You look at that.

Look in here.
Look at here, we are live already.
Did you just hit? Somebody hit live already? Who did that? We are live folks.

What’s going on good morning, everyone before we go we’re gon na throw this whole banner out real quick, we’ll see you guys in a few moments, but let’s get our little timer going what’s happening: , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], [, Music ] so .
What is going on car guys and car gals and all you solutionaries out there merry christmas, merry merry christmas! What’s going on fred, what’s going on blue ramirez, the car guy, and i’m here with frel and artists subprime hero and we’re here with matt damos nice to see both of you merry christmas? What’s up buddy, welcome to the cafe everybody! Do us a favor, real quick? If you want to spread some christmas cheer, if you want something uh to get inside of everybody’s cup, that’ll get them excited and pumped up for christmas santa’s coming tonight.
I know him.

I know you know i’m really well through, but go ahead and get a car guy.

Attacker car gal tagging elf tag a reindeer.
I don’t care who it is that you tag but go ahead and get them inside of this cafe, because we got some solutions to brew and we are excited to celebrate christmas with you get you some [ __ ] this around share it around folks.

We need some sharing, we need some karen and let’s get it going folks, i’m gon na throw out our little two-minute intro videos getting ready to start while we’re doing that folks hit some share buttons tag.
Some freaking car, guys car gals.
Let’s get some people in here.

Let’s talk about christmas morning.
Hope you guys aren’t at the dealership, because if you are your store sucks, seeing a little bit: , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], fire, oh [, Laughter, ], , [ Applause, ], whoa.
Much for getting excited with us, hey folks, we didn’t really make sure to let you know so much, but the man himself, the matt’s mentor moment maker, is in the cafe with us and he is brewing solutions wow this christmas.

Thank you so much for joining us and i have to say fred i mean, and i know that you would definitely echo this.
We would not be here if we didn’t have somebody like matt uh, to take a look at us and say you know what you look like: a solution, lots of credit to matt damos.
We do it all time.

I know you guys have heard us say this name: matt damos, my first mentor, matt damos, my best friend matt damos, now matt damos has a lot of influence on both of us we’ve.

We, our basic, closes our 10 steps.
Our everything came from matt damos.

To this day, if i need advice, i go to matt’s damos’s mentor moment.

I i’m very fortunate.
I get to have those mentor moments.

Any time i want all i got ta do is like hey matt.
What’s going on dog hey, this is what’s going on.
What do you think, and then i get his mentor moment right folks, he’s gon na be dropping off a lot of stuff like that.

He’s gon na be dropping a lot of videos for us.
Uh he’s working on he’s actually on his way right now to go visit, his mother-in-law in arkansas.

I’m here, oh you guys are there i’m here? I am i’m actually uh, i’m sitting out in the truck uh out in their front yard.

Everyone is still sleeping.
We didn’t get in until probably uh 2 a.

m – central uh! So i’m on central time right now, so i’m an hour behind you and uh, so everyone’s still passed out uh.
But i did not want to miss an opportunity to hang out with my boys on christmas eve uh, so uh anyways got up early, you know, did my little uh peace, meditation and uh, i’m ready to rock and roll with you guys, oh awesome.
Speaking of that, i’m gon na throw one explain what a peace meditation is to the folks out there.

So it’s a without getting uh this isn’t.
This is not definitely not like a mentor moment.

This is not a 30-second conversation, but basically it is uh.

How i get in touch with um the creator that lives inside of me, uh, that resides inside of me uh how i can merge uh with uh.
You know my mind and my heart uh at the same time uh to be in coherence, um so that i can uh.
You know this is where i go into design mode where i go and design my day design.

My week design my year design my life.
I do this daily.
This is a daily practice for me.

Uh and it’ll go anywhere from you know, 20 minutes to an hour and a half.

You know you know it’s working when you lose track of all space and time bam.
Absolutely it’s just it’s a great way to start your day.

It’s it’s actually a great way to any time during the day, if you’re, having stress, if you’re having moments where you need just some time to clear your thoughts and to really think about your future or whatever it is.

Take that moment exactly like matt’s talking about he’s, it’s a way for him to be able to become one with the universe in a sense and and when you’re out there and you can put project your energy out there you receive a lot of energy back.
You start to actually think clear.

You see clearer, you have more focus, you have more energy, you know, matt matt’s been on a energy, kick lately.
What i mean by that is he quit caffeine.
He quit sugars and stuff, like that.

You guys saw his video yesterday and matt’s been doing that and he and he’s been doing it to um to really change his inside to change the way his body and his energy and his force where it comes from he’s, been back to working out again doing P90X um he’s on week five, i believe so he’s getting he’s getting that yeah yeah he’s getting back into that.
That type of that that i don’t need caffeine to keep moving folks car guy coffee isn’t about the caffeine.
Now, let me explain.

Caffeine is the attitude now car guy coffee is just a it’s a term that we’re using now grant.

We do have coffee folks and it’s delicious, very delicious, but what we mean by that is that it’s, the energy that you have inside of you matt, finds his coffee inside himself.
He does meditations, he does his reading.

