year 2020, is all almost over.

Most of y’all are probably happy that 2020 is over right yeah.
I hope that you are, i believe, i’m i’m sad that the years are ending lou and i have had one of the greatest years of our lives um and not to downplay.
What’s going on in the world.

We’re just saying that us personally in our business life and everything else, our friendships, our network, everything has grown so much this past year and we’re you know and we’re going to continue to grow and we’re looking forward to 2021 and we’re in today’s show is about How we are going to be growing over the next three months, at least man we’re real excited.

We have had some really amazing conversations this morning.
We just got off a huge meeting with one of our future friends.

We want to announce them here in the segment.
We are going to we’re going here.
This is the car guy and this is fred hartz’s subprime hero.

You are brewing solutions on the car guy, coffee podcast.
So do us a quick favor tag.
A car guy, yes, tag! A car gal hit share everywhere.

Sure, let everybody know we got some big announcements coming for out there.
It is time to rise.
We are excited that 2020 is about to be behind us and you are about to get you some in 2021, so go ahead.

Share that around share tag.
A couple car guys take a couple: cars, solutionaries and people that just like cool stuff, that’s it and get them inside of the cafe real, quick, we’ll be right: back , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], [, Music ].
I don’t know [ Laughter, ], , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], man, so excited car, guys and car gals.

Hopefully, you tanked a couple of car guys and car gals and some solution areas out there.
Let them know that we are brewing solutions this morning, but how excited are you for the ball joint to drop tonight? Huge turn.
Look at the chest we’re talking to you for that we’re talking about like 14 hours, if you’re on central, if you’re on eastern time 14 a little over 14 and a half hours 14 hours and be i exact 17 minutes we will be in the new year.

We will be starting new beginnings, folks lou and i we have some new beginnings getting ready to begin, but we also have some relationships that are going to carry over to this new next year too.
So i want to talk about our relationships that we currently have right now with elite five years, and you know the announcement with them is we are re-helping with them they’re going to be with us for the next three months and we’re real excited about that.

This partnership’s a lot more than just three months, but it’s definitely something that we’re real excited to be able to continue to grow and do things with elite.

Fi partners are doing some amazing stuff.
They have so many different products and different uh solutions for your fni department right.


They know how to make sure that you’re doing what you need to do.
They’re also going to get you products that are great for your clients that are top notch industry.

Best type stuff, so you guys need to reach out to them: wwe, dot, elite, fi partners with michael allman and all the numbers.

They are matter of fact, they’re so elite that this week, i’ll let you know that sounds like means.

This has been such a fun year and so many fun people have jumped into the cafe to brew solutions, and we are so thankful for not just elite fi partners, but also for a group.
You know, and you can get information by going to thinkgroup.

com the solutionaries with think ad group have definitely been people that have been championing the caffeinated culture that we’re trying to bring to you all really just to upshift and uplift, an industry with as much joy as Humanly possible now, folks, you understand every there’s so many people that know how to do their job.
They know how to do the technical stuff.
They know how to do um the putting the puzzles together, putting the processes together, put the people in places and uh, making sure that the product is nice and shiny, but nobody knows how to output things like.

We know how to outfund them.
The way that we like to have fun is by teaming up with incredible solutions that help you to not have to be anything different.
But if you want to become elite, you can be elite if you want to jump into a tank with a whole bunch of like-minded individuals to think differently about the way that you approach your marketing, then you need to get teamed up with people.

Like think ad group, and then if you want to get yourself prepared with prospecting tools that percolate people all over the place where you definitely need to connect with next sale and jason garris and the solutionaries that are out there that are putting produce on and demarcus And other people inside the store are just getting blown away by the things that the next cell app is actually able to do for them and the way they’re connected to our customers.

Folks, if you want information about any of the people that we have just mentioned next sale, think ad or elite fi.

Folks, all you got to do is just say: hey.

I want to know a little something about that and how it could help me out, but now that we are to this next spot, i want to ask you all a question, because it’s obvious that i’m a little bit of a fan of a michael right.
I love michael okay, um and yet there’s not a joke.
Anybody can say to me that i probably haven’t heard at this point uh concerning my my love for michael, but you know what’s better than one michael now.

What is that lou? Two michaels that’s right, and today, on the last day of 2020, we are released and proud to release the episode.
The five-liner of michael offman, our elite f5 partner, take a look at that mug right there.

