What’s going on everyone good morning, good morning, good morning, welcome good morning, good morning, good morning, this is lou ramirez, the core guy.

This is fred linards, the subprime hero and i’m so excited.

Because this morning we have a special guest, very special.
It’s somebody that i’ve actually was part of his career.

I was actually there for his first year and lou was a big part of the beginning of this guy’s career.
Now he is out doing things that we were doing with other people now he’s training.
He is teaching, he is doing it all and he is massively growing we’re going to get.

He is the solution.
He is a solution, but he’s also homegrown.
He is extremely homegrown and that’s the best part about it.

So we will oh hold on real, quick.
It’s this guy, real, quick! Let me show you this big picture.
This is kind of the boom bam.

That might be something you’ve seen before a pioneer inside of his auto group, because of something that i’ll never have.
I may not a beard, i’m hoping that i get it you’re, never dude, you’re too old.
If you don’t have it now, it’s never happening unless they start unless they come out with a new technology to put little plugs in there.

For you, we’ll see, [ Laughter ] either way enjoy the intro enjoy it here, we’ll be back in a moment, we’ll be right back with us, get you some blessed so , so [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , [, Laughter ], oh , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], wow, hopefully, you’ve had fun flying with uh early morning, incredible solutionaries that you got to see inside of the intro.
Those are some of the best people on the planet.
I mean they’re great people they’re, just good friends, you know they’re the kinds that you can get every one of those people together and we would sit down and have the best time, because everyone would encourage each other.

Everybody would give each other tips.
Everybody would have a just great conversation and most of these people on there have some of the best personalities and some of the best inside jokes that you could ever imagine they hit you with some good stuff.

I love them.

I am so honored that we had all those guests on the show and that’s not even everybody.
We’ve actually still have some more people.
We need to throw on there to include our our number one mentor that we’ve had from the beginning of our business.

Matt damos um, so i did get some footage of him yesterday when i forgive focus we’re going to be dropping him in back in there.
But folks, if you want to be part of that video, it’s very simple get a hold of us car guy, coffee2020 gmail.
com! That’s my email address for from my side, um.

You can also go to our.
You know dm us.
You can message us on facebook.

You can go to our linkedin anywhere that you see us message us if you’re interested in being on our show.

You have something that you want to share something that you want to do to help uplift and upshift.
This whole car business game give us a holler, because we love people like that, and speaking of people like that speaking of solutions – oh my goodness, i’m so excited.

I got us, we have a special guest.
You guys already seen this he’s.
Looking good he’s looking good today, folks man, this this picture here doesn’t do injustice.

His face doesn’t quite look like a thumbs up and he’s trimmed he’s trimmed it he’s trimmed his face.

Doesn’t look like a thumb and he got a little bit right.
Let me get him on here.

All everybody.
Let’s welcome mister i’ve learned from using social media, i’m actually in the middle of learning.

Guitar i’ve been playing for a little over a year.

Now i’m getting pretty decent, i’m not quite i’m not quit level, yet i’m more of acoustic, just strumming and having fun and i’m starting to pick some chords now, but i’m i’m loving it i’m exactly.
I mean i’ve been i’ve, put the work in the last year.
So i’ve gotten quite decent, so i do it’s pretty neat to see somebody out there who could jam like you, there’s another car guy in kentucky.

That’s a really good guitar player he’s out in um.
I know we’re talking about guitar.
I don’t mean to do that.

Evan but the uh he’s he’s all the way out in lexington it’s um.
What’s his name uh the dude who works at the hyundai store.
He had his own he’d.

Had his own little show thing too for a little bit.

He did little videos the one that works at the hyundai, no yeah.
He drives up the challenger hellcat you’re gon na come up with something well anyway, this dude kills it on a guitar bro like solos like straight rock.

It’s you guys would probably have a fun time hanging out and playing guitar together.

I need a connection you would.
You would actually like the guy, because he’s he’s a really hardcore car guy too, and he absolutely loves his team.

He loves team building.
He loves doing a lot of stuff like that.
He’s got the number one hyundai store in the state.

I mean he’s he’s doing his thing.
He’s he’s he’s a really i’ll get you that name whenever i think of it, but dude i’ve seen him throw some stuff online, i’m like i’m like whoa, bro, rock and roll man.
Let’s go so anyway, evan evan evans.

Thank you.
Thank you.
So much for being here, man, where are you sitting right now, evan, i’m in my office, i’m at smoke nissan in the office i get malaya in the showroom.

I get my layout a lot.

It’s like it’s the best spot.
It’s one of the best office points in the city.

I mean look at it, love elizabethtown, heck of a view from there love that spot and we’re going to get more into detail, but car guys and cargiles he’s sitting in my chair right he’s sitting in the i was the first one to occupy that office and Open up that store – and it is a great honor to be what are we now eight years further, eight and a half years and he’s sitting inside of that chair, making great things happen for many different people and uh he’s building a legacy uh.
That is great and i’m enjoying and i’m so proud.
I mean i got to go, hang out with evan the other day.