He does.
Is he does all these? He does these things to be able to have the energy throughout the day.
Taking the sugar and caffeine out of his life was a way to prove that i don’t need that type of stuff.

My body has plenty of energy inside of it matter of fact, i could build more energy by not using these things matter.
Of fact, i could do that because my body won’t depend on that for the energy.
Now i have outside sources that are actually natural forces.

So i actually i respect that a lot and i’m glad that you’re doing that, it’s it’s a great thing to watch and see, but i’ll tell you it’d be very hard for me to be like put that coffee, damn dog i’ll, be like oh man.
I can’t do it, but hey brother, hey.
I know i know that feeling um.

You know it’s a uh, but i will tell you this.
I still start my day every day with a cup of car guy coffee, that’s not the actual coffee grounds, even though it is delicious.
As a coffee drinker, i can tell you.

It is uh fantastic, however um, but i do like to start uh with some positive energy and uh.
You know you guys bring it every single day, so i i definitely appreciate uh the fact that uh, you know you’re you’re, uplifting everybody early in the morning, ready to go every day, consistent as always um.
So, thank you, heck, yeah, folks, um, there’s so much that can be tied in together with all that and of course, you know that that the weave that is is web together of people itself.

All of us, together from mac to fred from us to you, um all the creation, all of the cosmos.
All of that is all tied in together and it does all come from one source, and i want to make sure that that we make make it very clear to let everybody know that it’s the same god within us.
That allows us to do all great things.

So whatever your gift is whatever you’re made to do whatever it is that you have been perfectly designed to create.

That is an inspired thing that comes from only one place and that spirit that lives within you within me within all of us is designed to create great things.
When you see great magnificent structures, when you see great magnificent um vehicles that are made great, magnificent paintings that are created right, none, none of us can necessarily go and do those things those people are perfectly designed or set up in life to do those things inspired By the spirit, just like you – and i are to do the things that we are created to do and the awesome thing about all of that is that that same exact creator that same god, has all of us as his favorite.

All of them are his favorite right at the same time.

Right and the the great thing about this season is that we get the chance to point and be in the same likeness as him as we give as we share our hearts as we share family, as we all sit at the table, as we all accept one.
Another, as we all bring in what it is that we have best of ourselves and offer it to each other, and this season is.

We are doing exactly the same thing that the father did when he created many people would say.
Oh christmas, you give gifts, because this guy saint nick, which remember saint nicholas, was really a person who was devoted to the same god, i’m talking about, but the actual wise men.
They said these wise men came from these far-off places in the east right.

Then they knew all these great things and they followed a star.
Anybody get to see a star recently.

Was there a great incredible star up in the air? Just really i saw it.

It was awesome what an announcement that was, where the actual cosmos in space line up for something to occur, and for you to be able to point to and chase, and then they showed up with all of these gifts.
They showed up with frankincense myrrh.
They showed up with uh gold, i mean they set them up right.

You know what i mean they, what a baby shower.
It was in a manger, but no doubt that frankincense be parties bro, you bring that frankincense to the party.
You know it’s a party and don’t forget the murder, i’m telling you if you don’t have those two things at a party: it ain’t, a party, especially a christian, he didn’t say frankincense amelia.

This is my frankincense.
Why not say that on this show say whatever you need to say they brought all of that great stuff right and remember so frankincense and myrrh.
Those were all things that you were able to trade.

Those things were all of value at the time: okay, and they still are now um, but they they brought all of these things and they say.
Oh all these people brought these gifts and – and that’s why we’re doing the same thing that the wise men did right, and that would be very good.
That would be very nice if we, if we could possibly bring a gift that could announce how big it is of a deal that the gift that was in front of us was, for god, so loved the world that he gave his only son sitting there in His gold fleece doctrine, okay, but sitting there being the the the king of the universe right there vulnerable in a state in a place where nobody had room for him.

You understand you talk about 2020 being tumultuous times understand.
At that time, people were having to hide their children because they heard about this prophecy.

When the three, when the wise men showed up, they showed up with a caravan of people.

It wasn’t just three guys and some camels.

No, they came with a cargo, they came with a posse and the kings were like.
What’s going on.

Oh there’s this prophecy that this the new king of the jews is going to be here and they’re like well, i’m out on that because i’m the king of the jews and we need to go, go ahead and handle that some of you have heard of uh.
You know the the prince of egypt and they killed a bunch of kids, then well, they did it again in jesus time and he showed up and they didn’t want to go back and say yeah yeah we were out of here.
They didn’t go back to report to the king that they found him, but he said yeah when you find him.

Let me know, but that gift was here and it was protected and it was hidden in some weird vulnerable scenarios.
You know what i mean.
There’s a lot of trust issues that were going on that had to get overcame.

That only could be overcome, supernaturally and sometimes inside of your life.
Folks, it’s not going to be just you doing the 10 steps.
Sometimes it’s not going to be you just doing the process at your job or you just uh, paying the bills or you just uh, making christmas the presents show up right.

Sometimes there has to be something deeper.

Sometimes there has to be something more real and, and i honor matt for his his commitment to his um his routine in the morning.
It is so key getting that time alone becoming one with the only one that really has good ideas.

You know what i mean.
The only one that actually has uh something to to create he created us, and then he empowered us with this incredible power to to make this world a better place.

