What’s up folks good morning, it’s 9 00 a.

Eastern standard time, what’s going on we’re here at the car guy, cafe ramirez the car guy and i’m fred lenarts, and i’m ready he’s the son i am, but i’m ready to forgive focus bye, so excited yeah.
It’s a great morning, i’m excited about this day.

So, let’s get it going.

I am all about it.
We have special guests, we have all kinds of things.
This show is going to have somebody outside the car business.

Actually folks, but it’s somebody near and dear to us very close to our coffee matter of fact, she’s the one helping us getting our coffee shipped out there doing all type of stuff.
I’m excited to talk about.
Well, hey, hey! What’s up she’s, just peeking on in here, look at her look whoa! Look at those! This folks is really who’s, jumping into the cafe coming and bringing the best brew for you.

That’s right, the one that actually goes to the source uh to get that car guy coffee for you is gon na, be in the cafe, so go ahead and share get a couple of coffee connoisseurs into this cafe and as we are on the car guy coffee Podcast, we are going to say it with cafe, say we that’s right.
Let’s have some fun share this around real quick enjoy the intro enjoy the intro, but before we go to intro, don’t forget.
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Let us know if you need to up shift and uplift your day go ahead and get this day started: , ready, , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , ah , [ Applause, ], , Hola welcome hello, hey! How are you yes? I was going to be brewing with all of us she’s going to be peeking in here folks.

I love that lady guys.

It’s uh, it’s just exciting that we get the chance to have a person.
That really is passionate about this thing that we put inside of our cup and inside of our bodies, and sometimes we swarm around our day trying to find the right, coffee and uh.
It’s incredible that we get the chance to talk to somebody.

That’s actually been to the farms been to where it’s growing touched, the cherries and picked it off uh, just so thankful that we’ve ran into her on this journey uh.
But, as you see, this journey has had so many other great people.
So many great people that are forgive focusing and flying and doing some great stuff on this beautiful day, and we encourage you to continue to be solutionary doing that if you’re watching this you’re, probably a solutionary.

If you’re hearing this you’re, probably somebody that’s trying to find a way to upshift and uplift uh, your industry and your brother, your sisters, your family, you’re, probably trying to find a way to keep growing and uh we’re gon na make sure to forgive, focus and fly Once we get her in here, what’s going on rudy jump in here too uh we’d love to hear some great news.
I was actually going to reach out to you and see if we can get some folks we’re going to be redoing an interview.
I’ve already asked um rudy, we’ve just all been so busy.

I know he has too, but we’re going to get rudy back on the show.
We need to do a follow-up episode with him and rudy’s just been doing some amazing stuff.
We got to speak with him at the early stages of coronavirus like right at the beginning, when stuff’s business started just slightly opening up, i mean very minimal, like he was there with, like one manager right, they’re, doing everything setting up appointments.

I remember that and we got we got a chance to interview rudy and mr l patron himself and it was a great interview we sat down.

It was about an hour and a half got so much great information.
We laughed, we learned so much from him.

I truly believe we became friends with him that day the dude is a hustling hustling machine.

Absolutely somebody that i look at when i try to formulate my goals and how i’m going to try to do my social media and how much i’m going to put work into it.

He is somebody i follow, and definitely somebody that i look up to man like a brother, a big brother man he’s killing thanks and i’m excited that i’m excited to have him to come back on the show soon.

We definitely want to talk about all the things that he’s been doing.
This dude’s been crushing it breaking records, and i mean gross records unit records doing stuff that sunset chevrolet has never seen before rudy great job.
Congratulations to you! I honor you for that.

Man keep growing, i’m looking forward to getting a chance to meet you man we’re supposed to be meeting up going up to new york.
One day i mean, i know that he’s doing like i’m doing a meeting here with um with jason, but we’re gon na get up that way.
Man and when we do we’re gon na have so much fun man.

I appreciate you, i’m glad that you uh i’m glad you’re gon na be coming on the show, and i appreciate how uh your your basically your mentorship that you’ve given us man so keep growing brother keep growing so so excited uh.
We are to be actually brewing in there with people like rudy o patron one thing that was uh.
That makes him so much more like me that i that i was like looking at his picture, giving his son a kiss.

You know uh for graduation, but he was on all sippy toes are sure so and then i was like that’s okay.
My boys are big and they’re going to get a kiss from the father uh, but let me see here i’m actually going to go ahead and shoot a quick message to rudy and we are going to get him on the show real, quick he’s going to share Some great news you guys ready for some great news about what’s going on in the industry, we’re going to get you the game, changer right here right now, to tell you some great news about: what’s going on billion dollar car guy, i’m telling you go for it! Man this guy does, i just can’t help it.
Man he’s a good friend and he’s just a lot of fun, and just he tells you how it is.

He tells you how it is.
He was looking at a new maybach.
I’ve seen some pictures of a new maybach.

I always ride something i love it.
He was like what should i drive.
I definitely want to see more about that.

That paint job was really really sick.
Really sick dude he’s got his hands in all kinds of luxury units right now, man, it’s beautiful folks, if you’re looking for a luxury vehicle and you get a hold of him man, he finds anything you want.
You know we.

