Your cup, let’s drink it up, cronkite coffee, what’s up hey good morning, people guys and cows.

What’s up man, it’s luke ramirez, the car guy from arts subprime here, and we are excited to be having a brew with you, yeah right here right now, wherever it is that you are good morning.
Yes right, we are excited.
Are you excited man? I know i am i’m excited every morning that i wake up and my eyes go.

Oh i’m so like yeah! Let’s do this.
You know every time i get excited.
I like to turn music up really loud and get myself ready and primed up to forgive focus and fly so go ahead and get yourself ready and dance a little bit.

You all know.
What’s up here we go , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], ; ah, fire everything, , , [ Applause, ], hello good morning good morning.
Good morning, are you all pumped up and ready to go ready? Are you caffeinated right now because i know i’m getting there.

I got like a couple sips in and already this, this cgc brew that we got going on right now.
Oh, it’s very caffeinated.
We have a special guest – that’s going to probably be jumping in here in a minute special friends, very good friend of ours.

If he’s been a guest on our show, you guys will recognize this guy as soon as we get him on we’ll we’ll surprise you guys, but before we do that and as we’re waiting for him to join in with us this morning, there’s something that we do Before we do anything most of the time, sometimes we might do it after we do something, but we always mean to do this before we do anything, and this is obviously what we do and what we’re about.
I want you guys to join in with us in our tr in our traditional, our opening ceremony.
You know what’s up so i forgive focus fly moment: lou break it down car guys and cargos there’s so many things that are going on and that have gotten you to where it is that you are today and uh.

Some successes concerns some hurdles.
Some hurts and some pains, and sometimes those things can manifest themselves as a weight and that weight in many scenarios is a weight of unforgiveness and uh.
It is so important uh that you release that, but you have to release it with intention.

Your hands stay bound up if you’re carrying things that you’re not supposed to be carrying, and if you wipe those things off, then you have the ability to take those hands that god has given you to carve what it is that you want to look at what It is that you want to create yes and where it is that you want to go, tell it, and then you are released to trust the air that is beneath you that you cannot even see to help elevate you to flying to different levels.

Uh that you can only imagine until you’re, actually up there and once you’re flying high, you are able to continue to grow in a pattern of seeing how small the world can be when you elevate yourself to where it is that you’re supposed to be.

This is all yours, you have dominion to do great things, and we believe that, in order to keep growing inside of your garden inside of your business inside of your marriage, inside of your finances is to forgive focus so car guys join us we’re going to bring Jason into the cafe shortly, but we want to make sure that you get going and you do what it is that you’re supposed to do if you’re listening on the podcast um do what it is that you can with one hand if you got ta it’s it’s Pretty easy, i did it on my lot walk yesterday, because i had my hand full with this.

I went oh and he’s right there and i kept growing somebody with this can join us.
Let’s go ahead and we’re gon na go ahead and fun with friends.
We’re gon na go ahead and bring somebody in really quick to join us in the forgive focus fly one of our closest friends that we’ve never even met.

It’s so crazy, but we’ve met each other.
We know each other.
Do we’ve got to we’ve really grown up together in the last six months.

With this whole, you know with coronavirus our podcast man, it’s crazy.
It’s been that it’s been that long, that we’ve known each other now and he’s a very special person.
That’s we’re going to bring them in here to help us do the forgive focus, fly so get ready, get ready bam.

Good morning good morning, am i on yeah you’re on my friend no way i’m alive, you’re live! So, oh my listen to this you’re, not gon na! Believe it last night a dream came true and i thought i was just dreaming, but guess what i have in my cup right now, my very first cup and i’m slowly sipping it to get all the aroma.
The flavor i’m drinking car guy coffee, yes, sir! Thank you so much! That’s so awesome! It’s one thing to talk it, but now the time to walk it.

You know right.

Actually it’s exciting, i’m actually uh drinking it in my bed.

Right now i i had um.
It was served to me in bed too, so it’s even better.

If you don’t have to get up and go make it and somebody actually brings it to you, it even tastes even better.

You know what i’m saying: muy bien.
Yes, as they said, i do have an idea of a video of showing um spouses of car guys and car gals, making it for their spouse and giving it to them as they get up and get out and go take on the day.

Go get that commission dance on go uh help a lot of people, but you’re gon na need some help honey.
I got you some car guy coffee.