This world is like our bicycle and we’re responsible for it and i’m getting all passionate.

I’m getting pumped up.
I’ve been hearing incredible music.
I’ve been i’ve been in my word, i’m just i’m so excited about this message, but folks understand that every single day you have access to the same power.

You don’t have to wait for us to get our festive uh tire on you.

Don’t have to wait for somebody to announce that hey it’s time for you to go blow a wad and buy a bunch of gifts for people, because that’s what we do right.

That’s not the sign of it every single day you get to have christmas when you get to get with your creator and say what do you have for me today? Thank you for today.

Who can i bless today? Who can i help today? Who can i give to today, and why do i have today? Why do i have today as a gift and i’m sorry, i’m gon na you’re absolutely spot on with that? You know somebody asked me um.
I get it actually several months ago, but somebody asked me um, you know, how is it that you always know like the right thing to say you know during either during a deal or you know or uh.
I actually.

I think that this was actually a uh.

Someone that that i was coaching outside of the car business how’s it that you always can come up with these right things to say, and – and how do you always know the right thing to do well? Number one? I don’t um but um what i told them was it.
You know it’s not because i read a lot of books.

I mean it’s partly that, but it’s because i am guided um and i allow myself to be guided uh every day.
You know i the the questions that you were just asking about.
You know how can i you know, have an impact today.

You know a positive impact on on this world.
How can i help somebody uh? You know, how can i create uh? You know a fantastic scenario for, for my loved ones.

You know these are questions that, during my meditation, that i ask uh for guidance um and every literally every single day i am guided uh to the answers of those questions which leads me to you know and not to sound.
You know like cliche or coronary or anything but seriously.
It leads me to living this magical life that that i’ve been privileged enough to uh to be able to experience, oh man, but the thing is about life.

Folks, i’m gon na tell you and what we’re all preaching here, it’s it’s you! What you focus on is what tends to be what happens in your life.
You know if you’re, focusing on only bad stuff at all.
Oh man, my life’s horrible and nothing but bad things always happen.

You remember this about me.
Remember, leonard’s luck is always bad luck.

Granted there was always great things happen to me all the time, but little things was always happening, so i’d always focus on the bull bullcrap, the little things and always say that’s just the way i am my life.
Is this my life that but then i’ve? If you haven’t noticed, but i haven’t said stuff like that in a long time, i completely changed my idea on that, because i believe that i was doing that too much, which was causing little things to affect my life that really shouldn’t be affecting it or i Would do something one thing that was minor and i would turn it into something major in my mind in my life, when i would focus on that completely when there’s so many great things to focus on.
You know um right, you know today it’s christmas eve man.

We got family, we got love we’re all healthy.

I you know, though, none of us are sitting in the same room together, we’re still together we’re we’re enjoying this time, we’re we’re enjoying a conversation over a cup of coffee and a bottle of water right.

We’re we’re doing this in in these i could say if there’s two people that i could sit down and talk to on a christmas eve morning, it’d be youtube and i’m very, very fortunate for both you guys in my life, i’m likewise my friend, and i mean That so much you know, i feel like because of you two.

I have really done a lot of amazing things.

Seen a lot of amazing things felt loved, felt, appreciated, felt um felt encouraged to be more than i thought i could be was told that i was more than i was you know than i thought i was you know by you guys.
So i appreciate both you guys more than you guys could ever know.

Um you guys you both you guys are huge influences, not just in my business life and my but you’re.
Also in my personal life with my families, my kids, they all love you.
They love both of you guys.

You know my wife.
Does my son.
Does everybody? Does you guys? Are both family we’ll always be no matter what we do in the carbon, whether we’re still in the car business, whether we’re not 50 years from now we’re all going to be still there? Our families will still be there.

Our kids will everything like that.
You know what i mean, so i’m very fortunate for both of you guys.

I love both you guys, you know, so i’m i’m so glad that we’re doing this this morning.

You know there’s so many great people that are jumping in.
I want to give some shout outs real quick, so we got charles higgins, he came in.
He was first one.

Like always, you know charles higgins drive with charles, charles, the only guy on on social media that likes my videos, man.
I love you brother.
Thank you.

So much keep watching they’ll get better.
I promise no charles yeah charles, a good dude, and then we got jason wood, jason, wood’s kind of new to the car business, but he’s growing really fast and he has huge passion and he knows that he found the right place.
Much like all three of us did the moment we started in this business.

We sold our first car we’re like.
Oh, i think i found something i can do really well so he’s doing the same thing.
I love his uh.

He threw a video out for our uh competition that we did and it was pretty cool.
He had the car fox back there and he was doing his little thing.
That was pretty clever.

I liked him a lot man, so really cool he’s getting some swag and we’re gon na end up having jason on the show.
Let’s see jason garris, happy holidays himself, man next cell, app guys folks, i know we preach it and we talking i’m gon na throw the logo up there.
Real, quick yeah there you go, let’s get the white one there.

It is so you know the next cell app is amazing and jason.
Garris is huge in that company.
That’s his company and he’s doing some major things with it.

It’s growing really fast, he’s constantly trying to make it better, and i appreciate that jason thanks for being here this morning.