We definitely can find what you want.
Also, what i’m saying is he got his hands and his lines in places that just because he buys them deep there.
You know why we can get you what what you want, because we can talk to rudy and he can help us get it.

So for those of you that are local, we, we know a guy and this guy’s about to jump in here.
Right now and uh actually brew some solutions with us, while we uh get eater inside of the cafe talking about some great news about, what’s going on with assay with cafe again folks, we want to make sure that we continue to encourage you to always be sharing Some great news out there there are great things to celebrate and you do not need bad news to prop up good news.
Good news is sufficient all by itself.

It doesn’t need an excuse.
It does not need uh somebody to answer for it.
All that it needs is the actual exposure it just needs to get out there.

If somebody say say it has something good to say they should share it.

If somebody doesn’t have something good to say what is what does mama use to teach us right? Keep your mouth shut, ain’t got nothing good to say, ain’t gon na say don’t say none at all.
You know and if that’s the way that uh mama said to do it well, my mama said to do it so i’m gon na do it.

You know i need to uh honor those that have given given us a way to uh to brew solutions in our own lives.
But mama was right on that and saying hey.
If you don’t have something good to say well, then you’re, then that would actually be you speaking death and you do not want to speak.

Death, death and life is in the power of your tongue and it’s important that you operate accordingly.

Speaking of death and life being in the power of the tongue, uh rudy el patron is a person that has spoken great things into existence spoken about his dreams, yes spoken about what it is that he wanted to see accomplished, and he was going to accomplish.
Not just in one place but in multiple places.

So without further ado, we want to welcome rudy back to the cafe.
Rudy l patron welcome what up guys look? What’s up big guy yeah yeah check it out here, man how you been bro, you know what just blessed me.
What can i say another day, another day woke up another day, hey man, but you know everything.

Everything that you have is from everything that you put into what you have you know and there’s no doubt about that.
You ain’t, you didn’t get any of this stuff just by sitting around doing nothing.
You got all this stuff because you put that work in no doubt one man doing good bro.

You know just we’re putting in that grind we’re doing our thing, we’re trying to rise to the top too and we’re just having a lot of fun while we’re doing it.
Man, obviously you know having you as a guest.
We’ve talked about this before it was a lot of fun.

The very first time man we got to talk, got to know you some more see you so over there sipping on some cafe right there, but you know so having you on the show.

It was a lot of fun.
You know it was one of the.

It was one of our first guests on the show at the beginning of the rise of the solution, so you were solutionary right off the rip and man honestly, we’ve learned a lot from you during that time.
Like hearing how you do things, obviously reading your book, all that type of stuff, yeah yeah so but that being said man, i love what you’ve done, even since that interview, you’ve grown even bigger since then dealership your team, your your everything that you’re doing there, that That that club, that you have going on the events that you’re putting on the the man you’re doing some amazing stuff and take away work, what you’ve done at home with your family too, all the great things you’re doing with your kids, how you got your you Got your family working out with you, you got all kinds of stuff, dude, you’re, doing things and you’re growing in all aspects in life, not just business you’re growing in family you’re growing here, you’re growing there, man and it’s been so much fun to watch.
You do that man, it’s it’s congratulations and i think that’s what it’s about right.

It’s about.
You know consistency, and i always say you know it can be just financially.
It can’t be just you know, about money or about driving high cars right, because remember your kids are going to do whatever they see you do at the end of the day.

It’s not the way you tell them, so you know i’m trying to um to give them good values, and obviously you know the grind, the heart right and go hard at it and whatever you want you can achieve.
You know, look what just happening with the elections and things like that and i’m not gon na get politics.
So i don’t.

I don’t follow that and i don’t really care be honest with you, but i’m saying whatever happens happens uh, but at the end of the day it’s it’s leading by example.
Right, um, you guys are not gon na, do it unless you’re doing it, and – and that’s really, i think that most gm’s problem – you know you tell them.
Oh go: go: do a video um go through this and we just talk about videos, but it could be anything else.

You know what i’m saying.
So i don’t ask my guys something that i wouldn’t do myself um.
So they see all the grind, and you know because you guys know now.

Social media is almost like a job, it’s a job in itself.
You know what i’m saying so all the preparation and all the things you got to do and the late nights, and you got to cut everything this and that so you know you guys are pretty good and i go give you credit for staying consistent because a Lot of people, don’t man and it gets discouraging sometimes, but you got to keep going um this this year has been amazing for me and we’re going to finish it with a bang.
You know it’s been a record year, um ever my best year in the car business.

So i just took advantage of that.
I took the opportunity i took out this opportunity, i’m saying you know what most people was like.
Oh we’re, gon na write off the year.

I said no, i’m gon na i’m gon na go harder man and it worked.
It worked it paid off, so i’m just excited about how we’re gon na finish the year and all these events that we’re doing it’s uh they’re gon na pay off big time.
You know, sometimes you don’t see it right now, just like a tree when you put a little seed, you don’t get the fruit the same day.

