.

It was a beautiful day, we’re sitting there doing our interview and then all that gone disappeared, no more.
The only part that saves a bit is that little piece, that’s inside of our intro, that you uh of the grabbing of the uh, the cup yeah.
We recorded the little clips of him running by doing that.

We were having fun slo-mo, but we were so new.
Then you know we were trying to figure out.
I love it.

I just want to go down there again.

We will, we will.

We will but yeah that’s just guys.
It keeps going people we got melanie and tommy melanie borden tom maoli.
I mean celebrity motorcycles.

I appreciate them.
Both you know, melanie came in our lives through uh evelyn, actually, evelyn hooked us up with her.
She i talked with her she’s man, a marketing man manager vice president of of the marketing side over at um, celebrity motors for tom maoli, and she is a rising star.

Folks, i’m sure you guys have seen her post because she gets tons of likes everywhere.
She definitely likes to put out some really good information.
She’s very motivational quotes very motivational that way and she’s also showing people how to do a social media game which i love to watch and you know that’s part of what i’m trying to do too and then tom maoli, i mean go big or go home seriously.

Tom aioli is connected in so many different ways, his name alone should let you know that he’s connected right, not to mention he’s a huge entrepreneur been doing it forever, he’s in real estate he’s in the car business he’s in you name, it he’s got his hands In it not to mention he’s got his own coffee he’s all he’s, also personal friends with a coffee shop with our current president donald trump, which you know to some of you all may be great to some of y’all not but either way.
What a connection to have what a great person to have on our show? I was honored to have him on and dude.
He was for a guy at the level he’s at total human being totally just loves, sharing, loves telling you how to be inspired, love showing you how he got to where he’s at and that’s what this show is about folks and with the rest of our guests.

He was raised on hope street yeah.
He was hope street is where he comes from nutley.

Oh man, exactly new jersey anyway, right anyway, so moving on.

Thank you so much for all of those people, but man, let’s keep going.
It does keep going dave boy.
Thank you so much for recently uh that episode’s coming out soon very soon joseph wow.

The solution is that is outright yes, scott joseph is out right now.
What about that? That’s awesome man yeah! We will touch back on that episode again here in a moment, but yeah like he was talking about and then with the solutionist sandy ceramic solution.
I love that name sandy sarami that it sounds like one of those names like i feel like.

I was a jerky boy, just kind of seen the salami, a boy in the army yeah sandy savannah sandy saran.

I love it and sandy’s a great great, great, great visionary that has so much to offer and so much to share, and he also loves to learn.
If you really pay attention with him and scott every time they enter, they get interviewed or they’re interviewing you they’re writing, notes the whole time they love that um jamil who’s, another one, their business partners, jamil and scott, are real, close to live in louisville and jamil’s.

Very much the same way, i haven’t had a chance to interview him, yet i definitely want to he’s more of the sit back he’s kind of like you moving away when it comes to uh when their business he likes to be the guy.
You know it’s kind of back here, formulating the plans, he’ll jump in and do stuff, but he likes to more or less do all that, while scott’s the jacket that you know all that type of guy you know, and so, but no man jameel’s really awesome too.

That whole that whole group of people, man, they they’re doing some amazing stuff, and i and i love to watch what they’re doing and that’s just that’s just a touch on that and you know then we had god i mean goodness we had.

We had a super bowl ring.
Oh yeah mile house saluting david gamble.
The morning glory dude won a super bowl guys with the great john elway on that team.

Had td had dude, you had shannon sharp on that team, bros and girls.
I mean you’re talking like he played with some of the greats he played with.
He played with people that are hall of famers.

He played with super.
He is a super bowl champ, he has the ring and he does.
The mile high salute he’ll jack it on.