That’s another one of those guys that i feel very fortunate that i got to meet so during this whole covet stuff.
During this whole corona virus.

Getting to know him doing interviews still to this day, longest interview ever five hours, long record folks holy moly yeah, and that was just the very first conversation yeah.
That was nothing we put in some hours with this guy, but every hour has been very meaningful.
Every hour has been powerful.

Every hour has been just, it means a lot, so a guy, like jason, is somebody much like how we all are he’s.
Somebody that i could see being part of my life for a very long time and i’m looking forward to meeting this guy in person.
Man, this coronavirus has been killer, but we’ve met so many great people thanks in social media and one day we will shake hands.

One day we will hug one day we will sit down and and mastermind at a real table and just sit down, maybe maybe maybe at the first uh at the inaugural uh car guy coffee summit.

You know it man before that he’s gon na help us plan that, because we got a lot to learn from him on being able to do those things yeah we definitely.
We definitely want to do that, though man, my first conversation with jason.

He was actually giving uh give me a demo on the next cell, app on that app right there.
He was showing me how it is that we can implement that into our store and he was putting me through a walkthrough and we just built a relationship right there.
But the next cell app is an incredible app and i do want to real quick, go ahead and hit the sponsors real, quick and just talk about these, like next cell, that we are connected to that, brings solutions right in the palm of your hand, to make Sure that your prospecting needs handled for your customer right then, and there and reaching all of their people with the power of social media.

You need to find out more about how nexel can actually take your dealership from kind of doing things to like growing.

Very much so, like 800 percenters grow right.
A lot of these techniques are the things that so many of these big uh effective people are using they’re using these techniques to actually build their social media presence everywhere that they go and we’re so excited uh to be connected with people like jason garris, along with Jason garris, we also are flying with the elite.

Oh, i am damn good with the white one there.
It is elite, fi partners, folks and – and you know just to echo much like what he was talking about – jason great solutionary, this these people at elite, five elitefi partners.

Just so you guys know how to get a hold of them.
Michael offmath amelia offmet his whole team they’re in there just trying to help you out man.
If you have a finance department, that is not doing what it’s supposed to do.

If it’s not hitting the numbers, if it’s, if it’s below par they’re, going to make sure you’re, at least at par, but most likely you’re going to be hitting eagles with these people, man, i’m telling you they’re going to be making sure that your your finance department Is rocking from the products that you have in there to the way that they sell the products to their attitude to their process? The whole nine they’re gon na make sure they come in and make it right if it’s just a little tweak they’ll make a little tweak if it’s major tweaks they’ll make major tweaks, but what they will do is make sure that that bottom line and that back-end Profit goes this way: okay, all right now, you’re gon na! Do it with a great attitude and it’s gon na stay that way.
It’s not gon na be a temporary fix.
They don’t put a band-aid over it.

They’re gon na actually fix it, stitch it and make sure it feels perfect, for you so make sure you guys reach out to them.
They break the right processes, the right people in place and always connect you with the right products uh.
Just like any anybody.

That’s a great student of marcus lemonis right, but they focus on your bottom line and, speaking of that bottom line on the bottom of your screen right here, our first sponsor the incredible think ad.
You can get information by going to think ad group.
com, justin, derek and evelyn are some solutionaries that can definitely help you figure out how to farm your per your actual your customer base, if you’re, not farming, that you’re shooting yourself in the foot car guys car, gals And all your solutionaries out there, i’m telling you think ad group will help you figure out how to actually get the most out of your database.

If you just put get on the phone with them, i promise you.
We can quick call, call us just watch your questions, we’ll tell you about how it works, no doubt and thank ad groups having record months.

Yes, this whole thing, they’ve been helping so many dealerships and and the reason why they’re growing every month, because their products working their solutions are very, very much working.

So people have problems in ways to get leads in if they’re not selling their prior customers.
If they don’t, if they’re not having a good reach, if their sales people don’t know how to follow up, this company will make sure that they do.

This company will make sure that you will be able to get that retained.

Customer back to your store, so referrals to your store, they’re, going to make sure that they know that you care about your customers right so reach out to them guys.
Now, i’m not going to talk too much more about sponsors, but what i want to say is: we do have a couple more that are going to be jumping on the screen.
Really, yes, we’re going to we’re going to look like a network we’re going to harissa we’re going to be not putting out some freaking stuff, but hey i’m going to not spill too many beans, but we’re going to look like a nascar team.

I’m telling you, but i want to see this on the side of a car.
I want to see the car guy coffee logo on the side of a car.
Just understand that is a goal of this car guy is that the this is we’re going to be on a nascar watch man, but now i preach.

I appreciate all our sponsors, our future sponsors and we’ll be announcing those at the first of the year.
Um we’re real excited to partner up with some really amazing companies.
Now, of course, folks keep in mind if you’re looking to sponsor us we’re always down, but we have to sit down and make sure your company aligns with our company.

You know it’s not just about hey they’re gon na sponsor us it’s about hey.
Why should we be sponsored by them and what makes us aligned up with them, because if they don’t believe the same way, we believe that they don’t have that same type of bruin solutions, type of mentality inside them, there’s no point of teaming up with them right.