All right we are, we are part of a great honor of men.
We are doodle dads, that’s right, doodle dads unite and we got our dogs together to hang out.
I heard about that and it was a good time good time, but i got to see his home.

I got to see all of his awesome guitars.
You need to go check that out um, but evan has grown so much inside of this business and i’ve been honored to be a part of it.
We got some great stories for you folks, evan.

Welcome! Welcome to the cafe you doing all right this morning.
I’m doing and fabulous.

How are you ah well, i’m obviously getting a little caffeinated on some corgi coffee.
Let’s groove coffee here, oh hit up with the bang.
He was an energy drink drinking guy, nothing wrong with that lou! You need a monster.

You need a red bull, always running trying to look out for my dude try to look after my dude i used to drink.
That’s not exactly right.
That’s right! Hey around the store! You need something boss, gotcha so and that’s and that’s the way to do it and we all know that’s how you come up in the game.

You show you show respect to your boss, like you do any elder in a sense.
You know we all do that, and this is kind of what we do.
But then you get to that spot and then people do the same for you.

So that’s.
What’s a beautiful thing, i i love the relationship that you guys have.
I think it’s great.

I know every time we bring up your name.
Evan lewd has nothing but high praises for you.
You know and uh – and you know, there’s going to be some stories that go on in this five liner.

I think we’re going to bring out some stuff that will interject when i got it got an opportunity to be part of it and um your beginnings.
So it’s pretty neat to see where you’ve come.
As far as you come when i first met you, i had no idea where you’re gon na go and how far you’re gon na go in this business.

So it’s cool to see you’ve made it a career, not just a job and we’ll get into that later too, and that’s that’s the key that is so key to be able to get to the seat where you’re sitting right now evan is you have to treat It like a career, not a job and – and you should be very proud of yourself and you’re you’re.
Just beginning, you make seven eight years, bro you’re still a rookie bro, but you got a but you’re a rookie who has enough room to say: hey i’ve been doing it, you know so and – and i absolutely think, that’s wonderful man and you know i and folks – Don’t take rookie as a bad word.
I know evan’s not taking it that either because when i say rookie is just because i’ve got like over double the time in the business.

So when you i have the right to say something: you’re, just a pup.
Oh man you’re still wet right.
Yes, there’s no gray in that beard folks, so you can still be considered a pup right.

Is there any in there? Is that no natural, okay? Well, good, all right so car guys car guys.
You all know what it is that we need to do before.
We can jump into a five-liner with somebody that would rarely to brew with man.

You know what he’s got all fumbly bumbly, but i’m ready to get excited to apply the principal method to keep growing and that is to apply three f’s inside of your life, and that is to forgive focus and fly.
You have great things you need to accomplish and you cannot be weighed down by the weight of unforgiveness or fly into a wall because you’ve lacked the commitment to stay focused.

So, let’s get ready to have an incredible day by forgive focus and fly and join us over there at smoke nissan.

It is evan bowles, one two three four yeah focus fly fly, keep growing, keep growing good morning now.
Okay, now the show is ready to go.
Let’s freaking make this happen.

We got evan bull’s, a bearded sales guy, we’re so excited about this man.
There’s a story behind that.
So every every one of these things that we do every person that we interview we’re going to ask five questions.

It’s called the five liner and we do this with every single person and if you’ve heard any of our shows, all the questions are pretty similar.
But the very first question is always the same and the first question i’m going to ask you today: evan – and i think it’s this is a pretty important question for anybody who has looking for purpose or anybody who’s trying to find.

Why do i do things? That’s the word: what is your purpose? What’s your, why? What what makes you motivated every morning when you wake up? What makes you go, you know what i’m gon na go in today, i’m gon na crush the day i’m gon na go in here.
I’m gon na get my team pumped up.
I’m gon na move, some metal, i’m gon na have fun and i’m gon na do it every single day.

What motivates you for? Do that? To create future leaders, to be honest, lead by example, and create somebody that has the passion that that wants to grow and move to the next step? Um, that’s that’s really.
The main motivator is lead by example, and create future leaders.
That’s that’s a great great great reason to do so.

You know, especially when you really mean that at heart, because a lot of times people when you get to a leadership position, they still have that selfish salesperson mentality and that’s when they don’t make it.
You know they get there and they’re like hey, i’m gon na, be i’m a leader now, but i still am doing it for myself not doing it.
For my team, i’m not gon na lead, i’m gon na.

Just do me and that’s kind of we’ve seen that all over the country, i’ve seen that with a lot of different management out there, you have to change that and evan.
You have the right mentality there.
That’s exactly it once you get to the leadership position.

It’s no longer me anymore.
It’s us it’s my team.
It’s the people that i’m trying to help get to where i’m at as the people – and i tell you some people can use that as motivation.

Some people use that as demotivation.

I think it’s great that you’re using that as motivation.
I know i do.

