Everybody it’s monday.

It is monday, welcome, whoa to the cafe we’re gon na get you some of this solution, brew that we got going on this week, guess what it’s a whole new week of cargal coffee, you’re gon na have a good time having some fun.
If you didn’t get you some of last week, make sure you set up some time to brew you some of the solutions that glenn lundy was brewing, but it is a whole new week and we are excited to do what it do.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy, this fred le narcis subprime hero, and you were brewing solutions on the car guy coffee podcast.

Let’s brew, , [ Applause, ], , wow, [, Music ] good morning good morning salutations.

How are you let’s get? This week started folks, i’m so excited about the week wow.
We just got done having a little mastermind session this morning.

We’ve been up doing it since about 6 30.
luke came this morning, he’s having a little special time this week, he’s actually going to be taking his his daughter to school, got it bowling green.
I mean i don’t mean to laugh, i’m being silly, but at the same time i’ve been sobbing.

Oh man, i’m inside of a great stage of my life, something that we’ve been praying for for um.
As long as our kids have been growing right, yeah and didn’t didn’t know how we’d get here, but uh god is faithful and uh.
We have a great uh family, all around us of blood and non-blood and uh we’ve.

All together help my oldest daughter get ready to take that leap into uh, doing her own thing, going off to college moving into her own apartment and it’s uh.
It’s awesome.
It is a uh, i don’t know how to describe what it is and if i get too deep into describing it, i’m gon na be tearing all over the place.

Folks, because i absolutely am in love with my family – i don’t want my children uh to to get away from me uh, but i know that she’s got ta, go, she’s got ta grow and i’m so thankful for the woman that she’s becoming and and she’s going Off in a great great way, uh her mama did her good, yes and uh uh, i’m just so so excited, but today’s gon na be a heavy day um of fun.
We’re gon na laugh as much as we possibly can, but i know man these.
These faucets are gon na be leaking uh because it’s uh there’s a lot of joy.

A lot of joy, i’m very thankful, i’m very grateful um.
This is uh.
This is gon na be a great day uh for the ramirez family, but we’re all in this together.

Car guys in car gals um we’ve uh we’ve had an incredible day already so far, we’ve already been brewing solutions uh, but been rocking and rolling for an hour and a half already guys right, but before we get rocking with all of you, you know what to Do you know what time it is first things.

First, everybody if we are gon na make sure that we keep growing we’re gon na, forgive focus, fly so on three car guys and kargas, and all you solutionaries here we go one.
Two three forgive focus fly, keep growing, keep growing, keep growing.

You know, that’s right, you know what time it is um.
It is your fresh new week, fifty-one, eight years, you’ve got today right now to make some big things happen and uh we’re excited to help you uh kind of get a little bit of a boost inside of your cup to get this week going no doubt about It and you know we’re excited normally.
We do this show on sunday night.

So last night, you know, of course, lou was spending some extra time with his daughter, and i wanted him to be able to do that.
So i was like hey that was like dude.
Just come on in in the morning, if you can, and if you can’t we could always do stuff whatever we can figure it out.

That’s what’s cool about technology, but i’m glad he’s here this morning.
This has actually been a cool morning.
Doing the doing a little rise and grind this morning together and then um now we’re doing this and then man and then it gets into the week.

You know we’re getting ready to drop this next episode and real excited about this next episode: um she’s she’s.
Quite the uh unique person herself uh she’s, definitely involved she’s.
Definitely one of the most personality driven like i don’t know how to explain it, but there’s something about her.

That just makes you just go.
I like her.
I can’t help but, like her, you know she’s.

Just that way, she’s very smart she’s very who she is, but she’s man.
She has a lot to offer for you guys she can show you guys how it’s not just about in this business of car sales.
It’s not just about being able to sell cars.

It’s about being able to service people and be able to help people and man she’s able to do all those things in space.
So i’m real excited to have her on the show and uh shannon’s, just a a good person too.
You know she’s she’s, somebody we met down south in orlando we’ve had the you know had great opportunity to go out.

Hang out with her.
Also be you know, mentored by her she’s been up front.
She’s talked she’s kind of uh, like the on the emcee of our little car buying coach situation.