The future is now it is now right now.

The future is now you are here, you have made it to today, and there are things that you have inside of your hand, to be able to take you to the next level and being an elite.
Fi partner has definitely opened up our eyes to understanding that the mentality that it takes to be elite is something that many people can share, but not everybody actually wants, but he breaks down some of the key factors about who he is inside.
Of this five-liner and of course, we fell even deeper in love with him because he’s an incredible guy, and i think we did become best friends on that on that actual episode, we’re still best friends.

That’s why dude do you see his video yesterday that he did the forgive focus fly talking about it’s a nine minute, video dude.
You need to watch it.
It’s really good jason, jason, garris, jason garrett, yes, yeah yeah yeah, so that that was that was moving.

I haven’t even got this one.
I watched that and i love that he implemented it, but that just shows you that the brotherhood we have with he definitely believes in our philosophy.

Much like we believe in his philosophy he’s a great partnership he’s just a good friend guys.

I know he’s crazy on social media.
You guys see some crazy posters all over the place, but he’s out there he’s doing and he’s being him.
So if you don’t love him, that’s okay, but you’re, going to definitely respect this guy because he puts in that work he puts in that effort.

He bends it.
He does things that you don’t that you would not do he’s got a lot of gusto in him and a lot of cajones.
Yes right and i love that about jason and he’s.

Definitely not one.
That’s doesn’t he’s never a loss of words with that guy, like he definitely has a lot to share, but man.
I know that that forgive focus, love video.

It was pretty awesome.
I like how he incorporated all that forgiving his father, so he can focus on sharing the rest of his life with his father and fly with him he’s going to fly with his father that he hasn’t spoke with for almost 50 years, so huge, that’s using the The three f’s to get that relationship mended, i mean it’s more than just business folks.
The forgive focus fly is a lifestyle.

The forgive focus fly is a way for all of us to keep growing and be the best version.

Learn love share.
Do all those things right bam? That’s right! That’s some dream team action right there! So, this morning, real quick, we got russ man happy right, mr mafia himself.

You definitely need to get get uh linked into understanding, what’s happening out there with the original orange tie.
That’s right harris! I love him, loves all these solutions, um and and again, just to highlight the connection point with with michael and jason garris.

Is that see you see this right here? Let me see if i can get to see that right there.

You can also get information about an excel by talking to yes, you can this giant handsome gentleman that you’re looking at right here, michael often, the crazy thing.
This is actually lifestyle, so this is how big his head really is.

Obviously, michael, i love you.
It’s a lot bigger than that.
It’s not this small, but we’re so excited for the things that he’s doing here, stateside and uh.

Obviously, the things that we’re wanting to do can uh crossing borders in uh solving transportation problems for customers all over the place inside the fni department.

But when we talked about one michael, we were talking about there being a agent better experience when you get to have two podcasts released today by michael and michael dooley, from down under check this guy out right here he is the solutionary that is reaching pinnacle marks.
He’s going to put another he’s going to put another lead on the barbie he’s.

Oh another, lead on the ball, put another lead on the bobby.

I love it.
Yes, we are definitely excited to have michael julie talking about the future and how the future is now.

He has been making such an incredible buzz inside of the australian market and understanding how digital advertising agencies are the are inside of such a flow of ability.
Now that you can do what you need to do to get access to the person that you want to talk to just by understanding how it works, but you’re partnering up with somebody, that’s very smart um in understanding that that he’s making big waves happen all the Way from australia out over here to the us and uh he’s he’s making things happen.
So we got an awesome five-liner with him.

That was such a great time such a great relationship that we don’t have a chance to build and he’s blowing up he’s all over.
The place right now he’s all over here, he’s teaming up with different companies out here, he’s starting to his hand, has reached out all over this country and i’m excited for him.

We had him on our show.

It was fun.
We’re excited to release this today is a dude double feature folks.
How often do we do that 20 20 baby just saying end of the year, we’re going to drop it 20.

It’s this year is so strong.
It was named twice.

20 20 am right bam.
So websites, right here, yeah we’re excited to drop all this.
For you guys.

We also got some other news.
That’s not the only news.

We got some fresh news here in the cafe.

There are guys in car gals.
We are excited to continue flying with the people that have been flying with us this year.
Again, we are so so very thankful for all the incredible solutions that we’ve been able to connect to, but we have two new sponsors that have jumped on with us and more are to come in the very, very, very near future, but those that are starting actually In less than a day, folks, you are going to see them all over the place, but you’re going to see a little bit of this exo glass right here.

