All right due to the fact that i’ve gotten several emails over the last 24 hours from people saying that they they’re interested in the training program that they see online.

But they just want to get clarity on.
What’s all inside before, they make a decision to go ahead and download it.
What i’m gon na do i’m gon na give a brief description on what the program is what’s inside of it and what it takes for you to get started, and all of these trainings are done by me and with me.

So i’m gon na get ready to explain them.
Let me go into this all right, all right folks.
So let’s get into it.

As you can see what i brought up here on the screen, you see right there that that is the how to dominate the dealership program.
That is the how to drive facebook leads and the 100 success tips.
So let me break down briefly exactly what that, what’s included now in the dominated the dealership sales training course, you get three and a half hours of sales, training, video and audio that okay, you can download them.

You can play them through your bluetooth.
You can listen to them on your phone and you can start applying these tools in these methods immediately at your dealership.
It’s extremely simple everything is just one: click and download.

It’s all in mp4 form mp4 format, and it also includes the digital sales training manual that you can actually download to your phone, it’s in pdf form or to your laptop and that way, if you’re, with a customer or if you’re at your dealership – and you are Struggling you got a quick reference as far as the audios in the videos you can download them to your phone.

Listen to them on your bluetooth on the way to the dealership.
That way, you can walk in full of fire and have everything you need to get ready to go.

Okay, now the sales training manual that includes qualifying questions, how to do the dynamic walk around and it’s a step-by-step guide.

It’s actually the road to the sale map to keep you and you know, uh your customer on the same track on the right track and to help you close more sales also included, is the how to drive.
Facebook leads marketing course now that is three hours of video and audio.

It’s a step-by-step guide to use facebook to drive, leads to your social media, page for of people that are looking to buy a vehicle from you at your dealership.

So it takes you step by step on how to set it up, how to understand it and how to leverage it, and immediately literally within 24 hours, be up and going rocking and rolling driving customers that are looking to buy from you from facebook to your social Media page, it also comes complete with checklist and also a sales training manual.
You also get how to drive, leads from youtube marketing manual and that’s how to use youtube videos to drive customers to your social media, page looking to buy a vehicle from you at your dealership.

So it teaches you how to leverage videos, how to use your keywords: how to use your hashtags everything that you see me do what brought you here to this right now, i’m going to show you how to do you also get the online traffic search, social media Training now this is two hours of video and audio to use: snapchat, instagram, twitter and other social media platform to drive new customers to you each and every month.

Also included is over 40 downloadable word tracks on what to say to overcome objections.
How to make prospecting.

Calls how to send emails that work and how to leave voicemails that get you called back now.
This program sells for 397 dollars.
If you bought each one of these programs separately, it would total 397 dollars, but due to the covic situation, and so many people being at the dealership one to get better one to learn, and they just say man, i’m not sure.

If 397 i’ve reduced it.
I call it the reduction to the ridiculous.

It’s only 67, it’s literally two dollars a day for the first 30 days and guess what it pays for itself after that, if you close one deal using one tactic from this thing about it, you’ve earned what you invested back many times over and the difference.

Is you get to keep it and use it for life, and you also get the 100 success tips the success tips used by some of the most successful people, not only in automotive business, but in business period.
So it’s only 67.
It’s limited time.

I’m going to be running this for the next 72 hours and then, after that, it’s going back up so take advantage of it.
Just click.

The link in the description hit the arrow uh right under the video it’ll.
Take it down if you’re on youtube and in that description is a link or in the comments which is right beneath the video, where you see add a comment: click on that and you’ll see where i have the link, if you’re on linkedin, all you need to Do look in the description you can click that link if you’re on facebook look in the description and click that link if you’re on instagram copy and paste it put it in your browser.

Go over to it.

As you can see, this video, this mini info video, is for all of my platforms, so if you haven’t subscribed, if you haven’t liked do so now, i greatly appreciate it other than that go get started and listen.
If you unwilling to make an investment in yourself, how can you expect somebody else to invest in you and for only 67 dollars for you to get a tool that can help you make a hundred thousand dollars a year for the rest of your life? It just seems like a no-brainer, so click the link get started and i look forward to working with you personally, i’m brian maxwell.
I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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