I know lou does too, because there’s nothing better than seeing your legacy through other people, seeing what you said being used by other people, seeing the clothes that you taught them being used multiple times and them shutting deals, and they don’t even remember that you taught them That you know, and that’s okay and that’s what’s such a beautiful thing about what you do, it’s not about the reward of them coming up to you and it’s cool when they do tell you man.

That was thanks for teaching me that or whatever.
But when you see your team growing, you don’t need any words.

You see them making their checks the paychecks alone.
When you see everybody on your team, make a good check.
You’re, like i did my job this month.

This is awesome.
I everyone motivated everyone stayed on top of the game.
Everyone made money, i’m excited that is the ultimate pinnacle of being a manager right when everybody’s making money so and you’re like yeah yeah, you made a big check, go ahead and get me that red bull, yeah, you’re, saying no i’ll pick two of those boys make Sure you give me two red bulls right so that buy me lunch too cool so much as well.

Yeah yeah right so that.
But that looks like a goal.
That’s one of those things! Even when you were a salesperson, when you got to do that for your manager, you felt good when you had the money like plus.

I got this well, you know what i’m saying you saw me it’s on me.
It’s on me, yeah, yeah, tommy, so great answer.
Man, you know i’m gon na dig in a little bit deeper on that lou.

If you don’t mind, you know, i know that you have that, but let’s say that you’re not in the car business.
What makes you evan bulls, what motivates you to wake up? Every day and just be the best version of yourself well, first off uh, i’m a christ follower, so jesus calls us to live in his image so um and it’s not about just being good about every day.
But it’s doing it’s, it’s being genuine.

It’s not! Oh! I feel, like my good deed for the day, is going to be to open this door for this person.
It needs to come.

It feels natural just to try to help people, and this isn’t big, headed evan, but it’s just truly.

I want to be a servant to others and whatever i’m doing, whether it be grocery shopping, um, worshiping at church, right, mentoring at youth, whatever it is, it’s just just to try to be the best example of a christ father i can be.

I love it.
Absolutely! That’s exactly the right mentality, you’re gon na go just that right.

There alone is gon na.
Take you a long way and already has you know and you’re gon na.
If you keep following that and you keep trying to help others and you keep trying to reach out and be more and uh, you know it’s just going to help.

You be a better leader, better father, better husband, better brother, brother sister, doesn’t matter what you are male or female, you’re going to be better as a person you’re going to leave this planet better than you left it or be started it.

You know what i mean like that’s like my ultimate goal.
My ultimate goal is to not is to do things on this planet, whether it’s the car business, whether it’s my family, whether it’s my friends, i want to leave this planet a little bit better than i than when i had got the planet.

You know when i’ve gone on this planet and if i could just do that, even just one percent, i’m cool with that, i just want to leave it a little bit better.
I want to do something touch people enough people to where it can do that and i think he’s on the same mission, so luke loving that question number two.

Well, i want to just build a little bit more on this incredible solution area.

That’s inside of the cafe, with us and inside of his office having a great day one it’s a beautiful day today, so blessed to be able to have the day and to be able to own today.

So you came into the car business and there was lots of growth right that we had.
I had the honor of being able to uh hire him in right.

He came in trained him up.
We have a great story on how his first car deal actually happened.

His very first practice at a pencil with a customer how that happened, but there were many different stages that occurred inside of all of those moments right and i want to key in by the time we get to question number two we’re gon na key in on The the key pivot that happened uh for evan inside of committing to this business, but let’s go ahead and hash out that very first car deal of of evan.

What happened there? Let me, let me tell you guys about the story.
Let me tell you something that happened.

Okay, so remember we were we traveled all throughout the country um.

I had the chance to meet evan uh.
When i took a small hiatus from the car business, i was working uh with t-mobile and uh aflac, so i was doing some fun stuff uh in between the two companies trying to just have the time to really give focus to the street outreach um.
The the troop of great incredible hip-hop artists, that’s been able to mentor and tour all over the country and have some fun with, but uh was really keying into that figuring out who i was at the time as that occurred, made some relationships, and so inside of Some other businesses and then eventually started to make my way back to the car business right i jumped out there with fred.

We went out to uh hang out with adam marberger in saint louis, and i was back in the biz right, but in that time uh we started traveling around a little bit more.

I then had an offer to come help this new big grand reopening of the nissan store.
We had the freshest newest building in town, and i had the chance to get the office that he’s sitting in right there and have a great time building a new culture.

They were doing – maybe i don’t know – 40 ish cars a month at that time.
Wasn’t really a big deal, wasn’t a lot going on yet, but we had.
I just saw great potential evan uh found out that that was going down, never been in the car business before naturally was able to sell, said lou i’d love to come rock with you, and i was like hey heck, yeah matter of fact, because we trained so Many people on the road inside of a week we turned them into instant car, guys like chef, shawn and others right, carrie westmoreland, i say come out here, come and hang out with me for the week.

