Oh good morning, life is a wonderful wonderful day.

Folks, it’s our favorite time of the day.
It is cgc early brew up in here today is 9 15.
It’s the middle of the month.

Guys welcome! You know.
What’s up, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to the show pass.
It out pass it out folks, i’m getting ready to hit you with something that you’re going to really like.

It comes.
What was that commercial? What commercial was that literally, you know what that was.

You know what i’m talking about the commercial that we saw.
Oh man, when we heard that there’s somebody out there that has uh the same little tit bit that they said they.

It’s all good, though, just real quick, it’s like, and it’s sped up a little bit right and it’s like gone and that’s – and i got my theories on why it is that it’s so short uh, but they’re sampling.

This they’re bootlegging us, and that just makes me more excited about it.
Let’s just know that we got something going on some great content: that’s getting inside of people’s ears uh, because hopefully you enjoy hearing it always gets me excited.
It gets me pumped up, can’t wait to really blast it loud on an entire stage and have everybody just really really excited to be brewing solutions and having a great time.

Those days are coming folks.
Sooner than later, i believe that we are getting to a place where we are finding solutions to be around uh, more and more people, and i can’t wait to to actually get to do that.
Um, it’s so exciting uh to meet the people that we get to meet uh right now, uh, but man.

It is today’s been a great day already.
I’ve got to see one of my sisters and arms.
We just had her on our early brew the other morning.

Um, yes, micelle streets, she was on rise and grind this morning.
She was the special guest.
You know i was honored to be on there about a week or so ago, and and then this morning i get on and i look and there she is and she did a great job.

I love her and what i’ve and we appreciate you throwing our names in there for a split.
Second, i meant a lot.
Thank you so much.

We appreciate you and man and what a great person to have interviewed um she’s, one of the sweetest people ever y’all.
If you all saw our show the other day, you would know what i’m talking about.

I love some michelle streets, his sister’s savings, her and melissa missy up there.

They are doing some things and she is on a right now right, just like much like us, much like everybody out there who’s doing her thing, ascending literally, she is ascending.
She is currently solutionaries arising and uniting together.
She has teamed up with adam marberger from ascend dealer services, who’s a great friend of ours and also a fellow solutionary that actually was on the same solutionary series.

That adam was on i’m just saying it’s just amazing we’re connecting trying to make sure that we are brewing solutions for many of the great people that are out there trying to do great stuff.
You know it is their victory is, and we want more.
We want more everyone, speaking of people that have been on our show, jason jason.

What’s up jason captain nexell himself, our big brother jason out there doing this thing.

Welcome! That’s another inspiration of ours.
Another guy it’s been one of the greatest greatest rewards is the relationship that we’ve gained uh with jason throughout this this entire journey and uh, it’s just it’s so exciting to have people like you, uh in our life jason.

Yes, i love you you’re gon na, be you know we’re going to have to roll the whole ad with you.
Thank you adam for coming on this morning, adam’s another one of those guys we haven’t met.
We haven’t really got to know each other too much, but we know each other from social media and much respect to each other.

I have respect for this guy he’s doing a lot of cool stuff.
He um go check out his his youtube folks go subscribe to it.
He’s got some um, really inspirational stuff, that’s outside of the car world um and it’s stuff that, if you’re in dark spots like with you know, dealing with alcohol and stuff like that, i’m telling you he.

He definitely has a light in that world um and he is a light in that world he’s a light in a lot of things, but check out adam’s stuff.
Go subscribe with him who sanjay what’s going on sanjay my friend thank you for jumping on hope, you’re.
Having a great morning um also so folks, let’s get this thing going um once again, we are excited.

We are currently on a our current brew.
Right now we dropped was with jake bishop.
He is a local homegrown car guy he’s from louisville kentucky um recent purchase.

Lee just purchased a new home selling, his other one he’s doing well.
He has made moves a beautiful family he’s making moves.
He works at a dealership.

That’s on the upward climb too um.
It’s really neat to see what they’re doing up there he’s got he’s surrounded by a lot of great people that really care for him also at his job.
So it’s always good to have a good work environment.

He definitely has that he’s just a good person.
He brings a lot to that work, environment um.
So you know people like that currently, so that we did this five liner.

