There’s only one – and i think it’s one of the girls over there – i don’t really know who it is good morning, everyone good morning, good morning, good morning we have some special guests, as you can see right over here.

Right right here, next hold on hold on hold on hold on a second now they’re going to be over there now they’re over here, all right, so that’s where they’re at so there we go before we get this party started just like we do we’re gon na Go ahead and drop this little video for you.

Stop welcome to the cafe and with us are the sisters of savings.
This is the car guys.

This is the subprime hero and, if you didn’t know that over there is your sister’s savings or twice huh they’ve done a few ads in your day, yeah yeah welcome back to the cafe, ladies we’re so excited to have you back in here, we’ve been having a Good morning, just getting the java jiving and uh man, i’m just so excited to have you all in there.

How is everything up in michigan? Oh glorious, super great.
I love the answer.

No – and they are right, everything is great and the you know we’ve all have had to adapt over the last year.
Basically, we’ve adapted to different things, different things going on in the world, um many things different in the world right now, um, so we’ve had to adjust.
But the one thing that i love about the sisters of savings is their.

What they’ve had their mentalities been this whole time? They they’ve not let it drag them down.
They’ve done nothing but try to be productive.
Try to encourage their team try to encourage themselves.

They they’re definitely throwing blessings that people are buying vehicles from them.
I love their posts, they’ve even changed the way that looks over this time.
I love they’ve added new details to the pictures and massive growth happening right now, and i see it and i see you, i see you do what you’re doing and i love doing good.

You you’re good, you, you, ladies, are on an uptick and it’s it’s been an uptick since we’ve known you, but it’s you guys are you guys, have hit a spike in that uptick and i really absolutely love it so glad to have you back on the show.
You, ladies, were one the first ones.
We interviewed in our series that we started.

We started our first series was the cargo coffee.
That’s right with the actual rise of the solutionaries.
That’s right.

They started two series, two separate entities in one interview.

One conversation: that’s how that’s how multiplication comes with this dynamic duo of incredible car, gals um folks, just so excited yet check it out.

So you know that they’re bruins y’all, if y’all can’t see it, it’s all right.

All right, it says approved, and you got the two little this cup i drink.
I probably i mean we got ta, get ourselves put onto our cups because of the inspiration that we have here yeah we need to know.
We are so excited car guys and car gals.

All you solution that are out there right now, uh make sure that you go ahead and you share and share and share share, say good morning to a friend tag.
A friend drop them in here.
Let them know that we are brewing solutions and we got a great couple of car gals that are with us that are here for a cup of coffee and a conversation figure out how to just continuously make the light brighter in our worlds.

Absolutely we met these sisters in growth mode ourselves.
Right, we met met at a at an event where marketing ideas are being crushed and pressed and all brewed together right and we we looked up to them just seeing uh, who was that they were in the room.
What what it is that they can can do to brew solutions for their people back at home, but just the overall heart that they have again.

We met in growth mode together and we’re just honored to have them in here, but they’ve activated.
So many things inside of their world and we’ve been doing the same in ours, uh and part of those is what we try to encourage to activate inside of your world as the combination to keep growing, and that is growing.
Applying three f’s car guys and cargos, and that is to forgive, focus and fly – we are trying to get this day started.

Let’s get on the move on three one: two three forgive focus focus fly and keep growing, keep growing keep.

So we had this show planned for about.
I don’t know 20 minutes ago, where we had a conversation with the sisters right before we got on here.

We had, it was actually a great conversation.
We were.
We were working through kinks technical difficulties such as internet and stuff, but we got it smooth and then we had a great conversation.

We have a lot of stuff we’re going to be announcing and spreading it out, slowly as lou likes to say he likes to trickle it out and um, i’m more of the i’m a port all over the place right and if you guys watch social media at All and see me and lou you, you know, that’s the facts, that’s the way it is right and but that’s good.
Everybody has to have that yin and yang in their relationship, and you two.
Ladies though you are so much alike, there is a yin and yang going on, and i love that about you too um, you know being able to have the the talk about meeting them in growth mode.

When i got to meet these two, ladies, you could see the love between the two of them, the love that they both have um at every moment like when we would go out and have dinner um.
I remember, like you, get a big group of car people together, we’re all having dinner if one sister was separated, the other one’s always looking for like where’s, my sister right, though you trust everybody around you, it’s just something about hey where’s michelle where yeah where’s, my Sister at right so and i and i but that’s something that’s i can see the love um.
I could see how much you guys truly and it’s cool.

I know you’re all sisters, but it’s they’re sisters who don’t have that and you all have that and it’s that’s.

I think that’s what makes you all so amazing.
Speaking of that laugh, i you know.

I remember the first time i met you all.
The very next morning you have, we have that meeting.

You know they have the big meeting down there, the hura meeting before they separate to the coaches thing and all that stuff.

As soon as we got in that room.
The first thing i heard was y’all’s laugh and that it it really it cheered me up.