Come let’s let me get you a real jump start in this business, but that that part didn’t happen.
So eventually i got to the nissan store: got got my feet in there got all the certifications i needed to and then eventually just i mean weeks later brought in evan right evan got trained up.
We got him all the 10 steps we got in the road to a sale.

He got his certifications with nissan.
Did all the cool things that you’re supposed to do before you’re really supposed to meet that first customer? Then my friends are in town.

I said: hey guys, i need you to do me a favor if you’re riding around today, you just stop by my lot say what’s up to me, but i’m gon na try to get you upped by my new guy and i need you to act like you’re.

A customer, no doubt no doubt okay cool sounds fun, sounds fun.
Boom evan gets released in the lot see somebody pull up on the lot evan.
What did you see from that vantage point? What happened from there don’t leave to the end and don’t say who was who yet don’t do it, but go ahead and explain kind of what it is that you did at that moment.

This is your first customer.
Your very first up, you are released, go go, get em boy, you know what i mean.
What what happened.

At that point, i was nervous as all get out.
I mean like this is my chance.
I’ve been begging you to say.

Let me go.
Take a nap and you say no now it’s not your time and then you say evan go ahead and i go out there and there’s two guys walking out and you know i did what you taught me to do.
First thing meet and greet give a name.

Get a name talk to them, figure out what they’re looking at and it just kind of evolved from there and in my mind it was this literal process of what’s the next step to the sale.

Okay, i’ve got to do this to get there.
What’s the next step and then and then it just moved on, so i don’t know, we want me to stop the story but uh yeah.

So i’m talking to these two guys and – and we start looking at this infinity m35 – he said man go, show him.
This real quick, he said, bet i’m gon na all right.
Let’s do that cool showed him off.

Did a couple.
Little tricks right, not really tricks, but couple key things to build that experience up and you’re watching it all come together, because there were things that he was like.
Oh cool awesome and you were seeing them be effective.

What were some of those things that you were doing to uh kind of connect with that customer and get them engaged inside of the process? Well, one thing i stand out the most in my mind was i told him to put it on his favorite radio station, and then i told him to press and hold down the number one and said it as the first preset, and i remember um, they looked At each other and he’s like you just had me, set a preset like okay, that’s, i guess that’s right.
I guess i don’t know i’m new – i haven’t done this before, so that was nice right i’ll.
Do this always if they’re that excited about a radio preset and they’re they’re so pumped up about it because remember the guys that came through, they were car guys right.

These are two guys that been on the road with and have traveled we’ve sold hundreds.
Maybe thousands of people in the time that we’ve been out there and he got to see a couple cool things of this young man that now, if you guys can you can’t see from this angle, evan is semi-awkwardly tall, okay, he’s like really tall.

Okay! So he’s a large presence person – okay, everybody everybody next to you, lou is tall.

Stop, but evan is tall.
Evan is very tall, so evan is doing his thing.
He’s doing he’s.

Uh he’s goes.
The test drive, has all the fun with the customer.
Does these things has those moments and he’s getting all pumped up? Getting all excited comes through gets, his commitment gets the trial closed.

Does everything he’s supposed to do to get to uh presenting numbers? I present prepare the pencil, get it all ready for him block it up, ready to go there.
It is he presents and then at that point what happens as you present.

So i go through um the numbers and i get an addiction and i fumbled, because i had no idea, and so i was like give me one.

Second, i’m gon na go grab.
My friend lou he’s great guy he’s gon na come over here and he’s just gon na help me just because i’m new, so i go grab lou, i said: hey i’ve got.
You know these two customers here we’re looking at this car.

They gave me this objection and i don’t know how to counter it so come help me and so lou walks over to the desk, and he said what up fred, what up sean and at that point, i’m like it was fred.

It was fred and it was shawn yeah like that was awesome like what what what what’s happening here and he’s like.
So how did he do and at that point it’s like a test.

That’s like okay and so fred gave me honest feedback he’s like he did.
Good on the lot you know stumbled at numbers a little bit, but it was fine and i took that heart.
You know i’m green, my first chance, i’m glad to hear it because now i’ve made two and two together that that these were comrades of lose so um and then lou.

I guess i’ll.
Let you finish up from from that point and then from that point fred goes dude.
These are real numbers on the car.

Are they are these? Are these real at least the numbers, and i was like yeah yeah? They are just like bro.
I need to show this to priscilla.

I think i want to buy this car, so it turns into fred.

Coming in on a test gets to see a car gets put into a nice plush beautiful.
It was a beautiful car that was black on black.

It was that i actually sold that car, for i had that car for, like four or five years at least and then we sold returns.

I still sold it for like 21 grand off the lot outside, like bingo, maybe fed loan.
Let’s go.
I even gave the salesman a thousand dollars; they sell it for 21 grand.

I was like hey man.
Here’s a thousand plus you commissioned high five bam, good job.
That was a nice car.

It was an all-wheel drive, infinity evan.
You did a great job.
I i remember i came in and you know on my side of it i came in and you know.

Obviously i knew i was there to do some testing with you.
You know – and i did see that coin a lot and i did like it.

