We’re going all the way live, all the way live all right good morning.

What’s up everyone good morning, america, good morning, solutionaries good morning, peeper of the where you know what i say i love it.
I’m so excited to be here this morning.
I’m glad my homeboy lou is here at the cafe with me.

We are ready to rock i’m fred lanark’s subprime hero and i’m lou ramirez, the car guy, hey man.
Do we have a lot of stuff that we like to talk about what’s up good morning, my friend, what’s going on richie folks, richie bellow check him out you need to? He is somebody that you need to make a friend with, because this guy has the biggest heart in the car business.
I absolutely love the guy.

I appreciate the guy so much so folks.
Here we go, you all know what time it is it’s time for this: , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , stop , yeah, yeah good morning, people moving on hello! All of you solution.
How excited are you to approach your day today? How pumped up for you that you get the opportunity to embrace what is the only time in history that this day is ever gon na happen? How excited are you to go after what it is that you’ve been dreaming of you’ve been hoping for? How excited are you if you’re not that excited yet we’ll hit your chest one time for me, because you need to get something activated inside of you, so you need to take a good long, sip of some solutionary serum to help you get ready to be blasting Off to the highest heights that you have ever dreamt of going to take a sip of some car guy coffee, get your mindset in the right place and get ready to apply three f’s inside of your life as we get ready to take on this day.

You know what time it is folks.
This is actually four four okay coffee, yes, we’re actually drinking car guy coffee right now, really literally, it’s you need to it.
Juices are consistent consistency.

I keep messing that up.
I don’t know why i said it right last night, when i was talking to a couple of my friends i was talking with scott joseph jamil and, of course, sandy.
It was a great combo.

I was in the fourth box last night with them man.
What a good it was, it’s not a live, show it’s literally just four business minds singing having a mastermind.
It was really unique.

It was a very unique conversation.
You know i get an opportunity every week to be with our sponsors at the think, tank and um.

You know think ad group.

They do a great job, you know putting that together and that’s.
That is a whole different level too.
There’s a lot of people it’s a great time, but this fourth box man.

It was a very candid like open conversation about the car business and man did we get into it last night and it was so much fun.
You know they were drinking, they were drinking their bourbons and having their cigars.
I was unfortunately still at work, so i didn’t have a chance to have a cigar with a bourbon which would have been a wonderful thing.

You know, but it made me start thinking about car guy correlations with that.
You know our coffee stuff, so i was like, but they you know, they said that we should do something like that too, and i told them you know i’ll do a thing.

That’s that’s the plan, but you know this.

Fourth box thing was amazing.
It was really fun yeah, it was so much fun, i mean we literally sat down and we talked and talked and it was two hours and it was just.
I learned some really cool stuff and i they felt like.

I dropped some knowledge on them too.
They were really impressed about what i had to say about subprime world, about different processes and all kinds of stuff and uh.
You know with my experience of being on the road like lou, and i both have we you know and all that type of stuff.

It was really fun to be able to talk about those things and they were really interested in hearing my opinion, so these guys, you know, they’ve been doing it for a long time.

So it’s really cool to hear that people who are doing it for a long time are trying to find other pieces to make themselves better too, and they had me come in there to help out with that, and yet they poured into me also great session.

So part of what’s kept them going staying around for a long time.

Yeah man is that they get together with people and they try new ideas and they and they stretch themselves.
They keep growing right.
They continue to expand uh, who it is that they let in their life to improve their life as they seek out to improve others lives.

I mean that’s, that’s awesome, stuff that we get the chance to even speak to any of these people um.
That is outside of our our small community, but the again the power of social media is, is giving everybody access to such great minds that are effective inside of their field, and we are just enjoying sharing a brew of solutions with everybody, because everybody’s everybody’s angle matters Right the hand can’t say to the foot that i don’t need you: we each have a function inside of this big body of of of uh humanity, so uh, each of us assembling our parts in our one little niche, the car business.
You know what i mean.

There’s this many people that are in the actual business that you’re in that help complement it, keep things moving, keep things moving and improving um, but excited to keep that going and apply.
Three a.
m, see this right there boom.

This is what we do so car guys and cargills, and all you solutionaries out there watching in the world make sure you join us in this.
This is fun.
It’s a dance move.