We dropped that the other night i was half asleep when i was pushing it in, but i got it all in there and it was all downloaded.
I was snoring a little bit in between as lou was editing it.

I don’t snore much, but when i do it’s win lose here.

Oh man, but yeah i was.
I was like right on my recliner right out here.
He was in here editing.

It was like.
I don’t know what time it wasn’t.
Even that late.

I was just super tired that night and i mean it was pretty late.
It was still pretty late.
It was uh, it was like one third yeah i was like he said.

I’m gon na go sit on the couch.
I said me too.

I laid back it.

Didn’t gave us an entire conversation about sleep.
Apnea was one of the inter uh uh intermissions and i remember going hey dude, hey were you on the think tank when we were talking about sleep apnea, and i was like like why yeah that’s exactly i’ve seen her going.

Why do i sound like a high sleep apnea? I was like like well, i’m just saying you know it’s for snoring.

You know one of the signs, one of the science i understood.

I i understood what he was putting.
I was picking it up.

I was like dude bro yeah, all right cool.
You done editing, i’m tired uh.
It was awesome.

I was just yeah a little bit of yeah.
It was sunday night guys it was yeah, it was good, but we uh, we still had an incredible week, kicked off rising and grinding with glenn lundy uh in the morning with a great group of people.

The great thing that has been assembled is a group of people that are trying to ascend the hill in their own worlds, and all of these people that are encouraging each other to succeed is a key culture that you want anywhere, that it is that you go Um, when we get together with the think tank, um, think tank, uh, think tank thursdays, uh, thirsty thursdays in the think tank uh, with these incredible solutionaries, uh, justin and derek and evelyn cause.

That’s what this brewery’s been brought by by the way? Yes, they’re the ones that have brought this brew when you get in there with people that are really trying to elevate each other and the world and have fun doing it, you find yourself actually ascending the hill and that’s what we get to do with these great Solution areas that we love to meet and be connected to, and there’s just so much of this uh baskets being weaved together right now of uh of strong people that are going to carry a big load to pour out to many many people, oh, and we have A big announcement we want to do, but you know what we got to do.

First things: first, everybody you know: what’s up, apply three f’s to make sure that you can formulate a lifestyle that you keep growing, formulate a lifestyle that is fresh and funky.
There’s three ups right there too, but that’s just saying, but looking fresh like you look at this fresh fred over here, hey ready to do this, you know what i’m keeping it clean man i’m trying to here, you guys may have noticed.

I actually got a comment about my jackets lately.
Like me, oh man, i love loving your jackets.
You know they’re, saying you’re, changing it up a little bit yeah, i sort of am i’ve always kind of done stuff like this.

You know, but there was a time when we always dressed up always you know.
So there wasn’t.
We always came to work, looking like proper, proper kingdom with propa, but we kind of got.

We work at a store and we’re.
We are the dress, code’s, more relaxed, which is it’s cool.
It fits our environment, it’s the culture, it’s a different culture, so you know you go with the flow with that.

You know, but you can still dress up when you want, but i just got in this.
Kick where i wanted to dress up a little bit all for multiple reasons, one i feel pretty it does.
It makes me feel pretty, but then, but the other thing is is that i wanted to show my i wanted to it reminded me.

I had a conversation with matt.
I know i’m going weird with my words right now with matt damos um.
You guys have heard of him he’s been on our show.

I’ve shown him a lot of my lot walks.
Um matt damos and i were sitting there talking we’re talk, and i was telling him how when i came in, i would look at the guys i would look at their dress shoes.
I would look at their shirts, their watches, their you know the suits they were wearing and i wanted that i wanted that so badly.

You know, you know what i mean like.
I had it, but i didn’t have it to that level.

Like you know, you all know what i mean when you get a good pair of dress shoes.

You know what i’m talking about, there’s the ones that you used to have and then there’s the ones that you always wanted to have when you finally get him you’re like oh, i see the difference, so i don’t want to it’s.
Not just the look.
I’m not going out there, it’s not just yeah.