So it was that’s the power folks of just taking your customer going that extra mile and showing them whether they’re there to buy a car or not.

Sometimes they run into something they just go hold on a second, that’s nice put them through the process and that’s what happened to me.
I wasn’t there to buy anything.
I you know.

I met a nice young man, he was new in the business.
I was excited to do a little secret shopper thing for him.

You know it’s cool.
My brother lou calls me and says: hey.
Can you help me out with a new guy, i’m always down to do that? You know it’s nothing better than helping a new guy come up in the business like you know, and then i did that, but literally evan no joke it’s just walking down that line.

You just happen to have that car on a lot so [ __, ] salespeople out there you, oh man, i don’t want anything, walk them around a lot you’d be surprised what they stumble on once they once they trip on anything out there.

They like go, get the freaking key and show it to them.
If it did, the same thing have them drive the car once they drive the car, nothing seals the deal like the feel of the wheel.

Folks telling you you drive that car the car drove smooth thing was loaded to the gills.
I mean this was all-wheel drive.

This was the m35x.

It was loaded out had everything you could imagine in the car.

It was everything that i needed.
I had a truck that i was ready to get rid of.

I was like okay cool.
I was doing a lot of traveling.
My wife needed a new vehicle.

She was driving a bmw at the time.
It was too small for her.
She didn’t like it.

So this was a bigger car.
She liked cars at the time.
She didn’t want a big suv, so everything the stars all lined up perfect evan goes in and evan did a great job.

You know, like you, said he’s: did he stumble through the numbers? A little bit yeah, but i probably could i forced him to stumble because you know realistically, if i was truly there to just buy a car, it would have been a little bit different, but i was trying to give him objections right and then he did the Right thing like he said he went and got a turn.
He didn’t blow me out.
He didn’t tell me, no, i can’t do it.

He just told me, i don’t know, let me go get somebody that might be able to give you the answer to this.
So that’s the key folks just keep your people at bay.
Show them vehicles get them excited about something, and then you walk them in you present numbers and once you present after you trial, close you present numbers and once you present numbers it’s magic at that point, and you know evan, you did a great job man.

It’s really cool to see you go from that guy to sitting in the seat that you’re sitting in right now man.
So you need to feel really good about that because you remember you, like you said you cut the first up, you catch, you don’t you’re like man, i’m excited, but i really don’t know what i’m doing yet.
I just know i have to go through all these steps.

I have to do this you’re thinking about the steps, instead of just doing the steps at first and then now, look at you now, you’re teaching guys the same thing now you’re pouring that out there.

You know so that is part of lou’s legacy in my opinion and i’m part of mine a little bit because i was there, so it’s i think that’s really cool story.
I i keep forgetting.

I keep remembering that i’ll.
Never forget that.
Obviously, so it’s really cool.

I’m glad that i was part of your first deal.
My friend and uh super glad i mean it’s, you know it’s a really neat story, but uh yeah, you guys you’ve told one of the best car guys in the world.

That’s that’s right not to say i’m that great, but i am and that’s that’s how we hyped it up right.
So when building you up at the time right, that’s mainly what i was leaning in on is bro.

You know how good you did.

Fred is one of the greatest car guys that i know in the business that i’ve locked arms with from my early days in the business right and you sold him.

You did a great job and that gassed him up, so he was so pumped up, but so amazed because he had that roller coaster of deflation, like i finally got to go meet my first customer.
It was fake but he’s buying anyway, hey but he’s buying.

We got two nice trades in here and everything’s moving right and it just happened.
You know and chef shawn is sitting there like wow.
What did just happen? It was so awesome.

It was awesome.
I’m gon na throw some real quick.
We had laura.

She was on him.
This has been these people what’s up if you’re still on laura, i know you’re a busy lady good morning to you, my friend, i hope you’re, wherever you’re at in the countries.
I know you travel everywhere, michael rick, i hope you’re having a great day, keep smiling michael michael dooley.

This guy’s from new south wales he’s a digital marketer down in australia.
He’s a new friend of mine.
I’m looking forward to getting to know this guy a little bit more.

He actually reached out to me so michael thank you for jumping on this morning.
Welcome brother get a hold of me.
If you have some time today or tomorrow, man, we need to talk anyway.

We got some stuff, i want to see what we can do to connect and then we got thomas pena.

What’s up thomas thank you for jumping in and i’m sure there’s been some other people who came in here and if i didn’t have a chance to say hi good morning good morning have a great morning and thanks for joining us on the car guy coffee, podcast Right now, with evan boyles bearded car go ahead: the bearded car guy, the bearded car guy there’s a story to that too, which again we’ll explain here in a minute, but i want to let’s go ahead and get that overlay ready.

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He is [ Laughter ], so evan is.
Is is uh, somebody that i had a great time, not just training but working with, but we, of course, in any of those relationships, while you’re building somebody up that’s new to this business, we run into different times where they’re trying to figure out what’s what’s best For them right any of you, new people to the car business you’ve gone through that stage.