If you’re driving only excuse me do the one hand you do this one hand.
Okay, you know what i’m saying: that’s how you do it, but you or you you know: boom boom boom boom boom, but the two hand, folks, is something that, if you’ve watched our show, you know what it looks like you put your hands on top of your Shoulders you wipe it away.
You wipe away every bad thing that ever happened to you.

Everything that you did in the past that you felt like man was a mistake.
It doesn’t matter anymore because nothing matters in the past it’s about now.

So then you get to focus.

Finally, you focus on it.
You focus on what you want.
You get you get super focused.

You write down your plans, you make things happen and guess what once you get that you take that first step you’re going to start flying and when you’re flying you just keep growing, keep growing, keep growing, get it yes good morning.
I’m glad you guys joined us with that wake you up a little bit.
Get you some! You know little you got any little beats.

You could drop a little business.
I was just really gon na just let it go like this, so i found some background music.
This morning, man, you know what i’m saying you’re watching so many all right.

So what those some shout outs really quick.
We got reach richie bello! Thank you.
He says awesome.

Podcast, these guys go by keep bro keep grow, wow great solutions.
Thank you.
Richie man honored by you know the streets, my sister, our counterparts, the cargo coffee with the sisters of savings good morning good morning, good morning, michelle i know she’s already been up for a while doing her thing with the morning five doing her stuff, rising and grinding.

Then we got richie saying so excited i jumped out of bed at 2.
Am yes, sir, and then shawn weatherby good morning good morning, what’s up my friend and then, of course, mr mike pippen, now he’s been up this morning doing his thing and i’ve been knowing this guy he’s starting to run he’s starting to do some amazing stuff, i’m Seeing the growth in you right now mike, don’t stop, won’t stop a lot of times.
People get a little bit tired and they say you know what i’ve done it long enough.

You just keep going man you’re gon na go a long way.
You have a huge future ahead of you.
You’ve already been doing some big stuff, but man, it’s cool, to see what you’re doing right now keep growing my friend keep it so keep growing.

Keep it growing.
What’s up what’s up everybody good morning, thank you.
So much for coming in here with us and uh, getting ready to ignite a fire in the world around you uh.

Thank you so much for joining in.
If you would like to share this with anybody else that you would like to see smile and just have a better day, well go ahead and hit share hit like please throw a comment.
We appreciate it just hit the share button right now.

That means more than anything in the world since you are in the room.
Thank you so much for all of you that are watching, go ahead and hold your uh, your mug up high for us real, quick, go ahead and drop a mug symbol inside or emoji inside of there and just say good morning, cheers cheers cheers.
Thank you.

So much for getting you some of the solution, brew that we have for you today.
That’s right man, thank you again, just for for coming in here and having some fun we’re motivated to keep finding new connections that are doing different things inside of the market.
To be successful, guys, oh there are so many morning, justin, what’s up brother speaking of justin, an incredible solutionaries that are how we’ve been able to connect them.

Yeah to anybody is by the uh.
The new connection series, and inside of that was the thing.
So you can get information by going to think ad group.

com click on their contact.
They have their information read about who they are.
I promise you there’s a solution that they can solve, for you excuse me a problem that they could find a solution for you right now and that’s the biggest thing these guys.

They have a solution for everything, they’re going to be very creative for you.
They use their minds, they use their hearts, they listen to what you’re having issues with and they find something that’s going to make it work, something that derek had said when we interviewed them.
If you guys go back and watch it, he says that you know they.

Don’t have products that they sell, they sell solutions right absolutely and that’s what they are.
The solutionary is very much solutionaries.

That’s why we’ve become such synergize together and we make great music together.

If you know what i’m saying speaking of music justin man, we do need to set up that zoom session, that zooms in my friend.
We need to get a zoom session.

What we want – and we we’ve asked for this – would love to see this for justin to take his horn.

Uh get himself prepared and bust out a little bit.
Oh, this is not coming bam.
I want to see that i know right .

I love it man, i can’t wait till we have an actual orchestra, uh assembled a band assembled and we can have the whole whole thing just brought together like inside of like a big new york symphony hall.
Oh, i could see it already, but justin would be the one that right there is like all right hit it, and then everybody gets okay with it.
Yes, so let’s do it sunday, let’s try to figure that out sunday, man sometime, we got to figure out.