It’s it’s not going to help either one of us, but so what i can tell you, because i’m excited about what you’re doing and you’re excited about what we’re doing and if we can’t get on the same page of brewing solutions, then you know it’s not the Right partnership, of course we will talk to solutionaries in this cafe, but some great people that we’re connecting to shout out to liz shout out to terry shout out to all you incredible people out there that are teaming up with us in the future.

First quarter of 2021 is gon na, be one everybody’s gon na get them some season two baby so but uh, let’s say hello, uh to everybody else.
Saying hi! Oh you, like my sweater.
I didn’t get the chance to be with everybody and do my sweater things.

You like it thanks, jason yeah, you got charles higgins, he says lol, keep it keep with it.
Matt you are doing great.
I’ve got a lot of prac.

I got a lot of practicing to do as well.
You know charles is very new to the social media.

Thing he’s only been doing it for a while he’s getting ready to start a podcast and he’s also been doing these driving with charles videos and he’s been building his courage up to do it he’s doing a great job.

I don’t know, were you at the store? Matt when he came up and visited, i was not at the store um.
Unfortunately, i missed him uh.
When he had come up man.

It was so freaking cool of him.
He like called us like the weekend the week before and said: hey, i’m gon na be up there monday and he literally showed up monday.

He was one of those guys that he just wanted to come out and reach out to us, and i love him for that.

Charles man, you know once again, i still feel bad that i didn’t get.
I wish i had the day off.
I would have hung out with him, went to lunch doing all kinds of stuff, but we will he just wanted to say hi.

That was the thing he wanted.
A five-minute hello, a cup of coffee.
In a conversation, that’s what he did is.

Basically, all he wanted to do and everybody at his store looked at him like he was crazy.
They’re, like you’re doing what you’re going up to you’re going to cross a border during cocoa time right, you’re going to jump into kentucky just to say hi for five minutes these car, guys that are running their stores right they’re, doing their things.
Uh you’re going to get into their yeah yeah.

I just wanted to go, say hi.
What’s so weird about that, it’s my day off and spend a little time in the car get my head right.

You know and go see him and i was like you know what that’s really awesome.

Wow i mean i was like i didn’t have words.
I felt like i needed to cook them, something you know what i mean.
It’s like weird.

I didn’t know what to do.
I was like man, you want me to make you some car guy coffee, you know, we don’t have it here yet, but man, what hey what i didn’t know what to do.

It was so interesting, and that is something that i’m kind of embarrassed by.

We should be we’re going and saying hi to our friends.
Well, you know, but i tell you this charles: when we do have our big summit, you will get vip bro.

You will be up in the back with us.

You will be hanging out with us.
You’ve earned that man, and not just because you came visit us, but because you truly since the day you started following us, you have been there like been there and you’re like incredible yeah.
Your growth is unreal.

I love like the new products and what i mean by product is your your all, your new um, your content that you’re putting out it’s beautiful.
You can see how much cleaner it is.
How much nicer you’re starting to your logo is looking really amazing man so kudos to you, i’m looking forward to seeing your podcast don’t forget.

I want to be a guest and i’m literally your girlfriend.
I already know we’re already compared on there, but no man – it’s it’s been great.
You know uh, watching watching charles do his thing watching a lot of people.

You know it’s it’s, it’s been, it’s been cool, like we’ve seen lou and i’ve been doing this almost a year now so we’ve seen podcasts come and go, we’ve seen, podcasts come in and people just completely disappear like they just don’t it’s not even like they didn’t.
Do it as consistent, they just completely dropped off the map and i’m not saying it’s a bad thing.
They may have had personal things happen.

I get it man, but because this is not easy doing a podcast being committed to this actually putting up content actually doing this, having guests sitting down committed to guest conversations, doing that, putting the content re-editing it putting it back out, cutting it into pieces.

There’s a lot of work involved folks and you guys don’t realize that and lou and i we both have full-time jobs.
Just like most people with podcasts.

You know they have full-time jobs, so they’re just trying to do this on the side.

Well, once you start doing it, you realize it’s a huge commitment.

We have committed to it and it means not only that we’re committed to at least one more year right and for our sponsors at least three more months.

So we got to keep it going, but podcasting going nowhere.
Brian norris, what’s up buddy, what’s going on brian had a great conversation with brian actually brian give me a shout today.

I want to keep talking with you brother, you’re, very inspiring, a lot of things that you’re doing i want to get down with you want to talk about a true coffee.

Connoisseur he’s got a basically a a whole entire roaster set up inside of his basement.

I’m and i’m i’m all pumped up about the little coffee bar i made in my kitchen right, i mean he’s, really got it.
He’s really got it going on.

I got to get over there and see what he’s doing.
He said that we can learn it and i’m down to learn it again, shout out to everybody out there.
The first person that ever gave us a coffee roaster would be tony molito the dealer for the people so thankful for our connection, uh with him and the deposits that he’s made into uh, making us the solutionaries that we are the way that we look at uh.