I want to say i’m good.

You can help make that i’m very thankful to uh to both of you for the uh coffee i ordered uh, i ordered believe it or not.
I was going to order like 10 15 bags and, like i had said there was like a three bag order.
You know at that time, but um.

I will say that um i i will drink this coffee and no other coffee in support of of you guys uh in general.
So you know if i, if i could, if i could do one thing for in good life for the rest of my life, is chewing car guy coffee for the rest of my life um and then that’s because again you know i’m gon na.
Do it in support, you know so like? In other words, that’s what we do like.

In other words um, you know it’s not just car guy coffee one is i’m a car guy right.
So i love that.
I love the name.

I love that name, and then you got car guy, coffee, right and and another thing is it tastes really incredible and the other night i i said uh to um to ashley.
I said you know i i drink coffee with uh chocolate in it.
I like um, for some reason i have like a mocha, coffee or um.

This is a hint a hint of it like, like you said it has a very small hint of it, so it’s um has a very slightly different, flavor and uh, but but also a very uh good, smooth, flavor and uh.
Not really bold and not like nasty um, i tell you i’m not i’m not really again.
A lot of people are and i’m not knocking any other coffee, but but i’m not a starbucks.

I don’t drink starbucks uh.
I can’t i can’t drink it um.
I i i tried to like you know it’s all right: it’s not smooth.

It seems a little too um a little hard.
I don’t know why it’s just like a very, but this is very um, very smooth yeah with the purpose right jason.

We tried to make it as smooth as a car guy uh and have the energi energizing uh caffeine inside of it, in order for you to go, be consistent inside of your day and that in the region that it comes from from guatemala it and that honduras Area, all of those areas are known for their incredible chocolate.

People travel the world to go, get that chocolate from that ground.
That’s why you’re tasting notes of that kakoa and there’s a whole lot of uh uh when we, when we’re promoting this with, i say with cafe, uh and all of the in incredible people that are helping us uh, get connected to the farmers at a single area.

To have this great coffee, but it was so uh purposeful and what you’re tasting needs needs to be needs to be tasted by many, but to see you know, there’s a smoothness to it.

Dude you’re gon na be bouncing off the wall soon once that gets in you getting it, you know me i’m already bouncing off.
I know you don’t need caffeine, you’re just like me and i don’t know why we drink so much, but i don’t even i don’t.
Even need it, but i’ll tell you what happened ready.

I know this is car guy coffee and let me tell you why i think i do man wow.
I i want to tell you guys why i know because listen i’m in watch.
Let me tell you what i didn’t know and now that i drank the coffee.

Let me tell you what i know now watch this is from car guys.
This is not even car training watch meet and greet fact: finding cell phone stock world class walk around demo drive, get seated and relax.

Try our clothes commitment, negotiate, proper delivery, get a re, get a review, get a referral, whoa booyah, the coffee did it.

I i didn’t even know the road to the sale and now, all of a sudden, i know it without even taking a class or anything it’s good for newbies.
I agree.
I agree it’s the best ever you, you don’t need that you don’t even need to do sales training anymore, it loads your lips.

You don’t even need to go on a demo drive no more demo drives.

You don’t even have to show anybody the car, because this is the car guy coffee.

In other words, if you give it to the customer, it will make them lose train of thought and uh and you’ll be able to close more deals with this coffee.

It’s a natural, it was made bam.
It’s really incredible.

It’s so good! I already closed three deals this morning, [ Laughter ].

I got seven sips in and i got four cards.
I even i just took one sip thanks car guys.
I closed five deals this morning.

I’m not just excited about the copy, it’s it’s the whole thought of it.
I mean when somebody has a mission, a dream and um.
It comes to life and you’re.

Talking about talking about is one thing right, but when you actually touch a package of something you created it’s something to be really proud of.

Like i remember when i made my app next sale now, i know there’s tons of software out there, but it becomes like your baby.
It becomes something a part of you and it becomes um and and the reason i keep fighting with next sale to to save it and to work with it and do it it’s because i’m the father of it.

You know what i mean and um and it was delivered.
It was delivered by me, and so i created it and when i made it, i thought of all the things that i think would work and and um, and i knew they would work and i knew they made sense and um.
So when you, when you make coffee or anything and you have a dream or a mission – and you actually can carry it out, there’s nothing better, there’s no there’s no better feeling um, it becomes a part of you and so um.