I have night going.
I got i mean i got those rubber.
I got like stuff i put on top of my shoes for bad weather and stuff anyway, the uh i got smart as time went by, but you know, but i just decided that i wanted to offer that to my salespeople without them.

Knowing i’m doing a sublim subliminal literally right, so i’m doing it right now, so i’m dressing up a little bit they’re, probably if any of them were watching it they’ll know now.
So i just kind of spilling the beans like i always do, but the but like uh.
The reason why i’m doing it’s, because i want them to have that feel like man i want to be like i want to look like.

I want to feel like that, because that gives you something i know it’s materialish, but it’s not it’s a there’s something about that.
It’s that when you you know what i mean you see the owner.
You see that their clothes was always pressed a little bit nicer than yours.

You know what i’m you feel me and you want that, and you want to feel that way.
Every day you come to work.
That gives you a little bit of pride before you even walk in the door.

You need that a lot of times, people and salespeople they get into a funk and when you’re in that funk it’s hard to get out of it.
I tell you: sometimes you just put on a nice outfit.

First threads get your you know, stuff shaved up real nice, get your hair did.

Do it all right whatever it is, you put it on.
You go to work that day with a smile.
It works.

It really works, it’s it’s crazy to say, but it’s so true.
It’s been like that, since i was a child, it’s always helped me when i feel good.
I always did good when i, when i go shoot hoops ridiculous as it is my outfit when i go to your hoops, is going to be matching.

It’s going to be perfect, my sock to my socks wearing js that are fresh and then i’ll.
Wear a pair of j’s on my way there that are going to still match the outfit, but i ain’t going to wear those on the court.
Those are my and then i wear my basketball ones.

I’m weird like that, but i do that because it makes me feel good.

I even take a shower before i go play basketball guys because it makes me feel good before i get fresh and i’m clean and ready to play.
I don’t know what it is, but that’s what i do so and so i feel like i could offer that to my salespeople and do it without pushing it on them, because i don’t want them to change.

I just want them to want more.
I think the more you want, the more you tend to get so and they’re not getting enough.
I think they’re doing a great job, but they can all achieve so much more in their lives.

So i’m just trying to show them little things and i think, just by changing my outfit might make that difference.
So i also think that uh one you were a trendsetter beforehand before stepping up the the mental uh flow of really putting on the uh the real tailored right to you, proper clothing, the stuff that my grandfather, you know, would definitely critique uh.
But the mindset shift that occurs when you notice that your game has been stepped up and the way that you present yourself always raises the temperature inside of the room.

So when you’re, a thermostat like fred or many of the other solutionaries that are out there today, uh you managers right, you are the thermostat.
You set the trend for which way it’s going to go and anytime that you start to mess with that.

Thermostat you’re, going to change things in the room and some people may be a little bit more uncomfortable with the change.

Some people will adapt to the change.
Some people won’t be changed at all right, but the best thing that you can do to ever improve the world itself is to upgrade you to change the temperature on you.
It’s the one thing you have the most control over yourself.

Your your attitude, your your look! Your feel, and if you can do, that, it’s contagious and contagious confidence is really what you need to be sipping on, but folks you have to do that so that you can fly and keep growing.

So again, look speaking of looking fly right.
We got fred.

Looking fly today doing what it is, the fashion way car guy coffee – oh, did we ever we got to do first.
Things first forgot to do that.
Then we started talking my friend i love you, give focus, fly everybody here.

We go one.
Two three forgive focus fly and keep growing, keep growing man, man, i’m telling you guys whenever we have an opportunity one day for all of us to get together and just have these and have like, like another nada or whatever convention, that’s coming out, because the first One that comes out, i think everybody in the car world is going to try to be there right.
So we do.

We all need to go out and have some fun.
You know i love it’s going to be a good, i’m so happy to be here.
So everybody i’m so happy to be here.

A couple people jumped on here adam says thanks brothers for the yeah.
I appreciate you, man, no problem at all joe.
What’s up good morning to you, my friend, jason says: love! You real talk, ooh nice, that’s cool man! Awesome james making connections baby, they know each other, i’m sure, let’s see and then there’s angie, oh hey, what’s going on, appreciate it there’s and then there’s the one you need walking on concrete.