An actual transportation problem uh, i’m so thankful for what it is that he’s deposited that we get to sow into all of you all, but as we see, people come and go and as we build all these relationships together, folks, there is a formula to making sure That we always keep growing folks and that’s that we always come together and apply three f’s, whether it’s in dealership, whether it’s being successful in our in our marriages and our relationship with our children, whether it’s being relation successful in our relationships professionally.

We apply three f’s and that’s to make sure that, because we’ve been forgiven, we forgive and then we are not weighed down by the weight of unforgiveness anymore man.
I can’t wait till we do have one of those conferences and i have everybody standing there.

I mean this is kind of a preview you’re going to be standing there for some time holding on to and understanding that weight of unforgiveness until you feel ridiculously uncomfortable with your hands on your shoulders.

Knowing that this is what weighs you down the weight of unforgiveness and that this is something you consciously make an effort for, you have to consciously hold on to the weight of unforgiveness.

You have to consciously make a choice to hold something against somebody else, and you also have to make a choice to hold yourself back because of your failures.

That’s a choice.
That is a choice, and i want to jump into talking about more of this.
But folks, the actual premise is to make sure that if you want to keep growing, we forgive focus fly so join us real, quick, matt damos.

We are crossing state borders.
We are all over the place.
Merry christmas, everybody all you solutionaries on three with me.

One two three forget: focus: keep going.
That’s right.
I wan na i wan na touch base on that, because that is something that we’re trying to program ourselves and everybody else into charles shared, an incredible story about a situation um and we shared it.

The other day on our other live um, a situation where he had the chance to really legitimately be angry, give bad reviews um.
Let somebody have it because of how they botched up a haircut right, but he applied three f’s.
He forgave he focused and he and he flew he went on, gave a good review.

Uh tipped paid full full price.
You know what i mean did everything that was the right thing to do inside of that moment and gave somebody grace again.
There’s no present under the tree that anybody should really deserve right.

It’s a gift! It’s something! That’s given to you! You didn’t do anything to earn it! That’s why it doesn’t matter what child? What a kid did they don’t get coal love them.
You know what i mean: give them a gift.
Give them encouragement, give them that love um, but it that that premise of forgive focus fly is something that we’re trying to make sure becomes a highway and something easy for you to flow with inside of your daily daily life.

You know when, when matt gets up in the morning and he’s programming himself folks, i’m going to drop some nugget just a little bit of what’s going to be coming in the future, because we’re going to be talking about increasing your spiritual iq folks, i am a Seriously undereducated person – i seriously always would consider myself the least smart person inside of the room, especially when i’m in a room with somebody like matt right, especially when i’m in a room with matt.
I feel like the least smart person in the room, but i but i’ve never in in our time with him, my spiritual, you who’s, always staying in alignment with what was announced over me by the father by by god.
I’m not if you understand how god thinks of you, you don’t care what anybody else thinks of you, you’re not affected by what other people think of you.

If you know what daddy thinks of you, you know if my daughters think for a second that they’re not beautiful.
They hear it from their father all the time.

They know that their father knows that they’re beautiful, that they’re loved that they’re great and that they’re worth everything in the world right or my sons should never question whether or not they’re accepted their love and they’re encouraged and somebody’s proud of them.

Because of the the affirmation that we make sure to give them as as parents right.
So when you’re properly identified as being loved, you you don’t worry about what other people say and and when you understand how to immediately go to forgive focus and fly so that you can keep growing from a situation.
That’s a neural pathway that gets lined up.

That’s what i’m saying your spiritual iq needs to increase, and if you increase your spiritual iq, everything else will fall in line.

It doesn’t um, there’s only so much data that you can keep inside of your phone, and i kind of would take this analogy from uh from chris valetin, but in the spiritual iq flow, but there’s only so much data that you can keep inside of your phone Right, some of you delete you’re going to take pictures.
I got to go to leak10, you know what i mean, but there’s there’s an infinite amount out there in the web, uncalculatable.

How much information is out there right, but what it is that you deposit in here in here is what it is.
That’s going to actually come back out is what you’re going to be able to pull from right.
If you, you jump on an airplane, and you can’t, you can’t access a movie right, because you never really downloaded it to your phone.

It’s never going to output right.
So it has to be inside, it has to be in you, it has to be within you and creating those neural pathways are just like the 10 steps.
Just like overcoming objections.

When a customer says this, you drew that, and this is what comes out.
That’s not you didn’t hear that one time and it became automatic no different than practicing your your form, your forms or any of martial arts.
None of that stuff came the first time you had to constantly create that road constantly create that neural pathway so that it was an automatic answer.

You know, i know what it’s like to grow up mad and angry.
I mean i get.
I’m getting upset right now.

Just over all of the time, i’ve spent being upset being mad over situations that some people were deliberate about and they made mistakes.
You know didn’t, have control over.
There’s no point in that.

You know now it’s easy to forget, focus and fly now.
It’s easy to stay grateful you know, and now it’s easy to stay um growing, because i’m not focused on what’s trying to hold me down, i’m not focused on what’s growing bigger than me, i’m only reaching to the light right, fred, yeah, always and and inside of That it, it is something that we have to as a people as professionals as fathers, as leaders um need to make sure that we are creating those neural pathways.
Inside of our mind, we are increasing not just our our ability to do our job great, but our ability to do what we’re created to do great.