You yeah he’s very real david, some great stuff to industry.
Yeah, i’m just excited about all the things that he does.
He we text just about every day, um, just a great encouragement he’s always trying to to make sure that that that i stay fired up and that and that others do corporately and and personally uh you’re gon na see some more from him uh here on this Podcast next year, just like all these other people, there’s gon na, be a follow-up series where we get the chance to read, engage with all of these people for you to be able to brew solutions with, but moving on from that we have rachel black.

Who is making sure that the logistics keep moving and people keep dancing having fun getting their vehicles across the country? Thank you.
So much rachel yeah for the time that we had with you rachel rocks.
She has her own show too she’s she’s amazing yeah.

I i love some rachel she’s got a unique.
She liked the dabbing on her show wow.
She was like forgetful.

We got terrell blount, we got chase local car, guys homegrown talent that we had here, man so fun to have them on the show god you know.
It’s terrell uh his.
I don’t i known terrell for a long time.

His brother gerald is somebody that i grew up with um, which is really cool to have him come on chase.
His pops was somebody that i’ve known in the business for a long time, steve and so to see chase come in and do his thing and chase has you know chase was in a car accident many years ago, which left him disabled.
He cannot walk.

He has to use a wheelchair, but that didn’t stop him from saying you know what i’m not going to live on.
Disability, i’m going to make a great life for myself and do this car business thing he’s a manager in the car business.

Doing some amazing stuff! Very proud of that guy he’s very cool, he’s hilarious.

His personality don’t stop and he will make you laugh.
He loves to have a good time.

Speaking of homegrown, we got jake bishop, oh dude, loving, seeing all the stuff that he’s putting out yeah man jake bishop jake bishop is up at bob hook, chevrolet up in louisville, and he is doing nothing but trying to grow.

He has his own show, also um.
It’s called live at 805.
um, they do it on mondays and fridays and it’s just it’s a show for their customers.

Really, it’s really awesome.
Actually, it’s a way to introduce their the business.
What’s going on, what’s current, what’s going on the local news, they do a great job with it um him and mike hibton, and then they have their service rep that uh manager that comes in there too mike didn’t now.

I definitely want to have a conversation with him very soon.
I would love to have him on the show.

That’d be really cool because he’s a he’s, a car guy.

I’ve been doing it for a long time and he’s running one of the nicest stores in this.
In the city of louisville, over bob hook, so it’d be really cool to have him on the show he’s part of the 800 club being mentored by one of our mentors speaking of mentors another one, mentoring, glenn, lundy you’re, so excited hashtag right, just inspirational person period.
I love watching what he’s doing you know he uh he’s got smart and jumped on the coffee bandwagon himself right.

Yes, you know, but it’s it’s cool he’s doing it with he teamed up with the local business, which i thought was really neat and he’s helping them at the same time as they’re, helping him and he’s able to get it out there with his audience.
So they can sell more coffee through that brand too, so it actually works out really good huge great stuff excited about all of that.

I’m so thankful that we get the chance to glean from somebody that’s having such success, getting a message to people.

It’s not that there’s a lot of flash and there’s a lot of extra stuff.

You know this car business can be so filled with so much of the extras that you forget the real core uh.
What is it that gets you going and him applying the uh morning, five to his message and making sure that people are are constantly paying attention to how they start their day, right and and getting themselves set up for success by applying a simple routine.

To make sure that you are optimizing, your output through the day, it’s just something that that has touched so so many lives.
I know that that we would not be where we are had fred not seen and been affected by the the message initially from glenn.
It’s so easy to adopt.

I mean when fred’s walking around with it, with a shirt with a cross shirt on that says, rise and grind right, of course, that immediately sparks questions, and especially in my heart but like dude, what’s up with the crosstalk? What’s the rising grind, dude, you don’t know about glenn lundy whoa, but voices like glenn and other guests, like david villa that are on the show that are not afraid to put out a message of hope, a message of truth and a message of faith into the Market into the car business again, this has been a an avenue where many people say don’t speak about religion and don’t speak about politics.
Well, i believe the only people that can’t speak about those things are not rooted in truth so because they’re not rooted, they can’t stand very well in those conversations.
But those are big talks to have some of the most important things in life are going to come off of where your faith comes from.