We do down there, which was really cool and she’s she’s.
Awesome, i’m excited about that, but i’m not, but what i’m really excited about is uh tuesday.
We’re gon na have some guests on the show tuesday morning with us, yeah we’re gon na.

Have i’m gon na throw this out.
We got chase lance and tyrell blunt she that both of them two are going to be coming on.
The show they’re local car, guys that have been doing you know, come up in the business together chase.

His dad is somebody that’s been in the car business around here for decades, so chase kind of has it in his blood.
Um chase has a unique story guys.
I can’t wait to share it um, you know he he can’t walk and he can tell you he’ll probably tell you the story how old that happened, but he doesn’t let that be a disadvantage.

Man he he definitely keeps working hard and he’s a local sales manager.
Now doing his thing doing extremely well and then there’s terrell, who works up in louisville, doing his thing, working at an amazing store, so i’m really cool and excited about hearing their story, but also about them coming up in the business together.
So we’re going to try to feature more people on those live shows, like maybe local guys that are doing great.

So that’s why i wanted to bring that up is the fact.
The reason why i’m bringing it up is that we would love to find more guests for that.

Now these we have the weekly sp spotlights that we do um.

Those were pretty book to head, but i still would love to find guests for that.

So if you’re interested please reach out to us, but we have opportunities for two to three times a week.
Somebody can come on a show, so we would love for you to come on, throw your little car guy coffee mix out there for people.

So everybody needs a different type of brew.

Your brew may be perfect for somebody that day to hear so they can maybe up shift their game a little bit right.

So that’s the whole point of what we’re doing here at the cafe with our coffee, with everything that we’re trying to do is we’re trying to up shift uplift and empower people, so they can keep growing.

Forgive focus flying doing anything that you take a piece of, and we want to make that as good as it can be.
So if you have something that you think would be wonderful comment in the comments below you know, comment right now jump in we’re.
Looking for as many people to come on here like we are trying to learn we’re trying to grow, so i know that you can definitely jump on here and give us some edumacation education education that we could use.

So no we’re real excited about that, and i think that that’s going to be a really good way to really get some more people in this car community.
To be part of this whole thing that we’re trying to do this whole movement so appreciate you guys for jumping on so watching and this week there is a full.
I mean full all-around connection, uh, a big variety of blend.

That’s coming together hit your chest.
For me, one time, everybody so the the last name of our guest literally points you to where it is that she’s always actually acting.

The way that she works from right, shannon ever is always finding a way to connect to people by penetrating the heart, whether it’s the staff that she’s working with or putting together the marketing plan and the the actual sales technique that drive the message home from marketing.

To actual delivery of a vehicle, so she has masterfully come together with many people all throughout the country and she’s, always finding a solution and just like what she’s doing uh with the people that she works with inside of her marketing company she’s helping other dealers put Together the full package, because most car guys are influenced by other car guys.
Sometimes you have to have the influence of a marketer um and a relationship builder that is able to fit that piece of the engine that will actually give it that that extra boost give.
It that extra little power right she’s, like a chip that you can put in there to give you that extra boost and uh what that does is paint the same picture of bringing these incredible other car, guys that are making big things happen inside of our communities.

Right they come into the cafe too brew up some solutions pour their variety into the blend you get to eat.
Some of that you get to drink.
Some of that you get to consume some great news, that’s going on with some great people and it reverberates inside of your life inside of your world.

No doubt and share that.
That’s what we want to make sure we do is share the the great news that all of you have, because eventually you’re going to get tired of hearing us yeah and that’s that’s it.
You know.

Even i get tired of hearing myself all the time you know like we, we have enough.
We don’t get me wrong, we’re always trying to grow so we’re gon na always share the knowledge that we’re learning.

So if it may help somebody it may not, but the point is if it just helps one.

It’s all that matters right.
So you know we’re going to keep sharing that, but, like he just said it can be a little tiresome to hear from fred lu.
All the time, though, we try to shake it up a bit.

We do we try to keep it.
We try to keep it fresh, but but same time by bringing in these guests by bringing you in.