You know it’s not so much that we’re um artists in the fact that we paint by numbers or we draw pictures or we create music, but we’re your artists.
We are solution, artists, right.
We we find a way to make a mastable a masterful masterpiece out of each cardio matt.

You have a worker car deal and you’re like man.

That was a masterpiece that that came together right fred.
Do you ever do that you ever work against like bro.

You know to touch on what you’re saying you know: um, you know i’ve always repetition is the mother of all skill, so you know anything that you do consistently.

Eventually your br it just it becomes part of your subconscious.
It’s just a program.

It’s literally just programming.
Your brain to run this program over and over and over again to the point where you don’t have to think about it.
You know if anybody who’s sitting in this cafe right now or uh.

You know watching this podcast.
If you are currently wearing your shoes.
I want you to think about.

Did you? Do you remember tying them? Do you remember putting your shoes on it’s just something that you do every single day, you’re programmed to do it.
So it’s not something that you give any thought.
You know we operate heavy heavy machinery driving to work every single day and because we do it basically the same way every single day.

We don’t give a second thought to it.
That’s right, that’s right, you know, and – and this is what makes makes you know, because if you remember you know when you first started learning how to drive, you know you got in and you checked the mirrors and you were all tense and you know make sure That your you know your uh.
Your foot was in the right place right exactly and now you know uh.

Hopefully you’re not.
You know too distracted when you’re driving, but now you can send a text.

You know sing a song uh.

You know give a shout out to whoever you’re driving next to that looks like they’re in a great mood.
You know what i mean it’s.
It gets crazy out there, folks, it’s all because of repetitiveness.

So so, whatever you do consistently, you know your brain is eventually just going to get.
You know it’s kind of like you know how fred was talking about.
You know with the negative self-talk.

You know if you do that enough times.
Eventually, your brain just accepts the fact that that is life, and then that does become your life because where focus goes, energy flows.
So all of your you know if everything is bad, if everything you know and especially if you’re primarily focusing on what has already happened, that’s caused you to feel this way, uh, which means that you’re literally living in your past um.

You know if, if you’re doing that, then you’re, you know eventually you’re tricking your brain into believing that your past equals your future and uh.
You know if any of us did that we, we probably wouldn’t make it very far.

No, our brains are designed to use the least amount of energy to come up with the solution right, it is programmed to spend less energy to heal, spend less energy to fix.

That’s why, when, when you’re over exuding yourself, you could get a headache.
You know i mean when you’re overthinking and your brain is spending so much of that energy.
It could get strenuous right, but your brain is designed to spend the least amount of energy on solving a problem.

That’s why like what matt was saying when tying your shoes, it’s an easy, it’s an easy one.
I can do that simple.
I can i i very much fred.

You know you know all about that.
You know some of the things you do are automatic right.
I mean it’s like anything guys.

You know what like they’re talking about with repetition and all that type of stuff it.

It becomes a habit.
Now, what’s up tinkerbell, she had to come with us.

Oh tinker, so you know she’s half blind, so she was wandering off her down she’s, so cute man tinker bell’s been part of the family.

Since i can remember man, how old is she now? She is 14.
bless her heart man she’s such a sweetheart she’s been nothing but a nice puppy.

Since the day you got her man now.
Let me give her.
Let me give her a little cameo on here, where’s that tinkerbell.

What are you doing? So? You know with repetition, with repetition, guys it’s it’s two things can happen.
One is if you do something right, it’s great, but if you’re doing something wrong and you’re doing it over and over and over wrong, you’ve got to learn to fix that now it’s hard sometimes because you get used to doing it a certain way.

You know it’s like it’s like the old school way of selling cars.

You know, oh, like a lot of the old school guys are having issues with the new way.
You know with all the social media, with the oh, i ain’t going to get on there.
I’m not going to do that.

Well, you’re, missing money when you do stuff like that, so it becomes representative he’s got a friend! So now, when i, when i was uh when when i was starting to do my videos folks like when i started doing these social media videos when i started posting my quick brews when i started doing that it was awkward.
Every word i said was new.
It wasn’t something that i was used to the way i intro the the way it is.

You know i i changed it up a little bit at first and then, once i found a way, it became repetition.
Now, when i do my videos, i don’t even have to think about it.
I just do them.

You know, like literally like i just come up with my subject that i get inspired by.
I think about a few little quick points in my head.
I’m like okay.

I want to touch on these three points, while i’m doing it try to keep it around a minute boom.

Let’s go, and i start my show off like i always do hey y’all know i’ve seen it.
I’ve seen it manifest from a thought to the actual product and it is literally magic.

It is absolutely phenomenal how that happens.

I mean fred and i will be in a conversation and you know he’s he’s got his uh, his phone he’s setting it up.

You know he’s getting it ready.

He and i are having a conversation about you know whatever, whether it be business or just life or or what have you and then all of a sudden.
The button clicks on and he is in that mode and it is absolutely magic to watch how he just literally transformed, because i can remember his first couple of videos and when i say the first couple of videos.
Folks, i’m talking about the videos that did not make it to the internet.

Yes, and i i remember because you know it’s not – it wasn’t a confidence problem.
I don’t think it was more of a unfamiliarity, and uh.
Eventually, you know through repetition.