But people like glenn people like david pierce, the heart and make sure that you get that message out there and doing modern day evangelism inside of a business that has had a lot of darkness in it and when people like fred are so in inclined to move Towards the light and inspire people to be the light right, it’s easy to to see why uh, we then ultimately gravitate together so again we’re so thankful uh for for people like that, we also connected with who shawn hayes what right we had sean hayes, your car Guy out here doing big things inside of the cafe.
We got to get him in here for a follow-up.
We do.

We still got some more.
I know that he he actually took some time off of social media.
I was reading on his post and he said he just was having a little struggle at work.

You know he’s been trying to get some stuff going.
He didn’t want to put out some fake posts about positivity when he wasn’t feeling that way.

He since then, he has released some more stuff.

His son graduated down in florida for college he’s, went down there and visited he’s come back up, so i do still follow you, sean man.
I hope that you’re doing well.
We do.

We definitely would love to have a follow-up with you, man, i mean we still actually never got to the fresh news with you.
We never got to any of that.
So with you right now.

Your fresh news is really fresh.
You’ve got a lot of crazy stuff going on and we’d love to sit down and talk to you about your your partner up with uh, frank, kernetti and, and all that too man that was another person season.
Two season two is happening.

We’re gon na get some more aggressive.
Definitely sean hayes was awesome to have on here.

Speaking of great flavor somebody that definitely knows his way around a white tablecloth is gon na, be uh, paul meyer, yeah man uh.
That was, that was a great group.
That was some great great conversation i got about it along with that.

We also had a solutionary that brings leads to dealers that are wanting to help those that have been injured in their buying power and their buying strength.
Subprime leads right, nancy all about the benjamins is definitely uh, somebody that we had a great time brewing solutions with she’s doing some awesome stuff inside of the industry, and we were just so excited to be talking to her um.
But when you get a lot of leads, sometimes you’re going to create a route and that route is going to be like an up bus right and so speaking of an up bus.

We had derek bumper, that’s right, man, derek! You know i could tell you.
It was so much fun to have you on there.
Your podcast was growing.

It’s sad to see that you haven’t had time to do it.
I know you’re super busy with life and with with work and traveling and doing all this stuff, but man that bus needs to come back for other.
We need it back in town get around.

I would love it if you need co-hosts me and lou will take some time to help you out with that man.

The up bus was a great format.
He had a lot of great guests, but the biggest thing was derek was growing at that time.

He was a fast tracker.
He was looking for avenues that were different than the one he was currently on, and – and i love that because you could always go on the familiar streets – it’s easy to get back on those streets.
But when you take those little side routes every once, while you find some gold gems, you might find that that old ant.

You know what i mean folks, i’m using this as a uh.

You know figurative thing: it’s not real.
Like i mean when you’re taking these side, roads means just taking opportunities in life.

It’s going taking the path least.

You know that police travel this way you can go out and find things that you’ve never thought you could find form your own path make your own way, but then, once you make your own way, it becomes something normal right.
So that’s when you start to become uncomfortable, much like lou and i we we formed.

We went and did this whole new path that path we cleared it out, man, it is beautiful.
We even concreted that path.
We made it really nice and pretty, but now we’re like well, we need to make another pad, let’s cut through the mountains this way.

So that’s much like what derek was doing and i’m really proud to call him a friend you know i haven’t talked to him in a while.
So i apologize for that.
I need to reach out to you.

Man talk about your name, heck yeah, but speaking of taking different paths, we took a route all the way to texas to speak to our brother, beto meizo, and we usually me in orlando in orlando.
But we had the chance to interview him and and get some of the awesome brew.
That’s going on with him.

We love you, brother, can’t wait to talk to you, some more just so championing uh the things that you’re doing um, but then we got the chance to cross the border again going to uh talking down in mexico.
What was she in cabo? She was in cabo.
She was in cabo with katy yeah man that was fun.

