Look who’s here with us; it is, it is folks if you have, if you all, don’t know who this is, then you guys are about to find out we’re going to take this quick little video for you guys and once we get back we’re going to sit Here with matt damos, the one, the only unstoppable force for good, that’s right and we are excited to have him here.

Not only has he been one of our greatest mentors in our business in our lives, but he’s also one of our best friends in the whole world.
So it’s gon na be a lot of fun, get ready for some quake great holiday spin, oh he’s putting his head on his shoulders.
We’re gon na have some fun this morning, folks, i’m so excited to have matt in the cafe he’s.

This is the second time he’s finally got his signature up here, so i’m excited about having that.
That’s probably the most exciting.
That’s the only reason i even invited him.

You can go ahead and go matt.
I appreciate you guys we’re good thanks, guys have a great day enjoy the intro outro.

That’s right: , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , ah , [, Laughter, ], , [ Applause, ], [, Music.

Welcome to the cafe, hopefully, you got all caffeinated and confident to take on your day by seeing what it is that we do to make sure that we keep growing.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy.
This is fredon arts, the subprime hero, and we are here once again with the unstoppable force for good.

Mr matt damos himself.
That’s right, hello, not damon! Damos he’s been called, i’m better, looking yeah much better right so this morning, um folks, if you’re watching this right now, we just please share share this right now.
This is really good stuff.

We’re getting ready to drop some great knowledge, we’re getting ready to have some fun this morning.

So let’s get some people in here.
Let’s get them invited.

Let’s get some comments going.

We’ve already got a couple and i do appreciate you all for jumping welcome.

Well, throwing some words out there justin what’s up brother thank ad group, you know what’s up appreciate you good morning to you, charles higgins, what’s up charles going morning, brian norris, coffee and cars, my favorite welcome exactly you are right.

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So wow we just finished september now in the car business september, is one of those months where you don’t know.
What’s going to happen in september.

Well, i’ll tell you september was great personally one of the most fun months.
I’ve had, in a long time with with everybody from family stuff, to everything else, the weather’s starting to change it’s cooling down.

It feels good to be outside.

It feels good to enjoy your off work time too.
So hope you guys are all going through the same thing that we’re going through and having great great uh wins in life, where you’re just focused on the wins.
You’re not focused on the losses, because a lot of people what’s going to happen in this time of year, the sun’s going to set early all these things are going to be happening and they get into this little depression mode.

Well, i recommend that you guys look and focus on what’s great about weather, changing about the sun dropping a little bit earlier, all that type of stuff, because there’s a way to get your mind right on that.
There’s a way to get you thinking positively.

Instead of negatively a lot of people start gaining weight this time of year, they start doing all these things well, folks find ways to stay, motivated and driven, and we’re going to help you with that.

Just make sure you tune in to our shows every morning you know what i’m saying: yeah yeah.
So let’s get this thing going evelyn good morning, good morning, good morning, sanjay, what’s up brother go good morning good morning things.
First, everybody we’re gon na go ahead and get this in here, so we can get matt in there.

He was our very first guest on the show and he’s not inside of the forgive focus fly reel that we have been introducing uh ever since.
So i’m excited to just get this little clip of footage and you’re gon na get to see it inside of the intro in the future.

Eventually, this is probably going to be about a 20-minute intro, especially it’s going to have to yeah.

So you know find your place in it: okay jump on the show, do some forgive focus and flying with us and let’s just keep growing the size of this intro.
Well, all right car guys and car gals.
Let’s do it hit your chest one time here we go on three one.

Two three forgive focus live, keep growing, keep growing, keep growing all right.
Now we’re awake a little bit.
I think everybody out there starting to get a little bit of that caffeine inside of them right.

You know why we’re so awake, because if you go to car guy coffee.
com, that’s right go ahead and click to the top.
Where it says coffee shop.

You can get some coffee we’re sipping on some solutions today, folks, but car guy coffee, the incredibly smooth tasting highly caffeinated coffee is available for you to pre-order right now.
So get you some of that, but we are really seriously sipping solutions.
Get you some get you some folks, the guy who got a sip in solutions.

First, is this guy right here, matt damos, you know when we first got in this business, both lou and i he was our manager.
He was the one who sat us down and showed us the road to the sale.
He was the one who taught us the psychology of a client.

He taught us how and showed us that this world and this business so much potential in it.
You know you: can it’s unlimited, how much money you can make the money? Isn’t the big thing, though it’s the way it makes.
You feel the accomplishment that you get from being successful at this business.

It helps you become more than just what you thought you were.

You know it’s kind of like you would realize how many people you touched throughout the years.
You know, through the years of that we’ve been selling cars.

You know matt’s been over two decades lou and i were reaching the two decade, um thing and with those years of experience and what we were taught by matt, which is basically what we talk about.