You’ve gone through those moments where you’ve questioned.
Should i go get that nine to five and is it? Is it going to be easier for me to just go? Get a nice factory job i’ll get 15 20 an hour whatever it is right i can live off.
Of that things are good your your your level of of understanding of your your power.

Um is limited to what your experience is.

Evan had the great chance to see some great things happen, uh for himself kind of went through the roller coasters a couple little bit of competition, things at the store, some of the politics that are involved in going through you know, being inside, of a big uh Corporate company right there’s all of the the bs.
That is part of why uh i mean you get paid to be there right, because it’s it’s not a an amusement park right.

It’s work you’re still going to work um, but i remember one morning i was leaving the gas station and i just got done getting the gas and i see and then see, evan walking in into the gas station he’s opening up a nice a door for a Lady opens it up, he does his nice little the church smiles.
You know what i mean like right he’s.
Looking all good he’s got he’s, got a shirt and his tie on looking looking dapper, i’m hurrying up and getting to the lot, and i didn’t want him.

I didn’t want to yell across you know the the parking lot over there at the the gas station, so i’m like all right cool boom boom boom, put it up get in the car.
You know i’m out man about 15 20 minutes later evan comes in.
I see him come in he’s like what’s up boss, says: what’s up what’s up man going on, i look at him and he’s wearing the uniform he’s wearing his his smoke gear he’s wearing his the the it was actually a polo there’s a polo a logo on It so it’s completely different outfit now same slacks, different shirt, different top and i’m like you, went interviewed somewhere, [ Laughter ] in my head and i’m like he went for an interview somewhere, oh buddy, and so cigarette on that any of you guys ever deal with That car guys car gals listening watching uh you ever ran into that moment where you’re like you’ve, been gone interview, matt damos did the same thing to me.

When i went and interviewed with clint riggs and lane jackson he comes.
I come back well.
Everything’s good got my stuff from the gas station right and it’s like how was your interview.

I was like what how’d you know somehow or another.
We all know anyway, but something about it.
You just feel it did totally did, but i’ve seen it.

I was like, then, i went for a walk with evan and we had a little bit of a talk and and came out, yeah lou.
I did, and he explained to me what it is that he was looking for.

We had a few conversations about selling out to selling and then determining brother, i’m here for you to have your best, your best life, and all that i can do you know.

Of course, i went into full salesman mode of the car business and how great this could be, but mainly trying to convince him to believe in himself for greater than he’s seen so far and reach deeper for that.

What so getting to question number two? What was it that was true, we still haven’t, but we just went through a story, but that should have been a confession that may have been a confession session.

There’s other confessions out there right um, but there is evan made a shift.

He was on that plank right.
He was about to walk out of the business searching evan.

What was it that kind of inside of you shifted to then commit and then sell out to this business? That’s tough! Um! There was a point where i knew that i’ve liked sales i’ve been in retail for four or five years before i got into business, but i think the the funny moment was when i realized that, because i’m a car salesman, i’m not selling cars to people, i’m Selling myself to people cars is just a product that i represent.

So no matter where i go.
It’s going to be some product a product b, but people have to believe that i’m legitimately here for their best interest and my knowledge of taking this job seriously, is going to point them on the right product whatever it may be.

So it was probably the point where i’ve i had to believe in myself that i’m really the sales it’s in the my job is to find the right product for my customer right.

So what was it that made? You abandon your seek your search for another job? Probably stubbornness i mean you as well, i mean having having a a mentor that you literally look up to is crucial.

If, if you have bad management starting from the top, it rolls down you’re not going to have a solid, uniform team.
It really starts from the top and every day that i would walk in.

You were my hype, guy, no matter what how i woke up.
You were my hype, guy and um.
At that point, in my life i needed that, and you filled that role and grass is not always greener and how to realize that and how to get the confidence in myself that that i can’t do this, and at the time i had some real stiff competition That uh, that really drove me to want to outdo them, and so so it was like all everything lined up.

I had great leadership um bought in on myself, and then i had something to push for, and that was to be this other salesperson month in a month out, and it didn’t always happen.
It actually very rarely happened.
He was phenomenal uh at what he did.

No matter how he got to it but uh it gave me that goal and – and i fought really hard to get it – i’m very competitive and uh the times that i want it buddy.

I was jumping for joy, oh yeah, it’s a great! That’s exactly right and um, you know, use other people use.
You know we.

You don’t want to compare yourself to other people, but you want to see what they’re doing and know that you have that potential too.

There’s something about like sitting next to somebody and you’re.
Like well i’m just i, i have the same kind of mindset as this guy.

I have the same kind of personality.
I i work just as hard he’s doing extremely well.
I should be able to do extremely well so yeah.

You do want to see that because it’s it’s not comparing, but it’s also knowing that it’s possible when you see other people doing it like it’s possible.

So when you’re able to do that and then, like you said, if you can outdo them great – and you know if you outdo them, you’re doing really well you’re like oh, this guy did really well last month.
Buy out did him.

