So when somebody says they want to think about it, here’s how you should handle it.

Okay, i’m going to share with you on just exactly what you what you should say.
So if you present the numbers and everything in this customer, all i need you to do.
Is authorize right there and i get your vehicles and ready to go well.

You know uh say that uh that you want to think about it.

Let me think about it: okay, um excellent.
I totally totally understand, as a matter of fact, uh tandy a lot of people that come in that are looking to make a decision like this.

They feel like they need to think about.
They want to make sure they get the best bankruptcy making a smart decision, but when i hear that our individual wants to think about, it is typically one of two things and you help me out.

Typically, they just want to think about.

It is because they’re not interested or they’re interested, but just not sure which one is it for you.
Just not sure.
No, your interest is not sure, okay, well being that you’re interested and not quite sure that typically narrows it down to one of three things.

Okay, it’s either not the right fit, not the right features or functions, or is the finance so to help me better, understand, uh, what’s going on with you and where your concern could be, let’s identify.
Is this the right vehicle for you? Is it the right fit? Yes, okay, all right so now, as far as the features and the functions on it, um all of the features and the functionality, the bluetooth and uh, the wi-fi, the vehicle comes with the safety features or all those things, the functionalities, those work for you, yes, okay, So the third one, the finances, isn’t the money yeah.
It is the money it give it all away.

You know it’s always money so um.
I know that your monthly payment that you were having was 350 and the new payment on this newer vehicle is 475.

So your actual concern is that 125 differences.
Yes all right! Okay! Now, let me ask you if i can show you where you already have been spending that 125 or by having this newer vehicle, will save you the money that will really make you wear the vehicle pay for itself.
Would you be open, at least learning about that? Yes, okay, then well, i’m gon na go into it.

Okay and then that’s what you break down and then that’s when you use what’s called the reductions are ridiculous because when most people want to think about it, which is what they use, it is one of three things: it’s either not the right fit, not the right Vehicle uh, the functionality, the features aren’t right or it’s the finances now when it comes to the finances, which is most of the time, hopefully, during the walk around the sales.
Rep yourself did a good, thorough, walk around where you actually were starting at the hood.
Talking about different features, getting them to confirm that they agree and see the benefit of it, walking them to the next part as opposed to breathing.

Through again, this is 2018 carrying headlights leather seats.
No taking that time to actually build value because price will always be important, but when value supersedes price price becomes a little bit less relevant okay, so what most sales rep do? It gets down to the finances? The payment that the customer wants to be at is here the payment that the dealership or the lender, request.
That person is here so most salespeople.

They start trying to convince this person that they can afford this 475 when they wanted to be at 350, when in reality, what they should be educating them on is the 125 difference, rather than the 450 dollar payment, because they already was paying 350 the new one’s 475.
, so there’s 125 dollar difference, and this is where you use what i call the reduction to ridiculous so as opposed to even trying to sell them or educate them on um how they will be able to afford this one and 25 difference.
What you do is you reduce it? You take that difference.

You divide it by 30 days in the month, so now, as opposed to being 125 difference.
Really, what we’re talking about is four dollars a day.

Four bucks today, if the person drinks coca cola and they drink two coca-colas a day, that’s four bucks: if they smoke cigarettes, they smoke two packs a day if they can go down to one guess what that’s the four bucks if, as opposed to going out lunch To eat um every day of the week if they only went out to eat uh lunch three times a week, guess what there’s four bucks so there’s a lot of different things that we can do.

But the first thing we have to do is when they tell you that they’re not they’re, not sure they want to think about it.

Identify listen, totally understand empathize.
First, i get it a lot of people when they come in initially, and they first hear uh the number options that they have they feel like.

They want to think about it because they want to make sure they’re making the right decision most smart people would do the same thing you’re doing okay, but when i hear that it typically means one of two things.
If you help me understand which one of these it is for you either you’re, just not interested or you’re interested, but not quite sure.
You know if you’re ready to pull that trigger.

Well, they say they’re, not interested great.
We don’t know what i’m saying: we don’t have to waste too much time because you’re not going anywhere from that anyway, if they’re just not interested, not interested, there’s nothing.
You can do you know what you want to make sure that did you have them on the right vehicle or whatnot, but we’re going to do that anyways.

But if they’re interested, but just not sure which is what a lot of people will be isolated, is it the right fit meaning? Is it the right vehicle do the? Is it the right functionality or the features on point or is it the finances? Okay, if it’s not the right fit, go back through your discovery and qualify and find out and see where it is, we might be smart if it’s not the right features and functionality find out what’s important, what’s not important and it is the finance you should already Know up to this point what they were paying or where they’re hoping to keep their monthly budget around.
So when you get whatever uh options, come from the lender, as opposed to trying to convince them on this whole monthly payment.

Really, what you educate in the morning is the difference, and then you take that difference and you divide it by 30 days in that month.

It’s called the reduction to ridiculous so now, as opposed to trying to just sell that difference.
You’re selling three four five six dollars a day, which is a lot easier for people to digest and swallow.

It’s a lot easier for you to quantify and show a person how they can pick up that.

Little extra change just by small adjustments in their life that are painless, but to make it where they can enjoy their reveal.

Okay, so sales and selling is really easy.
When you really know how to do it all right, you .

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