She was, she was fun.
She was sitting there in her little with the sun.
She was shining through her window from the ground suffering [, Music ].

She killed it.
She was a lot of fun to actually interview.
She had a lot of great inspirational, stuff, she’s, a great speaker, she’s, really growing in her own.

She is actually part of permashield, which is big.
I think the c-o-o maybe and she um she’s doing some big stuff.
Now, she’s constantly trying to grow but she’s in mexico enjoying life if there’s any time to do it.

What time better than now, during this whole covet situation, get on a beach by yourself.
Do a bunch of fishing hang out with the one you love and just enjoy life.
She definitely did that and she shows people that you can do that and still be able to keep a business running and still be able to do these things.

Life is great folks.
You just got to take advantage of all those moments.

Then we also had the chance to, of course speak with uh some people behind the veil of silicon valley and yeah that the car guys may not be necessarily have a bridge to understanding what all of those uh tech, smart people behind the magic boxes knows and Do, and especially when it comes to things like carvana and understanding how the car business interacts with that, and we had the chance to speak with uh chris coleman and nikki man that was fun hendrickson nicki hendrickson man.

That was awesome because him and fred were able to have a conversation where the whole i mean for a good good bit of that conversation, i was like man, i don’t know any of this german stuff because they had they had a common ground um about life.
In germany, right and and fred for those of you that don’t know fred was born abroad right, you were actually born in korea in korea lived in germany for five years, though you know in those really good years.
You know like i wish i was.

I wish.
I was a little bit older, but i lived in those years where i was growing up, becoming a human being becoming who i was going to be right and during that time i was living in germany, and i got to be part of that culture.
And this is, i was there when the wall fell.

I was there when it was still east and west, so it was really neat to see germany become one unified nation and to be part of that to see how many people were just families were reunited again without having to you know, get passports to go through These checkpoints and all this stuff and what a cool time to be there um and what a beautiful country, germany is so much history there and you know us in the united states.
We don’t realize you know we’re a very young country and it may not seem like it because you know it’s the country’s older than any of us right, but the country is still super young.
You know germany’s oh you’re talking thousands right, it may not have been called germany many years ago, but it was definitely a region and that region has been there and those cultures have always been there and those castles and those churches, and all these things that are There just blow your mind beautiful you go to a town and it’s surrounded like it’s.

Like we’ve seen the movies you see these, like walls built around towns and you’ve got guard shacks in each one.
Like you’ve got a walls wall you can see where they walk top.

They might even have like wind, like a window here window there for the archers and stuff.

So it’s such a cool thing to see and you only could drive into the town through one gateway.
You know what i mean: it was just like beautiful, like in cobblestone everywhere, so not to go too long about it.
That’s ancient not to go too much about it.

It was a lot of fun to sit down and talk to him about that.
I’d love to talk to anybody, who’s lived in europe at that time or even now, because it’s always fun to catch up and talk about.
What’s what’s going on over there, because it is it’s a unique place so yeah it was great to have them both.

Yes, folks, silicon valley, those two guys are right there in the mix of it matter of fact, they they love carvanha to start their own thing called with clutch, with clinton and with clutch is going to do some amazing stuff, and it’s it’s actually growing big right.
Now he’s been, he has he’s been on a lot of podcasts recently um getting interviewed again, which i should have started one he did, but he doesn’t he ain’t doing much with it.
So i i think, he’s just gon na do it periodically, because he he can.

That’s what he does he’s dude’s got.

He made all kinds of millions doing what he’s doing so he’s he has the right to do what he wants.
He’s a very smart person, him nikki and – and chris paul chris, is great too rebuilt a delorean guy.

He did it was his very first car at 16 years old folks got a delorean and rebuilt it yeah, wow and he’s in his whole life he’s been building cars and fixing cars, and he still does that, so he considers himself a car guy loves cars.
So that’s why he’s in this industry? That’s why he went from using his his technical mind that he got through going through schools like mit stanford graduate school, doing all these things taking this information, and then he translates it into car business, which was when they when they sold their um.