And you know this.
This coffee is going to grow uh and go all over um one because uh one, because i know i’m gon na support it, and i know that i’m gon na drink it um so um and i actually drink a couple cup a couple cups a day.
I don’t know, i would say a couple a day average uh so but but the one thing i can tell you, i really do is i enjoy my morning.

Coffee i enjoy it.
I don’t know if you really enjoy it, but i love coffee in the morning.
I love it like, in other words, i i really enjoy it.

I never thought that you could love something so much like it’s like you’re sitting there you get your morning coffee, you know you’re, maybe you’re mingling, you know you know, and you know whatever it’s just um, whatever it’s just a good thing.
So um, i’m just saying i wanted to come in just real quick, say: congratulations to both of you on this and and uh so much brother and – and i i love both of you so much and uh this i’m so glad for this big cup of coffee.

I’m having right now and um cheers to you guys and uh to anybody that drinks this coffee right now i want to tell you all: i’m drinking it now.

It really is incredible.
Not only that, but look at the badging look at the um, the music.
Listen to what they’re doing everyone, it really is truly exciting to see these guys and and um, and that’s it i’m like again uh i even uh.

Last night i made a funny video actually out of control, but um it was actually nuts but um.

It was actually fun because it was uh, it was just.
It was just fun, but anyway again guys check out the cafe melissa hannah’s in here she’s a car gal which all of these incredible solutions – melissa hannah’s in right.

Now she is, she is she’s.
Watching put your hand up missy if you’re in the cafe with us, i believe that she is and her sister michelle too man very, very awesome people and it’s another connection, jason’s getting to know them, and it’s it’s just everything this boom there.
She is.

She just said boom boom there.
She is our little our little sister, i miss her man.
We used to be able to see them every three months like like clockwork, you know and we always have a good time.

Their laugh is like you could hear it across the room right, her sister.
They have this, just you’ll recognize it it’s just, and they laugh a lot.
So you always know where they’re at right – and i miss them.

I really do they were a lot of fun to go out with and hang out with and just talk to, and they just seem like they have such a big heart, and you can tell that that they’re, just they just care about people and just being what They’re supposed to be, which is a human being, and they are, they are totally that type of person they give way more than they take.
They do everything they can to help other people.

That’s why they do so much what they do at their store.

They help a lot of people in not so good situations.
Much like we do they’re the four people dealer also, and i absolutely love their whole brand.
The sisters of savings i mean come on.

How cool is that them two just absolutely love each other matter.
Of fact, they’re getting ready to start our second half of they we’ve already invited them.
They are part of the car guy, cafe, uh, cafe and uh.

Cafe cafe.
I was trying to throw an ex in to like blue, but right but they’re, but they’re getting ready to do.
They’re they’re going to have a car gal coffee, we’re going to have them hosting, shows and they’re going to be interviewing other people, and it’s going to be so good.

It’s not just good.
It’s not even for it’s going to help them grow even more and that’s what we want to do and that’s, i think, that’s what jason understands about us and jason knows about us.
What our real heart is it’s to help people the whole point of our interviews.

It’s the five-liner.
We want to get to know these people and then we do our fresh news because we want them to be able to talk about what’s going on in their lives.

We ask them for a jump box, because we want to hear something that can change our lives a little bit and then we always get a confession, because we all want to know people are not perfect.

We all been through something we’ve made a mistake, but we learn from it and that’s what makes us different than everybody and everybody who all these solutionaries that have been on my show: jason garris el patron.

You know you i can name, i have a.
I don’t have to list the whole name, people you’ve seen them, you know what they’re about, and these people are very awesome people and these questions we ask we learn so much and we become friends instantly, because these are questions that we want to know and then I i just there’s a reason why we all connected there’s a reason why they said yes to come on the show, there’s a reason why we’re all still friends, right now we have a core unit of just really amazing people, jason g, my man.

I love you bro.
I appreciate you for coming on here this morning and drinking our coffee ordering our coffee supporting our coffee.

As you know, i would send you a free one.

You know that, but he went ahead and bought some coffee from us to support us to support our cause, and i appreciate that man means listen, this coffee, um and by the way it is uh.

It’s actually excellent.
I wan na say that it’s not just excellent.