You know what i’m saying you get it later.
You know what i’m saying so most people want it now.
You know, and i’m late for that too.

We want the roi right away, but it doesn’t really work that way.
You know right, yeah, not great things.
You know you can get the small victories right now satisfaction, but for the big things like you said, you got to plant a seed and let it grow water it and fertilize it, but you’re letting it grow and through time, you’re going to see the fruits of That labor and no you’re absolutely right man and it’s it has been a great year.

We did not.
You know, like i love how you adjusted the word taking advantage of the year to just you know, you made that adjustment when you said that, and i love that, because it’s not taking advantage of it, you put that work in you knew we all knew like You said other people were writing this year off, while people people like you, which is you know, somebody that i watch somebody that i’m like you know it’s cool to be able to call you a friend, and this is like man and just see that you’re hustling, You motivate me man, it makes me, go yeah, i’m gon na go hard too, and so yes, this during this time, we did the same thing.
We kept growing and we kept growing.

We kept interviewing and we kept talking to people and now you know we’re getting to a level where it’s like.
What’s next, you know what i mean: we’re ready for that and excited about that.
But if we didn’t do that this year, we’d have to still do it again.

You know we would have to go through another year of that, but we got to do it and do it at an extreme pace, because people were watching during this time.

More people were on social media on this time.
Man and you used it so well, the way you sold cars.

The way you built up your team, the way you built up sunset man, the way you made everything look the way you were man.
You did a great job, obviously, like you said like we talked about, we all could have laid down during this time and everybody would have been.
A lot of people were okay with that.

But but the thing is we weren’t? Okay, with that you weren’t.
Okay with that and that’s why next year 2021, oh the fruits that those teas that you planted this year, you’re gon na start to get a few – oh, my goodness, and it’s just gon na explode.
So it’s like a boom huge explosion, man! So i’m pumped up.

I’m ready – and i see you guys too man – the progress you guys have made like you know, even from the content, from the connection that you made right now, you just you got people that want to be on the show.

You know people that ask me yo.
Can you hook me up with fred? I want to be on the show this guy’s all right, yeah he’s good he’s going to come up.

You don’t say yeah be like us, you know.
So he sees all the hype and yeah who doesn’t want to be part of that right who doesn’t want to be an influencer per se, but that’s what you guys are right.

That’s that’s what i feel people i influence people to do things, and, and sometimes you don’t really realize the role of an influencer um.

You know you post something and people do that because of it, so the power of the social media right now with what’s going on with twitter um how much powerful and that’s what i talked about my guys last saturday um, i said: did you know that we Almost went to war uh because somebody tweeted that obama was um was injured and something about that with the white house, so we lost like five billion dollars within that time, just because of a single tweet.
So you know we talked about.
I got about 10 solid guys and i all asked you know what do you think about social media and of course, you always get 10 different answers? .

I said what is your goal like? What do you do? You want to be in the car business for a long time.

You know, is it a career, or is it just you just hanging out you’re just hanging out like you’re, not my guy, you know, look what i’ve built so far and i think that i’ve still got a way to go.

You know what i’m saying so like what are you doing about it? You know the cardones of the world right like grab people’s attention.

Um, you know, don’t don’t don’t stop posting until they say yo, you’re spamming us right.

So i got the same.
You know the same like how do you post so many stories, but i want to walk you through everything, so my guys are like some of them are starting to see like i’m like i’m not going to do it for you.

You know i can lead to the water, but i’m not going to make you drink it like you know, but you got some guys that got some momentum already and they’re already like okay yeah, i can get used to this.
You know what i’m saying becomes the norm right for me.

It’s not work to me.

This is what i do.
You know i post from the morning till i’m coming home.

You know i’m saying at night and i want to show that to the industry like yo.

I’m just a regular guy bro, i’m just trying to make it happen.
Like you, that’s all and the humble attitude that rudy actually applies to it, though you guys get to see him a lot.

He is truly uh.

The father that you get to kind of see them that he is.
The great thing is, is that he gives exposure to his actual life in social media.
Also so when you get to see his kids, you get to see his daughters, you get to see him with his son.

You get to see uh these glimpses of his life uh that are interjected.
It gets to show everybody that look.
That is actually what makes the healthy good decision maker you’re.

Not just of somebody.
That’s a a good car guy that kind of figured out how to use a couple good tools.

You have things and principles at heart that make you make those decisions that have a fruitful marriage, a fruitful father, a child relationship and then also fruitful inside of your work and you’re, showing that you’re helping us to make sure that that’s the culture that we’re breathing And that’s: what’s really the real part right, keeping it real just actually being about your show and that’s what the people that are right next to you at the at the dealership? That’s what they’re! Looking at too do i want to be like rudy or do i not want to be like him? You know what i mean and having people that are, that influential uh close to you is so key for your good growth.

You know what i mean and um.
I got ta tell you, i struggle every day, you know, and then people see me and they’re like.
Like you know, yeah you got ta, you got ta stay positive right because it’s really hard to stay positive.