It’s that foundation that that really good foundation that we that was built with us, where we knew our house was going to be built on something that was amazing, because everything was laid out for us exactly the right way.

How to do this, and now we’ve been able to build our homes over the last almost 20 years and our homes on top of that foundation that helped us build that those homes are never going to go anywhere.

That foundation is never going to crack.
It’s always going to be there because it’s perfect now we may adjust the house.

We may do remodeling to it, but that foundation is always there and that’s.

Why we’re able to remodel on that and never have to worry about spending extra money to fix that foundation or spending extra time? Because it’s there already? It’s been laid out, and i give a lot of that credit to matt damos.
And i think that you know, maybe we talk about matt a lot on our show and that’s why i’m so excited to have him back and i think most of you guys if you’ve been watching us, you’ve heard matt’s name, and this is him – and this is The guy and it’s multitude of reasons – matt, is not just a great car guy, but he’s actually a really really really good friend, like you meet a lot of car people in this world.
That will teach you stuff yeah and they’re great, but they don’t have any personal like they don’t care about what your life is like at home.

They just want you to sell them cars and then, whenever you do at home they don’t give a flying f right, but what matt does, though, is matt, cares about it.
All matt understands the psychology of not just teaching you how to be a good car guy, but also encouraging you to grow at home with your family, with yourself with your personal development, with your physicality with everything you know, matt.
Does that to this day he’s one of the best ever so you all need to reach out to him matt’s going to be coming on social media, more folks, you’re going to be seeing him doing some stuff.

He has some future plans coming up.
You know maybe we’ll pour we’ll spill a little bit of beans about that.
Maybe but i want to get we’re going to get matt more involved in the car guy cafe, folks we’re going to have probably a whole segment just for him, and i um i don’t know if matt knows that yet, but we’re going we’re going to do that And i i think matt would graciously take that and and use it and and but i want to put a segment out here for him.

I want to make sure that we have something for matt, because we need to include matt in this cafe, because matt is a big reason why this cafe is even around you know.
We didn’t have matt me and lou may never got to the level we got to this business.

We never may have found the passion that we see in this business.

So i know we’re we’re lifting you up right now, matt, but obviously i i’m just soaking in so these are all things you just keep going you’re doing great yeah.
It’s all true yeah everything he said right, yeah, but seriously.
What matt has taught us how to do and and why we refer to him as as yoda we refer to him as a jedi as a master, uh jedi.

Is that he’s when it comes to making money he’s taught us how to solve problems? He’s taught us to have a giving heart and to be to be not so much riskful with your money, but to be trusting that you’re capable of making more of it so give it where it’s needed, put it where it’s needed and apply it um strategically, and Also with intention – and he is an incredibly giving person – but it’s not just on the side of what he does with his money and what he does with his knowledge and what he does um working a car deal.
It’s it’s.
What kind of exudes and spills from him as an individual to many many other people and there’s people all throughout the country that can probably attribute different things to matt and what it is that he’s done to just up shift and uplift their game? And it’s a great honor again, it’s it’s a really, really great honor.

I know we’re sitting here in close quarters kind of gassing you up and stuff, but brother.
We love you.
These are all facts by the way.

These are because he has been so instrumental in giving us the direction uh that that was needed when it was needed, and he still does it to this day.
He still bounces off some ideas.
I believe he’s one of our biggest fans.

I think he might even have the top fan rating on our facebook.
I hope so on there.
I hope so, but nothing, but i have not missed an episode, so i i’m you know, i’m definitely a fan.

We and i appreciate that you know and matt’s.
You know matt matt and i we have a great relationship.
We’ve had one for a long time.

Um you know it’s, it went from you know from being like i looked at matt and then, as a you know, somebody and i still do you know.
I look at him as this guy.
That’s here you know and then, when i was able to be able to sit down and become friends with him and talk and and learn and dig into his brain, even deeper, it became we realized well [, __ ] man.

We’re really close we’re almost identical in a lot of ways.
Best friends, we did we’re the two best friends right, so my wolf pack became a wolf pack of two [ Laughter ].
No, but no yeah – and you know we got guys brian, he says, sounds like you – have a great mentor.

Matt leadership is key yet lacking in our business facts.
Who that’s? Why i love to give the praise where praises.
Do you know? Because there is not enough of that, so when there’s somebody out there, that’s doing that.

You need to point it out.
You need to let them know because they don’t.

They may not even realize they’re one of the few that do that.

Um, because when you’re in your own bubble, you know which i talk about stuff, you have your own control over you, that’s what you pay attention to and there’s nothing wrong with that.
That’s actually great, but you have to realize that there’s other people outside that bubble that are doing some amazing things um, but not all of them too, so put give praise where praises do folks to include people that are like your salespeople if you’re a manager – and You have give praise where praises.
Do you know when someone does something good, give them that high five? Let them know slap them on the butt like what’s up buddy, you did a good job.

