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This ever happened to you it’s a friday afternoon at the dealership and you take a sales call from a guest.

That’s asking you about availability of a used car.

You’ve got in stock will you go ahead and confirm with your manager that it is available for sale, and you set an appointment for tomorrow saturday at 10 15 a.

Well, saturday morning rolls around it’s about 9.

So you prepare for your point by making sure the car is clean, gassed up and pulled up front ready to go so 10 am rolls around and you’re waiting for your gas to arrive, and you continue to wait and wait and wait in this week’s video you’re Going to learn how to increase your dealerships appointment, sets and shows on inbound sales calls and emails by taking advantage of one of our most primal human instincts and that’s survival.
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All right! Then, let’s get to work.
I was recently doing some sales training for a dealership and because i got there a day early, they invited me to their monday morning.

Sales meeting now in the meeting their sales manager was reviewing with the staff how, in the past six months, their appointment sets and show ratios were down almost nine percent.

Well, it kind of alarmed me.
I mean it really bothered me, because i thought you know what right now, with covid, limiting the number of people they’re able to walk into your dealership and be there at any one given time their sales appointment sets and shows should be way up.

So i thought what gives so i mean i’ve always been a proponent when setting inbound sales appointments that you should always give your guests reasons why they should come in for a specific appointed day and time and one of the biggest benefits into setting a specific appointment Time for your guest has always been to save your guests some time.

However, this benefit in and of itself, as many of you know, is not always enough to motivate your guests to commit to an exact appointment date or an appointment time.
Well, what if we took the lemons that this covet is thrown at us and made some lemonade out of it? What do i mean well, since kovid has forced businesses to limit the amount of people that can come in and be in contact and public gatherings like dealership showrooms, we not only have a responsibility to social distance, but we also have this opportunity to take advantage of This new coveted appointment culture that has been created during this pandemic during the past year due to coveted restrictions, we’ve all had to set appointments for services and businesses and to go shop for things we’ve never had to in the past.

For example, would you ever thought in a million years that you’d have to make a reservations to go to your church, your mosque or your synagogue? Just to worship i mean what a culture shift huh well, this coveted pandemic has quickly changed some of society’s long standing, norms and beliefs.

For instance, it was long thought that an employee had to go into the place of work.
There was no such thing as remote work and now that whole adage, that’s been going around for about 100 years has been squashed in less than what 12 months.
Now, after a year into this pandemic, i sincerely feel like we’re turning a corner on this covet and i don’t think we’re going to need to to social distance forever.

However, for right now we should be social, distance and dealership showrooms.
Why well to be safe and to be respectful to others, and this a recent appointment paradigm shift in in our society opens up a golden opportunity for us to create this dealership appointment culture that if we play our cards right, could continue in the next hundred years.
If we, if we just make the experience quicker and easier for our customers who do set appointments, i mean think about this.

I mean due to the internet.
Good news travels much faster and and if the world finds out that making an appointment at a dealership’s, more efficient way to shop for a car that could change the way people shop for vehicles forever, i mean we could make that to where setting an appointment time With a car salesperson is the new social norm.
If you’ve ever watched any of my videos, you know that i don’t like to just talk about what you should do i like to actually show you what i think you should do, so i want to give you a sample word track of actually using this concept.

So i’m going to pick up to the point, the point where we’re asking for the appointment with an either or question.

So it goes something like this joe, since you know your schedule better than i do when’s the best time for us to get together today.

Now i’ve got an opening right now or i’ve got another one this afternoon at 2 15.

If that works a little better for you, which works better for your schedule, joe says, can i come in just sometime between, say three and four and then you’re gon na say well sure, of course you can.
However, i don’t want you to have to wait and with this covet still in effect in the nation, we want to make sure that our dealership guests are safe.

So we have to limit the amount of walk-in traffic to give us enough room to social distance plus.

If i can find a time that you’re going to come in that’ll make it to where you can just jump to the head of the line, and we can get you right in and that way you won’t have to wait plus knowing when i can expect you I’ll make sure the vehicle is available, cleaned up ready to go when you get here now, does 345 work better for you, or should we make it a little later this afternoon or early evening, around 5 15.
joe says i guess i could do the 345 and Then you’re gon na come back and set the appointment hook it real hard by saying now joe i’ve got some important information for you.
Do you have a pen and paper handy i’ll, go ahead and wait? If you don’t, he gets one and you say here’s the spelling of my name and then you spell your name c h, r.

I s t i a n.
Now i’ve got a schedule today, thursday, whatever the date is at 3.
45 p.

Now do you know where we’re located? He says yeah yeah.
I know where you’re looking how great then you know we’re right on 122 exchange street right across from the mall and then there’s that new hardy’s they’re opening up on the other side of the street.

Now, when you get here at 3, 45 just walk right into the show and ask for me christian youngren i’ll, be looking for you and waiting for you, oh gosh, i almost forgot.

Can i shoot you a quick text link with directions in the appointment time? Great? What’s the best number to text it to okay, 555-227799, great, hey one last thing: would there be any reason why you might not be able to come in at our scheduled time at 3 45 today, joe has to think for a minute, and he goes no.
I should be able to make it there.
I mean yeah, i’m getting off work at three.

Would there be any reason why you might change your mind joe stops for a minute and goes no, i’m looking to see if that car’s here, i’d like to drive it? Okay, great well, then i’ll plan to see you then at 3 45.

If anything comes up on your end or changes, please just go ahead and shoot me a quick text or give me a call and we’ll reschedule and i’ll do the same.
For you fair enough joe says: okay, you say well that should do it joe.

I want to thank you very much and i just want you to know.
I look so forward to seeing you at 3 45 today joe says: okay.
Well i’ll see you a little bit later bam there you have it now.

You’ve got the set appointment and you’ve hooked.
It real good there at the end, by asking several questions about.
If they change their mind, if something else could come up well there you have it using what the world’s thrown at us recently with this crazy, coveted pandemic and turn it into an opportunity for you and by the way, finding a way to make the best out Of a difficult situation is, in fact, what world-class sales people always do so you’re in good company.

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That’s going to be coming above until next time.
I just want you to keep fighting the good fight.

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