I don’t know what it is about.
You two that that laugh, that you two have it’s almost like a call from across the room you all can find each other just by the left.
Oh there’s my sister right over there right there.

She is, but it’s awesome, that’s a special tackle.
I love it.
I love it, i do it, i do love it real, quick before we get any further.

I want to throw a quick love out to chase lance for throwing a comment out chase.
We interviewed him he’s a local car guy here, he’s homegrown and chase.
Thank you for coming on this morning, man, i hope, you’re having a good one, crush your day crush the rest of your week.

My friend and another part of his brew is being released today, car guys and car guys the first piece of it they’re on right.

Now you can go to any platform that you get your podcast from and listen to what those solution areas are brewing inside of our area.
This is the homegrown series and we’re talking about the car guys and car guys that are doing big things in the blue grass chase uh man.

We can get a little carried away, just getting excited talking to you all.

What’s going on with you, ladies, what’s what’s happening up there? What what are you excited about right now? What type of things are kicking for you, growth mode, and we want to talk about a couple of things uh, but what’s what’s on your heart, welcome welcome to the show we’re gon na shut up.
I think oh stop.

Oh my goodness.
I’d love to hear you guys talk well, thank you.
Well, you know um we are we’re.

Have we’ve kicked off this month, super strong um, and we owe it to our team.
We have such a fantastic team um we’re we’re always looking for ways, though to uplift them um, and so in in saying that we turn to you guys to uplift us so that we can turn around and upload a flip yeah can’t even talk like that.

Uplift them um and it’s interesting the way, but when you’re a dealer who motivates us right so we’re always out there.

Looking for somebody who um interjects the same way, we think and um you guys you’re in the same level, you you say the things we want to say and that’s the most elegant eloquent way: oh you’re, so sweet.
You really are sweet, you’re being so sweet.
Your hat is tipping itself too.

You made my hat move yeah.
It felt the love.
It was like it’s like whoa, but it’s true.

Then you also have a way of through the screen.
Everybody that watches you um, you re you leave uplifted and wanting to smile and go out and and pour it on to everybody around you um, which has led us to some other mentors out there that have giving us daily planners and thankfulness and um.
And it comes back to you, it really does it comes back in a way that you never expect um and like it’s, not monetary, it’s happiness.

It’s um pouring into our children, differently, handling their situations differently.
You guys having children going off to school and and that’s hard right, the empty nest syndrome.
That’s another season of life.

It gets better.
Then you start building rooms to just bribe them to keep stay close right.
I just got worked i’ll.

Show you some people.
I think it’s hard on lou because he has two amazing daughters.
You know with two sons, but i think the daughter’s thing is what hurts him the most.

I know that he’s going to be sad when his first son left it was sad still sad, but his and his youngest is going to be sad too.
But there’s something about the father and their daughter and when the daughter leaves the house straight up – and you know, but you know the thing about his daughter, uh michaela missy.
She she has.

She has everything she needs to make it in this world already.

She has.
She has a love of great parents.

She has siblings that absolutely look up to her or you know, or is the oldest one looks down to her, but they all look up to her.
She has a personality trait about her, that it’s nobody’s going to mess with her and if they do, they made a mistake.
So that being said, i absolutely yeah there.

You go something about missy’s right so and i absolutely love his daughter uh.
I love both his daughters, but there’s something about his oldest daughter.
I don’t know what it is when i see her.

She always gives me this look and i’m like.
I love it, because it’s just that.
What are you doing? Fred like she gives me that, like you’re, an idiot – and i love that, are you still working on being cool? You know you’re still, not cool, yet you’re, still, not cool fred.

You keep trying right, but, but you know, she’s she’s she’s awesome like that because of how real he keeps it.

You know what i read and that’s and that’s what she does where we connect on that side is that she drops that witty uh, quick tongue on you and you’re like whoa, very quick did that come from all right thanks for that, but it’s but she’s always Trying to get a laugh out of it, you know it’s like you know, she’ll, let that you know giggle come out and then it’ll turn into a crazy laugh that my wife is sometimes trying to be like stop talking about laughing so loud, i’m trying you know What i mean, because we start just getting cranked up, and you know each other – it does it it feeds it feeds great; it is it is.
It is something uh about that relationship with the father and the daughter that um, that is different.

It’s marking these two.
Ladies at the first heartbeat uh of her and knowing that i had to shift my thinking on how i looked at people completely, because i have a daughter coming into this world yeah and that was uh.
It was marking from that moment, basically from when i stopped hearing when i started uh hearing her was her heartbeat and hearing that heartbeat is where i shifted.

At that time, i made a conscious effort to start removing uh like profanity out of my language right.
I started to try to speak smarter um because i had to speak to a little girl.

You know what i mean so um.

I started to take out the words that you know you would hear a country guy be like you better watch your language around my wife when you start when you when you’re like what is that i got corrected one time inside of a waffle house right, a Waffle house by some country guy is like – and i was in there with a bunch of our friends and we’re all – and i used to have my mouth right and uh.