Don’t do that at a boy email though now that can’t do it.
If it’s anybody, it’s yes right, it’ll, red light, red light red light, joe turner, hey, what’s up joe good morning, my friend joe’s all the way out in paris folks he’s got his own coffee recovery, coffee.
We actually had that on here, and we drank some of that.

That was pretty good man once again, and then we got mr john pellegrino welcome.
We need to.
We need to have a talk with some john.

We do.
Man definitely do make moves yeah.
We need to talk to you.

We may need to talk to you about our our taxes soon.
So that being said, we’re gon na have to do that.

But let’s get this.
Let’s get this thing going.
You know um this morning we have matt damos here with us.

We have some guests watching right now.
I appreciate you all for jumping on, like i said, sounds like matt jumping and answering a lot of car guys and car gals when we come to.
We want to see matt too, yes, justin, oh you’re, definitely going to be matt, my friends, you absolutely will so speaking of solutionaries that want to meet other solutionaries.

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It’s that’s an amazing thing.
So it’s a it’s a it’s it’s a family.
It is where we are.

So sorry, it’s a circle.
That’s the word! That’s a circle! Yes! So matt! How are you this morning, i’m fantastic, you know what every day uh is an absolute gift uh today and uh it is.
You know i certainly appreciate you know all of the praises.

You know.
I measure my success based off of the successes of the people around me.
Um, it’s, you know, kind of always been my philosophy of leadership and you know to see you guys doing what you’re doing is absolutely amazing to me.

So i’m definitely a fan of your message and and what it is that you’re doing.
I think that the car business is in desperate need of people like you guys so cool man appreciate it.
Well, you know you you’re you’re, exactly right.

The car business does need people like us and i’m not just saying me and lou, you know, and i’m not trying to be it’s yeah, but it’s true what he means by that folks is he.

The people out there in the car business need to be more forward.
Thinking positive thinking, attitude determines your altitude thinking type stuff.

You need to be that way.

You need to understand that.

There’s there was a time in this business where the average car guy was a kind of like a.
I don’t give a hey.
You do this right now, that’s the way it goes.

I closed deals, that’s a jerk.
There was a job.
You know they were.

They were that way, you know, and i was that way.
We all i’m sure you guys remember.
We all got to a point.

It’s what kind of helped us like get sharper.
I mean that type of friction at that time was key and he still applies that friction to people today in different ways and, of course, you’ve grown.
You’ve read a book or two in in that time a couple and uh yeah learned a thing or two in that time, and so it’s helped to adjust how it is that you’ve, individually uh raised up people the great thing about the leadership that is uh that Exudes from matt is that it always has been from the posture of wanting to see great come out of what he pours into, and he genuinely does that at heart, not for the sake of hey you’re gon na make me money, hey you’re, gon na help.

Me look good to the owners and the bosses; no, it was, i believe, there’s greatness in you and my great reward will be to bring it out, and that has been something that i’ve honored and i’ve.

Always that’s.
Why you listen to somebody like that right! That’s why you submit to somebody like that that that truly wants the best for you, like a big brother like a father um, because there’s no greater joy for a father than to see their son succeed right to see their sons uh make it to the next Level to see their sons living their dream and and that’s that’s what we get to have inside of a good leadership relationship, but that’s something that we honor but you’ve actually been able to adapt that right in different forms in different places.

All throughout the nation.
You’ve been able to adapt that style because it you’re not always running into a place where everybody’s thinking your way right right right, just like customers aren’t always sitting down in front of you.
Thinking that the way you’re going to solve their problem is the way that it should be done.

In most case scenarios, we’ve said before they’re webmd themselves for what it is that they think needs to be done right exactly so.
Leadership is a key piece that you apply when not just when you have people that you’re leading and fiz and apps actually responsible for in whether it’s your unit or your floor, but in the actual sales process itself.

Having that mindset to lead them, if you’re a salesperson, you’re a leader, you’re, leading a person to a certain destination and they’re going there based off of your beliefs, right customer in most cases, isn’t going to buy that the vehicle, if you didn’t convince them that you’re Convinced it’s the right thing for them right right.

I was convinced that matt wanted what was great for me, so i would listen to him, which is what helped him lead me to where i wanted to go right, same thing with the customer.

So, let’s talk about leadership inside of that sales process.
Why your mindset why your heart has to be postured so right when you’re sitting in front of a customer and sitting in front of somebody that you’re leading? So i i think that the key component to uh to any of that is where your focus is.