We can set up an hour or something on sunday, i’m a busy guy on sunday with family, but i definitely will make time for my other extended family like justin right.
So let’s make this happen.
Justin give me a call later or we’ll text i’m off today.

Actually i’ll be i’m not completely off, i got stuff to do after i get off this.
I got my workout.
I got a knockout this morning, inspired by my 90-day friend over there, i’m on it dude i’m on day number six right now, so, let’s keep it going.

You keep rocking i’m gon na keep rocking.
I am sore to where my arms don’t straighten all the way out from it’s from all the pull-ups right here.
My lats, oh i’m also done like 100 pull-ups the other day and then like probably 200 push-ups during a 30-minute workout killer.

Don’t get me wrong when i say a hundred pull-ups guys, i didn’t do them all unassisted.
I did use a little band that i have to help me on a multitude of them.

After the first set pretty much.
It was all banned, not gon na lie, but it’s better than doing nothing.
Folks and that’s the key, a lot of people they in the point behind that is, a lot of people will do things and then they give up because it seems hard, but it’s okay, just make it a slow, a slight adjustment, even if you’re just running in Place instead of running down a street is better than nothing as long as you’re doing something keeping your heart rate up, especially during workouts.

You know you got to do that kind of stuff and just like the reps, like, for example, you’re doing pull-ups folks, if you’re not really good at pull-ups, maybe have an assistant where you can jump up and then work on just holding yourself up as long as You can and then letting yourself go down slowly and then let go then do it again and now you do that for a couple weeks.
Next thing you know you’re pulling yourself up and you’re able to do it.
It builds your strength that negative is what they call that the negative when you’re letting yourself go down.

That’s a negative when you learn to build those muscles up by doing that, they strengthen the muscles that help.
You do this, but you have to do something if you never try you’re never going to get better at it.

So that’s something that i’d use and that’s something that helped me years ago get good at pull ups, because i was never good at pull-ups.

I could maybe do 10 and then i’d be done.

Never i’m never going to be able to do anything.
My arms are locked up and everything right now and then, after a while, i started practicing my negatives and then i was able to do like at one like similar to what i did without assistance like 100 pull-ups, and you know 30 minutes, it’s crazy to say, But it happens fast too, if you just put the work in your body really adjust to that so 90 days, just like my man justin who inspired me because i kind of fell off.

I was doing push-ups doing all this stuff, but i wasn’t really getting into what i need to do like real workouts and you know putting my cardio in and i saw justin put that post out and it inspired me because he said that i inspired him on It he was like fred, talked about this 90 day thing and i’m like yeah.
If i need to practice what i freaking preach so – and i do i practice it in a lot of other ways, but in my own workout i don’t practice why i have, but every time i try, i make excuses, i’m not making excuses this time.
I do it every day i got my wife in my corner this time.

My wife reminds me every day, she’s like i and she never has before, but i asked her to i said: look.
I need you to treat me like i’m nick, my son.
If you need to remind me like, if i you think i’m not going to do it be like fred, you need to do your workout, you know, and i will and don’t me and don’t be nice to me about it.

So it’s cool and i don’t get mad at her.
She doesn’t do that.
So it’s awesome.

It helps, but she’s only had to do it once, and it was only because it was after work and i was going to do it, but i wanted to chill for a minute.
She was just do it now, you get it over with and you’ll be good.
I’m like i don’t want, you know, i just got off work.

I went to and she’s like to do it right now i was like i went and did it and you know what i didn’t know what the workout was, but that day it was a yoga workout, which i really needed, because my legs from the day two Workout, my glutes, you know what i’m saying gluteus maximus, then mugs were on fire burning like i couldn’t even sit down in this chair every time i was like so i needed to stretch out, even though the yoga is a workout folks who don’t take yoga’s light Because it’s not easy um, but it definitely helps you stretch out and get the blood flowing in places.

It needs to flow help heal those muscles so awesome stuff.
So thank you, justin.

I know i went on for a minute about that.

But today is day 32.
You know i’m going to tell you something the pictures of you that you guys did on the head shots justin with you with you and your wife evelyn.

When she took those pictures of you, you look great man, you look good.
I could tell that you’ve been doing something because you’re your big ass head.

It wasn’t as big.