Yeah he’s like y’all, better watch your mouth around my wife and i was like.
Oh all right, you know at first i was like yeah man, i probably shouldn’t be talking.

My mother would yeah.
You know what i mean.

We got ta respect the guy.

Who has her woman, i mean yeah.
I don’t know.
I love that and then after that, we’re sitting there but uh, but no that that that i don’t know that those shifts happen inside of my life early by the connections to my daughter um, but in connection to you and whoa speaking of connections.

Sorry, i’m just i’m compromised shaggy about i’m trying to keep it together here, but you all are so much in in a mode where these new connections are coming to your life that we’re honored uh to even have a a an opportunity to make those some of Those connections you’ve had uh the the smart way to pay from green bay.

Matt granty uh the incredible ascender himself right, adam marberger uh, coming through bringing some solutions to you, you have the 800 club person mentoring, you personally right.
You have glenn, let’s get at least what it is that he needs to do, and you guys have brought in such uh influence into your life really only to help put a little bit of a reflector of shining, your own brightness back to you on where it Is that that you can grow and shine from you know what i mean and it’s and it’s great, because that’s something that’s available for everybody.

We’re honored to have had those people on the show we’re honored to have had been ruined crazy.
We haven’t had all those people on the show right here in the podcast to gleam out there for dealers, just like you.
You are a great shining example of what happens when that reflective light gets put back on you, because really it’s just putting.

We want to put the mirror in front of all you car guys in car gals that look look at this.

Look at this person in the mirror, it’s you and you’re incredible and you can do great and all that you really need is a couple car guy coffee, that’s right! It’s a quick ruling hit your chest one time for me, ladies ah, and lou is so right on that.
You know – and i absolutely love where he’s going with that, because it is a lot of times when we’re coming up in the world as individuals, especially as individuals when we’re coming up and we’re trying to grow.

If you don’t have somebody back there patting you on the back, sometimes it’s difficult.
You don’t realize that you are growing.
Sometimes it feels like no one sees what you’re doing.

Sometimes it feels like this is all pointless right.
So it’s good to have a group of people that hold you accountable.

That also lift you up.

You know and that’s the beauty about the community, our cafe that we’re trying to do.
That’s all we’re trying to do we’re, trying to shed light and explain your light.
Bring the light out of you and then we want to encourage that light.

We want to see that light start to flicker even bigger and spread out to a lot more people, because that’s so important in today’s world, there’s so much darkness going on there’s.
So many things that people are just using as excuses or using as a crutch – i didn’t say, class this time, crutch right so they’re using it as a crutch and – and it’s it’s unfortunate and it’s very easy to i mean there’s so many reasons i can make An excuse i mean i i skipped working out yesterday, i’m just to be honest.
I skipped working out yesterday.

I made a quick excuse, but the excuse was good enough for me to say you know what i’m gon na go ahead and relax tonight.
Instead of doing my workout, i regret i’m gon na have to go hard today, but at the same time, there’s so many ways and that’s just something small, but there’s everything works like that in life.
When you start making excuses, it starts to pile up.

So i, though i made a mistake last night and did that i’m going to today i’m going hard i’m going to make sure i don’t use that i’m going to forgive myself, i’m going to focus on my next plan and i’m going to fly right just like We talk about all the time, but on the back, just just this idea that i’m feeling at the moment the pat on the back is sometimes like, hey good job, but it’s also like shift a little bit.

Should it that way.
Sometimes it’s also hey good job.

Pushing him forward.
Yes, i love that.
I know what he’s saying yeah.

It’s me we’re with you, go for it, go for it keep you’re, doing good you’re doing good out here.
Like you look like your kid inside of like uh, i don’t know if they got ta, they got ta go to the game or they got ta get on the stage right.
It’s like you got this there.

You go, let’s go, but you got your parachute.
So you’re, okay, so you got ta, have those very much like that and it’s and it’s a blessing to have them.
You know what i mean because uh i mean no, no car is going to really drive itself every now and then it takes this one.

Tiny little teeny, tiny thing that opens up big doors too, and that’s just a little key, and sometimes it’s got to be just shoved in turned and cranked up.
You know what i mean: you’ve got to be able to get that engaging going uh because sometimes your battery goes dead, but that’s why we have jump boxes and all kinds of cool things to help us out.
We got car guy coffee.

We got car gals uh that are in here again folks.

These car gals have have re and helped us reinvent um.
The way that we look at the business itself, um from the dealer’s perspective.

They were on the show with us with britney hibbin and our heart.
Absolutely goes out to brittany and and everybody that’s going through what they’re going through out in california right now.
Folks, if you know people call them check on them, send them an uplifting message.

It looks like mars out there right now.
It looks like a little crazy.
It really does and and uh we’re, definitely praying for you, brittany.

We are definitely uh with all of you, uh californians out there.
We anything that we can do.
You know the.

I believe my most powerful tool is the power of prayer and making sure that our heart is is with you all and we’re in consideration of.
What’s going down uh out there, but uh, there is hope.
Uh there will be a brighter day.