You know i’m focused uh every day on um, i you know when i obviously when i first got in you know, i’m focused on the money and i’m focused on you know.
What can i get from? You know this business and and the effort that i’m going to put you know if i put this much in what am i going to get in return right and what i realized is that uh.
I never felt that i was really gaining any traction by focusing on what i’m going to get so.

Instead, it’s a lot easier to manage by focusing on what i’m going to give to every single day every person that i encounter, whether it be you know, a customer, an employee, somebody that i’m mentoring, um.
You know my spouse uh.
You know my children uh.

I you know i focus more on you know.
How much can i give? What kind of impact can i have and uh in doing that, then i’m only responsible for managing my own state and my own activities and that it becomes very easy.

So when so managing your own state um, something that is important for any professional anybody that wants to accomplish uh peace throughout their life right, you do have to establish routines right and sometimes those routines get mixed up.

Your day gets changed up inside of how it goes, but the importance of setting your routine for a mindset, uh preparation right, do a checkup from the neck up before you take it up right right.
That has to happen uh what.
Why is that something that stuck out to you so much and where did you? Where did that come from so there’s i so there’s three patterns of focus um that we all look at and um you know.

One of those is, you know: do i focus primarily on what i can control or what’s outside, of my control um.
Another pattern of focus is: do i focus more on the past present or future um, and if you find yourself kind of you know focusing on things that are outside of your control or focusing primarily on your past um, then you tend to uh fall into kind Of the trap that your past equals your future, which means that only what you’ve done so far or experienced so far can equal how great you can become, and if you know, if we all do that, i mean you know.
If you go back and you look at uh, you know i, i know a little bit about your humble beginnings, uh fred, i certainly know about you, know what you’ve gone through personally um and been able to.

You know turn all of that into fuel um to be able to give to other people it.

It really becomes.
If you can start to channel your focus to um what it is.

You know the present.
What’s going on right now, you know you’re in control of that one way to be able to do that is every day.

You know, i ask myself uh great questions.

I you know so now.
I do do this and don’t think it’s weird, but every once in a while, you know i look in the mirror and i’ll ask myself.

You know important questions because we’re going to do that anyways we’re going to ask ourselves uh questions all the time.

You know what am i focused on: what does it mean? What am i going to do about it you’re right now that both of you are doing that right? Everyone that’s on here is doing that subconsciously.

So if you’re, conscious that you know if you’re aware that you’re doing that, then you can kind of control.
You know what the meaning is.

You know you may not be able to control externally what’s going on, but you can control what it means to you and what you’re going to do about it.
And when you take that approach um to life, you know with anything in your life, then you actually are in control of your outcomes so sowing the seeds grows.

Something right.

Depending on what seeds you intentionally sow, is going to grow certain things and you’re hearing.

Just a master i mean when we say a jedi master, i mean a master at at being able to take a look at whether it’s a car deal or an individual and kind of break.
It back, break it down and figure out how to rebuild it.

The way that it’s supposed to or most intended to operate, i mean it’s just it’s incredible uh to just listen to the mind as well.
I mean i could sit with the demos brothers, both of them and just listen to philosophy, listen to thought and that’s kind of where we’re going to be going because this philosophy that filters so much of what it is that we do in life.

And that’s: what’s going to be coming in the future folks and we’ll be talking about that, a little bit more getting things pumped up a little bit more about what it is that that matt is trying to brew up for people in general, because it’s not just Us that it needs to be poured into and the many that he’s already affected.

Many of you out there need to hear some of the mindset medicine that he’s able to prescribe to you in order to help give you that shift.
You need to just see things.
A little rightly sometimes you just have to change your vantage point.

Right, adjust the camera a little bit for the things to be seen that need to be seen and matt helps you do that, but he does it in such a calm way.
It doesn’t matter what a customer is doing, he doesn’t move, he stays steady and eventually the customer.

I mean the jedi comes out, and it’s like i’m so mad right now that okay, all right man, i’m gon na, bring you lunch tomorrow and that’s like yeah.

I thought you would i’ll tell you what i like.
Basically about that, that’s how it goes down.
You know it’s so true.

You know the one i remember just being a young salesperson right and bringing a deal to matt, and you thought you knew what was going on.
You remember how that is.
We all thought that way when you brought, i know yeah i’m a month in.

I know everything matt hasn’t even seen.
The person doesn’t even know what they look like hasn’t heard.
A word come out their mouth, he look, he pulls the credit he looks at you.

He hears what you say and he’ll say i understand, but you need to go out here and do this and you’re like they’re not going to do it.
Yes, they are.
You just need to go out here say this say that show them this vehicle come back and get a pencil just make sure you say this exactly like this.

You say that again without wavering without any of the and man.
I tell you when matt loads, your lips and you go out.
You say it the way it says it.

You may think it’s like no doesn’t even make sense.
You have to control your face when they do it.