He has become an absolute superstar at it.

I am striving uh to do the same thing um, you know he’s inspired me uh.
Both of you guys have actually inspired me uh to uh.

You know to deliver messages more confidently and more consistently.

So i appreciate it.
You know um, i i literally have not missed an episode uh of you guys, um of the podcast.

It is uh a phenomenal show, and it there there’s no question.
If, eventually, this thing just explodes look at how big it’s already become, i mean it is absolutely phenomenal.
I have guys that uh.

You know that you know.

Obviously, for you know a lot of people, don’t know my background, but uh.
You know i traveled the country for 15 years.

I was literally in a different dealership every week, uh for about 15 years um, you know basically doing uh.
You know five day sale, events doing dealership, rescues, um, you know in rehabs and um uh, 90-day, front-end restructures and you know and all those things – and i so i have a lot of friends throughout the entire country who are dealers or gm’s uh sales managers f And i guys uh that are starting to talk about you guys.
So it is a it’s.

It’s definitely a movement and uh.
I’m i’m happy to uh that that it’s all coming from this wellspring of uh.
You know where, where all of us are from so that’s it man, it’s phenomenal.

What what a talent pool we’ve had in such a small area, with a talent pool of car, guys uh to come out of a a town with a population of you know.
Twenty five thousand – just absolutely i mean it’s stunning to me: here’s so i’ve been i’ve done sales in chicago uh uh.
You know newark new jersey out in the la area and i’m telling you per capita some.

It must be something in the water um or maybe something in the coffee.

I don’t know, but absolutely just you know, i mean the plethora of talent.
That’s come from from our area.

Our local area is just i mean it’s astonishing.
Yes, there’s so much.
That is that is tied up in what match has said.

Um guys, i don’t know if you understand i get inspired by people like matt by people like fred and like some of these solutions that are jumping in here, actually, all of them.
All of you have inspired me one way or another um or encouraged uh, but i believe again, this is on the spiritual iq flow.
Everything in the spiritual realm is happening in the natural world, it has its correlation and there is something in water.

I don’t know how familiar you are with the reservoirs that are inside of radcliffe kentucky okay, but there are there.
There is, i mean if you’ve been into saunders, springs right and you’ve seen uh the the water uh set up.
That’s out there right.

There is there’s reservoirs that are designed from radcliffe to flow out to the state.
Now, there’s also something else that’s funny about kentucky is that it has more living water flowing in and through it than any other of the continental united states right, except for alaska right.
That’s a whole other, like piece of the puzzle, but in the continental united states, there’s more that flows through us in water.

Now that’s living water, that’s not a pond! That’s stagnated and sitting still and and only depends on something to pour the rain to by chance.
Pour into it to ever make it increase.

I’m talking about living water springs that open forth, create creeks, create streams, rivers right um that then eventually pour out into the ocean, but from here in the natural realm, geographically, water flows to the entire country wow.

Also from here, a talent pool has been birthed and a spring, just like you’re saying has been, has been flowing out of the car business all over the place.
If you know any big staffed event company, they know about radcliffe kentucky, they know about kentucky right.
They know about them.

Kentucky boys right.
The the 800 club creator himself is out in lexington crete made that happen out of dan cummings a store that each and every one of us collected checks from right and and helped them to to to increase their profitability right.

So all of these things that are connected are connected, and i think there’s such a supernatural thing to it.

That’s beyond what we can see uh, but we are beating the drum people are starting to get the beat.
People are starting to get with the flow again, but i can tell you what i feel like, though you know, and and he’s so right there uh, that’s a cool thing here about the water that runs through here, how natural it is because i know my pond Is a is a spring one, it’s spring fed, so it’s pretty neat that it’s a totally different kind of pond right.
It’s not a normal pond.

It’s never gon na it gets low, but it never gets all the way low.
You know what i mean.
So it’s always gon na have the natural spring-fed water brought to it.

You know, and it’s really it’s really cool, because our creek’s just right up like right down there.
I mean, if i point this way, that’s literally where otter creek is right.
It’s like half a mile over there, and so i know all that stuff is all connected right into this area and all these farms around here that i live at, live by.

They all have natural spring fed ponds, which is really cool, and it’s just unique.
How that is – and i know it’s like that throughout the state – but i didn’t think about that – it gets distributed all the way through the united states prior to all the different lakes and all the different rivers and all that type of stuff.
That’s pretty cool, but there is something in the water here.

You know i’ve i’ve dealt with a lot of car people in my day you and you and i and matt we have traveled.
You know matt did put in a lot more time than us and matt did it at a different level at for a longer time than us right, i’m just old man.
That’s all! Well, i wasn’t going to say that.

But yes, you are we’ll just say season.
He’s seasoned right season i’m experienced, but we did we got to see.
I mean we met some great car people throughout the country, but when we walked in a store we were the car people and we were from radcliffe the majority of us.

The team leaders the closers the final – they were from radcliffe kentucky, at least maybe not lived in radcliffe, but they worked in red cliff.
They did their business in radcliffe.
They just grew and recklessly they they develop knowledge.

They learn their ten steps here.

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