Hey salutations good morning, good morning, all the above, we appreciate y’all.

We are ready to rock and roll this morning.
Lou and i have been having great conversation, we’ve been sitting here for the last 40 minutes.

We had an interview planned um.

I think that the schedule got really realigned, but that’s okay, we’re excited about it.
This is somebody we’ve kind of already done a little bit of interview with and we’re just trying to finish it off he’s a great person we’re looking forward to sharing his full story.

Anyhow, good morning, everyone, i hope you guys are having a great one.

I know lou and i we’re going to have a good one and here soon be looking for a live and about within the hour of lou, and i doing our day 22 of our push-up challenge and i hope you guys have been paying attention to that.
It’s a huge cause that needs to be talked about, needs to be spread, and i’m going to tell you which has been really beautiful.

I was aware of it because of the challenge.

I’ve seen some of these challenges right and this challenge is beautiful, we’re doing a push-up version of it.
There’s a lot of people doing other things: they’re, riding bikes, they’re, they’re, doing workouts they’re doing a lot of different things to bring up awareness for restore warriors.
What i think it’s called so there’s a lot of other different things going on um that are trying to help these.

These uh veterans that are going through the ptsd that they’re going through i’m on average 22 veterans are committing suicide a day, guys um, it’s something! Being that, i’m you know i’m prior military, my father was, i have an uncle grant.
You know my grandfather, i have another uncle did four years and lou obviously he’s prior military himself and we are in a military community.
So to me it’s a huge deal.

Um, almost everybody i grew up with – has some kind of affiliation to military, so we’re all about trying to spread that.

So we are on our final day day 22.
We’re excited lou, and i are we.

We were in sync with our dates, so we’re gon.
Na finish it off together and we’re excited we’re gon na do a we should just do it live later.
We’re gon na do a live.

Video i’ll probably do both do we’ll film one live and then also have a recording, so we’ll probably jump that up.
We’ll probably do the live, um whatever, but we’re gon na be doing it here within the hour, we’re gon na run off after the show’s done to knock that out, but um.
You know we’re super excited.

You know to get on to a different subject, not to dismiss that subject, but well, just to add into that um.
It’s it’s! It’s a great honor to give honor originally to the people that uh serve and put themselves forward in front of people.
Richie bellow is an incredible individual that actually does things with veterans.

He does and that’s why it’s such a good cause into the world.
Richard understands where we’re coming from with this so yeah absolutely richie knows what’s up, and you know that is great uh for all of us, mr florida man himself down there in orlando doing his shiny.
He left that cold state of new york and said you know what all of them do, that they all do that, but he’s cuban though so you know, he’s so used to that he’s like man, this new york weather’s for the birds, i’m gon na, go down With them like similar to like my home weather, you know what i’m saying so richard.

We appreciate you for jumping on this morning, but before we get going, we got ta get this going folks, we got ta, go ahead and get you notice how it started.
You know what’s up we’ll see in a few seconds: [: Music, ], [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , how much welcome to the cafe.

Hopefully you are ready to brew and uh.

You got a little bit of excitement going on inside of your day and inside of your cup today, richie bello, richie bell! God bless you! Thank you so much uh for jumping in oh by the way folks richie bello.

I appreciate you on his website.

Richie bellow, as you see it right, there v blocks category.
We are the podcast on his website and we appreciate it.
We are exclusive, and that means that he has a lot of love for us just like we have love for him.

That means a lot honestly that that right, there is just a huge way to honor us, and that means a lot to lou, and i so we do appreciate you richie once again cheers to you cheers richie richie this brew.

Yes, sir, he is definitely somebody that has always ruined solutions in so many different directions.
He’s also been a super like just ever since we’ve started doing this he’s always been there and always gave us nothing but compliments.

You know, and i do appreciate that he’s always been such a guy – that’s always trying to uplift us.

You know what we in a world that tries to bring people like us down a lot but telling us always.

Why are you doing this? What’s your end game? Right stuff, like that, this guy’s, like i understand where you’re coming from i understand where you’re going, and i know what it’s about and that’s why i love richie richie’s been there.

You know i know richie’s been super busy lately guys and we’re gon na have richie on the show.
Actually, because he’s been flying south he’s been flying, he went out to california all over the place.
I mean guys he’s got a new project.