Oh yes, i used to put dr scholl’s insoles into mine, and then i had to put heel taps on my dress shoes because i walk like from outside of my outside hill to the inside, so it would wear like to where i would have like a like.
A scoop like this, so i’d have to put these little he’ll tap these little hilltaps in there.
So they’d wear out first, before my heels it last longer.

I got i got hit to the game, but dr scholl’s folks.
It was for me, but you know, like i mean you could wear an outfit like this and wear a nice pair of comfortable tennis shoes.
Folks, right now, i’m wearing some dress shoes, some johnson murphy’s.

I love johnson murphy’s but uh uh um.
I guess i’m gon na just break it down bam, [, Laughter, ].
I like a good pair of shoes, these shoes in here they they feel like pillows on the inside.

I absolutely love them.
You know i i step up a little bit in those shoes, but i, the beautiful part, is and like she’s talking about.

I don’t have to pick uh pound the pavement anymore um.

You know i’ve earned my i’ve earned my wings.
I do.
I go out and pound pavement every single day.

I do a lot walk.
I do this.
I go talk to my people, you know i.

I go look at my inventory here and there you know i have to do that, but the.
But i i’m fortunate where i sit in office most of the day doing paperwork and then i get up and i talk in the showroom, so i don’t have to pound it.
So my shoes last a lot longer than they used to.

I get a pair of shoes, they last three months and you had they busted out the heels like i was telling you my heel would wear out so enough about clothes.
What am i doing folks move on? Let’s move forward.
I appreciate it folks all right enough, but anyway enough about my outfit enough about me.

Let’s talk about everybody else.
Let’s talk about big news, that’s happening right now and i’m excited to uh to share it, but before we uh do any of that, i want to go ahead and give away a a keep growing shirt.

Just because we are looking so fly and she says you are flying: oh you’re awesome, angie.

I got a big sister named angie and i got a little sister named angie and a sister-in-law named angie, so angie’s a huge part of my life, so that name comes into play a lot.
So my father would say angela angela, how my father would say angela yeah anyway, but angie and all of you other solutionaries out there.
If any one of you would like to have access to a well.

Let’s, just i don’t know, do we want to let’s see what it is that we can do if you would like to have a mug, i need you to share put in there the coffee, emoji inside of the comments, we’re going to put your name inside of A drawing to give away a mug today we are going to send it your way i’ll give you instructions on how to receive that, but we’re going to put your name in a hat.

If you would like to have a mug um, let us know – and if you would like to be put into the drawing for a growing shirt, throw a emoji of a t-shirt in there and we are going to get you uh set up for success.
There’s not many of you in here so go ahead and throw it in there and throw the comment in there yeah there’s only a handful of y’all.

You guys got a really good shot of getting this to get him.
You said you get a mug wow to get a mug.
These have these have been hard to get they were.

There was a time we couldn’t get as sad as it was.
We couldn’t get any water dude.
It would take like months to get in.

So we got a mug to put a coffee emoji right now in the comments put it in the comment: drop it in there, bing bong, bing, bong, sanjay, says me: i don’t see coffee emoji, yet we need coffee, coffee emoji, but maybe while we do that, i Got ta talk about some big things that are happening or just put coffee, either emoji or type in coffee.
We have oh there, it’s beethoven, a great opportunity, bingo get you some sarge.
Okay, i got you appreciate you for being on here.

Uh already.
Better already.
Has one coming better? You already got one coming you’re already locked in you already got one coming.

You’re locked in my friend you’re coming in with this bako by the way was a special guest on our show already um.
If you guys haven’t seen that one of that that one was a good one yeah so folks, the odds just went up, veto has come out of the of the uh out of the position.
There’s two now he already has one come on.

He’s already got one but folks, i want to announce this while you continue to get out there uh.
Do me a quick, favor and share share this, because we got a big announcement.
That’s coming right now to you all.

The importance of having a coffee mug is really only to put coffee inside of it, and if you are putting coffee inside of a mug – and you are nice coffee, emoji there you are or car gal.
Thank you so much sanjay.
Well, then, you probably need to be brewing some single origin, coffee that is really helping.

You start to implement this life and is caffeinating your consistency.