Folks, we have welcoming a new sponsor, xo global welcome to the household we got so much information we’re going to share with you over the next forever long.
With these people, we are building a new relationship matter of fact, they’re reaching out they’re doing different streams of of uh advertising themselves.
That’s why they reached out to us, i’m so excited terry torleigh, terry.

Thank you.
So much for reaching out he’s been a friend of mine for a very long time he’s been following me: i’ve been following him: we’ve been connecting we’ve been talking, we’ve done a few conversations, but we found that our businesses needed to come together to be able to Form one like i was talking about like full-time and we’re going to be the most powerful machine out there and i’m excited to be able to partner up with him help him find new solutions and to be able to get into different doors.

So folks be ready to be hearing about everything exogloss, we think of appearance protection right now, one more i mean we have another one.

Listen at least: listen, listen! Listen! We know that that you might honor us as car guys.
You might look at us, as maybe somewhat being i don’t know, baristas we like to brew things right.
We do so every barista needs to have a tool belt.

Yes, you do, just like a dealer needs to have a tool belt and a tool kit.

So we’ve decided that we are going to start flying with an incredible group of solutionaries that call themselves the dealership toolkit.

Yes, i mean what better name for a company folks, exactly what the name of that, how it sounds dealership, toolkit exactly how that sounds is exactly what they have for you.

They have different products, they have different tools.
If you need a hammer, they’re going to get you a hammer, and i’m not talking about like a real hammer, i’m talking about whatever solution is needed in your store.
They have that tool for it.

That’s right.
I mean that if you, if your marketing side, they can connect so many dots for you that you can beat your brains in and you can just continue setting your money on fire for without having these things connected to.
And if you got a bbc, they got a way to help.

If you don’t have a bbc, they got a way to help you and here’s the thing everything they do is so transparent.

That it’ll blow your mind like there’s nothing that they’re not doing for you.

That you don’t have access to 24 hours a day just like just like the graphics transfer, so we’re real excited.

Folks, it’s going to be a great partnership with them.
We’re going to have everyone we’re going to have terry on the show, we’re going to have people from exo gloss on a show, we’re going to have the whole dealership toolkit crew on the show we just met with them this morning.

Awesome people incredible seriously, ridge erica! You two were great, i know eric got curry, tell she’s got the spark inside of her and so does rich rich’s his product knowledge of what he’s got and how? What he’s, what he’s doing and how he’s trying to serve his clients, dude it’s above and beyond.

He definitely knows what he’s talking about he’s, not just one of those guys who has a company and just hopes that it goes down.
He makes sure that he’s going down.
He is front center type guy, i’m so excited to team up with rich and then liz.

Martin liz, thank you so much you’re awesome.

We appreciate you not just as a business person but as a human being, i see how you are with your family.

I’ve been able to follow you now for over half a year and i’ve seen with your posts and how you are and you’re the exact type of person that we want to be around.

So thank you for joining the team.
We are so glad to tell you guys all that every one of these people that we just got to talking about every single one – 100 pure fair trade, cgc approved that’s right.
So we’re excited these are all cgc approved people and man.

We’re excited to have them.
We’re excited to keep growing with them.
Folks, 2021 is going to be huge, we’re going to finish off this year 2020.

With these two episodes for you, the double michael day can’t go wrong.
I mean every michael, you know is huge right, michael jordan, michael jackson, that’s right mike tyson come on now we got michael dooley and we got mike ragland off with mike ragland yeah big truck.
He knows what’s up, so no we’re real excited to do all this and we’re excited to go into the future with everybody.

This next quarter is going to be an amazing quarter for us for them for everybody out there stay tuned, because we’re going to have a lot of great guests coming up.
We already have a bunch lined up for our show.

The first season is about to end, but the second season is about to begin, and the second season is car guy copy 2.

We are changing some things up, you might notice a few things are going to be a little bit different.
You guys will see that we’re going to let it pop and lock whenever it goes down, you guys will get it and enjoy it.

We’re excited, i know, lou is so excited man.

We have a big day.
Today is the last day of the year in the car.

You know what that means.

It means we need to get to work to work.
We got to get to work, so we can’t stay on much longer.
Normally we go for a while.

It’s only been 19 minutes.