That’s gon na blow.
Your mind and we’re gon na i want to get him on the show, so we can talk about that.
We’re gon na have him on the show very soon.

I actually just talked to him recently about coming on the show and he was like yeah hello, but yeah.
We were going to do that if he’s just been so busy lately that it’s been hard to get a hold of him and if you guys don’t know, you’ve been seeing richie bellow his on his stuff online, he hasn’t even been doing the interviews as much as He used he’s starting to get back to it.
You i saw one yesterday with him and brandon.

It was really cool um.
I know that he’s starting to get back into the swing of things because he’s getting settled in his home in florida, but we’re looking forward to having you on the show richie.
So we’ll talk about that really soon, but look at even says it right.

There look, how nice of them the best podcast best man, i’m telling you man.
I really appreciate that so much real solutions to both yeah, so we’re so honored to have you know to know him and i’m looking forward to having you on the show, like i said, richie so lou.
What’s up man, we just got done having a great time.

Last night lou and i um and our team, we all went to a we rented out a a pay lake for our guys to go.
Do some fishing last night um.

You know we had it from 7 p.

m, to midnight last night and uh wow.
What a fun time it was lou and i unfortunately did not pull one on the show broke a pole.
Man luke had one and we both got excited.

We got something popped up, i’m over here, trying to help him pull it out and guess what guys? Yes line snap, we’re not patient the tip of the pole broke, oh, it did break down yeah.
It got right there at the bank.
It was a monster folks.

It was a big one, the biggest i’ve ever seen.
I got a fish story for you.
No, i really don’t it broke and it went away, and that was my only bike for the whole night, but you know what lou, but i had a great time with the guys and everybody i mean it was just fun time.

Thank you.
So much nick bratcher, yeah and way to put that together and being the uh, the leader that you are, that makes sure to get everybody together outside of work and have a great time uh.
Thank you so much for putting that together.

If you guys didn’t see one of the lives that we talked about before nick dropped, some great knowledge on why it’s so important that you build that bond outside of the dealership and you put together different things to assemble the group.
That’s right! Any great leader! Uh knows that you have to be able to make your team gel together, um on and off the court, somebody that mastered, that was phil jackson and he mastered it by mastering a relationship with everybody that he had around him um, and he could only do that By really pulling them away from the idea of just basketball or just the mission, or just the field that they’re in and saying hey, how do we grow together and how we enjoy doing life together and uh? That’s something again! Thank you so much tony bolito.
Thank you so much for making sure that we came together.

It was great.
It was just good time.
Everybody was smiling.

Nobody was mad fishing.
I had a good time, man, you know.
Even if you didn’t catch a thing like me, i had a good time just hanging out.

It was just nice to be doing something besides going home and doing that old cycle you know sometimes breaking the cycle can be a good thing for you.
You know something about making going the abnormal, because it throws a little bit of like what’s getting ready to happen, type feeling and we had a blast last night.
I know i did, but you know first things.

First guys before we get started any further.
I do need to make sure that luke well, this is lu, ramirez, the car guy.
This is fred linards, the subaru and you are ruining solutions on the car guy coffee podcast.

This brew has been brought by think ad group and you can get you some of think ad groups big way of thinking by going to thinkad group.
com, you know, what’s up incredible solutionaries you need to get with them.
You all do need to get with them.

If you haven’t yet you’re all missing out, because i’m telling you they’re not just good people and they don’t have just products, but they just people good people to know they also have an awesome thing.
Every thursday night start tonight’s another night, they have a thing called, thirsty, thursday think tank.
Now this it’s really fun.

Everybody gets together, have whatever kind of bra.
You could drink water.
You could drink wine, you could have a beer, whatever everyone’s just having fun.

It’s like a giant zoo, there’s thursdays and it’s like and it’s fun and you ha and you get to sit there and you they bring in celebrity guests.
You know like the car guy coffee podcast just kidding, but el patron.
We had super bowl champion in there.

They’ve had a guy that was on the show alone on there they have, i mean jason, garris jason.
I mean he definitely is always and everybody’s brain exploding with thoughts, ideas and inspiration.
It’s just it’s just a big mastermind meeting, and now this mastermind meeting isn’t just car people, which is really cool.