I remember this, like i remember, going, there’s no way this is going to work.
I go out there and just try it, and you know i think, that’s the difference between maybe lou, and i maybe and other people who weren’t quite so successful, is that we were actually the ones who would go out and say what matt said to say.
He said it and we go in there and you would be like the customers would just i don’t want to say, buckle or fold.

You know because it’s not necessarily what they give them, but they would understand this because matt knew the psychology understood where they were really going.

Why they thought that way why they came up with what matt wouldn’t call they’re, not objections.
He would call them excuses or you know like they.

There there’s no reason they’re, not really real objections.
That’s what he says like no, that’s a real objection.
It’s not a real objection.

Fred, that’s an excuse right now.
You need to go out here and just discover some.

That’s all.

It was just discover more ask more questions and he would teach you how to do that without you realizing you were being taught that it was like huh and you go out and you do it and then you’d find that out, as you were doing it, but Man that was the way that’s the way of matt damos.
To this day, our i mean it’s unbelievable.

The way he can look at a credit profile.

The way he could look at a credit, app look at you in the way you’re acting.
You could be telling him the complete opposite of what’s getting ready to go down but he’s, but he knows that it’s not the case here.
He knows it.

He knows when it’s.
What about his bs detector – and i don’t mean man – has the best bs detector in the freaking world, it’s like anytime, you even a littlest white lie.
You’re like he knows.

I could see it in his eyes.
That’s the way it is and that’s what matt is once again.
This is yoda guys and when i say yoda, i’m not just saying that i mean i’m, you guys.

I have to understand how strong this guy is.
Next to me, you guys don’t understand how how much this guy can, how much knowledge this guy has not just in the car business, but in a lot of ways, he’s been really focused on in the last few years, on um being more of like a life Coach, in a sense you know, which is what he’s been doing his whole career anyway he’s been a life coach, the whole time and but he’s learned more psychology on that.
So when you have a basic foundation like matt has we talked about foundation earlier, that’s built so right and matt had that already and not to mention just natural talent with it right and then now he starts studying on it.

Then he got certified on this stuff.

Then he started really working now he’s connecting and meeting with people and going to these beautiful events that people are just teaching you how to use the power of the mind: how to use the power of self, how to use the power of positivity right matt.
Has it he is truly a jedi master throughout the universe.

Now so you know in the path of a master, though yeah, because we can hit that all day kind of – and we did – i mean the very first guest again on the show you can go to car guy coffee dot com go all the way back.
Listen to matt what up and you can listen to him too.

You might run into better episode between the two uh, but matt.
Can you give him a quick rundown into your path into into the business and then to here absolutely without us doing a whole fight? Yes, so uh i was uh, you know lack of options.
At the time i joined the army um one of actually one of the best decisions.

It turned out to be what i thought was a self-imposed punishment.
Um actually turned out to be one of the greatest learning experiences that i could have went through.

I you know i experienced great leadership uh.

I also experienced a very poor leadership and um.
It inspired me to say you know if i’m ever, in a position to where um you know where i can influence other people um, you know here are some things.
I’m definitely going to do.

Here are some things.
I’m definitely not going to do um and then so after the military uh, you know, went into uh car sales and um, it’s kind of a funny story how that got started.
I was asked to go uh by one of my friends that was still in the army to go with him to uh, negotiate a car deal because he was deathly afraid of you know, saying no and you know all the typical customer, behavior and uh.

So i said sure man i’ll go with you.
He came in as a car lawyer.
That’s how it started.

That’s how this guy! That’s why he always knows what the car lawyer is going to say.

You know, and three hours later i’m offered a job uh selling cars, and you know i there’s no way i’m gon na be a car salesman.
You know that’s beneath me and you know my value is much greater than that and [ Laughter ].

So, two weeks after that, i’m you know because i had just got out of the army.
I didn’t have a job and um about two weeks.
Three weeks later, you know my job search was failing.

So i called back – and i said i talked to the general manager of the dealership and i said who’s the one who actually came down and offered me the job.
I said i called him up and because i had no idea the way you know the the hierarchy and kind of the you know the way that the car business goes, and so i call up this general manager he’s the general manager vice president of a pretty Sizable, auto group – and i said i’ve considered your offer and i’ve decided to take this job under these conditions within six months to the day.
I need to be in the leadership position.

I need to be in a management role and now that i think about it.
I remember him kind of chuckling and saying yeah, no problem [ Laughter ].
When can you start so anyway? So that’s kind of the the humble beginnings of my journey in the business uh.

What led me to uh becoming you know, and then you know so.
I sold cars.
I had a lot of success with that um had a lot of fun.

You know met a lot of great people and actually, six months to the day of me, uh being in the car business, i was promoted um and i went um into the pioneering world of special finance, which uh at the time um very few dealerships.
Uh were doing uh, nobody really understood uh.
You know how to handle these.