So caffeinated consistency is this flavor.
This flow, this drink that you can have because car guy coffee has just received its first official guys, that’s real of car guy coffee from a single source farm in guatemala.

This is gosh, it’s so consistent, and the name is exactly that.

Caffeinated consistency get you some.

Let’s brew on that folks.
Do you need to caffeinate your consistency levels in life? Well, the good news is is that we have a brew for you and it’s right here: car guy coffee, a caffeinated conversation with a couple of car, guys converted into a mission to upshift and uplift, the auto industry, by brewing solutions, yes to everyday challenges, energized by The power of positivity to help give the get up and go needed to keep moving in this fast-paced business.
We sought out connections to the right people, the right farms with the right beings.

What we found is a single origin, coffee that has the strength, smoothness and flavor that will have you feeling contagiously confident with every sip every sip i mean to the very last: let’s brew, i’m talking about that little that little drop, that’s what the back of this Says so that’s what i was reading.
That’s it’s pretty freaking rad it should it should caffeinate your heart just reading it.
It should we’re excited about this guys and getting excited it’s going to be available for you guys.

Stay tuned pre-orders are coming out soon.
We are going to be having the opportunity for you to uh, get you some of that uh before bam, and it’s real.

I mean this was something i’ve been open.
That was talking about you all.
First and now it’s there, i’m so excited about that.

Thank you.
Angie she says: congratulations, we appreciate you, you know the real congratulations just goes to everybody.
Who’s, followed us and supported us through this time and helped us and gave us the encouragement to keep doing what we’re doing um.

All of you all have been doing that and we really appreciate it that everyone who’s shared and followed anything we’ve done um.
You know this coffee, it’s the first of its first of many that are going to be coming out.
We’re going to be doing all kinds of fun stuff we’re going to have a good time with it.

It’s going to be creative names.
You know we may even put a contest out for you to name the brew type.
Yes, so things like that are going to happen, we’re going to have a lot of fun.

You know.
Obviously coffee is something that we can all share and it’s it’s a great product, but the coffee is really the idea of what we’re trying to do.
You know we all it was just a mindset and coffee is something that helps you wake up right.

We all need to wake up.
We all need to do better at what we’re doing you know and that’s what we’re doing and then coffee.

Not only does it help you wake up, but it gives you the energy and the in the focus that you need to get the day going right and so we’re trying to just encourage you guys to do so.

The this coffee here it’s coffee, but it’s awesome right so, but the the thing is car guy coffee is beyond that car guy coffee is yours.

It’s ours! It’s! What’s something that we’re all trying to do.
The cafe that we have the group.

It’s not just a facebook group, it’s really something we’re trying to encourage people much like what glenn lundy’s doing with rise and grind much like what you know.
I’ve seen a lot of other people out there doing.
You know they’re we’re they’re trying to upshift and uplift other people much that’s exactly what we’re doing so.

I love that you guys are all here, and i appreciate you guys all for you know sharing this with you.
Thank you.
So we have.

Let’s see, i live and breathe car sales.
Yes, you do, and i appreciate it so do we, you know, and that’s and you’re, exactly the type of person that that we’re looking for to join what we’re doing and you’ve already been part of the movement you’ve been doing it since you’ve been in the business.
I’m sure, but we all need to find a group that does this, and this group provides that so lou’s writing down these names.

We have three of them to put in here.

Let’s see, we have sarge, we got angie and we got sanjay.
So whoever wins.

I’m excited for you, you get a mug, it’s going to be nice.

You know, i love these mugs.
I drink out of mine every single day, my favorites when i come home, and i see my wife drinking out of one, i’m always like that’s right.

What are you drinking on me? So it’s uh, these cups are nice and they’re they’re, you know they’re very they fill up.
You can do 10 to 12 ounces.
No problem depends on how much these cups are ideally good for the 10 ounces.

If you put, if you add anything to it, 12, if you don’t put nothing in uh 10, if you add anything to it, we put a little bit of cream a little splash of some flavor and you’re in there all right.
All right, so he’s got him written down if anybody else wants to jump in we’ll give you 30 seconds.
If you are on here right now, and you want a chance to win one of these awesome coffee mugs, all you have to do is put a coffee.