You will see the sky again, um just uh, keep your faith and keep your people that you love close uh, but wow we’re doing it.
We got some man, so i am so excited these two.
Ladies we’ve, we’ve built a great connection with them too.

To the point where i consider them my sisters now you know and brothers and for life i think we got.

We built a relationship.
That’s going to be there for life, i’m always going to be checking in they’re going to check in on us.

That type of thing, so that being said, i mean – we’ve invited the ladies to join us as part of the car guy coffee, the cargal coffee podcast, and we want to invite them to become host part of this.
So we want to spread out and get bigger.
Yeah, i believe these two ladies, are the ticket to it and i think that you all would agree um and once we get them out there, it’s good.

No, it’s not going to happen tomorrow, but we’re going to definitely work with them.

We’re going to get this going and i think that soon you’re going to see some great interviews from these.

Ladies, some great tips, they’re learning so much right now they have a lot to share whether they know they have a lot to share or not.

Y’all have so much to share, so i know that there’s going to be a lot of stuff for people, you are going to grow from this we’re going to grow from this, the world’s going to grow from this all kinds of car people out there are going To love what you have to say, so we’re really excited to go ahead and announce that they are part of the car guy coffee.

This is what we we talked about a little bit.
We said dropping abeen about this.

I know, but it’s so exciting.
What capacity they’re doing i’m not going to tell you, but i’m telling you they are part of the family.
Now, let’s go i’m going to go ahead and drop it.

I can’t help it i’m a big.
I can’t help it like.
I told you all earlier.

He trickles stuff out and i pour it out all right.
So it’s out here folks, it’s out, we are going to be uh announcing in the near future, the the car gal coffee, podcast uh that will be featuring.

Which way am i those incredible sisters of savings? We have melissa and michelle are going to be doing some great things uh to help join together.

Uh, these incredible solutionaries, jason garris says he loves the sisters of paving.
We love you, jason, you’re, jason garris is another one that you need to get connected to, because he will absolutely blow open the the doors on where it is that you uh believe and can conceive your digital market reach going.
He is an incredible solution that i’m sure you’ve seen uh plenty on here, but uh and yeah.

He is a brother from another mother.

We love, you, keep keep smiling that’s right.
I love this guy.

This jason’s jason was the longest interview we’ve ever done, but it was probably one of the most fun ones.
We’ve done it’s still going on.
It is still going we’re not done interviewing this guy.

This guy gets interviewed on a weekly basis and he’s he’s a dear friend of ours and is somebody that we definitely are going to be growing with two and you all will get to know him even more too he’s spectacular when it comes to his talk.
Sometimes you may not know where he’s going with it, but by the time he’s end up with the story.

You’re like oh, my god, that was deep, he’s a very deep guy.

He has a lot of stuff to throw in there listen grimes says good morning.
Oh, what’s up that’s my brother, my little my little sister angela, what’s up sis what’s going on, i love you.
I hope you’re doing good speaking of sisters.

Look at this sister look at this show is live.
I’m about to take one of my sisters.
I got four of them to check in on me yeah.

He does if any one of you are watching this jump in i’m afraid, i’m proud of you guys.
Well, i’m proud of you too angela.
I have a witty tongues.

Oh yeah, my sister jesus she’s, a leonardo, no doubt about it.
She she said my sister’s, a very, very beautiful girl.
Um has a lot to give to this world she’s uh in the middle of a growth thing right now to herself and she’s doing some stuff for herself to you know, get better in life.

She’s working on buying a house right now, she’s um! She took on a job that she’s um became she’s, a manager at a place that she was making more money, not being a manager, but it’s the income wasn’t provable as much as it is as a manager, so she could buy the house that she wants.
So she decided to take that on, but i think it’s taught her some other stuff and she’s starting to grow from that, but she has a beautiful daughter.
Her name is bella.

It’s my niece and bella is a talented artist when i’m talking not just music but everything she does she’s very she’s.
Got this artist’s mind.
Her father was a great musician, a lead singer of a band um.

That’s how my sister met him right and jason’s.
A great dude, jason schneider, you all need to check him out and go look at his old stuff, but the duke is seeing his butt off he’s got a beautiful voice, but my niece picked up that trait, fortunately from her father, because my sister can’t sing a Lick, i love you andrew you can’t sing, but bella is a talented lead.
Singer plays lead guitar and she’s 13.

What 14 14 years old? Oh my gosh, 14 years old, now time’s flying she’s a she’s, a freshman in high school.
Oh my gosh, but she’s such a young lady, to be having those types of skills.
I went and saw her at the hard rock in louisville.

Her very first show she ever played.
This was like a year and a half ago and she played like they did like a four a four three.
Maybe five song sets because they’ve seen different shows, but the very first time she threw words out of her mouth started singing i almost cried.

I was like, oh my god, i didn’t know so i absolutely love her.
You know so my sister’s raising a great young lady.