You know these customers with less than perfect credit, or these particular situations and um so, and there was no one there to really teach me.
You know any of that.
So i actually learned uh special finance from um the buyers that were at each place.

I you know, i would send an application and just say look.
I have no idea what i’m doing.
What do i do you know and then sometimes i would even let them work my deal and just say you know, like a salesman, just tell me what the payment is and i’ll go talk to the customer so because back then the process was, you know if A salesman had a customer that could not go through uh a primary lending source.

Then that salesman brought me the application and the customer and then he would leave so then i would take the deal over and sell the car and do the whole thing, and you know so that that’s kind of how it you know, evolved and then um.
I eventually i you know, i i got a little bit burnt out um, you know anybody, who’s done f and i for any long period of time.

Uh you know understand what i’m talking about.

So i decided you know.
I need to take a little break from it.

I was offered a job as a uh as a bank rep, and i said man that you know that would be a pretty cushy job.

You know so i decided to do that and i did that for one year um i took a massive pay cut to do it, but um i was able to have a lot of free time.

This is when i lowered my golf handicap on the company’s dime right.
But more importantly, i can say that now the company is bankrupting yeah, it’s all good, but um, but i remember a life-changing event that happened.

While i was a bank rep um, there was at a local dealership, they were having uh some kind of big sale and um.
You know i’d never seen like balloon, arches and uh.
You know the fan.

Man and you know all this stuff going on.

So, as a bank rep, you know they were one of my accounts, so uh yeah caution tape.
I forgot about caution today.

That’s how long dealership is rapping.
People are getting killed here right.
So i said you know what i’m gon na go in there and see.

What’s going on so i go in there and i find out that they had hired uh a team of pros to come in and host this cell event, and there was more traffic at this dealership than i had ever seen at any dealership.
I mean this.
There was easily i mean i went in on a saturday morning, probably right at opening time right between nine and ten o’clock.

There was easily 100 ups on the lot and which you know if you work in a in a he’s, not like la market or you know, that’s normal, some big metro market.
That may not be you know, but this is in a town of 15 000 people right exactly and uh.
There’s some high pressure buying going on i’m watching it go down, and i i i just.

I can’t believe – and i want my prize so long story – short uh – they they they leave um.
You know i get to know all the guys from the team and – and you know, they’re all super cool guys – definitely, professionals, um and uh anyways about a month later, they’re back in town and i go in there and uh somebody’s working a deal and i’m up At the tower – and i’m talking to the guy that that his position was called the team leader and so i’m up there and i’m talking to the team leader on their sales tower and the closer on that team comes up.

And he says man, this guy’s not going to do it.

You know this and that you know i’m getting ready to.
Let him go so i look at it and i’m like.
Where are you going to send that deal to my bank and he says yeah? I said you mind if i take a shot at this customer and uh, of course, the closure.

You know you know a closer mentality.

Well, if i can’t get it, there’s no way, you’re going to get it good luck, yeah and – and i and i told him i said i said you know what you’re probably gon na swear – you’re – probably right but uh.
Let me try.

You know i mean i can i stand to make money here, so you don’t just.
Let me take a chance if you’re gon na let him go anyways, so long story short.
I go in.

I find out what the problem is.

It’s super easy to close.
I come back, you know full pencil.

It goes to my bank and um then that guy offered me a job.
Of course he did and once he did, that uh.
That was a game changer for me um.

It led to me uh opening my own starting, my own business uh, my own uh staff event, company uh, which obviously you guys eventually became a part of an integral part of um.
Actually, you know fred, there’s no way that company would have ever made it had.

You not come along um, so i appreciate it.

You know it was a, but it was.
It was team yeah.
You took care of me, so i took care of you.

It was like that was one of those things.
You know yeah years 12 years.
I did that um had a lot of success with i made incredible contacts all over the country, uh different dealerships that i still great friends.

I still have relationships with to this day, um and um yeah and then so what actually led me to the coaching part.
You know you know, i stopped no.
No last time he barely spoke yeah, so this is i’m going to call matt, i’m cool, i’m cool with it.

So this is great stuff, one of the uh.
What i realized was that you know throughout my entire career, everyone’s always said that you know our business and when i’ve come to realize this is pretty much.
Every business is 80.

Psychology – 20 mechanics, yes, sir, but we spend 80 percent of our time.

Training on mechanics and 20 on the psychology – it never made sense to me so i said you know if i want to be able to serve my um.
You know my team and and the the people who are looking to me to to guide them at the highest level.

Then i need to understand you know the psychology aspect of it, so i became uh, so i was actually introduced to a guy named tony robbins.
I don’t know if you guys, you know you, i don’t know, i don’t know anyone heard of that.
Guy tony who essentially became you know.