Emoji, you got 30 seconds to do so when we and then once we get it on there, we’re going to put your name in a hat and we and you have a chance to win.
We only have three people on it.
So far, so we give you 30 more seconds, i’m going to start the clock ready, go! I’m internally! Counting, hey smart! Hey folks, see this hat.

This is a pretty cool hat.

It is who who gave us.
This hat are awesome friends at smart payment plan.

These guys have some serious solutions for you: um bam they uh, and but really they have solutions for the people that you are committed to helping yeah right, they’re gon na do some they do something like he’s getting ready to go.
I know where he’s going with that and he’s right, um, it’s it’s not just for you.
It’s mostly for your clients, your clients, the ones who are gon na benefit, but in the end, a few years from now you will you’re going to have.

Clients are going to be able to trade in vehicles sooner than they than they were supposed than they normally do that negative equity is going to be thousands of dollars, less the chance of them.
Paying off a vehicle sooner is going to happen.

Their credit is going to go up because it’s set up automatically it’s more affordable because it could be weekly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly come on folks.

It breaks their payments up, it helps it make it more makes more sense.
People lift check to check.

So why not show them how to make payments check to check as they get money they pay on their debt and and it helps them be in a better position, and it helps you because you get to sell more, but it helps them because really they only Really want you because they want to buy more, give us a hold.

They want the opportunity to buy um and you’re, giving them that opportunity more often, if you set up a a better frequency in the way that they pay all right.
Let’s just say here: we go folks here comes here, i’ll hold it because i just shook him up so just to break it up.

Bing bong! Here we go bam and the winner here today is who’s.

It going to be all right, bing bong sergeant! Do us a favor yep go to car guy coffee.
com, i’m gon na put it out here for you, so you can see it too go to the contact page and email us uh.
Just let us know where to send us.

Your actual car guy, coffee mug.
It looks just like this many of you solutionaries out there.
Have you one of them.

If you want to get yourself one of them right now, you don’t have to wait for us to pull your name out of a hat.

You can go to carguycoffee.
com and just click up to the uh.

The swag shop go ahead and click click click boom.
You got one on your way: there’s a swag shop or swag.

It is it’s still swag right.

It says swag right, swag, yep, swag, coffee shop, uh jump in there uh pretty soon you’re gon na be able to hit the pre-order for your own bag of clothes.
So what are they? They got.
Ta go to swag and hit comment.

No there’s a comment section.
When you go inside there right, let me show you guys: i’m gon na pull up a little yeah.
Give you an idea.

What it looks like show you how to float.
Do this but uh.
If you want to get you a mug, you go get you one of these.

You want to go, buy one.
If you are sarge and you just won, go to the contact us area and just uh send us your information.

Bing bong hello here comes so get up there once it gets on here.

Okay, so what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to find that you need to get into here, then you’re going to go to contact right bam, yep, you’re, going to click contact.
This is what i need you.
This is what i need you to do, sarge for you to get your for you to get your uh okay! It’s coming around you’ll be coming around the mountain.

So when you get in here, you’re going to fill out your name, email address and then just say, make a comment.
You know one wan na yeah put your put your address inside there and say coffee mug.
Thank you or you know: coffee mug, one coffee mug.

During show and then we’ll get that sent out to you um, we do appreciate it.
Thank you so much for coming on and and putting your name in the hat.
It means a lot um.

Let’s see, let me get off of this screen.
Share real, quick and stop sharing we’re back all right, so that simple, as that just go to our website car guy coffee bing bone, because it’s the coolest website in the world just make sure you do it here.
It is bam just like that.

Go to that website hit contact us and you’re in you are in all right all right.

Sanjay, hey stay stay tuned um, but if you do want to um jump in there and get you some some of that swag, let us know guys uh.
We want to make sure uh.

You are rocking an inspiration uh when you’re out there on your day off or at the ball game or uh.
I don’t know going to work.
You know put a jacket on any one of the shirts uh that that we try to inspire people with and uh you’re gon na be making a statement.