You know it’s easy to be negative and i always say that, but i struggle a lot man with a lot of things, but you know what i just i’m not a quitter.
I don’t give up.
You know i keep going, keep going and and yeah you want to do it because at the end of the day right, you can’t do all that and then and then you lose your family right.

They say that they can give you the world.
You push your soul, but i want my kids to see everything and i want to document everything, because when i retire man, i want to be able to look at those videos, and i wanted to see what i’m doing and sometimes i go back and i just See what i’m doing two three years ago – and you know i i i kind of checked myself – oh [, __ ].
I was doing that.

Why am i doing that today? Like you know, the content does change according to the times i do pay attention to.
What’s going on and and what’s trending and things like that, that’s why you know i use certain hashtags and things like that, but it also shows that you you’re grown right, you’re willing to to be good to receptive, like okay, reset change, accept change and and go You know because it is growth at the end of the day and i’ve seen it with you guys this year alone.
You know the connections we made on linkedin, you guys are um in the tank right and then – and i can i can only imagine next year when we go to nada.

There is an nda and and the things that we can do together.
Connections in the tank uh we have eda is actually jumping in here who’s, the actual source that we are running through, that we met inside of the think, tank and she’s the one.
That’s helping us get this coffee that we’re brewing and we’re so excited that she’s actually joining us and has has a moment to just talk about some incredible elixir that is upshifting and uplifting like a solutionary that is rudy tremenio, but rudy.

One thing that that is key that is is so so awesome about everything that’s happening is that you still have to.
We are still keeping a steady hand right.
I’m sitting there working a deal.

I get the the message on the phone or the the update on the phone.
It says uh, so joe biden is elected president blah blah blah the numbers are in.

Finally, and you know, and i’m sitting there filling out a deal packet and i’m looking.

I look at it say: okay, right back to it, hey! I need you to go ahead and grab that insurance.
You know.
Go right back to life, we’re going to be successful.

No matter who’s inside of the white house.
Real solutionaries aren’t waiting on who somebody else to elect them to do something good and productive for the day, and that’s something that we definitely salute.
You for you’ve made big news happen: you’ve shut down streets just to put on a show to up shift and uplift.

The community that’s going to work some crazy things.
New york is going through crazy, stuff and you’re finding a way to shine a light, and that’s something that we salute brother.

We really thank you and honor you for that.

You see what we’re going to do for thanksgiving.
I can’t wait.
I know it’s going to be big.

This is what you always do.
Man and that’s thing.
The thing about the thing about rudy folks is that when he does things he does it big and he does it from his heart.

So it’s always going to be something that’s going to be amazing for the community, a charity or whatever that works is he’s.
Giving back he’s always giving back so keep note of that.

It’s not just about what he’s getting! He gives back to the point where i’m rooting, you know not to keep fluffing up rudy man, but here’s the thing i see rudy stay at work.

12 o’clock.
At night to make sure his make sure clients are getting taken, care of making sure vehicles are getting delivered because he cares about that’s not just him.

He makes he’s gon na make his money he’s doing that for his team.
His team sees that his team sees that hey rudy’s staying with us, el patron, is staying with us and he’s making sure these deals are getting delivered.
He’s making sure all this stuff is getting closed down.

That’s that’s the kind of leader that you guys need to have that’s the kind of mentor that you guys need to follow man.
I appreciate you really man so much bro i’ll, let you head out and before we get to starting with welcome to the cafe, we’re going to forgive focus and fly together, because these are some incredible solutions.

You guys can actually speak a little bit uh more in the dialect that i really wish.

I could i’m still the embarrassment that can’t speak spanish fluently and i honor you all for being able to have that uh actual flow, but welcome to the cafe ita.
What’s going on hi, how are you i’m happy to be here? Hi, rudy, hello, nice to meet you yeah.
Welcome! Welcome, welcome, well, rudy and eda.

Let’s go ahead! If you’re going to be one hand on it, either that’s cool! We go ahead and forgive focus and fly together on three one.
Two three forgive focus and keep growing, keep going, [ Laughter ] good morning when everybody gets some at every conference.
I’m that’s the dream that is such a dream of mine.

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to the cafe happy to be here.

We are sipping on some serious solutions and we’re so thankful uh for you being the source of him uh.

You just recently came back from a trip in the caribbean right.
You got to see mom and actually go and uh have some some coffee bean cherries in your hand, tell me what that was like well, one of the things that i love about.
My business is partnering and helping other small businesses right.

We are a community and i think what we do is so important networking supporting each other.
So i am super happy that i was able to partner with a small.
It’s a family, owned coffee business in puerto rico, they’ve been in the business for 32 years and they have take such an amazing care of their coffee farms.

They have three small coffee farms.

So when i went to puerto rico, i say you know what i want to have the experience of going to their coffee farm, so the owner, the lady, that’s been in the business for 32 years on your betsy.

I took me in a little tour.

The weather wasn’t operating much, it was raining, but we did in like 40 minutes.
We got three pounds of coffee um, so it was amazing, it’s just being in the source and knowing that you are part of that, like you feel like you are helping them get their amazing product out of the island of puerto rico.