You know a mentor and um.
So i you know i got certified under his coaching program.
Um, you know started as a small coaching practice that that is primarily for more of uh elite clientele.

You know business owners and things like that.
Not that i don’t want to serve everyone, but it’s like everything else, there’s a you know the pie is, can can only be cut inside exactly so uh long story short, though um you know.
So it’s taught me a lot.

It’s taught me about uh how to control my focus.

You know what i’m focused on uh: how to produce outcomes and, more importantly, how to get you know, people to believe in um in themselves and how to raise help them to raise their own standards um, and if you can do that, um there.
You know you’ll create a team that is unstoppable.

You know, and i’ve been very fortunate, that i’ve always been surrounded by guys uh that uh, you know, carry that mentality of you know we’re in unstoppable force and that’s kind of where that uh nickname comes from it, and it’s yes and matt is a very good That type of stuff look, we got one of our current.
He was last month’s salesman of the month.
We got adrian gibbs out here.

Mr barry barge barry g.
What’s going on, barry appreciate you for jumping on real, quick adrian, yes, matt is the best folks and matt, and that’s that’s a guy currently on the floor right now that has benefited from matt’s knowledge benefited from matt’s.

You know school, it’s like teaching life skills.

This is a young man adrian.
He came to us basically right out of high school yeah and he’s slowly but surely getting to where he needs to be now.
You know we all know.

Sometimes when you get right out of school, it just takes a little.
You got to find wise.
You got to have a purpose in life, you know, and adrian is slowly finding that adrian’s getting ready to have a child so he’s starting to step up his game he’s getting into he’s double digits every single month he’s.

You know very proud of you adrian you’re, doing a great job.
Man keep doing what you’re doing, but always look for a little bit.
More keep growing, keep growing, but you know so he totally understands you know.

Matt, like he’s saying he’s, he’s been very fortunate to be surrounded by that, but you you attract what you are you know it’s kind of like so matt has been fortunate, but matt has always been consistent in being the type of person that he is.

You know he he’s always been attracting people to come towards him.

Let me see anything else right, so i could.

I could tell you i’ve seen matt literally, you know.
Matt says you know, he’s thankful.
That was part of the company, but i was so thankful to be part of matt’s company, because i i have.

I got to see firsthand what matt was like when you walked in a store, so i could tell you we would sign clients like new clients right and we’d show up.

I was always i had this little.
You know i maybe i didn’t feel worthy at some times.

You know what i mean, but i would watch matt walk in to a dealership, he’s never met the owner and the command that matt would have just by walking in a store with just his steps that he would take.
Just that.
We all know me and lou has the best imitation of matt’s watching ever, but there’s something about yeah depending [ Laughter, ] dude.

We both copied that from matt.
I still use that sometimes, as i’m doing things right, but you know matt give me an objection.
Matt has his way of walking in with this confidence.

You know matt’s had confidence like he mentions since before he even got into business when he was offered the job.
He was like it’s beneath me.
That’s that confidence.

It wasn’t that it was.
He just didn’t know you know he didn’t realize what the car business had to offer.

You know you look at what you see and then you’re like.

I don’t want to be that, but then, when you realize what you can be by being in this business, you’re like okay, i do want to be part of that, so matt always had that confidence in him.
Matt came into the business demanding six months later.
I want to be a manager right yeah, we got you come on in, but it happened.

Okay, you know now i look at it.
I’m like.
Oh, that actually happens.

That’s everything i think we all you know to include and to include most people to include adrian.
Is that when you say something and you actually believe it, it becomes it period, that’s just the way it works man.

It’s it’s amazing how that works.

How, if you really you have to believe it, though you have to want it.
You have to, and you have to put the work in you can’t just let it doesn’t just well, sometimes things land in your lap.
It does, but, but while you’re working while you’re doing these other things, you may not be working towards this goal, but all of a sudden this hits you because you’re working so hard.

It attracts to you right the things land in your lap as a result of that mindset exactly – and you know, matt has always done that now, like i always like, i said matt’s talking about he’s built relationships all over the country with all these dealers matt and If you guys have noticed, matt has very little on social media.
Now he’s going to be more and i’m going to help him get more.
I want him to.

I want him to be trying to make technology.
My friend, that’s definitely a goal that he’s he’s been working on it guys and he’s been doing more and you’re going to start seeing matt out there.
A lot more.

Obviously we want to put we want to put segments in our cafe with matt include him in our stuff, because there’s nothing better than having family part of your family.

You know when you’re doing something like this, and i think that one thing that’s going to happen by adding matt into our flavor into our blend is that it’s just going to get better.
It’s going to be a stronger brew for you to wake up and just get energized with right, so we’re excited about doing that, we’re what what what’s? What is it going to be exactly that’s something that we’re slowly working on.