Like i said i would, i would spend fifty dollars.
You know remember that remember that value of anything is is the value of what it is to the person you’re doing the business with too like.
In other words, when you buy a car, you know – and somebody says the payment’s going to be this and you go to another dealer and you spend 30 more a month for the payment um.

You know why do people spend more money? You know it’s about value.
It’s about the value so there’s a lot of value to who actually makes this coffee where it comes from and where it really came from and the idea of who it is from so so the support is that is there.
I mean that that i would.

I would i would drink this coffee um, just because of you guys and i’m just thinking of you guys every time i sip this, i think of you, but i want to say one thing: uh you mentioned about community and so think about this.
You know if we’re car guys car guys are people that really honestly love people.
Now again, what i mean i’m going to say this car guys the real ones, the real ones, love people they’re in the business, not because they love money, whatever they love people.

In other words, listen, you can get out of this business and and the you know real car guys uh.
The first question i i would ask anybody in the car business is: do you love working working and being around people? Because if you don’t, then this is definitely not the business for you right.

So if you love people for real right, so when you go out into the community right and you leave the dealership and leave your business, your job is to go out in the community and build relationships with not, but not just with everybody in your community different Businesses, um and and go in and try to help everybody out in your community, because what will happen is at one point later on.

You know you know when they need something from your business, they’ll think about using you for whatever business it is.
It doesn’t matter what business it is, and you know you have to earn it uh respect, loyalty, all that stuff that you talk about.
Integrity is all stuff, that’s earned.

You don’t um, you know when you show somebody that you that you’ll go out of the way for them and do things for them.

You know that those are things that are like when you’re you they’re earned.

If you’re not forced to do it and you do it, it shows that it’s earned um you you can’t uh and friendships are earned.

You know everything is earned in fact and and a lot of a lot of times people um, like you know, we take things for granted and uh.
So in this case, yeah i’m just making a point to all of you that the community is worth that and the community is is um how i’ve how i sold so many cars before too, is that you know i i’ve done a lot, not not just done A lot like no i’m not talking about like the breast cancer and i like breast cancer awareness month and you know so um you know and and so i’ve lost a few people from breast cancer.
But but i will say that um, you know um.

I i’ve done a lot of events for those, but the community doesn’t mean that you have to give money uh either that’s right.

It could be as simple as just giving time or listening to other people listening to other people and uh again to those car guys that are out there.
I’m gon na check off now, but i wanted to just say i’m so proud of these guys.

This is the most unbelievable coffee, i’m gon na drink this for the rest of my life and i’m gon na stop in here and there let everybody know and i’ll probably be bouncing off the walls in another half an hour right now, but um.
No, but only joking, i love you guys and love you too bro.
So that’s what i look like in the morning.

I i wake up when i you know when i look, i keep wearing your shirt to keep growing and i wear it because i keep hoping that my hair will grow.
If i put your shirt on it might be, the chances are better.
You do have a better chance of him growing back with that shirt for sure it definitely makes you look like you have hair on top of your head.

That’s how awesome that shirt looks and just let you know i i spill i’m not lying either.
I got a rottweiler uh and uh.
Her name is karma and so um and she’s on my bed with me now, a little while ago, i swear i spilt some coffee on the bed right and i want to all you dog owners to spill some coffee on your bed and let your dog on The bed, because my dog is digging digging at my bed and actually going to tear my blanket apart because she’s trying to find out what is on the bed.

So obviously whatever is in this coffee is a dog attractant uh, it’s unbelievable! So i don’t know what’s going on, you might want to double check this.
You should take that out to the woods when you go with bow hunting next jason.
Pour that up pour that down by something like about you know about 20 yards out, pour some on the ground and see if it brings in some dirt.

You wouldn’t believe it.
The dog is literally digging digging it’s like literally digging in the bed like it wants to eat it.

Like i don’t know, what’s going on so uh man, that stuff is good and uh, you guys have a wonderful day.

Love you brother! Thank you.
So much talk to this is an incredible solution.
Every jason we love so much man, i mean it’s he’s always so much fun to have on the show.

That is the short version.
Folks, just so you know, and he he’s definitely somebody that you can put in front of a crowd and say, hey go.
I need you to go for an hour and he has so many amazing tips about social media about life, about things.

But what the thing that he loves to do is help other people more than he does himself.
I mean don’t get me wrong, he takes care of himself, don’t don’t give me just don’t get it twisted.
Jason is a hustler, but when it comes to other people, he puts a lot of his energy towards that.