I know that every one of you watching us right now have something that you could bring to the table.

There’s no doubt that’s just what we do right.
So please, if you want to come on, come jump jump in with us man we’re all about having fun we’re all about laughing.

Let’s see we got a comment here see what this comment is: yeah, hey check it out.

Shannon knows this incredible.
Solutionary too yeah michelle streets, who is one of the originators of cargal coffee? That’s right! In fact she was she was.
She was one of the originators of the original cargill coffee up brood.

That’s right! That’s awesome! That was on the show good morning.
It was good seeing your name on the thing this morning when we were doing our rising crash she’s she’s rising.

She is now michelle’s, actually really awesome her and her sister and her whole family.

To put that together, it’s amazing, but you know i know we know her and her sister really well they’re, very, very fun outgoing.
You know most important they’re like you, you can’t help but want to just hang out with them like they’re so easy to just.
I don’t know how to explain: they’re, just really warm they’re, very homely.

They feel like sisters right away.
Yeah, i mean, like you pick right up in your sister.
That’s definitely ready to laugh right.

You only get a certain type of laugh with your siblings uh and you always have an incredible laugh with them.

So it’s it’s always fun.
But if you check out what she’s, you can’t really see it, but inside of that picture that she is right.

She’s rocking a car guy coffee shop, shirt and then she was wearing the rising grinder.
She was fucked yesterday she posted very good.
All right.

Did you see it? That’s good? Yes, it was very nice.
It was a nice, get you a new face, but i almost sent a message to say: that’s my my second favorite shirt right.
I almost did man.

I almost did just because you know, because we’ve got all the deliberations awesome, but we do we need to.
We can customize them uh for some car gal coffee as well.
But folks, if you do want to get some more information about where to get some of this car guy coffee swag, you can go to car guy coffee, dot, store and pick you up.

A hat pick you up something right here: make sure that people know that you are a solution right down there follow that yeah go to that check it out.

We got these hats that i’m wearing right now that seem to be popular.
Everyone keeps saying i need one of those hats.

I keep telling them where to get it and they still ain’t buying them.
So so [ Laughter, ] they’re there.
You know if we got.

If you go, if you put think ten in there, you get ten percent off snap.
That’s right! Think ten, ten ten percent off get you some of that ten percent.
This brew has been brought by think ad group.

If you need to get a hold of think ad group or want to learn more about them, go to www.
com right, they’re, real easy to get a hold of they’re, always there their social media games there.

So if you look them up on any social media platform, think ad group, you will be able to find them.
You can reach out to them.

They will call you back with the quickness or whatever great people, justin derek evelyn.

I know their team’s bigger than that, but those are the three that we know.
Those are our family.
You guys need to check them out.

Good people doing some amazing stuff she’s talking about it, because i thought you would say it’s second best.
I almost said it.
I didn’t want it, i didn’t.

I didn’t want you to hurry, that i mean i’m not gon na lie that that rising grind shirt is pretty nice.

It made me go.
I need to do that all right, but i can tell you i have to.

I have tie-dye keep growing ones, but it was custom by my wife.
She made some tie-dye ones.
She got some white ones, however, you want them whatever you need.

If you’ve got a custom.
Car guy, cargal, coffee, shirt or forgive focus fly, keep growing.
All of the inspirational uh terms that you can just be a walking billboard to announce into the world that you’re exposed to um go ahead and get you some of that and uh make sure that you use think 10 to save you some money absolutely but uh.

Really we want to just make sure that you are out there being solutionaries you’re out there with the message you’re out there impacting the world, not just the the customers that you sit in front of the world needs more of you, everybody that you touch folks.
You know like sometimes it’s easy to walk through life with your head down, not paying attention to what’s going on with people in front of you, but pick that head up every once while give somebody a smile, sit, you know, maybe you know, look at them and Just give them a wave there’s something about that, even with the mask on folks.
I think we’ve been all wearing masks long enough to where we know when somebody’s smiling underneath the mask.

So when you’re walking by somebody give them a smile.

If you got like, you know, teeth that you’re not proud of what better time is it to wear a mask? You don’t have to show your teeth right to smile, but that being said, your smile is the most important thing you could wear all day long.