I think matt has some stuff.
It’s going to be great, it’s going to be okay, there’s! No doubt it’s going to be great! That’s what it is now that i’m sitting here, thinking of it, it was the same store right.
The same store we started at yes was the same store.

You started.
Yes, you went on that that mission with you with uac right, that’s who it was and then you got on the road went all over.
The country came back so folks.

This would actually be a single origin, coffee all one single origin.

We all come from the same area, the same place where we acted and we’re from different parts of the world right fred was born abroad.
Right, were you also? No? No, no! Okay, no um, my mother, my mother, once you’re texas right! No, i am uh.

I was actually born in rome, georgia, that’s it.
He is from rome.
Why do i think texas? Yes, uh paul was paul was born in texas, okay and i’m from new york.

I’m the firstborn son of an immigrant.
I thought you were from like louisiana immigrant.

The alabama is usually what people think with that right, it’s so thick, but but all of these, all of these guys that are came to this one place were from all over the country yeah, and the thing that we share in common in our approach to everything And, of course it it it linked together with with you right, so we were one part of a link connected to another part of a lane connected together to another part of our link to create this strength and as as that’s come together, there was this a Type of a mindset that was always it’s not so much what i want to get out of this.

I know that i have something to bring to it right.
I know that i have something to give so it’s like showing up to a potluck right.

It’s every you show up at your family of six and you have nothing in hand.

You know what i mean you have.
No, you don’t have a bag of chips, you don’t have you don’t have a any whatever you know, but usually you bring that that you bring one person you bring something to the table right to add to and and and then you get to take away from.
As as you do so, but uh, the mindset that he had was of what i can bring to this there’s something i can bring to this, and this is why these are my conditions, because i have something to bring to this.

That’s a mindset you need to have when sitting in front of your customer when sitting in front of somebody that you’re trying to close the deal of of look, i have something to bring to you.
I have value to bring to you that you can’t necessarily put a price on just having this car is the one thing, but you don’t get me anywhere right.
You don’t get this level of service anywhere.

Let me show you why let me ju not necessarily just justify why you’re spending so much, but let me make you understand that there’s a great value, because you’re getting all of this all of this here all of this right, but only this right, you’re trying to Highlight all of that right i mean that’s, that’s the approach that you want uh your customer to understand, and that has to be a mindset thing.
The word says as a man thinketh in his heart.

So is he so what you believe inside of your heart, ultimately is going to affect what it is that that gets up here once it gets up here, it’s what’s going to make everything operate right once it hits the computer everything’s going to operate.

Why we want to make sure you hit your chest? One time make sure that that hit, that heart is beating, because from the place where your literal life spark is, is where everything else is going to find its way to grow.

Why has it been so important over the years that you have somewhat obsessively made sure to to bring value everywhere? It is that you go of course, there’s fruits that come with it, but what is it that has had you, so laser focused on making sure to bring value anywhere and everywhere that you go so you know living is giving um.
You know that’s a philosophy that i absolutely live by um and you know when people talk about.

You know you get out what you put in it’s it’s a hundred percent true, but i i you know when you this is going to sound, very philosophical, but hey.
That’s the whole point when you give uh when you give something uh with the expectation of getting something in return, um, that’s an investment when you give something um or when you give with no expectation um, that’s love, every decision that we make in our life.

It comes from one of two places: either fear or love if you choose to and you get to choose every single time.

But if you choose to operate from a space of love understanding that you know you know, i want to make this person’s experience.
Amazing, not just you know, a car buying experience, but maybe a car selling experience not just a you know: um being a husband but being a um.

You know trying to create a life for your spouse that uh it’s just unimaginable.

You know if so the way that i approach it.
You know i support my wife.

You guys know her.

She is uh she’s doing she’s, literally the most amazing person that that i inspire love.
You amber she’s, a car gal she’s, a she’s, a car guy.
We actually met at in a car dealership, yeah.

Of course we did.
That’s the only place.
I go right so, but anyways uh yeah.

So you know it’s it’s.
It’s definitely a mindset you know in, and you know i heard you, you know you guys are always giving tidbits to uh sales professionals uh around the country regarding uh, you know how to help them uh to uh, increase their sales or increase their.
You know positivity level, one one thing that i will a nugget that i will give um that i like to share with you know any uh sales professional is take control of the cell immediately.

Do not you know, i’m you can’t take control of a person.
Your managers may tell you get control of this guy, all right, all right, you’re, it’s you’re not going to control a person, but you have to take control of the sale.

Somebody has to be in control of the sale.

The way that you do, that is by being the professional think about this think about the last time that you went to your doctor, and so you go in because you have whatever going on and they say they come in and they’re like well, here’s what’s going .

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