He absolutely knows: that’s what he does best.
I feel like that’s what i do best.
I feel that’s why i feel kinship with jason.

I believe that he is a very much the same person as me when it comes to like what i want to do i want to.
I definitely want to do well and i and i definitely take care of myself that way, but i definitely love helping others more than i do myself, which i think is a reason why i do so well when you put a lot of effort towards helping other People you’re, naturally going to take care of yourself.
It just happens.

I mean most of us.
Do you can’t help other people period? Unless you can help yourself? You have to be able to get yourself right in order to be able to go, left and help other folks right so make sure you do that.

Take care of yourself get the knowledge you need feel comfortable, get yourself where you feel like you can, because if, if you always are, if you’re the one who always needs all this extra that you then how you’re supposed to be able to help other people, so You once you get that stuff taken care of, then you start helping.

Other people don’t get me wrong.
We are human beings.
No one is perfect.

No human being is perfect right, so benefit of the doubt.
Always you know, don’t worry about that type of stuff enjoy life.
Understand mistakes are going to be made, but always always be on that path.

Keep growing folks, jason appreciate you for coming on man.
We love you so much you’re such an awesome person, man, you always make me smile every time.
He comes on the show.

You never know.
What’s really going to be said, and that’s what i love about them even more so and like brian says, you can tell he has passion for what he does.
Oh man, he has passion for everything.

You know and that’s another reason why you know where it’s.
What makes it easy to vibe with them? Yeah yeah, it’s exciting to have people like jason and many others uh joining us uh with that sorry guys courthouse, that’s some deep stuff.
What it is that he was talking about and uh.

It hits us hard just because you know we we do pour out what we can for uh for our audience and for those that are listening, those that are watching those that are or getting to sip on some of the solutions that is out there and brewing.

We want to connect people like that to people like you, because we know that there’s so many things that you’re facing that you’re trying uh to conquer, achieve levels you’re trying to reach.
We know that today’s goals didn’t wait for car guy coffee to get rude and we’re saying to the whole world.

Car guy coffee is brewing to just help.
You brew the solutions, your design, yes, so whatever flavor it is that you like in your coffee, put it in there, but we just want to let you know that you are brewing with the right beans that have been to the right places.
That know some of the right people that can help you make some of the right choices that sometimes you are beating your head against the wall, to try to get the answers to when really a lot of it is just you having a focus to upshift and Uplift, the people around you and if that’s what primarily, what you do and you see success instead of the people that are growing around you, it will always always be the juice.

That’s needed to encourage you to continue growing yourself, wow and when you do that, you produce great fruit when you do that, you produce great brews right and there’s only so much of that.

So we know we’re not talking to everybody.
We know not.

Everybody uh chooses to be a solutionary right, it’s available for everybody, true that anybody can sip on this and enjoy, but for people that at heart want to actually do something good for the people around them.

It will show based off of how you pursue that and what we want to make sure that we encourage you to do it’s.

Sip solutions solve problems for people, put your relationships over your revenue and listen to some of these people that we’re talking about people real car, guys that know some real stuff.

But these there’s other real people that are out there that have solutions for problems.
You’re seeking – and we want to help no doubt – have a couple questions and folks solutions come from all landscapes of the car business.
What i mean is a first day person can find a solution for something that us 20 year old, 20 year – ver veterans not 20 year old, but 20 year veterans.

I wish i was only 20.
but 20-year veterans.
You know when you got that type of time.

Sometimes you’re so used to seeing it one way that you can’t see it another way because you’ve been doing it.
It always work right, but a person can come in their first day and just make a small thing, be open-minded, always be open-minded, explain.
You know, learn you never know something can really change something big.

A little slight tweak in your process might make it way better for you in the in the long run, because that it’s crazy, you know embracing technology today, embracing it embracing technology, is so huge.
It’s something that we did not have for you know and made it very easy and accessible like on your phone craziness, which you could do with this thing.
Now i mean the videos and the pictures and the editing and the sound editing and the i mean everything i could put watermarks on my on my videos and that’s how i get some of the stuff.

You see here in this bottom corner which, by the way, this brew was brought to you by elite fi partners, my brother michael up there and his wife.
They are amazing people and they’re doing some really amazing stuff out there, not just an automotive world, but an rv world boat world.
All that stuff.