Ah we’re about to get off, though, but hey we want to make these announcements because they’re huge it’s our future.
It’s your future! Folks, all you solutions out! There are you car guy, cafe, members everybody out there who’s part of the culture that we’re part of you’re about to see some major things happen.

Last year was a eye-opening year for all of us.

It was a year for all of us to say hey what am i missing that i need to fix el patron put out a post the other day.
I know i don’t know where he got the post from, but it says if 2020 didn’t bring the hustle out of you, you didn’t have it in you period period, but i woke up.

I love that if 2020 did not bring the hustle out of you, it wasn’t in you.

So if, if you hear that you still got one day to make a change, you still got the rest of the day.
The thing about life, folks is everything starts when you started.

If you decide to start tomorrow, that’s great but start right now start growing right now read a book learn what you want to do.
Reach out to somebody send a message.
Talk to someone about what you’re trying to become reach out, there’s mentors everywhere, trying to do what we’re doing, there’s mentors everywhere, trying to do what you’re doing reach out just be the best version of yourself, and i promise you it’ll be better we’re going to do It promise you 2021 is gon na, be huge for the car guy coffee.

It’s gon na be huge for the car business, we’re going strong.
Thank you all.
Yes, exo glass, all our new partners, obviously dealer toolkit.

Welcome yes and, of course, next sale got ta love.
Some next sale, i love you, jason, appreciate you and then thank you love you guys so much so much and then, of course you know, what’s up, what’s up guys car gals check this out, we want to make sure that we do say.
Thank you for everybody.

That’s been involved, take a look at this roster of individuals.
What that is called in.
That is called 20.

Folks, that’s that’s our guest list right there.

Everybody that’s been on the show.
All year long everybody that has been on wow thankful for each and every one of them, and let me remind you what it was that we have made sure to put out there with everybody.

If you don’t remember what what your 10 steps are, if you don’t remember what who our sponsors are, i don’t remember uh what our best quotes have been, which our best podcast has been, what our best videos were like.

If you don’t retain any of that stuff.
The one thing that we want to make sure is x on your chest and being what it is that propels you forward.
We want to make sure that you apply three f’s so that you can keep growing and that is to forgive focus and fly so we’re getting so thankful for all of these incredible solutions.

Everyone have all, forgive everyone and flew with us back here.
Out of the cafe, we are so honored so thankful and so excited to go forward in this next 20 21 year that we have so we are blessed to do it with us real quick as we get ready to close this up car guys and car gals On the incredible 20 20, you got to get it behind you get out of here.

[ Applause ], make sure you guys do that, and you know we’re excited once again.

I want to i want to thank, i want to thank everybody who’s on here this morning.
I want to thank everybody who who’s going to see this later.
We appreciate you share this out.

Let people know what’s going on it’s going to be big, and i know frank.
Thank you very much for coming on here.
There’s a lot of people out there.

I want to thank jason talking with jason.
I can’t wait.
We’ve got some terry up in here terry.

We appreciate you, that’s what i’m talking about right there, excellent sorry, exo! That’s what i’m talking about right there! That’s what that is our partner right.
There rethink appearance protection you want to get a hold of terry tour line.
Terry go ahead and drop your information inside of the comments there.

This way people can go back and take a quick look at that.
We are so pumped up so excited 20.

Let’s get you some and share it all around our guys and car gals.

This is lu, ramirez, the car guy.

This is fragment arts, the sub crime hero and i have been so honored to be brewing solutions with you, my friend, and all these other wonderful solutionaries cheers to you cheers to you cheers to you all, get you some in 2021.

Thank you for brewing solutions.
You know our guy coffee, podcast whoa, let’s brew, there’s his information, terrier exo glass, folks, we’ll see y’all on the flip side happy new year.
We will see you sunday night sunday, sunday sunday, going to see a bunch of new stuff going on sunday.

We’re excited peace out.
Some of that get you some of that available right now available right now, the two michaels and as we head out, we want to remember all of you all.
Thank you so much for making this such an incredible year for each and every one of us.

You all are the solutionaries that we are inspired to fly with.
Thank you so much for being part of this caffeinated culture.

We love you all.

God bless.
2021 blessings.
Are coming? Yes, they are go, get you some do it we’ll see.

Y’all on the flip side have a great day happy new year, , one , [ Applause, ]! That’s right! ! Oh you! .

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