I can’t think of the name of the company, but when they sold it to ellipso yeah calypso when they sold it to um carbona and then they became you know, big people and carvana left their resigned.

They didn’t get fired, they didn’t.
They just was on, say, hey, look, we got some big ideas, we want to move on and they they resigned and man what a big company to resign from that takes a lot of cohorts.
He brought a lot of chris coleman brought a lot of car guy to corvanna.

He did creating calypso um.
The the thing was is that he was a point of contact inside of a kind of like a classroom or at work.
How do you help me get the best trade in my car right right help me go through that, because i don’t want to deal with people.

I don’t want to deal with car guys.
I don’t want to deal with them and he said: okay.
Well, let’s just created a little path.

Helped a system come together that many many many many car guys thought, there’s no way that that carvana is ever going to be able to make that shift, because there’s trade-ins involved and it takes people to work trade-ins.

All a great argument until somebody figured it out right and he actually applied it.
This is why carbona is doing uh.

Some of the things that they’re doing now groom is able to do some of the things that they’re doing now.

These are people that have really truly uh, saw a problem and instead of just saying oh, this is just going to be a limitation forever.
No, he said, let me brew a solution and he did that and it’s it’s paying off dividends for many many people, and it’s just it’s just incredible – to know that we had the chance to even um hear some of the thoughts.

But what did they do? They grabbed a couple of car guys they grabbed the subprime hero because they wanted to figure out how to get in there and be able to help people with the refinance side of things right.
They talk to a car guy about what.
What is it that your people are actually looking for? They took notes like crazy.

They were the third interview that we lost at all.

We lost all of the first whole interview with them too, so guys, there’s been many growing pains inside of this path that we’ve had, but we’ve had some great conversations with some really really really great people and uh.
We were just so honored to be able to be with them, along with that speaking of worldwide and and all that we went australia all the way down under down and right back.

My wife says: i’m not gon na get it for that right.
So but you know we did, you know we threw some.
We threw some shrimp on a barbie with michael sorry, man.

I know i just got ta.
Do it? It’s cheesy, it’s corny, but you can’t.
But if you really think about it we did.

We threw some shrimp on a barbie with this guy.
We learned a lot of information.
This guy is he’s growing fast right now, folks he’s doing everything from lead generation ai.

He is training right now, he’s doing.
Masterminds he’s blowing up he’s, also a great family man that has a family that he absolutely loves.
He loves to show them off loves to adore them.

He works hard for them matter of fact.

He left dealership life because the hours were so crazy, so he could do this, which is just as many crazy hours if you’re really into it like.
I know he is, but you also have a little bit more free time, so he’s doing that for his family, but it also turned out to be great for everybody in the car business.

So michael dooley man, mate brother, okay, speaking of other great guests, a great great mentor of ours that, where we don’t cannot say that we would be where it is that we are um unless we had somebody like the unstoppable force for good.

Mr matt damos himself.
Thank you so much for being the yoda in our life and seeing some great potential and constantly constantly constantly uh sewing into it, depositing positivity and uh, helping us to become uh better every day, but he’s also jumped in and he’s part of the culture here.

Inside of the cafe too yeah matt’s mentor, he is definitely part of the car guy cafe.

He is a big part of it and his matt mentor moments are just gon na keep going it’s over here right there.

That’s that’s sean he’s right above it right there that name, speaking of sean chef, shawn jumped into the cafe as well and uh.

We’ve just had a great time with him.
I get to brew solutions with him each and every day and uh.
That’s that’s so so exciting for me, these people that we value in our life so much speaking of okay, mate and he goes crooked.

The cafe looks great.
Yes, matt appreciate that brother um he’s probably at work right now on the auction.
I know he’s gon na be in for a couple hours i’ll be in within the hour after we’re done with this.