They are helping.
Finance departments get better and have the right products to make sure that their customers are being given the right products to help them that you know, because there’s stuff out there, sometimes that and i’m speaking all i was trying to come cool words with that.
But – and i just messed that up too but the cool part, is it’s okay, it’s my show right so and that’s all right.

That’s another thing.
I’m gon na tell you folks, don’t worry about being perfect man, it’s okay, not to be perfect.
None of us are once again, but but michael and them they’re doing some amazing stuff and just make sure you get get a hold of them.

It’s ww dot, elite.
F! I partners with an s at the end, dot com make sure you go check them out.

I mean just to get a quick talk with them.

Maybe they can increase, show you something very easy.
Sometimes they maybe will just tell you something really quick and they don’t have anything to sell you.

They might have something that not really sell you, but it’s really helping you.

If you think about it’s going to increase your bottom line, get a hold of them right now and then, of course, we have our original sponsors, the very first ones we’re working their hoodies right now, the newest swag that they just dropped.
They said i got one in every color, so does lou, because we are bad and you are too so patron said that he’s like, like the mascot to think so we’re like.
Okay, okay, okay, that’s that’s cool! I i want to be i like being masculine.

We can all dance and we can all have some fun, but yes, uh what thing that we are honored to be.

It’s sponsored by think group and the incredible solutionaries uh that they are.
We love them dearly, uh, there’s some great people that are connecting some masterminds in the business, including uh, michael off myth, including um el patron, including uh, the the mind of jason garris, including uh, so many other solutions, people from all different, not even car businesses.

We got interior decorators that are successful.

You know what it’s amazing we got.
We have people that are website designers.

We have people who come up with apps michelle matisse awesome.
We got our coffee connection through that also either.
Yes, yes, so i’m just saying this place is a melting pot of different cultures, all over the country, people who are trying to grow and they’re using resources that are outside of their box.

You know why you have to get outside the darn box.

Folks, if you’re always stuck in this little box or some people call it a bubble, you’re stuck inside this tiny little bubble, you’re you’re, not living life right now enjoy life, not just professionally.
You have to be well-rounded everywhere, do not be close-minded to thoughts and ideas and and processes from different places.

You would be surprised that you can cross-breed this type of business with this one by doing what they do, because you’ve never done it and it could change everything up.

Just think about like just the internet and websites and everything that car dealers are doing.
That’s not normal.

We are turning into digital retailers and that’s okay and that’s great.
It’s the future do not do not get fruited by the future, because future is so dope.
Okay, all right! So you guys get the point, but great people think ad group elite, fi partners.

Thank you so much for being our partners.
We are your partners.
We want to back them up folks, if you guys want to figure out how to get a hold of these two people.

Besides their websites, you can always reach out to us.
We are connected with them.

I might be able to get you a discount.

Speaking of discounts, speaking of discounts, car guys and cargos, and those of you that are connected to us inside of the cafe uh, the there is going to be a few codes that are going to be released.
To show you a quick way to save some money.
On some caffeinated consistency, if you want some of this car guy coffee that we’re brewing um, there’s also going to be for all of you that are connected to us inside of each of the groups that we’re in there’s going to be a special code for you.

So we’re going to mix it up a little bit see who’s brewing solutions out there, yeah and i’ll.
Let you guys know a quick way for you to possibly save.
We had an incredible uh, a credible response to our very first order.

It’s exciting just understand that our goal is to see car guy coffee inside of all 50 states before man i’m saying before thanksgiving, but that is a very audacious goal, but the goals that we’ve had, we thought were already and we’re exceeding them and having some fun He’s talking about hawaii even say kona coffee uh, but it’s gon na be more like car guy coffee pour.
We should have a like a island blend like you know, that’s when cargo coffee comes out, there’s gon na be so many different flows to that that that uh flavoring, you know what i mean, but we got ta, keep keep having some fun names uh with the Brands, if you guys have any suggestions for names that we should have go ahead and drop an idea inside of the idea box, which is just the comment box that looks the same yeah just put it down there, yeah and uh.

You can uh give us some of your.

You can always just dm us, we don’t know if it’s improved, we might, you might see it on a bag.
Car got coffee approved.
You might see that very very soon.

