I’m practicing social distancing, but at the same time, in order for you to really hear me, i need to take the mass down for a second i’m checking in out here in hilton, head south carolina at the peacock, auto mall rocking out with peacock automotive group.

Doing some sales training for the week but check this out during this entire pandemic, especially over uh i’ll, say the last 45 days or so.
I’ve had the pleasure of being coast to coast all the way from colorado all the way back over here to the east coast.
Let me explain something to you right now: closing is up, gross profits are up and here’s.

The reason please understand some with me.
If you’re in a dealership right now and you’re engaging with customers that are coming into your store, either be on an appointment or offload traffic.
Please understand this reality that if this had been february or january and people were walking in guess what they might be out to lunch and just decide to stop over to check out on this ride, or they might be on their way home or it might be.

A saturday and they just out killing time – and they just wanted to pop in and get some info and go home, but right now during this quote, unquote pandemic, while there’s covert 19 going all over the place, while people are wearing masks, anyone that comes out of Their home to show up to your dealership under these conditions, knowing that they’re going to enter a building that has between 30 and maybe 70 people in it at any given time, they’re going to be engaging with someone who they may not know, may not know very Well, they’re going to be wearing masks and they’re going to be in a certain environment.

Anybody that’s willing to do that is show up, guess what they not tire kicking they’re, not playing, and so, if they leave your store without buying after coming they’re spending an hour.
Two hours with you, instead of looking outward, you got ta look inward here’s why i say that if somebody is willing to risk their potential livelihood, their health, their well-being, because they have interest in a vehicle that they could have, did all the looking at and get All the information off the internet and you believe that this individual did not buy because of price, or you believe that this individual was not a serious buyer.

Then shame on us.
If that’s how we feel, because it’s untrue, do you know right now that my dealerships, i’m only going off dealer clients and dealerships that i have closing percentages of about 30 gross profits – are up by an average of 850 dollars? Why? Because the quantity may not be there anymore, but i tell you right now: the quality of the customers coming in is as high as it’s ever been.
This has never happened in the history of the world where we have a global pandemic.

Shutdown like this there’s been pandemics, but never one on this scale.

Okay, and so with people being bottled up in their house, more people are still working than not so, if you believe just because those in your neighborhood, those in your family or a few at your dealership, are struggling financially, everybody is not the vast majority of the Workforce, i would say i believe it was over: 80 percent were still gainfully employed and a lot of those who were unemployed were affected by the restaurants or they were unemployable regardless.
But at the end of the day, people still have the ability to buy people still have the credit to be able to be approved and people still have a need to get from point a to point b safely.

And so one of the things that you can do is a focus solely on value.
Is price, an objection no, but is price, something that will always be on the table.
Absolutely absolutely.

But if you believe before these people came in, they didn’t see what the price was think about yourself.

How many times today with the internet or the computers we all have in our phones in our pocket on our phones.
We have in our pocket how many times somebody just goes someplace completely blindly, without looking it up online.

It’s they look it up.
So they know what that price is, and so, where they’re coming in, they at least have an idea and guess what nine times out of ten.
You can even sweeten it for him if you needed to so that’s not the issue, but that’s an ego way for a salesperson to not blame themself for a mistake or a mishap, causing this person to leave it’s easier to say.

Oh, the price was too high for them.
When that’s at the end of the day, the price wasn’t too high, just the value built in it was too low.
So i’ll stress again is price always going to be on the table absolutely, but remember something when the experience that they have at your store with you when i say the experience, meaning from the greeting from the moment, you welcome them and sit them down.

Are you acting like an interrogator just getting vehicle information, or are you genuinely concerned about who this person is getting to know them and how you can help them solve a transportation problem? See most sales people fail to realize that the most successful sales professionals are solution providers, they’re problem, solvers, okay, they don’t look at themselves as a salesperson, even though that’s what we all are, every human being is always selling an idea.
An emotional point of view.
Our perspective, but when we get into commercial type sales we’re solution providers, why is mcdonald’s successful because they solve hunger issues and time issues? You can get a burger and fry within 30 seconds without peeling, a potato flattening the patty washing and cutting up any lettuce convenience? Why is dominoes so successful because i can sit my lazy ass on the couch and say that i’m hungry and they’ll bring my pizza to me not like back in the day where i had to ride and go get it? Why is a successful doctor? The way he is because he helps people maintain and increase and improve their health.