There she’s been a single mom um, pretty much the whole time and um.

I could say one thing about her for for a girl that has been a single mom lives in a little bit higher.
It takes more money to live where she lives and we we’re even where we live.
She has always been independent um, so i man, it’s amazing, like a lot of people, would be more dependent on other people.

They need help.
Oh my sister’s always done it herself and she’s, and she still finds a way to travel the world.
She goes to all these different beautiful resorts, all the time, she’s always having a good time, traveling everywhere, with her friends and stuff, while maintaining raising in a beautiful child an amazing kid, while keeping everything in her finances.

I know sometimes it might be tight.
I don’t know i don’t ask her because she never actually never comes to me and asked me for a penny ever she just always.
Does it her way and she’s never had to ask for nothing.

So i absolutely throw a lot of respect out to my sister she’s, an amazing young lady and she’s she’s, very young, still she’s in her.
You know, i’m not going to say her age she’s in her early 20s always and she has.
She still has so much left in her and she has so much more growth.

She has all these great ideas that she wants to do.

I just encourage you and if you’re still watching go for it, and you know i say that to you every time, but i got your back, you know it me and my wife, we got you jeff got you your mom’s got everybody’s got your back on whatever You do we’re very proud of you and we love you.

So do you think, thanks for coming on the show this morning? Definitely a common uh, characteristic uh that she has is a contagious laugh just like and and smile just like the entire linear she’s gorgeous.

They all just inspire and make you feel going anywhere everyone’s always like.
Oh your sister, your sister is so beautiful women.

Women have come to me to go.

Oh if i was a lesbian, i’m like okay, that’s enough good drinking! This is my you know.
So that’s enough right! So suppose she has excuse that baby.

Take you down, there’s so much! I mean power in the princess right, there’s so much power in a in a woman that knows who she is and what she’s trying to accomplish.

Yes, and that goes for a man that goes for anybody, uh that that understand who they are because of whose they are right.

Your sister, never, though she’s been independent, has never had a had a worry about belonging to family right.
You know what i mean: it’s always knits well together um, but she also does things uh that that keep making sure that the uh, the the uplifting of life carries on and continues uh and uh, just like jason garris, who says i’m wearing your shirt now.

I feel powerful bro because it’s an inspiration, it’s an inspiration.

Okay, you can go to carguycoffee.
com, go to the little swag shop.

Tab go and get you one of them.
You can get you one of these uh soon you’ll be seeing these yes and there’ll be all kinds of other cool things that we don’t know that and we can’t pull off wearing so uh jason says respect to her encourage her to keep that’s my sister.
He is yeah she’s, one of them.

It’s right, that’s right.
Is it yeah? Oh, that’s your sister.
That is her you’re hilarious.

I love you.
Are you crying back and i admire you? Oh you know you’re my role model.
The thing is: is that here’s? The thing you know don’t hope they all.

I know my sister does because she always lets me know you know and that’s the thing about our family.
We definitely share just much like youtube, you know it’s, it’s we share.
We and we constantly, you know talk about.

Like if i see my sister’s, i’m not she’s gon na know i’m gon na say i love you ange, you know anything you ever need.
She knows.
I’ve said this to her since forever, but i remember when she was getting ready to have bella and she was really nervous and she was you know she was pregnant.

She was like when i said, don’t worry about it.
You got me we’re always gon na.
We got your back, no matter what your you know, your current boyfriend, your baby’s father, all that stuff, no matter what happens with that, you always have us we’re never gon na leave.

Just like you know what i’m talking about.
You, ladies, do and so does lou everybody.
You know anybody who has a sibling that you truly care for which should be all y’all.

But if you you have a sibling and you know that they’re going through something that’s makes them nervous.
But you know it’s going to be okay, the only thing you can do is be there for them.
You know and let them know be a good ear for them and and also be a good voice for them.

Sometimes you know, but angela you’ve done it all yourself, we’ve just been here just watching.
So don’t worry, i’m very proud of you.
You’ve done a great job with everything you’ve done ange.

I love you even the mistakes that we’ve made and you’ve made and everyone’s made.
It’s okay, if you didn’t, have those mistakes and you wouldn’t be who you are today right? That’s why i love you! That’s why you’re an amazing girl enough about my family? Let’s keep going so michelle! You did say recently.
You spoke about how the forgive focus fly.

Mantra has been something that you’ve uh utilized inside of your your day or um, and things that you’ve run into and surely inside of your relationships.

Folks, we’re highlighting these incredible solution areas because there’s more about them than just the car business, that’s great uh, and that that’s why you know our entire concept is: is trying to pull together like two huge commodities, coffee and cars, and let you know that there’s a Lot of life in between the two of them right and there’s a lot to be expressed, and so with that uh these.
These, ladies, that work on on a business together with each other, okay, which could have a lot of room for an enemy to get in, to try to pull and divide and pull apart.

You all have sealed a a sisterhood that that is powerful and is making things happen.