That for me, speaks to volume so um it was.

It was a really really good experience and my goal is to be able to do that with other farms that we source around caribbean and latin america to be able to actually physically visit the farm and meet the owner and and be part of that experience.

Hey you’re telling me that the weather wasn’t looking good hold on a second everybody hold on a second.

What exactly is that you know what i mean that looks beautiful the weather yeah.

What did that? You got ta know about the caribbean if that it rains and all of a sudden it pours in middle of the sun and the sunshine, and you got like 10 minutes, so that’s probably taken between the 10-15 minutes of sun.

But my shoes were all muddy.
I even got bitten by ants and i didn’t i was so excited.

I didn’t even care about the ants biting me and then all of a sudden, when i got to the house, i saw it my ankle was swollen.
I was like hold on what happened here um, but it was great.
It was great even with the little rain and everything it was great.

Oh, that is awesome.
Man, there’s uh, there’s something to be said about uh, making a great time, no matter what uh actually comes your way and uh.
That’s something that that is a lifestyle of a person.

That’s a consistent, uh, solutionary and uh.
There’s something big about coffee: that people want and that’s consistency.

That’s why the correlation that we try to make inside of being a great car guy, a great subprime hero or a great solutionary, is that you find consistency in life.

Yes and that’s no matter what the weather actually does uh, you still turn out a good product.
You still turn out a good attitude.

You still turn out a good flavor and uh you’re actually doing that by seeking it out.

That’s why we honor you and we’re so excited uh.
I mean you’re you’re, a godsend on the side that we were wanting to team up with somebody that can actually go to the source and connect us to the source right.
I want to go meet the people that are that are helping us through these solutions.

I want to go, see it and feel it and and and help the community.
You know there’s so many uh things that that happen to make these droplets of awesomeness show up inside of our cup and uh you’re.
Helping me appreciate it.

I have a new found, incredible love for coffee on the side of becoming more of the connoisseur.
Absolutely it’s messing my wife up and it’s also it’s because i’m making a mess of everything and she’s, like oh, my goodness, she’s having to clean up more after me and and and i feel bad because i’m trying to keep up with it.

But i’m trying to learn so it’s like okay.

I need this new thing and i didn’t know that a mocha pot couldn’t go in the dishwasher and she didn’t either and – and you know so, different accidents have happened.
You know i’m going and following up that lead that you just set up there’s a couple of things that i wanted to bring out and the first one is uh.

When i started my business, i say with cafe.

One of the things that i wanted to do is bring to people the experience of coffee.
You know a lot of people think coffee is coffee, but it’s not there’s so much more behind and before that coffee gets actually to the cup right.
You have the farmers that plant those seeds, you have the people that peek those seeds um.

One of the things that they were sharing with me is that people don’t want to pick coffee anymore, because you get bitten by ants.
You get rain on when you’re.
In the middle of the forest um there’s these other little like insects that they’re hiding to uh the plants that bite you and it’s really painful, and you know it’s manual, labor, there’s so much that goes before that coffee actually gets to your cup and um.

Some people under appreciate the process.
That’s why we focus so much in just making sure that we get fair trade or direct trade coffee and that’s basically, a guarantee of the united states, paying the fair uh price for the coffee.
The fair share price for the coffee for those farmers that sacrifice to get that coffee right out of the farms um.

The second thing that you said is appreciate the little things so um.
I wish i would have been the whole day in the farm.
It was an awesome experience, so just being there for 45 minutes to an hour just being part of that um.

I think one of the things that i posted on social media right after that was that this, let’s we got to appreciate the little things and little opportunities, because sometimes we focus on the big opportunities waiting for them to come, that we overlook those little differences and Those little things like me being able to help that small farm to get the coffee out of puerto rico and show it to the world right.
It’s little.
You know ideally i’ll have 20 farms, but i can appreciate that one because i know the other 20s will come eventually um and just pouring back and thinking you know, there’s there’s so much more behind what we do.

What you guys do you know you are a source or you’re a beacon of hope and light, and you bump up people you partner with businesses.
Like me, you give a forum to other businesses to showcase what they do um.
So i think it’s it’s being part of that community, in my case, a coffee community, but also in any in any situation just being part of something bigger than yourself and appreciate.

Those opportunities is what it’s all about.

Yes, that is so so awesome.
You got such a huge heart.

You could just tell because when you speak, you always speak of that type of environment, that type of lifestyle, that type of thought, process and and you’re always talking about community team family sharing the world um cultures um, you know doing all the right things and you’re And you’re trying to streamline it to where it’s easy for people, and i love that because a lot of this work that you’re doing is research that people don’t have opportunity to can’t do, but so you’re giving you’re going out you’re doing the research you’re doing everything That can so this way your clients, your family, your community, benefits from that, and so that’s an amazing thing.
You do it from the heart and in what’s and it’s an amazing it’s that you know a lot of people when they do it from the heart.
It sometimes it’s uh, it’s a tough job, because it’s it takes all that work.

It’s you have to travel.
You have to learn, you have to educate, but that same time is a lot of fun involved in that, because when you do learn you’re growing so much so it’s it’s one hand shakes the other there and once again i love that you’re doing it.