Folks, if you have coffee out there, that’s another place that you think is great coffee.
We don’t mind, sharing that either.
Send us send us some.

We will taste it and let you know if it’s a good coffee and if it is, we put a thing, be that simple.
We do it’s going to be very, very groovy, because we are car, guy, coffee, podcast, seriously, silly, hey folks, [, Laughter ].
So no, but you know mandatory fun break.

We had to hey.
We got michael landis on here.
What’s up my friend, big dog, it’s good, seeing you this morning.

I know i don’t kind of forever so yeah, but it’s been an interesting morning.
You know lou.
Actually this morning i’d be honest, luke showed up and i just woke up.

I normally don’t sleep in like that.
I usually at least wake up.
I didn’t wake up.

I just was like you know what got him going? You know what got him look.
I got some incredible wisdom today.
He had one half a cup.

I took one sip, i smelt it now.
Actually i smelt it being brewed and i was like okay, i’m awake, you know what sound it was in his head, [ Applause ].
Maybe we should find a way to have like we’re on our bag, where they could press a button in there, and this leaves that thing and it plays it, eat up if you’re watching yeah you get to hear this.

Can you do that somehow somehow like on there, where it’s like on the thing? If you need to hear it, i mean there’s key things that happen with your taste is what your taste is and your smells is and your your all of those senses get activated.
You know that’s why you have to have mexican music playing in a mexican restaurant [ Laughter ].
Can you imagine a chinese restaurant yeah? Can you imagine going to a mexican restaurant and they’re playing like like guns, n roses? Yeah like where am i that’s weird it’d, be very weird it’d, be very strange so again playing it’s a theme.

I love it.
I think that we should do that if any of you know a guy that can do that, let us know hook us up.
That’s you know.

I always have these.

I’ve always been one of those guys that likes to think of like those types of ideas like if there’s some kind of thing on the packaging that you could do different.
What would it be? You know make it more convenient or good, like so like lou he’s going to have a book soon and when he finally gets that book out.

The cover that i came up with, i think, is the best one and we’ll talk about that.
Another time – and you know it’s going to look a whole lot like this, because we haven’t even done it yet.

First things did we never do it? No, we, oh, my goodness lou are you kidding me hold on three hold on.

We just got to talk goodness.
We’ve been doing it going this whole time on three one: two three give focus fly, keep growing, keep growing, keep growing, growing, growing, all right.
So now we’ve actually start started right where we need to end our show for the morning.

Hey car, guys cargiles, i’m at the end of my cup of courgette coffee, my mind’s been gone.
That’s why i’m so jazzed up! That’s why i got this alien head thing.
Going right now, i’m excited uh.

My dog doesn’t know like a dj.
I want to tell him happy birthday, i’m so excited that my doodle turns two.
Today i had to throw that out.

There it’ll make my wife giggle love it enjoy the day with the dog uh i am going to uh fly to the dealership.
Today you are going to fly onto the dealership lot.
You may already be there.

You may already be doing some things.
You’ve may have already solved some incredible problems to this point this morning, if you’re, if you’ve been turning wrenches well, you’ve been doing it since the crack of dawn closed.
You’ve already made things possible for people that were immobile, understand that we applaud you and we want to help support you in doing what it is that you’re passionate about.

So we want to strike the heart, make sure that you are actually invigorated to do what it is that you do but challenge you to know that the motivation can’t come from a cup.
It’s inside you go be that go reach deep within you to exude the light that it is that you’re designed to shine with we believe in you.
We know that you can do it and we want to hear about you doing it.

So please be vocal, be put and make a video there’s.
So many of you that are sharing videos of the great victories that you’re having we love it.

Let’s keep seeing some more of it and some of you get outside of your comfort zone.

When it comes to good news, then it gets.
It gets way easier to deal with and your your own product.
It gets way easier to deal with uh getting in front of the camera about things that uh your your you may not always be as passionate about you can actually have some fun uh.

When you start to speak about great things, then you’re always having fun, yep and you’re always having a good time and who doesn’t want to be with a person.

That’s selling something that’s having a good time.
Everybody wants that experience.

So actually do it and you’ll be having a good time see.
So please join us as we go and we brew solutions.
We challenge you to go.

Do it at a different level today, we challenge you to challenge yourself to increase by how much all you got.
Ta, do today is one percent.
One percent uno makes it easy.