Just like uh fred is saying with his clothes, you can say the same thing, just rocking a shirt and nobody uh.
Nobody can ignore uh.
Whatever thought it is that you’re instigating by them just reading your shirt so um, you don’t even have to have a conversation about it, you might be creating uh portals of thought that they haven’t gone into um until they seen your shirt.

So, just something to think about and i’ll get you one of those uh guys.
So there’s so many things that that we want to make sure that you understand are needing to be correlated with what we’re ultimately here to do inside of culture right and that is to to pour out of the very very, very best of us.
So we we connect together a couple commodities, cars and coffee and the ideas in between that you know we’re car guys by nature.

That’s our tribe, that’s our lingo! That’s our sir! That’s our profession right, but we’re people and your people, and we are all trying to find a way uh to to fully express what it is that we feel so.
Eventually things begin to manifest themselves right.
We have a literal, coffee, uh sitting in front of us.

We are uh going to the dealership and we are uh producing results with our people with our team uh.

These things can are happening inside of your world too, and we love to share those ideas, so by all means, uh be very expressive about the good things that are happening inside of your life.

It’s very easy for everybody to get caught up complaining about how negative so many things are inside of the world.

But i am convinced completely convinced that the only reason why there’s that much of a highlight of negativity, is because the people with the positive are not uh perpetrating with it.
They’re not they’re, not moving forward with it they’re, not actually making a uh a a progress forward with promoting the positivity inside of their life they’re staying silent in in the midst of a lot of bad i’m.

I am totally convinced that if you guys give your very best effort to express what is good and what you’re grateful for in your world, it’s going to manifest even better it’s going to make that the culture around you it has to it has to be.

You know and that’s it’s the it’s the old saying, um, you know good news spreads very slow, but bad news will spread like wildfire, uh fire just like if you treat just the way same way and it comes down to culture and i’m not to cut you Off and i’m just gon na do this real brief is that when you’re talking with a uh when you’re talking with a client right and you you the way you treat them and the way they perceive how it goes, if you treat them good, they go tell One or two friends you treat them bad, they tell everybody and that’s what’s so crazy about it like it’s, it’s it’s! It’s sad that it’s that way, but you have to understand that.
So when us as positivity and optimist and optimistic people, we have to do our best to constantly spread it out, because it’s so much more newsworthy when it’s bad news, it’s so much more.
What people want to talk about and spread gossip about? It’s always bad news.

It’s never the good stuff, it’s always the bad stuff so for in order for us to overcome that, we have to shed all kinds of light on it right because darkness comes in quick and it just it just but light is it’s there, but light’s always there.
Just people it’s just perceptions, your mentality is how you think.
So, it’s us as optimistic people us as people who want to encourage other people us as solutionaries in this world who want to just up shift and uplift other people all the time right.

If you want to do that and don’t get me wrong, we have bad days too.
All of us do we have bad moments.
We make huge mistakes, you know, but the difference is that we understand that hey.

I made a mistake, but man i learned this from it, i’m going to go here with this and i’m going to move forward.
Do we have those little hissy fits? I have them.
Yes, but here’s the thing i get over it very quickly.

I’m understanding it was a hissy fit and i look like a hissy right, so i need to get done right.
So you move on you move forward and i understand that i i let it go.
I forgive i focus.

Then i fly so that’s that’s what i do you need to do the same thing.

We all need to do that.
We need to spread the positivity as much as possible.

Even if you think you’re not positive, you are you.
Have it right here in your heart.
You love right, you love somebody, that’s positive use that let it grow, let that lighten that feeling and that warmth help you find more light because it’s everywhere so anyway.

Sorry about that, just don’t you want somebody to love, i mean you, you are beloved.
You are loved people that that know that they’re loved walk and operate and think differently.

This is why it’s so crucial that, at an early age from child i mean a child is loved on.

You know it doesn’t matter what state that they’re in um, when, when you have that small person uh you, they need love in order to grow in a confidence of love, and you can see a child gleaming as if they’re loved people know what that looks.
Like um, and you also know what somebody looks like – that’s not love, you also know what bad reactions are of people because of them not being loved when you operate as if you are loved, it makes it way easier for you to love other people and to Be a light to others, not because you want anything not because you need anything not because you’re trying to get anything but wholeheartedly, because you are confident in who it is that you are, and that does become contagious.
Love is very infectious, it really really is, and it is more dominating than any other force in the cosmos all right, and because of that, it’s so important that we allow that power to to actually percolate from us to to come out and be uh that that Is poured out to everybody that we get in contact with and sometimes there’s bitter things in life that we we always uh, find ourselves encountering and never getting it while we’re in it.