So what are you selling better health, a dentist, better orthodontist.
Every single aspect of sales is about solving a problem and providing a solution, and so when you’re engaging with customers.
If your objective isn’t to identify what transportation problem they were having, they got them out of their bed out of their house with a mask on and into your store.

Shame on us and it’s as simple as that.
Do you realize that the more questions that you ask and not vehicle related personal? You separate yourself from everyone else, because everybody just wants to know.

You know what you’re looking for what color, what this, what that vehicle related.

But we forget the why the? What is the vehicle, but the? Why is that factor that, when you’re educating them when you’re presented to them the, why is what it is that will help get them over the fence and more comfortable to do business with you.
But how do we discover the why, through asking the right questions and listening with the intent to understand versus listening with the intent to reply and what that means is, if you caught yourself, while your customer is speaking to you and you’re cutting them off and say: Oh sorry, i didn’t mean to cut you off.
Yes, you did don’t say that dumb, you meant it or else you would have stayed quiet.

We got two eyes two ears and one mouth, so we should listen and watch twice as much as we speak, but most salespeople have diarrhea of the mouth and they want to show how impressive they are and then the person walks out or they do all of That good work and catching many and i’m not knocking them any because you move the unit, you help somebody, you earn some money, but it’s not all about price.
None of us, none of us.
None of us go get the cheapest thing and if you believe that you do i’ll, prove that you don’t when we go to the grocery store and we go to the clothing store, nobody buys the cheapest thing.

Do you know what we really look for? We look for the least expensive best option.

If you go to walmart, you see the honey nut cheerios, you got those, but then you see the great value.
That’s another option, it’s less expensive, but then you got the bag.

The bag of the knockoff honey, nut.
Now everybody knows great value yeah.

It may not be like the actual honey nut cheerios, but it’s damn close, but if you get that bag that that tastes like trash okay, so what do we get? We get the great value, but if we toast my yeah, i wouldn’t got the cheapest cereal.
I could find no, you didn’t because you could have got the knock off bag of honey, nut cheerios, but you went with the great value.
Why? Because it was the least expensive best option, that’s what customers do too.

Okay, so stop believing it’s all about price and people want the cheapest thing.

They want the least expensive best option.

But how do we present to them the best option by finding out what type of needs, what type of problems they have and once we identify them, making sure that any vehicle we show them what those features? What owning it, what this price point whatever? It is, how it benefits them and how it helps them solve a problem, whether it be transportation wise economically.

Maybe it could just be self-esteem.
Wise confidence makes them feel good.
Okay, but these things they’re simple ways for you to be able to capitalize in a big way, and i get it.

Everybody wants to jump on youtube watch a couple of videos, and i appreciate it because i have thousands and thousands of subscribers but understand some.

You are unable to free your way to success, meaning watching youtube.
Videos is great, but if that was the key that would get you to the next level.

Think of how many hundred thousand errors or millionaires we would have it’s free information, and sometimes free information is good, but great information is never free, but yet it’s only for those who are willing to invest in themselves, because, if you’re unwilling to invest in you, how The hell do you think anybody else is going to invest in you? Think of that, if you don’t think you’re worthy to invest ten dollars, fifteen dollars fifty dollars a hundred dollars, two hundred fifty dollars in yourself for your development and your progress, how the hell you expect the customer to invest twenty thirty, forty thousand with you, because what They know that information that investment in that information, for yourself lies the secret lies.
The tools lies the road map to make it easier for other people to want to invest in you, so make sure you make a decision.
If you know you’ve been struggling – and i know it’s tight but imagine how tight it would be five years from now, i’m gon na do something today, so click that link in the description go on over.

I want you to check out how to dominate at the dealership.
It will take you instantly when you download it listening to audio.
One will take you where it will separate you from the rest in your dealership, let alone at the other stores and it’s hours and hours of more audio and video.

It’s easy not a lot of reading, just listening and watching so click that link go on over and help me help you other than that stay focused, build value, duty experience and i’m brian maxwell, and i look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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