I love that you do it from a place that it’s it’s good and warm instead of something that could be, you know more selfish in a sense you’re doing it at a complete opposite of selfishness.

You know i mean thank you guys.

You’re also, i mean you’re an entrepreneur on every side, absolutely folks.
She has an incredible website that helps you put together these cool gifts that are centered around coffee.

If you have somebody that absolutely likes coffee or loves coffee and wants to try uh different coffees and wants to do kind of like a bourbon testing or wine testing or coffee testing, she has a package to help.
You have that experience at home and you can touch base with with her website to get you connected to seeing how to brew these.
Like a real, true, uh, coffee brewer, i mean again, the apparatuses there are to create good coffee are so fast and it’s so far beyond the keurig and that’s at the same time.

It’s also been an effort of mine to still conquer the keurig, with good coffee, either way the the idea is to make sure that you have the best of the best coffee and, however, you brew it.
We want to make sure that you’re connected with somebody that can help you say it with cafe and it’s awesome.
I love it.

One thing that i wanted to share with you guys the reason i started this business and the reason i call it.
I say with cafe is because cafe is the spanish word for coffee right? So every time i say, oh i’m, the owner i’ll say with cafe everybody else.
Oh, where is it located? Because for america you know for people from uh united states a cafe.

It’s a place to actually drink coffee, but i wanted to stay.
You know close to my roots.
For me, the coffee, it’s my cafecito, it’s my cafe and um for where, from where i come from coffee connects people create community.

You know one of my fondest memories is just having coffee and a portion of my mom having coffee in the porch.
With my neighbors uh, you go to any puerto rican house at any time, and one of the first questions, you’re gon na get is hey.
Do you want some cafecito? So that’s really important for me that concept of coffee as a connection and as a gift following that lead.

One of the things that i wanted to create was a coffee experience and thank you for shouting out, for my coffee gives a really really popular trending right now in corporate world um, and we have partnered with an international coffee judge from mexico who gives uh actual Coffee classes, to make you a coffee snub, so we have been being uh.
We created these packages where you can set your teammates, your employees, your co-workers, like a gift box with the coffee and some treats or whatever you want to put in the box.
But you can also combine it with a class, you know, so they can appreciate what they got in the box and they can brew their coffee along with the class.

So i think it’s a great way to connect people.
You know nine out of 10 people like coffee um, so i think you can never go wrong with coffee.
That’s right! That’s right! I completely 100! No doubt that the car guy i mean you are so car guy coffee approved it’s it’s almost like i don’t.

I don’t even know how to say it in a better way, but your car got coffee approved.
Why? Because you’re, the one that’s actually putting the coffee yeah.
What’s the talk about that coffee? Let’s go! Let’s talk about that, uh consistency! That is an absolutely amazing coffee.

Guatemala produces a beautiful coffee with some good chocolate hints notes, um.
Obviously my favorite one is puerto rico, but hey i’m biased.
That’s like you know when i drink a cup of puerto rican, coffee, it’s like i’m home, but that guatemala coffee is so pleasant and then, like you said, the flavor gives you that consistency.

It’s like a good like get going.
Let’s accomplish this day so guys, if you haven’t, tried the car guy coffee.
I really really really encourage you to order it today.

Um you’re, supporting the car guy coffee, podcast you’re, supporting a small business on my end and you are getting it for a treat.

So that’s right: oh man, see guys gauss.
This is just having a cup of coffee in a conversation with a solutionary and she just jumped in there like a car guy, saying, listen.

This is how it needs to be she’s.
Also, a speaker too.
She can.

She can work her way around some words right.
That’s why the name of her company is, i say it with cafe such an awesome, uh tagline such a i mean it just rose, i mean it’s smooth and it’s consistent ita.
We we absolutely uh, love and appreciate all that you’re doing to help us make sure that when people get the chance to taste what we’re talking about, they enjoy it.

And it is something that’s smooth and consistent with what it is that ultimately, a good cup of coffee and a conversation should be.

You know.
Culture is uh better.

When we get to have that fun cup of coffee talk going and hey, let’s go get a drink.
That’s one thing: when we say: let’s go get a cup of coffee, that’s so good! You know what i’m saying: that’s so much more uh family oriented, let’s have a good conversation and so many great mountain moving.
Yes, massive movements have come over a cup of coffee.

In a conversation you know, with a couple of people that are trying to.
You know, create uh solutions, you know and – and that’s just something that we’re so thankful that we get the chance to join you again.
One day we’re going to be out here out there one day with you, we’re going to be out there in the jungles actually searching out uh those those beans, and i can’t wait, i mean, can you guys gals, those of you that are listening or watching? Uh? Imagine what we’re gon na look like out there around around oh man.

The pictures are gon na, be so much fun all right after this pandemic.
We’re gon na make a coffee trip to puerto rico.
Put it together, we’ll pay for it, but i’ll put it together.

Yes, guys i i love being here.
I love your energy.
I i’ve told you both personally i i am so thankful that i was able to connect with you guys.