Hopefully we got some stuff.
We got ta knock out after we get done with the show.
We’re gon na just do a quick one, but matt thanks for jumping on folks matt’s mentor moments be looking for those i’m still trying to encourage matt to keep growing and keep doing these things.

I know you guys love the ones we have dropped, so the response has been great, so we’re looking forward to dropping some more so i’m gon na have matt come over this week.
It’s gon na happen.
Matt put it on your calendar.

You’re coming over.
You can come over tonight, bro if you want i’ll, be off work.
You know what time i get off.

You come over.
Give me an hour of your time to do a little bit of directing with you and we can get those things done right here with matt damos, happy holiday, edition mentor moment right.
So, let’s make that happen.

So anyway, speaking of mentor moments, um crikey, there’s! So many people that that have a different understanding of what it’s like to be.
I don’t know in the mob right and we’ve had the great opportunity i mean taking that bridge from pinnacle all the way uh to the strategy mob up in canada, uh connecting to our canadian american friend american canadian friend.

Nobody ever knows that he’s a blessing.

It doesn’t matter, but jason harris from the strategy monitor.
We were so thankful that we had the chance to brew solutions with you got many more solutions that are brewing up um and there’s people from the strategy mob that that are going to be coming on.
Our show you know – and these are people that were before they were even strategy mob, where people were talking to, but now that their strategy made men they’re made men so we’re gon na have them come on the show we’re gon na talk with them.

We’re gon na we’re gon na you know, chat it up.
Just have a cup of coffee, it’s great stuff man and they’re, putting out tons of content.
You know, and i love what jason’s doing jason’s just trying to shed the light.

Just like we are, i mean, there’s a lot of people out there that are doing some amazing stuff for the car business.
Much like we are.

We just want to get part of that energy make that energy amplify right.

If you could team up with people like jason harris and matt damos is, and the jason garris’s and the el patrons, i can keep naming all day long all day long.
These people out there doing some amazing stuff, but yet it’s not enough folks, they’re still working for you, there’s still room for everyone.
Let’s all get out there and amplify this noise.

Let’s make the car business the best thing in the world: let’s make it to where everybody wants to be in it, let’s make it to where the next generation isn’t looking to become lawyers or doctors.
They’re, like i won’t be in a car business, but that’s the honorable honorable position that they seek right.
It’s no longer stigmatized uh with these, with this crook mentality and these cheater mentalities and these people that that don’t honor their family right, i mean that’s.

It’s so important that we do challenge that and speaking of people that uh make sure to pour out and and help others like veterans and other people inside of the car business.

You have other incredible people, uh, like richie bello who’s been on the show.
We’ve put out here in inside of the cafe and we’ve been excited to team up with him who’s always encouraging and who’s always sharing and who’s, always developing and creating another tool.

Another great solutionary that has been part of the solutions that we’ve been brewing um there.
He is right there.
Speaking of him, he just said hi guys, we all see you know richie bellow, one person that we haven’t had on the show all the way through his dj man, dj’s coming he’s saying: carmax really put a dent in the market many years ago.

It did, but i didn’t notice it because i’m strong as death anyway, but yes, they carvana.
They definitely have a thing.
Man, you know he’s so right, but dj dj is writing a book right now folks and his books getting ready to release here really soon he’s hoping by the end of this this month this year, if not it’ll, be early next year, but it’s about being of Color in this business being um treated differently, because you don’t look the same, yeah being brown, so you know i understand a lot of that.

I do get the way that feels um it’s so i i totally cannot wait to read his book because i understand that being on that other side of the desk, just like he’s on that side of the desk, where you’re not the same as everybody else, but You know one thing that helps you stand out.
Folks, no matter how different you are is hard work, passion for the game and constant growth, and you have to one thing about all the prejudice in the world and all this stuff.
It starts with what our first of the three f’s – it’s forgive it you have to, let it all go because people they’re going to be prejudiced whether the world is right or wrong right, there’s always going to be.