Um using the forgive focus fly flow.
I mean.

How has that helped you in in approaching your days um? Well, if you want to hear about family, i have two children.
Um 33 and 27.
missy’s got two boys yep um, god, 21 19.

So um.
Not only do we, when you say the forgive focus, fly it’s not even always about work, it’s about our families and keeping things going and and uh keeping them grounded um.

What the the seasons that we’ve been going through, with um being the shutdowns that we’ve had in michigan, it’s been tough on our kids in many different ways: college not being able to attend weddings.
I’ve had two weddings that have been um cancelled.

So it’s it’s been um some trying times that we’ve we just forgive, focus, fly right and um, but know that good things are around the corner.

We we’ve got to look at the good things that come out of this shutdown and maybe there’s a reason.
Why we’re not having weddings those days, i don’t know or we’re not going to college right those days right, right, um, that’s exactly right! The positive going trying to keep it for them too! Yeah yeah not only for our business and our team and for each other, but for our families and it um.
We have turned to you um and that that has gotten us through so many times that and we’ve passed it on to our kids.

Forgive focus fly.
I mean it’s like i don’t even know how many times i’ve told my boys that i mean that’s so hard, no for real, it’s like you and you.
That is awesome.

Okay, you can’t change the day of the day.

You can’t change um, but your car will tell you to handle and it’s keeping your smile, keeping your composure you’re, not changing it.
You just have to to get and we all have to get through whatever right.

We’ve all got obstacles to go through um, but another cool story i mean before whatever is that the two boys and michelle’s daughter go up north um for the labor day weekend and it the they were camped.
They went on the beach they just chilled.
They looked.

I mean they, they had this spot yeah.
It was just and how many like cousins are just going to go, hey they needed they needed each other.
They needed a break between.

You know life yeah and like reach out to each other and just go we’re going to take a couple days and just get away and go sit on the beach and go.

I mean that was like that they did it together, yeah, so no matter what yeah! That’s the way, that’s awesome, you know you turn cousins into siblings right.
You know and that’s that’s kind of like.

I feel that way about some of my family members that are cousins of mine and – and i definitely agree with that and that’s cool that you guys can do that and that all starts with the bond between you two.

You know without that bond between you, two, that your your your kids would not have that bond.
They see how beautiful you two are together.

They’re like oh, we want the same thing.
Let’s keep doing that and man that legacy keeps going on you and that’s because of youtube.
You know and i’m sure, because of your parents, the way they were and you’re you know so on so forth it just keeps going and it’s it’s a beautiful thing to see and that’s that’s a hundred percent.

Why i’m so happy to be part of the same team with y’all? So thank you little things like that.

Listen, we got angela.
I can’t pronounce the mercury.

She said she says my sister’s a savings.
These girls crush it and led me to your awesome.

Oh wow, thank you.
Thank you very much.

Keep watching because here soon you’re going to be better, it’s going to everybody gets better.
It always gets better right coming soon and jason garrison’s podcast near you.
Oh that’s, nice! Yeah! You are a role model when you listen to me for five hours, we love you jason, you listen and i’m proud of you thanks ange.

I love you so much beautiful to respect each other.

Absolutely and that’s that’s where it’s all boils down to um respect.
You know and respect is a big thing and when you have respect you tend to honor that respect and then you ten and it just keeps going and going and going that’s.

I remember that word.
Respect from my dad always have respect respect your elders, respect this respect that and all that stuff.

You know, though, to some people seems silly to me.

It makes a whole bunch of sense.
Elders are more just they’re, just mature people that have been through life, they’ve seen the ins and outs, so they they know when you’re doing something silly and it’s not because they think they’ve been through it.

They’ve probably made that same mistake done that right.

It’s always good to take and heat advice from people like that and uh.

So i i definitely agree with that.
So but yeah, but a key piece of the the flying part for us and forgive focus and flying is, is that uh things on the ground? Actually, don’t change right things, things that are on the ground are the same.

What has to happen is that there has to be a conscious effort to re pull yourself off of the weight that holds you stuck to the ground.

Holds you stuck to your place.
Focus on really where you’re trying to go, but the action of flying again doesn’t change where you are on the ground, what’s happening on the ground.

It just changes your perspective on all that you can see you get up to a different level and you’re able to see things differently, you’re able to see beyond that wall.
That might be right in front of you.
If your feet are on the ground, you’re able to rise up above it right and and those things that are key – is that there’s always people that you find flying once you get up in the air.

You know what i mean you you find up there with you once you raise up and change your perspective, because you may come back down to the same spot right.
You may come back to the same perch or the same place wherever a bird comes down to right, you’ll come back to it, but with a different understanding of the rest of the world and the landscape, because you’ve come up off of what is keep kept.
You anchored to the ground, but you can’t do it if you’re way down.

That’s why you got ta, forgive you got ta, let go of things and you let go of the things that are holding you up utilize.

What can make you be better focus on how to continuously not let the things that are in your way be uh, be detrimental but be used.
As as your your wind, your sail right, we don’t see wind, we don’t see air somehow or another.