There’s! No doubt about it the most important thing she says she will wear the car guy coffee tomorrow, get you some post that for us, i’m smiling see that he’s smiling see.

You can see it it’s the eyes.
This is this right here i mean.
I know.

People know because i’m wearing it and i’ll walk by in like the showroom and i’ll look at them, a customer and i’ll smile, and they smile back so that i know that they know just like.
I know, they’re knowing you know just like.
I know they are guys.

It doesn’t matter.
Keep smiling doing that now this week is going to be a pretty it’s a pivotal week, pivotal pivotal it’s a pivotal week, pivotal pivotal week.
So this is the mid month right so in the car business mid month means you have basically two weeks left to go to make your month and make it finish it off strong.

So if you had a really successful first half you got to still match that.
To have a great month or you may fall apart, the key is making sure that you’ve run through this finish line guys.
So if i was to give you guys one tip today and i wanted to talk about that, is you know if you’re a leader on the floor, you can’t just let off the gas you have to let these guys know that there’s a great opportunity if you’ve Had your numbers now, if you haven’t hit your numbers, the same thing: there’s a great opportunity: i’ve seen people salespeople dealerships, make all their business happen within two weeks.

They’ve you’ve done it, we’ve all done it we’ve seen it so do not worry about it.
If your numbers aren’t there, the key is to keep grinding and keep working hard at it.

It’s there keep your guys motivated, maybe buy them lunch do whatever it takes.

Get your team motivated to finish this month strong.

This is a great time to finish strong, we’re finishing summer summer’s, ending we’re getting ready going to spring school, starting a little bit of more normalcy is coming around.

It is time for you to press that gas and just go for it, because if you don’t you’re going to miss out on a lot of opportunity, i mean you can lose.

You know you can.
You can lose uh momentum and going into the rest this year because of what happened.
A lot of people did a lot of people gave up, but those of you who haven’t kudos to you way to rocket through all this stuff, but the ones who have not.

It’s okay, man, there’s always more time.
Here’s the thing about life.

It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday.

It just matters what you do from this point on this moment.
The moment you live in right now is so important.
So if you take advantage of every moment that you have and just keep going and going and don’t stop and don’t look back, you can’t look back.

You always got to look forward.
Never look back! Take that rear-view mirror off, because no matter how bad it was.
No matter how horrible you did it’s all easy to fix again so fix it guys just remember to stay forward and keep moving.

Sometimes you have to recalibrate.
Sometimes you have to recount.
Sometimes you have to re-focus go ahead and focus with me.

Everybody go ahead and make sure that we get ourselves in line with what it is that we’re trying to aim at make sure that you remove the distractions that are stopping you from focusing.
You have so much potential that you can achieve.

If you just aim your power towards it aim at it, you have to be looking at it, but if your eyes are distracted by what is not actually growing, you you’re gon na find that the fruit you’ve been hoping for the fruit.

You’ve been praying for, didn’t.
Actually grow because the action didn’t take place because you weren’t focused on doing the action.
I know it sounds really simple.

Maybe it sounds a little redundant, but consistency is what grows.

Consistency is what the world operates on.
We turn at a consistent pace right.

Our rotation is consistent and that’s why seasons are nearly predictable.

You can tell when things are going to grow so just put that in your cup sip on it enjoy and keep brewing solutions.
Lou, you got anything to say, i’m glad you asked stupid guys.

We had to do that john, what’s going on good morning, my friend good morning, john man hey, it was good talking with you last week.
Let’s reach out.
Let’s talk, it looks like he had a good time.

The end of the week last week going camping.

I know that you’ve been doing that a lot man.
I would.

I would be doing it too.
If i had a big old camper like that and i in a big old truck, i have to use it all the time.
So we appreciate you jumping on this morning too um, but now we’re excited about the week guys just remember it’s not about what you did yesterday.

Just keep going forward.
Make sure that you put the work in because, like lou was talking about.
If you want to harvest, if you want to harvest what you s, what you planted when all that, then you have to make sure that you’ve done everything necessary.