I could say that, because i got a big head man, i’m from a family of big heads.

You know we all look like.
We have oranges on toothpicks.

You know what i’m saying so, but that being said, your head, looking smaller man, looking swell man, it looks good on you and i’m gon na tell you.
I know from experience after 90 days of consistent workout what your body can really transform into and the confidence that it comes from that you’re gon na see that – and i know you’re gon na end that and you’re at 32 days.
You’re committed bro.

But just remember it’s not 87! It’s not 80 days.
It’s not 60 days go 90 days for those results because 60 days you see something and a lot of people kind of quit around there.
I’m not kidding i’ve done it.

I’ve got to 60.
I’ve got to 70 days and quit before saw some results, but i know – and i know for a fact – and i have picked not because i’m not going to show my body pictures online or nothing but but i’m telling you dude.
I went from like sloppy from in 90 days, sloppy to like six-pack crazy just from doing it down.

I don’t need you to spill that i felt like dave ramirez what i was saying now.
It’s picturing him right, so [ Laughter ], but that’s what i’m saying like you know: it’s it’s! It’s amazing to what can happen in 90 days, like i said, please i i know you’re going to do it, but please i encourage you and i’ll be there, for you, don’t stop at 80.
Don’t stop at 60 go 90 days and then, once you get 90 days, you’re going to just come up with another knife, it’s just going to be a lifestyle, it becomes lifestyle and that’s what’s beautiful about it because it becomes a real.

This impacted habit, habits form in two weeks.
They say takes 15 days to start a habit, but it takes 90 days to make that habit.


Just keep just remember that and to see the results of that habit.
So love you, man boom enough of that guys.
I keep talking about that in your cup everybody and sit on it all right.

This coffee is really super caffeinated.
It is consistently caffeinated, but you see you see you see it’s.

I think i yawned like 50 times on the cgc late brew on sunday man.

I was like out of it.
It was so funny man i i was snoring and everything dropped a lot of great info uh for you, guys, uh, but speaking of great info, for you all uh.
There is a whole lot brewing inside.

Oh gosh this week, uh car guys that are on the podcast, so check them out.
We got mr bishop dropping things from the gm side of the world and then we are going to make a full round uh.
Just again, i guess you would call it.

I don’t know we’ll call it a doughnut right, we’ll call it a doughnut where we come around to the forward end with where the fred and his the actual ford brand into this conversation right after we have gm homegrown individuals that are brewing solutions.

Homegrown folks kentucky car guys and car gals how it is working locally and then uh all throughout the country and actually beyond um they’re watching and seeing who it is that’s listening to us.
We are we worldwide, i’m gon na tell you you know we really are people all over the world that are yeah that are that are watching and seeing us if you, if you uh, if you get the chance uh to to see that stuff, it really and Gets you excited to say hey this one thing that you’re do you know who this guy is michael dooley? No, oh, my god we got to talk after this is over.

We got i got i have i have so much stuff.
I’ve been meaning to pour and tell you about, and i keep forgetting these little things and then you bring that up so dude we are.
We are we’re connecting so much fun.

We’re we’re connected we’re connected it’s fun, but when you get a good brew, then it’s it’s be.
Who of you to uh? Get you some of it and share it, make sure that people know that you can be successful in life.
If you were just the number one thing that you have control over, you have control over this there’s many other things in the world.

You don’t have control over, but there’s one thing: you have 100 control over and that’s your attitude once your attitude gets that adjustment and if it takes a little bit of caffeine, so be it if it takes you going and getting lunch, so be it if it Takes you writing down your gratitudes, so be it whatever? It takes you to have an attitude of gratitude, an attitude that is wanting to inspire and uplift and help and then eventually really enjoy the the the passion filled, excitement that comes from truly serving because once you find yourself serving others and seeing others succeed and having What it is that they want to achieve you’ve you’ve arrived you’ve arrived to.

Where you will, you will have so much of a of a greater peace about you inside of whatever turmoil.

Uh there is.

You are anchored down to a true uh, deep understanding of what it is like.
It’s always absolutely yes, and so inside of your business.

If you bring joy to your customer you’re going to have a joyful business, the bottom line is always going to reflect that you’ve been doing the right thing by people.