You know we’re never getting the lesson while we’re in the middle of the class.

You know we’re not understanding what we know until we’ve come through the test, sure you know what i mean and then we receive hey.
This is what what i’ve learned at this point.

This is what i could have done better.
This is where i could have grown.

You know what i mean, but you don’t understand those lessons until you get there, but every single time for the most part you can always think of where, where you could have probably stepped up and done better, that would be just the expression of love as simple As that is is that’s you trying to bring that light out, you’re trying to bring that that ultimate, i care for my people for for for people, you know what i mean and then, and if we start to really get that the whole of your neighbor thing Isn’t just a good idea right and commandment, it’s it’s actually like a prescription to understanding that most of the other problems that we have, we won’t have if we actually just treat each other with love.

If we care for each other, you know we.
We sell commodities because we want to give something good to people.

We get money from that, but we’re giving them something good we’re serving them with what it is that they’re.

Looking for you know what i mean when i go to a great restaurant.
I don’t complain about the bill if i have great service and a great meal, i’m not even thinking of the bill because of what it is.
I know i’m there to get um it.

The the money part is is just a transactional figure piece and it, and it is inside of your life too.

You know if you’re chasing that, then that’s all you’re ever going to find and you’re going to find out how empty it is.

But if you’re chasing uh relationships, community um legacy, if those are the things that you’re you’re sowing seeds to to build inside of your life, you’re going to find yourself reaping those seeds that are far more rewarding and then you’re going to be like.

Oh and the money came here for it, because naturally, you begin to give.
Naturally you begin to to sow seeds.
You begin to put out uh generosity and uh.

You know, that’s! That’s! That’s! Living on a whole other level, folks that that we’re trying to make sure that we ignite a thought inside of your heart.
Inside of your inside, of your your mind.
Inside of your spirit, to go out and and to brew solutions in the world that you’re in and encourage other people, yes, uh to to to love each other to grow well and to wish well for each other really wish.

Well, it’s one thing when you kind of say it, but really wish it really want people to succeed.
If you really live that way, man you’ll you’ll see you’re like the world just blossom.
That’s what’s so crazy.

You know and i’m gon na real quick, i’m gon na comment on what she said, complain and remain praise and be raised.
Thank you, angie.
That’s a great great, thank you.

I don’t think i’ve ever heard that, but it makes 100 sense.
I’ve heard variations of that.
I love that i love the way you put it.

She folks we’re gon na have to get off here.
I got ta run back.
I got ta get into work a little early today, but um, but the thing is: is that you know, as lou was talking he’s touching.

Some really really good stuff here, hit your chest one time, one time boom and that’s exactly the mentality, and i hope you go forth this the rest of this week.

The rest of this day we’ll be back thursday morning um, but you know until then.
I hope you guys use that spread.

Love spread positivity, be the light, be contagiously.
Confident do all those things put on your selling shoes dress.
Nice feel good, make everything that you need to happen.

Folks, every single day is an opportunity for you to be better than the one that you had before.

Yes, don’t forget come on and if it wasn’t it’s okay, forgive it for focus and then fly tomorrow.
Every day is a new day new horizon.

I love you guys, thank you so much for coming out here, angie sanjay, sarge, beto everybody who jumped on today.

Thank you all so much you guys have a good one.
Car guy coffee get you something get you ramirez.

The car guy brother, narcissist and you’ve been brewing solutions on the car guy, coffee podcast, let’s prove yeah.
We finally got it right there we go all right.
Let you guys see this piece: , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], .

I don’t want to stop.
, okay, [, Music.
]! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Do you? Do it big? Do it huge, do it do it now, do it do it with honor? Do it like a true solution? Go make the world a better place.

We love you all.
You guys have the best day ever we appreciate it.
Man we get these legs stretched up.

You all have a good one: peace .

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