It’s a little bit of everything and lou, and i have had a chance to be able to uh sit down and talk with some people in there.
There’s a lady named eda on there and she’s awesome she’s gon na help us you know, i’m gon na give you guys kind of a sneak peek she’s, helping us with our coffee brand.
Just so, you guys know we’re getting ready to come out with one be looking forward: i’m not going to let too much more out of the bag, but it is happening.

We’re searching for the perfect beans looking for the perfect beans for the perfect beans, but but these are all people that we are doing.
One thing consistently with that is growing and the combination that we have in growing we’ve had them all join us inside, but in order to grow, what do you have to do lives and that is to forgive focus? Why so join us everybody as we get ready to do what it is that we do one two three forgive focus fly: keep growing, keep growing, keep growing so come on.
Let’s do this all right! So let’s do this.

So let’s talk about something real, quick yeah.
Let’s do it all right, i’m going to talk about the importance um, because we were talking about some of the things that were going on with some of our guys um, but also things that we see happening with people out in the market.

I mean the best thing that we can ever do is just share, maybe some of our success or the one of the things that we’ve absolutely we’ve learned to understand over time.

So i want to paint this analogy for you.

If you’re building a home, that’s a single story home it and we speak about foundation a lot.

It’s important that you set that foundation right.

You know exactly where it is, and it takes some time to apply building that foundation.
Now, if that home is going to stand a little higher, it’s going to take a little bit more time to build that foundation.
You have to build a more sturdy foundation.

The higher you go, the deeper you go right, so it takes a long time to build the foundation of a skyscraper.

I mean like a crazy long time compared to what it would take to build your average three four-story home, okay, you’re checking where i’m going.
Is that where you’re going so here’s the thing, sometimes the foundation that you’re building may not seem like it’s erect and and big and lifted up enough for people to understand? What’s going on, because it takes time to build that foundation.

I know, especially in the city you’ll ride by so many places, and not know that there’s a whole crew of people that are deep into the ground that you can’t see you just keep you just pass them up.
You can’t see what’s happening.
True um before you ever see anything rise, but that foundation is being poured, it’s being settled, it’s being set, it’s being uh secured it’s being uh fortified right, so that is so important, but the longer that you look or the higher you look to rise.

Sometimes that’s the the the amount of time it’s relative to the amount of time that you have to spend, building your foundation so for you that are just new inside of this business.
If you plan on receiving or receiving great uh success in the future, it’s important that your foundation is built in a steady way, but it has constant application.

You keep building on it.

You can’t try one, you can’t pour cement in one spot and expect for the next spot to be poured out the next day, you’re still not going to see the results that you want.
If you’re not consistently applying yourself and different things depend again depending on how high you want to rise, is the amount of time that you’re going to have to spend relatively to the amount of time that you build your foundation um, because things rise quick when that Foundation is set settled and secure um, but i mean what do you think about that as far as building the foundation, because that’s what we’ve been doing, a lot of people have have asked us what man? Why are you guys just doing so much in in and uh? Is it all worth it? You know.
I wouldn’t be doing that.

You know here’s, here’s something! I hear it’s uh.
Why are you doing all this work for no money? You know, and i’m like guys, you that’s a problem and i’m gon na be honest with you guys.
If that is what your mind is when you’re trying to do something, i need to start making money now, you’re never going to do it.

I mean don’t get me wrong, you can, but the idea what we’re doing is we’re just 100.
Take it how you want to take it we’re here to up shift and uplift people get yourself for one, i’m trying to make sure you guys know what i’m trying.
What i’m trying to do you guys know who i am by now? I think you all know i’m fred lennart’s subprime hero.

You know that he’s lou ramirez and car guy right.
You also know that we’re the car guy coffee podcast and that we love to upshift uplift we’re brewing solutions, we’re you know we keep growing.
We’re forgive focus flying this message that we’re trying to bring is a positive message right, we’re trying to show you that you have to always be looking to constantly grow.

Now we’re not saying that you have to be a million times better tomorrow.
You just have to be a little bit better.
Small progress is good.

Now, there’s going to be days of massive progress and man enjoy those days, but the days that you just have very minor as long as you’re not going backwards.
You should be very proud of that, even if you do go backwards, recognize as long as you know why, and you just fix it, correct it and the very next day you’re able to keep moving forward.
That’s okay! We all have those days.

I had a background.
There’s been days where i’ve had went backwards, where i was literally not in the most positive mood and i went in there and i had a negative attitude.
I did everything wrong.