Okay and if you’re doing it inside of your marriage, you’re going to reap the benefits of what it is that you sow into your marriage you’re, going to reap the benefits of what it is that you sow into your children, you’re, going to reap those things.
If you’re pouring out joy you’re going to see that come back, the word says: if you want to be friends, be friendly to people right albert einstein says: if the answer is simple: it’s usually, god speaking.
So when understanding that we are all here to complement each other inside having a better life, yes, we start to act differently.

We start to walk differently talk differently.

We start to uh see things differently if, when we’re not as defensive about trying to not be harmed by people, but we’re finding a way to try to help people, the whole world makes a big shift, and that’s what’s good when you’re brewing solutions, that’s it.
You know you know, that’s just behind the solutions, you know and no you want to be sorry.

You’re talking, i’m the one interrupting you.
I apologize um.
You know the thing is and lose right on them.

So right on that, you know, but it just comes down to basic human being, just be decent, be a decent person, be somebody that cares for the neighbor who cares for their family? Who cares for themselves? Most importantly, you need to care for yourself a lot of people think it’s kind of weird to care for yourself to put attention to yourself a little bit.

It’s that’s not! You need to be able to do that you, because, if you’re, if you’re, not okay, how do you help other people right? Put your mask on first yeah, that’s exactly the right thing and it’s not a thing to be selfish.

It’s just that! You have to be able to give people something you know it’s like um, you know if you, if you are struggling in life, people need to help you right, but if you’re doing well in life it’s time for you to help them, so we all go through These valleys and we also go through the highs, the mountain hot tops, and then we get to down to the valley sometimes, and these valleys can sometimes be rough on us, and some people will sometimes just stay in that valley and just mentally everything around them could Be wonderful but mentally they’re stuck they’re just uh and i’ve come to find that the average person that i’ve met through the years they are always in the valley, and it’s not that they can’t get out of it.

They’ve, come out, they’ve come up and hung out up here on the mountaintops for a little bit, but then they come right back down there and it’s almost like they find more joy and sadness because it seems familiar to them.
Maybe they grew up that way and their and their parents were always talking about.
Life is hard.

You know, money is impossible to make, or you know, there’s not enough money for anybody.
We can’t afford this.
We can’t afford that.

You know this and that i get that life can be tough on people and then you can see that message from people that you care about and you feel like.
That’s your life too.
Well, that’s absolutely like lou said it’s not the case.

You have control of your own attitude, which will determine your altitude folks period.
The attitude that you have the way that you address things, the way that you feel about things, it’s very influenced by your past, it’s very influenced by um who raised you.
It’s very much influenced that way, but guys that that needs to be disconnected.

You have to understand and realize that the world is made the planet.
This whole energy that you are part of is made for you.
It’s you, don’t worry about your past.

That’s why lou has this great, forgive, focus and find this? Let’s talk about the first one right.
Let’s, let’s cover those two up, we’re just talking about forgive doesn’t matter your parents could have your parents could have had the wrong attitude.
You could have had a wrong attitude when you’re growing up you.

You may even had a lot of bad luck happen to you, but let me tell you that was all because of your mind.
It was really because you only focused on all the bad luck, because there was probably good stuff happening all the time, but you didn’t care because you were like it doesn’t matter, because this happened right it passed does not matter folks, it doesn’t matter if you grew Up poor, it doesn’t matter if you grew up rich, it doesn’t matter if you grew up overseas and you’re not from this country, but you’re here now and you’re doing something i’ve seen.
Amazing things happen from people all over the world come here.

It’s a free country.
We get to do stuff, we have free minds, use your free mind, open it up.
Let the happiness be noticeable, see the happiness around.

You don’t miss it.
It’s everywhere i mean there’s light.
I talk about it every day and that’s i and i talk about it.

Every day, not because i and yes i do because i want to share it because it helps me, but it helps me i when i talk about things, i tend to pay attention to those things.
When i say hey look for the light, i’m looking for light, then at that point i can’t be a hypocrite.
I got ta really be that guy, and i am that guy, that’s exactly what i am lose the same way.

That’s why we connect we we.
This is our our power and energies together when we put our energy together, whoa dude, it’s caffeinated, folks, it’s consistent, it’s delicious and i’m pumping my arms and i’m making it work.

But but the thing is is that i don’t feel that it feels great, because my arms are like straight up a little bit yeah.