Folks, you can do a hundred percent.
You could do twenty percent, you could do two percent, but at least one percent.
How easy is that just to get a one percent better? That’s like imagine, you do a hundred push-ups, it’s got.

Ta do 101.
, that’s it! So that’s the difference in life.
It doesn’t have to be everything, but it’s good to work on everything.

Folks, it’s good to focus on every aspect that you absolutely love about yourself in your life, your family, your health, your job, you know your extracurriculars, your whatever it is.
You pick a few things and you just make sure you work on those things, but just get one percent better.
You don’t have to make massive increase, because if you do it every day and you are consistent, then when you consistent and you do it all the time huge increases happen, you’re going to exceed the one percent you’re going to want to exceed that you’re, not even Going to realize you’re doing it because it becomes part of your dna, it becomes.

Who you are, you guys want to be solutionaries.

You want to be six figure earners, you want to be somebody who helps your community and you just have a and you just have fun, then just be consistent and do it one percent at a time.
That’s all you have to do and don’t focus on everyone else.

Don’t compete with everyone else, compete with yourself make it simple.

Why focus on other people they’re not going to help you no one’s going to just give you? Oh i’m here here you go! No! You do it yourself be proud of yourself, you can do it yourself, every one of you out there.
If you have life inside you, you can do it.

So just do it, man and we’re here to help that’s what we do.

We try to help you guys.
We try to motivate you guys.

This helps me motivates me.

Have my partner next to me.
Motivates me you guys motivate me.

Thank you appreciate it.
We love you guys, man, i know lou’s got to get to work.
We got to do this.

We got to get to work too a great day.
You guys have a wonderful day, apply a consistent method, no doubt to your day and uh folks.
It is a great way for you to continuously grow and for you to give grace consistently to yourself uh, which allows you to forgive focus and fly to the great lengths that you’re designed to go to.

We want to go with you share with us share this, encourage somebody tag, somebody that needs to probably hear this message.

Yeah they’re worth investing into or make them feel just a little bit awkward if you’re like yo drink.
This, that’s good coffee.

This is great coffee.
Get you something forget about it, you’re going to like.
No doubt we love you all have an incredible day.

Go make problems, go away all right! Folks, we appreciate every one of you, michael.
You have a great day too melissa everybody who came on here today, charles brian.
Anyone who watched thank you so much and crush the rest of your week enjoy the rest of your week.

It’s halfway through the month.
Folks, very simple: all you got to do is just keep sprinting.

Don’t stop look at look at that line and sprint through it y’all you know.

What’s up you hear the music use it? This is going to be on the bags.
I’m telling you [, Music ].
Everyone’s, like, oh man, let me get that car guy copied they’re, not even going to brew anything just hit the button again [, Music ].

I need to get me an action today.
Baby, you better brew some car guy coffee.

Let’s do it! You’re gon na need some of this.

I’m telling you you guys are gon na it’s to notice, especially when the wives taste, it done.
You’re done son once as soon as they start tasting the car guy coffee, that’s gon na be what you’re gon na have to have inside of your cabinet and all your real car guys they’ve already been tasting that car got coffee.
They know.

What’s up, that’s right! It’s just time to give them a brew with it all right.
So get you some of this video before we bounce , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], ; ah higher everything, , , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , Hello, hello, lololo, all right folks, you guys go forth, use the energy use the force, use, what you need: car guy, coffee, caffeinated, consistency! Folks, that’s what you need right there! It’s out there www.

com go to coffee shop click on that inside there you can order it up.
It’s ready to go it’ll, be there very quickly.
It’s delicious.

This is a car guy or car gala, your manager’s out there get it for your get, get the car guy coffee and hook hook up your salesman of the month.
We mean we need to do a salesman, we need a bag.
That’s for it’s! It’s called the salesman, the salesman of the month bag yeah, or something like that.

You know we’re obviously going to come out with some kind of things we want to give it to you.
So that’s the the trend that we’re seeing is that the top guy in dealerships nationwide are getting car guy, coffee uh, and we want to keep seeing that actually be the trend uh.
So it’s awesome having some of these stories you’ll hear the stories of the people that are drinking this coffee and are ordering it and uh we’re excited to share that with you all, and i can’t wait to actually go to those stores and meet them uh.

It’s going to be so much fun, you guys go brew, enjoy your day.
Be you let’s go .

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