I’m you know grouchy, i’m talking to myself, people like their garbage, which you should never do, um, which i’m guilty done.
It even recently done it.
You know, i’m just being honest with you guys.

You know we’re not perfect.
You know car guy coffee.
I know you guys see us, you see how positive we are all the time, but hey guys, you know it’s camera, i’m gon na be honest.

There’s moments that i’m not perfect, no one’s perfect, no one in the world’s perfect, but here’s the beautiful! That’s why? I love it, though, because when i’m not perfect, i can recognize what i need to work on this way.
I can try to make that avoid ever that happening again right, so i’m trying to make sure i never get to that point.
So what triggered me to get to that point? What do i need to do to fix that point? For example, yesterday i was kind of upset about this is to give a throw an example.

I was upset yesterday about missing steps which were very minor, very small things, but for some reason i just got in this tangent went a little longer.
This deal shouldn’t.
I i give my guys 48 hours for missing steps.

Okay, so i was a little mad.
I go off i’m doing all this crazy stuff so today and i’m not really that crazy about.
Don’t get me wrong and go like that.

I’m not bananas like that, not anymore, i’m a little local but but i literally today i get up and while we’ve been sitting here – and you can see – i don’t know if you guys could see this, but i’ve done text all every one of my guys.
This morning, and just told them how much i appreciate them, and how much that i and i’m and i’m and i text them all individual messages.
I don’t know if you guys can see that at all, but i text everyone something different that cater to what i believe they that they can help them.

Maybe uplift them, but, most importantly, let them know.
I appreciate them because i know that this job is not easy.
I know that this job, especially in today’s world, can be very frustrating.

I know that this job can be very taxing on you, if you’re not putting out the numbers, because you have to work more hours.

It’s kind of weird you work more when you’re selling less, but it’s also to make sure that you’re doing what you need to do, because you can’t expect to you can’t expect as a manager for me to look at you when you’re not selling the cars you’re Supposed to and tell you hey, go ahead and leave early go ahead and do this you don’t have to work as much and it’s not because i don’t.
Maybe you need that, but here’s the thing i would be irresponsible.

If i didn’t put you in a position to stay successful, because if i’m not sitting there telling you hey, you need to grind it out until you get back on a roll, we’ll get you going it’s not just for that.
I understand that temporarily that moment it feels like going home early or taking your day off is a good thing, but your family depends on you.

You depend on you, i depend on you, you know so there’s a lot of people depending on you to make sure you produce.

Most importantly, though, you’re depending on yourself, because when you stop producing, you start to lose confidence in yourself the moment you lose confidence in yourself, man, it’s over, i mean it’s hard to sell anything, it’s hard enough to even go out and have a good time when You have no confidence, let alone try to sell a car to somebody, that’s trying to spend tens of thousands of dollars, so you have to remember that confidence needs to stay there, even when things are not good.
So i’m hoping that these messages, let the guys, know how confident i am and then being successful, i’m hoping it does they’re, just that’s just a simple way of doing that um for me, it works.
I think i hope that they appreciate it.

I appreciate you guys if you’re watching any of this guy.
I appreciate my team so much you guys.
Actually you guys do a really good job.

Like i talk about a lot of my lot walks, you guys are crushing it considering the things once again is there room for improvement, always there’s always room for improvement, but i appreciate you guys so much you don’t even know so anyway.
That’s real! That’s right! That’s real, that’s facts, that’s fred loves his people and we’re not all perfect, but there is there is something that goes into making sure that you show appreciation uh, for who it is that you’re around, because again we’re looking for relationships over revenue, so building the foundation Of any relationship is going to take time.
It’s going to take um the application of maybe uh you pouring out a lot of you, you allowing them to pour out a lot of themself, and a lot of things may not get seen at the surface of what that actually has poured into um again.

Just like building the foundation, you have there’s a lot of things that don’t get recognized, don’t get seen.
Nobody look goes to a giant skyscraper and be like wow.
I bet that has an awesome foundation.

You know what i mean.
Nobody is amazed by the foundation.
They’re amazed by what it is that they see erect over the the ground level.

So with that, there’s a lot of people that toil and and push themselves and work in building that deep, deep relationship that something is able to be built up on and and high up and and give way to many people uh to doing what it is that They’re supposed to do, and when you have leaders like fred and many others out there that are making sure to send out a message or write a card write a christmas card clay.