But but that’s that’s it guys.
You know you really need to use your mind.
Your mind is so much more powerful than you think you know if you’re a religious person, you believe in god, god gave you this free mind to create things with much like him.

He created the whole plan.
He created jew.
He created light.

He created everything that we need to live us in his image, but then he said boom, i’m giving you the power to create too.
We all have that matt put a great post like his comment to something like what he had gratitude was his gratitude, matt damos, that is, he put he put a thing.
He said that that he has the ability to create that’s a god-given gift that he has.

That’s powerful, it is very powerful.
The create part is part of your mind too, but that’s why what lou said is so true, because your mind will determine what you become.
What you are, what your daily feels are like how your day is going to end up, because it could be a bad day on someone’s eyes because they’re looking at darkness right, but if, on that same thing, that happened, two people from start all over two people.

Two different mindsets, i believe in the light.
Looking for the light i believe, staying in the darkness right, they have the exact same day this day, freaking sucked man this day was amazing.
I’ve had this happen to me, but then i noticed this and because of that i know that this is going to happen.

That’s called the difference between optimistic and pessimistic.

Bad things happen to both people, but this guy doesn’t pay attention to those.

He forgives it.

This guy holds on to it like baggage lets.
It weigh him down, you know and that’s tough i’ve been there.
I have been that person guilty right.

I’m sure you’ve been that person, but you know what you’ve also been the other person.
We’ve also been that person who’s allowed the light because we’ve all had it – we’ve been children before we’ve left we’ve been we’ve been unwarranted grace in many opportunities in our life.

Okay, we’re not sitting here saying we.

We are perfect people we’re just figuring out that um.
We can operate perfectly forgiven um if we don’t carry the weight against ourselves as well.


Our each of our marriages have have struggled through the car business into building a stronger foundation now than ever before, but the challenges have hit us all right.

We’ve learned the hard way, a lot of the lessons, we’re trying to teach you all right to in in the way that to respect and and have time for your family, you know what i mean we had to learn it, because we were missing things.
You know what i mean we were uh making some of the wrong calls uh in in because of that we learned so some of the hard lessons we don’t.

You don’t have to learn if you are wise enough to listen to people that are saying: hey, focus on these things and keep going, forgive the things that are slowing you down and you will fly to higher heights than ever.

If you just drop that baggage yeah, i mean trust me, we all make mistakes.
Do we make mistakes? But here’s okay? Well, here’s the thing: it’s okay! I made mistakes.

Yesterday you know i i made mistakes.
Probably this morning, when i first woke up, i hit the snooze twice.
You know i didn’t want to, but i did, but i actually set that up for a two snoozer, i’m not gon na lie.

I did my alarm and i knew i was gon na.
Do it, that’s why it happens.
It’s powerful, how your mind is um, but you know right it’s all about.

What’s between your ears, my love, that was a good one.
Lou! You made a good point.
I went you made me ramble about that.

I love it.
I love it.
You said a couple of key things that i think we want to leave as uh the the main take this with you to go cup message um, but before hitting that it was like when, like doing the morning, five sometimes like.

If you get the chance to see the podcast at the 5 30, which is hard for us, we’re a lot of times we’re up late, doing other stuff um, but uh right the whole leave your phone alone.
Part! That’s where that’s like! Oh i’m, breaking the rule! For this right right now, you know what we’re doing i’m just i didn’t hit snooze, but it’s right on time for that and i’m gon na.
What’s going on, you know what i mean: that’s the only spot where i’m like.

Oh, that’s i’m right in there in social media land, but anyway we’ll talk about that another, but yeah for those of you that know what the morning five is uh, but here’s the message: okay, because you all have something that many people uh toil fight, cross borders.
Uh, ditch uh the past run away uh from terror.
Four, you have something that has been the dream in the experiment of the entire earth.

Here in this nation, you have freedom and we want to make sure that you embrace the power that you have.
So i want to leave this quick message.

If you have any sort of freedom in your life use it.

Some of you know what it’s like to be bound.

Some of you know what it’s like to actually have your freedom taken.
Some of you know what it’s like to be behind a cell.

Some of you don’t have mug shots just because you take pictures of yourself with your coffee, mug right.
Some of you have mug shots because you’ve been processed once or twice right.
Okay, so i understand right, but you have freedom.