I got ta give a shout out to my girl, michelle maltese um, for you know introducing me.
Thank you guys michelle.
This is to you.

This is for you, we love, you, hey and, and if you guys are watching this and and you want to connect, you can find me on linkedin or you can find me on social media instagram facebook or you can shout out to these guys that they know How to find me, i am always looking for connections, it’s not only about making business and making money it’s about connecting with the right people, because that people is the one that’s going to back you up in the future and um, and i think connections are so So more important so much important, so i am very thankful to be connected with you guys in the automotive industry.

Well, we’re honored to be because without you we wouldn’t be where we’re at with our coffee.
You know we and we trust you so much and you’re doing a great job for us and we appreciate the support.

We appreciate you honoring us like that, because we honor you also we’re so happy to have you here today.
You you’re just an amazing person, and it was it was great just like she said it’s not just about the business.

It’s just great to meet a good connection with somebody somebody that’s like-minded who’s, happy who’s, sharing, positivity who’s, all about being with their family and helping the community.

That’s the type of people, that’s the energy i like being around.
So i appreciate you being part of that energy.

I appreciate you helping amplify that energy, so you’re an amazing person.

Thank you.
So much you guys are not so bad.
Thank you so much.

Thank you so much car guys.
This has been a great morning.
A great new session we’ve had uh some great solutions that we honor and attribute so much of our uh, our fun in advancing uh.

This journey that we’re on uh, rudy, tremenio and eda man, guys there’s just some great people.
You can make connections with.
If you just reach out to people, if you just use this social media tool, i’m telling you you’re missing out, but you got to give you got to give as much as you take folks understand that you know it’s not just a you.

I mean you could be, you could be a fly on the wall and pay attention and learn, but but if you want to really get something from it, give you everybody has something to give in this world right there and i’m not talking about money.
I’m not talking about that.
I’m talking about your opinion, i’m talking about your thoughts, i’m talking about your stuff, your knowledge that you have everybody.

Has it there, whether it’s stuff that you went through that wasn’t good! You could explain somebody hey, don’t go! Do all this or whatever it is, you have value folks, everybody has value, come come, bring your value and we’ll give you value and that’s what it’s all about the community so yeah i love it.
I love it yeah you’re right everybody got something to bring to the table so come to the table.
It’s something don’t come with the table.

They empty-handed so guys it was so good to be with you.
I got ta run because i got a ten o’clock appointment, but it was an honor to be here with you anytime.
If you ever want to talk about coffee, i’m your gal, okay, yes, yeah! Thank you! So much! You have a great incredible day.

We are so thankful that we had the chance to brew bro.
We just had a double break, you know and right here that was a double shot.
That was a double shot enjoy your day.

Everybody encourage somebody and uh find a way to brew solutions in the world that you are exposed to uh.
Thank you so much for joining us uh.
Please share share, share share, but if you want some of that car guy coffee uh, you can go to carguycoffee.

com and you can either get you some swag.
If you want some car guy coffee, if you want uh some car guy, coffee, actual caffeinated consistency, you go to car guy, coffee, dot com go to the coffee shop and if you want to listen to the solutions that we’ve been brewing, uh on this incredible journey, That’s getting so close to the one year mark and we’ve been having such a fun time.

Meeting these great people uh.

You can just go ahead and scroll down and pick you out an episode and get you some uh caffeinated consistency right there in your ear.
It’s beautiful folks, the first 10 episodes.
If you really get down just look at the titles – and you read the first 10 episodes titles, those had a lot of meaning in the titles um the the steps each like the first 10 episodes.

Each one was a level up now: you’ll you’ll catch.
What i’m saying if you go back and look at it, it’s you know, we we built it up.
We built the foundations up, we did.

We explained how important so many things were.
We talked about what what’s coming and all this stuff and you guys will see that if you go back and listen to the first 10, if you’re a fan of car guy coffee greatest hits, i’m telling you go back and listen to our greatest hits.
It’s the first ten, the first ten.

They were raw, the rugged we it was our it was our passion.
We were trying to figure out what is car guy coffee.
We knew what it was but like what is it really we found out we found out after 10 episodes we really loved what we were doing for one two, that this was a great message: three, it was a great platform for other people.

Also, you know it was a great platform for us, and so what we did was we looked for people out there that were similar to us or people that we wanted to be that were we’re going in that direction.
How did they do that? We wanted to learn so we brought them on the show, put them up, put them on a pedestal, let them lift be there and let them share their light for everybody to see for a little while right, we got to see from that.
You all get to see from that.

They got to shine from that, and that is the secret recipe.
It’s about sharing it’s about asking questions.
It’s about learning from people it’s about teaching and helping and growing together.

Building a community like ita, talked about helping your community.
Like people talk sharing just like el patron, giving to his community helping there’s so many things that if you notice what successful people are doing and you’re not doing it, then why do you expect success? You have to give as much as you take folks.
That’s a common theme too, in all the people we’ve talked to.

You must give as much as you take.

You know it’s it’s it’s the only right thing to do.
You know it’s.