You, water, your plants, it’s like taking care of yourself.
You got to do all these things to make sure, and sometimes it comes with pruning right.
If you want some great fruit to come, sometimes you have to prune it and if you want to cultivate something you sometimes it’s pulling weeds.

It’s not always just pouring out right, it’s pulling the things out that could be sucking from the growth, so take a good look at your plan.
Take a good look at what it is that you’re trying to accomplish and you’ll actually begin to recognize what it is that you need to keep feeding or what needs to be pulled away.
If, if you’re trying to really get some good fruit, there is going to be phases where you are pruning things off um the story of the vine dresser right, where we’re constantly being pruned.

But the pruning is for growth.
You don’t uh just getting the pats on the back, don’t always help you grow uh, it’s actually inside of correction, where you find out where your potential is to grow, how how mature you actually are, whether you are a pro or not.

You know, depending on how you receive correction, is always going to determine where your direction is going to go so as you’re hey as you’re, actually uh, going into the day find where it is that you can be corrected, find where it is that you can correct Yourself and and bring some new growth prune a couple things off that may not be producing or prune some things off so that you have room for exponential growth.

Okay, think about it.
Take a look at your planner.
I, like especially you it’s evolutionary he’s so right on that you know so guys as we go into this week.

You guys crush it as we go into the second half of the month.
Just remember, you have plenty of time to make sure it works, but just put the work in you can’t let one day pass by you’ve already.
If you didn’t have a successful first half of the month, look back at what it was odds are.

If you look deep inside, you know that you just weren’t doing what you were supposed to do.
If you go two weeks now, bad luck can happen, but i tell you bad luck is just same thing as regular luck.
Luck is you have something that you, by putting hard work in and doing what you’re supposed to do all the time luck happens.

It’s not yeah.
It’s perfect luck perfectly, but when you, but when you actually just like one of our shows, but when it what.
But when you give it bad luck’s the same way you make that happen, you think about the worst things.

You always look at the worst case scenario.
You’re always worried about the worst things happening to you.
Guess, what’s going to happen, the worst things so just make sure you focus on the good things, because the good things is what’s about keep that light going guys.

So you know i ain’t got much else to say folks.
I think i’m gon na hop off here and let you guys get this day rolling day to do and we’re just trying to encourage you so get you some great caffeinated conversations going be up, shifting and uplifting inside of the world that you’re at and make sure That you are operating at a pace that is at the top level of being contagiously, confident to where all of those that are around you are free and bold enough to shine to their brightest capacity.

You have today own it and make something great of it.

Carpe diem folks seriously it’s cheesy, as that sounds, do it seize your day.

Seize the moment.
Seize everything that you possibly can, except for your life, make sure that life does not end keep it moving right so guys.

I know that you guys um have a lot to do.
We do too you all get your morning going drink.

Your coffee have fun, go for yourself.

Some of this new brew get get to work but, most importantly, shannon everhart’s.
Getting ready to drop.
Y’all need a lesson to this.

It’s amazing she’s, just such a fun inspirational person that has a lot of energy inside of her and you’ll, see that on your on this next show in this next episode enjoy.
If you need anything, you know how to get a hold of lou, and i we’re everywhere just message right comment message: whatever subscribe subscribe, do all those things we’re gon na keep working on our youtube by the way go check out our youtube because we’re gon na We need people to subscribe subscribe subscribe, but we appreciate y’all.
Thank you very much.

You guys have a great wonderful week rock it out.
Do it all peace out here comes one more time which is special music for you, , special .
So , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], [, Music ], so i don’t know, go home! Everybody , hey, go be great, be great.

Have fun, enjoy your life guys seriously.
We appreciate you guys.
Anyone who watched this it means so much to us.

Thank you share this.
If you know somebody that could use this share an episode, if you guys have any questions once again, give us a call pick up the phone or just message us, it’s very.
It’s very much simple: if you want to come on the show, we invite you, let’s make it happen, let’s bring something when you pick up your inspiration from car guy coffee, dot store, that’s right, leave a little message.

We love notes.
We do we appreciate it.
It does every little note.

I just got some nice ones.
You guys have a good one.
Peace out, love.

You .

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