He has his the christmas card that i gave him.
I think it was two years ago: um uh, it was just a really really like poured my heart out, and you know like me and gabe.

When we write like a card out, you know what i mean like poured it out there and he keeps that displayed.

Uh, but he he was like lou.
I don’t know if that was just a something for everybody or if that was just for me, and i was like no, that was all you.

You know, that’s specifically for you and he’s like.
Well, i keep it right there.
I didn’t know if you noticed and i was like hey.

That means a lot to me.
Thank you so much, but these little things that build those relationships amongst a team are key.
You know what i mean.

What is going to go wrong, uh from the guys receiving a message from a manager uh saying how much that they’re appreciated and being encouraged to go tackle their day.

Man that makes me want to go tackle my day right.
I mean that everybody’s going to want to uh do better if they have that type of that type of encouragement or somebody blowing into their sale right in order to advance them forward.

So be an encouragement know that but know that you have to build a foundation of that, and sometimes it’s not seen.
Sometimes it’s not right there in front of everybody.
Sometimes those attaboys or you can do this, don’t get given in front of the entire company.

They get given on the side in a message in a note in a card in whatever, but it builds a deep foundation so that something big can be built upon in the future.

So don’t be shallow in the foundation that you build otherwise you’re going to have a shallow risen home you, you know it’s very important, that you build a foundation.
Take the time to do it.

So if you’re going to build something big, you can do it.
You can do it, you guys can do it we’re gon na do it today, you can do it, you can do it.
Yes, you know.

Oh man, guys do you know that uh we have another solution area.
That’s been brewing with us all week.

You’re gon na see some videos drop today, where you can see some of the fun and some of the laughing that we got to to do with shannon everhart good ol, shannon she’s somebody that brewed solutions every day like what tom aioli said, brewing solutions on a Daily basis right, i love it.

He he highlighted how important it is that you are brewing solutions on a daily basis and shannon everhart does that for not just the company that she works for uh she’s, a director of gravitational marketing, but for the people that she gets exposed to every single day.
So you make sure you go check out those brews watch us on youtube today and uh encourage somebody to get something out of that anytime.
You go to the cafe.

It’s up to you to pick up your cup of coffee and leave with.
So that’s right.
We’re pouring it out, get you some blessed bro.

You know what i’m saying, but hey see this right here.
This is a foretelling of our challenge.

Can you guys see that i don’t know if you can see approved sisters of savings, we are really bright lights.
Lights are super bright.
You know, i feel i get a suntan every morning.

I don’t have to go outside just turn these lights on, like don’t worry, we’ll just get the little mirror thing like this.

Just let you know see how you get a little flecks of mirror and you just hold it up like yeah, just hold it there anyway.
Anyway, yeah so hey so guys, i know that you got to get on to your day.

We got to get onto this, we do encourage you, spend the time.
Keep building the foundation, keep building it consistently consistently.

You may not see what it is.

That’s going.
It is going to be built upon it right now, but keep pouring it keep letting other people join.

Let give it time to set and settle, but do not stop building.

Do not do not do not do it.
Constant growth keep constant growth.
You know how to do that.

Constant growth forget, focus, live, get yourself, keep going so folks.
We appreciate you for coming on with us this morning, be looking out for our push-up challenge here.
Sisters are saving, go, get you some car guy coffee it’ll, make you contagiously, confident, confident all that stuff is what people want today in certain times.

I appreciate you guys for jumping on this morning.
Share this.
If you think anybody needs to hear some of this information, we do appreciate it don’t forget to check out shannon everhearts next brew.

It’s coming out.
We actually have one coming out tonight at midnight, so you looking for it and we appreciate it.

You all have a great day check out this video unmuted bam and we’re on and get over, don’t forget to cut up , [ Applause ].

Oh there he is , , oh [, Music ] go home, , , stay, uplifted.
Folks, stay happy share the love make sure you spread it out there, because the thing about happiness is that the darkness is so hard to overcome.

Unless you find happiness and happiness is everywhere around you.

Folks, don’t forget that if you don’t have an inspiration, you can go to car guy coffee dot, store and get you some of these.
Get you some of these.
The most important thing that you can wear today is your love.

All right.
Folks have a great day.
What’s your smile, we appreciate to you, let’s brew, .

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