You have that yep.
What are you going to do today with your freedom? I implore you all use your freedom use your freedom to to adjust your attitude, use your freedom to love, somebody use your freedom to pick the phone and call and send out a good message.
Uh to somebody use your freedom to not let darkness prevail.

Inside of somebody else’s life, if you see somebody walking into a into a road that where a bus is coming, you pull them back from that right.
Well, these those metaphors happen so many times in life.
You can see people around you going down a dangerous path.

If you know, and inside of your heart, you have an unction to maybe give them a little bit of advice, not judge them but speak to them.
Out of love, you can help out.
You can do that.

You can increase the level of the goals you want to achieve.
You can increase the level of growth that you seek for yourself and for your family use your freedom today.
Okay, i mean again, we are so grateful for the nation that we get to live in, and people fight tooth and nail to get here for this type of freedom use it wisely.

It’s so so often those that that don’t have it that finally get here that that they go into absolutely pouring out all of their life and all of their money into trying to find a way to succeed in this nation that you can grow.
If you focus you can have that, you can have great things and don’t let anybody’s lie of limitation.
Stop you from being what it is that you and your heart want to be.

I don’t care what it is.
I don’t care what the rules are.
I don’t care who’s against you, okay, you can be whoever it is that the father has made you to be, but become it seek that out.

Once again, you are your own.

You can create guys it’s.
You know.

There’s people out there that there’s a lot of people who’ve been the first at something.
Why why not it be you if there’s something out there, that you’re striving that you want, but you said no one else has ever done it or somebody or i’m a girl and women can’t do women are not allowed.
Yes, you are be whatever you want to be.

I promise you just make sure that you make that commitment, use your freedom, use your mind and don’t be so shallow.
Ah man, they were saying it y’all, it was preaching.
I already knew.

I was preaching to y’all serious yeah, guys gals and all you solutionaries out there just understand that we love you and we implore you to take these solutions that you’ve been brewing.
I am down to my last sip and i always i’m so excited to get on with my day and go get the guys jacked up at the dealership and pump up uh a couple of customers make some great memories and have a great great great day.

You guys go make the world better.

Please go share this with me with as many people as you can uh, but ultimately you go do what it is that you do great um and uh get uncomfortable.

That’s find a way to stretch, be uncomfortable, grow one-armed.

It use your freedom use your freedom today, use it use it.
You have today, remember that’s how we started off you have today.
Congratulations go put it to work the world’s going to be better.

I can’t wait to hear the testimony of what awesomeness was birthed because of what you all went and did today.

Ah, i’m excited about it.
I love angela’s last name angela day curio, i’m jealous of that last name.

Well, thank you.
We are getting it, you get it.
You have a great day, go off, use your freedom.

Use your mind, be everything that you want to be just remember.
It just takes time.
It takes a little bit of work, but when you get there every single day, you just get a little bit better a little bit better and just focus on that light, and i promise you you’ll see endless endless possibilities.

Happen be whatever you want to be folks, because i know i’m going to do what i want to do because that’s what i do because that’s what i do.
My friends, you all have a good one, don’t be as we’re walking out of this.
I’m going to let you guys see something really: cool check it out: , so [ Applause, ], , how [ Applause, ], [, Music ]! Thank you so much for bringing with us.

Thank you good morning and good good day.
Yeah good have an incredible day.
Make sure that you get you some of the current brew, that’s being released right as we speak 10 a.

m and beyond you can get you some of glenn lundy, jumping back inside of the cafe giving a car guy confession session.
It’s a good one guys you need to check it out.

It’s a good story.

I mean he’s, got he’s he’s a lot of.
He was a lot of fun to interview.
He really was because his answers were like seriously man you, you already knew what our questions were or something bro.

You had that stuff like written out.
You know good he’s done this once or twice yeah he’s kind of a professional now yeah.
Yes, so we appreciate you all, you all have a great day go forth, use your mind, be free with it be whatever you want to be.

I promise you, if you do, that, you’re going to be a happy person, don’t let limitations that you believe that you have hold you down because they’re not there, just let those things unlock those chains and let it go all right.

You all have a good one.
We appreciate you, love y’all peace out, let’s brew car guy coffee, .

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