It’s keeping planes in the air and it’s keeping birds in the air and it’s invisible and we don’t necessarily see the wind that comes to us if we were inside of a sailboat right.

But it’s coming to us and we can’t control it.
But we can turn or make the adjustment to ourself.

That then gets to harness what’s coming against us and move us forward, but the last thing to ever do inside of a storm is drop your anchor and just say that i ain’t trying to go nowhere.
You know what i mean: no you you, you ride that sucker out, you know what i mean you’re gon na take this you’re gon na go right, yeah exactly you feel that storm you you navigate through that storm! You! You use the storm to your advantage in a sense much like they had talked about earlier when they said that when this whole situation happened in the world, they they took the time when they were shut down, to figure things out.
So that that’s something that you don’t normally have the time to do so you have to find the light in everything i bring.

This thing up, be the light, find the light use the light and the light in all kinds of darkness is always light.
I don’t care how bad things seem, no matter how crazy things have fallen apart, there’s always something to grasp onto that’s light, something you can use to propel forward and that’s yeah.
I love it.

That was a great example of that.
So if we were on a boat, it would be forgive focus float right, so i love it.

Keep going, keep growing, keep floating, keep floating, keep keep floating, keep chugging whatever it is.
You know we got ta keep rocking uh, but but you, ladies, have actually taken that and implemented it right.
So you guys hear that you’re right, you hear that laugh right, the lap, oh my incredible guys, but they’ve implemented so many uh, so many things inside of their life and way beyond uh what they may get from from bruin solutions.

But all that we want to challenge all you car guys and cargos with is to adjust your mindset.

So if car guy coffee is mindset, medicine for you hallelujah, that’s exactly what we want to make sure that we deliver.
If cargal coffee is the same, we want to make sure that you get it.

You consume it.
It really penetrates the the heart.
It really gets you uh in a place where you feel different from within out.

We we constantly are going to say that it’s inside you, whether it’s the last dragon or it’s, you you’re, the master, who’s, the master.
I am so that’s why i do it at the store.

Now right, i yell it’s so loud who’s, the master and everybody hits their test one time and they say i am right and because they they take the the responsibility for what it is that they’re in control of right there and that the power to do great.

It’s powerful already in you.
That’s that whole i am lou.
It’s such a powerful thing, whatever you say after that is what you’re going to be.

I’ve heard this from a lot of different people.
Recently i heard it from glenn lundy, but i’ve heard this.
My whole life, because whatever you say you are, is what you are period.

If you say man, i’m a loser, you’re going to be a loser, you have to lose that mentality.

I’m a winner, yeah, i’m beautiful, i’m happy! I’m you know i’m growing today, i’m i don’t know whatever it is.
That is what you’re going to be you can’t you have to words, are so powerful.

They are.
I mean it’s unbelievable.
How powerful words are the most put something out there? It starts to become something your mind starts to believe it something chemical happens and your body may, you know, fall into either happiness or it’s a sadness.

So you have to use those words.
You have to think about what you’re saying project the right words for what you need to do, but i am is powerful.
I mean i am.

I am excited to have these two.
Ladies on the show.
Yes, i am, i am, we are still you know, so we’re excited this conversation has been wonderful.

I know that we have a.

We have a busy day coming up.
We have a busy day coming up, so we can’t stay on much longer.

Folks, we just went on like 20 minutes longer than i thought i was going to go yeah every time our shows are always longer than we think, but it’s hard to condense.
It is that actually there’s still so much more.
I want to do.

I am about one sip left in here uh, ladies just for those of you uh that are out there.
We want to make sure that we just release the ladies to share anything, that’s on their heart, about the things that have been coming together, uh.
So, ladies just share a little bit of hope share a little bit of what’s on your heart and the things and the resources that people can reach out, uh to utilize and maybe even shout out some of the people that are helping you out right now.

Um folks, these are the sisters of savings but they’re they’re, not just saving people, money on cars, they’re saving, uh families from having to search out employment, they’re saving, uh, they’re saving people from not having a people to belong to right, they’re, saving jobs, they’re saving careers, They’re saving uh people’s futures and they’re also saving people from having to go through the entire day without laughing and we’re trying to make sure that we get them out there for everybody else to to get some of the shine.

That’s on their smile.
So what can you share out there? Ladies to just just encourage, i mean we’re gon na? Let it fly with you all before we kick off this session of an early brew, so um i gosh they take me by surprise um.

Who do we want? I mean we there’s so many people to thank um.
Of course, you guys and our partnership.

We’ve we’ve been thinking about doing a partnership with you for a while as well, and so we’re so happy that you brought up the idea and it’s coming together.

Finally, our brothers um in kentucky bridging in social media is phenomenal, bringing the world together.
Um, like you, were saying, where our hearts go out to brittany.
California, we’ve had um a friend candace in um, louisiana louisiana, who just went through some tough times and just got electricity back and we’re praying for her.