I did extremely well right and that’s something that lou and i have had together – um, not just you know in the past, but even now like we both work at stores where we’re brothers sister store, but we’re still competitors right.

So we like to outdo each other in a way.
You know.

Don’t get me wrong if he kicks my butt that day, i’m still cheering him on giving him high, fives and praises, but when i beat him that day, i’m i’m he’s cheering me on, but i’m over here going right and i know that they’re doing the same Thing and that’s okay: we like to do that and that’s just it’s just a good thing, but we definitely encourage each other.
We definitely push each other up, but don’t get me wrong.
I want to beat his brains in every single month.

I want to make sure that he can’t touch me, but that’s not going to happen because he’s lou ramirez right and that’s what’s so beautiful are we have such a it’s just like perfect back and forth, and it’s it’s a lot of fun.
We always end up being even and that’s the coolest part um, but that being said because we’re really competing for the same thing right at the end.
It’s not me competing to be you or you.

It’s not you competing to beat the other person in the sales floor.
It’s really you competing to beat your own.
That’s it! You want to have your best month and continue.

That’s it grow and get to that next level.
It’s you had to find it inside of you to beat that person.
You were chasing right.

You had to say no wait a minute.
It’s not so much that i’m any better than you, i’m just better than this yeah right.
I am better than where i’ve been.

I can get to there where you are i can be, but i have to challenge me man.
I need to write that down so keep going, keep growing right.
Let’s go so listen um! I do love the the the whole flow of of where it is that you are now and where it is that that you’re going and the things that have happened, guys gauss, understand evan made a shift inside of himself to kill the stigmas of even car salesman, Which has made him such a great and pleasant person to buy a car from people have enjoyed him.

I enjoyed taking evan, especially if you needed to know product knowledge you need to know.

What’s going on with the car, i mean the the detailed detail, detail things that sometimes get raised back past the average car guy right um.
He knows those things he gets into those things, just like chef, shawn and many other car, guys that we’ve had here.

They he knows stuff, but evan has also when he made that shift.
He went to setting different records.
He has the most sold at that store.

He’s he’s developed the most gross as a sales person from that store right.
Many different records – correct, yes, sir, and and because of that he’s seen some great success for him for his wife, his family right, because any time you have a young, a young marriage, a young family um, he got married.
While we were together there right right like that, i mean it made.

There was so many big boy movements that he made yeah and it was so cool uh to see, but his wife then got ingrained into the culture.
She became a car gal, a car, guy’s wife and and understood how to motivate her husband to do some great stuff and and – and it was such a reciprocating thing, car guys and cargos for those of you that have had some great success in this business.

You always have that backbone of a spouse.

That is supportive to you being the best you when you head out there on the lot and you you work those tireless hours and you you’re helping so many people and your phone is going off at weird hours, because a car didn’t start or whatever.

The case is that you’re dealing with, but evan has has taken that those challenges that almost pushed him out of the business and he’s found some great success with them, and i can’t say i can’t say enough how proud i am, but i mean how so many People are, but i’m going to join the crowd of solutionaries that are just going to cheer you on and say, you’re incredible, you’re amazing.
Before we get to number three, i just want to upload you.

We need to get you we need to get through these.
I’m sure you guys have a lot of time to get in there.
We’re gon na go to question number three question number three: is it’s gon na stem from? Like you know, i think i already know this answer, because you kind of already did it, but if you were to give yourself um go back and you’re in your eight and a half years of this business.

Now man and congratulations on that – you know the decade.
Will happen sooner or later next thing you know it’s like it goes by fast, but the in the eight years there’s been people that have influenced you, people that have got you to where you’re at now.

If you were to pick one, maybe two people, i get it’s hard, it’s just like getting an award trying to just think one person, but who would you say has been the guy that really pivoted you from being like you were just talking about.

I don’t know if this is a career to making it a career.
Who was the one that influenced you? The most i mean that’s, that’s an easy, easy answer.
As far as the most i’ve had a lot of people be a part of my career, but number one man, it’s it’s got to be lou.

He brought me in he brought me in.
He was my guy.
He had faith in me.

He built me up.

He took me for that walk when i thought i was being sneaky and interviewed and when he happened to see me, i didn’t know he saw me, but you know he invested in me and um any time that i’m talking with a new hire or something like That um a lot of times it’s it’s.
I want to bring up lou and just hey.

Listen, you know you, you start small, which everybody does.
Everybody starts from the same spot.

You were talking about learning a guitar you’ve been playing for a year.
That’s awesome! You everybody starts from the same spot.
You just gain experience and knowledge.

If you have people give you insight or tips and tricks, you know that helps grow, but we all start the same spot.

I just happen to have a phenomenal mentor, which hopefully i get to instill in the in the new hires that i have but 100 it’s got to be lou, ramirez wow.
That’s that’s really nice to say, even though it might be a lie.

I’m just kidding.
It’s not a lie.
It was awesome.