Have those one people who are going to look at you different, because you look different so prove them all wrong, be that be the better person and be better than that be the one who shows that hey my culture is great.

I am in your culture, one thing’s for sure we’re here in the united states of america, and most of us are u.
s citizens.

We are americans, i was you know.
Joking with like talking about you know, i was saying that my brother can’t call himself half korean they’re like what do you mean, i said: well, he wasn’t going there.
I was born there, so i could say i was.

I was actually born in korea and soaking.
My sister right so she’s half korean, but my wife was like well then, how do you call yourself americans? Because i was a u.
s citizen born abroad? I was never a korean citizen so but i was born in korea, so i could say i’m half korean, but if you’re here, if you’re full korean, you were born here in the united states, yeah you’re korean but you’re an american does that make sense.

Folks, we we are americans, we are u.
s citizens, we love.
This is a beautiful country.

We are all part of it whether you’re black white brown, green, doesn’t matter you’re an american citizen, so we should treat you as if you know i know it’s not going to happen anytime soon.
It’s very difficult.
This world is very.

What they see is what they get type thing right and it’s not true at all.

I can see somebody thugged out in their gear.
That’s i’m not going to think that they’re a criminal.

I don’t think that way, i’m fortunate, but i usually automatically assume that they can dance, though, because i probably can’t wait better, they could flow on the mic, nothing wrong with those.
But what i mean is i’m not going to look at him he’s like? I don’t want to be around that person right right, he’s a thug or she’s a thug or whatever it is.

I look at it as i want to get to know that person just because the way they because if you guys see me outside of work, i don’t always dress in a shirt tie or a jacket or even in pink gear.

Every time you know.
Sometimes i’m i’m, my tattoos are out, sometimes i’m wearing stuff man.
Do i appreciate the thank you we appreciate some of this.

This is so nice.
That’s elite.
Five there’s, definitely more room inside of our closets for more sponsors to get involved in gearing us up.

Just so you know, this is the end of the show guys.
Yes, we’re going to do a giveaway, but i want to say something real, quick uh to make sure that we do highlight uh, some of other great people that are going to help launch this next year into the stratosphere and that’s going to be uh.
Those that brew, the very first cup of car gal coffee with us, overweight, all the way in norcal, brittany, hibdon, so thankful from from hipton auto center.

Her jumping in here overcoming all the adversity, that’s going on all throughout the the upper part of california.
They are still finding a way to get through it, but she was able to jump in with us graced us with a great uh conversation.
You can see her inside of some of the some of the intro.

That’s out there again great friend that we usually get the chance to connect with quarterly um.
We are championing her she’s had a great uh just a great year of growth.
I know that uh she’s been being mentored by glenn and danielle.

I mean there’s so many people that have been helping uh make sure that she becomes her best because she’s seeking people that have solutions and are brewing constant growth.
So we’re so thankful for brittany, but the other two sisters in our family dj says: can i win again folks, you win again, you can, but here’s how this is what the giveaway is folks and i’m going to let this give away it’s going to be good Through this sunday night, we’ll announce the winner sunday night, okay, this is li.
This is happening, i’m going to give away a coffee, mug brand new coffee, mug car guy coffee.

This is the black interior design.
These are, i love this one.
This is really cool tastes.

Really good out of this cup, okay, i’m gon na do this and i’m gon na throw in a car guy coffee, podcast shirt, the grey ones, but this one’s gon na take a little work for you guys to earn now what i want? Listen up! What i want from you guys is a video.
I want the video to be less than 60 seconds and i want it to be either your personal brand or something to do with the business that you work for all right.
I want you to put out a video we’re going to put it on our we’re going to put it on our show, like matt’s mentor moment, we’re going to do it in the middle of the show, we’re going to drop it for you, whoever wins it we’re Going to announce it by showing the video and then we’ll and then we’re going to announce it so you’re going to get car guy coffee shirt right in your size.

Of course, right, that’s a good one! That’s it! .

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