And we wouldn’t have these friends if it wasn’t for social media and know.
What’s going on in their lives and be able to lift each other up those positive thoughts and the prayers and positive thoughts and and the typing of the encouragement to them and good morning, good morning, michael, oh good morning, i don’t have my bicycles on so i Couldn’t totally see the name, so i’m like oh something, popped up, um so note to self wear my glasses um.
We just are so over overwhelmed with uh all the positive that comes out of your show and then uh michael coming to see us and um rise and grind rising, grind um and it just.

We want to share that too, and and we’re gon na learn how to bring it out, in our words um, not just in her laughter um, but we we hope to uplift, others too, and not only car dealers.
Our friend angie she’s, found you guys through us.
Sharing um and i and i know that she’s found glenn lundy as well, um because of sharing and and she’s just a totally she’s, not even the car business and she’s tapping into what we have to offer.

So that’s really exciting to know that um, it’s not about selling cars, for us, it’s about um, just being us and and and bringing it to you and uplifting up shift uplift uplift.
Yes, that’s right! Those positive positive thoughts, positive words, um and growing your network.
I mean the real yeah, you know we have oh yeah and we have our ups and downs like everybody else, and and we look forward to sharing those and and learning from them, because that’s how we learn is is by talking it out and, like you said, Just forgive focus why you got is the way you handle it right and it’s a mindset and love it love.

It love it.
Ladies love it i and all of you that are out there just understand we there there is so much.
That’s that’s inside of these.

Ladies that we can’t get out inside of this one, quick uh live, oh, no, that’s why we have to have them.
We have to let them have their own show and let them do the thing right, but remember this for all of you that are out there that are listening that are or watching or whatever is going on.

Whoever you share this with uh you, you all, have been given a gift: okay, and that gift is not going to be taken back from you, you’re not going to have to beg for it again.

You’re not going to have to ask for it again when, when god created you in his likeness and in his image, he gave you the power, the power of death and life, and it it’s inside of your tongue.

It’s right here, inside of your mouth.
What comes out of you is: what’s going to create the world around you, so it’s key that you utilize that tool with the respect of understanding that if you speak death on something which is anything other than light, okay, it’s anything on the opposite side of positivity.

Would be considered death right if you speak that stuff, that’s what will be created around you if and if that’s what you’re consuming? That’s what’s going to happen inside of you, so these, ladies, are speaking life they’re speaking, grace they’re speaking, joy, they’re speaking, positivity! That’s what this entire podcast is for, but that’s also what it is that we’re trying to just make part of your culture in life.
You may not all start a podcast, you may not all sell cars, you may not all do the things that we do inside of our life, but you have a gift that can’t be taken from you and that’s that you have the gift of speaking life or Death and it’s inside of your tongue, so that power is something to respect it’s something to honor and it’s something to use with intention.
So if it’s speaking it over your kids speaking over your your uh, your employees, speaking over your business, speak life, speak life speak light speak hope, speak.

Joy, speak grace, speak all the great things that are going to bring up your business and your life to where it is that you hope and want them to be, and i promise you you will create a world around you that you will love and enjoy and Have nothing but great things to say about just like these sisters of savings that are right here.

You know coming out of a pandemic growing like never before dreaming like never before uh being closer than ever before.

Okay, what was intended to defeat us has only made us stronger, which should be evidence to everybody that it’s going to just keep getting better from here, and that’s all god.

Those words were so amazing lou.

Thank you so amazing, and it’s it’s it’s his he’s.
Such a wordsmith, you know – and i think lou sometimes thinks he talks too much, and i have to tell him all the time.

That’s what’s good about having a team, i tell them dude talk away bro because those words are powerful.

There’s somebody out there who’s going to need to hear that today, there’s somebody out there who’s going to listen to all that and just be like, oh and then they’re going to pass it on to somebody else so share it’s important so share their share.
This share this yes way to conclude that that was a really good way.

To put it, i love you, ladies.
Thank you so much for blessing us with your time this morning we’re going to talk soon.
We got a lot of talking.

We got a lot of talking to you, but you know we’ll find out we’ll schedule it out we’ll figure out.

Another meeting we’ll have a little chat, we’ll get some we’ll get some graphics made up, we’ll get some stuff going.
But, ladies, we love you.

Thank you.
So much for being here this morning, last sip of the coffee folks, thank you.
Thank you! So much hey.

We got some sisters that are brewing solutions and i’m squeaking again he’s squeaking, but for all y’all out there.
If you’re looking for some encouragement, you found it.
We we’re there’s four of us now to throw it at you, so get ready for it.

We’re excited to spread some more happy news um, but no thank you very much for joining us this morning, so salutations car guys and car gals.

This is lou ramirez.
The car guys this is franklin, that’s the sub prime hero and right over.

There are the sisters of savings from rainbow motor sales.

Guys have a great day.
Solutionaries keep brewing solutions.

We love you, make something happen, um shine on.
How do you do so? You .

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