Man lose a great mentor to have man.
I’m glad that you threw some love at him.

You know matt damos.
I don’t know if he’s still watching that’s out here, he was on here.
That’s that’s my guy.

That’s the guy that when i got in you know he gave me the courage he gave me the you know, encouragement also.
He did all those things for me made me feel like it was possible.
You know he showed me the way he was the j.

He was my he was my yoda.
He was the only one like that’s how we introduced you to him yeah.
So it’s all that stuff.

It all works together.
You know, he’s he’s been big part of mine and just like lou was a big part of yours.
Um you know i like to think that i was sort of part of lose too because when he first came in, i did a little bit of training with him too.

So it’s one of those things where it’s really neat, how all our energies are being transferred to each other, we’re all giving each other a piece of each other and we’re all using those things.

You know and then like much like you did with lou, yet you’re, making it your own and you’re right.
All your new hires and all that stuff that you’re doing you are doing that.

You’re gon na have guys that are eight and a half years in.

If they’re on a show or if they had a chance to tell people who was their biggest they’re going to bring up evan evan was the guy.
He was my hype guy.

You know just like you’re saying now: you know it’s, it all comes into play, but just remember that you know when you see things like lou hyping you up every day you came into work and i’m sure you do it evan.

You do the same thing when you know something that works that helps you get to where you’re at use those things pour it out and pour those on your guys too.
You know it’s, okay, no, it! No one has an original idea anymore.

Everyone’s takes everybody’s stuff and everybody uses it and mixes.
It makes it their own in a sense right and that’s something that we all do, and i think it’s it’s really cool and oh look terrell blonde.
What up another local homegrown car guy himself series two! But yes, um question number cuatro number four! So inside of this, so we explained folks: let’s go ahead and bring up evan, let’s bring up that big face on to the screen real, quick and show everybody so car guys car guys.

I don’t know if you remember, but maybe about a decade ago, seeing all this facial action here was unheard of.
It was so militant the way that we approached it.
You might have had a mustache, you might have had a maybe maybe there was a snuck in grote here or there, but i remember so many people i mean always clean shaven.

That was the business.
That’s how it was.
You were shirt tie.

You were clean shave.
Okay, it was easy for me right, i’m done but evan came in here and i made him chop it off, but we put an incentive out there.
So real quick evan.

What was it that shifted and how has culture changed inside of the entire auto group uh? Because of you making the shift into uh being the bearded sales guy, where did that come from? Well, it came from a goal that you gave me um.
You said if you average 15 cars for three months, you can grow your beard, i hated shaving.
I mean it was the worst thing.

It was the worst thing, and so i did.
I hit 15 cars.
Three months in a row grew my beard out um and then i happened to see the owner.

Carl slope himself start growing his beard out.
I mean the key to it.
Is you can’t just get buddies from there? We wouldn’t hear anybody i like to think so i don’t know if you were like yeah.

We were bearded buddies, but you know to me the guy.
Looking to the top yeah, i was his bearded buddy um, but the key to it is is keeping manicured.
You know you can’t that’s sloppy right and so take that extra time make sure that it’s nice and tight your lines are straight um, and then you know you just you be genuine and then people will look past.

Wow he’s got facial hair now and it kind of goes hand in hand with like tattoos.

You know a lot of times before tattoos were a bad thing.
You know you associated it with um.

You know just different types of culture, but not really with a professional, clean cut.
Car sales person mute that, but now it’s more accepted.
So i think that if you are a genuine person, you know people look past these little things, but the key to it is you got to be presentable, you have to be knowledgeable uh and just a genuine person.

You can’t have that fakeness to you.
That’s right.
I agree and he’s 100 you hit that right, keep it manicured and clean, like you, can have a super long beard, but if it’s kept clean it looks good.

You know if you put on the right outfit with your your shirt’s ironed, your pants are iron.
Your shoes are polished and clean, they don’t look scuffed up like you’ve been wearing them out in rocks.
You know what i mean you have to come to work.

Looking professional, it’s amazing.
I have long hair.
That was not really a cool thing either.

You know having hair down past my shoulders, but the thing is: is that i keep it clean? I always pull it back.
I don’t let it get unwavered.
I don’t look nappy every single day my hair is washed.

I shave my face.
I shave my neck, you know i do all the food right.
I do all the right things and then my work, my clothes, is always going to be in fuego.

It’s always going to look good.
It’s going to be fly, i’m going to be the nicest dress guy in the whole dealership.
That’s how i feel i can overcome a lot of that by you know having long hair and a beard by doing that, and but that, but then it comes to the point where even your client or whatever client saying well, my clients think i look great.

They think hey this guy looks professional most time i think i’m the owner of the store.

So that being said, that’s just because you have to you present it and then there’s a swag about it.
When you dress nice, you keep shoulders back.

You look good.
You feel confident you stand taller.

Customers like that they don’t like people who are recluse body.

Language is huge, i’m not going to get into that with body language.

He was confident in his face right and just being able to have that beard on your face.

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