All right, so we had the middle about at the middle of the month of december, getting ready to head into 2021 and i know 2020 has been so off the chain.

Let me tell you something: i told people i know the next time.

Somebody even comes to me and says to me that hindsight is 20 20 and all of this crap.

I might just stick them right in the mouth.

I don’t really want to hear 20.
I don’t want to watch 2020 news.

I don’t want to hear hindsight.
Is 20 20.
everything about 2020 needs to be out once we get to 2021, but we do have to finish out 20 20.

So i just want to make sure that you keep in mind.
Keep your momentum strong stay focused as possible.

I know things can get tough things can get down, we can get consumed in the gloom and doom of the media.

Sometimes you got ta turn it off turn the news off turn the social media off let the battery recharge.
So you can finish with strong momentum.

Number two make sure that you slowing down – i literally, was sending out messages to different dealerships and general managers and sales people all week, and one common thing i’m hearing is that traffic isn’t down as much as people think it is but consistently across the board.
Grosses up so the good news is that it’s not about quantity, it’s quality, so love the person that you with, because you might not get a chance to talk to another guest later on that day, which means maximizing those opportunity and number three.

The only thing that we really control in this entire short life, because life is short really you got the date and the year that we were born the day in the year that we die and in between the only thing we got in between that is the Dash and what’s sad, is that one small little dash is there um is exemplified, is the exhibitory for our whole freaking life, all the trials tribulations the highs, the successes, the joys, the pains and all of that, so damn it make your dash mean something, but the Only thing we control is our mind, our perception of things, and so even myself.

Sometimes i have to work myself out of my own way to realize man that i’m truly blessed and um highly favored and um.
I’m grateful for everything that i have so, regardless of what you got.
Even if you got two pennies in your pockets, two pennies more than somebody else um you might be driving a bucket ride, but somebody else is walking or catching the bus and guess what somebody else all you might ate was crackers this morning.

It’s somebody wishing that they just had salt that comes on crackers.
You know, or a table to eat crackers at so just be mindful of the the blessings that you have and the benefits that you have so make sure momentum.
Is everything slow down and take care of your people and be grateful and love the one you with? Last but not least, i’ve had a lot of people that have been talking over the last couple of months and been saying stuff like when uh the how to dominate programs when the prices have readjust they said.

Oh, you did it right before i was getting ready to jump on it.
Can you do something for us going into christmas, and so i have a hoes, not not you watching, but the people that were complaining that they wanted me to do something special.
So what i did, if you click that link you’ll see not only did i do something special.

I did something that’s mind-boggling.
I did something that any businessman would say that i was insane to even consider doing, but i did it anyway to see if the talkers would really jump off the fence and get down and play with the big dogs, or would they stay they puppy ass? On the porch, so you click that link in the description.
Look at what i did for the people.

That said, if there was something done that could help put them in the position that they wanted to be in sales that they store, they would take it well.
I’ve done it click that link in the description.
It’s even describe this special gift: click that go over there and check that out and see what i put together for them and please leave me a comment, and you tell me if that is more than fair for anybody.

That’s in automotive sales to have access to what that is for what this is so check it out for me, other than that, i appreciate you guys riding with me this whole year, i’ve been riding with you hope.
You’ve been loving the content and, if you have do like so many others treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself make the decision to win as opposed to just kind of being okay with losing all right.
Brian maxwell checking in again just saying: go to the middle of the month, strong finish the end of the year even stronger overnight.

I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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