It’s a balanced life man.
If your life gets unbalanced, it starts to spiral out of control.
You have to make sure you keep it balanced.

When you do, life is beautiful and you it everything you ever want so go for it.

Get it don’t be, don’t make excuses.
Excuses are silly.

I’m still guilty of excuses here and there you know, i’m not no one’s perfect folks, but i know that and i catch myself and i fix it.
I try to at least maybe the next time i do better.
I hope, if not, i get frustrated, but you know you got ta just work on that.

You know life is fun.
Man, life is that life is a highway.

I’m gon na ride it all night long all night, but all night long and then just switch it up, but car guys car guys.

Hopefully you understand and you get that if you’re listening it, you do uh and in most case scenarios uh we’re going to always correlate all of the elements that make the heartbeat be what it is of.
This show and the outreach that we’re trying to uh have into the community, that is the auto industry, and that is the encouragement uh you you have to find a way to continue to encourage um and saying to give is.
Is such an understatement because it is such a big thing: uh, you you’ll often hear uh many times we’re going to point to being a light, and no i mean to quote the word: uh, one god so loved the world that he gave.

He gave his only son, but he gave well just you can stop right there.
That is a good example for you to give.
If you love give and and because you love from the posture of love, you give but uh, no man takes a light and hides it under a basket.

Instead, he takes that light and he puts it onto a lamp stand so that everybody can benefit from the light, so that the light can shine too many and where the light goes, the darkness has to flee so make sure that you continue to do that.
You’re always here on a consistent basis.
You every day you can catch a quick brew or a lot walk with fred and he’s going to make sure that you understand to reach for the light, no matter where your day has been tune in for those few moments of time, where he reignites you to Say reach for the light.

That’s everywhere be the light.
Let it glow we let it glow.
Does everybody so folks? If the thing is that we’re always looking for the light – and i maybe i need to rephrase that because the light is is actually here inside of you folks – you can actually glow from the inside out, but the only way you can do that is to love Yourself, a little bit understand, forgive yourself right because a lot of people don’t a lot of people.

Oh man, i suck, i, you know you’re a work.
You you just didn’t shut two deals in a row.
You you lot dropped a couple.

People you made some bad phone calls.

We all make mistakes, even the greatest will answer a phone sometimes and jack up.

Don’t don’t get it twisted, i don’t care who they are every once, while you get tongue twisted every once, while you get hit with something that makes you go whoa, that’s a good one right.

I’ve been there.
I know, and that’s okay.

I forgive myself every time.
I understand my i go by the percentages.
I know that the odds are i’m not going to do that too often, especially if i acknowledge it, i learn from it and i move forward from it.

I don’t let it sit here on my shoulders like baggage.
I forgive it right, so that’s the only way, so you got to make sure you do that man folks, forgive is one of the most important ones.
You know all these focus and fly those come once your biggest.

You can’t focus and fly so you have to forgive once you do that.
The focusing and flying is it’s it’s natural, but you if the forgiving is probably hardest thing for all of us, a lot of us.
You know we make excuses.

What that is, is just not forgiving yourself for those things like you know, making excuse for things so guessed it off.

So i’m enough with that.
I don’t want to get too deep, but you know guys hey great.

We should be feeling it by now as champion says: it’s your soul, glow, hey, let it shine through that’s right that used to be freddie’s, uh ringtone on his phone.
That’s why i started.
I don’t know.

I love that jam man and fred would get up on the on the desk.

Just that’s uh demarcus champion the poppy shampoo uh man.
He is uh somebody uh that has some her.

That boy loves his hair and uh and he treats it right and i’ll probably get him on the show one day to show all of his ways that he could do his hair um somebody that uh, you know, i had to say, hey cool.
You got the job, i’m just going to need you to do a little something here to ease the hit that the customers are going to get, but he does a great job with it and uh.
I also have a goal for him if he hits a certain goal, he do whatever he wants with his hair and if he maintains that consistency um and so it’s a goal that he has inside of his sights inside of his focus and uh he’s aiming towards It so i’m excited to see him do that that’ll probably be when we get him on the show where he gets to show his whole poppy shampoo persona uh, but he is the people’s champ uh.

Thank you for jumping in here um.
Let me see yeah.
You got a little bit until you need to be smiling and dialing, so car guys car gals.

Thank you again so much for joining us.
During this podcast.
It’s been a historic morning, uh speaking of history.

I want to encourage you either you’re reading a little bit about it or you’re going and writing it go make history today, car guys and cargos go make something happen for somebody that maybe couldn’t do it for themselves.

That’s probably why you’re talking to them, because you have a solution that they need, and i want to encourage you to find that be that light, forgive focus and fly and make some great things happen, keep making great connections uh, but once again, i’m the ramirez, the Car guy and this is felinar’s subprime hero and we are brewing solutions on the car guy coffee podcast.
Thank you.

So much eda and rudy great having you we’re gon na get rudy back on the show.
We’re gon na do a full interview with him again because we need to do a follow-up, because my five-liner this time is going to be about the last year.
Basically yeah, i didn’t want to spill too many beans.

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